Flash Recap Season 3 Premiere

The Flash Season 3 Premiere Recap: Flashpoint, Counterpoint

As The Flash opens Season 3, Barry Allen has no care in the world other than to “meet cute” with onetime classmate Iris West. And as the premiere winds down, Iris is again foremost in Barry’s mind — but for entirely different reasons.

Having traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s murder (and then lug Reverse-Flash back to the present with him, to be locked up in a speed-dampening cage), Barry has “everything back” that Eobard and Zoom took from him. “I’m finally free,” he gloats to his prisoner. “I’m whole here.” Eobard — who dubs this tweaked timeline “Flashpoint” — however warns Barry that his actions birthed “a  fiction that will end us both,” at the hands of their common enemy — time. Eobard goes so far as to predict, “One day soon, you will be begging me to kill [your mom] again.”

But again, Barry’s focus is mild-mannered CCPN reporter Iris, whose attention he grabs by “finding” her dropped purse. After revising their connection, Iris agrees to go to lunch with Gary Barry, news which pleases his parents greatly (though not as much as if he’d announced he was getting his own place). Stopping by the cop shop, Barry (again) covers for Joe, who apparently has (again) slept in late. Barry speeds over to Joe’s place, only to find the detective zonked out on the couch, hung over and covered in take-out. Barry apologizes to the sleeping giant before whisking him upstairs for a washing, brushing and dressing, and then back to the CCPD, where Joe can’t quite make out what just happened. One thing he makes clear, though, to his non-partner: Iris is off limits. But in this world, neither Barry nor Iris pay him much mind.

En route to lunch, Iris must admit that she finds it curious that she agreed to the date, which is unlike her. “Where’d you come from, Barry Allen?” she wonders aloud. But just then, Barry suffers the first of several painful “flashes,” the origin a mystery. Regardless, the date is cut short when news breaks about the speedster villain The Rival making mayhem. Iris abruptly excuses herself, while Barry speeds to the scene just in time to buffer Kid Flash’s tumble from a skyscraper. Barry unmasks the hero to discover it is Wally West. Back at Kid Flash’s “lair,” Barry learns that Iris is doing more than just reporting on crime, but helping her brother try to stop it. After Barry gets the 411 on Kid Flash’s origin story, Iris decides that only one person has the resources to help them best The Rival — billionaire app developer Cisco Ramon!

Indeed, Flashpoint Cisco is living large, with a model on one arm and a hand that cuts $20 million checks on the other. He’s not happy to see the Wests — their agreement was a friction-free speed suit in trade for no involvement in their crimefighting — nor does he have any idea who the “string bean” they brought with them is. But just as Barry appeals to Mr. Ramon’s good, true nature Flash Recap Season 3 Premierewith an anecdote about his brother Dante, Barry suffers another painful flash.

Back in the warehouse, Reverse-Flash explains to Barry that he is suffering the side effects of Flashpoint, as the new reality begins “overwriting” his memories of the past. Soon enough, this reality will “set” like concrete, leaving Barry with no recollection of his original existence. “You have to let me finish what I started,” in killing Nora, Eobard beckons. But Barry ignores him, again, to instead suit up, grab Wally and Iris and bring them to Cisco, and come clean about Flashpoint. Just one thing is missing, as this “Team Flash” considers taking shape — pediatric ophthalmologist Caitlin Snow, who gets past her “kidnapping” to promptly help the two speedsters locate The Rival.

Before he dashes off with Wally to battle The Rival, Iris grabs a moment with Barry, to admit that “something has been off” in her life, but “it went away when I met you.” She then asks, “We were something else to each other where you come from, weren’t we?” When Barry confirms her inkling, Iris says they must have shared love, “because this is what love feels like.” “Since the day I met you,” Barry shares.

Facing off against The Rival at a sawmill, Barry and Wally plot to employ a “flank” attack, but the latter leaps into the fray from go, and for a moment gains the upper hand… until The Rival drives a piece of rebar through him. When The Rival conjures a pair of tornadoes, Barry — with a “Be The Flash!” nudge from Iris — believes in himself anew and unwinds the twisters, to the about-to-be-clobbered Rival’s amazement. The Rival leaps forth with a last gasp, only to get gunned down — by Joe, who learns of both Wally and Barry’s secret identities.

Back at Ramon IndustriesFlash Recap Season 3 Premiere (which apparently has a sick bay), Wally clings to life but isn’t speed-healing. Barry invites Iris to help him make things right, by asking Reverse-Flash to… do that. “I need you to kill my mother,” Barry is forced to formally request. “With pleasure,” Eobard grins. Iris wishes Barry luck, punctuated by a sweet kiss, before the speedsters dash back in time.

With Nora killed anew, Barry back in the present is kicking back with Joe and Wally, who toast the dearly departed Henry Allen. Barry then asks, “Where’s Iris?” —  a seemingly innocent inquiry that puts Joe in a dark mood. After his dad storms off, Wally “reminds” Barry, “You know they don’t talk!” Oh God, Barry is left to wonder. What did I do?!

A final coda suggests that Flashpoint is perhaps not gone and forgotten, when an ominous, disembodied voice awakens Edward Claris, who in the other timeline was The Rival. “It’s time to wake up,” the villainous voice (courtesy of Saw’s Tobin Bell) declares, scratching its name into a nearby mirror: Alchemy.

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  1. herman1959 says:

    AAA; I don’t have time to elaborate now, I’m watching The VP Debate. I’ll comment later tonight.

  2. Ian says:

    Poor Nora. It was like, “You’re safe n- PSYCH!” :p
    And yes, Grant and Candice have all the chemistry, and Barry and Iris meeting and going on their date in Flashpoint was delightful and perfect. The whole episode had me right up until The Rival decided to use tornadoes to kill one person(!), and then True Love’s Speech defied science to be able to restore a speedster’s memories so he could have the idea to RUN COUNTERCLOCKWISE (!!!!). I mean.
    And where did he get a speed dampening cage?

  3. Robin says:

    Incredible episode…brilliantly written, directed, and acted! A+ from this teacher :-) So excited about the season and #WestAllen

    • kage71 says:

      This episode was a waste and didn’t even make any sense. Barry only became a CSI Invsestigator because of his mother’s death and his father being imprisoned for it. This was the main reason Barry was in his lab and got struck by lightning. So if his mother did not die he would have never been in the lab. So this means there would be no Flash. And I quote from Barry Allen / Arrowunivers

      Barry had graduated from college majoring in two fields of science. It was with this skill that Barry was motivated by his mother’s murder to study criminology, in the hopes of proving that his father was innocent.

      So the Barry of this season episode should have been cancelled out the moment he saved his mother. However lets just say he could stay in this time line. How does one account for the fact there are not two Barry’s in the timeline? 1. The Barry with powers and who’s actually outside of the timeline. 2. The Barry who has no powers and belongs to the timeline. The writers seem to have a serious problem with passing off an ideal of stating that the (outside timeline of Barry) would loose his memories but that’s not possible because in their ways to explain this Barry they would have to explain how time just stood by and let this outsider stay for so many years without correcting itself.

      • Butch says:

        As I mentioned elsewhere they should have had a scene where Barry mergers with the Barry of this timeline and retains both sets of memories. As the episode progresses he starts losing the memories of the old timeline as did happen in the episode.

  4. Good start on S3. I still feel like i was expecting more, because it’s Flashpoint! But it was still very good..;) and it’s of course not over yet..

    Oh barry..you really think things would go back to normal so simple? Of course there will be consequences..Anywhys, good to have Flash back :)

    p.s: S1 of The Flash is still the most amazing, S2 wasn’t so good and i hope that S3 can bring all those great vibes from S1..but i’m not so sure. let’s wait and see.

  5. TvPeong says:

    Poor Barry! That scene when he had to ask Eobard to kill his mom
    I know it was all for the fans, but I loved the West-Allen scenes
    Can’t wait for the rest of the season. Flash is back!

  6. Butch says:

    Disappointed that Flashpoint lasted only one episode and now we are in the new 52. How did Reverse Flash travel back to the future after killing Nora when the first time he got stuck in the past. How did Barry get his speed if Reverse Flash didn’t kill Harrison Wells? It happened later in the history before the series started with the real Wells, who I assume is still alive.

    • Tatharnio says:

      Barry still had his speed for the same reason he had his memories. Because he wasn’t part of the new timeline. He was the Barry that DID get hit by the particle accelerator. Assuming if he had stayed in the Flashpoint until it solidified, then he would have lost his powers with his memories.
      Eobard was able to run back to our present after killing Nora this time because he didn’t waste his energy in an epic fight with Barry like he did the first time, and has basically spent the last 3 months resting up. For lack of a better term, he had much more speed built up inside of him this time. Remember he WAS able to run to the future that time, just not far enough to get him back to his future.

      • Butch says:

        Yes but in the new present Reverse Flash didn’t kill Harrison Wells. If you are saying Barry isn’t a part of the new present and therefore got his speed when he did, wouldn’t the same thing happen as happened in Flashpoint? IE Will Barry forget about the differences between before and after Flashpoint? There are fewer differences but they do exist.

        • Wulf says:

          No, because those memories were made when he wasn’t a part of the timeline, I imagine if he’d lost all his memories those gaps would then start filling up with whatever the Barry Allen of that timeline experienced, but as that’s not the case the memories made there won’t be lost

      • Lou Cav says:

        But he can’t be the same as before the timeline, or he would exist twice. Or did he killed his own young version?

  7. John Luke says:

    That was EPIC. The flache is back.

  8. Diana says:

    Quick reaction: Loved it! Barry and Iris were wonderful. Amazing chemistry. The episode was a lot of fun.

  9. Tamara says:

    Amazing!!! Grant and Candice did a fantastic job! Love all the other actors in their FP roles. Very excited about the season.

  10. parstl says:

    Excellent first episode. I applauded Candice Patton’s more prominent role and the chemistry between Iris and Barry. I felt like too much was rushed through in the new world especially how Barry was able to entrap reverse flash. I really look forward to the rest of the season.

  11. herman1959 says:

    Awesome. One question: How did Barry and Joe’s new boss know that Kid Flash was battling The Rival? Speaking of the new boss, I remember the actor from years ago when he had a big afro and played a character who was blind. Does anyone know the actor’s name?

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Season premiere episode was so good. It was good to see Barry’s parents together for awhile. Wally did good as Kid Flash. Barry and Iris scenes were good. Not good about the ending. Good to have the show back!

  13. James D says:

    it was very good. but it just doesn’t feel like Flashpoint without Thomas Wayne’s Batman. Episode itself was very good though and I’m glad they made it so Berry and Iris are connected no matter what universe they’re in. as for the changes caused by Berry I guess we will see what happens but I’m going to miss those moments between Iris and Joe. Candice and Jesse always play so well off each other. And I’m kind of going to miss rich Cisco.

  14. Red Snapper says:

    It was a good episode of The Flash but it wasn’t really Flashpoint. I knew that they would have to modify it but I was expecting a bit more. I was still hoping for some sort of nod to the original Flashpoint if only as a news blurb or Barry checking in on some of the other characters. It was still a good premiere, I just wish they had saved the Flashpoint storyline until they could’ve done it as a crossover event. Maybe they couldn’t have done it that way for some reason though. I am excited to see if the consequences spillover because it should, that’s the whole point of Flashpoint. I guess will we see on Arrow tomorrow.

  15. Allan Tayag Pineda says:

    so is this means that supergirl is on their same universe now?

  16. Mark says:

    They finally got Alex Desert to appear on the show! Now all three of the leads from the 90’s version have guest starred, although I wish it was a role I thought we’d see pop up a bit more. Still, that made the episode for me.

  17. Ram510 says:

    Very well done episode. Pacing was great, it was gripping, heartfelt, exciting, very happy with the premiere, so happy this show isn’t letting me down ever (yes Arrow I’m looking at you). Can’t wait for more

  18. Shaun says:

    How did Barrys mom dying again change Iris and her fathers relationship?Does not compute.

  19. Micaela says:

    Thanks for the review Matt the episode was all I hoped for and more. Loved the romance loved the action and all that this first installment has set up everything was in the right dosage imo. The only thing I’m a bit afraid of is the change to Joe and Iris’s relationship to me that was one of the foundations of the show and I’m so scared it’s actually been ruined. However if it does make for great storytelling and gives Jesse and Candice some meaty material to work with I’m sure I’ll enjoy it but I really hope they handle that storyline with care I’m all for conflict and drama but not if it’s unnecessary and adds nothing to the plot. I had high hopes for the kid flash and flash team ups and it didn’t disappoint just wish it were longer but all in good time I guess and of course my other fave cisco was a delight. For me a very strong start which has set up so much potential juicy arcs for all the characters

  20. Alexis says:

    Loved every moment of the premiere. The Barry and Iris scenes made me giggle like a little girl. The Allen family scenes were cute and I was over the moon when Nora met a her future daughter in law Iris. Loved that Iris/Wally were a crime fighting duo in FP, we need more of that in the regular timeline. I need kidflash to perform flash duties in the post-flashpoint timeline. While I’m a little sad that the Joe/Iris dynamic we’ve come to know and enjoy is gone, I’m glad it will be strained because it gives Candice/Jesse something new to work with. Didn’t like Rival’s costume and I wish Flashpoint was on a more bigger scale, other than that it was great and I’m excited for the rest of the season. Just hope they can keep this momentum going

  21. myrcellasear says:

    Loved the episode. I wouldn’t have minded Flashpoint lasting two episodes, but the used Iris and Wally very well, and seeing Barry get everything he wanted only to give it up again was heartbreaking. Looking forward to a non-speedster Big Bad in Alchemy, and definitely looking forward to the West family rebuilding & Westallen reigniting. Stop kissing AU Irises and start kissing Iris Prime, Barry!

  22. Rick Lee says:


  23. Devin says:

    Great episode! One question I cant seem to find the answer to though. If Barry saved his mom in the Flashpoint timeline and he lived a normal life as a child growing up until the events in this episode, then where is that Barry? Shouldn’t there be two different Barrys? It was never mentioned so I thought I would ask here. Thanks!

    • Anish G says:

      I was scratching my head with the same question when I saw the premiere. If I may add to the question the consequence of the Reverse-Flash finally killing Nora then what had happened to the Barry Allen to that timeline too?

  24. Devin says:

    If Barry saved his mom in the Flashpoint timeline and he lived a normal life as a child growing up until the events in this episode, then where is that Barry? Shouldn’t there be two different Barrys? It was never mentioned so I thought I would ask here. Thanks!

  25. One thing that doesn’t seem to have been addressed is how Reserve-Flash is still alive after the timeline was “reset”? In the Prime Reality, Eddie killed himself to makes sure R-F wouldn’t be born. Does this mean that Eddie is still alive in this new reality?

    • Butch says:

      Eddie could be alive but he could be somewhere other than Central City. We haven’t seen Iris yet in the new present so we don’t know if she is in a relationship. Eddie apparently wasn’t with Iris during Flashpoint as she was available for Barry.

  26. CalebFillion says:

    I don’t know.. It was an OK episode for sure but it felt more like a “regular” universe/time-travel episode from midseason. They hyped ‘Flashpoint’ so much but I just didn’t feel it. I expected something bigger, higher stakes, something Flashpoint-worthy. Plus, Billionaire-Cisco was just weird and felt off to me. Guess they put Catelyn in it just ‘because’. Pretty underwhelming s3 premiere, I gotta say. (.. and I’m a huge Flash-fan..)

    • Isabella says:


    • Butch says:

      I think they should have shown how Barry adjusted to the Flashpoint world instead of picking up the story 3 months later. Show Barry meeting his parents, Joe, his job etc. The way the episode played it felt like we missed the beginning of the story.

    • Celina says:

      Yeah. I feel the same… It was just another episode where Barry traveled to the past. Nothing amazing… I was so excited to see Flashpoint… :(

  27. Great episode, but can’t wait to see how it affects the other shows, especially Supergirl and the best part of the episode, that sexy captain.

  28. Tom says:

    Loved the episode, I’m assuming by allowing the reverse flash to travel back to his time at the end of the episode, that the particle reactor goes off as planned to make Barry into the Flash ahyway in the present? Original Wells was always destined to create the reactor anyway as Eobard explained in season 1.

    Which in turn means the scene at end of season 1 with Reverse attempting to travel back to the future / Eddie shooting himself no longer happens? Meaning Eddie marries Iris, possibly explaining the estrangement between her and Joe? Lol so interesting time travel!

  29. dancmh says:

    I wonder if they ask Michelle Harrison to play the scene a little different every time the show kills her on the floor. All this repetition would be worth it if any one of the next five times the show goes back to show her death, she could scream WTF? just once. It would be hella cathartic for the fans.

  30. Donna Green says:

    What is Flashpoint in the Comics??? Does everything right itself? I can’t stand the suspense!

    • Vivek says:

      That flashpoint was on a justice league scale revolving around Batman, Superman and other heroes. They couldn’t have done it here on flash. If you ask me it was much better than the comic book flashpoint

    • Butch says:

      In the comics after Flashpoint the new normal had all the characters younger and without their previous histories so not only were Barry and Iris no longer married, they were not romantically involved. It was meant as a way reset everything so readers wouldn’t need to know years of history and the writers weren’t locked in to certain story points. It was known as the New 52. The TV Flashpoint seems to be a way for them to change things without having to spend a lot of time getting to the new setup. Instead of having a happy West family where everyone loves and gets along with everyone, we will now have a conflict between Joe and Iris instantly without spending episodes setting up what caused the conflict. Other changes have already been mentioned on the internet which I won’t spoil here.

      • Butch says:

        Also in the comics after Flashpoint Barry is unaware that things are different. He corrected all the changes and that the world is how it was before Flashpoint. On the TV show he is aware that things have changed.

  31. LEP says:

    My son & I were wondering where was the kid Barry Allen that would have grown up with his parents in the Flashpoint time line? Wouldn’t there be 2 Barrys?

    • Butch says:

      They probably should have had a scene showing Barry merging with the Barry who grew up with his parents and having memories of both lives. In addition how could he just start living with his parents not knowing all that happened in Barry Allen’s live where his mother didn’t die. He would surely make mistakes and his parents would notice something was wrong. He would have different friends for example.

  32. GraceM says:

    Since when is Wally old enough to drink beer? When Joe set up a room for him, Joe specifically said “no beer until you’re 21”, yet there hexwants last night drinking with Joe and Barry.

    • Butch says:

      Just one of the many changes that happened after Flashpoint. That will now be the standard answer when you find anything the contradicts something from the first two seasons.

  33. Brigid says:

    This episode was amazing! I couldn’t believe how fast the hour went by. I’m so in love with Barry and Iris, they have chemistry for days and play so well off each other, I truly believe they are soul mates destined to be together for all of time. I’m so happy that Barry got 3 months with his parents and now can move forward with his life. I loved rich Cisco, he was cracking me up(string bean) but for some reason didn’t miss Caitlin at all. I’m hoping this estrangement between Joe and Iris gives both actors some juicy dialogue but that they eventually get back to how they were before FP. God I’m so glad this show is back! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

  34. Robert Dassler says:

    The Flash is trash. This was a terrible episode with very few redeeming features. Not a good start to season three.

  35. Butch says:

    So the Rival in the comics was the first Reverse Flash from when Jay Garrick was The Flash .
    Interesting how the TV show re-purposes stuff from the comics.

    Per Wiki

    The Rival Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #104 (February 1949). He is Dr. Edward Clariss, a professor at the university attended by the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. He believes he has recreated the formula that gives Garrick his speed, which he calls “Velocity 9.” Bitter at the rejection of his claims by the scientific community, Clariss becomes a criminal, wearing a darker version of the Flash’s outfit. His version of the formula, however, proves to be temporary, and he is defeated when it is expended.

  36. Azerty says:

    Glad to see the Flash back but I was hoping for more. The Flashpoint was too rush, they should have strech it on 2 or 3 episodes, so there could be easter egg (Ronnie? Eddie? Wells? Oliver or even Robert Queen as the Arrow) and developp maybe the was to get back to normal, etc.anyway something that say “hey the changes are funny!”. Still a good episode but not epic for me.

  37. melaniedhi says:

    It started good, but then just went too quickly to solve every problem. I wish Flashpoint had lasted longer with better character development (although I do wonder how this would have affected the other shows in the arrowverse)

  38. Sarah says:

    I love Flash but yesterday’s episode just wasn’t that great. I wish they had shown Iris and Berry date and slowly fall in love. The whole fate thing robs them of their ability to make the choice. And honestly Wally not healing super fast seemed like a weak reason to have Berry consent to his mother’s death. I’m sure it will get better but that was probably my least favorite episode.

  39. it bothers me t death how and y nora died the way she did.. y didnt eh creator just make it that she and the husby lived a fine life rather then her kneeling like that and then geting killed.. and y didnt flash stop him? pl r just asking the wrong question and no ansers.. gdami it just stop.. its annoying and i like the actr for revrse flash. i thoguh he is aoding a god job but this is a time show folks so w e barry does now wwill affect the futyre.. and oh dear if i cold go back in time to fix my issues.. i would never miss what i ahve now.. mistakes..

  40. Clau says:

    The promo for the next episode shows Barry what he did/caused with his selfish act.
    It’s understandable why he did it. But he didn’t think it through. He only thought about himself and nothing and noone else. Now he can enjoy the fruits of decision.

  41. Jane says:

    I have a question, at The end Barry goes back to the present but he founds out that iris doesn’t have relationship with her dad,who’s aris with right now

  42. Jane says:

    My question is after the time like is back to present,will iris still be with Barry or because at the end she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad

  43. Christian says:

    Episode dragged until the end. I essentially got the gist of it all from the trailer I saw months ago. I still can’t believe the writers expect us to believe an epic star-crossed love story of Iris and Barry. It’s a big part of the FLASH story, but there is absolutely no chemistry between the actors. It only drags down an otherwise interesting show. This is not a guy-GUY’S show. We aren’t watching it for heterosexual validation. Drop the insipid plotty love story and give us a hero’s plight.

    Oh, and the Cisco stuff was ridiculous and silly.

  44. Erkan says:

    This whole episode was contradictory, in the original timeline Reverse Flash loses his speed after he kills Nora so how was he able to bring Barry back to his own time, and where did he disappear afterwards?

  45. P.boy says:

    Am I the only person that feels flashpoint was a bit underwhelming? I love the flash but that premiere was just bad….The time jump just made everything messed up.

  46. edyn says:

    I loved it. It was a good start for the season, but it was never asked what happened to make Joe become a drunk in the alternate time line and what happened to Iris in the original time line? Joe knows when Barry does something out of the ordinary because it is always “Barry, what did you do?” and Barry ends up stumbling over his words. I am surprised it was not that way. I thought Iris was dead at first because he changed his time line. What causes someone to drink than the death of a loved one? When Barry asks an important question like that, something is wrong. Maybe it was because of Barry leaving, not telling anyone, that caused the rift between Joe and Iris and continued to escalate from there. It was 3 months and no one wondered where’s Barry? If he changed the relationship, maybe he changed Star Labs also. I would have stopped at Star Labs first because they can help Barry be the Flash more than Joe and Iris can. If something happens to Star Labs, he is screwed.
    It was nice for Barry to see his parents one last time, but as the Flash and knowing Cisco, Caitlin and Wells, he should have realized early on things would change. They drilled it into his mind many times. It is one thing to stay for a few minutes and enjoy the life he would have had, another to spend months when something, someone is waiting for you. Iris may not be waiting anymore.

  47. Isabella says:

    Sorry for the writers but this season premier was a mess. Not only did they rush the much hyped Flashpoint (seriously guys, 40 minutes and it’s over? I was as disappointed as a virgin bride on her wedding night.) Even worse than that, they managed to turn lovable Barry Allen into a creepy predator that could now easily cross over to an episode of Stalker, if that was still on.
    I read comments of people saying the WestAllen scenes were cute. NO! He stalks the girl for 3 months and then manipulates her into going on a date by stealing her wallet. Smooth.. Even Nora noticed that and that’s probably why they couldn’t wait to get him to move out. And are we seriously to believe that Barry did not look into the people he claims to love, like Joe..Cisco and Caitlin? Okay, he does cover for Joe but his stepfather is now a drunk but Barry doesn’t care or worse, he didn’t even know? All because he was watching Iris and memorizing her schedule. Again, not cute but creepy bunny-boiler behavior.
    Some things were the same though. A woman gets kidnapped but Iris chooses that moment to talk about what love feels like. Hello..a woman was kidnapped! I get the feeling Flashpoint was created to reboot WestAllen and make people forget that the writers made them stepbrother and sister in the first place. Doesn’t work that way when the brother is still the same. And they are making him drool over anything that looks like Ms West, ignoring that this Iris isn’t the same Iris he grew up with. I keep remembering Harry’s words after Earth 2, this is not your life and these are not your people! I won’t even touch his reasoning for sacrificing his parents or where the timewraiths were. I just hope the writers pull out one hell of a rabbit or the numbers will go down further.

  48. flash#52 says:

    the only reason flash is flash is because of it’s fantastic die hard fan base if not I would say I was totally disappointed in this show I loved the chemistry between iris and flash but got angry again when she needed to sweet talk him to beat the rival and if you didn’t notice this at one point this episode proved that flash didn’t need constant dependence on it’s supporting cast which is one of the biggest problems in flash everyone shy away from because the supporting cast are great yes Cisco is funny,Caitlin is cute,wells is smart but for someone with powers and brains he doesn’t do anything on his own that was one thing I praised Ezra miller’s flash for because he used his speed and brains though from rumors star labs help him with his suit but they don’t help him with everything,the most annoying thing is as smart as Barry is he needed Caitlin to tell him how fast he should run
    I know many of you won’t understand or support it but is true three problems with flash
    Over dependency on supporting characters to work
    The same speed villians who all have something in common to be the fastest
    And time can be easily changed and without effective repercussion, and if you are erased from history you can still survive how! in fact this show and LOT make time traveling looks very easy
    but I hope to see a wells that isn’t a villian or from earth 2 and a full functional star labs and criminal villians and the rogues and so on and so on

  49. Paul Christopher says:

    Reverse flash tricks Barry into taking him back to kill his mom, can’t believe he fell for that. Now the reverse Flash is back. Barry was supposed to go back in time himself and stop his other self from stopping the reverse flash. He wasn’t supposed to take the reverse flash back with him now the reverse flash is back which is kinda awesome because the reverse flash is really cool.

  50. Lou Cav says:

    The big problem is, that the autors made a mess with the timeline. If Barry’s mom still alive, there is no Eobard that can blow-up the particle accelerator. Therefore Barry has no superspeed, therefore he cannot been traveled back in time to stop Eobard, therefore his mother has been killed and we are at the beginning of the time paradoxon. Like what happens if I’m, going back in time and kill my grandfather as a kid – I was never born – but when I wasn’t born I cannot kill him ….