Trump-Themed Law & Order: SVU Episode Shelved Until After Election

You’ll have to wait until after Election Day to see Law & Order: SVU‘s take on Donald Trump.

NBC is delaying a planned Trump-themed episode of SVU until after the election, our sister site Variety is reporting. The decision to delay came down Friday afternoon, as more accusations of sexual misconduct pile up concerning the Republican presidential nominee.

The episode, entitled “Unstoppable,” reportedly features a bombastic presidential candidate (played by Veep‘s Gary Cole) whose campaign is derailed by, yep, accusations of sexual misconduct. It completed production over a month ago, well before the recent Trump allegations came to light, and was originally planned to be the second episode of the current Season 18. But rewrites and internal concerns pushed it back, and NBC stated on Tuesday the episode would air Oct. 26.

Now when will it air? NBC hasn’t commented on the latest delay, but executives reportedly felt that airing the episode before the election would appear to be taking sides in the current Trump controversy. And don’t forget: The network is already under intense scrutiny for not revealing the infamous video of Trump and Billy Bush, which was lying in their archives. (The Washington Post first released the footage.)

Let’s just hope Olivia Benson can close this case for good, whenever this airs.

UPDATE: The episode has been rescheduled for Nov. 16, Deadline reports.

Is Law & Order: SVU going too far by addressing the Trump scandal? Should the episode air before the election? Hit the comments and sound off. 

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  1. TVLineCommentator says:

    Get it outta here! This episode is going to be low energy. Going to be a chocker!

  2. Justin Wilkerson says:

    SVU 18 is doing what they have been doing well for 18 seasons and it’s working the episode will go hard with an SVU twist!

  3. Cindy says:

    To not air it at this point makes it look like they are bowing to pressure from Trump’s camp. If it hadn’t already been scheduled then it would be wrong to schedule it to air before the election. Now they are just going to be seen as buckling.

    • Justin W says:


    • Bay says:

      At this stage, all of trump’s supporters have decided that they’ll stick with him even if he lynches someone, and all of his opponents have decided he’s an unreedemable demon in a man’s clothes. There’s nothing this video will change.

      • Scottie says:

        Or Hillary’s supporters will do the same regardless if you are give numerous examples of her ineptitude as secretary of state and server-gate.

        But please, tell us how Trump said mean things.

        Its not like hollywood isnt already bombarding everyone with ” if you dont vote for Hillary, you’re evil”–“Think like us or well come after you”….the new liberal facism.

    • Coop says:

      I think it has more to do with them not wanting to alienate a chunk of viewers, however big or small it may be. And yes, airing the episode would feed into the NBC = pro-Clinton/pro-Democrat, but everyone knows that already. Major networks are run by lefties and lean that way. Deal with it. The funniest thing about this situation is that NBC acts shocked, angry, etc. over these tapes and his comments. Uh, you EMPLOYED him for a decade when you knew all of this stuff. Trump is a POS and NBC was perfectly happy cashing in on him regardless of what he did or said. Hypocrites.

      • DL says:

        Let’s be real. Many networks and corporations associate with the left because of social issues — they’d be vilified, boycotted for espousing anything other than equal tolerance for all — immigrants, other religions, the LGBTQ community, etc. Personally, I’m all for that idea. But other people think “tolerance” is a phony argument that subverts American values, and I support their right to think that way, even if I disagree.
        However there’s just not going to be a mainstream, full-bore “American Values Network.” Most Americans prefer the illusion they live in an inclusive society, even if on a personal level they’d rather not have to deal with Muslims, or gay people, and so forth, on a regular basis. And Americans also like violence, and sex, and drama, and titillation. A conservative network could never grow to a mainstream scale and be profitable in today’s environment.
        And that’s my point. Networks don’t ascribe to liberal values. They ascribe to corporate values — to the Almighty Dollar. The media doesn’t cover Trump so much because of a vast left-wing conspiracy. They cover Trump so much for the ratings, which means better advertising revenues, which means more money in their pockets. The New York Times is only trying to sell more papers and online subscriptions. It’s the exact same kind of “screw the other guy for a buck” approach Donald Trump has ascribed to his entire life. Doesn’t feel so great now, does it?

        • Coop says:

          Trump coverage now vs. Trump coverage during the Republican primary completely destroys the argument that the media didn’t know exactly what they were doing. They wanted President Hillary Clinton and they propped up Trump with more than a billion dollars in free advertising to help make it happen. Nobody else could get coverage aside from paid ads. It wasn’t just the coverage, but the kind of coverage too. Trump was getting vastly more positive coverage (I think on one network it was in the low 70’s), which was unheard for any political candidate.

          How many of these negative Trump stories were pitched to news sources last year? The answer to that appears to be a majority of them. What happened? They were ignored and held until the onslaught began when Trump secured the nomination officially. Nobody with a brain believes that’s a coincidence. I have to say though, the roll out and coordination has been quite good.

          Once again, I hate both of these horrible candidates and really couldn’t care less what happens going forward. Neither is getting my vote. Only in it for the entertainment value at this point. :)

          • DL says:

            Trump is a liar who brews controversy wherever he goes. Well of course the coverage of him has intensified as his statements get increasingly unhinged and he gets closer and closer to the most important job in the world.
            But all you’re doing is backing up my argument. The media knew exactly what they were doing in order to grab the best ratings they could. The way they covered the Democratic primary, you could certainly assert they were pulling for Bernie Sanders to win — he got unilaterally positive coverage, while Clinton got near-universally negative coverage about her emails and untrustworthiness.
            Want to know why she has such low trust numbers? Because the media spent the last 18 months telling the American people how untrustworthy we think she is. Yes, they decided what our opinion was based on percentages in a poll, and then fed it back to us as if it were unilaterally true for everybody. And now more Americans than ever believe she’s a lying cheat trading favors with corporations and banks, when her actual voting record on Wall Street and corporate tax reform proves that completely untrue. But people now care more about appearances than actual reality. Her record on trade is mixed, but get real, folks: No one could anticipate how the global economy would evolve with high-speed internet and portable electronics. And natural mechanization and streamlining due to technological advances has hurt manufacturing jobs every bit as much as, say, NAFTA — which has been a net wash overall in terms of pros and cons for our economy.
            And your statement about the negative Trump stories being pitched to sources is just patently false, if we’re referring to the firestorm currently raging. These women came forward because of the ’05 tape and Trump’s lies during the debate; they weren’t banging on journalists’ doors all year. You can’t just state things like they’re facts when they’re not. And the assertion that he was receiving positive coverage is also false, unless you’re talking about FOX News. Believe me — as Trump would say. I’ve been watching politics daily since the primaries kicked off.
            And you also have to remember that the Republican primary candidates should have done better opposition research on Trump. They could have unearthed this stuff themselves — in fact they had a responsibility to if they wanted to beat him — and yet they failed. Stop blaming the made-up “pro-Clinton media” for everything. Clinton mishandled classified information and basically acted like a clueless grandma when it came to using technology. She should have known better, hands down. But thanks to the media, independent voters like you think she’s the archduchess of international crime. It sucks quite frankly that you think they’re in her corner.

      • Tori says:

        This episode was actually rumored to be very much in Drumpf’s favor. Wasn’t at first, but rewrites had him coming off not guilty and the squad being forced to apologize to him. Supposedly it really ticked off the actors because of the way it was rewritten. Guess we’ll have to wait and see the final edit now.

    • trlkly says:

      I would agree if they refused to air it altogether. But to not air it until after the election makes sense. They don’t want to be seen having a side in the election, with everyone analyzing the story to see what they’re actually saying. Heck, since we don’t know the script, it might actually seem sympathetic towards Trump.

      Plus SVU has always pulled things from a few months ago, not right as its happening. It can hurt the people involved to do it right away.

    • BM says:

      Agreed. Cowards!

  4. Age Mycek says:

    Is NBC doing the right thing by postponing the episode until after the 2016 Presidential Election?? Yes, this is a TV Show we are talking about. Law and Order: SUV is a TV Drama not a newspaper or TV news show. The show shouldn’t be stating their opinion of the candidates for president. Leave that up to the people who are covering the race for the White House. Also, FYI what Trump did and what he seems to have done is just one of the many reasons why he is unfit to be president. People should realize that there are at least another 20 reasons why no one should be giving Trump their vote.

    • Coop says:

      People should realize both of these buffoons are unfit to be President and hope a giant meteor takes us out before election day. :)

      • sportylady says:

        Hillary is incredibly qualified and fit to be President. Anyone who tries to pair her with Trump saying they are the same and both unqualified is just repeating nonsense. Trump is a racist and a sexual predator who would be nothing without his family name.

        • Coop says:

          Nope. She’s corrupt, incompetent, etc. There’s a reason why these two candidates are the most disliked in modern history. If the Democrats or Republicans had another candidate, they’d be up 10+ points on the other. The fact that this was the best each party could come up with must make the founding fathers weep.

  5. Anne says:

    Law and Order has always been ‘ripped from the headlines’ so for them to not to a Trump episode would be out of character.

  6. Big Cheddar says:

    I think they made the right move. If this airs before the election it will just give the Trump surrogates more evidence that the media is against him.

    • Ted says:

      What he said. It was a good idea but the atmosphere has changed so much in the last week that it plays right into Trump’s insane international conspiracy theory.

      Besides, now they can end the episode with the trial judge saying:

      “Lock him up!”

  7. Reavaria says:

    I totally get it NBC is in a catch 22. Their unbiased integrity is on the line ,if they air it as planned after the release of the Bush Tape they would seem to be favoring Hilary. Only way is to delay. Unless they have an episode about a woman running for president with an alleged rapist husband in the can to play along side it. Otherwise than that they have little choice.Either way it looks like unless a third option wins there is going to be an alleged sex offender in the White House again.

    • sportylady says:

      The Clintons have been investigated for decades and no convictions. So you can stop with the “alleged rapist” talk, unless referring to Trump, in which case “alleged child rapist” would be appropriate.

      • Scottie says:

        Except for that PROVEN adultery In the Oval Office. Funny, now morals matter when its Trump.

        All the bravado about Billy’s sexual prowess on the left for DECADES, but Trump bothers you now. But, please, keep shaming the victims.

        Hypocrisy rolls on.

        • Dave says:

          Proven in impeachment hearings, yes. Are you saying that it would be hypocritical not to get similar impeachment hearings going with Trump, if elected? Or is it funny how morals matter when it’s Clinton? If you are not calling for a federal investigation of Trump’s sex life with this comment, can you explain why not?

        • BM says:

          Since when are adultery (which included a consensual act) and rape the same thing? What did I miss?

  8. BobsD says:

    Can you say collusion and conspiracy? This was made to reinforce the news they were springing on the American public. Funny thing, it takes weeks to write, act and edit a show. So do the math and think about what has happened here. This was a coordinated attack by the Democratic Party pushed by news and entertainment corporations.

    • Helen says:

      What? You do realize that your statement “it takes weeks” makes this entire argument bogus? The sexual assault allegations against Trump were made long after production on this episode ended, as Dave said in this article. To say everything is an attack by the DP/news corporations etc is ridiculous. Nobody put those words in Trump’s mouth, you know.

      • Coop says:

        The allegations against Trump have been made for decades, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise. It’s not like they haven’t been brought up during this election cycle either, it just didn’t get massive play like it is now.

  9. BookGirl says:

    And (God help us) if he wins they probably won’t have the guts to air it at all.

  10. Tori Coop says:

    It’s because this episode is in Drump’s favor. They’ve rewritten it to have him come off innocent and the squad apologize to him. Yeah, NBC we see you. The cast wasn’t happy with the rewrite either. Now that they’re moving it who knows how they’ll edit the show. Could go back to the original episode or they could keep it the way it was rewritten. Either way it’s going to be one garbage filled hour.

  11. lostom66 says:

    Why its Hollywood storytelling at its best. Remember when Sony was hacked and all the Racist things being said. Let it all hang out starting with Needy Latinos.

  12. Gratitude Gal says:

    @MichaelAusiello I am disheartened at the disregarded for this opportunity @nbc has to offer #SVU ‘s take on this “ripped from the headlines” topic.

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  14. lostom1 says:

    Only in the land of Pedophiles and KKK grandchildren all grown up.

  15. lostom1 says:

    Bring back the Big Daddy of all detectives.

  16. steven says:

    What about continuity issues?

    • H says:

      There are no open storylines at play right now, it’s very procedural. This is probably going to be the first episode of 2017.

  17. Gwen Loomis says:

    Aw gee, NBC, you’d think Trump was thin-skinned or something…

  18. Jean Lippard says:

    why are you not airing any of the Clinton’s dirty scandals. Why only pick on Trump.

    • Carlos Slim says:

      Because there’s an international conspiracy directed by financiers and the media to keep Trump from winning despite his commanding 40% position in the polls. Damn! We weren’t supposed to admit this! DELETE DELETE DELETE.

  19. 春宮 says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Donald Trump Law & Order:
    SVU Episode Shelved Until After Election | TVLine <Loved it!

  20. Wish they’d stop politicizing every show. I mean, it’s so obvious the way SVU leans, it’s practically become the West Wing

  21. Kenna says:

    I am super anxious to see this episode. However, I definitely believe it would be a good decision to wait till after the election to air this episode. It may cause votes to sway from real opinions and votes should always be placed under whom you truly believe is the best option.