Pretty Little Liars Recap: Oh, Brother(s)

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars fans have sat in on a number of awkward family reunions over the years, but Tuesday’s DiLaurentis / Drake dinner might have been the most uncomfortable yet. (Silver lining: At least no one died this time!)

Within two minutes of his return to Rosewood, Jesus Jason set the wheels in motion to oust Mary Drake from Alison’s life. He even invited Aria as his +1 to dinner, forcing them to briefly confront their romantic past. (Remember when #Jaria was sort of/almost a thing?)

Jason’s plan pretty much fell apart when Mary served the main course — which turned out to be a sob story about how Jessica kept her in the dark about Charles’ “death” — but the evening wasn’t a total waste. Her story led the Liars to Jessica’s secret lair, where they discovered that Charlotte had a biological sibling!

But who is this mysterious sibling? Is it A.D., or is it someone A.D. is looking for? It’s anyone’s guess why the über villain was seen with Aria and Noel’s files at the end of the episode, and at this point, I wouldn’t put any paternity twist past this show.

Elsewhere this week…

* Because it’s really hard to plan a wedding around Aria’s busy schedule of committing and/or solving murders, Ezra suggested a destination elopement. And they were thisclose to hitting the road when they were interrupted by a knock at the door; it seems a certain “presumed dead” girlfriend might be considerably less dead than was presumed. (I’m not going to say “I told you so,” but… you know.)

* It couldn’t have been easy for Spencer to suggest that Toby and Yvonne leave town, but I guaran-damn-tee you it was even harder to hear that Toby originally started building that house for her. And when he announced that he and Yvonne are moving to Maine to start a family, I swear I actually heard Spencer’s heart break in half. (It might have been mine, but I’m pretty sure it was hers.)

* Speaking of Toby, he also revealed that Jenna tried to seduce him (again!) during an already-tense family vacation. And the only thing more awkward than his “What are you doing?” response was his recount of the incident to Spencer.

* Hanna finally came clean to Caleb about her split from Jordan. And while they didn’t immediately rip off each other’s clothes — much to the dismay of many viewers, I’m sure — it’s clear that the spark between them is far from extinguished.

* Lastly, I just love Emily’s mom. She’s the best.

Any theories about Charlotte’s secret sibling? Was A.D.’s “I see you” message really from Jenna? And how does Nicole factor into all of this? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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