Castle Cancelled Katic Fired

ABC Boss Talks Castle Backlash, MIA S.H.I.E.L.D. Duo, Star Wars Series Talks, Body of Proof Regrets

Why did ABC cut Stana Katic from Castle only to then cancel the show altogether? New network president Channing Dungey was tasked with answering that dicey question Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

“That’s a case where you have things running on two parallel tracks,” Dungey explained to reporters. “We were always upfront with the studio and producers that we might not be bringing the show back for Season 9. [The studio/producers] did what they had to do [in case there was another season]. Ultimately, we did not feel like it was the right thing to do to order another season.”

Other headlines from Dungey’s inaugural TCA exec session:

* With Marvel’s Most Wanted DOA, might Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter (played by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood) return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? “The characters were disavowed,” Dungey reminded, “but I never underestimate Marvel’s ability to bring people back.”

* Dungey confirmed that the network is having “conversations” with LucasFilm about a Star Wars series. “We will continue to have conversations with them. It would be wonderful if we could find a way to extend that brand to our programming.”

* Under pressure from Shonda Rhimes, ABC has opted not to slap the #TGIT label on its fall Thursday lineup (which now includes the non-Shondaland entry Notorious).

* ABC has renewed its summer game show troika, Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game and $100,000 Pyramid. All three will be back next summer.

* Acknowledging ABC’s ongoing Tuesday-at-10 pm woes, Dungey conceded that she and her fellow ABC execs have “oft-lamented” the cancellation of Body of Proof. (Body of Proof averaged 8 million viewers and a 1.4 demo rating in what would be its farewell run; in the same Tuesday time slot last fall, Wicked City — but the latest of many one-and-done shows to unsuccessfully succeed the Dana Delany drama — did barely half that.)

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  1. Brandon says:

    Yes, they should have never cancelled Body of Proof!! Still miss that show.

    • ABG says:

      Creatively, I liked it for what it was.

      Ratings-wise it was their most viable choice for a procedural a la CBS. Glad to see them regretting the cancellation.

    • David4 says:

      I agree they should have never have canceled it, or Forever, but let’s be honest there is no way in 2016 Body of Proof would have gotten 8 million viewers and a 1.8, TV landscape has changed too much.

      • Bob says:

        Both shows were better than average and different from the daily garbage of UNREALITY T.V. BS. I personally would rather watch a show that makes me think or ( and I know this is a novel idea teaches me something) than to ever watch that garbage. Forever had a new twist in its story line and was just starting to get really interesting, just like a good book you need to build the characters and background to flesh them out, then the story can really start but that’s where they stopped. never did understand that. And Body of proof I love trying to figure out the who done it before they tell you, that’s why I enjoy the N.C.I.S.’s and CSI’s and Elementary and so on. Also really don’t care about game shows leave them for daytime where they belong.

        • Jess says:

          I completely agree. They should bring back Body of Proof…or better yet Forever. There are so so many unanswered questions from that series. I was crushed when they cancelled it & campaigning for a month to get it back…it became a hopeless cause. So if the network wants to bring Forever back, I’m all for it (though I don’t know how I feel with S.H.I.E.L.D. in that time spot…I hope it doesn’t kill it).

      • acurat says:

        Exactly. It was in decline unfortunately and shows rarely (e.g.never) go up in ratings in their third or fourth year of production. The exceptions are few and far between. However, the replacement only had half the ratings of Body of Proof so it probably could have beat it that year. Today, that is a different matter.

    • Temperance says:

      It’s rarely been a good idea to cancel Dana Delaney. Seriously… look back. And give her a new show… grrr.

      • Boiler says:

        I agree. They have also messed with Reba McEntire who is extremely popular and never really replaced her show either.

  2. Marc Friedman says:

    I hope Star Wars doesnt get into business with ABC. I’d rather see them do a show with Netflix. I cant wait to see a Star Wars Show from week to week I want it all at once

    • Anne says:

      Disney owns star wars and abc

      • Arek says:

        They also own Marvel, which has multiple shows on Netflix.

      • Chris says:

        Disney also owns Marvel and they have shows on Netflix so it could still be a possibility. ::fingers crossed::

        • Tim says:

          But the deal with Netflix is with Marvel, not Disney directly. Both Marvel and Lucasfilm (as well as Pixar) still operate independently but fall under the Disney umbrella, which doesn’t mean Disney doesn’t have any say but they tend to stay out of the way for the most part. Producing Daredeveil, Jessica Jones, a possible Star Wars series, etc. would fall to the respective studios whereas the DISTRIBUTION for all Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones (also owned by Lucasfilm), and Pixar theatrical releases and DVD/Blu-ray/Digital releases is done by Disney. That’s why you will be getting all new Marvel, Disney, and Pixar movies released on Netflix starting in September(?) instead of seeing them on Starz.

          • Patrick says:

            Also, the Netflix shows are largely about niche or lesser known characters. NF allows them to push the boundaries of nudity, language, and violence.
            Disney won’t want STWRS to go down that road. Its a legacy brand, and Disney won’t let any part of it drift into the Gutter.

  3. Luis says:

    It’s not as though “Body of Proof” was the second coming of “ER” or anything, but still better than most of the dreck ABC has tried to fill the time slot with

    • Jon Willis says:

      And now poor Agents of Shield is stuck there in the death slot.

      • ABG says:

        SHIELD has dropped consistently ever since it’s second episode. It’s had a few upticks here and there but every season has dropped considerably.

        It didn’t deserve a 9 pm slot anymore.

      • Jess says:

        I completely agree. It doesn’t deserve the “death” time slot. Just hope they succeed & show everyone they are still the same S.H.I.E.L.D. as everyone got to know in Season 1 & 2.

      • Ben says:

        Or, perhaps, they will be happy they have an established brand in that slot and allow it to survive with poor ratings. It might end up being a good thing for SHIELD if it wants to get 6 or 7 seasons under its belt.

  4. Kevin K says:

    Very happy that ABC is renewing Celebrity Family Feud, Pyramid, Match Game. Not so happy that Castle ended after eight seasons and I’m so worried about the chances Agents of SHIELD should fare in the 10 pm Tuesday night time slot. Finally I wish they should bring back Body of Proof (shame on the cancellation).

    • David4 says:

      They tried bringing it back, but the actress (whose name I can’t remember now) said no. She was sick of ABC treating the show like trash and said she moved on. That put the final nail in it.

    • Rob Horine says:

      I think they should put another game show on at 7pm sundays during the summer. Like “Press Your Luck” or “The Gong Show”?

      • Kevin K says:

        What about Sale of the Century or Scrabble (one with Chuck Woolery as host)? Also maybe Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

  5. Anne says:

    He literally said nothing about Stana. Real nice.

  6. fernando933 says:

    Body of Proof should have never been cancel, one of ABC mistakes, it didn’t have strong ratings like it did in season 1 but u bet it would still be a better performer for the Tuesday’s at 10/9pm then most ABC shows have done lately.

  7. TVFan says:

    Why should ABC Marketing have to cowtow to 1 producer?

    • ABG says:

      When that producer has the two (maybe three? IDK if HTGAWM is #3 but is certainly top 5) biggest dramas on the network, which generate the most buzz, you make certain concessions.

  8. JBC says:

    Really wish they had not cancelled The Family. It was getting so good.

  9. Steven says:

    I hope they renew To Tell the Truth too. I still miss Forever.

  10. Misa says:

    Well that was real nice round answer! Did not say anything about why they cut Katic out of the show, and ruinded the possibilities totally for season 9! Nice job!

  11. kmw says:

    First its good that ABC renewed their game shows and really its a no brainer not to tag TGIT when one of Shonda’s shows isn’t on till 2017. Now for the Castle part. Nothing she said is anything different than what she said previous and so this news just gets lamer. Michael Ausellio proclaimed to be shocked when Castle wasn’t renewed so there has to something else we will never know that came up that led to Castle being gone. Shows cut their budgets all the time to get a renewal and in this case Castle made a HUGE budget cut with their leading lady and still didn’t get a renewal. This also at a time when ABC seems to be shifting to a more procedural line up AND Castle’s ratings were better than some of what ABC renewed. Sorry I don’t buy it at all

    • Ellajasper says:

      Wait. What does TGIT have to do with Shonda? Does she own Thursdays? It is still Thursday even if her shows aren’t on.

  12. Angus says:

    Bring Bobbi and Lance back.

  13. Just one thing says:

    This show really won’t ACTUALLY die, will it?

    • Emily says:

      no one knows what show you’re talking about

      • Just one thing says:


        • lkh says:

          I knew JOT. It does seem to get attention.
          Did this sound like ‘I didn’t do it, they did it’. Reminds me of kids pointing at each other.

          • Just one thing says:

            I think it was helpful to explain the difference between studio and network leadership, but if they don’t regularly confer, it kind of defeats the purpose of a network owning a studio.

    • joey says:

      Yes fire fly is still alive after 10 years and only on for one season. We never got a answer to the question, was a gender equality problem or a bulling problem? And if the producer knew we were not going to have a season 9, why didn’t they tell that to the fans at the beginning of season 8. Why would we wanted to invest our time into any show ABC is coming out with just to have them pull the pin without warning. CBS lets us all know it was tony was leaving NCIS at the beginning of the season, Fox lets us know Bones was at its last season at the beginning, why couldn’t ABC do that for the fans of Castle. And why didn’t the new president of ABC look into the real problem with the rating falling on Castle. Let me make it easy for her (Hawley) and his BS show line he refused to change after 8/02.

      • Grey says:

        Preach! I hear ya!

        Like someone else said, her answer isn’t really any different than what she said back in May. I mean why even bother to ask her when you know she’s only going to give the same “pc” answer over and over again? But mark my words; one way or another, sooner or later, the real truth is going to come out. Somebody is going to let something slip – probably while talking about something else – and what we all suspect is the real truth will be confirmed. It’s too hard in this day and age to keep stuff – good or bad – buried forever.

  14. Longmire4ever says:

    Why can’t they revisit Body of Proof? NBC &FOX have revived Heroes, Prison Break, 24, and X-Files. I don’t see why ABC can not file in their foot steps and do the same with Body of Proof. I am rewatching it now on Hulu.

    • ABG says:

      They tried, but the cast has moved on. Dana Delaney even tweeted about it.

    • Jared says:

      Body of Proof, atleast in my opinion, wasn’t a big enough show for ABC to reboot. If the network was gonna reboot anything it would probably be more of a signature series like Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty. Something along those lines.

  15. Jared says:

    There’s just one thing I don’t understand about ABC. WHY would they put out a press release saying that Stana wasn’t going to be asked back to Castle if the network wasn’t sure they would be ordering another season?!?. Isn’t that like Press 101 on how NOT to handle a firing? It just seems like there is so much more to that story that nobody wants to get into.

    • Ellen says:

      ABC didn’t put out a press release, someone leaked that info to Deadline. ABC only commented on it when forced to by the Deadline leaked article. And the leak only benefitted one person so….

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s amusing how people suggest Katic benefitted from the leak. She’s a low-key actor who doesn’t seek the limelight and this created an enormous sign in Neon lights that she was fired.
        The leak didn’t result in her being re-hired, even if it put her in the spotlight. She didn’t grant what likely amounted to various requests for interviews, not even for one or two additional statements.
        There were no winners in this debacle.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          You’re right in that this has been a stupid rumor and suspicion. So we need to say the actors and crew have too much class and would never put their families and friends through this mess? They never would have, now let’s move on.

      • Sas says:

        Please you think she leaked it? And you know what if she did good for her. They treated her like trash this last season, but what’s funnier is the whole thing back fired in someone face!!! Glad it’s over

  16. I am dying laughing that they now regret cancelling Body of Proof. They re-tooled it to death it got 8 million viewers and they still cancelled it and replaced it with shows that flopped miserably. Amazing.

  17. Dan says:

    If I remember correctly the last season of Body of Proof was run by the same Alexi Hawley that was part of completely destroying Castle in it’s last season?

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. And Hawley only became available to run Castle after his prior show The Following was cancelled.
      Alexi Hawley is the poster child for failing upward in TV.

  18. cri33 says:

    Even the best shows eventually get the ax. Fox cancelled 24 after 8 or 9 seasons and look how popular that one was. Castle had a good run but it was time for it to end.

  19. cri33 says:

    Castle had a good little run and it was time for it to end. Even the best drama’s eventually get the ax. Even 24 got cancelled after 8 seasons.

  20. Margie says:

    I loved Body of Proof and the cast. I’d watch it again if it were to be resurrected. My only regret is that Peter Dunlop would be missing. I really liked Peter’s and Megan relationship.
    I think it should have never been cancelled.

  21. Mark says:

    She couldn’t be more vague if she tried on all the above so disappointing especially about the Shield Duo…..We need some definitive answers not more innuendo TVline.

  22. Eurydice says:

    You guys sure like to tease Castle fans with headlines promising information…too bad there’s no information.

  23. Jamie says:

    Lol. That was the biggest non-answer to a question, re Castle. But it sounds like the studio and producers were in denial.

  24. “Body Of Proof” was dealt a few bad hands during it’s run, making it more difficult to “prove itself” to ABC. Dana Delaney is excellent in everything I’ve seen her in, but the rest of the cast really grew on me, too. It’s too bad they can’t “un-cancel” it. I mean, they could, but they’d have to get everyone on-board again, and hope they could flag everyone back in to watch!

  25. Lysh says:

    That’s some vague studio response for Castle.

  26. Nan says:

    They only regret Body of Proof cancellation? What about superb Forever? Now I am afraid for the SW show, as it will end like Defying Gravity. I am still amazed SHIELD is still on

  27. ljd213 says:

    They shouldn’t have messed with Body of Proof, for the third season. It became unwatchable.

    Plus, they never should have cancelled Forever.

  28. Emma says:

    No, they shouldn’t have cancelled Body of Proof. They also were too quick to cancel Forever which was steadily gaining viewers each week.
    As far as Castle, it’s nice to see that the network realized, like many fans, that the studio, exec prods & Fillion all had their heads up their butts in thinking Castle could go on without Kate Beckett/Stana Katic.

    • Maria says:

      All this, times a million.

      • anon10 says:

        Do you really believe that they thought this show could go on without Stana.
        I know anything is possible but I just do not think that people who have been in the business for a while didn’t recognize that she was driving this show.

  29. georgee says:

    Looks like the new president of ABC has learned a lot from the politicians, never really answered any questions. I wish last year in June the two new show runners of Castle would have polled the fans with two simple questions. 1. would you like to see a major split up of Rick and Kate, yes or no. 2. would you like to see Rick and Kate having a baby, yes or no. I would have to guess the last one question would of had higher ratings. And for a story line, a pregnant Kate working in the 12th as captain, Rick in the boys working together in the 12th kidding ass and Alexis and Toks working as PI’s helping the 12th. The ratings would of been higher then they were. And the cliffhanger at the end of season 8 would of been Kate and Rick rushing off to have the baby. Would of been a good cliff start up moving into season 9.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I love your baby idea, and her having lost her mother (on and on forsuch a major part of the series), it would have made sense for a break from the office to stay with the kid. It would have been like Colombo, which formula was hugely successful!

  30. Cat says:

    Loved both Body of Proof and of course Castle……if these TV exectutives think we need more Reality Shows….they need a “Reality ” check….
    CBS knows how to get a show, keep a show…..and keep viewers happy….
    Come on..all NCIS shows, Hawaii Five O, Blue Bloods…Big Bang…and hopefully Michael Weatherly’s new show..saw the trailer…..looks great.

  31. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband and I were big Body of Proof fans, until the last year, when she spoke kind of nastily to the lab and investigators. I never could figure out the direction they were going at the end, getting rid of cool characters and making her a grouch.

  32. Brain Dean says:

    i wish one day i will the cast of the show big fan of them. on my list one of the best TV show among all. rather than this i also like walking dead show also that is also the favorite list.

  33. Boiler says:

    Did she say anything about Nashville. At the end of the year it was certainly a lot better in viewers than 3 or 4 shows they kept and not that far off in the “ridiculous” demo number. As to Body of Proof that may have been the dumbest cancellation at the time they did it. Dana Delaney very popular.

  34. Rebecca B says:

    Wow! Could Fillion come across as any more douchetacular than he does in that clip? Why even sit down for the mini-interview if that’s how he’s going to answer questions? He’s not under contract for anything, so presumably he’s there on the lookout for new work.

    Unfortunately, he (at best) mistakes smugness for glibness, and isn’t making up for his boorish behavior with movie star good looks…or even good posture, for heaven’s sake. It’s not much of a calling card.

    NF, if you just couldn’t be bothered, why did you?

    • Cat says:

      You should see his video for last year’s Comicon, Alan was there then too and I found them to be very disrespectful to Stana’s character Kate and her role on the show. That video is what me think the rumours about Nathan’s treatment of Stana were true.

  35. AMG says:

    I wish they would explain why they cancelled Forever and whether they wish that they had kept the show. In terms of audience numbers, Forever did about as well as Body of Proof. And Forever has an international following as well.

  36. einat162 says:

    The one good thing ABC did was cancelling Castle and not continue with Nathan alone. Other than that, I miss Forever. I got me hooked starting from episode one.

  37. georgee says:

    This week the president of ABC at a meeting tried to explain why Katic got fired from Castle. I’m sorry not invited back. Something about two tracks at the beginning of the season that the show could of gone. Paul Lee was the president at the beginning of the season, wonder if he knew about the two tracks. Hawley managed to have a train wreck on both tracks. Like good politician the new president never did answer the question why Katic was not invited back, (fired) two weeks afterFillion signed a new contract for a season 9. Like one of the countries best actress said (What difference at this point does it make) I’m sure going to miss Monday nights with Castle, back to football.

  38. georgee says:

    The President of ABC (Dungey) told us of two tracks that Castle could of gone down at the beginning of season 8. We all know the track H&W went down the wrong one (LokSat) causing big train wreck. Are the 10 million fans ever going to know what the story line would of been on the other track ? What ever it was it would of been better than LokSat, and maybe in September we all would be watching a season 9 with both leads in place, but ABC had to fire the lead actress because of budget problems. Do ever think Dungey will tell us the whole story?

  39. Michael Summerset says:

    I’d rather not see a live action Star Wars TV show.

    The original efforts fell through because the animated series were doing too well and it just didn’t make sense to do a live action series that wasn’t able to deliver the same effects and sets the animated shows could. But if they did one now it wouldn’t be for the fans, it would be to cash in on Star Wars and milk it for everything they could. They could throw together some cheap story and slap the Star Wars name on it.

    The animated shows have been able to deliver the sophistication in the story that any live action show could. There’s no need. And once Episode IX comes out it will seem as if Star Wars is over. People aren’t going to be all that interested in story that takes place before and any story afterwards could only hurt it.

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