American Horror Story Roanoke

American Horror Story Season 6 Theme Finally Revealed in Premiere

After months of rabid speculation and agonizing misdirects — 24 of them, to be exact — Wednesday’s American Horror Story season premiere finally revealed the anthology series’ sixth theme.

Curiously titled “Chapter 1,” the season premiere opened with confessional interviews — including one from AHS fave Lily Rabe, being played in reenactments by Sarah Paulson — framed as being part of an apparent documentary called My Roanoke Nightmare. (Looks like those TMZ set photos were right!)

The premiere focused on a couple, the other half of which was played by Cuba Gooding, Jr., who moved to North Carolina after a traumatic experience which ended with Paulson’s character losing a baby. “From the very first moment, I felt danger there,” Rabe said of the house the couple eventually purchased.

It’s probably too early to make such assumptions, but Team TVLine — Kim Roots, in particular — is theorizing that we’ll get a different reenactment each week as a nod to reality ghost shows. [UPDATE: Mystery solved — It appears Roanoke Nightmare will span the entire season.]

SECOND UPDATE: FX on Thursday confirmed (via Facebook) that the season will be referred to as American Horror Story: Roanoke.


So, how exactly did FX manage to keep this season’s theme under wraps? Earlier this summer, CEO John Landgraf explained to reporters that his marketing team “went out and created many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story, in different genres, different places. One of them is accurate, and the others are all misdirects. … We think it will be fun for the audience to have the surprise this year.”

And now, at long last, we finally know what they were trying to hide. (Well played, FX. Well played.)

We’ll have a full recap of the premiere later tonight, but for now, drop a comment with your thoughts on AHS‘ Season 6 theme.

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  1. Lorna says:

    Never have been as bored with the show as I am now. And I’m not a huge fan.

    • Lisa says:

      I was so excited to see the new season. Now I’m so disappointed. I sure hope it gets better. If every episode is like this I won’t be watching for long.

      • kayray says:

        Totally disappointed!!! After watching for the first time, the Freak Show season and totally loved it, I enjoyed the Cortez season even more. I was hooked. Not anymore. LCouldn’t wait for tonight, season 6. Ands it’s terrible!!!

        • Amadeus says:

          OMG!! You need to binge watch the first three seasons!! Those are WAY better than the ones you’ve seen. If you loved Hotel and Freak Show, you’re going to DIE for Coven, Asylum, and Murder House!!

        • Anita says:

          I would agree this season a little disappointed I was a HUGE fan for freak show,coven, and murder house, well I was a fan for all of them but this season not really a fan of the theme

  2. Diane says:

    So far it is awesome, I have already jumped once and I knew something had to happen!

  3. Kyle says:

    This frickin sucks and I’m so dissappointed… this has always been my favorite show since it started.

    I can’t believe this is what this season is…

  4. Jocelyn says:

    I’ve jumped multiple times I’m beyond creeper great start to the season

  5. Nik says:

    But what is the season called? American horror story what?

  6. Mark says:

    Obviously the writers have completely run out of ideas. This format is so overdone it’s pathetic. Cliche as all hell and the acting…my god…just awful.

  7. David M Soto Rios says:

    its boting and it kinda sucks

  8. Ronda says:

    So far, not what I expected and not in a good way.

  9. Jackieboy says:


  10. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I’m completely underwhelmed the disappointed specially given how much secrecy was involved for this to ultimately be what they were hiding seems a waste of time the only thing they were trying to hide was how lame this season is

    • kayray says:

      well said. Agree.

    • Terry Ross says:

      Matthew b. Lawler you said it! I completely agree with you! I got my husband into this show by showing him the DVDs of the other seasons and he loved them so he watched the premier with me last night and I was embarrassed that I recommended it ! Such a disappointment especially after all the hype

      • LindsayS says:

        Anyone that’s studied anything into history will find this chilling. Roanoke has some very creepy stuff going on. The south is a really weird place too, tons of history of violence and weird practices. I like where it’s going.

  11. Dorisa says:

    My favorite show; but unsure what I think yet..

  12. nick says:

    Terrible premier thought it was boring as hell and a poor theme ,hopefully the rest of the episodes aren’t interviews copying my haunted house or even worse what if they have a different each week I won’t watch

  13. nick says:


  14. Pam says:

    I am very disappointed. It wasn’t worth the wait.

  15. Dennis says:

    Good start, held my attention. Last year’s series blew it’s wad early and never had staying power.

  16. John Jacob says:

    boring isn’t a strong enough word to describe this crap. you can tell they are milking it.

  17. Tammy says:

    Disappointed…..the interviews are boring and badly acted. The plot is decent but the narrator style interviews interrupted the suspense. So far I’m not happy and AMS is not living up to the commercials and hype. I have watched all the seasons “Coven” being my favorite, but this one is dull and predictable

  18. Maxine says:

    I am soooooo sad to read these comments. I think we’ll just DVR it now…….and watch something else. We’ll just catch it when there is nothing else to watch. We’re in Burbank, CA and have be hoping this would be so much better than last Season! Why? Why, have we all been so disappointed?

    • Your Mom says:

      I don’t know why everyone is so disappointed! Apparently playing off a “bad fake ghost documentary” isn’t good enough for anyone? We absolutely loved it. Yes the interview parts were good too, they’re in character, as explaining things that may have once happened to them. The only way I was okay watching Sarah Paulson take off into the woods after Kathy Bates was that Lily Rabe was still alive and telling us the story so I knew Sarah during her “reinactment” wasn’t going to instantly die in front of my face. My heart was racing. I wanted to scream to get out of the house, stay in the car, and then upset I have to wait a whole other week to figure out anymore! Wondering if there will be different reinactments of past events each week or if it’ll continue with these characters. So excited. I will watch every single episode of every season as I always do and love it or hate it but enjoy the ride!!

      • Christopher loftus says:

        You have bad taste

      • Bryon says:

        I agree 100% it was good premiere. I loved it as well and think the season will be good. I would hate to be most of these people as it seems they have no idea how to open their mind up and put yourself in that situation which would be intense and scary. Keep up the good work AHS, because i guarantee every single person that was so disappointed with tonights show will be back on here next week telling us the same stuff but they continue to watch show after show and season after season. It’s ok to like the show, you don’t have to say it sucked because the last comment says that. Enjoy TV it’s fun!!!

      • chef52 says:

        I agree! I loved the episode. It reminded me of the first season which I thought was the best. Sarah Paulson is incredibly talented!

  19. s says:

    So far it’s awesome, love that it creepy and with scary ghosts or real people. Hope the show doesn’t turn into just a blood bath and continues with a great story line. Hate all the commercials it cuts into scenes at the wrong times

  20. Lily says:

    Very disappointing! It’s like watching ghost stories on the other network. Not what AHS used to be!!

  21. Leigh says:

    Been a huge fan since Season 1. I have no doubt this one will get better with each episode as did all the others. I for one am looking forward to episode 2 to see where it’s headed. I’m very pleased AHS has put out another season!!!!

  22. Disappointed says:

    I did not like it!! Short an to the point.

  23. Ange says:

    I’m so confused – it is or is not based on true events? I bet the ‘real’ characters go back to ‘where’ the story begins then the story really starts? Confuuusseeed!

  24. betty barron says:

    Im a fan and will give it a chance . Im sure it’ll keep getting better cause the actors are just as good in this one as they was in the others.

  25. Sandy says:

    Loved part 1. As always can’t wait for next week.

  26. Mary says:

    What in the world is even going on here? I understand this is about some “lost colony” or something, so these colonists supposed to be dead? Are they ghosts? I’m completely lost.

  27. Patricia says:

    Kind if boring……it was just another episode of “My Haunted House”.

  28. subpop2000 says:

    I assumed right up until the end credits popped up that this season was going to consist of stand alone eps… like each episode was going to be a reenactment of a ‘famous’ horror story… I’m still not getting the impression this season is subtitled ‘my roanoke nightmare’… final thought: the staircase in that house reminded me of the one from ‘asylum’…

  29. Le says:

    Definitely the most disappointing premiere so far. Let’s see where this goes.

  30. Ummm I’m still pretty confused.. Like how they gonna keep this doc style up all season?

  31. Kyleen says:

    AHS has been my #1 favorite show of all time…. Until this season premier. Lame. I hope the rest of the season doesn’t make me yawn as much as tonight’s episode.

  32. Ken Rylant says:

    I’m still a bit confused about what the story line for a season is ,and AHS has missed the horror and landed on suspense .

  33. Gabby says:

    Severely disappointed! What a waste…drawn out, confusing (and not in an intriguing way), unoriginal, and the end of the episode was lame. Perfect example of how even excellent actors can’t salvage crappy writing.

  34. Lucy Taylor says:

    Oh. Well that was dull. I hope it’s gonna pick up as the season goes on……

  35. Tori says:

    Oh hell yes! AHS blows my mind again!

    P.S. I love Sarah Paulson!

  36. Mallory Rowland says:

    Love the history it is based on!!

  37. Karen Donovan says:

    Good Lord, people, Give it a chance! It’s the first episode and to base your feelings of not wanting to watch the rest of Season 6 is ridiculous! If you are a true fan of AHS, then stick with it – quit being so critical!

    • Lash says:

      If my only reservation was the storyline I would keep watching. However, my issue with it is the documentary/reenactment format. The commentary or interviews or whatever they are, are just plain annoying. It also takes something away from the actual story knowing that the characters made it out and are alive, and that the actors in the “reenactment” are different people. I’m sure people who like that kind of show will love it, it’s just not my cup of tea.

      • Alice says:

        My thought immediately was that there has to be some sort of catch that will be revealed later. I want to believe that this isn’t a cut and dry retelling of events that happened to these people and then they got away. I feel like they are either in some sort of afterlife telling their stories, or in an asylum, or at the very least they are talking to a shrink. That or at the end we will find out that a character from a past season has been watching this show. There has to be more here than we are seeing in this first episode.

      • Kelly says:

        i think they didn’t make it out, they are ghosts, being interviewed by the Medium, Billie Jean Howard, like she did in Murder House and Hotel. I think AHS is trying to get back the surprise twists from the first season.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      The article literally asked for people’s thoughts, so they’re giving them. Take a Xanax.

  38. Brandi Gibson says:

    Loved it loved it very good so far can’t wait till next week

  39. Chris says:

    Um, people, you do realize this will be an anthology season, right? Not a chance this is the story for the whole season, look a team how much ground they covered in just one episode. Probably wrap up “My Roanoke Nightmare” next episode or two and onto the next one. Christ.

    And LOL at being called predictable. No one even knew what the hell the season was going to be about, we still don’t actually. Show is off to a great start though. Easily the most coherent episode of the show thus far.

    • Avid ahsfan says:

      I agree with you Chris and Karen Donovan anything about history and what happened intrigues me as well, I thought it was very good I liked not loved hotel but if you binge watch an entire season without commercials it makes a hell of alot more sense then with all the commercials taken out I have seasons 1-4 and watch them over and so yeah I will always be an american horror fan 😱

  40. Angie says:

    I’m kind of disappointed. Don’t like the interview concept . Reminds me of Blair Witch. Has the same little witch dolls hanging around. Hope it gets better….

  41. john says:

    Disgusting was a huge fan up to now interacial screwing thats gross .not watching anymore.

  42. Ashley says:

    So far I think it blows last season away. I have been a fan of AHS since day one. I personally like the different approach of this season. It’s only the first episode, which I thought was great. I can’t wait until next week!

  43. Kevin says:

    I’m scared easily but there was nothing scary about this season. Lame, boring, awful. And what’s the theme, Ahs hillbilly pig people. So much hype for absolutely nothing. Watching my cat use the litter box is more entertaining. So disappointed

  44. Jessica says:

    I think this was creepier than any other season so far!!! Loving it so far!!!

  45. Alice says:

    It was pretty lame. I had higher expectations

  46. Susan Ladner says:

    Waaay too predictable so far. Sure hope it gets better.

  47. Kelsey says:

    It was okay. I’m a little confused because of the way it ended, like there should be more to it?? I don’t know if each episode will be different or what. It seems like it’ll be an interesting season, so I’ll stick to watching it. Wasn’t a big fan of Hotel, but I didn’t give it much of a chance, only watched 3 episodes. I’ll watch it again once it comes on Netflix. Asylum and Coven were the best seasons in my opinion.

  48. Brandy says:

    I’ve always loved this show but thought Hotel was absolute trash. I stopped about halfway in because it was terrible and tried too hard to push the envelope. I also think Lady Gaga is not the best actress so that didn’t help. I stopped caring about this show and didn’t even realize the new season was tonight until about an hour before. So I didn’t wait months to find out the theme. Having said that, I am apparently in the minority here – I loved it! It’s different than previous seasons style wise, it scared the crap out of me a few times, and I think the storyline is very interesting. the lost colony combined with a modern day ghost tale? Sign me up! I’m back on the AHS train. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • J'Rie says:

      Agreed! Hotel tried a bit too hard, and too fast.

    • Hugh Jaynus says:

      @brandy-i stopped watching last season solely because of Lady Gaga and her God awful acting. Was it really a surprise that she was cast to play a dead person….lol I mean if that doesn’t scream “bad actor”, I dunno what does. I refused to finish the season cuz of her.

      As far as this season goes, not a fan of the interview format. Something about it just doesn’t seem to work. The dialogue goes from bad to somewhat engaging then back to bad again. I’m not writing the season off just yet.

    • Chrissy says:

      Yes!!! I am already hooked for this season, don’t really agree about last season. Though it wasn’t there best, it was worth the watch

    • Evans says:

      I loved murder house the best. I also stopped watching hotel after 3-4 episodes because it was just a blood bath. I didn’t realize it started again till people at work talked about it. I’m not sure where it’s going; it was OK. I’ll give it a few more weeks though.