Pretty Little Liars Finale Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars Finale: Who's Dying? Who's Mary's Secret Child? And Could Someone Be Pregnant?

If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan — particularly one who specializes in theorizing — now would be a good time to sit down. You’re about to have a lot of information to process.

Freeform on Monday released the official synopsis for the show’s Aug. 30 summer finale (8/7c), and it’s full of ominous teases that we’re already struggling to wrap our collective brain around:

The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.

First thing’s first: Assuming my definition of “fatally” differs from Freeform’s, someone is going to die in the finale. My money’s on someone important — Noel, Jenna and even Yvonne are all fair game.

Twist No. 2: The unnamed liar’s “secret about her past” has to be that she’s Mary Drake’s other child, yes? (The Aria Drake theory is heating up, but to be honest, I’m not ready to dismiss any of the Liars at this point.)

And the biggie: Is one of the Liars pregnant? Unless it’s a cancer scare, which I really hope it’s not, the idea of one of the girls discovering “something about her future that could alter her course forever” has me thinking babies. And given everything I know about biology — which is admittedly limited — I think it’s safe to rule out Emily as the Liar who discovers that she’s pregnant. (Crazy theory of the day: Can you imagine if A.D. took Emily’s stolen eggs, fertilized them, then planted them in one of the other Liars? Hey, it happened to Jane the Virgin!)

Time to theorize: Who’s dying? Who’s Mary Drake’s other child? And which Liar might be pregnant? Drop a comment with your wildest guesses below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gina says:

    Ugh. I hope it’s not spencer. I’ll be so pissed and it will ruin the show for me if she turns up pregnant with calebs baby. That doesn’t necessarily mean someone is pregnant though. If one of the liars finds out they are Mary drakes other child then wouldn’t that alone altar their future in a pretty big way?

  2. Stacey says:

    I think Spencer might be Mary Drake’s daughter, since Spencer’s dad is the father of Jason and might have mistaken Mary for Jessica during his affair, just a thought. If any liar is pregnant, it’s most likely Aria. And not sure about the death, but probably, Mary, Yvonne, Jenna, or Noel. I just hope Mona is okay, she is my favorite!

    • Matt C. says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. If any of the Liars could realistically be Mary’s daughter, it would probably be Spencer, given how her family is the most involved with the DiLaurentis/Drake crew. Although I just can’t imagine Veronica hiding such a massive secret from Spencer for all these years, but this is a show about liars after all.

  3. Matt C. says:

    The title makes me think one of the guys is going to get killed off. Either that, or Noel is revealed to be secretly helping the Liars, and Uber A kills him.

  4. Erin says:

    I think that Aria may be Mary Drake’s secret love child which explains why her folder was missing. Also I heard rumors of Toby possibly being killed off which would kill all of us Spoby fans who still has hope for them getting back together. Let’s hope that Noel or Jenna bites it instead of Toby. Someone possibly being pregnant? Hmm it could be Spencer? She and Caleb slept together a few times before they broke up which would break my Haleb loving heart but it also could be Aria pregnant by Ezra but who knows. Its going to be very interesting that’s for sure

  5. "A" says:

    Crazy Theory:
    Emily’s federalized eggs were put in Alison by Dr Rollins aka Archer … and … now she is carrying Archer and Emily’s child !

  6. Goldenvibefan says:

    Hanna with Lucas’ baby. You heard it here first.

  7. Plllover says:

    I’m fairly certain that Allison is Mary Drakes child, the PLL boss announced that there is a “big Allison twist” coming during interviews.

  8. Felix says:

    1. Marry’s child: Spencer!
    2. Death: Yvonne. [Sorry, Toby.]
    3. [Potential pregnancy?] Aria!

  9. Ronnie says:

    Mary Drake’s secret child is Jenna or Alison. And the pregnant one would be Spencer as it will complicate Hanna and Caleb’s reunion.

  10. Matt says:

    Spencer in the pic in the article looks a lot like Mary Drake. Could be her child.

    My hope for uber A is Aria. Kind of a dual personality thing where she doesn’t even know.

  11. Felicia says:

    I read about Toby and Spencer being in a car accident and sharing a kiss before he dies so I’m betting that it’s Toby that dies

    • Mackenzie says:

      I just don’t think it looks like Toby is going to die in the promo! I’m hoping it’s not him-my spoby heart!!

      • Tyler Pavlik says:

        The season 7 finale was an hour and 2 minutes today but this April come the final 10 episodes of the series but remember to watch them to get the whole story!!! Also Lucy Hale will no longer work with FreeForm after the final 10 episodes!!! So be ready for the final 9 episodes then leading you with the series finale April 2017!!!

  12. Katie says:

    I think the “past secret” has to be about Ali. We heard earlier this year that she was going to discover something about her family that would significantly affect her, so I’m guessing she’s the one. If someone is getting pregnant (which, honestly, I highly doubt) I’d say Hanna, first and foremost. Remember when we caught our first glimpse of her post-CeeCee reveal, she was sitting with a little girl on the plane, and a lot of people assumed she was the girl’s mother. That could have been foreshadowing. Could be that she and Caleb make up and hook up, and he’s the father. I just don’t see them going down that path with Spencer, especially since we’ve already seen her deal with a pregnancy scare in the flashbacks. I can’t imagine that she would be any more willing to carry a baby to term now than she was back then.

  13. Azerty says:

    One of PLL quality is that the cast of the Moms is pretty great…I mean all the moms (including Mona’s and Allison’s) look very much like their respective daughters so I would be very disappointed if one of the liars actually is Mary’s daughter. I know it is a silly reason but still. I would prefer it to be a secondary character such as Jenna, Noel or even Tobby. Also for the death I am pretty sure the boys (Caleb, Tobby and Ezra) are safe because I am convinced that Marlene King will want to end the show with the main couples reunited.

    • kelly says:

      Probably….because she’s completely controlled by the tween viewers. It’s astonishing to me how this show operates.

  14. TabloidJunkie says:

    Well in the books, it was Emily that had a baby but gave it up for adoption. So… maybe?? Also about someone dying, I am thinking it may be a supporting member of the cast, like maybe Caleb? Or he gets close to death and we are left with that as a huge cliffhanger until 7B! Going back to the change? Maybe Aria finds out that Ezra isn’t who she thinks he is right after they marry? OR Hanna and Caleb get back together and Spencer is preggers???
    Sorry! So much COULD happen! I wish I was a writer for the show! Either way, I hope we find out who A.D. is. And IF Ali’s man is really dead or not…

    • Bef says:

      I really doubt that one of the liars will be pregnant, I actually think that the thing that will alter her course forever is Aria figuring out that Nicole is actually alive, and that will probably destroy this relationship w/ Ezra. And the fatal thing that will happen is that something happens to Hanna and Caleb tries to save her and gets himself hurt.
      Btw: Tyler Blacburn (Caleb) posted a snapchat of him in the “hospital” shooting the show.

  15. Sara says:

    If they make Aria pregnant with Ezra’s baby I think I’ll just laugh. They are so obsessed with putting those two ding a lings together. It’s so boring at this point. My question is…why even decide to write that Aria and Jason were together during the missing 5 years. What point does it serve to the story….Oh wait, this is PLL…it probably won’t ever be mentioned again!

  16. JKR says:

    Considering the prior shared news on how Emily and Paige reunite at Rosewood High when both are applying for a job to coach the swim team, something makes Emily want to leave bartending at the Radley…, I’m guessing the pregnant Liar is either Emily or Alison with Emily’s eggs.

  17. Ana says:

    OMG!! I love the crazy on this show. I am so hoping that Ali is pregnant with Emily’s eggs, that is just beyond wild. I also think that Spencer will be Mary’s child and that Toby will die (he’s just to sweet for the messed up world that is Rosewood)

  18. pll forever says:

    1. I think yvonne ,noel ,or jenna theres also the roumor that toby dies but i dont think he does he is one of the main charecters and the producers wouldnt let that.
    2. For Marys child i think spencer but who knows.
    3. and for the preagnancy i think is either Hanna or Aria . Hanna bc her and Caleb will get bact together and a clue was shown back in s6 ep 11 when hanna was with the baby in the airaplane and i think all the fans freked out about that. as for aria her and ezra are the first couple on the show , the first PLL couple engaged and why not the first one to have a child . + the did have sex

  19. Belle says:

    Noel is Mary’s other baby…Aria is pregnant, back from the dead Nicole shows up and Ezra goes back to her – or maybe Nicole is the pregnant one and she faked her “death” because she freaked out when finding that out?? If Spencer is pregnant with Caleb’s baby I am DONE – that is the one thing that will have me running from any future episodes of PLL!!!

    • Jessica Valure says:

      Never gonna happen Ezra and Nicole are not gonna get back together never happening Ian said Nicole wasn’t gonna be the one to ruin their relationship

  20. Lilianys says:

    I think aria is pregnant or maybe Spenser because in one the episodes with her and Toby she did a prengest test and it was positive

  21. Andrew Hass says:

    I think Spencer will turn out to be Mary Drake’s daughter but maybe Spencer doesn’t tell anyone right away.I also wonder Aria becomes pregnant with Ezra’s baby and that complicates things.As for who dies, i’m leaning towards Noel or Jenna as been the victim.Also maybe more than one character is hurt but only one dies.

  22. Sabreena says:

    I think that A.D is going to be a big character of the show and that’s who is going to die. The person how is goimy to have something change there future is the one they say is Mary’s child which I think is spencer.

  23. Sandy says:

    Oh what if it’s Aria that gets pregnant with Jason’s baby? That would put a huge damper on the idea of her being Mary’s other child. 😬

  24. Becd says:

    In the books Spencer was was a Hastings but her Mom had to have a surrogate carry her – is it possible that is the type of baby Mary delivered? One that she gave birth to but it is not genetically hers?

  25. Nikkio says:

    Aria is AD, Uber A. She has her team of people working with her, including Mona. She hesitates to marry Ezra, because she is A and maybe has bn A all along. She used to be terrified of Allison, but definitely not anymore. Spencer is Mary Drakes other kid, because Mary said she and the Hastings had something in common. Allison will be the one that is preggars, due to her gaining weight(which is not a problem),but they can maybe stop putting her in sweats and blazers. She and Emily will hook up and raise the baby. We know Toby and Yvonne are leaving, because Spencer officially told him goodbye last week. Noel will probably die, he’s probably been pretending to be Elliott (helping out A-Aria-Anonymous!

  26. Becca says:

    Noel hits Caleb with his car in the preview. I hate to even think of it but Caleb could die, which is sad because like Toby just left they cannot take Caleb away too. It may be Yvonne, because that would be a reason for Toby to stay in Rosewood.

  27. Michael says:

    Tammin Sursok confirmed, via my own question to her, during a Facebook Live Chat that Jenna does not die in the summer finale! She probably shouldn’t have spoiled that, but she did! So not Jenna. I could definitely see Noel. Imagine if it was Toby.

  28. Ava says:

    Well in the books Emily gets pregnant with Isaac’s baby. (I don’t know if he’s in the show I’ve only read the books) She’s also bisexual in the books.

  29. 5654funny says:

    When willl we get the chance to meet Sarah harvey unnamed parents in the PLL Series

    Did you watch PLL Season 4 Cover Me

  30. Piper says:

    I just don’t think Aria or Spencer make sense as Mary’s daughter. Neither look a thing like a Dilaurentis. They are all blonde and Aria and Spencer are Brunette. It just doesn’t fit. As for a a baby it would have to be Aria and Ezra. I think the other baby is Andrew. He fits the look.

  31. Brianna says:

    So I bet that it’s aria that’s pregnant with ….. Jason’s baby !!!!!! Crazy

  32. Anonymous says:

    Spencer is Mary drakes daughter. First off this last episode she was looking through a scrapbook and her as a little girl with a pick of a little blonde (Allison?) but why look through a scrapbook at that time? This was right after her discussion with the doctor and family. Second mr.hastings had an affair with Mrs.D it wouldn’t be difficult for him to get with Mary drake in radley. Next Allison is pregnant. ARcher stole Emily’s eggs and put them fertilized in Allie when he had her in the looney house. Or aria because duh. Noel or Mary die

  33. Tyler Pavlik says:

    I’m with you all & I hope that Spencer isn’t pregnant With Caleb!!! But I hope that it comes to what happened to A!!! But I also hope there is a season 8 & season 8 being the final season of it!!! I hope if there will be season 8 what will happen when season 7 finale ends that they tell the big story of that ending & what they all do!!! Then after season 8 if there will be how the friends will move of for the rest of there lives as the series finale!!!

  34. Ashley says:

    Alison was puking in tonight’s episode and Marlene King has referenced that Alison has a “very, very, very big” plot twist in the finale. Also that there is more to be learned in the next few episodes about Alison’s fake ex-husband/potential baby daddy. I could totally see one of the Hastings being Mary Drake’s other child. What the Dr. said about family always coming back to one another really seemed to resonate with her. Plus there is the foreshadowing of Spencer looking at old family pics at the end of tonight’s episode. Plus Mary always goes on about Jessica stealing her things and children, so why not her men too? Plus Spencer’s dad and sister have always been so secretive like they have been sitting on info. As far as AD I’m not sure… Aria obviously has secrets with Jason and Noel Kahn obviously did some real shady business whether he is A or just working for A… I don’t know.

  35. Amy says:

    My theory is that Spencer is Mary’s daughter because in tonight’s episode, at the end, spencer was looking through a photo album of her family and she got to a page with baby pics only. Then she had a look on her face like she realized something from those pics. I think Allison is prego because when she was in the mental hospital, and her husband was there, she was wheeled off on a cart and there were bright lights, so yes, it was in-vitro with Emily’s eggs. And I think either yvonne will die so Toby can be with Spencer or Ezra will die so Aria won’t have to go through him picking between her and his ex!

  36. Tyler Pavlik says:

    I agree with all of you guys I strongly agree that to hope Spencer isn’t pregnant with CALEB!!! But I do want at lease a season 8 cause then it can get to the bottom of it all!!! I hope they tell you what happened to A & where she is all this time!!! But why I want a season 8 is because how they can tell you why & how this all happened & also if there will be a season 8 as the final season in the 1-2 hour however long of a series finale what their going to do for the rest of their lives!!!

  37. Tyler Pavlik says:

    I agree with all of you guys I strongly agree that to hope Spencer isn’t pregnant with CALEB!!! But I do want at lease a season 8 cause then it can get to the bottom of it all!!! I hope they tell you what happened to A & where she is all this time!!! But why I want a season 8 is because how they can tell you why & how this all happened & also if there will be a season 8 as the final season in the 1-2 hour however long of a series finale what their going to do for the rest of their lives!!! And go to my website & check it out!!!

  38. Becca says:

    I don’t think that theory about A.D. stealing Emily’s eggs and planting them in one of the liars is that crazy – it’s very conceivable at this point. my bet is on Aria but given the sad song montage with Spencer looking through baby pictures, it’s probably her).

  39. Sophie says:

    Ok, I would think if a pregnancy – then most likely Aria, possibly with Liam’s baby or maybe Ezra’s… But then again, Alison was shown throwing up in the episode so what if it’s Ali? Yes the kids freaked her out and that most likely led to her being sick. So if there are any pregnancy, it would be between Aria and Alison. Spencer was last seen looking through an old memory book and she saw a photo of possibly her as a newborn, she was probably thinking, what if she was Mary’s baby? I mean Veronica had gotten sick 2ce before, who’s to say she didn’t become sick years ago and was unable to have another child?
    And I really hope Hanna doesn’t kill anyone but my guess would be Noel or Jenna.

    Also, Grunwald was telling Hanna the danger is much closer than she knew and asked Hanna if this person had a connection to Radley. I honestly think Grunwald is talking about Radley the hospital, not the hotel. The possible people would be: Cece (except if she’s really dead), Mary, Mona and Spencer. Lesley, Mona’s friend was also in Radley, except I’m hoping the whole Lesley girl never comes back up again.

  40. Riley says:

    Hey, PLL fans! I personally think Aria will be the pregnant liar. And maybe she won’t be sure if the baby’s Ezra’s or Jason’s. Although that part of the two of them in bed in the 7×09 promo might just be a flashback.
    I know this just /can’t/ happen, but I’m so afraid that Hanna might die… I hope she doesn’t! It’s just this irrational fear inside me that I can’t really stop even though I know they just /can’t/ kill off Hanna! Besides wasn’t Shower Havey’s death the death they talked about or are there gonna be more deaths?
    I heard this crazy theory that Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter… I know it probably shouldn’t be true but wow! I mean, they look similar, they act similar – both smart and book-loving, etc., and also 7×08 ended with Spencer looking at her baby pictures… what??? Could this be a clue somehow?
    Whatever the writers come up with, it’s gonna be good!

  41. Lowri says:

    Is anyone else hoping that Haleb and Soby will get back together?

  42. Brittany says:

    Melissa is Mary drakes other child. Grinwald told Spencer It always goes back to family.

  43. layna says:

    Maybe Mary Drake’s other daughter is Melissa Hastings. And Melissa sort of disappeared for a while! She also seems so sketchy and had relations with doctors in Radely like Wren. Maybe Melissa is with Noel now.

  44. Brianna says:

    Alison is pregnant. Nicole is alive. But Ezra will still choose aria because it says there will be a wedding in this season. And duh he loves her and they have so much history.
    Noel kahn is just sketchy and a freak not A it’s too obvious.
    And I think either Yvonne will die or Noel.

  45. Ari says:

    I think that the one that gets pregnant could be Allison due to her throwing up because I know she got scared but I have never thrown up from getting a scare so it could have been a mix between fear and pregnancy, the theory of Emily’s eggs can’t be off the table because this is pretty little liars any theory could be true. It could also be Aria with Jason’s baby since we see them in bed together and it couldn’t be a flashback since Aria was surprised when she first saw how Jason’s new look and in the promo he was wearing a ponytail and a beard so it could be possible.

  46. marliecarisa says:

    i think ali will be pregnant, in the new episode that aired yesterday, ali was seen throwing up in the toilets, how much of a plot twist would it be if ali gave birth to the child of mr rollins? #headspinner and im thiinking mary drakes child could be spencer

  47. Anna says:

    OMG What if Nicole is the one who is/was pregnant!

  48. Natalie Newman says:

    It’s so obvious that spencer is Mary drakes daughter she has never fit in with her family ,the dream she had with maddie dancing in radley also in yesterday’s episode the doctor said the baby was skinny n tenacious sound familiar the weird dream with Hannah and her mental health problems

  49. Kearsten says:

    A death; Hannah looks to be burying someone in the promo video so could be no one we even think ! , or I think Caleb as Hannah was warned that her and Caleb were in danger and her dream.
    Baby; Hannah and Caleb haven’t reconnected like that so it would be almost impossible , thinking spencer and Caleb or some messed up shit with Emily’s eggs.
    I’m with aria being Mary’s daughter but it’s kind of far fetched . She doesn’t look anything like her parents though !

  50. aaliyah says:

    Jenna is pregnant because she us pregnant in real life