Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Mary Drake's Child Is (Finally) Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Recap

As promised, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale delivered a trio of game-changing reveals, including the biggest death in the Freeform drama’s storied history.

Let’s begin with the episode’s major casualty: A pissed-off Noel and a gun-toting Jenna lured the Liars to a school for blind students, igniting a deadly showdown. In the end, though, poor Mr. Kahn and his Big Perfect Eyebrows fell on their own sword — er, their own ax — and cost them their collective lives. (Spencer was also shot, but I don’t think anyone believes that she won’t live to see Season 7B.)

Reveal No. 2 was Alison’s pregnancy, though I saw that one coming from a mile away. What I didn’t see coming, however, was Ali following up that big reveal by throwing herself at Emily — and I’m not mad about it one little bit. (Paige and I clearly don’t see eye-to-eye on this issue.)

And then there was the long-awaited reveal of Mary Drake’s secret baby: Spencer! Mary dropped the big news herself as she cradled her bleeding child in her arms. (Hush little baby, indeed.)

Elsewhere in the hour…

* Not only did Nicole turn out to be one of the hostages rescued in Colombia, but Aria was forced to watch her romantic reunion with Ezra on the news. (That said, no one forced Aria to rewind the TV and play it again. That was all on her.)

* Caleb tore into Hanna for irresponsibly lying to the group, but their lovers’ spat quickly turned into a fireside bone sesh.

* Despite going on a date with Marco, Spencer’s heart still belongs to Toby. She even asked him for one last kiss on his way out of town — and what a kiss it was. I could actually feel my heart breaking as Toby deleted that romantic text, though I probably should have saved my emotions for his episode-ending car crash with Yvonne. (Rosewood Hospital’s going to be crawling with attractive Liars this April.)

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