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Supergirl Batman Reference

Supergirl EP Addresses That Gotham City Reference in Season 2 Premiere

Assuming you weren’t too distracted by Tyler Hoechlin’s wink of steel (gif’d here) in the latest trailer for Supergirl‘s upcoming second season, you may have caught this little gem towards the end of the minute-long video: “We’re moving back to Gotham.”

Though we figured it was probably just a throwaway line, spoken by a recent National City transplant whose family is caught in a near-fatal explosion, those five words got the wheels turning in our collective, DC-lovin’ brain: Could Supergirl be going batty in Season 2?

“We have this beautiful history with DC, and I like that we get to borrow from this amazing, wonderful canon that we have,” executive producer Ali Adler tells TVLine of the reference to Batman’s home turf.

That said, it doesn’t sound like we should be expecting the Dark Knight to pop up in National City anytime soon. Adler continues: “I feel like we have our hands full with the crossover we’re shooting right now,” referring to the four-way crossover between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, which pits the shows’ heroes against the dreaded Dominators. “I think people will be satisfied with how much crossover they’re getting this season.”

Of course, a Batman-centric guest isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. Season 2 newcomer Maggie Sawyer, a lesbian cop played by The Family‘s Floriana Lima, is a love interest of Batwoman in DC Comics lore.

Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW. Drop a comment below with your hopes for Season 2. (Do they include any visitors from Gotham?)

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  1. Jason says:

    I hope they address the retcon they pulled on James and kara in the season two premiere.

  2. "A" says:

    I hope that Batwoman aka Kate Kane and Oracle aka Barbara Gordon rumor of them coming to Supergirl is true and they’ll be played by Eliza Dushku and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    • MADMIKE4000 says:

      I personally would go for Holland Roden & Yvonne Strahovski as Batgirl & Batwoman on Supergirl

      • Chris McWilliams says:

        I always kind of liked Felicia Day as Batwoman. She has red hair, she is kind of pale, she’s played the lesbian hero type before (“Supernatural”) and has a pre-existing relationship with the CW and is a known gamer/comic book type who would probably come into it knowing the character inside and out. :)

  3. Phun says:

    Thanks for more info about that Gotham City mention in the trailer. It would be interesting if Batwoman or Batgirl does make an appearance. Anyway, one more week until it starts up next week! Yeahhhh!

  4. wait i thought it was already confirm that Batgirl was making a guest appearance…

  5. I started to watch this on netflix because I heard such good reviews for it. But I had to give up in just the second episode. There was a scene where she explained that the “S” on her and Superman’s chest wasn’t actually an “S”, but that it was a Kryptonian symbol that means “Stronger Together”. I threw up a little bit. Thanks for selling-out a bit of Americana for some cheap political points.

    • The S has had other meanings for years in canon. Most recently, if I remember correctly, it stood for “Hope”. But thanks for proving yet again that any discussion can devolve into U.S. politics with whatever tangent people reach for. I don’t exactly see what’s un-American about “Stronger together”…

      • Me says:

        Actually, they aren’t selling out Anything. The ‘S’ symbol has been the Family a rest of the House of El for ages in the Comic. So, get off your high horse and bunch your knickers.

      • Phun says:

        You realize that this episode originally aired last year around November 2015 and Clinton just used the STRONGER TOGETHER slogan after became the Democratic nominee in July 2016. Give it until about the 5th-6th episode when it really got good. I think RED FACED was when it really started to get its footing….

    • Paul Darr says:

      If your referencing Clinton, that wasn’t her campaign slogan at the time that episode aired.

    • Pedro says:

      You must be very feeble and fey if you throw up for so little.

    • John Andrews says:

      The show gets much better later in the season, The episodes focusing on Martian Manhunter’s origin wee

  6. Chris McWilliams says:

    I still say “Gotham” can be part of the Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl line. Just that it takes place in the early 90’s. So they could have adult Batman and maybe even Sean Pertwee (in age makeup to look older) guest star on any of the shows. For that matter the cast of “Legends of Tomorrow” could time travel to 90’s Gotham.

    That said I think it would work better to show present day Gotham or Batman characters and just drop hints that they’re they’re the same characters as I don’t know if “Gotham” would work with the other characters showing up.

    • Lucifer says:

      Gotham is what DC properties are and should be; dark, gritty, dramatic, and neo-noir. The Arrowverse was designed to be flashy and appeal to The CW’s target audience, which is why they are all loaded with love interests. There’s a reason why even Nikita, a series about a female spy, had to shift gears and introduce love interests for their main characters. Also, Gotham is not set in a specific time period, much like Pushing Daisies, they borrow fashion, speaking styles, and technology from multiple decades so it can remain timeless.

      • Me says:

        YOUR opinion, and You are entitled to it. However, I don’t agree. Dark and Gritty was great, When it was the Exception to the rest of the DCU propper. When ALL the stories and Characters are that way…. it SUCKS. If I want to be depressed, I can watch the news.

        • Chris McWilliams says:

          I don’t haven an issue with dark and gritty, especially from Batman, but that’s not to say that more comic book elements can’t also be part of it. We’ve already got it thanks to Hugo Strange and his creations.

          Again, I’m not saying the crew of the Waverider should land in Gotham City (at least not the version in “Gotham”) but that’s not to say that an adult Batman can’t show up on one of the shows and they can’t at least hint that he’s the adult version of the one on “Gotham”.

          To be clear I think any crossover should only be with present day Gotham and that the Gotham in the series should very much be separate and clearly stated to be in the past.

          I remember, for a long time, there was debate regarding if “Constantine” was in the same universe and clearly it wasn’t really intended to be (but never clearly stated otherwise) and when the show was cancelled it was retroactively folded in. Pretty sure “Gotham”, originally intended or not, could also be folded in under the conditions I’ve stated.

  7. Azerty says:

    Come on, this year we want Batgirl in Supergirl and Nightwing in Arrow. You can do it CW I believe in you!

  8. Arrow mentioned Gotham several times in season one. And I do believe Flash mentioned WayneTech once or twice.
    Also, Arrow established that Batman exists in the Arrowverse when they introduced Harley Quinn in that Diggle-episode.
    For those that don’t know, Harley was created by The Joker, who in turn was created by Batman.

  9. Sybil Hastings says:

    Wasbit completely necessary to use the words “a lesbian cop…” to describe the new cop? Couldn’t you have dropped the narrative and just said “a cop”? Who the eff care so if she’s a lesbian and I seriously doubt her sexuality has anything to do without her talents as a police officer.

    • Chris McWilliams says:

      Well, yeah it kind of was. I was heavily reading Superman comics back when she was first introduced and the timing of it was way before it became ‘in vogue’ to have gay and lesbian characters and it was particularly brave as the Superman comics were, what is called now, all ages so they had to introduce it in a way where older readers would understand that she was a lesbian but younger readers wouldn’t completely understand it. They couldn’t just come out and say lesbian.

      In many ways she was the first high profile lesbian character in a major comic (at the time she was a major supporting character in Superman comics, even getting her own subplots with her daughter going missing and her jerk of an ex-husband) so it was a big deal.

      So yeah, the qualifier of lesbian cop, is a major descriptor for the character and I think, if she were real and aware of her place in history, she would wear that badge proudly.

  10. andrew hass says:

    I’m sure there are cities around the world that share the same name.However i’m sure we won’t be seeing Batman on Supergirl anytime soon but it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Robin or Nightwing.

  11. Phil says:

    No, no Batman.
    It’s Superman!

    • Chris McWilliams says:

      The truely great thing about them actually allowing Superman to be on “Supergirl” (other than the boost it will give the show AND how it fixes a major issue with season one) is that if they can do Superman then it’s hard to image any character that could still be ‘off limits’.

      Now, “Arrow” can (and should) reclaim characters they had in the past that were taken away from them (and it seems Deathstroke will be coming back) and now stuff they set up and hinted at on “Arrow” and “Flash” can be revisited. Stuff like Harley in “Arrow” and the mention of Wayne Enterprises in that newspaper on “Flash”.

      It’s really an exciting time with all the walls broken down and no limits to hold them back. :)

  12. What channel is “The CW”? does it air in Canada?

  13. Nyah says:

    I’m almost done with season one on Netflix and can’t wait for more, Supergirl has me on the edge of my seat and I hope season two is coming soon!

  14. fatt bottom butts says:

    Supergirl mentioned Batman indirectly in season one during a fight scene..

  15. Eagleman says:

    Bludhaven has been mentioned a number of times in all of the CW shows, yet Nightwing has yet to appear.