Bloodline to End After Season 3, Netflix Teases 'Exciting Climax' to Series

Netflix has apparently had its fill with the Rayburns and all their family drama: The streamer has decided that Bloodline‘s upcoming third season will be its last.

In a statement to TVLine, Cindy Holland, Netflix vice president of original content, said, “Bloodline season three will be the show’s final season. Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler (KZK) are thoughtful and visionary storytellers, who lead a prestigious cast, that includes Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn, who have both garnered two Emmy nominations for their roles on the series. Together, with our collaborative partners at Sony Pictures Television, they created a seductive show that Netflix viewers worldwide love and continue to discover. We are looking forward to the exciting climax KZK have in store for the series conclusion in May 2017.”

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According to THR, which first broke the story, Netflix recently notified Sony that not only would there not be a Season 4, but that Season 3 — which was ordered back in July — would consist of just 10 episodes (down from 13).

Back in May, prior to the launch of the drama’s second season, Chandler joked to TVLine that the Rayburns had enough secrets to keep the series going “until I’m 92.”

Series creators Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler previously said they envisioned the series having a five- or six-season run. “We’re doing a TV series, so even in our own mind, we’re asking ourselves, ‘Does this series have seasons in it?'” Zelman told THR. “When we pitched it and we thought about it, we were thinking five to six seasons down the line because we wanted to make sure it could hold that much material. So we certainly have ideas for where everything could go and hopefully where everything will go.”

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  1. RichieS says:

    Looks like Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton will both be contractually free soon. Hmmm…

  2. Bill Cord says:

    Guess if a series does not have zombies, slaughter scenes, or drug cartel leaders being the star of the series they do not last long.

  3. Kristine S says:

    They lost my interest at 1 1/2 seasons. It turned into a crazy soap opera. I LOVED the first season though. I just don’t see how they could have done this story over 5 seasons. Kyle Chandler is very talented and won’t have any problem landing another project.

    • webly3 says:

      The first half of season 2 was horrible, but if you would’ve finished season 2, it was pretty good. (I was about to quit after episode 5 though, I’m still shocked at myself that I gave it another chance)

    • Jim says:

      I kind of agree. Danny died so now Kevin was the new Danny. It just didn’t feel true to the show I watched in the first season. Too bad.

  4. Jared Munson says:

    Could it be the first Netflix to Hulu series??

  5. Gloria Seales says:

    I hope they do find a new home, as the acting is outstanding. But the storyline probably needs to move a little faster if it’s not going to last another five years.

  6. Sam says:

    Actually, Mike, Bloodline had only ten episodes in season 2, so it’s not “down” from anything.

  7. Shelley says:

    No! Bloodline is a fantastic show. I hope someone else picks it up. This family has way too many secrets that still need to be revealed.

  8. Barbara Hennon says:

    I love bloodline. The acting is terrific. I can’t believe the powers that be are cutting it short. So disappointed!!!!!!!

    • MMD says:

      I don’t find this at all surprising because I don’t think the viewership was there. I did what I thought was a general and really, really long Netflix questionnaire, and it was almost all about Bloodline. They asked questions like if you only watched the first 5 minutes what would make you go back and watch? What don’t you like about the series? Which character is your favourite, your least favourite? etc. Well, considering I have been watching a lot of British and Aussie shows and just hadn’t gotten around to it yet but it was on my list, which I said in the final comments, probably didn’t help even though I stated that I had every intention of watching it. It really felt like they were asking viewers what direction they wanted the show to go in.

      It was a truly weird survey because they didn’t ask about any of their other shows.

  9. webly3 says:

    Honestly, I’m glad about this news. The show doesn’t have that much story left in it. I think wrapping it up in 10 episodes makes sense.

  10. greg says:

    Season two was a letdown, so I am fine with this. Every episode last season felt like a chore to watch, all of these people just circling the drain and very annoying “villians”

  11. Such a bummer! I love this show. At least we get one more season to tie it up.

  12. HAP says:

    Personally, I think when they killed off Ben Mendelsohn’s character in season one, they messed the chemistry of the show up. That said, the show has received Emmy nominations two years in a row. So odd what Netflix is doing here.

    • dan says:

      The show started with the death of Danny. The whole first season was shown in flashback (or alternatively it was told in the present with a flash forward to the death). Danny’s death wasn’t a surprise.

  13. Jordan says:

    But Sissy Spacek isn’t doing much besides this show right now and I need Sissy Spacek in my life.

  14. Matchbox says:

    I’ve enjoyed both seasons of Bloodline but, late in season two, I felt like it probably would be best served by wrapping up the story in a final third season. Unless the writers were to really drag things out (and it’s already a somewhat slow-burn show), I just don’t see how the central plot device of the series from its get-go (the murder of you-know-who and the associated fallout) shouldn’t be resolved by the end of season three. I suppose the show could go on after that in a new direction, sort of like Homeland did after its initial plot device was resolved at the end of three seasons, but this show simply isn’t as strong or as popular as Homeland.

    I’m glad Netflix is making this decision now, so the writers can craft a satisfying conclusion that the show deserves. Not every quality show needs to go on for six or more seasons.

  15. pickles says:

    This show was so good. I will miss it.

  16. mireida says:

    Im truly bummed. I love this show. I have watch it over at least three times, waiting impatiently for season 3 to come out. Now I m extremely sadded with news that season 3 will only be the last season and there will be only 10 episodes.!!!!! what? an awsome show. :(
    this will be a loss and the tremindous potiental it has..
    mireida from clovis California

  17. Walkie says:

    It’s a good move. The show was struggling last season to drag the story out. With the way it ended, the family can’t keep getting away with things.

  18. Hopefully because they’re picking up Grimm? A girl can dream.

  19. TraciWallz says:

    Could be one of slowest moving shows ever. I kept my hand on the FFW button mostly. Even skipped 3 episodes in season 1 and picked right back up without missing a beat. John Legz.. saved season 2 from being a total bore. Still rode the FFW button. Curious to see how it concludes. Takes effort for me to stay engaged. Certain characters get the immediate FFW like the mother. Lol!

  20. J says:

    Is it just me or did Bloodlines never really take off? Grant it I know it’s gotten plenty of critical praise but I just never felt like the buzz was there.

  21. Jorf says:

    Was this the answer to the blind item we heard about when a young series was going to have the surprise cancellation like Penny Dreadful?

  22. R.O.B. says:

    This show is intense but depressing in every way, and too many people making too many stupid decisions. In real life these people would only last two years before they end up walking off one of those pretty bridges.

  23. susan1859 says:

    I’m glad that they’ll be able to tie things up- unlike some networks who pull the cord after a major cliffhanger (I’m talking about you, AMC & Feed The Beast).

  24. BeingMeStormie says:

    I’m very disappointed…. Love this show, more than Blacklist, and other top rated shows.
    When everything in your life is fast paced and dramatic, a slow moving show is a welcome escape. Especially one with a great storyline, fantastic actors, and heavenly scenery (my favorite place in the US).
    Couldn’t be more disappointed. As a single mother, who gets very little time to relax, this was my go-to. A good writer could have certainly been creative enough to keep new ideas coming.

    ALSO massively surprised at the negative comments, different strokes for different folks – why watch if you don’t like…and even more curious to know, why in the world take time to comment if you don’t like it?

    Best wishes to all!

  25. Ida Claude says:

    well i like this show and it got cancel i am pissed

  26. rklewis2 says:

    Develop a story Expand Challenged characters & drop the audience
    …not zombie enuff
    …not medical enuff
    ….not teen enuff
    ….not political enuff
    Too bad Netflix with its millions cares more for state tax credits than viewers

  27. Shelly May says:

    I loved Bloodline and am very disappointed the show wil not have a season 4. I don’t get into to very many series shows but this one I did. Too bad!!

  28. Judith Koch says:

    Season 3 finale was unsatisfying. The extent to which the elder Rayburns were involved with Roy Gilbert was unclear. Is John really going to get away with murder? What about Meg. She seems to have gone off the deep end. Will she come to terms with the past. I really loved Bloodline.