Walking Dead Season 7: Watch Brutal, Bloody Aftermath of Negan's Rampage

We still have no clue who will be on the receiving end of Lucille, but the cast and producers of The Walking Dead brought along a spoilery treat for fans at New York Comic-Con on Saturday: A new, extended sneak peek at the Oct. 23 season premiere (AMC, 9/8c).

Perhaps “treat” isn’t the right word to describe the above clip, which offers a first, grisly look at the immediate aftermath of Negan’s rampage (complete with a blood-soaked Lucille.)

VIDEOS The Walking Dead Releases Season 7 Trailer (Gloating Negan! King Ezekiel!) and Sets Premiere Date

“I’m going to kill you,” a distraught, apoplectic Rick promises Negan. “Not today. Not tomorrow. But I’m going to kill you.”

Earlier in the panel, exec producer Scott M. Gimple marveled to the crowd that “the performances this season are astounding,” before adding, “There are some creepy, strange, weird new Walkers. And there’s are some amazing new faces.”

Gimple previously teased in August’s Season 7 preview special that “what happens in Episode 1 will shatter the lives of those who survive.”

Meanwhile, at Comic-Con back in July, Gimple described the new season’s over-arching theme thusly: “How do they live under the thumb of Negan — and still live? They want to win back their lives.”

As per usual, Season 7 will be split in two, with eight episodes airing in the fall and the remaining eight unspooling in early 2017.

Press PLAY on the three-minute video above and then hit the comments with your reaction and any new theories you have about who bites the dust.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Spence says:

    They.. they literally just confirmed that Maggie died. That’s..Really shocking. Not that she’s dead, but that they let it slip like this….

    • Spence says:

      I’m so sorry everyone! I should’ve put a *spoiler* tag for those who didn’t watch the video. Really crappy of me…

    • I didn’t understand that all.
      1. From the right hand thing im thinking Rick is finally losing is hand.
      2. Also losing one of his right hand men Daryl/Glenn/Abraham
      3. the “those left” (or whatever he said) made think he killed two…

      • Aha now you are on the right track it’s Glenn and Abe that dies. In the comic book by this time Glenn and Abe are dead and Rick loses his hand. I think they switch it up a bit to not make it predictable. I think this is how it’s all going to go down.

      • AnnieM says:

        Hmm. It’s been said for years that Andrew Lincoln stated he never wanted Rick to lose his hand. However, I wouldn’t put it past Kirkman & Gimple to tease it happening as an inside joke for the comic readers.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Given that Maggie is literally kneeling at Rick’s right hand in the finale scene, and we see the blood all around him on the ground and on the right side of his face in this teaser, the forensics do seem to lean in that direction, I’m sad to say.

    • DB says:

      It may not be her. Both her and Abraham are to ricks immediate right and he is close enough to where the blood splatter could and would still hit Rick. Something else to think about is Negans bat was complete soaked and dripping blood in the video . I think it’s most likely either Maggie or Abraham but TBH his bat was so bloody it could be anyone & the blood on ricks face could have come from Negan waving bat around.

      • Teri says:

        I thought Rick would have blood all over him if it was Maggie. The beefiest guy was Abraham and maybe Negan took him out so he didn’t pose a threat and Rick got just the inital splurt of blood?? Maggie was already sick and feverish, she could have seen one blow to Abraham and passed out and fell backwards and Abraham could have slumped towards Maggie and that is why the blood pool “seems” to be by Rick. It also could be a tricky camera angle. I hope it’s not Maggie =/ more than likely it is so just trying to think of any way it wasn’t her. I mean Glen got out of the dumpster herd lol anything’s possible~

      • let me tell you this….

        “Hard left turn”
        2 Lucille victims- Abe and Glenn
        Other information on Episode 1: Rick’s losing his grip on reality as his people kneel before Negan. We see him in a dream-like state. Inside a what if world with no Negan, we see the group together and laughing. There is all of their smiling faces in front of us. Maggie, the baby, Glenn. Splat! Back to reality and a brutual beating replaces the magical scene.
        Daryl is taken prisoner and is not allowed to leave with the group.
        Actor information:
        Steven Yeun, as many of you know, has been busy in Korea. That’s about as far from filming as one can get.
        Michael Cudlitz needs a dye job. He has been spending time throughout the US since episode 1.
        Neither actor is set to film at this time. Glenn gets the bat and when Abe sticks up for him, he gets stabbed….

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’ll never understand why people get a kick out of spoiling things for others. Why the need to put so much information in your post. Must make you feel like the Boss or something. smh

    • Jessie says:

      What?! No! She can’t be, Maggie has been one of my faves since the beginning!! If Lauren Cohan actually walks out on this franchise too, that is a very very bad sign.

  2. andrew hass says:

    I’m thinking it’s either going to be Daryl or Michonne who dies

  3. Wordsmith says:

    Skipping past speculation about the victim, all this talk about Rick and his “right hand” makes me think the show is about to catch up with the comic in another important way…

  4. Kiwi says:

    My theory is he kills Abraham and then Glenn also dies by the end of the premiere.

  5. Britt says:

    Come on, he kills Glenn and Abraham.

    That’s why it was a stupid idea to wait with the big reveal. You do that in the finale, the whole cast is there, no one knows who lives or dies. Now people had a whole summer to watch who shows up to film.

    Fingers crossed for less romance, more action, though.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It’s only spoiled if you go out looking for spoilers or you happen across someone who loves to ruin things for other people.

      • Britt says:

        Not living in America, it’s only not spoiled if you don’t go on the internet.
        First thing to do is not to open this site. (I know that by 4 am Monday my time, there’s gonna be a recap of TWD with pictures of characters who possibly died.)
        Or tumblr. People liveblog. (Why they don’t give their full attention to a show they love is beyond me.)
        Lori’s death was spoiled to me on justjared. “Guess who died on The Walking Dead” with a picture of Sarah Wayne Callies.

        So I take off my glasses and squint like I’m trying to avoid a Basilisk’s death stare.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Not everybody lives on the internet and even if you do all you have to do is avoid certain things, like tumbler, I for one have never been on it, ever. It can be done but you have to want to do it. Personally I don’t have time to waste on the computer. Plenty of other things to keep me busy.

          • Britt says:

            I am humbled. Who thought I’d ever meet someone who doesn’t waste time? Surely, there must be a fan club I can join. Not on that filthy tumblr, of course.

          • Sarah says:

            You don’t have time to waste on a computer yet you are on this website waisting time watching videos, reading articles and replying to comments?!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Okay, first off I never said tumbler was filthy, those are your words. All I said was I’ve never been on it. And by “waste time on the internet” I meant spend hours cruising snapchat, instagram, tumbler, and other popular sites out there that thousands of people can’t live without. Of course I’m on the internet, I’m not dead. Dont be so defensive.

  6. Eric says:

    Everyone is speculating that Maggie’ll die, but in the books Negan was totally against violence towards women. He even killed one of his own men after discovering the man had sexually abused a woman. The show has taken too many liberties to be a “direct adaptation”, but if they’re staying true to how the character was written for the comics, I don’t think it’ll be Maggie. But at the same time, I really do…

  7. Susan Dietz says:

    Pretty sure Negan is going to cut off Rick’s hand. (I still think Abraham was killed. That would be a bummer.)

  8. Sheryl says:

    I really used to like the walking dead, but this season has ceased to be entertaining. It’s just cruel for the sake of cruelty. They deserve a break, not King Ezekiel & al. I am disappointed.

    • Chris says:

      they deserve a break ? This is an apocalypse the only that matters is survival, and ezwkiL and Megan are some of the best parts of the comic book. This show is about to go off the rails in the best way possible if they stay closely to the comics. Your an idiot for saying they deserve a break

      • Britt says:


        Although I do have a knot in my stomach because the chances of a Caryl romance grow with every passing season and I am against every kind of ship.

        Let’s hope for thrills and fears.

  9. mullie says:

    It looks like Daryl’s blanket by the pool of blood 😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰

  10. Medicaidedchickens says:

    It’s Carol it’s Def her all the signs point to it.

  11. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Anyways it’s Glenn and Abraham. Killing off pregnant Maggie off ”like that” is CRAAAAZY!!! Plus, I think Rick IS going to lose his right hand……that storyline is WAY OVER DUE.

  12. Grog McGraw says:

    Negan clearly states that it’s a “right hand *man.*” So I’m assuming it’s not Maggie, otherwise his comment would not make sense. It would have been someone sitting to his right, however.

  13. Dale says:

    The blood splatter in rick is not enough for the person next to him to have been killed. If it was Maggie blood would have splattered all over him and it would be a lot more on his face than what we saw. The lack of blood shows that it was either Abraham or someone further down the line. My money is on Daryl or glen after Glen was pulled more towards the middle So everyone can get a clear view.

  14. Marty says:

    Its going to be a male not female!he refers to the hatchet/ax as his not hers!dont think he would say his ax if it were a female!

  15. Friendly says:

    At the SDCC on a panel with Kevin Smith for IMDB morgan was being bugged about whjo was kilked & he wouldnt answer but he finally did say no one seated with him then was killed and seated with him was Rick, Daryl, and Glen

  16. Tom Jones says:

    Why is Daryl’s blanket by the mess on the ground…..

  17. Allie says:

    If Daryl dies at least I won’t have to watch the fake make-up zombies any longer as I’ll be able to move onto whatever show NR ends up on. I do hope he stays, but if he goes it will be nice to be rid of the zombie schtick.

    • Fake make-up Zombies? WOW you must live under a rock or something. They have the best Z make up I ever have seen in a horror show or movie EveR. And If you are a true fan you know they are called Walkers NOT Zombies, lol….

  18. Frank says:

    That’s Sasha’s ring in the bloody heap, the one Abraham cut off a walker to give to her. Daryl is Rick’s ‘right hand man’.

  19. Why is there no blood on Negan? He should be as covered as the bat.

  20. Fisticuffs says:

    The blood on Rick’s face is not a splatter, it is a single streak that looks like it came from Negan wiping Lucille across Rick’s cheek, so it is not necessarily blood from Maggie.

  21. Karen says:

    I think it is Maggie and then Glenn. On the trailer Rick has blood on the right side of his face which he didn’t at the end of six. Maggie is kneeling to Rick’s right.