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Power Recap Season 3 Finale Greg Dies

Power EP on Finale Death, How Ghost's Arrest Affects 'Fearless' Season 4

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What happened in Power‘s packed Season 3 finale? The question should be: What didn’t?

Fire up the Notes app on your phone, because you’re going to want to keep track of everything that went down during the hour, titled “In My Best Interest.” Greg realized Mike Sandoval was the mole that helped Lobos — and when Mike figured out that he’d been made, he shot and killed Greg. Though Ghost had nothing to do with the murder, he had broken into Greg’s apartment earlier that evening… so his fingerprints were all over the place when Angela, on a hunch that her ex had been up to some very bad stuff, secretly dusted the place for evidence.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Ghost put a plan into motion to corner Milan. It worked, and they shot him dead (that Big Bad was quite brief, no?), but Tommy later revealed to Dre that he planned to continue selling the designer drugs in Ghost’s clubs — and that Ghost didn’t need to know about it. The night was going very well… until Angela, armed with the knowledge that the prints she found at Greg’s belonged to one James St. Patrick, arrested her former lover right on the dance floor of his very own nightclub.

To complicate matters, Jukebox arrived in New York and was working with Kanan. They drugged Tariq and sent a photo to Tasha, who freaked out when she realized that Kanan was holding her son hostage.

Read on as showrunner Courtney Kemp talks Ghost’s predicament, Angela’s decision and Greg’s death — as well as what Season 4 will look like when the series returns next year.

TVLINE | Ghost and Tommy: Was there any point this season where you were thinking, “Let’s completely blow this up. Let’s have them end this season as complete mortal enemies?”
Well, last year I wanted to give myself no rope. What I mean by that is, I wanted to do everything the show had promised from the beginning, and in that sense I wanted to kind of rid myself of the “What do I owe the audience?”

If you don’t [make Ghost and Tommy enemies], then you put the audience in a place where, “Oh, I don’t know what’s going to happen. This makes me uncomfortable because it’s the reverse of what it used to be.” It used to be Ghost was on top, very clearly, and Tommy was Number 2, and then we brought them to this place where Tommy can never really go back to who he was to Ghost. He can never do that. Ghost has done too many horrible things to him, and Ghost has also used Tommy to get rid of Milan, knowing that Tommy would drive them to that place and make it happen, knowing that he needed Tommy to be on board in order to do it and get away with it. Ghost has also used him, so in fact they’re using each other, and that’s why it becomes a symbiotic relationship and that’s how we can move forward.

I do think that it’s on some level, even though there’s obviously a love triangle of Ghost and Angela and Tasha, there’s also a romance in the show between Ghost and Tommy. It’s not a sexual romance, but it’s a platonic romance that really is about a brotherhood. So I don’t know that you can really separate them, because even when you separate them, their lives are still about each other.

TVLINE | That scene where Tommy warns Ghost that he’d better choose him, because Tommy had chosen Ghost over Holly? It was intimate.
It’s really interesting that Joe [Sikora] and Omari [Hardwick] have that connection, right? So, some of that is on screen. You see that. The two of them are very connected, so that’s when you get that relationship on screen, as well.

TVLINE | When we spoke when you were shooting this season, you mentioned that Season 3 was all about moving characters into position for Season 4. Now that you have the luxury of a two-season pickup, talk to me about what next season will look like.
One of the things I’d like to say is: It’s fearless television. One of the things that we could have done with the series is never have Ghost be arrested until the last scene of the series, right? That’s a version. We chose not to. We chose to be fearless and go right at it.

So, we’re going to go right at [the fact that] Ghost was arrested by Angela. We’re going to right at [the development that] Tommy’s the connect now, and we’re going to right at Tasha having made certain choices having to do with LaKeisha and her own ambitions now being stuck in this role of, “Uh-oh, my husband was arrested, my kids are affected, what do I do?”

TVLINE | Mike Sandoval crossed a gigantic line in the episode. Is he still around next season? Or will he try to flee?
He’s definitely in next season, there’s no question. The issue is that he’s on the prosecution team for a crime that he committed, [Laughs] so we’ll see him behaving in ways to make sure that Ghost is convicted of the crime. Will he be successful? I don’t know. That’s important to say.

Power Recap Season 3 Finale Greg DeadTVLINE | Lela Loren has said that Angela is really good at not seeing what she doesn’t want to see, yet we watch her nurse a suspicion and follow through on it during the finale. Was Greg’s death the tipping point for her?
It’s two reasons, one which is more charitable and one which is less charitable. The more charitable one is that Greg, for all of his craziness and intensity, is actually a good guy. But it snapped Angela back into her sense of right and wrong. Now, we wanted to keep her consistent, which is that she always breaks the rules in pursuit of a good end. She’s an end-justifies-the-means kind of person, which is why she and Jamie belong together. Right? It’s always the end justifies the means, no matter what.

[But] this is really wrong, you know… He’s an innocent as far as she’s concerned, and so it snaps her back into the Angela we met in the first season… She puts the white hat back on, but she breaks into Greg’s apartment and she finds the fingerprints. She does all that s–t because that’s her. That’s the charitable version.

The less charitable version, the one that’s closer to my heart, is that she feels responsible. She feels responsible, and like many of us when we feel guilty about something she springs into action.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate upon your choice!

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  1. flowerduh says:

    1. I knew agent Knox was going to be long for this earth. I kinda feel bad for Ghost every time he tries to get a leg up he gets knocked down.

    2. Glad Milan is dead that dude was dangerous.

    3. I wonder if Tasha and Ghost ever spoke to Tariq about stranger danger.

    4. I hope Angela gets hers next season. She could’ve moved on with her life but…..c’est la vie.

    This season was off the chain!!!!

  2. Donna Robinson says:

    Need to let ghost get off and let Tasha off angela

  3. Angie Bennett says:

    OMG that Angela is something else. She need to go to jail too. I hate 50. Can’t wait til next season

  4. Chakee says:

    This season had many twists and turns. Too much love sessions with Angela and Ghost. All the people who needed to be killed were. So tired of Angela and Ghost’s son need his ass beat. Tommie is a ticking bombshell.

  5. Dre says:

    This is how it should end season 5:

    1. Tommy ends up somewhere in Mexico with a family of his own.

    2. Angela on the run no one ever finds her or who cares.

    3. Ghost and Tasha and the kids move to Florida, Ghost realizes he was in love with his wife all along and was bugging.

    4. Kanan just like Angela, who cares.

    5. Dre stays behind ends up with Karen and runs the New York club.

  6. Kesha says:

    Please don’t keep Ghost in jail to long. It’s time for Angela to go. Ghost and Angela can never ever be together again.

  7. A. says:

    I will miss Greg!

  8. Demetrice Brown says:

    I enjoyed the finale. Can’t wait for season 4.

    Although Ghost has done crazy things I want to see what he can do as a successful businessman while dealing with the past.

    I think the female police officer will turn on 50 cents character for the money.

    I also think that Ghost will go back to Tasha, his ride or die chick from s loyalty perspective.

  9. LARIS says:

    ENJOYABLE FINALE! Loved Tasha’s line “Go ahead & try it *****.”

    Can’t wait for Season 4

  10. Loved the finale. To see Ghost get humiliated and arrested by the side chick he destroyed his family for was great. How many times did Tommy warn him that Angela was going to be a problem? That’s what his selfish butt gets.

  11. james says:

    tommy and ghost milans dead but damn a usa angie valdez lol

  12. Mara says:

    OMG best film ever can’t wait for season 4

  13. Kay says:

    I knew Greg’s time for death was coming. He was so deep involved that it would affect many people including Agent Mike.whos hands have been dirty a long time with Lobos. Angela, is a piece a work. Her day is coming sweetheart. I wonder how Dre will step up with the club with ghost being gone, and how Tommy will come back on the tale end of this. Bye bye Milan…D creep from another planet. Tasha and Ghost son in over his head. .I have a feeling Kanan(50Cent) will have a heart for this kid. He hesitated on killing him, and it showed.

  14. Levi says:

    There was just too much going on. Greg meet Sandoval in his apartment? The feds don’t dust for fingerprints but the lawyer Angels does? Sloppy. Milan is always following Ghost. He didn’t when Ghost got stopped by Greg? Or when he broke into Greg’s apartment? Finally, who couldnt see Angels being the one arresting Ghost. You could see that coming a mile away. It wasn’t shocking. It was more disappointing than anything. I just expected more. This ending felt like an episode of GoodTimes. We know there will never be a happy ending. For anyone.

    • LARIS says:

      I did find it odd that the only one to dust the window was Angela. Are we really supposed to believe that when a FEDERAL OFFICER is killed that dusting everywhere humanly possible is not part of the process? BTW, what or who brought the authorities to GREG’S apartment? Mike used a SILENCER and closed the door when he left.

  15. Gwen Odom says:

    In season 4 I hope Angela sees that she arrested the wrong person in Greg’so death. I hope Ghost is cleared and goes back to Tasha who has his back no matter what. I hope Ghost does not forgive Angela for what she did to him.

  16. Exodus3525 says:

    That’s what ghost gets and still don’t see who always got his back Tasha and Tommy but being the ignorant selfish man that he is he fall like these fools out here and that’s the reality of it, I hope wish Tasha could let him go but I know we do it for the family💗 Sad but true!

  17. Miss Blackie says:

    Just last week, I commented on season 3 episode 9 that I have a feeling Agent Greg Knox was going to be killed.

    Oh boy did it happen. It’s always like this in movies. The person closest to unravelling the truth always die. Now I am sad AF.

    Someone please pass me some tissue papers for this tears. *sobbing*

  18. Sheena says:

    Why it doesn’t point out what really happened to Tasha friend Keisha? ???? That should have been in this season did they forget about keisha and why Tommy came into her shop that night??

  19. ABDULLAH says:

    The finale caught me off guard because are complex and how your past can haunt or better you as a person….true brotherhood prevails whether one is from the ‘hood or from the rich and famous and it examines the relationship factor….good writing, excellent characters and down to earth realities for those who claim that some of us are misunderstood……

  20. Lian says:

    Amazin finale. Totally unexpected !!!

  21. Shane says:

    Tommy and ghost need to stay as a team they are brothers and I feel that bond makes the entire show I feel the show is so much better when they are on the same page I hope they continue to be brothers and take down kanan and run the city with ghost legit in the clubs and Tommy underground with the drugs


    Why do it take a ENTIRE YEAR to come back. Why it seem as if we are getting less episodes every season. Why do Tommy walk like he had a rash.

    • Smoke Dizza says:

      I guess you didn’t see the episode where Tommy got almost beaten to death by Milan’s men.He is supposed to still be affected by the horrific beating!

  23. J. H. says:

    Why?Why? Did they have to kill off Milan. This guy was a great bad guy and I was hoping he would have lasted for another season. I enjoy Power but after they did this ….not so much now!

  24. James Brewer says:

    Very strong ending (proving in a way that your sins will indeed find you out) and a controversial start for season season 4.
    Who will show up in season 4 Ghost or James St Patrick
    How will Ghost be able to save himself from life in prison, protect his family and restore his reputation?
    Will Tommy be able to truly run the NY drug world without Ghost?
    And what about Angela, what happens when she finds out that Ghost isn’t Greg’s killer?

  25. Sharesa Smothers says:

    Tasha needs a serious side piece. Throw everybody for a loop. 😲

  26. Lisa says:

    I loved the finale and I love Angela, yes she knew what ghost was and she did the right thing in the end, she is in love with him and that must have taken incredible strength to arrest him everyone harps on about tasha but she is only willing to support ghost when it comes to criminal activities she wasn’t interested in supporting him when he wanted out and a better life. She loves the “Gansta” ans the wealth where as Angela loves the man

    • Gloria says:

      thumbs up for this comment.everybody is all over tasha but people forget how she also had an affair with Shawn.she is not a saint.she is just in for the money and power that comes with ghost.I don’t feel her at all.Angela isn’t a saint but I prefer her… many hates on her

    • lucifer says:

      totally agree, angela loves ghost/james but Tasha loves ghost only

  27. James St. Patrick says:

    The only logical way it’s looking like for ghost to be released off the murder charge is for him to snitch and everybody go to jail. But that’s not gonna happen so I wanna see the plan he come up with

  28. Great season! Proctor will earn his $ finding all the dirt on Angela to make her useless as a witness against Ghost… Dre won’t be running Truth long!

  29. freeman matonhodze says:

    these guys on (POWER) They realy know how to put a play . what a show. pliz season 4 and 5 at once.
    this is a greaty show keep it hot

  30. S A says:

    Ghost is always 10 steps ahead and he controls Angela like a pimp controls a prostitute. However it’s a intense love story for those two and that’s what make Power such a master piece!

    • lucifer says:

      they both control each other. they know they being controlled but they cant help it they love each other too much.

      • catherine says:

        i pray ghost get out n get back to his family n leave angela along n i pray ghost son fine the thruth about 50 cent n kill him on the stop n tommy just need go away i think he hurt every one at the end