Pretty Little Liars Theory: Could A.D. Possibly Stand for Aria Drake?

Pretty Little Liars Aria Drake

Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars ended with a jaw-dropping reveal for Aria and Ezra — but could an even bigger surprise be on the horizon?

I realize that theories are a dime a dozen with this show, but every once in a while, an idea comes along that’s so twisted, you just have to give it a second thought. In this case, it’s the possibility that A.D. — the acronym being used by Über A — could actually stand for Aria Drake.

The theory has been floating around for months, but after Tuesday’s illuminating hour, it’s beginning to pick up steam. Here’s what we know, mixed with a few of my own stray thoughts:

* Mary Drake gave birth to another child after Charlotte, but his (or her!) current whereabouts are undocumented; the child in question would now be the Liars’ age.
* A.D. stole Aria and Noel’s files from Jessica’s cellar of mysteries; Noel’s was discarded, but Aria’s was kept.
* Byron’s brother Scott (aka Aria’s “uncle”) also suffered from mental health issues. Could he have met — and impregnated — Mary while being treated at Radley?
* Mary used to live in Rosewood… until Jessica allegedly turned everyone against her; in that time, she befriended some of the Liars’ parents.
* The Liars have a history of discovering that they’re related to one another; Jason, in particular, has a history of getting close to girls he doesn’t realize he’s related to.
* Haven’t we all been hoping that Aria would reveal herself as “A” since, like, the pilot?

Like most PLL theories, this one is likely full of holes — but that doesn’t make it any less fun to think about.

Do you think “A.D.” stands for “Aria Drake,” or is this just another crackpot theory? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your own suspicions.

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