2016 Presidential Debate Lester Holt Moderator

First Presidential Debate: How Did NBC's Lester Holt Do as Moderator?

Monday’s first presidential debate was billed as a three-ring circus, and every good circus needs a ringmaster. That task fell to moderator Lester Holt — but was he up for it?

Asked to keep the peace between rancorous rivals Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the NBC news anchor brought a cool demeanor and a professorial air to the proceedings. (He even scolded the audience for cheering at one point, like a stern schoolmaster.) Armed with an array of in-depth questions, Holt came across well-informed and levelheaded, despite facing what one pre-debate commentator called “a withering degree of scrutiny.” But anyone who’s followed Holt’s career couldn’t have been surprised by his poise.

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This may have been the first general-election presidential debate Holt ever moderated, but it wasn’t his first rodeo: He’s been a TV journalist for three decades, starting out with CBS in 1981. He ably stepped in for the disgraced Brian Williams as the anchor of the NBC Nightly News in February 2015, and has held onto the anchor’s chair ever since. And he did moderate one of this year’s Democratic presidential primary debates, along with Andrea Mitchell, back in January.

During Monday’s debate, Holt mostly stayed out of the spotlight and allowed Trump and Clinton to battle it out — maybe too much, since most topics eventually devolved into back-and-forth bickering. And he did unfortunately get steamrolled more than once by both candidates when trying (and failing) to stick to his agenda. But he also chimed in at times to press both candidates for specifics and keep them on topic when they veered into well-worn talking points.

Holt even directly challenged Trump during a discussion of race and police, reminding him that the New York City “stop and frisk” policy Trump touted was found unconstitutional. Because of that and pointed questions about Trump’s Iraq War stance and “birtherism,” Trump supporters may accuse Holt of pro-Clinton bias. But voting records prove Holt is a registered Republican, so it’s not as if he’s a die-hard liberal. Bottom line: Moderating this debate was a thankless job, but Holt performed admirably under considerable fire.

But that’s just our take. What did you think? Give Lester Holt’s job as moderator a grade in the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Teri says:

    Lose, lose job. Nobody could do this properly.

    • Exactly. I think he did better than I had expected. Yes, it devolved into a verbal brawl between the two candidates but there was a lot of good topics tonight. I appreciated what he brought up and the clear lines it made on these issues.

      • Richard Rhodes says:

        You are pathetic. He attacked Trump and cut him off over and over. Why no question from him about Bengazi. Why nothing on the money from the speeches. He goes after Trump about his returns and nothing about emails. And he goes after Trump trying to say stop and frisk was illegal. It is not illegal. Holt was so in the bank for Clinton. What about the Clinton foundation.

        • Joey says:

          Holt didn’t need to interrupt Clinton as much. Trump did it for him. If you’re not allergic to facts, Holt interrupted Trump 30 times while Clinton interrupted him 17 times. Now Holt interrupted Clinton less at 19 times but Trump interrupted her 51 times.

          • Judiwb says:

            Trump is a hot head and doesn’t listen to anyone. He never lets anyone talk. He is Mr. Interrupter.

          • Sophia says:

            Another moderator obviously attached to the liberal camp! Isn’t there someone in the field that can be fair and unbiased? Holt failed miserably at his job!!

          • Mary says:

            No @ Sophia it was your candidate that failed miserably I might add. Trump was rude and talked over both Clinton and Holt. Holt did give him time to answer but unfortunately Trump doesn’t know how to speak in a concise manner and went on the defensive using up and over his allotted time. Typical Trump supporters blame everyone else for his shortcomings, which he has many. Has Trump or his supporters ever taken responsibility for their own actions? You all sound like a spoil entitled petulant child.

          • 1gr8dane says:

            no @Mary that does not appear to be the case according to all the polls. Perhaps if you were not a Liberal communist/socialist then you would see the facts as they are. YOUR candidate represents all that is wrong with this country – and there are too many of us who love this country the way it was founded. If you are that unhappy then perhaps you need to relocate to a country that is more to your way of thinking – it is NOT the United States

          • Mary says:

            Ha @ 1gr8. sorry online polls do not count because we all know you little minions can vote 1000 times but nice try. Wow I am a liberal/communist socialist – nope just an American who believes EVERY one has rights not just a select few. I think you have that wrong I love America it is Trump and his supporters who obviously don’t because in their little minds they need to make it great. Hate to break it to you but maybe you’re the one who should move to a new Country since you think only a few should have rights. Russia might suit you, and Trump is friendly with Putin so maybe you have an in. How you can support a man who has done nothing but rip off the middle class, demoralize certain groups of individuals, and has lied to everyone’s face on tape and yet in your delusional mind he is great. It is obvious why you are a Trump supporter, the mentality matches perfectly. Look up the history of America you actually might learn a thing or two.

          • wrong. Holt interrupted Trump 41 times Clinton 7 times. It’s a debate of course the candidates are going to interrupt each other. Holt or should I say Crowley fact checking were false 7 times. You need to watch again and recount your numbers. Common core math

        • Temperance says:

          Nonsense. Vox states that Trump interrupted Clinton 25 times in the first 26 minutes of the debate. The boor was the one being offensive and showing he’s unqualified.

          • Karen says:

            Lies, more like once in the first 26 minutes . All she did was yammer no sense most of the time.

          • Dean Sankey says:

            Temperance, If someone was saying many things untrue about you or twisting the facts as she did you also would get defensive. I encourage you to do your homework and look at the facts, on BOTH sides. I cannot vote for any “politician” that has proven to be corrupt and Hillary is as corrupt as they come.
            Check the facts!

          • Mary says:

            You cannot twist the facts when they come from the horses mouth, come on. Wow you talk about blinders. That man is so inept it would be comical if it wasn’t for the highest office. We get it you hate Hillary, but don’t be foolish to cut your nose off to spite it.

          • Mary says:

            @Karen just because you could not comprehend what she was saying doesn’t make it nonsense. Lies is what Trump has been caught doing more than any other candidate but it is obvious you are one of his minions who believe all of it. Sad really when it is actually on tape and you choose not to see it.

          • I’ve got it recorded and you lied.

        • Kelly Wright says:

          Totally agree with you- he clearly was in Clinton’s camp. Sad. Trump was handed some pretty good opportunities that he should have gone for her jugular on. Cyber Security- really- I would have jumped all over that. Law and Order- everyone being held to the same standard- please- she is so far above the law its sick. Holt needs to be fired- they need someone truly unbiased.

          • LM says:

            You are the absolute worst person in the world. The worst. The worst. Does an unsubstantiated accusation bother you? It shouldn’t, if you’re a Trump supporter.

          • Mary says:

            In your eyes and Trump the only so call unbiased one would be his good friend Sean Hannity, who is the lowest of the low. Trump can say whatever he wants on his show and Hannity laps it up like a puppy dog and obviously so does his minions.

        • Marie says:

          Holt asked about the emails and followed up with a second question because Clinton did not initially respond. If a congressional committee could not find wrong-doing in hours of direct questions about Benghazi, how could Holt in minutes of a debate? Holt made the correct decision to ask about real issues.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Love that you start a complaint about attacks on Trump with an attack on the commenter. And by love I mean not at all surprised by the double standards that dictate your entire being, as a Trump supporter.

        • Shirley Hall says:

          It was clear Lester Holt was biased. And NBC should be boycotted. Fact check today shows a interview in 2003 about Iraq. Proven he did not say he was for the war. As for as taxes. Can you tell who does not use loopholes , credits, anything they can use. And that includes Hillary Clinton.

        • Jess says:

          I couldn’t agree more. Terrible job by Holt

        • Watching that Presidential Debate on 9/26/16, it didn’t take me long into the broadcast to blatantly see how biased Lester Holt was. Not only did he interrupted Donald Trump 17 times and only 7 times with Hillary Clinton, he did not ask Clinton one single question about her lying, the Clinton Foundation, and so many other things he could have asked that we Americans demand answers to. That debate was not For The People. It was for the Democrat elites to wallow in, thinking they won.

          Yet there’s only one little problem they have………..


      • billy willie says:

        old lester is a Clinton hack go his nose up Hillary a**

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto. If Trump didn’t come off well it’s not the moderator’s fault; blame Trump. And, be forewarned, he’ll get the same questions in the next debate, they’re not going away.

    • khartley802 says:

      Ted Koppel could ….

    • Anyone without a horse could do it properly.

  2. Poppy says:

    I like Lester Holt, but he needed to get Trump under control.

    • Alichat says:


      • Fern says:

        Yup. He needed to reign in Trump.

        • Robin Sierra says:

          He let trump run right over him. Bad moderation. trump bullied his way through the debates. his mic should have been cut off. completely unfair.

          • Shan says:

            I strongly agree.

          • manup says:

            I agree. He allowed Trump the forum.he craves , but without crowds to cheer his nonsensical ravings disguised as comments he falls flat. No specifics, no vision, no coherence. Trump wanted to turn the debate into.one of his rallies, but itbwasn’t happening and he finally got exposed as the buffoon that he is.

    • Lala says:

      Trump was a loose cannon…

      • Temperance says:

        Correction; Trump IS a loose cannon. He’s totally unfit for the job.

        • Yeah!!! We need a criminal like Billary!!! After all, she is the smartest crook on the planet.

          • Temperance says:

            Do you mean Trump the con man, who has been convicted of one crime, on average, every other week of his adult life? The one facing two trials (one for rape) by the end of November and has had two investigations launched regarding his actions, including a federal corruption charge for paying off Pam Biondi over Trump University? Or the most scrutinized Woman in history with ZERO convictions? ZERO.

          • DL says:

            And her financials are a matter of public record! Go look at her tax returns! Go look at the Clinton Foundation financials and donor disclosures! It’s all a matter of public record. What’s really corrupt is Republicans spending millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars, decade after decade, on witch hunts going after Hillary that have proven nothing.

          • Dianne says:

            Really DL, she has cooked them books from day one. Less than 5% actually goes to charities. By voting for Hiliary you are discarding the very values you were raised on. She is a criminal and can careless about this country or what it stands for.

          • Mary says:

            Really Dianne, baseless accusations shows nothing more than your ignorance.

        • CMartel2 says:

          No, he is honest and seems to care for this nation, which is not something that can be said for Hillary Clinton, who clearly is selling out the middleft class and being paid handsomely for it.

          • John NYC says:

            No tax returns because he’s hiding something.

            Tax cheating?
            Business failures?
            Putin gifts?

          • David Roche says:

            Are you retarded?

          • Mary says:

            Wow – can you really say that with a straight face about him. I give up, their lack of comprehension is beyond belief. He has you con but just one thought,, all those contractors that he refuse to pay do you understand that they are part of the middle class that you swear he is trying to help. Honesty and Trump does not go together.

          • tomus225 says:

            Hahahaha! You’ve obviously never done ANY business with Trump IF you think he is honest! The ONLY thing he cares about is HIMSELF! He is a narcissist sociopath!

        • SARJames says:

          James Comey wants the country to believe her email problem and lack of protecting State Dept confidential and in some cases TOP Secret correspondence was because she was just plain stupid. Now, according to Obama and the main stream media, she is the MOST qualified person to ever run for president. Anyone who votes for this criminal is either a government nipple sucker or a total moron. Sheesh We need a new direction as a country. We gave a community Organizer a shot at it for 2 terms. Why NOT give a billionaire businessman a shot. He certainly can’t screw things up any worse than they already are. And Hillary is just the same as Obama, maybe even worse. Give Obama credit, he hasn’t been caught in as many lies as she has.

    • Robin Sierra says:

      Yes, Trump was running the show. And ehen
      he didn’t obey the rules his mic should have been cut off.

      • Gdg says:

        Its called a debate. If youre candidate is getting her ass kicked you dont just turn off the mic of the other person. I love people who want freedom of speech unless it goes against their values or contradicts them.

        • Big Mike says:

          You clearly have no understanding of the 1st amendment if you believe it applies here.

        • Michael Karr says:

          It’s more the fact that Trump maintains a double standard. He has no issue interrupting or talking over whoever, whenever, but when somebody interrupts him, it’s met with an indignant “excuse me”. His mic should be cut off when it is not his turn to speak.

        • manup says:

          Exactly. It’s a debate, not a shouting match. Trump kept interrupting Hilary and Lester Holt, not with coherent rebuttals, but with grunts and abrasive quips. He should have been reigned in, but he wasn’t. The man is a buffoon unstable. Hilary looked a little nervous on stage with him. I was nervous for her. Sniffles was frothing at the mouth at every comment she made.

    • Temperance says:

      Yes, he let Trump run all over him. IN most cases, however, it worked to Trump’s significant detriment.

    • Paige says:

      I think they should turn off their microphone when there time is up. Lots of Speechifying from Trump

    • Linda Allison says:


    • dman6015 says:

      Guess you don’t understand how Trump operates. He will continue to overtalk you, getting louder and louder until he gets his way. There is no way Holt could have silenced him, other than the times he told him that it was Clinton’s two-minute time.

    • Whatevah8 says:

      Agreed! But I don’t think anyone can do that.

  3. Sarah says:

    Anyone who would actually vote for Trump after watching that is a complete idiot. Or really really hates their country. And yes, he did admit to NOT paying his taxes.

    • Theresa Steward says:

      Why does that matter? Is not it better to you to minimize your tax payments?

      • Jen says:

        Are you kidding me.

      • Claire D says:

        What! Taxes are all about contributing to the public wellfare of federal and municipal services. Bridges, roads, schools, everything that is taken for granted. If one of the 1% who makes billions of dollars and retains enough income to afford enormous displays of wealth doesnt pay taxes then he is not only (most likely) playing loopholes and being deceitful in his tax records but also CHOOSING to not fund and help public services. It completely matters as long as you want a president that actually cares about the country and the state of living. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be surprised when your car breaks down cause of all the potholes in the road.

      • Lala says:

        You are kidding right…

      • DL says:

        I don’t understand why people are impressed that he gamed the system with bankruptcies and tax avoidance. It’s dishonorable. Just because you can cheat doesn’t mean you should. That’s not how this country does things. Our word is supposed to count for something in the world. We need to recognize that he’s espousing doing business as President like he does business as head of his company. Defaulting on debts, burning bridges with important markets like China and Mexico…
        Scorched earth is all and good for the man at the top, but where’s the parade of Trump Company employees who’ve been enriched by their boss and praise him? Omarosa? The campaign managers he’s fired (were they all the “best people,” I wonder)? I have not seen enthusiastic working class or middle class Trump employees come out for him. If those people actually existed, you’d think they would have them out front and center. Honestly, where are they? Their glaring absence should speak for itself.

        • DL says:

          And to clarify, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with everyday folks trying to save on their taxes.

        • Brenda Carr says:

          He was good but a little to passive! I like Lester Holt but sometime professional talkers can steamroll you!! Trump was a pro interrupter ! I did think his topics and questions were right on!!

        • Carol says:

          like Trump said, he is following the law, tax deductions, etc. Hillary and Democrats get mad when they can’t get their hands on other people’s money in order to “squander” as Trump put it.

          • Temperance says:

            Yeah, that’s what vampires say. No one on earth deserves that sort ofmoney, and the oligarchs have bought their way (and it will, relatively soon, bring about global economic collapse, if not corrected).

          • John NYC says:

            If that were true he’d release his “long form” tax returns. So, no, he’s been crooked, is getting caught and hopes to delay his jail time by getting elected president.

          • Mary says:

            True but if he cares about the Country and the little people so much, does any of his policies eliminate or at least closes any of the loopholes? NO. Does his tax reduction really help the middle class or the 1%? I will answer 1%. He complains about jobs going overseas – where are his products made – NOT IN THE US. You can try to justify all you want but the truth his actions speak LOUD AND CLEAR. Do you think it is fair that you and I pay more taxes than him, nope. Trump might not squander his money but he sure rips off quite a few to obtain it.

      • Temperance says:

        You do realize that’s crazy talk, right? People with high-price lawyers and acountants get to rape and pillage the nation AND pay no taxes?

        • Hfnf says:

          As opposed to the government doing that with our money?

          • DL says:

            Who put us in Iraq in the first place? Who destabilized the Middle East? George W. Bush and his administration. People like to make hay about Clinton’s vote in the Senate, but all that vote actually did was give Bush the power to go to war in the event that they confirmed the existence of WMDs. And Bush’s administration — namely Cheney and Rumsfeld — deliberately lied and misled both Bush and Congress on WMDs in order to gain that approval. Or are you taking about social programs and investments in jobs, infrastructure, and research? Sheesh.

      • Weimin shen says:

        He created jobs for so many who are all paying taxes. Hillary created such a large pool of welfare recipients. who does the nation better?

        • Mary says:

          Have you checked to see if they are paying taxes. I can almost guarantee you the people who work for him at the hotels and casinos are making minimum wage and probably live pay check to pay check. I bet a majority have no other benefits either. You can actually thank Bush not Hillary for more people who have used welfare benefits to help them survive. Remember the crash in 2008? Remember the war that Bush put on a credit card. Remember the trickle down that doesn’t work but the Republicans insist that you should be honor to get that 3.00 more in your check. Who does the nation better, look at history and it is PROVEN the Democrats.

        • tomus225 says:

          How many jobs did he create for those contractors he refused to pay for their work?

      • Ben says:

        No. It might be good business, but it’s terrible ethics. Do you want your Government to have no money to do anything with?

      • dman6015 says:

        No, Theresa, it is most certainly not. EVERYONE should be paying their taxes instead of jumping through loopholes to avoid paying them. He admitted that his election finance statement says he earned $649 million last year. Previous tax forms obtained through one of the 3,500 lawsuits he’s involved in shows that he paid no taxes for those two years. Don’t you think someone earning $649 million shouldn’t at least pay their fair share?

      • manup says:

        It matters if you’ve based your run for presidency on being a candidate for change, but then proudly boast that getting out of paying your fair share while others are taxed excessively is “smart”. These are the very tax breaks for the wealthy that Hilary wants to end.

    • brenda says:

      No we love our country and hate her for what she and the dums have done to it. Even if she is elected she won’t make 4 years. Her Parkinson’s will put her out.

      • Sarah says:

        Well Brenda, you certainly answered my question, apparently you do hate your country.

        • Edna Gardner says:

          That is what I have been saying. People who hate this country want an idiot to destroy it so they are voting for Trump.

          • lisa says:

            Whatever…if you’ve know intelligent substance to add to this conversation….why bother commenting. The debate was clearly biased against Trump. It wouldn’t matter WHAT he said!

          • Joey says:

            @lisa: I typically don’t get on people about spelling and grammar, but don’t try and claim someone doesn’t have the intelligence to participate in a discussion when you spell “no” as “know”.

        • Fnfndd says:

          Actually if you are for clinton you hate our country. She means to change it so that it will no longer be america. She means to let in so many refugees and legalize so many illegals we will be a third world country by her second term. Of course all those new citizens will vote for her and thats what she and the dems want.

      • Rebecca faulkner says:

        I think what you need to worry about is Trump’s snorting.

      • Dale Rekus says:

        Jeez, woman, did you even watch the same debate we all did? It was donald who was wheezing and sniffling and looking like he was suffering from Parkinson’s in the second half of it. And as for our gal, Hillary, why, she was just as full of vim and vigor and self-confident poise as when she had started ninety minutes earlier.
        Heh heh – you, go, grrrl . . .

    • Trina Hattenburg says:

      Go Sarah!! Proud of your brain and common sense!

    • Chad says:

      Trump uses US tax law to pay as little federal tax as possible AS WE ALL DO. Hillary Clinton filters her ill-gotten gains through her foundation. The Clintons are worth in excess of 100 million dollars and have never been in buisness. They have spent their entire careers in politics and government jobs don’pay that well.

      • Sarah says:

        LMAO!! Wow, that is pathetic Chad. Do you need me to explain to you what bankruptcy means?? Oh, and then there is Trump’s university robbing poor people of their life savings. And then there is Trump siphoning money from his “charities” to line his own pockets. I could go on but you clearly don’t care about any of the many crimes Trump has committed.

        • Carol says:

          Sarah, you do know about the Clinton Foundation don’t you? I suggest you educate yourself on Hillary and Bill . . . then come back to us with your thoughts.

          • Jen says:

            Carol, I suggest you watch John Oliver’s show from last night (HBO even put it up on YT for you!) for some easy to digest details behind the “Clinton Foundation scandal”. The points presented also happen to be facts that can be verified by legitimate sources if you care to educate yourself. Come back to us with your thoughts after *you’ve* done more research.

      • Josiah says:

        Soo true! Lester never asked about the Clinton Foundation and how it has been such a porous line between government and business…

        • Cassie says:

          Josiah, Trump would have looked a lot worse if the subject of their foundations had been brought up considering he has used his foundations money to pay off lawsuits, buy expensive paintings of himself, pay off the Florida Attorney General who was investigating Trump University, and several other personal items.

          • Geo says:

            Yeah, I’m betting Donald Trump really wouldn’t want to play “compare our charitable foundations” at this point.

      • John NYC says:

        If Trump did things legal he’d release his returns.

        He’s hiding crimes or he’d release the proof.

      • Joann says:

        Finally. I have read through these comments and was just about to close the page when I glanced at this one. I wish people would read this comment and then just pause for a minute. Really think about it. I recently watched a video on Youtube about the Clinton’s and their foundation. What an eye opener! I don’t care too much for Trump, but I can not vote for Hillary. The crimes that Hillary has openly gotten away with are stomach churning. Her aides ave pleaded the fifth concerning her email scandal. Why would they do that? Obviously, we all know why. An innocent person wouldn’t need to do that. Sure, Hillary is going to protect us from cyber terrorism. That is laughable, at best. I’ve learned that when it comes to ethics, the Clinton’s make Trump look good! We know what we’re in for with Clinton, we’ve seen it for years! Nothing! Sure she has “experience.” Her experience has done what for us again? Her experience didn’t help her to understand that it wasn’t a great idea to set up a server that was less secure than Gmail and use it for work purposes. There’s no telling what all was on them because as soon as it came under investigation, she did what many of us are learning the Clinton’s regularly do. They cover it up. She deleted them (or had them deleted). Who does things like this?Unfortunately her experience didn’t do a thing for our Americans in Benghazi, either. I feel terrible for these family members. She should too.

        • Rick says:

          Well said. Both Clinton’s are so corrupt and dishonest, it makes you wonder how people can believe in them. Trump has his problems but Hillary makes him look like an amateur when it comes to corrupt and lies. She should be teaching “how to lie in public and get away with it” in political science courses. She’s the expert. Rick

        • Ryan says:

          I don’t say this to sound snide, but YouTube? That’s like my grandma reading a trashy tabloid and spouting it as gospel. I could put a glossy doc on there and with the right viral link people would buy it hook line and sinker. If the foundation is what did you in, I implore you to watch Jon Oliver’s show from last week. He has over 50 highly accredited non-partisan journalists on his staff. They spent months pouring over every document and news story and shred of evidence about both the Clinton and Trump Foundations. I learned a lot about both. They get slack from people because John is snarky in his delivery but the research he presents is top notch. If you still have the same feelings after that, fine, but don’t base your opinion on a documentary a lowly very biased source created.

      • manup says:

        Sniffles has been found paying personal obligations through his Trump Foundation. When asked about it he on national television, one of his aids explained that he would tell persons who owed him money to contribute to his foundation, so thevmoney he would spend was actually his. That is illegal because the money is not taxed. Compound that over the millions of dollars handled by the Trump Foundation. Sniffles is a buffoon and a criminal.

    • Is it Worse to Take Advantage of loopholes and pay No Taxes or to take 1/2 Billion Dollars from foreign Countries and enemies of this country?
      Which is more unpatriotic?

      • Temperance says:

        Sounds like Trump for both. Neither represents Clinton – and that’s entirely provable.

        • Nathan says:

          Oh Really… so she didn’t accept money from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia? Amazing what sort of mental gymnastics you must be able to do. Sorry but when her aides and everyone she works for pleads the fifth and they work as a government employee; whose purpose is to represent the people. That is disgraceful.

          That is what we call unpatriotic.

      • Carol says:

        Great point Ed!

      • NightOwl says:

        Do you know for sure he hasn’t taken 1/2 billion from other foreign countries? You don’t know because he won’t release his taxes.

    • Joe smith says:

      You are an idiot. Hillary is a complete liar and will ruin us. Too bad there are so many morons out there

      • Temperance says:

        All fact-checking to the contrary. Trump, last month, lied ever 195 seconds in public. He did worse in the debates. Clinton didn’t lie once. So, yes, the morons are the problem, and their Trumpanzee candidate.

      • mark says:

        please calling people morons is’nt nice say TRUMP instead .

    • Temperance says:


    • Bell Kramee says:

      Did he work within the laws? Yes.
      Are you collecting your disability check fraudulently?

    • skyborn78 says:

      There are millions who show up at his campaign rallies. He is a billionaire who refused any special interest funding; used his own money and small dollar contributions from people who love him. Sarah, not trying to be ugly, but it appears that you are the idiot.

      • Joey says:

        He only used his own money and small dollar donations? Rebuilding America Now, Great America PAC, The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness, and the Committee for American Sovereignty would all like to have a word with you.

        • mark says:

          Only his OWN money ? , yea right just as his taks return shows…

        • skyborn78 says:

          who donated to all these organizations you talk about? Middle class people who love the man.

          • Ryan says:

            5 million was just donated by a billionaire in California….
            Some of the wealthiest families in the country have donated tens of millions to those super pacs. Also, he self-funded because it was a tax write off up to august where he….wait for it….stopped self funding.
            Not quite as transparent as he makes it sound. Certainly no Bernie and $27

    • Whatevah8 says:


    • billy willie says:

      bull Hillary is the most cheated on old woman in america

  4. Lysh says:

    He did okay with the candidates we have, but lord, could Hillary just get through her two minutes without Trump interrupting her. It went off the rails so many times and Lester could have reeled it in but he failed to. But he went in with the few questions he could actually get in.

  5. Heather says:

    He wasn’t strong enough to control it. Not a good choice for moderator.

  6. Drew says:

    I’m torn on how Lester did, so I voted OK. On one hand, his time management skills sucked, but that wasn’t always his fault. On the other hand, he stepped back and let the candidates go at each other and that was engaging. I thin ultimately it was a no-win situation for Lester.

  7. Angela says:

    I’ll agree with the overall assessment. I do wish he had been able to better get them both to quiet down when they started bickering (and when Trump interrupted, like, every five minutes), but I do love that he did bring in a few “gotta call you on this one” moments.
    “I have a better temperament than she does.” Funniest line of the night. Ye gods, Trump is just…*Rubs temples*

  8. noel says:

    I felt sorry for Mr.lester holt BIG MOUTH DONALD KEPT INTERRUPTING HIM&

    • Daniel says:

      He showed noooo regard for the moderator and at the end didn’t really want to shake Holts hand. Showed no regard for the middle class or women

    • Teresa says:

      Where were the tough questions to Hillary …the emails, Bengazzi

      • Marie says:

        Teresa, Holt asked about her emails and followed up when she initially did not answer. I have also noticed the people with the email-Benghazi interest have difficulty spelling Benghazi. What do you expect to uncover anyway?

    • mark says:

      agree , but he should have known and done something against trumpmouth.

  9. I think he was really taken aback by how quickly (20 min in) Donald would start yelling and interrupting. Once he admonished him, and the audience, he seemed to find his teeth. Definitely better than Lauer.

  10. Chester says:

    That was enlightening. So Lester did a good job. I love Lester.

  11. Lana says:

    F – what a lame and biased moderator!

  12. Amanda Blum says:

    he was asleep at the wheel.

  13. Suzanne says:

    Holt repeatedly let Trump interrupt and shout over Hillary during her time. He even interrupted her himself. He was completely ineffective at making Trump adhere to the time limits or any rules. TV line says both did this, that & the other, when Trump did it constantly and Hillary maybe once.

    This was supposed to be a presidential debate, not a FOX News style brawl. Lester Holt was not up to the challenge of taming Donald Trump.

  14. Theresa Steward says:

    Lester Holt’s questions were all against Trump but never commented on what Hillary did.

  15. Sue Malcolm says:

    Where was Lester and why did he let Donald interrupt all the time!!! He’s the moderator???

  16. Georgeanne says:

    He was unable to stop Trump from going on and on and repeating himself endlessly. He also should have stopped him from commenting during Clinton’s answers.

  17. Maggie Egan says:

    Lester let Donald have the floor much more than Hillary. When Lester would try to get Donald to wrap it up Donald ignored him. Lester needed to cut him off and have him stick to the rules.

  18. Aaron James says:

    Trump won the debate because he pointed out present day issues caused by politicians like Hillary, as that matters and NOT random details about Trump’s life in the 1970s. Moderator was just too weak and never seemed in control.

    • Chad says:

      Hillary Clinton is the same, tired, pandering politician we’ve been fed for years. False hope and spare change thats all your going to get.

      • Mary says:

        I have one question for all you complainers about the Government? Have any of you held any kind of office? It is easy voicing ones complaints over the internet and claiming to know all the answers but in reality none of you, myself included knows what it is like having the responsibilities of every citizen on you shoulders. Our Government and policies are for ALL citizens not a select few.

    • Sarah says:

      That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Wow.

  19. Hazel says:

    Very disappointed in Lester Holt. He asked pointed questions to Trump regarding the birther issue and his tax returns. However, Holt did not ask a single difficult question of Clinton. Nothing on Bengazi, nothing regarding her email scandal which put our nation’s security at risk. Lester Holt displayed a definite bias with his questions!

    • Josiah says:

      Agreed! How blatantly biased to only asked pointed questions at Trump and nothing towards Hillary. She deserves to be taken back trial regarding lying about her email scandal!

    • Marie says:

      Hazel, Holt asked about Clinton’s email and followed up when she did not respond. If a congressional committee could find no wrong-doing in hours of direct questions regarding Benghazi, how could Holt in minutes of a debate?

  20. Victoria says:

    Lester did as well as he could with what he had. It could have been a lot worse. It was a thankless job and didn’t go all out crazy but I think that’s all anyone could have ask for.

  21. Don says:

    Let Donsld dominate time. Could not shut him up.

  22. Grant says:

    Lester totally lost control of the debate. He should have been in charge and stopped the discussions when their time was up and when the rambling and changing of topics began. He was totally steamrolled.

  23. Ron grimm says:

    Didn’t anybody see the obvious bias? There were at least 3 major questions aimed directly at future President Trump, 1) tax statement, 2) birther and 3) women and NONE at Clinton ( foundation,Bengazi, e-mails 1 & 2 etc. Mainstream media doing what it does best

  24. Pa says:

    he started off with lies.. we all know clinton and her campaign had or gave the questions to him ahead of time.. that is why she had papers she was reading from the whole time! #LOSER

    • Cassie says:

      Pa, Hillary wasn’t reading from papers. She was making notes on what she wanted to reply to while Donald spoke. This is a common tactic used by debaters. If she had been reading something, she would have been looking down while she was speaking but she never did.

  25. Trina Hattenburg says:

    I think Lester needed a shock buzzer to keep Trump on topic. Frankly he should have been more forceful, Trump showed no respect for Lester or Hilary.

  26. Michael L Hemmis says:

    Why wasn’t someone with the ability to control the event selected to moderate? Lester Holt is a nice guy, but the wrong person for this event

  27. Morgan says:

    I gave him a D-.

  28. Kathryn Shubert says:

    I was very frustrated by Lester Holt’s inability to keep the candidates on point. A moderators job is to keep the debate going and “stop the madness” when things get out of control, as they did tonight. I think he was derailed by the candidates. Very disappointed with his skills tonight.

  29. Mary Ellen Zuckerman says:

    Didn’t control the debate and let Trump go on and on.

  30. Lynn krug says:

    Seemed very pro Clinton. Questioned more about irreverent info. Nothing about Bengazi or emails and her lies.

  31. C french says:

    Sad Lester did not play fair I really liked him and expected more on Clinton s repeated scandals.

  32. Ron grimm says:

    What bias! Future President Trump given at least 3 direct questions (taxes, birther, woman) and NONE for Clinton (foundation, emails 1 & 2, Bengazi, Iraq etc) Terrible

  33. Anne Stephens says:

    Next time how about we get a host who is fair to both sides! He obviously favored Hillary. So biased he couldn’t hold it back!

  34. Chad says:

    Birtherism is a non-issue, it wasted time in the debate and has no impact going forward as Obama’s term ends in January. This was clearly a jab at Trump and nothing more.

    • Sarah says:

      Yea, we get it. You care nothing about racism. You also clearly don’t care about Trump’s constant lies about the subject.

    • Ani says:

      It might be a non issue but sure does show how well Trump lies. And, would there have ever been a birther issue if Obama hadn’t been a black man? Of course it was a jab at Trump–one he deserves too.

    • Angela says:

      I think it’s a very pertinent issue. For one thing, if Trump’s going to treat Obama that way, that’s a sign of his massive ignorance and racism he’ll show when interacting with people of other races or ethnicities.
      For another, it takes a hell of a lot of nerve of somebody to demand Obama release his birth certificate, but come up with all sorts of lame “excuses” as to why he can’t possibly release his tax returns. Nope, sorry, Trump. Turnabout’s fair play.

      • Glinda says:

        Obama submitted a bio that said he was born in Kenya. That wasn’t a typo and wasn’t corrected for 17 years until he decided to run for office. Even though it was updated with other info. Frankly, Obama started it himself. And Trump ended it.

      • Valerie says:

        Why is it racist to question someone’s place of birth? There were plenty of questions about McCain’s birthplace and Cruz’s birthplace and Romney’s birthplace, but it’s racist in the Obama instance why?

        • Marie says:

          It is racist because a person seeking presidential candidacy must file documentation with the Federal Election Committee who vets the submitted information for consistency with American law. If you are not born an American citizen you cannot run for the presidency. The perpetual birthplace questions for years after winning the election and YEARS after getting the birth certificate already vetted by the FEC was an attack on the president’s legitimacy. Trump said his getting the certificate helped Obama… really?! How, exactly?

    • Rebecca faulkner says:

      Oh yah- no big deal to accuse that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States? You are obviously comfortable with racism. Racism matters.

    • John NYC says:

      Perhaps but Donald’s continued lies about that issue are current and important.

      Much like his lies about his opinion of the Iraq war: where, for gods sake, there’s a video of him! When they can “roll tape” denial is moronic: but he persists.

  35. Moderator Lester Holt never fact-checked Hillary Clinton. Holt was biased. # RIGGED

  36. John Belk says:

    Lester never once hammered Clinton with questions like he did Trump. WTF??? WHY??

  37. Brook m says:

    Why all use tins toward trump but not Clinton. Nothing about clintons comments on the deplorable Nothing on Benghazi nothing on Clinton foundation nothing on clintons emails nothing on her health or full release of medical records totally biased Lester!!

  38. Katie says:

    Lester let Trump speak longer.

  39. amber light says:

    totally transparently biased towards hillary. NOT ONE QUESTION ABOUT BENGHAZI, NOT ONE QUESTION ABOUT PAY FOR PLAY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!!

  40. Kathy says:

    He admonished the audience when Trump supporters applauded but allowed Hillary’s to do it several times. He fact checked Trump a couple of times.

  41. Carolyn cote says:

    He was too biased towards Hillary.Gave her more time than her two minutes.

  42. Lloyd Whann says:

    No question directed at Clintons past only his past items and issues that have no bearing on this election like the birther issue, really!

  43. Steve says:

    Lester, I do respect you, but thought you were truly one sided towards Hilary. Disappointing you could not be neutral. You lost some respect.

  44. Ava says:

    I had hopes that Lester Holt would be fair and show no bias because he is professional; however, that was not the case. Unfortunately, he showed his true colors as a Clinton supporter with unbalanced questions, continual interrûptions to Trump and favored Clinton so obviously that t will be hard to listen to him in the future. Not a Strong choice for a monitor.

  45. Chuck says:

    Why bother with moderators?! Next time, just let Don Trump moderate as well as debate. What’s the difference?! This was a disgrace and a disaster.

  46. jj says:

    total and complete bias against trump.
    only berated trump.
    gave hillary much more time.
    trump still won with one hand tied behind his back.

  47. Carrie says:

    Lester was horrible! He had no control of the BULLY! He has mud on his face! I once admired Lester now I can’t even look at him without getting sick

  48. Sarah Falls says:

    I wish Lester would have controlled the time more because I would have loved to hear what the other questions were about. Was not impressed with either candidate.

  49. Teresa says:

    He showed favoritism toward Clinton. Did not ask Hillary tough questions or interrupt her as much as he did Trump.

    • Timmah says:

      Agreed. I’m not a fan of either candidate, but most of Holt’s questions were slanted against Trump, his finances, etc. Nothing about Hillary’s emails or Benghazi or rigging the election against Sanders, except for what Trump brought up himself.

  50. Jimbo says:

    He was clearly biased. He tried to fact check Trump multiple times and did not do so with hillary once. It was biased. He was not acting as a journalist but as an advocate for Clinton.

    • John NYC says:

      She didn’t open the door with lies like Trump did. Funny how that works. IRS doesn’t care if he releases his tax returns. But he constantly says they do. Do Holt called him on it.

      Oh and Holt is a registered Republican. So bias toward a Democrat is silly.

      • Amy says:

        Trump stated his lawyer advised against releasing his tax returns. He did not say the IRS. Funny how everyone keeps trying to turn that around.
        Just because you’re registered as a republican does not mean you’re going to vote for whichever candidate is as well. If that were the case voting would be pointless. Just tally up the numbers of the registered voters based on how they are registered. Most people base their vote on the specific candidates themselves. As they should! It’s clear Lester Holt is a Clinton supporter and is going to vote for her. Totally unfair.

    • Linda says:

      Amen I agree

    • manup says:

      Lester Holt wasn’t biased. Benghazi and the emails are OVER. And the rights want to keep harping on it because it’s ALL THEY HAVE. But even with that, Lester Holt may have had some questions for Hilary about those subjects, but he didn’t have time to present them because Sniffles kept going over his time and interrupting Hilary’s.

      • Bengashi and the e-mails are circling Hillary like vultures circle a dead body.

      • D. Reid says:

        It’s amazing how a blind eye is turned toward a criminal … A CRIMINAL…yet the best thing anyone can come up with on trump is that he’s a jerk.. don’t get me wrong I don’t like either candidate. We have nothing to choose from. Watching all the ridiculous comments back and forth is quite entertaining… so we have a choice between a criminal and a jerk. The middle class loses no matter what. If you’re rich or on the dole then either way you win.. one thing Trump said that makes sense and that was that she’s been a politician for 30 years and she hasn’t done anything yet. What does she think she’s going to do now?. Other than pad her bank account..??? Bunch of Sheeple..all of ya!