Fear the Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Recap: The Hills Have Eyes

Returning for the second half of its second season Sunday, Fear the Walking Dead followed Nick down the long and perilous road to Tijuana. Yes, go ahead, you can say it. “How long and perilous was it?” It was so long — 100 miles — and so perilous — Madison’s son was attacked by everything from sharpshooters to cacti — that, at times, it didn’t look like he was going to make it. Did he? If you don’t already know, read on and find out.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN | As “Grotesque” began, Nick said adios to one of Celia’s compadres as well as the boy she hoped to reunite with his father — the ex-junkie is strangely good with kids — and set off on foot for Tijuana. As you’d imagine, things went south fast. While camped out in a house for a night, he was awakened and violently evicted by a bat-wielding woman who was hysterical enough to be a telenovela superstar. Since she didn’t even let him grab his jug of water, he was then forced to hydrate whenever and wherever he could, whether that meant breaking open a cactus — ouch! — drinking his own urine or snagging a bottle from an abandoned car. (Nick being Nick, he didn’t mind that there was a walker in the passenger seat.) Right after finishing the bottle and snatching a radio from the vehicle, he hid and watched as three hombres sped up in a jeep and dispatched not only a walker but a fellow survivor — and laughed about it! So, naturally, that was when the radio got a signal!

fear the walking dead season 2 episode 8 danay garciaMAN ON THE RUN | Tipped off to Nick’s presence, the three amigos opened fire, sending our hero running into the wilderness, where he was attacked by wild dogs — and bitten by one. After reaching (relative) safety atop a convenient van, he watched as the pooches made the fatal mistake of going after a pack of walkers as if they were mailmen. When the sound of a horn drew away the pack, Nick — ugh — sampled their leftovers, then joined the walkers on the highway. Maybe due to dehydration, maybe because he loves walkers that much or maybe owing to a combo of both, he began to imagine that they were saying he was one of them and inviting him to go with them. That being the case, when the Jeep wranglers showed up again 40 miles outside of Tijuana and the walkers managed to get two of them, I half expected Nick to join in the feast. (Since he didn’t, maybe he’s not yet quite as far gone as, say, Chris.) Nearby, three people — Luciana, Francisco and an as-yet-unnamed guy — observed through binoculars. Since Nick wasn’t the individual for whom they were looking, Luci refused to help him, even when he collapsed in the road.

MR. T-JUANA | Miraculously, it rained just in time to keep Nick from dying of thirst. Also miraculously, he managed to complete his long and perilous journey to Tijuana. There, while tending to his dog bite, he was approached by Luciana & Co., who escorted him to Alejandro (who we’ll learn later isn’t the doctor for whom he could easily be mistaken but a pharmacist). Hearing from Nick that he wanted to be “where the dead aren’t monsters,” the doc threw open his clinic’s doors and showed him that, just outside, there was what appeared to be a thriving community — basically, a Mexican Woodbury. Also of note: The flashback-filled hour revealed how close Nick and Gloria (R.I.P.) had been, in and out of rehab, and suggested that it was the sudden death of his father that had kept the addict from remaining clean and sober post-treatment.

So, what did you think of “Grotesque”? Grade the Season 2B premiere in the poll below, then hit the comments with your review.

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  1. A. D. says:

    Wait months to return for basically a 1 character episode that was boring as hell….this is the biggest problem with this show and the original…when they take the focus away from the group, it’s boring filler.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I agree with this 100%, but I can at least put up with it with Walking Dead. This show has had too many boring moments to start off yet another season with the same horrible pace.

      • A. D. says:

        Agreed…there are only one or two characters worth anything on this show compared to TWD.

        • AngelWasHere says:

          Yeah the characters sorta suck. Well they’re boring. None of them can carry a whole episode really. They shouldn’t anyway. Maybe Strand, but that would be pushing it. I’m surprised Nick bored me so much.

          • skyebright8 says:

            Agree Strand and Nick may be the best characters but I don’t think anyone from fear the walking dead can carry their own episode

        • "A" says:

          They could always have Madison, Nick, Alicia, Victor, and Daniel if he some how survived ( kill off Travis, Chris, and Ofelia ) head off to find Madison’s brother Rick/sister Lori and then become regular cast members on TWD.

          Which two characters are you talking about ?

    • Scot says:

      Agreed, the most boring episode ever. For a mid season premier this was the best they could do?

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    If they’re trying make Nick into a leading man with episodes focusing on him, I’m done. Like zzzzzz. Something told me to ditch this show.

  3. JP says:

    Other than the Pilot of the first walking dead (Rick waking up in hospital) TWD didn’t really do any solo episodes until season 3. FWTD hasn’t even come close to establishing the characters like TWD. I’m worried the first 3 episodes is going to be a single episode of each separated group. Has potential, but can’t think it’s TWD yet and follow that formula… Follow their own

  4. Walkie says:

    The show continues to be horrendous. I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. It’s poorly written and poorly acted. It takes quite an effort to make a zombie show boring. Congrats FTWD.

  5. Shaun says:

    This is a lot like Terminus/Woodbury.

  6. Sherry Stewart says:

    I love this show!! I’m tired of TWD so I’m happy to have this show, I really like Kim Dickens and Frank Dillane. I like the location and the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse ! I didn’t like the way TWD toyed with us in the last finale !! The Glen story was irratating enough

  7. msnyder1985 says:

    Since it’s in Mexico, wouldn’t it be kilometers? Otherwise what a boring, disappointing episode. And way too many gross close-ups of mutilated bodies.

  8. NVNikki says:

    So very disappointed… I really want to love the show… I’m trying… But oh my gosh …… how the heck can you even compare this to even one of those mediocre zombie apocalypse “B” show from the 70s…?

    Really disappointed… They could have done so much better – I feel bad that it is part of the walking dead legacy… It is nowhere near the same show… It is nowhere near even a really really poorly done TV show from the 70s much less a really poorly done show from this decade

    Please put us out of our misery … Cancel this show before it embarrassed the entire walking dead legacy … that could be… come up with a walking dead spinoff that has at least quality in it… But you can keep Nick – LOL

    • nvnikki says:

      Actually I’m replying to my own post… Don’t keep Nick – his character may have some interesting aspects to it but really come on into years he’ll be bald – his Hair is just so thin and so darn bloody… Not that thin hair is bad but with all that blood on it it’s just kind of creepy… not in a good way like when Rick was all beat up and going crazy… We need new blood In A new high quality – true to The Walking Dead series … What you are giving us now is certainly not a true walking dead series spin off

      This review is it really going the way I thought it would so sorry about that I just am so mad because there is so much potential for an incredible spin off

      Give us a real spin off ….. something great, with true thought and in the spirit of the original that is so loved… heck even Happy Days had Laverne and Shirley… LOL OK I just dated myself …. but still get real!!!!!! UGH UGH UGH UGH

  9. nvnikki says:

    Please put us out of our misery now and cancel the show… I would hate to see it ruin the walking dead legacy that could be…

    I am so disappointed I really wanted to love the show… I’m trying – I really am trying… But are you kidding me?!

    This is worse than an old zombie show that is a low-budget production from the 70s much less a low-budget show from this decade… I feel so bad saying this but please bring us a real spin off with the quality and intrigue that the walking dead fans have come to know and love… I think you might be able to keep Nick – LOL – not sure how do you do that….. but I kind a like him that is the only redeeming quality of the show… And that is certainly not enough to keep me watching

    Very disappointed in Nevada – NV Nikki

  10. Wats29 says:

    I’ve tried so hard to like this series, but I can’t watch this trash anymore.

  11. Ronny says:

    I really want to like this show, as iI love TWD. But as some many of you says, the characters are boring. The only one I really wanna see more of is the Alex character from Flight 462. And maybe Madison. Kill off the rest of them. Besides that I am disappointed that what the showrunners promised would be a show set i LA, has now turned in to a telenovela set i Mexico.

  12. Liza says:

    Like so many other commenters, I had such high hopes for this show. I have always wanted to see how the zombie apocalypse began and how people initially reacted to it. I figured it would take some time to get its footing and establish itself as a separate entity from the original. But last night’s episode was so incredibly boring, I could barely pay attention. This show is too new and the characters are not strong enough to do a singular focus episode like they did with Nick last night. Ugh! I will finish watching this season with an open mind, but it is not looking good that I will stick around for this show.

  13. David says:

    I bailed after episode 2 last season but pop on here to read recaps (3 minutes instead of an hour wasted) and judoing from comments, it still not with returning to. Glad some folks are enjoting it, but looks like vast majority still are not. TWD went through a show runner every season… kinda surprised they haven’t switched on this yet. I guess without the source material of a comic to go by, when they have to make stuff up, it becomes no better than z nation.

  14. Avalon says:

    Excellent! This explains the love-hate relationship Nick and Madison have. Loss of father explains his guilt at wanting to continue to be an addict also explains why Nick wants to see the walkers in a humane light. Nick seems to think he is invincible and I’m starting to think he may be the true”cure” for the virus. I wish there was time to delve into all important characters with there own episode.

  15. John Jacob says:

    This might have been the most boring episode of a TV show I’ve ever seen. It was REALLY bad.

  16. scienceadvisor99 says:

    Came back to give it one last grasp at survival, and it romped right into the path of a horde. Absoluletely no continuity, where apparently blood no longer dries, nor does it carry a lethal side infection to partner with the reanimation infection, as established in TWD. The whole “zombies can be your friend” plot is equally nonsensical. The writing constantly relies on convienence, as a counter-point to the meandering, nearly pointless story. This just proves there is nothing to fear here, as this show is done.

  17. Coop says:

    Don’t know what I watched more of last night: the episode or the clock.

  18. Ellen says:

    I guess I am in the minority because I liked this episode. I liked the focus on Nick and his backstory. I am looking forward to more episodes that hone in on the other characters (Madison, Alicia and Strand specifically)and give more insight into who they are and what makes them tick. I’m also excited to learn more about Luciana, she seems like she could be a total badass.

  19. Tilly says:

    Amazing comments, such sophisticated audience in the post-review commentary critique actors n a zombie series. Good luck in life to all those who abandon hope of being entertained because of high thespian needs.

  20. Adrienne says:

    I feel that the show may seem slow because it’s showing the beginning of the outbreak and how things had come to what we know now of the world that they are trying survive in. But I believe with each new episode it’s gonna be fantastic, we just have to be patience and try not to compare it so much with the storyline of Twd.

    • KLS says:

      People are showing a lot of patience with this show, though not as many as AMC would like I am sure. They’ve lost 7 million viewers since the premier of Season 1.
      There are just things missing from this production that fans are/were expecting. I still think that the producers pulled a bait & switch on TWD fans, then cried over our criticism and disappointment.

  21. Alan Dvorkis says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I thought the episode was amazing. I was not bored nor for one second. We learned much about Nick, in particular his resiliency. Nick is strange, but believable. He is someone I care about a bit more after this hour, than before. The shows subtlety, seems to bore people. I find it quite riveting.

    • Tom says:

      Yeah I thought it was good too and I believe the series is getting better. I guess it’s a fade to dump on this show but I like it and hope it continues.