Tessa Ferrer Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy: Tessa Ferrer Returns as Arizona's Once (and Future?) Love

The mystery surrounding Arizona’s next Grey’s Anatomy love interest may be solved.

TVLine has learned that Tessa Ferrer is set to reprise her role as former surgical resident Leah Murphy for an unspecified number of Season 13 episodes. As  you’ll recall, Leah — who appeared in Seasons 9 and 10 — was involved in a somewhat rocky romantic relationship with Arizona. The character last appeared in the Season 10 finale when Richard fired her for being a lousy surgeon.

The timing of Ferrer’s return is… interesting. Last month, series creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed that Jessica Capshaw’s Arizona would be involved in her first significant post-Callie romance this season. And just last week, Capshaw herself told TVLine that viewers would meet her would-be admirer sooner rather than later.

“My sources are telling me that it’s not going to be too far away,” Capshaw teased. “We had to wade through a little muck first. But I do feel that Arizona has certainly waited long enough.”

Since leaving Grey’s in 2014, Ferrer has recurred on FXX’s You’re the Worst and CBS’ now-defunct Extant. She also had a co-starring role in Shonda Rhimes’ ill-fated comedy pilot Toast.

What do you think? Do you hope Leah is returning for Arizona? Or would you prefer it be a new character altogether? Hit the comments!

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  1. A. D. says:

    Ugh….WHY!!!???? She was horrible…find her a new love interest!

    • says says:

      Why? Well, because she’s hot. I’ll take that. 😜

    • Jim says:

      Because Shonda didn’t want to get rid of her in the first place. Personally I thought she had way more potential storylines than Stephanie who the show has never found anything interesting to do with since April and Jackson got together. Not that they haven’t tried.

      • canadian ninja says:

        Oh hell yes. They don’t know what do with Steph or Jo (outside of the Alex romance). Leah was a hot mess with the potential to be interesting.

  2. Raechel Bosquez says:

    Worst news ever. Leah was probably one of the most annoying interns ever.

  3. Sammy says:

    Ugh! Nope.

  4. spindae2 says:

    Did Shonda miss the huge and amazing goodbye party we throw after Leah left?
    I like Tessa but not as Leah. So I hope they won’t engage too much into this.

  5. Nikki says:

    She was so boring. I would much rather have had a new character. Or, have Stephanie be Arizona’s new love interest.

  6. Ariah says:

    She was more likable than Jo. But I still did not like her.

  7. amysue4772 says:

    Why, she’s even more annoying than Penny was

  8. Whatevah8 says:

    Booooo!!! Hated this character. I would have rather had Hilarie Burton back.

    • Lilacbarries says:

      This! Didn’t like her part in the calzona break up but at least she was interesting

    • Jergen says:

      I also would want Dr. Boswell (Hilarie Burton) rather than Leah. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the fact that Dr. Boswell broke up Calzona. But the undeniable chemistry between JCap and Hilarie is the closest thing so far to the chemistry that JCap and Sara has. But still, nothing could beat the chemistry between JCap and Sara (and that’s for sure!). However, i don’t know how the writers would write the storyline of Arizona and Dr. Boswell getting together after the cheating scandal (if ever) in a less painful way for all the Calzona fans out there. But the bottomline is…BIG NO-NO TO LEAH. PERIOD.

    • Lee H says:


  9. Sara says:

    Ughh why, horrible character and actress.

  10. Lea says:

    Worst news ever! Bland, useless character.

  11. Cin Lew says:

    No!!!!! Horrible choice.

  12. Ames says:

    yuck. also ew.

  13. sayer says:

    Are you kidding me. Yuck! Man was hoping for Bridget Reagan.This sucks.

  14. Ugh. I hate her character so much. She’s even worse than Stephanie and I fast forward through her scenes. C’mon, Shonda. You write amazing characters. PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO US

  15. Donn Mukensnable says:

    This would be an excellent journey for Leah, to have her come back a much changed doctor and perhaps more mature partner for AZ.

  16. K says:

    Seriously? She was pretty disliked and Shonda better not be planning to make her Arizona’s love interest again because they were awful together. Yuck.

  17. cori says:

    cant stand this character!!!!

  18. Kourtney says:

    Not great news, but I’ll take it. Hopefully Leah isn’t as annoying as she was in seasons 9 and 10

  19. HenryP says:

    To go against the flow here, I quite like her.

  20. Giuseppe says:

    Can I say she was the best intern in S9 and S10? She is a great actress. Having said that, I think Arizona had great chemistry with the character played by Hilarie Burton.

  21. Alyse says:

    I guess that means she’s the familiar face that returns in episode 6.

  22. Amy says:

    well i don’t dislike Leah, she was funny at times, but well also immature and clearly not the right one for Arizona!! so if they have to bring a past lover as a new love interest i would rather see Lauren!! there was real chemistry between Lauren and AZ!!!

  23. Vikki Antoinette Fraga says:

    Bring back Callie!

  24. Azerty says:

    Of all the characters to bring back they choose her…I would have prefered Hilarie Burton…

  25. abz says:

    UGH. Why? I forgot all about her and all I remember is that I got annoyed with her. Why can’t it be Bridget Reagan’s upcoming character instead? Or someone new. And why is it that so these doctor’s always have to have relationships up with their interns or underlings? Meredith/Derek, Christina and Burke, George/Callie, Alex/Jo, Stephanie/Jackson, Maggie/Deluca. I mean look at the Alex/Jo relationship for a current example of how annoying it is. Give Arizona someone her age or another attending doctor with similar level of emotional maturity.
    Side note: If they really had wanted to bring a character back, they should bring back Geena Davis’s character as her friendship/mentoring storyline with Arizona was really great and one of the biggest things that made me start liking Arizona again. She’s actually become a character I want to see a lot more of lately and her absence from the first two episodes this season was noticeable.

  26. tahimar says:

    Excuse me while I puke!!

  27. pamela says:

    I like the idea of her love interest being someone we already know. However it would take some fantastic writing to turn Leah’s character around.

  28. Darlene Cicciarelli says:

    She needs a new love that will last.

  29. Isaac says:

    No. Absolutely no. This is the worst thing ever. Leah was the worst. Id rather have Penny back, or Dr. Boswell. Omg, I cant stop saying no to this. Arizona deserves more/better. Shonda!!! WHY???

  30. MeL says:

    Not Leah they had very little chemistry. Should be another hottie. Someone like her fellow surgeon she had cheated on Callie with. Someone equal in the medical field.

  31. Lala says:

    Arghhhhhh!!! She was terrible…

  32. Alex says:

    Why not bring back Lauren (Idk if H. Burton is available ?), they actually had great chemistry

  33. MK says:

    UGHHHHHHHH –> intelligent comment, I know.

  34. Yolanda says:

    Get someone new as her love interest and cast someone really famous and then kill her off in big way. That will bring the guest star actress an Emmy. Maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar?

  35. dragons3 says:

    NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! UGH!! Absolutely the worst!! Not only was the character insipid, the “actress” couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, even if it’s already ripped. Please bring back the Hilarie Burton character! Not only did she and Capshaw had great chemistry and she actually knows how to act.

    • dragons3 says:

      Sorry. I’m so frustrated I forgot my grammar. “Not only do she and Capshaw have great chemistry, she actually knows how to act!”
      I wish this forum had an edit function.

  36. Emma says:

    Ugh please no! Leah was way too annoying, I was really really hoping for a new character for Arizona. Please Shonda don’t do this to us.

  37. Shru says:

    Urgh she was the worst. So incredibly annoying and whiny. It was great when they got rid of her. I’d rather see ANYONE else come back instead of her.

  38. Amurp says:

    This is about the stupidest thing that could be done. Why would you bring back a character everybody hates.

  39. MJ says:

    que sea un personaje nuevo completamente no soporto a Leah ni cuando entro de residente y menos cuando se lio con Arizona

  40. Dan says:

    Maybe she is just the muck she has to wade through?

  41. Letty says:

    When is Izzy Stevens coming back?

  42. Lilacbarries says:

    Blech! I couldn’t stand her character, I was so happy when she’s was told to go research something instead of being a surgeon.

  43. Pedro says:

    Really? REALLY? That is what they have in store for Arizona?

  44. busta950 says:

    If Leah returns ok really we do not need anymore new characters and it would solve a lot of problems and intrigue as they stated that GA S13 is going to concentrate on what is left of the original characters

  45. Holly says:

    Great news! I hated to see Leah leave the show and I’m cool with she and Arizona hooking up.

  46. Luli says:

    I had read somewhere that a familiar face was returning… I would have never guessed this! I guess it’s at least better than bringing, say, intern Ross (if that was his name…?)




  49. kn1231 says:

    I think everyone is freaking out prematurely. There is nothing official to confirm she will be reprising her role to play Arizona’s love interest. With that being said, if Leah is coming back to be paired with Arizona, it is going to take so really good writing to spin it but it’s not impossible for me to like it. But I agree with a lot of the other comments, would love to see Hilarie Burton’s character come back (selfishly so because I love Hilarie Burton).

    • Jami says:

      Like I said, I liked Leah at the end of S10 she stood up for herself. Then got fired which, I thought she was a descent doctor. She was leaving to do another Shonda Rhimes show that didn’t go forward. Shonda is really going to have to make Leah more confidant and independent if this is her plan for Arizona’s love interest. I was sure hoping it was Bridget Reagan. Jessica Capshaw dropped the clue last week it could be someone who we have already met before.