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Bones Boss Talks [Spoiler]'s Return, Puppeteer Twist and Season 12: 'We're Leaving No Unfinished Business'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Bones.

The past came back to haunt Bones during Thursday’s Season 11 finale as the team chased down The Puppeteer serial killer and found a familiar face behind the mayhem!

Tormented by nightmares, Brennan sought out the help of a psychologist (played by The Good Wife‘s Tim Guinee), whom Booth came to suspect was their murderer. But when Brennan was taken from the lab while the shrink sat in FBI custody, the truth was (sort of) revealed: former squint Zack (Eric Millegan) had somehow escaped the psych ward and kidnapped his ex-boss because… he is The Puppeteer?

Below, executive producer Jonathan Collier talks about the shocking twist and how it speaks to Season 12’s rewarding theme. The EP also previews Brennan and Booth’s “very different views” on Zack and hints at another big return. (Read actor Eric Millegan’s thoughts on his return here.)

TVLINE | Can you confirm that Zack is The Puppeteer? This is not a misdirect?
I can’t confirm anything. It’s really gratifying to be where we take everything. Everything is very, very satisfying. Everything makes sense. Everything is earned, and everything is surprising. And there will be more of Zack in Season 12.

TVLINE | How long has this return been in the works?
We were really talking about it all of last season. We knew we wanted to use this character and to use Eric. Once we knew [Season 12] would be the last season, that’s when we really started to figure out how to do it. It really speaks to what we are doing in Season 12, which is trying to leave no unfinished business. We want to keep it exciting, keep challenging our characters, keep the story moving forward, keep developing our stories, but also really reward the fans who have been with us a long time.

Bones RecapTVLINE | It’s been quite a while since we last saw Zack. What can you say about how much he’s changed and what his headspace is now?
He’s as brilliant, as interesting, as complex as ever – if not more so. I feel like they were just starting to scratch the surface of a new aspect of his character when he first left the series [in Season 3], and this is our chance to dig into that.

TVLINE | Could Zack have been escaping this whole time? We know The Puppeteer has been renting out a basement and killing these people and living with them, but Zack was in a psychiatric hospital!
With Zack, you’re talking about someone with extraordinary ability….

TVLINE | So he could find his way out of the psychiatric hospital? He’s that smart?
I’m not going to give you any specifics, but I’m saying that Zack has a profound capability to make things happen, and there’s even real life situations where people have had control over circumstances when you think they wouldn’t be able to.

TVLINE | His last words — the last words of this finale — are, “We have so much to talk about.” What should we make of the fact that he wants to speak to Brennan?
Well, one thing you might make of it is that he’s had an internal life. Things have been going on, and he wants to talk to her both about what’s happening with her [and] what’s happening with him. I’m not going to tell you for how long, but there is going to be an ongoing relationship between them.

TVLINE | How does this twist impact Brennan and Booth’s relationship going forward?
They’re going to have very different views — and it’s not necessarily what you are expecting — of Zack’s culpability and how much you can blame him, how one would judge him, and how one would forgive him.

TVLINE | Are there any other big returns in Season 12?
Yes. We have a huge return coming up. My advice is pay attention to the first two, even three seasons. The seeds have been sown, and now we are reaping the harvest.

Stay tuned to TVLine for lots more Bones scoop! Until then, grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick.

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  1. Staci says:

    I never really cared if Zack came back or not, but holy crap was that amazing!!

  2. Mindy says:

    I’m really going to be disappointed if they turn Zack into the bad guy.

    • Wendy says:

      With all due respect, he turned into a bad guy the moment he helped a killer and used confidentiality from Sweets to avoid prison.

      • Kay says:

        I don’t know. While his actions were undeniably wrong, and I fully agree with you on that point, he believed he was doing so for rational reasons. He was heavily manipulated in part due to his sweet naivety. I found it hard to regard him as a “bad guy” in any traditional sense. He was simply led astray.

        So if he’s truly doing evil of his own right, I’m going to be disappointed as well. I trust the showrunners, so here’s hoping there’s a logical conclusion to be reached here that stays true to Zach’s character.

  3. amy says:

    Damn it. I knew they were dragging Zach into this. I hate this show

    • digitqlred93 says:

      My bet is that Zach (somehow) was aware that Bones’ life was in danger and grabbed her before the puppeteer could. It would be to out of character for him to want to hurt her or anyone else.

      I don’t remember the cigerette bit from the early seasons.

      • digitalred93 says:

        (too out of character)

        I wish we could edit our posts

      • suzi says:

        Wendell’s father died of cancer, and in his early appearances he would often carry a cigarette to remind him of what his father would do. I think that your idea, digitqlred93, makes sense, I thought of that too, as the obvious premise that Zack was the killer unfolded. I really hope we are right.

      • Em says:

        I like that idea. Because it broke my heart, way back in The Pain In The Heart when Zack turned out to be Gormogon’s apprentice. He always seemed to me, despite being ridiculously clever, like he had some sort of childlike innocence – hence he was somewhat manipulated then.

      • Kalli says:

        Zack often had a pencil over his ear, though.

        Wendell + cigarette = Zack + pencil

        • Nancy says:

          Does anyone know the significance of taking the shoes off? What was that about with the psych and Wendall?

  4. kmw says:

    Amazing episode but disappointed if Zack is really the killer. Just seemed obvious but who knows what they will do. But they were right on about how scary the episode was just terrific in every way. At least it seems clear Zack isn’t going to kill her. He obviously was smart enough to get out of his institution. I still gave the episode an A Now a very long wait till final season.

  5. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Their first boss who just disappeared one day and never came back will be revealed as the *real* Puppeteer, and also as Gormagon’s assistant who simply convinced Zack to take the fall for him!

    • David4 says:

      I agree. They need to bring the other boss back (Who was a better character in 22(?) episodes than Cam has been in 175.

      • Jennifer says:

        Wait … Who? I know there was the guy who headed the Jeffersonian, but who else was the lab boss? Is Bones on Netflix? I think I need to rewatch the whole series.

      • Black says:

        This is the first thing that came to mind after watching tonight’s finale — bring back Dr. Goodman! I loved Jonathan Adams on American Dreams, but I felt his character on Bones was too boring, but a storyline like this could really let his talents shine! Regardless of what happens, I’m excited for the final season … I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for it!

    • Em says:

      I think I might laugh if Dr Goodman turned out to have been behind everything… Would certainly be a twist!

    • Sarah says:

      Unlikely, unless it wasn’t actually the Puppeteer watching Brennan on the computer at the end of episode 8 – he’s not wearing gloves, and his hands are definitely white. What I can’t tell, however, is whether they’re scarred (which could prove or disprove that person is Zack).

  6. Clau says:

    Since I’ve lost interest in the show years ago, I don’t even care that they finally decided Zack still existed and even brought him back. You know, considering he hasn’t even been mentioned in years.

    • David4 says:

      I feel the same. If they mentioned something about him at all in the last 8 years would have been nice. But it’s why I only watch 2-3 episodes a year, I get the basics, nothing ever changes.

      • Kia says:

        riiiiiiiiiiight *rolls eyes*

      • Kia says:

        “last 8 years”? He was in season four and season 5. To just six years, if we want to be correct. And how is Zack’s storyline relevant “nothing ever changes” the characters went through many changes. I really love when people who don’t even watch the show anymore, talk about “it” and what’s going on with the show.

  7. heather says:

    Yadda yadda about Zack.

    Hope he doesn’t suck the life out of the last 12 eps.

    Can we talk about how off B&B were in this ep…seriously it was cold, Brennan was just mad at Booth in the few scenes they had…but she was a hug monster to her dad

    Don’t get it. They are married still right? Just not roomates?! I jest, I jest.

    • Kia says:

      From your previous comments, I KNEW you were going to say something like this and only this.

      • heather says:


        I care about Booth & Brennan. I don’t really care about Zack. I care that B&B were written in this manner when in other cases were they faced serial killers they actually communicated and stood together… They were damn cold in this ep, Brennan just acted annoyed with Booth, her husband, the entire ep, yet she was warm to her dad….For what purpose? What was Peterson trying to achieve by writing them like this?

    • M says:

      Are you for real? You’re bitching that a daughter sought comfort in her father?! Yet ironically, I’m sure you enjoy Booth/Christine scenes. You Booth stans are the fucking worst. Newsflash: Brennan’s life doesn’t solely revolve around Booth. Brennan was agitated, nervous and very scared throughout, god forbid she struggle with her emotions. I’m stunned that this is all you have to say after that episode.

    • M says:

      Are you seriously bitching that Brennan dared take comfort from someone other than Booth? HER FATHER no less??? God, you Booth stans are the worst. Brennan’s life doesn’t solely revolve arond Boith. It’s hilarious yet unbelievable that you’re mad that Max comforted his DAUGHTER after she woke from the nightmare that finally made her crack. (Yet, I’m sure you enjoy Booth/Christine scenes.)

      Brennan was agitated, scared and very nervous throughout, god forbid she struggle with those emotions.

      • heather says:

        Way to miss my point…and judgy much?…let me guess , you Brennan stans are just the worst!!!!! Wahhhhh. Wahhhhh!!

        MY POINT was that B&B usually get a key stand out scene were they connect. Where they are on the same page. A balance to the scenes were B&B aren’t. In this ep it was just B&B coldness & annoyance, whilst Max got the pleasant side.

        I am asking for balance, I am asking for B&B to be treated as a married couple and not some work colleagues who barely tolerate each other.

        I have seen B&B face down serial killers when they weren’t together and they showed more warmth & team spirit, than they did this entire ep.

        Peterson really missed the mark with B&B in this ep. IMO. Which is a shame because I loved how he wrote them in Monster in the Closet.

        • M says:

          “MY POINT was that B&B usually get a key stand out scene were they connect. Where they are on the same page.” Well, maybe the point is that they weren’t on the same page, that doesn’t make them less married, it just makes them human.

          Booth was worried about her throughout but given Brennan’s state of mind, it’s not surprising or unexpected that she was disconnected from pretty much everyone, not just Booth. And that needed to happen so she could be separated from everyone and then hence be taken.

          Also, this was the first part of a 2-parter, this ‘story’ is not over.

          • heather says:

            No it makes B&B look so disconnected, so much so to the point that Brennan is just wandering about with no FBI protection , then running off trying to prove she is right & Booth is wrong with when a serial killer is on the loose ,obsessed with her

            And don’t even get me started on why Brennan had NO police or security at her side when a serial killer was after her.

            Instead of being so concerned with the Zack reveal, maybe Peterson should of actually been concerned about writing a better B&B narrative. Like I said Monster in the Closet was surperb. This not so much. Take away David’s amazing directing & visuals, and the script narrative is lacking.

            The Gravedigger eps had a better narratives. Ones were Brennan had nightmares, faced off a serial killer & still was able to function like a human being without telling her husband that her dreams were none of his concern….I mean really Peterson?

            The more I think about it the more I am getting annoyed

    • kmw says:

      @ Heather I get what you are saying and I didn’t like Booth and Brennan being at odds but remember Brennan was sleep deprived she was cranky with everyone not just Booth. And yes I would have like that scene that she had with Max to be with Booth that wasn’t the point. The point is that Brennan is finally allowing her grudge with Max to go away and she let him in. It was nice to see her really hug him, she hasn’t since season three. I see where Bones is going with this and I think its going to be good. Both showrunners have given interviews and they seem to have a lot for Booth and Brennan and from what I read the actual cases of the week will be taking a back seat, which is just fine by me. I wouldn’t worry too much about Booth and Brennan. And you have to admit this season finale was way better than last years. Also I am not a huge fan of Zack but I don’t believe he is the killer, the real story is Brennan finding out about Zack’s lie. Booth and Brennan may not have been happy last night( most of the season they were) but at least it was their story

      • heather says:

        I appreciate your comment. Could you tell me were its heading? Cos after seeing Peterson’s take on Booth & Brennan last night , the writer & showrunner, I am fading fast.

        They have written Brennan suffering from nightmares before affecting her sleep, without this disconnect…seriously if you were new to Bones last night would you even think B&B were currently married? Or divorcees who have to tolerate each other due to work & kids?

        There wasn’t even one hint of affection, not one.

        What happened to the Brennan & Booth which had each others backs no matter what? What do we get? Brennan pushing Booth away every time he wants to help her, then Brennan & Booth fight just before she’s gets kidnapped by Zack: status unknown. Real nice.

        I too think Zack is possibility there to help Brennan and he has been set up by the “real” Puppeteer?! Idk tbh

        I do agree it was better than last years finale, David’s directing elevated the script. IMO.


        • I know Booth & Brennan were having issues, but married people fight so if you asked me if it seemed like they were married I’d say “yes”.

          Brennan always pushes people away when she has tunnel vision over a case-much like the Ghost Killer. I don’t like her “I’m the only one who can solve this case” ego and maybe if she’d shared with Booth about her nightmares or the feeling she was being watched, he would’ve realized it was Zack sooner. Whatever. I liked that she had a nice moment with Max, but he isn’t her FBI husband who is also working the case.

          This was not my favorite episode probably I didn’t care if Zack ever came back. I think Michael and Jonathan have done a good job as show runners and season 11 was much better than season 10. To me, this version of Brennan felt like her earlier self where she felt alone and didn’t relate to others.

        • kmw says:

          Yes they have written her differently before but this time its a little bit different. In episode 13 she for a split second thought something had happened to Christine. Knowing that it is easy to see why she was overwrought. The point I was starting to see last night is that Brennan is finally coming to understand what her parents did and will become far less judgmental of what they did. Even with taking just her worry for her kids she was sleep deprived way worse than the last time with Pelant. I love both Booth and Brennan and she certainly wasn’t the nicest last night but I understand why she was acting that way. And really I do agree they aren’t written well as a married couple anymore but I don’t know what to say about that but at least they were a little flirty with each other this season. Its probably a combination of writers who don’t want to play that angle anymore and I am sorry it might also be on the actors not wanting to play that anymore either. However they are bringing back Karine Rosenthal who writes terrific for Booth and Brennan and maybe she can get them some romance. I will also agree without a doubt they aren’t writing Booth well. He hasn’t to me been written well since Booth and Brennan got together and I don’t know if that’s on the writers or its David’s choice as an actor to play him the way he has. I do miss the old Booth that wouldn’t have let Brennan out of his sights but I guess that was then and this is something they don’t want to remember about Booth. As far as what is in store Peterson gave an interview last night they were bringing up something from Booth’s sniper years and Brennan will be dealing with her family( I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill off Max next season given what was said at Comic Con). It does sound like they have good things planned so I hope you hang in there. Zack is not the killer I don’t believe that at all just not realistic given their earlier episode it was a pretty good finale all things considered and I really do hope you stay with it

    • Kalli says:

      I actually thought her dad’s dialogue was rather bland and depthless, and that was why the scene fell flat.

  8. Kia says:

    There’s clearly more to the story, the interviews sound to me like Zack is not the killer (if he is, they better have some really good explanation what happend to him) but rather otherwise involved. Either way, I’m excited for what’s coming next! This should be interesting.

  9. demographically insignificant says:

    Donald Trump accepting Presidential Nomination from the RNC prevented West Coast Viewers from seeing episode in its entirety. In all fairness to West Coast viewers, Fox broadcasting should re air Bones season final in its entirety!

  10. Aeol says:

    I never really liked Zach. He was too much of a weirdo for me. I always felt like the apprentice thing was a cop out. Maybe now they can vindicate him in an interesting way, whether he’s good or bad.

  11. Stephanie says:

    The EP’s comments about a “huge return” and the mention of the first three seasons got me thinking–It’s been a long time since Russ Brennan made an appearance or since anyone has even mentioned him.

  12. Beatrice Sehl says:

    Thank you Thank you I’m so excited to see Zack. To have ended show without seeing him would have been wrong. Also having Ryan around was awlsome. Now just explain where Goodman has been and Bones can end happily for this fan.

  13. M says:

    What a stunning episode! The show is still so good even after all these years. My heart was racing throughout and the direction of the episode was a masterclass.

    Emily Deschanel absolutely killed it. I can’t wait for S12!

  14. Sam says:

    Sorry not my favorite at all. From Zack seemly being the killer, to how scared and desperate Brennan was and let’s not forget what a Bully Booth was. Missed the day’s when Booth would not let Brennan out of his sight if she was in danger . She supposed to understand and forgive him when he was gambling and getting his brother killed yet he can’t she how much pain she was in. EP said 12 is for the fans so far I don’t see that at all. Hope they don’t ruin the last 12 of the 12.

  15. Em says:

    What are we thinking the other big return could be? People are mentioning Dr Goodman here, any other suggestions?

    • Kalli says:

      Sweets. They already laid the groundwork with Daisy ‘seeing’ him, Booth having vision trouble (remember the brain tumour ep), and nobody else can really see past Zack.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m thinking Christine Brennan??

      Maybe something was faked about her death? I wonder if that could happen. I agree, we saw Sweets go down and get autopsied, so that’s unlikely….but they could pull the identical twin thing. Hey – they could do that for Christine Brennan…what if those bones belonged to her sister? There were relatives somewhere – Zooey played a cousin.

  16. Jake says:

    A big “Meh” – WAY too many plot holes – the one mentioned above about how Zack is able to freely leave the mental hospital, for starters. Secondly, how is Zack funding all this? How is he paying the puppeteer to rent the building, pay for Brennan’s old clothes, etc. Third, how is he able to spy on the Jeffersonian so easily, or for that matter, spy on Brennan? He apparently is able to tail her to the thrift store (unobserved by Brennan or Booth, mind you), which means he’s keeping her under heavy surveillance (again, nobody notices he’s gone from the hospital?) (How does he get around? Does he use Uber?) Fourth, regarding the Jeffersonian, there have been many episodes where they show how heavy security is and that there are armed guards on duty there due to the priceless antiquities kept there.
    But as is typical with this show’s lazy writers, canon is thrown out the window when it means writing another season ending cliff hanger……
    Another lame storyline.

  17. Luis says:

    I thought it was a brilliant finale, one that made me excited for Season 12. I began to suspect we would see Zach again about halfway through, but I still need an explanation of how he just walked out of the hospital. Producers have always promised we weren’t done with Zach; I am glad Eric Milligan is being given such prominence, rather than having Zach in a meaningless one-off episode.
    I liked the conflict between Booth and Brennan; I feel like their relationship had become by the numbers, to the detriment of the show. I loved how Emily played Brennan’s fear and helplessness; Bones is not a woman used to feeling helpless, and Emily played those notes of fear beautifully.

  18. acurat says:

    I really did not like it when they replaced Eric Millegan with all the “weekly squints” on the series from that point on, rotating them through every few weeks. Now that he is closing out the series we can see his good acting again potentially in a completely different role. They changed it drastically when he came back and he was helping killers. To be one himself would be a completely different take on the character at this point.

  19. Nancy says:

    I’m looking forward to the story. I’m glad Zach is back – I do not for a minute think he’s a killer. The audience and Sweets knows the truth about the Gormogon thing. Booth and the rest of the team doesn’t know what ‘we’ know. So I can understand that they could think he did it.

    I still think it’s the psychologist. He’s the creeper!! Booth had him in his clutches and then let him go!

  20. Matthew B Lawler says:

    This is exactly what I feared since I heard that they were going to bring Zack back for season 12 was that they were going to ruin the character in turn him into the puppeteer murderer mean how are you truly serving the fans by bringing back to Zach only to have him be a mass murderer after it has already been revealed that he was not guilty of the crime he previously admitted to

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t think that Zack is the Puppeteer. It’s a huge misdirect. At least, I HOPE it’s a misdirect. I think – somehow – he was watching his friends at the Jeffersonian and saw (or knew) that the Puppeteer was coming to get Bones. Zack took her before the Puppet guy could get her. Zack knows something or heard something in the institution that made him want to get out. The “talk” that he wants to have with Bones is about what’s happening and who’s behind it. Maybe going back to who made him take the rap for Gormorgon.

      • Nancy says:

        I totally agree with your theory Jennifer. This story line will allow the others at the Jeffersonian to find out the secret that Sweets took to his grave. Zach really isn’t a killer. I look forward to s12. Wish it wasn’t 6 LONG months away!

      • Elizabeth says:

        That is a different take on it. I never thought about it that way.

  21. Cameron Hodge says:

    I think it’s more likely that Zack had a lobotomy that was meant to “heal him” but instead stabilized his lack of social intelligence, and now he feels remorse for what he did and want to set things right, but at the same time may know of the Puppetmaster’s true identity and wants to save his friends.

  22. G says:

    It would be great to see Goodman back (it’s about damned time! ..wish it could be followed by a return of preternaturally perfect food – RIP Heavy D). But if they make him the killer, or killer-adjacent, they’ll be taking their “who cares about character, write to your whim!” habit to a truly ridiculous extreme.

  23. Sarah says:

    I hope they explain in the season premiere where Brennan picked up hints that could point to Zack in order for her to start having cryptic dreams that lead to him. I mean, sure there are things in the previous episode that can retrospectively be applied to Zack -genius, anatomical knowledge, Brennan thinks they’re alike because the killer lives with the bodies which means they can both look at remains and see a person rather than a dead body, the relationship with the “accomplice” is mirror of Zack’s with Gormagon, and the previous victim was targeted as a mother figure (as Brennan was to Zack). That said, all of the evidence actually pointing to Zack appears AFTER she’s already having nightmares, and “smart, crazy and manipulative” can be applied to almost every killer ever on the show. Considering they kinda explained in the episode that dreams are your mind trying to sense of information you really already know but might not realize, and Brennan is famous for not jumping to wild conclusions without evidence, something doesn’t add up. Unless I missed hints earlier in the season, it seemed a tad too contrived of a set-up, even for this show.

    On a side note, I’m pretty sure that along with “Zack’s not really the killer but knows who is” we’ll find out next season that:
    a) Either Zack, or the person he figured out is the real killer, was the “monster” in Christine’s closet,
    b) Zack has been sneaking out and tracking the team the entire time since we last saw him,
    c) Multiple team members have been secretly visiting him – obviously Booth, since he knows where Zack’s room is and the orderly isn’t at all surprised to see him,
    and d) Hodgins is experiencing phantom pain, not sensation (at least I’m hoping for this one, rather than the usual “miracle recovery” TV loves so much).

  24. Esmeralda says:

    I’m happy Zack is back, but I don’t think he’s the killer. It be awesome to have Goodma back, but I think the big twist is Oliver. He was pretty creepy and pretty obsessed with Brennan in the early seasons.

    • Hyatt says:

      Oooh and he did start with the creepy dolls strung up even then.

      • Hyatt says:

        Though: Oliver Laurier had vasovagal syncope just like the guy they discounted last episode for that reason reason.

        • Sarah says:

          I thought about that, but there are a few ways they could explain it away if they wanted to use him (not saying they’re *good* explanations, just ones they could use…):
          a) he used, or is, an accomplice
          b) he was faking (I don’t know if this is technically possible irl, but it is marginally more plausible than, say, faking death after a 50 foot fall into concrete, as would be required to use Howard Epps)
          c) that was over 10 years ago, and he’s somehow got over it since then.
          I do have to say that Oliver is still my leading contender, but I did read elsewhere – and I have no idea where they got this – that it has something to do with Booth’s military service. I can’t figure out yet WHO that would be, but I would guess, if that’s actually the case, it’s somehow related to either his capture/torture, or maybe the guy Parker is named after? I think those are both storylines mentioned in the first 2 seasons…

  25. Tom says:

    Hopefully my favorite character, Caroline Julian, will feature prominently in season 12. She was not seen at all in the last half of season 11.

  26. Massi says:

    I appreciate Zack coming back on sooook many levels!!! Especially this being the last season!!!! Too bad we have to wait a year!!!!

  27. jaii says:

    how can it possibly be zack when he was deemed sane by sweets himself. on top of that it isn’t as if no one has noticed him missing for months on end given that the killer does this frequently, and usually during the duration that zack is supposed to be in care. also, zack functions by mostly logic, therefore he knows it would be illogical to completely render someone as a puppet for 6 months.

  28. carol green says:

    As noted above, Zach is brilliant; however, I don’t see him doing this. The so-called Puppeteer is a lot smarter and is leaving clues around which will lead you to believe that it is him as was done with the psychiatrist. I believe the real Puppeteer is still out there and he was the one who abducted Zach…either killing him once outside and burying his body where it would not be found to make us believe that it was Zach when in reality, it wasn’t. Over the years, Bones has had a good number of brilliant “lab techs” plus there are those who worked with Booth in one capacity or another at the FBI and in some cases, held grudges. Anyone of these characters may be the Puppeteer; however, who says it has to be male?? Why not a female? Something to think about. One last thought…after Brennan was abducted, you heard Zach’s voice and saw him in the dark. However, that was only an image of him on a screen and I believe it was technically altered to appear as though he was sayings those words.

    • Tom says:

      But Zach will be in the first 3 or 4 episodes of season 12 per the producer so he is not just a holographic image.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I totally guessed it was him. The more I saw her dreams and how they described the abilities of the puppetier, it all pointed to him. My husband thought it was the physiologist, but I didn’t believe that for a second. I knew Zach had to of escaped. Now waiting for season 12.

  30. The big return: Bones’ Mother.

  31. mahdiali27 says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Howard epps is the puppeteer. I know what you’re thinking, he’s dead. Well I don’t believe it. We never saw his body. The burning that was in Brennan’s nightmares could be because epps (his last appearance) espaced from prison by starting a fire and killing a firefighter and Wendell’s hand being involved could be because Brennan broke epp’s hand. He’s just as smart as zack and Brennan. And think about it, “focus on season 2 and 3”. It has to be epps. I truly believe it.

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  36. janey says:

    dont know why, i just dont think zack is the puppeteer
    but i think i just wait for the finale

  37. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    It is really, really heart crushing to know BONES after S-12 is cancelled. The writing has been excellent and looks like even to the end the writers are still giving us exciting, spine chilling episodes. I can hardly wait to see what is in store for us, although, I also know you are working now close to the end. When we get to watch the 12 episodes, you will have finished your work. I congratulae the WHOLE CAST & CREW, FOR YOUR HARD WORK & DEDICATION FOR 12 YEARS. I sure wish/pray another network would pick up BONES, because as you writers have said “there is a lot more stories to tell”. BONES IS THE BEST SHOW ON ANY NETWORK TV.

  38. Mike says:

    Daisy is the Puppetmaster. She blames Booth and Brennan for Sweets death. When she left the Jeffersonian, she had a nervous breakdown, and lost custody of the baby. That’s when she became a vengeful psyco.
    Also, I believe Sweets may have confided in her about Zack never really killing anyone.