Sleepy Hollow Season 4 John Noble Return

Sleepy Hollow @ Comic Con: [Spoiler] to Return in Season 4 and More Scoop

There’s a lot of change ahead in Sleepy Hollow‘s rebooted fourth season, but you’ll recognize at least one face that pops up in Ichabod’s new stomping grounds.

A sizzle reel screened Sunday during the supernatural drama’s New York Comic Con panel gave the audience a taste of what Ichabod Crane’s life will be like after he relocates to Washington, D.C., and becomes involved with a secret, supernatural group based in the nation’s capital.

The final moments of the new footage — which was not released to the public — feature John Noble, whom fans will remember played sin eater/Horseman of War/Ichabod’s son-and-enemy Henry in Seasons 1 and 2.

Noble’s appearance in the reel was met with big applause from the panel’s crowd, who had gathered to hear stars Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood —as well as co-showrunners Clifton Campbell and Albert Kim, executive producer M. Raven Metzner and series newbies Janina Gavankar (True Blood) and Jeremy Davies (Lost) — speak about the episodes ahead.

Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow will be its first without Nicole Beharie, who exited the Fox series when her character, biblically-foretold Witness Abbie Mills, died in the Season 3 finale. “I loved playing Abbie. It’s been such a gift to have taken this wild ride,” Beharie said in a statement at the time. “Alas, ‘Abbie Mills has done all she was meant to do.’”

During the panel, the EPs tossed out a few Season 4 teasers, including that Crane will sign a lease for his first apartment, which happens to be haunted; he’ll try his hand at social media; he’ll uncover something mysterious about the Lincoln Memorial; and he’ll “learn a shocking truth that will redefine the most iconic moment of the series.”

Some highlights from the sizzle reel’s footage:

* We see what looks like the first interaction between Ichabod and Diana. Of course, there is a supernatural entity involved.

* We meet Jake (new cast member Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex (Days of Our Lives‘ Rachel Melvin), who will be Ichabod’s new colleagues. They work in the secret archives alluded to in the Season 3 finale and “catalog everything from the fringe for our files,” Jake tells Ichabod. “Most people just think we’re this weird library.”

* The new archives, which house “the secret history of America,’ are bigger and grander than those back in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

* Jenny has relocated to D.C. to continue the fight with Ichabod; he introduces her to someone as “soldier, scholar and all-around badass.”

* Davies’ Macolm Dreyfuss is a slick villain who warns “there really is no amount of blood that I won’t spill” to get what he wants. At one point, it appears that he and his team rally the Headless Horseman to their side.

* The search for the new second Witness is very much on Ichabod and Jenny’s minds.

* Ichabod hangs upside down for part of the teaser.

* Henry’s brief appearance happens as Ichabod is shackled and put on trial for murder in what appears to be a Colonial-era court or 18th-century British court. “Hello father,” a bewigged Henry says just as the video ends.

Thoughts on Henry’s return and/or Sleepy Hollow Season 4 in general? Tell us about them in the comments.

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  1. CourtTV says:

    So happy John Noble is back! Not surprised since NB is gone.

  2. Janet says:

    I love John Noble but he is not the reason why this show worked. It was Abbie and Ichabod and their amazing dynamic that drew me in even when the writing was awful. Now that Nicole is gone, I would at least expect them to acknowledge all that she brought to the show. The show runner and producers have been so condescending and have used bully tactics when speaking about her in press and on social media. Ironic, because she has never said anything bad about “Sleepy Hollow” and remains silent. Meanwhile, Tom Mison, their “big star” has publicly shaded the show and the writing. I love Tom but I find the clear mistreatment and sidelining of Beharie disgusting. That finale was the most tacky and sexist thing I’ve seen on a TV show in years. TPTB have yet to give Nicole props and move forward amicably. She will be erased just like every other person of color on this show. I wish the cast well but I will not be tuning into this travesty.

  3. Cyn says:

    Hello. I come from a very multiracial family so I look forward to the writers explaining the family connection since the Witness is supposed to come from the same bloodline

    • Hannah says:

      What are you talking about? Or, rather, who are you talking about with this “family connection” mention? We have no idea who the new witness is yet.

  4. It’s not Sleepy Hollow without Nicole Beharie. I won’t be watching.

  5. justsomeguy says:

    I wish Fox had decided to just reboot the show from after the season 1 finale. I mean, what an amazing first season. I’m pretty sure most people would have preferred that to what happened in season 2 and 3.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Honestly how do you expect a show to survive when you kill off the main character? Everyone I know who watched this show only did so because of the great chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie. Now that Abbie is gone they (myself included) will no longer be watching this show.

  7. kmw says:

    Too little too late for Sleepy Hollow. You bring these characters back but you take the show out of its setting.. Good luck trying to sell this FOX

  8. Bella says:

    I loved Abby & Ichabod. Did Nicole want to leave? Sorry if this has been asked before but I’ve not seen an answer.

  9. I won’t be tuning in this season. I was watching the show for Nicole. I liked the flavor she brought to the show.

  10. QYW says:

    Since the show hasn’t even been seen yet, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and will watch the first episode. If it holds my interest and is good I will continue to watch it. I’ve stuck with it so far, and I’m curious to see how it plans to try to continue. People who don’t plan on watching because they don’t like what has been done–your choice, don’t watch it. However, people who do plan on watching it, have that right to do so as well.

  11. Eva says:

    John Noble is back but is he Jeremy (the good) or Henry (the bad) and will that mean an Katrina will be back too. I can’t wait to see Ichabod on trial and Jenny in DC.

  12. Jason says:

    I really hope Jenny is more of Ichabod’s main partner in these adventures since she is the one who has been there since the beginning. Lyndie Greenwood is a great actress and Maybe this will let her step into the spotlight a bit more.

  13. Iris says:

    One more reason to pass.

  14. missy says:

    I met John Noble, in June of this year(at Supanova Con, in Australia) and I asked him if a return to ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was on the cards, now that Nicole was no longer on the series, and he said that he had spoken to everyone and that it was pretty much set in stone that he would come back in Season 4. He seemed so certain, but you tend to take these comments with a grain of salt, as a fan asking questions you don’t expect honest answers too. I’m still not happy that Nicole is gone, but I’d be happy to see John and Tom act together again :D

  15. delorb says:

    IMO, people are being suckered in by these people yet again. The Henry character on paper was great. The actor who played him, great. THE WRITING? Awful. Same goes for the Katrina character. On paper she was great. The promise of her, great. What we got was awful. So having John back doesn’t do it for me because I KNOW that we have the same writers. They were even on the PANEL! And it does sound like more of the same old boring storyline. Henry trying to get back at the father who never knew he existed.

  16. Cat says:

    I’m interested in seeing where they’re going with this season, but I do NOT like the fact that they are bringing John Noble back. Loved John in Fringe, hated him in Sleepy Hollow.

  17. Susannah says:

    I thought it was going to be Orlando Jones, what a let down.

  18. Luv luv luv John Noble. Loved him on Elementary as Sherlock’s father, loved him on Fringe as Walter, loved him in Lord of the Rings. He is great in everything he does.

  19. Saynay says:

    I love John Noble, but it’s not enough to bring me back to Sleepy Hollow. This show has screwed fans over too many times for me to take this bait. After Nicole Behari’s departure I was done.

  20. Alice H says:

    So happy you brought Slerpy Hollow back for a fourth season. Can’t wait til it’s back on.

  21. Sick of all of you says:

    Race..Race…Race….Race…Race. It’s always about race, isn’t it? I know you think so, but you’re wrong. You live and breathe this false narrative the progtrash politicians and media have shoved down your low-info throats. Think for yourselves and throw away that stupid little race card you keep at the ready. You “won’t watch without black person XYZ” on the show? Good. Go the F away. You’re too stupid to understand things like how shows have to evolve and grow to stay fresh. Go watch some unfunny tripe like “Black-ish” or something equally repellent if “of color” (moronic af expression) is all you care about. Why is racism still alive and well in the US? It’s you idiots. The rest of us would love to move on.

    Oh, yea…#ALLANDIMEANALLLIVESMATTER :) Deal with it.

    • Glenda Bacon says:

      Soooooooooooo evolving shows mean starting with a cast full of POC……and then nest thing you know its Vanilla City? Why dont YOU go away? and if all lives really matter…then what s the issue with Black Lives matter?

    • patsfiction says:

      I wonder if whites would be saying the same thing if white actors started being replaced on their favorite shows one by one with other races. I got a feeling that time is coming. But, I’m sure they won’t use the race card they are way too understanding to think such a thing. I mean they know that prejudice and bias doesn’t exist in their world.

  22. The show won’t be the same w/out Abbie. My favorite thing about the show was Abbie & Ichabods friendship. And I for one am not happy about Henry returning, his & Katrinas story is why I hated season 2. I’ll watch just because it’s one of the few shows on tv I watch and am going to try to give it a chance and hope it might get back to being like season 1 and why I liked the show in the first place. (Though it will be hard w/out Abbie.)

  23. Karen says:

    Not happy it moved to D.C
    So why call it sleepy hollow

    • SHFan says:

      To let people know it’s the same show.
      If you want, you could also add a metaphorical meaning to the name. Maybe Sleepy Hollow now refers to Ichabod. The 2 loves of his life have died and now he is just an empty shell just going with the flow.
      The name Sleepy Hollow is still not as stupid as something like The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

  24. patsfiction says:

    This show sucks and should be cancelled.

  25. Diane M. says:

    I am so happy and elated that it is coming back on….It pays to post your thoughts.
    can’t wait to Jan 2017/

  26. Ritchie says:

    I love the show but I don’t think it will last two more seasons with Abby

  27. patsfiction says:

    Unless they bring Abbey back this show is done.