Fall TV Preview
ABC TGIT Drops Fall 2016

ABC Drops #TGIT Tagline for Fall

#TGIT will be MIA on ABC this fall.

Making her first appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour as president of ABC Entertainment, Channing Dungey confirmed — just as TVLine surmised in Maythat the network is dropping the three-year-old tagline used to market its Thursday lineup, now that one of of dramas isn’t a Shonda Rhimes production.

Dungey told TVLine that because the #TGIT marketing strategy is associated “in particular” with Scandal — which won’t uncork Season 6 until midseason — “it did feel like it would make more sense to wait to bring #TGIT back” when Olivia Pope & Co. return to our screens in January 2017.

With Scandal on an extended hiatus, ABC is nestling between Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder the freshman drama Notorious, which stars Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) and Daniel Sunjata (Graceland) and, more notably, is a Sony Pictures Television/ABC Studios co-production — marking the first time since fall 2013 that ABC’s Thursday slate is not entirely furnished by Rhimes’ Shondaland shingle.

Rhimes had strongly suggested in May that a lineup with a non-Shondaland show in the mix does not qualify as #TGIT, by tweeting after the Grey’s and Catch finales, “This is the final night for #TGIT until 2017! See you for #GreysAnatomy and #HTGAWM in the fall!” The prolific producer reiterated her point with a second tweet: “#TGIT returns with #GreysAnatomy #Scandal and #TheCatch next year! #Shondaland.”

Responding to Rhimes’ aforementioned stance at TCA on Thursday, Dungey acknowledged the producer “does have a pretty clear sense of what it takes to schedule a network.”

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  1. Nikki says:

    Anyone that follows the shows knows ABC does whatever Shonda wants so I doubt most fans are shocked since Shonda didn’t want it used.

  2. aria808 says:

    So they caved in on Shonda. They don’t wanna make her mad by using #TGIT this fall. SMH

  3. Cdeno says:

    I am confused whit how #TGIT is more associated with Scandal than Grey’s, HTGAWM or The Catch.

    • Anne says:

      It’s because Scandal was the one that tapped most into the live tweeting immediate social media response. People watched Scandal and tweeted about it at the same time in such high numbers that it started the movement.
      Grey’s is undoubtably popular, but it doesn’t have that ‘omfg’ element that Scandal does. Scandal is a water cooler show that is designed to be over the top and have a major reveal every episode. Grey’s is a long-haul show (and I love Greys, so I’m not trying to say one is better). Scandal’s audience was on social media more so than the other Shonda shows.
      And Murder came after Scandal

  4. Brian says:


  5. Kevin K says:

    Don’t know if TV critics have mixed feelings about the new series Notorious and with Scandal getting benched until mid-season, should Season 6 be a “reboot” year?

    • Chelle says:

      It has only been benched to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. Creatively, I doubt there will be any changes.

      • Her pregnancy has nothing them being benched until mid-season. If Scandal was still actually a hit show that made money for ABC as opposed to costing them money, you better believe that a heavily pregnant Kerry Washington would have been reporting to work working on a fall season premiere. Lead actresses get pregnant all the time; the most that happens is are there an episode delay or the actres disappears for an episode or two. The schedule is a direct reflection of the trash the show now is, although ABC will die before admitting that they made a mistake when they put all their eggs in the shondaland basket.

        That show started out as a struggling midseason replacement, and that’s how it’s going to end.

        • Christian says:

          Except Kerry got pregnant in season 3 and that season was cut short despite Scandal being at its rating peak. You tried it though but I just read you for filth. Girl, bye!

  6. greg says:

    Bad decision I think. They branded a night of the week successfully, and should maintain it and be consistent. The line up of shows didnt matter to TGIF Fridays on ABC or Must See TV Thursdays on NBC, and i bet both networks still had that branding to launch blocks of shows on those night.

  7. TVFan says:

    Why should ABC Marketing have to cowtow to 1 producer? Even if she is Shonda.

  8. Lauren says:

    It’s crazy how much I love Grey’s but I find Shonda Rhimes so irksome. What a control freak. And what are they going to do when viewers continue to use the hash tag this fall? “Noooo don’t! You’ll get us in trouble with Shonda!”

  9. Joe says:

    They caved into Shonda demands, Greys is the only one that’s still doing ok , ( Scandal,Htgawm Have peaked, and The Catch was a surprise renewal) I guess u shouldn’t get on her bad side

  10. KLS says:

    Does Shonda own the trademark #TGIT or something? She only wants her shows advertised amongst her shows? What if Notorious winds up doing well in Scandal’s slot and helps out HTFAWM? It seems petty to me. But it also shows that ABC is desperate to make her happy.

  11. Spandex says:

    Who cares about Queen Shonda, this is America, I don’t plan to stroke her ego. I’m still going to use #TGIT on ABC Thursdays. Notorious is on brand with Grey’s and Murder, it’s not like they are inserting Dora the Explorer into the mix.

  12. cdeno says:

    The big question now is HOW ABC will promote the Thursday line up this Fall. OR are they not planning ion promoting it at all.

    “Dungey told TVLine that because the #TGIT marketing strategy is associated “in particular” with Scandal” this part irks me. Can someone explain why TGIT is more associated with Scandal?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Full quote: “[#TGIT is] an ABC marketing strategy. However, it has become very closely identified with several of Shonda’s shows, I think Scandal in particular.”

      • Cdeno says:

        Thanks for the correction. I still don’t understand how it is more closely identified with Scandal than the other Shondaland shows.

  13. Trista Blair says:

    There was a TGIF before there was a Shonda Rhimes. If ABC is stupid enough not to promote their fall line up using a tried and true tag line then they are the idiots. I am DONE with SR so it makes no difference to me!

  14. Ellajasper says:

    Thursday is still Thursday whether Shonda’s shows are on or not. Who is running that network? I’m running to CBS!

  15. Pam says:

    I don’t get why they think Scandal is more associated with TGIT than the other two. It’s not like it’s more popular than Greys. Maybe it was at one point but not anymore. I watch all of Shonda’s shows but Scandal has been weak lately. I don’t think Greys and HTGAWM should suffer marketing wise just because Scandal isn’t on for a little bit.

  16. Larc says:

    “Responding to Rhimes’ aforementioned stance at TCA on Thursday, Dungey acknowledged the producer ‘does have a pretty clear sense of what it takes to schedule a network’.”

    Really? How do they explain so many failures then?

  17. TJ. Church says:

    Last I knew, “TGIT” (or “TGIF” years ago) had to do with the night of the week, not any one network or person!

    It will STILL be Thursday, & adding Daniel & Piper together in place of a Shonda show is a HUGE improvement! Someone send the Chinese hackers a fake network contact claiming they are permanently cancelling one of her shows & paychecks, & maybe THAT will properly minimize her ego for the New Year when the rest of her shows return.

  18. Greg says:

    I would like to see TGIF return. I think if ABC did that, it would improve their Friday night line up.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Perhaps the tagline, but not utterly-predictable crap as aired in those days (why we get shows like “Unreal” that can show what goes on off-camera since all viewers know what will happen on them without seeing it)…. For instance, “What Would You Do” may be one of the few watchable shows on the network.

  19. cindy says:

    What the heck does TGIT stand for to begin with? Sigh…

  20. L. F. says:

    ABC. Errr, SBC – Shonda Broadcasting Network. Yawn… Turn off the TV.

  21. greysfan says:

    I love Greys. Have been there from the beginning but sorry Shonda and ABC but TGIT is a tradition. Why break it now? Makes no sense at all to me. Just because one show isn’t a Shonda show doesn’t mean they should just drop the tagline. Viewers will get confused especially since I saw a recent promo with them dancing still advertising TGIT with Grey’s/HTGAWM and then Scandal/The Catch. Why is Notorious being thrown out in the cold just because it’s not Shonda.

  22. eriruby says:

    What an interesting comment that she could run a schedule!

  23. Patricia Anderson says:

    I don’t care what they call it, just want my Grey’s!

  24. Patricia Anderson says:

    I don’t care what they call it. i just want my Grey’s!

  25. cuius says:

    Wonder if anybody has checked whether use of “#TGIT” has increased audiences? Sounds like a #SIAT (Storm in a teacup)

  26. Anna says:

    Came here to see how many whiners would hate on Shonda Rhimes for this. They have always used this tagline to signify Shondaland shows airing on Thursday night, so it makes sense that they would keep using it for that since they currently air four of her shows – why are all of y’all so butthurt about this?

    • TJ. Church says:

      They have always used it for “Thank God It’s Thursday”, & the great shows that aired that night (as long as they have used it at all). The fact they were all from the same producer had little-if-anything to do with it. Nobody, including Shonda herself, has any proof the new show won’t be the same quality as her other shows (or better), so the network should still be using it for the night/line-up, regardless of what Shonda & her ego think about it.

    • Wrighty says:


  27. Cas says:

    Wow who knew people cared so much. I stopped watching Greys long ago but still love Scandal and HTGAWM. I don’t care what marketing ploy they use or don’t use I will continue to watch either way.

  28. Jake says:

    Should be WCTCS, as in “who cares, they’re crappy shows”….

  29. Vanessa says:

    LOL @ the number of people who are outraged over a hashtag/branding. Unless you actually work for the network/shows there’s no rational reason for you to be this invested and angry over it. Bizarre.

    • TJ. Church says:

      Whether you work for the network, anywhere else, or not at all, there is no reason for this un-branding, which means everyone has a right to be upset at this, just as all Americans have a right to their feelings/opinions on any topic.

      Likewise, you have a right to your opinion of those opinions, but I “LOL” at the fact you would choose to express your baseless, unjustified finding of humor at this very-justified negative reaction/

  30. Jessica says:

    I will be still using TGIT LOL, cause Thank god it’s Thursday and Grey’s is back. I only watch and care about Grey’s Anatomy. And I still hope it will be promoted, even if it’s not as [TGIT] but on it’s own, it’s still a new season of Grey’s even if there’s no Scandal. A show who was weak and not so good ratings last season.

  31. I'll Be says:

    Funnily enough, I have read more about Scandal now that it’s between seasons than I did when it was on. Buzz is, ABC producers weren’t happy with the numbers that happened in S5 and have delayed S6 so that SR and company can improve the show/storyline, to perhaps improve ratings and “return to form” whatever that means. TV is a numbers game and people can say it’s because of KW’s pregnancy (but it’s not) or the election (but it’s not) or because the show was five years old (so is 2 Broke Girls but it beat S5 in the ratings) but the truth is, the storyline sucked. Because S5’s ratings declined it affected the ratings for HTGAWM and The Catch which means there is a lot of pressure to make S6 good/better/best. SR has five shows at ABC: Grey’s, Scandal, HTGAWM, the Catch and Still Star-Crossed (fall tv) so she’d better hit a homerun or two or more of her shows will be cancelled. Now, I read this on various websites and this could all be bogus information, I guess we will have to wait and see. #RIPTGIT

  32. georgee says:

    Just another one added to the long list Dungey doing away with. First it was Castle when s fired Stana Katic and then Nashville and on and on. Maybe the board of directors should fire her.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Get your sequence right: Stana’s release was an attempt at cost-cutting in order to keep “Castle”. It is neither her fault, nor that of anyone else at the show, that it got cancelled.

      Also, it is not right to fire Dungey, same as it was wrong to get rid of the “TGIT” hashtag or hire Dungey for this position in the first place!