greys anatomy season 13 episode 2 recap

Grey's Recap: Courting Disaster

In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Alex repeatedly reminded a young patient that nothing’s as bad as broccoli. However, the doctor’s own situation came pretty damn close. Not only was he charged with felony assault in the second degree, but Jo made it clear that they were through, and Bailey decided that he could no longer operate at Grey Sloan. Could his prognosis get any worse? Thankfully, no. Read on, and we’ll get to the one ray of hope with which “Catastrophe and the Cure” left Karev.

‘I SUCK AT MARRIAGE’ | While the staff of Grey Sloan picked sides in the case of DeLuca v. Karev, Maggie was preoccupied by her crush on Nathan, which had begun manifesting itself, she told Meredith (of all people!), in recurring dreams about getting it on with him in the hospital parking lot. Pierce had to start “acting like a grown-ass woman,” she finally realized, and ask him out. And the housewarming party that Amelia and Owen were throwing that evening seemed like the perfect opportunity. Mind you, Hunt wasn’t thrilled that his bride had invited his bestie-turned-archenemy-turned-who-knows-what. But she couldn’t stop herself from trying to repair their relationship. Sure, Owen was happy, she acknowledged. Yet he “could be happier.”

‘GUESS YOU CAN’T WASH THE STINK OFF TRASH’ | To take his mind off of his troubles, Alex focused on work — in particular, the case of Zack, a kid whose appendicitis posed a threat to his new kidney. Unfortunately, after pleading not guilty to the charges against him, Karev became so distracted and full of self-pity/self-loathing that he blew off Ben’s report on the patient, which would come back to bite him later. Meanwhile, Mer found herself in an elevator with Andrew, and took it upon herself to plead Alex’s case. It did not go well. In fact, by the time she was done trying to help her person, DeLuca had gotten the impression that she had threatened him and his career. When she reported the incident to Alex, she also insisted that he come to the Hunts’ housewarming — which was going to be awkward since, unbeknownst to them, Amelia had invited Jo.

‘SHUT UP, IT’S NATURE!’ | Though Harriet was, as Alex put it, “healthy and fat” and ready to go home, April couldn’t go with her, as her incision had reopened. So the new mom was heartsick at the thought of missing time with her daughter when the baby should be “smelling me like birds and dogs” and bonding with her. That night, knowing how upset his ex was, Jackson Facetimed with her so that she could sing Harriet to sleep (with George Michael’s “Faith”). Later, Richard encouraged his stepson not to just let April refuse his help. “Be persistent,” Webber told him. Off that advice, Jackson asked April to move in with him until she’d fully recovered. She balked, of course — they needed boundaries — but at least said she’d think about it.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 2 recap‘YOUR BUTT LOOKS LIKE AN APPLE’ | At the Hunts’ party, Meredith cut short Maggie’s time with Nathan so that she could warn him that her half sister was going to ask him out and instruct him to “be nice and say no.” Incorrigible, he took this to be yet another sign that Grey was madly in love with him. Or at least “you’re close,” he said. “You will be” soon enough. Surprised to see Jo there, Mer suggested that she talk to Karev since, obviously, she must care. And Wison did indeed care — “about what Alex did to Andrew,” she clarified. When Jo ran into Karev, he apologized for his actions. Trouble was, “‘Sorry’ doesn’t fix” anything, she said. What’s more, when he previously called her trash, “you were trying to hurt me,” she noted. “It worked.” As a result, there was no more “you and me”… er, “them.”

‘YOU’RE BACKING THE WRONG DAMN HORSE’ | After Alex was M.I.A. (since he was at the Hunts’) when Zack’s condition took a sharp turn for the worse (since Karev had blown off Ben), Bailey forbade him from scrubbing in. She also chastised Mer for even giving the impression that she’d threatened Andrew. If Karev is going down, she said, “there’s no need to go down with him.” In hopes of setting things straight with DeLuca, Grey had him “booty up” to remove Zack’s kidney. Luckily, that didn’t turn out to be necessary — Mer and Bailey saved the organ. Afterward, Bailey informed Alex that she couldn’t allow him to perform surgery at Grey Sloan anymore. But she didn’t have to fire him, either… not if he’d work at the Denny Duquette Clinic. (It might have still been broccoli, but at least it was broccoli with cheese on it.)

‘IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL’ | As the episode drew to a close, Jo — empowered after working with a patient who named her tumor Wilma after her husband’s mistress — returned to her and Alex’s loft. As for Karev, he was drowning his sorrows at Mer and Maggie’s. To cheer him up — or at least crack him up — Grey admitted that she’d had sex with Nathan in her car. Just then, a heartbroken Maggie arrived home. She’d at last asked Riggs out on an “actual date,” and as expected — and as instructed — he’d nicely turned her down, saying that he wasn’t ready to date anyone. And for a hot second, it looked as if Mer might have dodged a bullet. Then, Pierce remembered that Nathan had said he wasn’t ready now. That didn’t mean “ever.” So, her hope restored, she’d “give it some time.”

What did you think of “Catastrophe and the Cure”? Feelings about Alex/Jo being officially over — for the moment, anyway? Jackson/April as roommates? Mer/Nathan as a potential couple? Hit the comments.

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  1. Shaw says:

    What am I missing why is Jo acting like victim?

      • Ryan says:

        Being that she’s in hiding from an abusive ex, it was probably unsettling for her to watch Alex pummel Andrew so severely. Then, Alex shutting her down so adamantly without even trying to hear her out last week probably just mad enough it worse. I normally can’t stand Jo, but for once I can actually see where she’s coming from. She hasn’t seen much of this side of Alex yet, so I’m sure it scared her given her history.

        • Ryan says:

          That should say “made it worse”

        • bigdede says:

          This the same Jo who like 3 seasons ago beat that doctor guy unconscious. She did the same thing Alex did to someone else. So her acting like a victim is for the birds. If only she would just tell Alex the truth. Why lie? Just tell Alex why you can’t marry. It’s not that hard. The lie is so stupid.

          • sterling says:

            She beat the guy because he HIT her first. That was self defense. I love Alex but he attacked someone. There is a difference.

        • A.F. says:

          But on season 9 Jp beat Dr. Jason Myers up and it was also really bad. He was in hospital and Derek had to operate on him. Yes the situation is different, because Myers attacked her first, but then she didn’t play the victim and decided to fight back. So why play it now?
          She doesn’t make sense and that is that characters biggest problem.

    • Tony says:

      I have no issue with her being upset with how Alex treated her. I do take issue with how she’s acting as if what happened happened in a vacuum. And I get that she’s afraid because of her situation. I do. I just think it’s a bit disingenuous on her part. Now, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s still in shock over the whole thing. But it just rubbed me ulthe wrong way

  2. Al says:

    Love the Alex and Mer friendship

  3. Amber says:

    I hope Alex and Jo are for real done. Jo is a whiny liar. Alex can and should do better.

  4. Jovana says:

    YES to Japril being roommates!
    YES to Nathan & Meredith!

  5. Mimi says:

    April is an attending surgeon at one of the best privately owned hospitals in the country and she can’t afford a baby nurse for 6 or so weeks???? C’mon! I know that Grey’s doesn’t specialize in reality, but c’mon!

  6. Lerbert says:

    Jo’s reaction is totally appropriate. She is fleeing domestic abuse so watching a man she trusted totally lose his sh**t on a coworkers face would be horrifying. Then he calls her trash. Uh, no. Karev has been through a lot, but they all have at this point, and he hasn’t had a real solid season-long self-reflection arc that many of the other characters have gone through. Dude has to find some impulse control before he gets the girl.

    • Sara says:

      Its inconsistant storytelling. As someone else pointed out, she beat up that one male doctor several seasons ago. She did the exact same thing Alex did. Furthermore, she has been lying to him for YEARS. She doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on here.

    • A.F. says:

      In season 9 she beat up Dr. Jason Myers (chestpackedwell) and Alex played the scapegoat for her. She didn’t play the victim then, where she had more reason, because she actually was the victim first. So that doesn’t make sense.

      • A.F. says:

        Alex had self-control for a long while now, he even mentioned it in this episode. I really would want to know why the powers that be decided it was good to reverse is development.

      • Coralie says:

        The situation with chest peckwell was different. It was self defense that went out of control. Not wailing on someone cos u assume something is going on.

    • JennaB says:

      I completely agree with you, Lerbert. She did beat up that other guy but it was because she felt threatened and since the trauma was much newer, I totally get that. Battered women have suffered psychological trauma. We are talking 3 years down the line and she thinks that she’s in a safe place and in a safe relationship. Then she has to see Alex beat a guy to the point of near death, and she’s right back in that scary place. You can love Alex and feel horrible for the misunderstanding but he is not the victim here. He was a victim right up until he started pounding DeLuca’s head in.

    • Except jo beat someone barely unconscious. So she is also an abuser

      • Martina says:

        Lol, haven’t you read the other comments? And more important, haven’t you watched that season? I don’t see how the two situations could compare. Jo didn’t beat the guy up. She pushed him in self defence and the guy hit his head badly. She said when she left the guy was still awake and seemed ok.
        Alex on the other hand choose to beat DeLuca to near death although DeLuca didn’t do anything because Alex was overreacting after jumping to the wrong conclucions too fast. Because he doesn’t think before he took action… And didn’t try to at least talk to DeLuca.
        Jo is written really bad, that’s true. But all the hate now it’s really inappropriate. You can’t compare those two situations at all…

        • Sarah says:

          Inappropriate? She has been nothing but a completely miserable character. She has lied to Alex from the beginning and does nothing but whine. The pity party with her has reached its limit.

          • Martina says:

            First of all, yeah I also think Jo’s character has been written badly. But there are always two sides of a story. Alex wasn’t that nice to her the last season. He neglected Jo because of Meredith and thought a proposal could fix everything. Alex is very short tempered, and he also refused to listen or even talk when he stumbled in on Jo and DeLuca. Jo wanted to explain, but Alex was just seeing red.
            But since everyone just loves Alex and hates Jo, everyone is hating on Jo although it’s kinda understandable where she comes from imo. And you also shouldn’t forget that the characters sometimes act that way because there wouldn’t be any drama to show if they all would just be nice to each other, listen to each other from the start and never tell lies :D.
            I do think it’s very understandable that Jo was afraid to tell Alex because she feared he could get hurt. Seeing how short tempered he is, he surely would do something about it. Maybe it would not have been DeLuca, but Alex instead who got beaten half dead if she would’ve told him everything. And pretty sure Alex would’nt have stopped researching or digging if she just told him “listen, I don’t want you to do something about it, because I don’t want you to get hurt”. So this situation is really bad right now… and both sides are at fault, although I think Alex is more wrong here. Because he beat DeLuca, not Jo.

          • A.F. says:

            Yes, season 9 and this are totally different scenarios. But what I don’t get is this: In season 9 Jo wouldn’t want to be the victim any longer so she fought back and told Alex and I believe Meredith why Jason ended up in Derek’s Or with a broken skull. There she was the victim, but never acted the part and that trauma was way more severe and more reminding to her of her marriage in the first place.
            Also in the seasons following that, it was never mentioned again and everything was normal with her. So why act now that way?
            I can understand why she is pissed with Alex for the things he said to her, but the other stuff as mentioned above I don’t get.

          • Alrisha says:

            This is the first time Alex had been violent to her. It’s a bit different when she defend herself before to be call trash and be yelled really badly for your partner. I shuddered when she yelled at her before leaving their place last season, and then he come back and beat DeLuca. I get her, if my other half call me name I wouldn’t want anything to do with him either. And, if you ever been close to a abuse relationship, you would know this is usually how the abuse begins. I don’t know why Alex was chose for this storyline, it’s really hard to felt sorry for him after he almost kill a man. Even if he though he was taken advance of Jo, there was no need to beat him that bad.

  7. SAMMI says:

    “As previously reported, Arizona will be MIA the first two episodes; an early episode will reference her being in New York doing the co-parenting thing with Callie.”

    Anybody else not catch this in either episode? We had mentioned of Torres tonight.

    • Blue says:

      Arizona was not mentioned at all in these two episodes. They’ll probably explain she was in NY once she comes back. My question is, why is the actress missing in the first place? Is she ok?

  8. Kathy Bergeron says:

    Jo is not a character I have ever had strong feelings about– pro or con– but she is beginning to get on my nerves. Although I cannot feel sorry for Alex ( He has to get some kind of meaningful punishment and understand there are consequences to actions) I still think Jo is doing her part to not accept responsibility for her part in the whole fiasco. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out as the season progresses.

  9. Nani Tavares says:

    If Alex had lost the fight would he still be in trouble? Why is Duluca mad at Alex, he KNOWS why Alex reacted that way, he KNOWS he got beat up because of JO’s lies. In fact he STILL knows more than Alex.

  10. Cat says:

    Can they make Maggie any worse. How can someone who has reached the top of her field probably faster than Christina be so weak, Lexie was the much better sister even with all her back and forth with Mark, Maggie constantly needs reassurance and is so high schooling with her crushes and relationships, she needs to grow up.

    • Whatevah8 says:

      I agree 100%. When Maggie first joined the show I loved the character. Now? Ugh..even when she hooked up w/ Andrew and we had to hear about him every time she was on screen I thought boy are they ruining this character. And now with Nathan? I just can’t.

    • Alrisha says:

      Worst character ever! I can’t stand Maggie, she is annoying and childish. This storyline is like a teenager show. Some time to time she acts like a grown, smart woman; but must of the time she is needy, weak, irksome, the kind of person you avoid like hell, at least I avoid like hell. “I dreaming with him”, really? Those are grown women, the dialogue is awful. Maybe the point is to have a lighter storyline, maybe funny, but it’s just annoying.

      • Lily says:

        Yes. Maggie isn’t a bad ‘person’ (I know she’s a character on a show!), but she has all the qualities you listed. I know a few intelligent people like this who were spoiled growing up and were told they were mature because they were smart. They never matured at the rate the people around them did because they saw themselves, subconciously, as ‘above’ in other ways.

  11. fiberlicious says:

    This stupid Maggie/Mer/Nathan crap has to end. NOW. Bad concept, really bad writing. Shame, Shonda, shame.

    That ridiculous mer/andrew convo – would never have happened. WTH?

  12. EM says:

    Jo is a victim regarding her ex but I don’t see her as a victim in the Alex/DeLucca mess. I think the story line that will play out is that she gets stronger and stops being the “church mouse” in regards to her ex. You just know he is going to show up. I’ll say that he shows up in the November sweeps and we will be left hanging for 2-3 months. I’d glad that Mer was there for Alex bailing him out of jail and probably paying for his lawyer.

  13. CJ says:

    I was wondering if the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic was still open 😄

    • Azerty says:

      Me too! During the storyline of the purchase of the hospital (season 9 I think) I always wonder why the ER were the first service to close and not the free clinic that must be very expensive. I guess they just remembered about it last year and jump on it to find a way to make Alex stay in the hospital. Or they are preparing Izzie’s come back :D

    • EM says:

      Last season in the first episode, Bailey said it was open 2 days a week to the person who interviewed for her job.

    • Tanya says:

      lol, Well, Denny is alive and well and dealing with walking dead people. He now calls himself Negan, LMAO.

      I liked Izzy.

  14. andrew hass says:

    I had a feeling that Jackson would invite April to move in with him while she recovers and that way they both can bond with the baby.As for Alex, he needs to earn back the right to do surgery and not think he won’t suffer any consequences career-wise for his actions

  15. Lisa Echerd says:

    I enjoy seeing more of Alex. I just hate that his character suffers to give Jo a storyline. If it keeps them broken up so he can finally move on to someone who deserves him then it is worth it. I really don’t care what happened to Jo. She’s been on for years and few people like her; write her off. Loved the looks Meredith and Alex exchanged at the end behind Maggie’s back though this whole thing with Riggs is silly. They are all acting like teenagers. It is time they finally remembered they have the clinic in Denny’s name.

  16. ruminonymous says:

    Nothing worth seeing here any more. Ridiculous premises, bad casting, bad writing, bad concepts.Waste of time. Buh bye. Cancelled my TiVo Season Pass.

  17. Alrisha says:

    People love to hate Jo. I don’t care particularly for her, but…the writing of her character had been awful. Last season Alex totally neglected their relationship. People was like: Mer needs him, blah, blah, blah. Let put this in the real world for a moment. If your partner do half of what Alex did, you would show him the door. For real, Mer was very intrusive and mean withe her. I get it, Christina was her person and now is Alex. Dereck and Owen bear the intrusion, even when they found it annoying, there is no reason for everyone to do the same. And them, the way Alex insulted Jo, call her name, no cool. I think she is no playing the victim. She must be thinking: this is how everything stared the last time: the charming man everyone love, some time to time lost it and call me name, and the next thing I know he is punching the hell out of me. The way I see it, she is putting a most needed distant from Alex. As she said: she cares for what Alex did, to DeLeca and to her.
    What I hate is that Shonda chose Alex to develop the abuse relationship storyline. This looks as a regression of the character and out of character of the person Alex is today.

    • Anna says:

      Honestly, I didn’t have strong feelings about Jo one way or the other for most of her time onscreen, but I genuinely can’t stand her at this point. I don’t think people hate her irrationally, but rather because she is a pretty pathetic character. She claims that she’s strong and independent, yet not only cannot stand up to Meredith when she believes she’s being mistreated at work, but she also gets angry at her boyfriend for not fixing her work problem for her. She demands that Alex put her first even though she’s been lying to him for years. She gets super angry at Alex for not telling her about things, like the frozen Izzie embryos, when she’s been lying to him for years. She incorrectly rats out her supposed best friend to her boss because she’s jealous of how well Stephanie was doing at work.

      If Jo actually had a problem with feeling neglected last season, she should have made Alex understand that – which she didn’t do at all. She just whined about it to other characters and acted like a victim. Be a grown up, Jo. Talk to your freaking boyfriend when you have a problem with him, not just when you want him to fix problems with your boss. I don’t think Alex yelling at her like that was necessarily called for here, but over the past few years, we’ve seen Jo act like a victim when it was convenient for her but then strong and on top of things when she felt like that would work better, which is why I think a lot of fans are over her and aren’t buying this act right now.

  18. R says:

    I really hate april as a character and the way she treat jackson is awful. That baby has 2 parents and she acts like its just her alone to make decisions and to care for this baby. After the loss of the 1st child she acted like she was the only one in pain and left him. completely blowing off his feelings at all.

    I hate what their doing to alex but if it results in him and jo being over then so be it. Shes been lying to him for years and is just really immature. Alex needs someone much stronger. He did a horrible thing but he really thought she was being assaulted/taken advantage of and that would be a trigger for him.

    Can Maggie find her own man, please. I like how their easing Meredith back into socializing and getting some sex. I miss christina on this show so bad.

  19. Hugo says:

    I hope that Shonda will kill off the character of Jo soon. It doesn’t make any sense and it is unstandable. Keep Alex free, please.

  20. Yoko says:

    Oh can’t wait for this mess to pass. Jo doesn’t deserve Alex. End of story, let’s move Alex on to someone good for a change. And Meredith could do SO much better than Riggs. I love GA but come on.

  21. Tanya says:

    Ahem – Jo is not even her real name. How can she be a doctor working under false papers? She’s being insane. Jo should have been up front about being married and running from an abuser – she doesn’t even know if the abuser is dead or alive. She should not have engaged in ANY relationship with that baggage on her.

    Alex beat up Deluca because he thought DeL was RAPING Jo. So yeah, Jo is TRASH, utter and absolute TRASH imo. She tells DeLuca about this big secret, after getting drunk out of her head. Pure Trash. I hate her.

    Alex is an excellent doctor. Jo is garbage.