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Arrow Season 5 Poster Highlights Oliver's Fight for His City

When it comes to posters promoting new seasons of returning shows, we always appreciate a fresh, dedicated photo shoot — as The CW’s Arrow has done to tout Season 5.

The dramatic poster released on Wednesday via social media features Stephen Amell in a hero shot, clad in the latest upgrade to Green Arrow’s costume, previewing “His Fight, His City, His Legacy.”

As revealed in the logline for the new season, Oliver — with Diggle and Thea now out of the mix and Laurel no longer with us (R.I.P.) — takes to the streets solo to protect Star City, with Felicity guiding him from the bunker.  Check out the poster then read on for more:

arrow-season-5-posterArrow Season 5 will feature a variety of fresh faces, including Rocky IV opponent Dolph Lundgren (as a Big Bad in the Russia flashbacks), Popular alum Carly Pope (as a Coast City reporter), Chicago P.D.’s Josh Segarra (in the series-regular role of D.A. Adrian Chase aka Vigilante), Reaper‘s Rick Gonzalez (as the DC Comics character Wild Dog), The McCarthysTyler Ritter (as SCPD Detective Malone), Blindspot’s Joe Dinicol (recurring as Rory Regan aka the vigilante Ragman) and former WWE grappler Cody Rhodes in a guest role TBA.

Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c.

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VIDEO: Team Arrow Previews ‘The End of a Chapter,’ Oliver’s
Reaction to a Harsh Truth, Felicity’s New (Marked?!) Man

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  1. lurk says:

    Uh… that’s quite a package, there. And look at at all those really tall skycrapers. A bit of overcompensation after all the complaints about Felicity and the wussification of Oliver Queen, maybe?

    • R says:

      Wussification. What a special word used by boys who haven’t stepped out of their parents’ house, yet still have an opinion on what a real man is. Not sure the PR people heard your faint cries. Remind me again why Felicity is a factor here? Oh yeah, you’re probably one of those who talk about her more than her very dedicated fans. They thank you.

      • lurk says:

        You’re barking up the wrong tree, my friend. On so very many levels.
        I actually didn’t hate Season 4. Nor did I think Oliver was a ‘wuss’. I also like Felicity, and in fact am a dreaded ‘shipper’ of the coupling.

        There were a lot of cries about Oliver’s manhood on various comic-websites, though, and I can’t help but think that this poster is a bit of a reaction to that all-too-common complaint.

        Personally I thought the picture Amell posted of him reading Sex and the City in the costume took the air out of that contingent far more effectively than this poster, but I’m not in advertising or graphic design, so…

      • Hodan says:

        Exactly. Like why even bring Felicity into this? This article is about Arrow poster and features only Oliver.

    • WonderLasso says:

      The only overcompensation is on how they allowed themselves to be toyed with, like puppets by Felicity/Olicity fans. Now they want to go back to the actual focus of show to get more seasons. Increased Felicity/Olicity focus has produced the worst seasons, I think they are starting to figure out that on their own.

      • lurk says:

        The problems with last season in particular had ZIP to do with O/F to my mind. Nukes, magic, misuse of the villain, awful flashbacks, and Oliver not being the team leader for far too much of last season were my issues. I actually really liked O/F.

  2. Liz says:

    CW promo continues to be awful. Nice to see it hasn’t changed. I think all this focus on Oliver is pretty hilarious though. Can clearly see who they’re trying to appease. Pathetic really.

    • 134sc says:

      Umm…fans of the show? It’s called ARROW, the focus should be on Oliver. A fact the show has gotten away from in recent years.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      He’s the main character, of course it’s focused on him. Who else would it be?

    • WonderLasso says:

      Oh the saltness

      Is it finally sinking in now that the show is no longer entertaining your delusional “OTA” fanon. It sucks to have your fake bubble busted doesn’t it.

  3. Katie says:

    So, so much better than Flash’s poster!

  4. Luis Roman says:

    That is kind of an unfortunate camera angle

  5. R says:

    Anyways, I actually prefer this poster to the Flash’s poster that was released yesterday.

  6. Nicole Walker says:

    On one hand I do love the change up from the head on shot of Oliver we had for S1 -S4. Nice and dramatic.

    On the other it’s very evocative of the Dark Knight Rises Poster of the low angle shot up through the skyscrapers. In this case you can make out a Star-ish shape instead of the Batman logo.

  7. John036 says:

    Very “The Dark Knight Rises”, which isn’t really surprising since this iteration of Green Arrow is Batman w/ arrows

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Good poster for new season. Excited to see season 5 next month!

  9. mac says:

    What’s a side character doing on the poster? Shouldn’t Felicity be there?

  10. Hodan says:

    I like the poster. It Oliver and his city complete with the Star logo.

  11. Gerri says:

    Dang he looks good from all angles.

  12. Drew says:

    So the “short sleeve with long gloves” costume from last season is gone? That makes sense. Seemed very impractical in terms of getting dressed as well as protection. (Not that there’s every anything super-practical about the superhero costumes on Arrow. Can’t even imagine how long it would take to suit up!)

  13. Quinten says:

    I’m sorry but The Flash poster was just as awesome, if not better. I’m a little disappointed you guys didn’t have an article for that one too. Such a great homage to the original The Flash tv show’s box art. Amazing. Wish I could add a photo of it lol