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Greys Anatomy Season 13 Amelia Owen

Grey's Anatomy's Caterina Scorsone on Amelia's 'Cake' Baby, Jo's 'Huge' Story

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will pick up right where the May finale left off — which will be a pretty neat trick, seeing as newlywed Amelia’s portrayer is now pregnant.

“We are picking up right where we left off, which is hilarious, because I was in a somewhat different geometric state,” Caterina Scorsone quipped at ABC’s Television Critics Association press tour party, while rubbingCaterina Scorsone her budding baby bump. (On Thursday she announced that she is expecting her second child with husband Rob Giles.)

Doubtful that Grey’s will write in her pregnancy (as Private Practice did years ago, her first time around), the actress suggests that maybe Amelia simply overdid it with dessert at her and Owen’s wedding reception: “The cake was fantastic!”

The ABC drama will have at least another episode to start playing hide-the-bump (as it did fort much of Season 12 with Jessica Capshaw), since Owen and Amelia “are not in a ton of the premiere,” Scorsone shares, but instead are (getting) busy off-screen with their wedding night.

“Most of the drama that can be seen on network television is happening elsewhere,” she says with a laugh.

Speaking of GREY'S ANATOMYSeason 13 drama, Scorsone was able to tease “a huge storyline focusing on Alex and Jo,” whose relationship got rocked in the finale by the heart-crushing reveal that Jo has been living under a false identity, to elude an abusive husband.

“It got messy for them,” Scorsone says, “but that’s going to become a really multi-layered story that has social and personal overtones…. It’s a real opportunity to explore some important issues.”

Grey‘s Anatomy Season 13 premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c, now leading into the freshman drama Notorious.

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  1. klutzy_girl (@klutzy_girl) says:

    I can’t wait until they give up hiding it near the end just like they did with JCap because it was fun. Congratulations to them!

  2. Gul says:

    okay well the only remaining couple I care about is Jackson & April so if they aren’t there, I hope there’s atleast interesting medical stuff going on in the premiere.

    • Gul says:

      That being said, Jo’s story (regardless of of how it affects Jolex per say) is important & I hope they do it justice.

      • fiberlicious says:

        They’ve already failed. There’s no reason on this Earth for her not to have told him during that last fight.

  3. Iris says:

    Alex and Jo are long overdue for their own storyline. I hope it will be worth the wait.

  4. Djay says:

    I missed most of Grey’s last season so I missed out on a lot but hasn’t Jo already been in an abusive relationship once? I think it was several seasons ago … and didn’t Alex beat up the guy? I think the guy worked at the hospital. Maybe I’m remembering it all wrong, but couldn’t we giver her something else since it’s already been done before?

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, but this storyline is needed because she alluded to a previous assault or abusive relationship to Alex during the storyline you mentioned. She said something along the lines of “The last time someone touched me like that…” but it was never talked about again. So the writers already planted the seed years ago – they’re just following up now.

      • Djay says:

        Ok, that makes sense. Thank you! It’s just been awhile and I had forgotten how it went down. I’m going to have to get caught up on Netflix so I can be ready for the next season.

  5. Jess says:

    Jo’s story is so important and I hope they do it justice. She gets so much unnecessary hate just because the writers ignored her so long, and Jo has a lot of potential to be such an interesting character. I like her a lot and can’t wait for the viewers to see just how much she had to overcome. I hope the writers will focus more on her than on Alex since this is her story. He will be hurt but I think he’ll be able to understand so well since he watched his dad beat up his mom all his childhood and ended up almost killing him.

  6. anon says:

    I’ve seen very ugly comments since the finale about how Jo probably deserved to be beaten up, about how people only focused on the fact that she couldn’t tell Alex about her marriage, etct. But honestly? The writers have showed us a Jo who is crazy in love with Alex, who would do anything for him and who’s always been there when he needed her. So many times she put him first and everyone should know by now that if she didn’t tell him about her marriage, it wasn’t because she didn’t love or trust him enough. And victim-shaming is just disgusting. I think that if Jo felt like she could’ve told Alex she would’ve. After all she kept this secret for four years and felt like she couldn’t even tell him when he walked out and she lost him. For the love of God, don’t make everything about Alex, Jo is a female who probably didn’t have a happy minute in her life since her mother abandones her as a baby. She’s probably the only character who can hold a candle to all the horrible things Meredith went through (which is why I thino they’d become good friends if the writers let them). I experienced some physical abuse myself and can’t even imagine how it feels like to live in constant fear. The reason she probably never told anyone was because she was advised to never tell anyone when she changed her identity. It’s really not all that hard to imagine how desperate she must’ve been. Camilla mentioned that Jo’s husband is extremely dangerous and I think by not telling Alex she in some way protected him. If he knew he wouldn’t let it go and go after the guy, and there has to be a reason Jo was too scared to file for divorce and for him to find her. So for God’s sake, show a little compassion, a lot of women go through what Jo had to go through and usually they aren’t foster kids who had to live in their car because God knows what happened to them in those homes.

    That being said, I remember a TVLine article from last year where Shonda had promised Alex/Jo fans a real focus on them in season 12, only to ignore them worse than ever. After two years of nothing but Alex with his friends and Jo with Stephanie I hope Shonda knows that we Alex/Jo fans have been waiting forever and deserve some focus on them as a couple. They could be so amazing but when a couple gets nothing people don’t find them interesting and criticize them nonstop like it’s been the case with these two. There’s so much love and understanding and trust between them and I hope that even though things will be messy the writers will be able to shed light onto it.

    • fiberlicious says:

      A: Personalize much?

      B: Victims aren’t saints just because they’re victims. We still get to call her out when she does something boneheaded.

      C: Inhale, dear.

    • Jamie says:

      Anyone who says that Jo deserved to be beat up is idiotic, but being annoyed that she didn’t tell Alex is not victim-shaming. How did Jo think this was going to play out? She’s been with Alex for 4 years (been close with him for 5), and in that time, he’s already asked her to marry him twice. They’ve talked a number of times about having children together. Did she really think this was something that she could keep from him forever? Did she think that Alex would just bury his wants and needs without any explanation from her even if he has talked about how important those things are to him? I understand that she was scared and wanted to protect herself and Alex, but driving her relationship into the ground to protect that lie is on her. She was in a ridiculously crappy situation, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be called out for making awful choices that made the situation much worse.

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t see Grey’s making Amelia this soon after she and Owen got married.So they’ll probably hide the actress’s pregnancy and then when she has the baby write Amelia off for a bit.As for Jo, i’m betting we’ll see her husband eventually sometime this season.Plus there could be questions about when exactly she changed her name and if it was before or after she went to medical school.

  8. Courtney says:

    I don’t really care much for Alex and Jo as a couple. I do think that they are overdue for a storyline centered around them. I’m most curious about what will happen between Meredith/Maggie/Riggs in season 13. Will Maggie back off when she learns that Meredith has feelings for Riggs? Does Maggie know that they slept together or is she in the dark

    • Stacy says:

      As of the finale it’s implied Maggie has no idea about Mer & Riggs. The question is will Mer tell Maggie in a timely manner, or let this play out in true Grey’s fashion where everything explodes in a fiery inferno.

  9. N says:

    I don’t like Jo

  10. Fido says:

    Wasn’t Alex and Jo’s relationship ended for good after his unprovoked and visious assault on that guy. The show is going to have to do a lot for me to care again about Alex. And if they just gloss over the violence and he doesn’t get arrested and serve some prison time or at least some darn harsh consequences then methinks I’m done with caring about his storyline.

    • Jamie says:

      Was it unprovoked? Or did he think that DeLuca was taking advantage of a drunken Jo in their apartment/in their bed?
      And serve some prison time? Jeez, dude – calm down. People literally get in fights every day without going anywhere near prison. Violence is *never* okay, but let’s not go crazy over a misunderstanding that ended very badly.

  11. Lsfield says:

    If you watch old episodes, Jo herself shows alot of anger and aggression herself, she broke the vending machine with her fist, alot of physical things she did and anger herself. Maybe she is not the victim in the story, if you watch old episodes it looks like she herself might initiate alot of it. Something to think about.

  12. Ariah says:

    They really did Alex a disservice by pairing him with Jo. All she does is whine and complain. However, although I think it is good that they are doing a domestic storyline, they way they did it is horrible. The whole story is very last minute and contrived. And I want to know how is it possible the fact that both Jo and Alex have been talking about how messed up their childhoods have been since season 9….that they never mentioned she had a fake name and was hiding from her abusive husband? Like we can assume that she has been with Alex for about 5 years, how is it that she did not mention during those 5 years about her past. Alex deserves better. This storyline so contrived and forced .

  13. Jami says:

    what are they going to do with Arizona’s storyline? Now that Callie is gone. Now they are my favorite couple by far, well used to be.

  14. Jaime says:

    I thought Amelia couldn’t have kids after her private practice baby?