Trump Praises 'Fantastic' Matt Lauer, Lets Fallon Mangle His Mystery Mane

If Donald Trump sees an uptick in the polls on Friday, he’ll likely have Jimmy Fallon to thank.

The Tonight Show host was slammed on social media for his sit-down with the Republican candidate on Thursday night, most notably allowing a comment about Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator of the Commander-in-Chief forum to slide by as the presidential hopeful shared his damning opinion of the Fourth Estate.

Corporate synergy likely played a hand in Fallon’s response, claiming he too is a fan of the Today show anchor after Trump credited Lauer with doing a “fantastic job” during NBC’s Sept. 7 event. Fallon also failed to rebuke Trump for saying “shocking things I can’t even believe” throughout his campaign, instead thanking him for giving his writing staff a surplus of material. Later on, he failed to follow-up when Trump denied ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, a man he previously claimed to have met and who “could not have been nicer” in 2014.

Fallon concluded the interview by asking Trump for permission to run his hands through the Republican nominee’s oft-ridiculed mane — something he wouldn’t be able to do should he become Leader of the Free World. Trump reluctantly obliged.

Watch highlights from Trump’s interview above and below, then let us know if you think Fallon let the Republican presidential candidate off the hook in our poll below.