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Pretty Little Liars Boss Talks Spencer's Fate, Multiple Weddings, Wren's Return and More to Expect in Season 7B

On the heels of Tuesday’s mind-blowing — not to mention head-rolling — Pretty Little Liars summer finale, executive producer Marlene King spoke with reporters about the final 10 episodes, coming to Freeform in April 2017.

It goes without saying that you should stop reading if you haven’t seen the summer finale. … Ready? OK, here’s what we learned:

* The Season 7B premiere will take place “moments” after the 7A finale.

* “We will find out who Charlotte’s father is, and we will find out how Spencer came to be,” King confirms. She says this particularly storyline originated from Sara Shepard’s books in which Spencer is adopted.

* There will be “more than one wedding” coming up.

* “Paige is not gone for good,” King confirms, “although I did love her riding away on the bicycle. … Having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us.”

* When Wren returns in Season 7B, his first scene will be with Ezra, per Julian Morris’ request. (He and Ian Harding are best friends in real life.) Wren will also be in “more than one episode.”

* Alison’s pregnancy will affect all of the Liars, “especially Emily.” As for the nature of the pregnancy, King reminds us that “nothing is average on PLL. Everything is spectacular.” (Editor’s note: I’m not ready to give up on my theory that Emily’s eggs are involved.)

* Don’t bank on seeing Melissa in Season 7B. “We’re still hoping to get her into the finale,” King says, though she admits Torrey DeVitto’s schedule with Chicago Med may be too difficult to get around.

* Jenna is “anonymously working for A.D.,” meaning that even she doesn’t know his/her true identity. “A few other people on our show are as well,” King adds.

* As for the recently announced character of Addison, King says the new high-school mean girl is meant to stress the “full circle-ness” of the final season. “Although we may be saying goodbye to our current group of PLLs … the town of Rosewood is its own character.”

Your thoughts on King’s teases for Season 7B? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Andrea O'Grady Fernández says:

    With regard to the “spectacular” pregnancy I think Alison will have twins. I mean, there are already twins in the family so it is medically easier for Alison to become impregnated with twins of her own, right?

    • laura says:

      Or they could really be Emily’s eggs, as the article suggests! I don’t think they’ll let that storyline fall without tying this loose end.

      • At first I was like no way will it be emily’s eggs…how could that happen?! and then I remembered Alison being heavily drugged and abused in a mental hospital. So…

      • "A" says:

        I’m with you on the whole Emily’s eggs being used to impregnate Ali ( making it Emerson’s baby ) 100% as I was the one who came up with the theory … as I posted this everywhere online seconds after the article came out ( and I saw it pop up on a few sites after not being there a minute earlier ) hinting that one of the girls would discover news that would change her life which came out a few episodes before Ali was throwing up at school.

        It would be so SO awesome if this baby / these babies were both Ali & Emily’s !

  2. Amanda Thomas says:

    What about Toby?!?

    • Connie says:

      I am willing to bet that Spencer gets caught in a love triangle. Didn’t you see that goodbye kiss between he and Spencer?

      • laura says:

        Connie, both Spencer and Toby are potentially going to die, I wouldn’t be so sure that there’s going to be any triangle.
        I guess it’s safe to say that they will save Spencer, but I wouldn’t be so sure about Toby.
        Toby and Yvonne looked already dead at the end of 7×10.

        • Dl says:

          What if one of them saves the other via an organ donation, keeping them connected 4eva

          • Jess says:

            I’d hate that. I’m perfectly fine with the show NOT going with an original pairing as an endgame. Plus, Toby/Spencer have grown apart. Toby’s happy with Yvonne and I’d hate it if they went back on that just so they can do the ‘popular’ pairings. They already started with the Spoby kiss.

          • Tiffany says:

            Jess, they started it the minute season 6b aired, it was obvious neither one of them stopped caring for eachother, even though they both were trying to move on.

        • Elyse Catmull says:

          So did Mona back in season 5.

        • Drew says:

          Everythings could be perfect if (i know that i am not supposed to hope for a death but) yvonne dies and toby and spencer could be together again.

        • Sara says:

          Spencer is on the cast line up till the end… Toby is not on any line up after this last episode

        • Ashley says:

          Acctually… toby and spencer do survive because there is a youtube clips showing them getting married and having a baby boy

      • Someone says:

        It’s says that Toby only plays until 2016 whereas everyone else plays until 2017 so therefore Toby is probably gone forever.

    • Alicia says:

      Toby’s dead. He posted Fatum (fate/death) on his Instagram on a scrabble board. Remember he and Spencer used to play scrabble together.

      • lauri5567 says:

        I believe Toby may be as dead as Mona was. Otoh, one of the after shows said that it would be 3 of the original pairings. Well, Wren’s coming back. He and Spencer were together before she got together with Toby.

    • Megan says:

      Omg poor Toby and his other what did you think happend I know he is still missing spencer though

  3. Jessica Valure says:

    That’s cool can’t wait. The good news is not only will Aria and Ezra gets married like I know they will there will be more then one wedding

    • laura says:

      It definitely doesn’t look like Aria and Ezra can get married after what happened in the finale. They can try to explain Ezra’s feelings to make it look like his true love is Aria, but that’s not believable, because of how he acted in the last three episodes.
      I don’t see Ezria happening.

      • Tereza says:

        I know it probably means nothing and I kind of agree with you that it’s unlikely, but… when you check the photos of 7B, Aria still has her ring on…and if you count to 3 weddings Marlene mentioned… obviously Haleb, but who´s next? In the worst case in area it would be Ezra and Nicole, but I don’t think Marlene would do that to us, Ezria has deffinitely been the most favorite couple. But that’s number 2 – Ezria or Ezra and Nicole… Well and the third would make sense if Toby survived…hopefully he will, but he still can marry Yvonne OR Spencer …again only if Spencer or both of them survive :D Me, I selfishly hope Yvonne doesn’t…I mean pour girl, she didn’t deserve this, but come on…why else would they destroy Spaleb if they weren’t bringing Spoby back? :D

        • Tiana says:

          What about Emily and Allison?! They did kiss in the finale episode and Allison did confirm that it was more than her just feeling down. Could that be wedding number three? Hannah and Caleb, Aria and Ezra and, Allison and Emily?!

      • Jessica says:

        Well I really hope you are wrong and I am gonna say you are wrong not trying to be mean but he loves Aria not Nicole and Ian said Nicole wasn’t gonna get in the way of that

      • Heather says:

        In the previews for the upcoming episodes, Aria is still wearing her ring.

    • Kristin says:

      I think one of the weddings may Hanna’s mom and the pastor since he’s supposedly coming back into the end of the show.

  4. Connie says:

    This show has enough that it could be a night time soap opera in the vein of Dallas or Knotts Landing. I know that this is supposed to be the last season but it doesn’t have to be.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi. There’s a recap that says A.D. puts a Spencer doll in a cuffin. When did that happen?

  6. Lisa Luna says:

    Thank you @Marlene King for bringing ❤ Haleb ❤ back together !!
    But Toby 😢 ??

  7. Jaime says:

    Love this show and when it ends next year it will be one of the saddest days of my life :(

  8. Tamara says:

    Hope one of the wedding is not haleb. There were my second fave ship and I hate them now. With all the spaleb thing. Caleb being really into Spencer then an asshole then cry for her and gave up a job for her (what he said was for me a true declaration) then Leave then Spencer broke up with him. Few days later already into Hanna again and now saying how they will spend the rest of their life together blablabla. While nothing chance. They didn’t work on their couple and why they broke up in the first place. Hanna will want to be in a big city with a job and being here and there and Caleb is not in this world. He’s more like Spencer (I don’t want them together). Anyway this show is a joke. Spencer being Mary Drake daughter really? So her father bang everyone. Wondering what it had to the story. And killing Toby? So Spencer is the only one who can’t have a happy ending. Give her a break. I’m sure Stéphanie by Stéphanie Marlene are making one character bad, one A, one this, one that and she will make AD Wren because of the fans.
    Oh I forgot the most ridiculous thing was Hanna and Emily cutting Noel head. WTF???

    • Cass says:

      Totally agree with you on the whole Haleb!! I’ve been over them.

    • tracezz says:

      For what it’s worth … Em and Hanna didn’t , he actually cut it himself :-D just kidding, when Jenna kicked his head and didn’t even notice I also thought it was way too much … haha… And about Haleb I agree, I really love Hanna AND Caleb and they used to be the headline of the show for me, but not since Spaleb… Haleb is a highschool couple, really cute one and really good together back then, but what Caleb had with Spencer was much more mature and it seemed more right then Haleb right now… About Spencer being Mary’s daugher – I saw that coming, so I wasn’t even freaking out :-D And Spence deserves happiness more than any of the liars (well maybe except Hanna with the kidnapping and torturing thing, but Spence is just the best :-D) considering what she’s been through – plus A and A.D. like the others… Toby just can’t be dead and if he’s not dead, he cannot marry Yvonne! I was into Spaleb, but Spoby is the endgame! <3

      • Inersi says:

        I Really REALLY think the thing that you said about Haleb being a high school couple is so true.They’re cute and sweet.But it’s just that and nothing more.I wanted Caleb to be with Spencer but after their break up and after him getting back with Hanna,He just looks like a jerk.

    • Blythe says:

      I absolutely love PLL and I’m so sad this will be the final 10 episodes! Best show in the history of shows all together. I’m all for a HALEB wedding, they are absolutely my most favorite couple on the show and are meant to be together! I always hope that Toby makes it because him and Spencer are not finished with each other that’s for sure and Ezria aka Aria and Ezra are another couple that’s meant live happily ever after as well!♡♡ Maybe we’ll even see a relationship spark between Emily and allison .I think everyone needs to end very happy!

    • "A.D" says:

      THANK YOU!!! Someone finally has the correct point of view for this show everyone else who doesn’t agree can go die in a hole somewhere!!

  9. Sarah says:

    After the finale, I don’t see the Ezria wedding happening.

  10. Paloma Mora says:

    I wanted Nicole to be dead, I mean the idea of her being might alive was cruel, imagine to actually have her alive. That’s the end for Ezria?

    • Jessica says:

      No its not the end of Ezria Nicole being alive doesn’t mean Aria and Ezra are over. I feel like I’m repeating myself but Ian said in an interview that Nicole wasn’t gonna get in the way stopping hoping her being alive doesn’t mean anything you guys are reading way more into this then you should be.

  11. Janice Wolfe says:

    Very disappointed about Pretty Little Liars leaving. This has been a show we all enjoy and love. We will miss the characters and the show.

  12. Madison says:

    WHat if alisons pregnant with EMILYS EGGS!!!!!!!

  13. Pamela Holcomb says:

    CANT WAIT for what’s to come, and also sad to see PLL end! This is by far my favorite TV drama ever and I, along with many , will truely miss the Liars! Thank you for the seasons we’ve had….its been one wild ride !!!!

  14. chuckiechk says:

    for 7 yrs, all the ups, the downs, the wtfs and everything in between, ITS BEEN A GREAT RUN FOR LOYAL PLL FANS. a little piece inside me is holding out hope that the new character of Addison could potentially be the start of a spinoff or a new generation of PLLs.

    • Me says:

      Eh…the problem with that is that we wouldn’t see our favorite characters in the show (basically the reason we come back). Also, a lot of people are unhappy with the predictable cycle that the show has been on since day 1. They wouldn’t come back to see the exact same formula…

  15. Jenny Lee says:

    Noel kahn is ad he did kill charlotte dilaurtis and sara heavy and jenna is now working with ad which is noel. Toby die in car accident and for jenna she have to shoot spencer and this is for charlotte. Next thing is Mary knock down jenna and finally Mary said she is spencer mother.

    • Candace says:

      There’s a very big hole in your theory which is that Noel is very very dead and AD is definitely alive, as he dragged Jenna out of that house by her ankles.

    • angelajean04 says:

      Few problems: Noel and Jenna were friends with Charlotte. They mention that she “taught” them. So, I don’t see them whacking their supreme leader. Second, I was under the impression that they were out for vengeance (Jenna for her blindness in part, but also for Charlotte. Like they somehow thought the girls were responsible for her death.)

      Second, Noel– well he’s dead so he can’t be AD. And I don’t think Jenna shot Spencer. First, can we talk about how insane it is for a blind person to try and shoot anyone?! But, at the end, she said “Did you shoot Spencer?” to whoever had her.

      Wren is coming back: I think he’s in on it somehow. My theory that Melissa is behind it seems a bit off since it doesn’t sound like they’ll even be able to bring her back on… which is a bummer.

      That only leaves a few people:Assuming AD is someone that was in the show the whole time, so not Paige) Lucas is a good candidate. Mona could have gone wonky evil again… but meh.

      My working theory: Alison is a total psycho. Perhaps she didn’t count on Dr. Evil screwing her over like he did or maybe she played along. Who knows. But I like the idea that she really is a psycho and has been screwing with the girls the entire time. And if she IS prego with Emily’s eggs that’s just another way to assert control over the girls…

      • Romi says:

        What about Sydney? She’s always been kind of mentally affected and in 7×10 she showed up in a hood threatening Mona, as if she were a long time AD fellow.

      • PLLFanatic says:

        I have a feeling AD is either Wren or Lucas. Lucas has always been shady from the start and so has Wren. He just did a better job at hiding his shadiness until towards the middle of season 3

  16. So what did you all think of the scene with Caleb & Mona putting sugar and creamer into EACH OTHER’S COFFEE? That’s something I only do with someone I’m super close with, like my husband or my sister. Also, when Mona was working with Hanna on being convincing about her story she told her that fooling your friends is the hardest part. I’m more convinced now than ever that Mona and Caleb have something to do with this, which makes me sad because I love Haleb!

    • d says:

      Oh so very true. And sitting all cozy at a computer together just like we have seen black hoodie and one of the red coats do. Mona and Caleb would make sense. It would be shocking. And Caleb is the only “boyfriend” who hasn’t been sketchy. Toby worked for A anonymously and Ezra was sketchy about his book. I don’t think it will be him in any way, but if it was it would be shocking. I’m banking on Alison. I was banking on ezria, but the finale made me believe otherwise.

    • Hev89 says:

      Yeeeees! My thoughts exactly!

  17. I feel like Spencer’s dad could have slept with Mary Drake as well so he could be her biological father. I hope that Spenser does not die.As far a AD goes, I feel like it could be someone who we have not seen in season 7 yet, such as Mike, or Mr D…

    • Lily says:

      My theory is that it is possible that Mary drake escaped from Radley and slept w/ Spencer’s dad and of course he thought it was Mrs D and Mrs D would have to play along because she didn’t want anyone to know she had a twin sister. Not sure if there’s something I’ve missed that disproves this theory but say even if Mr Hastings did know about Mary he still would have thought she was locked up in Radley right? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s possible! Can’t wait to find out about everything that’s happened in 7X10!! I’ll be so sad if Toby or spencer dies! (I do support the theory that they wouldn’t kill off a liar before the conclusion but you never rly know with PLL)

      • soja says:

        Your theory makes sense except if mr hastings slept with mary drake thinking it was mrs. d then i wonder who jasons biological dad is because if it isnt mr. dilaaurentis or mr hastings then who’s kid is he.

  18. Cassie says:

    Spencer’s not adopted in the books, though. She originally thought she was because she found out that someone other than her mom gave birth to her, but it turned out that she was carried by a surrogate but still had her parents’ DNA.

    So it’s not quite the same as in the books, although I guess it could end up that Mary was a surrogate for Veronica. It was never specifically said Spencer was biologically related to Mary but if she is, I think Peter’s still her father.

    As for Charlotte’s father, my theory is that it’s Ken. At one point Mary said something about how Jessica had always stolen everything that was hers, so what if Mary and Ken were together first, and then he later left her for Jessica? And Mary decided to sleep with Peter for revenge and pretended to be Jessica, which led to Spencer.

  19. Isabelle says:

    There’s also the case of who killed Sara and Charlotte? Personally I think that perhaps AD killed Sara but it could have also been Noel but as for Charlotte, we know Charlottes killer and AD are two different ppl and that AD is looking for charlottes killer! (Wow that’s a lot to process) and I don’t think Noel or Jenna killed her (Charlotte ) because they were both her friends! And where does Archer Dunhill tie into all this? Was he a stand alone not involved with AD solely intent on stealing Ali’s money? Unlikely. But how does he tie in w/ AD? Was he working for him/her or was he a boss or an equal? So many questions that I hope will be answered in 7b!!

    • Azerty says:

      Don’t forget we also don’t know who killed Allison’s mother Jessica in season 4 finale. I would bet on Mary for that one. My theory: Mary killed Jessica out of revenge for taking Charlotte and maybe Spencer, Sara killed Charlotte for the dollhouse and AD killed Sara for killing Charlotte after he/she found evidence (since AD was looking for Charlotte’s murderer for the half of 7A). But I have no idea who’s AD and how he ties in with Charlotte. Archer and Mary were together to steal Ali’s money and Jenna/Noel together to get revenge for what the PLL have done in the past but AD is messing in all of this somehow…can’t figure that out!

  20. Airelle says:

    I love this show so please do not end it give us at least a season 8a and 8b then a movie.But what happened to Toby why they crash

  21. Andrew Hass says:

    I also think Allison will have twins because it runs in her family and maybe also they’re not biologically hers but Emily’s.Or if Allison maybe one of them is hers and one is Emily’s which i think could be medically possible.As for the weddings i think one will be Aria and Ezra and maybe one of the weddings won’t be for love.

  22. Kevin Stern says:

    Spencer was never adopted. She was born through a surrogacy.

  23. Azerty says:

    What I hate about Jenna’s return is that it doesn’t make sense she was friend with Charlotte, back when she was A, Charlotte/Cece tried to kill Jenna and it was clearly stated that Jenna was afraid of Cece…

  24. Desiree Sanchez says:

    Lucas is ad or working for ad. Hello?! Keeping hanna in rosewood by letting her live there?? Or it’s Leslie because i feel we weren’t done with her. Emily’s eggs were stolen and fertilized and put into alison while she was in the mental facility. Paige is working for ad.. Why emily’s grade magically appeared after missing her test. Wren will be at the wedding for spencer and toby and also there for support for spencer. Hanna will get married to caleb.

  25. Alicia says:

    I think Alison is carrying Emily’s eggs and Rollins impregnated them. I can almost bet with someone else’s sperm too but who’s? Maybe Officer Welden’s? I really would like to see Hanna and Caleb actually get married I love their characters together. Spencer is going to live but Mary Drake being Spencer’s mom is wild! That means she and Charlotte were sisters right? Who’s their father? Spencer’s adopted dad? I think Wren is returning for Spencer since Toby’s character was killed off. Finally, my guess is that A.D. is Lucas he’s always wanted revenge on Allison, was always doing weird things, lurking in the shadows, and had a creepy crush on Hanna. He has also tried to harm her a few times. I think Mona is working for A.D. right along with Jenna.

    • Alicia says:

      Also, Wren is going to reunite with Spencer in the hospital while she is recovering from the gunshot wound.

      • Alicia says:

        It would be totally wild if Mya or Leslie was AD although I don’t think it’s possible because the girls never did much to Leslie she was just Mona’s friend and Mya just went missing and then supposedly turned up dead. But unless you see blood pouring out of a body on this show you can never truly assume that anyone is dead.

        • Alicia says:

          Also, if Emily and Allison are end game Paige is definitely going to get on board with Lucas or who I suspect is AD because she has it out for Allison too. So of course she’s sticking around Rosewood.

        • Me says:

          Maya’s story never made sense…the murder of a teenage girl that was totally unrelated to the plot…I always felt that her murder should be connected somehow.

  26. michelle says:

    I really like Marcos! He needs to come back!

  27. Traci says:

    Your killing me, love the show so much..

  28. Sophie says:

    If Leslie was in Radley the same time “Charles” was… It is possible that she is actually Bethany Young (I mean that girl is psycho and revengeful). But idk who would be the dead girl they found in Ali’s yard. And what doesn’t make since about Leslie being in Radley the same time as Charles, is Mona told the girls that Leslie only heard that Charles and Bethany Young were both missing that night Ali disappeared. However, at this point, Charles was dead for a few years because Charles became Charlotte when he was 16 and she is about 6 years older than Alison.

  29. elliott37341 says:

    I think Archer and Wren are brothers. Both British, and both fake Doctors. I also think Wren will be AD.

  30. elliott37341 says:

    Also, going to guess that Alison is carrying Emily’s eggs that were fertilized by AD/Wren. It sucks to see this show go. Need more shows like it with aweso,e mysteries to unravel.

  31. Cas says:

    Not sure I agree with many of these theories. For one, Emily and Alison, what a joke. I could fall asleep watching them. That storyline is just to please the shippers which ruins all shows. Paige and Emily have more chemistry. Although sometimes I get the feeling that Paige is a little nutty. Hanna and Caleb. I use to love them. Then Caleb was with Spencer and they felt more grown up. There was an episode in an earlier season (or may have been just before the time jump) where Caleb and Spencer were working together and I could sense their chemistry. He seemed super into her. I wasn’t happy Spencer wasn’t with Toby in the beginning but I got over it. Then it all ended abruptly. And bam Caleb moved on super fast, even though he tried to get Spencer back just a few episodes ago. Makes no sense. I’m sorry but looks like Spencer is the only one on the verge of not getting a happy ending which is lame. Lastly, Aria and Ezra. I like them. But Aria and Jason, well I loved them haha. With that said I still think she should end up with Ezra. In comparison, Nicole seems like nothing compared to what Aria was to Ezra so Ezra staying with Nicole would make no sense. I wouldn’t mind more flashbacks of Aria and Jason and then a happily ever after for Aria and Ezra. And as far as everyone saying the statutory rape thing well get over it as it is only a TV show. Plus in some states 16 is the age of consent and I think she was 16 at the time

  32. Lilly says:

    Spoby forever !!!

  33. Kerrie Riley says:

    Pretty sure Archer is A.D. The guy at the end who took Jenna threw a mask on her. He was sighted in places and we heard his voice on the phone after he was buried and supposedly died. Would be disappointing if that’s all it was. Hoping one of the liars is involved somehow. Wasn’t it also strange how Emily “forgot” her phone? Who does that? Lol

  34. jamesonmiles says:

    7×10 was crazy! I lowkey shipped Aria and Jason with the little flashbacks from 7×9. Sadly I don’t see Ezria getting married but hopefully they do. IMO, I feel this show has a lot of unsolved mysteries that it’s all so clustered, I just hope they’ll be able to give all the answers at the final episodes! I can’t wait!!

  35. jamesonmiles says:

    7×10 was crazy! I lowkey shipped Aria and Jason with the little flashbacks in 7×9! IMO, this show had so many unsolved mysteries that it’s become so clustered. I just hope that they’ll be able to answer all the questions in the last upcoming episodes!

  36. Rissie Pooh says:

    The best and most evolved couple on this show is Emily and Allison. They had time to live life separately and drastically ring around each other like the other couples do. It will make great sense of Emison gets a happy ending. Honestly, Ezria is a waste of time. Like they are boring as hell.
    I have a feeling Paige is part the AD drama. Like in the other episodes Emily was mostly attacked by A compare to the other girls and now A has not done anything drastic to Emily except probably impregnating Ali with her eggs, which isn’t a bad thing for Emison.

  37. Gail Smith says:

    My grand daughter was so upset Tuesday night. She said she is not going to be happy at all when it endsnextspring. I’m hoping that another group of girls at the school pick up where these ones left off. Although they may not be as good as these girls in her eyes. She has begged for her mom to try to let her meet the girls. Good show.

  38. Jade says:

    i knew it me and my sis had this big therory that mary D was spencers mom they even drink their coffee the same way i wish pll wouldent end

  39. Kelkey says:

    I noticed in the last episode that the house Toby built was bought by someone, but we weren’t told by who. I think Spencer bought it and when Toby finds out they will live happily ever after. He did build it for her after all!
    I hope all the liars get their happy ending!!

  40. Megan says:

    Just watched the last episode omg I dident think that spencer was Marry drakes daughter it dident slip my mind but now thinking it does make a lot of sense

  41. Christine says:

    Well I think Wren is AD. I mean didn’t he work for Charlotte at some point because he used to allow her to visit mona when she was locked up at radley and do you guys rememeber the flash back hanna had of Melissa in London when melissa said charlotte had contacted Wren telling him all these twisted things about her.It would kinda make sense for wren to be AD.I mean Archer is from the UK and so is wren. They could be related and maybe wren sent him to rosewood to get charlotte out of the psych ward as a favour for charlotte and when charlotte ends up dead he decided to become AD

    • Jayanth Subramanian says:

      I appreciate your point of view. But in a recent interview Marlene King announced that Wren is going to return in season 7b and he has a huge role to play. But if Wren is planned to be revealed as A.D, Marlene wouldn’t say that. So according to me Wren couldn’t be A.D but i still believe that he has a great story to tell that explains the reason for him being weird.

  42. Jayanth Subramanian says:

    I too strongly believe that emily’s eggs are involved in ali’s pregnancy. But taking it to another level i assume that ali did it by herself in order to become closer to emily. This is another strong reason that makes me believe alison is A.D

  43. anna says:

    Is Spencer really dead ?

  44. Eve says:

    Finally this thing will be over lol poor girls being harassed by crazy people their whole life

  45. serena says:

    If Aria and Ezra dont get married after this crazy roller coaster we will riot!

  46. Sophie M says:

    SPOBY needs to be back together how could you do this to me!!! I am addicted with this show and SPOBY was and is the best couple so PLEASE put them back together.

  47. Jemma says:

    PLL is mine and my sisters favorite show. it is so exilerating and we cant wait to see what king has in store for us. We want to see if spencers ok and what her reaction will be to mary being her bio mom!!!

  48. Jemma says:

    jess Toby and Spencer are great that kiss was awesome I even saw. Toby try to keep it going with another kiss I know you hateing on them but their perfect together and anyone that disagrees well I hope you die in a hole

  49. Asy says:

    i hope all liars (spencer, emily, ali, aria, hanna) get their happy ending because of they came through!! I hope toby and spencer would get back to each other because i so love their loveteam… and spencer also deserves to be happy in the finale