Castle Season 8 Finale DVD Dead

Castle's Original Cliffhanger Ending/ Season 9 Set-Up Is Missing From Final Season DVD Extras — Here's Why

Castle fans looking to experience exactly how Season 8 was supposed to end — in a way that teed up a Beckett-less Season 9 — won’t find that “extra” on the ABC series’ final DVD set.

TVLine has confirmed that among the deleted scenes on Castle: The Complete Eighth Season (available Aug. 23), not included is the cliffhanger ending that was to close Season 8 in the event of renewal. (Because ABC cancelled the drama five days prior to the finale, producers were able to tack on a coda that leaped forward seven years and confirmed “Happily Ever After” for Rick, Kate and their three kids.)

While some may surmise that the original ending simply didn’t feature the flash-forward (and thus faded to black with the marrieds on the loft floor, bleeding out from gunshots), there were other, subtle differences — though not enough to merit inclusion in the DVD set.

In addition to “some minor editing throughout [the episode] for time,” Season 8 co-showrunner Alexi Hawley tells TVLine, “The only editorial difference between the two [shootout] scenes was the cliffhanger version used some different shots at the very end to highlight the two of them on the floor together, rather than getting us into the tracking shot that took us to the time jump to the happy family.”

Had Castle been renewed, there would have been a time jump when Season 9 picked up, in part to accommodate the writing-out of Rick’s wife Kate, since Stana Katic had not been invited back for the fall. (As TVLine previously shared, one possible scenario had Beckett faking her death to join some sort of superspy organization.)

All told, Castle: The Complete Eighth Season features all 22 episodes from what would be the show’s final season, two audio commentaries (Nathan Fillion and guest star Adam Baldwin talk “Cool Boys,” while Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever and writer Barry O’Brien revisit “Heartbreaker”), bloopers, deleted scenes and a featurette in which the cast’s detective skills are tested by a puzzle room a la Season 8’s “The Blame Game.”

VIDEO: Castle’s Nathan Fillion on Not Getting
a ‘Proper’ Goodbye, The Season 9 Plan

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  1. David4 says:

    Best cancelation of a show since 7th Heaven.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      Which time?

    • veronica says:

      100% agree. you can’t market the show as a fun-love story they way they did for years on end—and then kill one of the leads. i hope this becomes a lesson passed down to writers for years to come.

      • shir says:

        I agree veronica.
        I do hope all involved with this great show learned a lesson.
        Don’t kill head people off.
        Getr better writers.
        Get original people top oversee the final season – or any for that matter-fans deserved better.
        TRy to work out the problems behind th set if there were truly problems- we still don’t know, these have not been confirmed.
        And, be willing to pay the female what she might have been asking.

        • S. says:

          Better writers? As if they really had any say on what was happening here? ABC wasn’t letting them just write their vision, c’mon. They were doing the best they could with the network and BTS situation. It’s not like you can write your leads into being BFFs when they apparently weren’t. Once MilMar left there was apparently no way to keep it together. Whatever drama was going on must’ve been really hard for the showrunners to deal with and frankly it’s impressive that they did as well as they did. This wasn’t about paying Stana enough money. ABC didn’t even ask her what she wanted for a S8 and they didn’t care.

          I find it strange to think that Nathan would sink the ship rather than put up with anything he’d dealt with for 7 previous seasons, or that Stana was a terrible person, so it’s confusing. Something must’ve been so off that they couldn’t at least be civil. I can’t imagine what that was. It certainly wasn’t the writers’ fault though.

          • Grey says:

            Just my opinion but I don’t think there was a “problem,” “issue,” or whatever we want to label it in the absence of facts, for all “7 previous seasons.” Personally I noticed a real “shift” in the chemistry, if you will, about midway through season six and thinking at the time, “Hmm.” And actually, I first got suspicious when the show reached the 100th episode mark (season 5) – a HUGE achievement in this day and age of TV – and Fillion and Katic didn’t do any press/interviews *together* to mark the success. That just seemed odd to me at the time. You’d think they would have done at least one interview *together* … or at least together with Marlowe. But no. He did his press junket and she did hers and that was it. But I brushed it all off as me being such a huge fan of the show that I was being hypersensitive *and* I really didn’t want to believe there could be a problem between the two leads. But then when it became blatantly obvious that the writers/producers were trying to find a way to keep the *characters* together while *physically* keeping Fillion and Katic’s scenes together to a minimum – actually starting with the whole Rick Castle P.I. storyline and going forward into the nonsensical Lokstat story – I knew something was wrong. But without proof you really can’t say anything because people say you’re being stupid or you’re just trying to spread rumors, etc. But now, sadly, I get to say “I told you so,” and that gives me no joy.

      • shir says:

        Whoever came up with this silly idea that we fan would even go with it had to be “dumb-founded”.

  2. c-mo says:

    My Monday’s at 9pm (CT) just won’t be the same come fall. 😞

    • shir says:

      Since I wold get Castle at 10pm. I can watch a tape at that time or TNT and usedto it.

      Wont be watchig ABC.

      My best all of you who choose to watch the new pogram.

  3. Leigh says:

    I will miss this show, but I am glad they left this ending off the DVD release. 😥

  4. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband and I were looking forward to the show continuing, and we hope Mr. Fillion will land a mystery solving show, in the future. He was great! The show derailed when it went on and on and on about her mother, etc. It was the best when he was meeting with the other writers at the poker games and brainstorming, imho. The husband liked it best when he was the one figuring things out.

  5. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Some wounds are slow to heal, and the terrible eighth season of Castle is one of those for me.

    • Vicky Durrenberg says:

      Could not agree more. Season 8 was totally stupid.

    • KLS says:

      +1. Won’t be buying it or watching it in syndication, if it gets there.

    • lkh says:

      JB–I’ll be writing’ your name in this November. :]

    • David4 says:

      Season 7th wasn’t that much better.

      It’s like picking between Clinton and Trump, both are horrible.

      Bartlett 2016!

    • Jody says:

      Brilliant response and sums up my feelings perfectly.

      I won’t be buying S8. Castle will always end at Hollanders Woods for me

    • Manuel Schuster says:

      You are right. I am also still sad how this wonderfull Show ended. I like watching the old Episodes. Greetings from Cologne, Germany by Manuel Schuster

    • shir says:

      think most all of us agree with that one.

    • Grey says:

      The way things ended (behind the scenes) has sort of tainted the whole series for me. I know I’ll eventually get over it but right now I don’t even want to watch the re-runs on TNT. I realize all work places have there up and downs, good working relationships that sometimes deteriorate over time etc., but (however unrealistic) you just expect the working relationships on TV shows to be different. I’m buying the season eight DVD (already have it pre-ordered) only because I don’t like having an incomplete set of something – I’m just anal that way, lol. However, I suspect it may never be taken out of the shrink-wrap. :-| I also suspect it won’t sell as well as previous seasons but you never know – someone people enjoy watching train wrecks. And yes, if TPTB actually cared more about quality than money they wouldn’t put season eight in the syndication rotation but it is all about the money so I’m sure they will. ABC probably already has it in their late night rotation(?).

  6. Just one thing says:

    Too bad that DVD set is going to be the lowest-selling season of them all by a LONG shot.
    I still can’t believe this humble little show had to go out with such bad press and even worse blood. What a damn shame.

    • lkh says:

      Hey JOT–you think you feel bad, I’m trying to figure out how to get my money back on the first 7 dvd sets–can’t even watch them. Pennies on the dollar–anyone, anyone? :]

      • lgg says:

        I only bought all 8 seasons of castle because of stana only.

      • Just one thing says:

        Ouch! 😄 Make them White Elephant gifts this Christmas.

      • Olivia says:

        I used to buy sets (way too many) as soon as they were out but with the digital era and so any disappointing shows/endings I don’t buy anything until a show is over now.
        If I want to rewatch an ep, then the internet is my friend. Once a show is over, if I really liked it and feel rewarded as a fan, then they can have my money. They already had my time when it aired, they need to make me really want to give them any money especially when I can’t even get some back trying to sell the sets so… it’s a never-going-back type of investment these days so it better be worth every damn cent. I have more than enough dust-collecting, space-eating stuff on my shelves already.

      • irenepal says:

        I know what you mean. I used to love watching castle; sometimes on a daily basis (season 4 and 5 were the best) i loved the chemistry between all the characters but since the season 8 crappola watching it now just doesn’t feel the same – the magic is gone for me.

    • Have you ever considered that maybe they didn’t not want Stana back but her contract demands were too much to bring her back?

      If it got to a point where 2-3 supporting actors would need to be cut or severely limited, and maybe numerous staff members, to justify her increased salary for a struggling show, the tough decision might have been made to not bring her back to save the program for the people who need it.

      Do I know if that’s the case? No, but Stana’s a millionaire, and a lot of the people behind the scenes probably weren’t.

      • Cat says:

        Only problem with that was that she wasn’t even asked back so how could they know her demands?

        • Having gone through these negotiations the last few years they may have known what her demands were and simply wanted to put together a budget for the studio to keep the show alive.

        • Black Rose says:

          I’m not sure how you know at what point in the process they made the decision not to ask her back. It could very well have been after they received a demand from her people for a pay increase. There is no way the general public would really know the answer to that. I also think they were trying to revamp the show (listening to feedback from fans) and bring some new life to to by changing the format. Then after a huge backlash from said fans, they just cancelled it outright. Moral of the story: don’t listen too much to the fans. The writers on TWD are a good example of not pandering to the fans, and in the end, keeping it fresh and exciting.

        • Tania Gruttemeyer says:

          yes, they did she made them well known

        • Grey says:

          Thank you Cat. *That* was the whole thing that got the fans so upset in the beginning (before all the other stuff started coming out). If Stana had said, “I really don’t want to do this any more (for whatever reason),” “I’ve got too many other projects or things I want to focus my time on,” or even “I want 5 Billion dollars per episode and all the crown jewels in The Tower of London,” then I think for the most part the fans would have understood her not being asked back – they wouldn’t have been happy *but* they would have understood. But to not even ask her and then blame it on the budget? Please. EVERYBODY knew that was BS. Come on! *If* it had really been all about the budget there was a much simpler answer – get rid of the actors who played Haley and Vickrum who none of fans liked *and* if need be Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, and then maybe Tamela Jones. There is no way you can convince me that the combine salaries of those four to five actors wouldn’t have been enough to cover Stana’s salary – and even provide enough for a raise – for one more season. Heck, they could have even offered her a “half season” (13 episodes) while given Fillion a whole season *if* they had really wanted her back. But they were looking for an excuse to get rid of Stana and “budget” is always a good “go to” option. They just misjudge the lack of stupidity on the part of the fans. Big time.

      • Just one thing says:

        We all have a choice in what narrative we believe and why we believe it.
        If you want to believe the story that Stana Katic demanded so much money – not to mention the moon, then that’s well within your right.
        But I’m not gonna waste time trying to change your mind or understand your logic.
        Castle is thankfully over, so we should all try to move on. Peace.

    • joey says:

      Yes is a shame that the show is gone, over 10 million views per episode for the first seasons. Paul Lee made a big mistake by having as a show runner. He still was mad about the ending of season 4. Hawley just ended up being a big liar, he told us he would not cut the heart and soul out of Castle, but end the end of 8/2 he had done just that. When Paul Lee not invited back (fired) we all hoped that the new president would look into the real reason for the low ratings, she did not. She should of not invited the two show runners back her first day of her new job (fired them) and looked into turning the show back to its greatness, not into a spin off. When Stana was not invited back (fired) Castle was over. It would of been great storyhe see the missing 7 years.

    • shir says:

      To just one thing-

      How true. This great show had to be handled in such a way that the background people did not do the job that they were expected to do.
      Where was Andrew?
      As a long time fan I feel sad and so disappointed.

  7. JM says:

    Obviously it was going to end with Beckett coding in an ambulance (or something similar) with Rick watching and then fade to black. They just didn’t want any more blacklash than they already gotten.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


      • AnneK says:

        Rick looking into an empty loft while his wife will spend years on an undercover mission making him believe she was dead – after her suffering the loss of her mother and promises made after getting him back S8. Thank God for cancellation

      • georgee says:

        Matt if that is incorrect, what is correct? Talking about incorrect, what about 11/21/2015, did Rick and Kate make a baby in episode last seduction.

  8. Rick Katze says:

    Knowing how greedy Hollywood is, I assume the missing ending will show up with the rip-off super-special edition at an obscene price.

    • Grey says:

      Yep. I’m thinking the same thing. The special “20th Anniversary Edition.” I would say Blue Ray but I’m sure there will be some other new tech by them. ;-)

  9. L. F. says:

    After a disastrous season 8, why would anyone want a season 9, and without Beckett? Hawley, winter and Fillion are insanely stupid and evil. The show was about Castle and Beckett for God’s sake! It wasn’t about Fillion’s real life dreams. 🙄

    • Karen Jones says:

      There is zero verifiable evidence that Fillion wanted Stana gone. Do you think ABC would have cancelled the show like it did, effectively pulling the rug out from under Fillion & everyone else if had any say in the matter? He was doing his job by continuing on with the show, & Stana would have done the same, imo.

      • Karen Jones says:

        *if he had any say

      • M.A. Winter says:

        Insiders have said he made moves to get her ousted. Katic was never approached. She never said or hinted she didn’t want to come back. When she was told she wasn’t wanted or needed, she was very upset. She felt betrayed.
        I realize Fillion has his fans and defenders. But the man hasn’t held a job this long. People change overtime. Especially when someone starts to outshine them. He’s never had competition before. And Katic was competition because she was getting the offers and he was relying on friends to get gigs. Think of what he has done. It’s all been friend connections. Why? It’s because he’s got a reputation. Everyone who says he’s nice are friends. Though those in the industry would disagree.
        I’m not a Stana fan. She’s got her own little issues to sort out. Including ignoring her responsibilities.
        One more thing on SK’s contract…. they begged her to come back in season 8. They waited until 10 days after wrapping season 7 before extending her an offer.
        And stop blaming Alexi Hawley. He was put into an awful position because of the contracts. Fillion wanted a short work week and wanted reduced filming schedule with SK. I realize people want to proof, but you’re not gonna get it.

  10. Court says:

    Omg it’s time to move on. Castle is over. Done. Why does any of this matter anymore? Good riddance that the show was cancelled

  11. cadfile says:

    A final gut punch for a disappointing season. The actors were great but the plot line and writing just seemed to be phoned in.

  12. kmw says:

    Does it actually matter that this specific deleted scene didn’t make it on to the DVD? Probably not and not just because it wouldn’t help anything. I find most deleted scenes aren’t worth watching. And really including the ” real ” ending would make people want to buy the DVD after the way Castle ended? Not so much.

  13. Kathy Anderson says:

    If this is comments for CASTLE my post is this….It ended badly, because it should have never ended. I am so mad and sad that this show was canceled. I loved it !!

    • Jen says:

      Ditto! Loved the show, sad it had to end. I don’t care about the politics. Thought the show was great. Love Castle and Beckett!!

  14. icydevil says:

    Being a die-hard fan of Castle, I never thought I’d say this but I am SO glad the show ended. The bad blood behind the scenes especially between Fillion and Katic was hurting the show and the viewers because of Fillion’s fragile ego. He always thought he was too big for the show, now he should just know that we Castle fans tolerated him only because of Stana’s Beckett. I hope he fails in all his future endeavors being an awful actor that he was.

    • mooshki says:

      Speak for yourself. Some of us only tolerated Beckett because of Castle. We just weren’t as loud in the comments.

      • Castle fan says:

        It is true that there are viewers like you, but you are in the absolute minority otherwise the show would not have been canceled due to lack of audience.

        • @ Castle fans, that’s not true, 6 months before this mess, the fans had turned on Stana, demanding the show stopped the LokSat debacle, and either have her be nicer to Rick, or get rid of her completely.

          It goes to show that lighthearted shows occasionally have the most violently-aggressive fans, that can’t make up their mind….. which is probably why they watched Castle, a great Live-Action Scooby-Doo at first, then a flimsy Conspiracy thriller, that had some of the poorest plot-lines ever seen on TV.

          • Allie says:

            The whole LokSat debacle was a direct result of Fillion asserting in his contract he only work with Stana 2 days in the filming schedule. It had NOTHING to do with Stana and I highly doubt you will find anyone blaming the separation of characters on Stana, that was all Hawley and Winter.

          • CG says:

            Good God, and you know all this how? “Someone” said? Who and please be specific–the person in charge of the show? An executive with ABC–or just the “someone” who knows everything and is made up in some people’s minds. I seriously cannot and will not take an explanation from some of these disgruntled “fans” who do nothing but bash either actor who they have decided is to blame. Guess what? Show’s been cancelled–move on or shut up. Claiming knowledge of contracts which you have never seen or read is just showing your total ignorance–and it shows. SMDH

        • DJ Doena says:

          I never understood this feud between Beckett fans and Castle fans but your logic is faulty.

          If the viewership was truly leaning towards Beckett, it would not have been Katic to be let go if it actually was due to a conflict behind F/K behind the scenes.

  15. I'm done with this **** says:

    I would think of buying the DVD set if it included more footage of Captain Kate Beckett.

  16. Yvonne says:

    I don’t want to see the show be gone. I love that show watch ever nite. If Kate leaves the show. The show wouldn’t be worth watching. Kate and casel make that that show. Reconsider pls.

  17. Astrogirl says:

    “a featurette in which the cast’s detective skills are tested by a puzzle room a la Season 8’s “The Blame Game.””

    I’m more interested in that, to be honest.

  18. Evan says:

    Here’s a question no one’s asked:

    Are the books ending? I’ve pre-ordered the latest Nikki Heat novel and I’m really hoping ABC will still be doing these, along with Derek Storm novels.

    Hell, I”m hoping they’ll still do “Adaptations” of the previous Storm novels via Marvel.

    • Chelle says:

      Disney Publishing announced that another novel is coming in May 2017. Beyond that nothing seems to have been decided. It will probably depend on the sales of these next two books.

      • Grey says:

        I also heard or read somewhere that Marlowe is thinking of continuing the story of Castle and Beckett in book form. So maybe we will get to “see” the events of those “seven years later” and beyond. I hope so. But yes, I do suspect the future of the “Nikki Heart” novels will depend on sales of these next two books.

  19. John NYC says:

    But. Was it green screened?

  20. DJ Doena says:

    TBH, I didn’t like the Rear Window episode very much. It was too contrieved, too many coincedences necessary to make the to-be-revealed-setup and thus the plot actually work. Especially BECAUSE it was staged and not some random happenstance.

    My favourite episode are still “A Rose for Everafter” and “Murder He Wrote”

  21. Lucia Fugazza says:

    remember Always one thing for all the fans in the world NO STANA NO CASTLE! Fillion can do all that he want but for Castle NO STANA NO Castle! Now the only word is STOP all is oVER!

  22. N says:

    I loved Castle

  23. Paul Hersh says:

    I was glad it ended; season 7 and 8 did wrong to the show; although the premise of 7(finding out why Castle became a crime novelist aka Hollander Woods) and 8(the complete organization of Bracken and friends)
    They mentioned how could Bracken and his money stayed hidden for people in DC if some of those people were on his side(read Linksat).
    I was dissapointed because the end did not show how all characters ended up after 7 years; as Lani; Javier; Kevin and Alexis).
    The one show who did this ok: Six Feet Under!!

  24. Tom Hunter says:

    Always thought Nathan would be the perfect actor to play the some of Jimmy Rockford in a revival of ROCKFORD FILES or play Jim in a reboot of the series. Or revive MAVERICK with Nathan as Bret. Yep, I think he is very much in the vein of James Garner as an actor!

  25. georgee says:

    ABC gave a away the best show they had. The net work talks the talk about gender equality but fails to walk the walk, fired four actresses in the last 2 seasons, not one actor. The two bosses of Castle in season 8 were just wrong for the show, worst show runners ever. Last year on August 4th the show runners told us big changes wee coming for Beckett in season 8. The changes came they refused to listen to what the fans wanted, and after the train fell off the tracks in 8/2 the show was done. All last summer all the show runners was the split between Rick and Kate, and them they could not figure out why the season opener had low rating, and only lost more as they failed to change the BS show line. Earlier this year ABC told us the season 8 dvd would carry extras, not. But as one of ABC best actress said At this point what does it matter. Nothing to watch on ABC this fall, going back to CBS they care.

  26. Terrible ending to a show that was awesome, but went horribly wrong when conspiracy became ‘their thing’…… conspiracy isn’t, and never was Castle’s thing.

  27. ru an says:

    There is always the big screen for T.V. shows!

  28. Tom-VA49 says:

    The character of Rick Castle was superficially a clown but his mother and daughter told us that there was more to him. The relationship he developed with Kate Beckett (an underachiever (in my estimation) showed us how good a person Rick could be, but on his own he went back to his clownish ways.

    The actors had on-screen chemistry at first but that soured, causing the writers to change the story lines from procedurals that highlighted the strengths of the team and that’s when things went badly.

    I will always wonder if Nathan Fillion’s ego killed the show. I hope he learned that he owed Stana’s performances more than he could imagine. I rarely watch the re-runs anymore and won’t buy the DVD set.

    • lindag413 says:

      I agree with you, Nathan had an ego but we will never get the bottom line on how much he added to the mess. They set up Kate and Stana from episode 2 for failure and they banked on fans turning on her so they could kill her off…. But they did not plan on the fact that the news of her being basically let go would turn the table on Nathan and H&W and the rage that was unleashed.
      It should be taught in film school How To Destroy A Show by Hawley and Winter.

  29. lindag413 says:

    Season 8 was horrible and I stopped at 16 I am sure the money they tried to save by not bringing. Stana and Tamala back was the worst cost savings blunder in tv history.
    Hollander’s Woods is my series finale.

  30. Debos says:

    I watched for Castle. Never liked the stiff, rude detective. Improbable romance. I kept hoping they’d make their own team mom, castle and daughter and beat out the cop trio at their own game. I hate it when shows always mess it up with an on again off again romance. You know the minute that happens it’s the end. And what happened? Castle disappears and wedding fails. That was the beginning of the end.
    And the show was called Castle. Not Castle and Beckett not Beckett.

    • caitlin says:

      The argument about the show being called Castle is getting tiresome. The show creator always said that the show was about Castle and Beckett, not just Castle.

      • MikeM says:

        I always saw Castle as the story of Beckett as told by Castle just like the books. The Nikki Heat novels were never about Rook, he was the secondary character. When Marlowe was running the show look at the writing, the story was Beckett’s not Castle’s. When, in Season 7, the story shifted to Castle’s story, the ratings began the slide.

      • Debos says:

        Since that wasn’t my main argument Its gratuitous to call tiresome. I read the original description too but the show never seemed about them since Them never clicked. And plots change. Characters stay and others go. The adversarial damaged personality of Beckett was never going to be happy as Mrs. Castle.. All those secrets, the FBI offer,etc. watching the short haired detective who looked professional turn into the overly made up, flopping hair glamour queen was unbelievable. That’s why the 3 Castles would have been more fun. Shows can change.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I loved Castle and the family, too!

  31. MMD says:

    Castle episodes seem to be on every channel these days and after all the behind the scenes drama and how the final season played out, I suddenly realized that I would never be watching another episode of Castle again. Surprised myself because I was so angry with everyone involved but figured that it would fade, which it has. I simply no longer care and for someone who will rewatch entire series over and over, it’s kind of sad. I probably also won’t watch anything that Nathan Fillion is in because his massive ego is not attractive, to me anyway.jmho

  32. MRogers says:

    Never, had many more stories to tell…Super Natural season 11, Grey’s Anatomy who knows what season it’s in been on so long…Castle was my favorite show on TV…reminded me of Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cibil Shepard…BIG mistake cancelling it.

  33. Jess says:

    People keep talking about Nathan’s ‘ego’, based on no evidence whatsoever except repetition from the hater gang. I believe he has a healthy ego that any confident person has, no more no less than what Stana or any other actor has. For biased fans, when it comes to Nathan, it’s always him and his ‘ego’ at fault, while with Stana, she’s always within her rights to demand whatever she wants including time off and holds no responsibility whatsover for her own dealings with the network. Okay. Smh at the perpetual double standards and judgement based on lack of evidence.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      All successful actors have an “ego”, or they could not do what they do. I guess it’s all down to who happens to be around when one says a sentence. The husband was griping for years that Castle was made a doofus, hanging around, and he wanted Castle to be the one solving crimes, again. He kept watching the show, hoping for the old Castle to come back. The growing focus on Beckett confused me. It jelled with some viewers, but not with others. Developments like that must make it frustrating for actors, especially if your character is being sidelined. But you are right that this is all speculation. I took Castle’s cancellation as a way to take the focus off of Nashville’s cancellation, btw.

  34. Luis says:

    The WORST final season of any show I can remember.

    • KLS says:

      It has a lot of competition but I am sure it’s right up there. As stated by someone above, a sad and unbelievable ending for a once good/entertaning show.

  35. VegasGal72 says:

    I am sure this DVD set will be flying off the shelf. LOL

  36. Mary says:

    Not that I intend to buy season 8 DVD (because I surely won´t, my series finale is season 7), but thank God they didn´t include any alternate ending!

  37. Kelly says:

    I just started watching the show… Caught reruns on TNT because I have been ill. It really is sad that such a good, well written show, went out with such bad press. Stana is precious and without her character…what would be the point of the show… Seriously. I am just now to the proposal, and trying to make things work. My best friend loaned me her DVDs seasons 1-5 so that I could catch up on the ones I missed not shown in order on TV. It IS a good show…too bad it had to end. Guess I’ll keep watching Bones for one more season…gotta love Booth and Temperance.

  38. Clau says:

    As nice as that whoel family scene may have been…
    The whole final scene of the episode was SO stupid. Suddenly the dead guy (who’s identity was confirmed, not just believed) was alive again. And he was waiting for them in the loft. Really.
    It’s obvious how the intended the season to end. But seriously they should have both died. I mean, they just brought that big ‘case’ to a close. They were living in the loft alone; no red heads at this point. Everyone involved in what went down would have gone home. To come down, relax, hug their loved ones (hey Ryan). So in all seriousness and using your brain: how probable would it be that someone would have shown up and found those two in time to save even one of them??

    So if people saying that scene at the end with the kids felt more like some kind of ‘what could have been’ are actually thinking about reality and what’s possible.

    And considering what would have come with season 9, I was never more glad to hear oabout a cancelation.

  39. teri says:

    That clip proves that Nathan really cared less about Castle. Really? No best memories. He is a ego maniac that I dislike

    • PatriciaLee says:

      And you have never blanked out? I haven’t seen it, yet, but I had a Spanish professor ask us what our favorite tv shows were, and I couldn’t think of anything other than Prison Break that our family just started watching. The human brain is a complicated organ, a machine mixed with emotion. It just doesn’t “snap to it”. We look in our mind’s eye, but maybe the emotion hasn’t entered the room, yet, focused on some previous words or happening.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, that interview is painful. Nathan’s body language and inability to look the interviewer in the eye when answering the questions just confirms how little he wants to think about Castle. Confirms for me that he and his ego were pushing for the end of Beckett and the VERY misguided idea to have Castle, Alexis, and Haley take over the series. Fan reaction from the first promo of season 8, and from rumors of a Castle/Beckett split, should have shown them how unpopular a Becketless series would be. ABC was committed to Nathan as the talent. Too bad they couldn’t see that it was the core team of Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Espo that made the show a success.

    • Bellbrook says:

      agree about Nathan’s ego, especially after Stana was not asked back. Nathan could have shown some class since he had got want he wanted but his big ego got in the way.

  40. Erin says:

    It won’t be the same without Castle in my TV lineup. Wish it gone out on a better note.

  41. Andrew Hass says:

    My guess is the alternate ending just had Castle and Beckett both injured and maybe with flashbacks of their relationship airing.Then if there had been a season 9 my guess is the time jump would have been after Beckett died and Castle recovering from his injuries.

  42. pt says:

    Love the show but as great as he was. She was just as good. They had chemistry.

    Will be missed not just them but the great cast. All of them were special. Miss both of the Captains.

  43. Ellen says:

    Matt, do you know which of the actual cast filmed the puzzle room featurette?

  44. Sharin says:

    When you ask for a comment,y you don’t tell somebody what they can’t write.anyway without cursing, I am sorry the show ended,Why does somebody always die?what was the real reason Kate,was not returning? I thought the show was continuing what happened?

  45. Cindy says:

    I love Cade. I hate the network decided to end the series, but since they did, the ending should have included what the time traveler, in “Time will tell”, S6,E05 foretold. Beckett at a Senator and Castle as the writer of serious novels. Now that would have been a good ending!!!!

  46. Kate says:

    I love NF and I love SK. This show was pure magic!

    I was disappointed when the wedding didn’t happen. But, I was willing to keep watching. And, even though they NEVER explained Rick’s disappearance in a logical way, I was willing to overlook that not so tiny fact.

    Season 8, however, made zero sense. Let’s take two characters who had shown immense growth and make them act totally out of character! Yup!

    I don’t believe the crap being spewed about NF and SK.

    I do think ABC #@!ed up and that the newly appointed show runners had zero vision!

    I don’t understand the purpose of this article. Much ado about nothing!

    • kmw says:

      You can believe what you want but it wasn’t just ABC that screwed up. BOTH actors were told to go to couples therapy. That doesn’t sound like they were getting along now does it? Nope. As horrible as these two show runners were( and they were terrible) they were forced into writing that crap and spewing it out as ” fun”. Of course ABC is to blame as well. if Paul Lee was still in charge Castle would still be around with or without Katic. You are correct however in saying what is the point of this article because none of it matters anymore( but look at all the hits TV LINE has gotten from this) Castle is gone and given what was coming for most fans any way it is a good thing it isn’t coming back

      • Kate says:

        Where is the evidence they went to couples therapy? I mean actual evidence, not an anonymous online report?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Please, let’s not go down that silly rabbit hole again. Plenty of other sites out there to discuss gossip, people.

        • kmw says:

          Sorry I wont go down that hole again but Castle the last season or so without them being on screen as much together turned some fans off and not all of that is on the writers. It’s just a shame however that whatever the reason their chemistry was wasted and the show didn’t get a proper end. Really is the way Castle ended the way you wanted it to end? I bet most fans would say no. Apologies again for spreading gossip

  47. Teresa Smith says:

    Please renew Castle with same crew! Miss Castle SO MUCH!!

  48. John NYC says:

    The network/show jacked him and fellow cast and crew around dangling another season of work and then after many had committed; pulled the rug out from under them.

    A polite dodge may have been the best to expect given the understandable disappointment.

  49. ludi66 says:

    All I can say is that it was a great show then something went wrong. Was it really that the 2 stars didn’t get along? What a stupid waste. But the show was impossible without Kate. All I know is that they both were stars in a great show for many years.

  50. Chiara (Chandramas) says:

    It seem they forgot Stana Katic was on the show again, in this season dvd.

    She hasn’t had a commentary since Cuffed. She had a 5 minutes thing in season 6 and that’s it.

    Again ABC made me sick with its policy. I miss “my” show, It ended in season 6