Pretty Little Liars Poll: Should Aria Accept Ezra's Proposal?

Warning: The following post attempts to apply real-world logic to Pretty Little Liars.

As promised, last week’s episode delivered an “unexpected proposal,” with Ezra Fitz getting down on one knee and asking Aria Montgomery to spend the rest of her life with him. But because PLL is pulling its darkest move yet — making us wait until Aug. 2 for Aria’s answer — we figured we’d spend the off-week weighing the pros and cons of any potential decision.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve believed in the endgame-ness of “Ezria” ever since the star-crossed bookworms first hooked up in the bathroom at Snookers. For the sake of the cause, I’m even willing to overlook the fact that Ezra only even met Aria because he was stalking the Liars in order to write a book about Alison’s disappearance.

But even with my full support behind Aria and Ezra as a couple, I still have to cast my vote for “no” — or at least “not yet.”

Whether they realize it or not — and I suspect they do — the Liars are in more trouble than they’ve ever been, with the police on the hunt for Elliott’s killer, Mary Drake remaining all kinds of sketchy, and a parade of familiar faces returning to town as “Uber A” suspects. Simply put, this is not the time to be making a major emotional decision, and it’s certainly not a good idea to form a bond that could be threatened by a potential enemy, of which the Liars have many. Plus, I just can’t shake the nagging feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Ezra’s presumed-dead girlfriend Nicole.

Of course, it’s for these very reasons that I have to assume Aria will say yes to Ezra. After all, what could be more dramatic than a wedding threatened by (1) a sociopathic serial stalker, or (2) the unexpected return of the only other woman Ezra loved? (Jackie and Maggie aside, of course.)

What do you think, PLL Nation? Should Aria throw caution to the wind and accept Ezra’s proposal, or should she — and I know this is a crazy concept — take some time to figure out the right decision? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your reasoning.