Letterman and Trump

David Letterman Weighs In On Fallon's Controversial Trump Interview: 'I Would Have Gone Right After Him'

David Letterman would not have run his fingers through Donald Trump’s hair.

In an interview with the New York Times, the late-night icon was asked about Jimmy Fallon’s softball treatment of Trump during the Republican presidential nominee’s visit to the Tonight Show last month.

“If I had a show, I would have gone right after him,” he told the Times, adding that he would have specifically taken Trump to task for mocking the physical disability of reporter Serge Kovalesk, who suffers from a congenital joint condition. “I would have said something like, ‘Hey, nice to see you. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 3Now, let me ask you: what gives you the right to make fun of a human who is less fortunate, physically, than you are?’ And maybe that’s where it would have ended. Because I don’t know anything about politics. I don’t know anything about trade agreements. I don’t know anything about China devaluing the yuan. But if you see somebody who’s not behaving like any other human you’ve known, that means something. They need an appointment with a psychiatrist. They need a diagnosis and they need a prescription.”

Letterman went on to characterize POTUS Candidate Trump as a “damaged human being,” which is a far cry from the relatively harmless version of Trump he invited onto his talk shows in the past. “I’ve known Donald Trump for a long time and I always thought he was exactly what New York City needed to have: the big, blowhard billionaire,” he said. “’By God, I’m Donald Trump and I date models and I put up buildings, and everything is gold.’ Nobody took him seriously, and people loved him when he would come on the show. I would make fun of his hair, I would call him a slumlord, I would make fun of his ties. And he could just take a punch like nothing. He was the perfect guest.

“So now, he decides he’s running for president,” Letterman continued. “And right out of the box, he goes after immigrants and how they’re drug dealers and they’re rapists. And everybody swallows hard. And they think, oh, well, somebody’ll take him aside and say, ‘Don, don’t do that.’ But it didn’t happen.”

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  1. Simon Jester says:

    I’ve missed you, Dave!

  2. Mary says:

    Dave, I would of gone after him about mocking the disable. I wouldn’t ask about politics because I know nothing about them. Well Dave neither does Donald and that hasn’t stopped him, but glad you have the wisdom to comprehend that.

  3. peterwdawson says:

    I really don’t get why people are so shocked Fallon was soft on him, the guy can’t get tough on anyone really. It’s not his thing.

  4. dman6015 says:

    Fallon has always been a p**sy. “Oh, please, like me. Everyone please like me!”

  5. JScout says:

    Love Dave. I miss him.

  6. Ron says:

    Yeah Letterman,this coming from someone who had made fun of people his entire career@

  7. Michael S. says:

    I wish Dave had done Rrumps interview. I erased Fallon off my Tivo after that very small handed interview. No balls at all.

  8. Bella says:

    Jimmy Kimmel had Hillary open a jar of pickles. Late night shows are for entertainment. We can get all the political stuff we want from everything else. Jimmy Fallon didn’t deserve the abuse he got. If he’d had Hillary on and gotten into with her over emails or Libya or the Russian “re-set” or whatever, he would have been criticized for being too political.

  9. kjg379 says:

    Have never thought Letterman to be funny. Of course no one takes his rude and lewd remarks to task because they’re under the liberal umbrella. My fellow Hoosier is much deeper the moron than given credit for.

  10. David says:

    The whole problem with this post is it makes the ridiculous assumption that somebody should care anything about what Letterman is doing, thinking, or saying. Why, oh, why?

  11. Gregory House. says:

    Guess letterman already forgot his in-show apology to trump for calling him a racist in 2012.
    Add another person who mistakenly believes they have a functional spine…

    • TV Gord says:

      That apology was no apology. It was a backhanded apology that reaffirmed the original insult. That’s something Dave has been doing when he was sued by Polident pitchwoman Martha Raye. Her commercials used to have her saving, “I’m Martha Raye, denture wearer”, and Dave aped that line (“I’m Martha Raye, condom user”). When she sued and demanded an apology, Dave said he was sorry for suggesting that Martha Raye used condoms…or would ever have any reason to use condoms. It was hilariously Dave!

  12. Mr. Smith says:

    While I’ve missed Dave, nearly every reporter and night show host have taken Hillary lightly in nearly every interview, but have skewered Trump in nearly every interview. Stop the bias!

    • Mary says:

      That is because Trump opens his mouth and insert foot every time. He is the comedians dream. I wouldn’t call it bias, I would say Trump talk like a rational human being so they wouldn’t have the material to use.

    • JScout says:

      It’s because Trump is a racist bigot who cannot even disavow the white supremacists who support him. And Pence wouldn’t denounce David Dukes either. This is not like other elections. Trump is not qualified to be president, he is a white supremacist.

  13. HAP says:

    Trump is a Cheeto colored psychopathic carnival barker that should come nowhere near the White House. His supporters tend to be knuckle dragging racists.

  14. xomylifexo says:

    Pretty easy to say when you don’t have a show and will never have to back it up.

  15. TV Gord says:

    I’m glad to see my hero, David Letterman, to be the one to FINALLY say what a lot of us have been thinking: Trump is mentally ill.

  16. Liz says:

    Look i am by far not the biggest Trump fan, but really it is a entertainment show. I would have preferred him not on it, but I don’t get a say on those choices. Fallon didn’t deserve all the crap he was getting for it. If Letterman was a option, Trump wouldn’t have been on because he wouldn’t have been able to handle the criticism from Dave.

  17. Squatch says:

    Of course Dave would have gone after him. He is a lover of all things democrat.