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Flash EPs: Villains Wage 'Psychological Warfare,' Yet Season 3 Has Lighter Tone

Flash fans, we know what you’re thinking: Barry has to fight yet another evil speedster this coming season?

And while it’s true that one of the hero’s two main enemies will be the “speed god” Savitar (glimpsed in a recent promo), Big Bad No. 1 will take on a battle approach not yet explored on the CW drama.

“[Season 3] is more about psychological warfare,” executive producer Aaron Helbing previews. Besides, “everything about [Savitar] is different than Zoom or Reverse-Flash,” EP Todd Helbing adds. “I can’t go into too much detail, but he’s quite a bit different.”flash-season-3-alchemy

As if one bad guy wasn’t enough, Barry — amid the Flashpoint of it all — will also face off with Dr. Alchemy (pictured right, voiced by Saw‘s Tobin Bell) as the series juggles two huge villains for the first time.

“[We’re] trying to have the powers that they both possess play off of each other,” Todd Helbing explains. “It’s not just, ‘Oh, I have to catch this guy and take him down.’ It’s like, ‘Crap, now there’s this other guy, Dr. Alchemy,’ who has these transmutation qualities [via] this Philosopher’s Stone. You start to learn what he does with this stuff and how the both of them are coexisting.”

For the Scarlet Speedster, the problem becomes, “‘Just when I think I’ve taken down this guy, I’ve got this [other] dude to worry about, and vice versa,'” the EP continues. “It’s like flanking.”

Although Barry thus has his superhero work cut out for him, don’t expect the show to get gloomy again. As the result of a sinister threat and frequent bouts of doubt and angst, Season 2’s “last 5 [or] 6 episodes were pretty dark,” Todd Helbing admits. “Zoom, in general, was dark. It even got darker than we probably anticipated. So we’re making a conscious effort to go back more toward the tone of Season 1.”

The Flash opens Season 3 on Tuesday, Oct. 4, kicking off the return of The CW’s superhero slate (which now also features Supergirl).

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Flashpoint, the Future of ‘WestAllen’

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    So…psychological warfare, but the colorful, fun kind?

  2. Mary says:

    Just so long as it’s not another bad guy pretending to be an ally.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Sounds more like the exact opposite: a not-so-bad guy, perhaps pretending to be a villain in order to get Barry to do something.

  3. TomC says:

    Thanks to the Helbings for listeing. Can’t wait for start of season 3.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good there will be two big villains for new season. Glad they’re going to be to the tone of season 1. Some of season 2 was dark.

  5. Btm says:

    Glad they’re returning to a brighter tone. Arrow got so overwrought that I finally had to drop it from my TiVo. Here’s hoping I don’t have to drop this one, too.

  6. stacy030 says:

    Yeah. Totally different!! Because Zoom pretending to be Barry’s friend and, you know, killing his father in front of him wasn’t psychological warfare at all.

    Honesty, I would respect the writers more if they just said “yeah, we really have no ideas for any other season long vilians, so it will always and forever be speedster villains”. God forbid they actually try to find a creative way to make a non speedster a threat.

    And I would LOVE for them to prove me wrong and for this season not to seem like the 3rd rehash in 3 seasons. But, so far they aren’t making me think that.

    Oh well, it will be fun to see Draco. And I’ll be happy to have an evil Captain Cold back.

  7. ALM says:

    I’m not reassured at all. In my opinion, I am tired of season-long “big-bads” anyway. It makes the heroes seem incompetent. I wish they would do shorter arcs of say three to five episodes instead of season-long stories. I’m beginning to think Berlanti and crew should do one season only on any given hero. They seem to be the new J.J. Abrams, as he could do great first seasons of his shows but not much else. (Many will tout his Star Wars success, but really that movie was basically a remake anyway. Granted an entertaining one, but still…) I will continue to watch Flash and Supergirl, and I will try the new season of Legends to see how the Justice Society plays out, but Arrow is no more for me. Please mean what you say and return Flash to former glory.

  8. Very happy to hear this. I absolutely love season 1 Barry and I didn’t enjoy the darker tone of season 2. There’s a reason I don’t watch Arrow so please, do try not to turn Barry into Oliver 2.0. Let’s make Central City fun again! :)

  9. Erica says:

    I mean this season will *have to* be ‘lighter in tone’ anyway by the time the musical episode comes around. I’m looking forward to it! No more mopey Barry please!

  10. Well, if Spider-man taught us anything, it’s that throwing a myriad of bad guys is a sure-fire way to quality.

  11. Rob Watkins says:

    It’s so odd that so many of you consider that dark. Things need to get bad for the hero for there to be stakes or it’s just fluff. Fun doesn’t preclude dark and vice versa. It’s as though you all don’t want there to be tension.

  12. JJ says:

    Excited for Season 3!

  13. Harry lama says:

    I love all the characters of the flash ..waiting for the season 3 so eagerly..i always hope that i could be the flash n help the city ..oh seriously i like this show soo much.