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American Horror Story: New Teaser Hints How All 6 Seasons Are Connected

When FX flat-out admitted that most of American Horror Story‘s Season 6 teasers were “misdirects,” we have to admit, we kind of stopped paying attention to them — until this little beauty came along.

The latest video, posted Thursday, cleverly connects the franchise’s upcoming sixth installment with the five that came before it, triggering glorious memories of rubber suits, bloody nun eyes, witchy triple kisses, the big top’s seedy underbelly and, of course, the Hotel Cortez.

But what does it mean? Is Season 6, as many fans have theorized, going to bring the franchise full-circle and reveal how they’re connected (you know, besides the Pepper of it all)? Adding to the speculation, this new teaser is simply captioned: “Murder. Madness. Magic. Misfits. Mayhem… Mystery?”

Though recent on-set photos, obtained by TMZ, suggest the season will center around the mystery of the Roanoke colony, the theme is still anyone’s guess until Season 6 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c.

What’s your take on this new teaser, and the upcoming season in general? Drop it in a comment below.