Sleepy Hollow Season 4: Meet the New Scully-esque Female Lead

Sleepy Hollow‘s upcoming fourth season will be rated X.

The first details have emerged about the Fox drama’s retooled post-Abbie era, and the show’s fresh direction boasts several parallels to the network’s paranormal juggernaut The X-Files — beginning with Crane’s new partner in crime.

In the wake of Nicole Beharie’s departure at the end of Season 3, TVLine has learned that Sleepy Hollow is introducing a new female series regular opposite returning leading man Tom Mison. The character, Anna — like Abbie and X-Files‘ Scully before her — is a raging supernatural skeptic, which, per the casting breakdown, “creates conflicts with Crane.” The single mother and former military officer recently began working in the Secret Service’s “Basement,” a low-priority X-Files-like division.

“She’s got a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor,” reads the description. “She’s a born leader, but she also has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows.” Anna is “fiercely devoted” to her 11-year-old daughter Stella, a protective instinct Crane respects and appreciates.

Producers are casting a wide, ethnically diverse net for the thirtysomething character, so scroll down to the comments and help them narrow their search.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will air Fridays at 9/8c beginning in early 2017.

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  1. McSatan says:

    Katia Winter. That I would watch.

    • Susannah says:

      Katia Winter? Because she was such a success last time?
      Lyndie Greenwood is a wonderful actress. I’d love her to take over the female lead of the show.

      • Gerald says:

        I love Lyndie also and I assume she will be involved as a paranormal expert to Crane that he’ll call upon, but the FBI person needs to be a skeptic so Jenny Mills wouldn’t work. But yes sounds a lot like Chloe from Lucifer.
        I hope it is still watchable.

      • Exactly. Katrina was tolerable as the witch helper to the witnesses in small doses. Actually, she was quite enjoyable in that limited capacity. Expanding her role with no real direction in season two was what caused the significant decline in viewership. I don’t think the actress is bad at all. I gave her a lot of grief at the time, but I certainly don’t think ppl would tune in to see that. It would be disgraceful to make Katrina the lead female after Abbie. Let Katrina stay dead.

      • dean says:

        Seriously, why do they even need a new female character to be the lead? After all that nonsense about the spirit of the witness choosing someone new, it doesn’t make any sense for the lead to be anyone other than Jenny.

        • Joely says:

          Totally agree! And certainly not a character that basically reprises the role of tough/skeptic Abbie in the first season.

    • KLS says:

      Wasn’t that season 2?

    • klmoon says:

      Yeah, NO! She was horrible the first time around!!

  2. Steven says:

    They should just cast Gillian Anderson then.

  3. DJ says:

    Stana Katic

  4. Chloe says:

    They’re bringing a kid into the mix? Less serious plot & more wasted time. Zzzzzz

    • Kory says:

      AGREED!! uh it will take away from the show if there is a kid. She’ll be in harms way all the time, kidnapped, etc. A storyline within a storyline, UH! just no.

  5. Morgan says:

    Isn’t this Chloe from Lucifer? :/

    • Cecily says:

      ^^^^^^ this

    • Iris says:

      Replace “ex-military” with “cop” and you have Chloe indeed. Is it a trend now for middling shows to ditch their original characters and replace them with expies?

    • Christina Jobes says:

      This show wants to be X foles so bad and wasyed 2 seasons struggling with a black female lead…now Im supposed to watch now that a white female lead is opposite Crane…cuz Jenny has so much to do that she cant logically be another witness…yeah I will NEVER watch. I usually dont get involved with whether or not something is a racial issue but this show in particular has made exclaimation poimt after exclamation point that theu feel Crane is the main attraction they simply cant abide having a love intetest that isnt white. Seriously, its really hard to argue this statement as incorrect.

      • Carol says:

        They are looking for an ethnically diverse character. I assume that means she is NOT going to be white – so I think you should be able to watch now.

        • Christina Jobes says:

          I saw that afterward and respect that their trying to disabuse viewers of that notion BUT ethnically diverse was Abbie. After Katrina’s very obvious push to female lead with no direction viewers became…concerned. Then the very next season Crane is dating someone else who just happens to be white ans not Abbie of whom he shares the most intimacy but its mostly teases of something never going anywhere. To add insult to injury right when they could at least given the devoted fans who stood by two seasons of wtf were a chunk Icabbie shippers any type of fan service. Abbie abruptly was madly in love with whats a BLACK mans name after barely acknowledging any signs of yearning all damn season. And dont tell me romanticism isnt a factor between two leads in a show like this because they themselves keep referencing X-Files which had the MOST angst leads of all time!!!!! THATS why I wont watch because when I rationlize all the components it unfortunately leads to a sour conclusion. But thats just me.

          But to answer the article, my choice would be Gugu A. I dont want to butcher her last name lol But she was recently in Free State of Jones

  6. BucketofBadTVWriting says:

    Tough single mom cop with a sense of humor? So literally ever female lead in the last, what? 10 years? *yawn*

    As in there were only 3 Indiana Jones movies, there were only three seasons of Sleepy Hollow.

  7. Susannah says:

    Why can’t they make Jenny the female lead! The actress is great and we’re already familiar with her and she’s connected to Abby by being her sister so she could have inherited the witness thing from her after Abby died. It could be like when slayer died and a new one would automatically take her place.

  8. K says:

    ok, I don’t know how to feel yet… but Anna Torv would blow my mind. Does john noble still have any pull?!

  9. ggny says:

    Let me guess it will be a White Women 23-32. Model good looks and probably Blonde hair

  10. Tina says:

    They can suck it.

  11. Luis says:

    My wife loves the show, so I can’t just say “Cacel it already,” but doesn’t this seem to be a show begging to be put out of its misery? (I wish “Castle” had begged a little harder after Season 8!)

  12. Patti Bible says:

    Is Meagan Good available? Since Fox cancelled Minority Report, couldn’t they get her back on their network?

    • That’s a brilliant idea and might bring back at least some of the viewers who swore off Sleepy with Nicole’s departure, which means they probably won’t do it.

      • RogueX says:

        Bring back some of the viewers? Ha! What would it matter? Even with those viewers the ratings stunk. This show should not have lasted past season two.

        And Meagan Good is a horrible actress.

      • JM says:

        Um, no. They can’t just swap out one black actress (or even one woman) with another like we’re Legos interchangeable parts. Although the women they put Crane up against were all white (Zoe, Betsy, etc.), it wasn’t even the COLOR so much as the insane chemistry between Tom and Nicole that they lacked. You can tell in his demeanor that he feels it, too (I’ve not seen him ever look as dispirited as in the last con in London). They need to shut it down before they REALLY embarrass themselves (further).

    • That’s actually the first suggestion I’ve liked so far.

    • Vince says:

      LOL She’s like the kiss of death

  13. csg says:

    First issue; rebooting SH as another X-files. Second issue: adding another female who further emasculates the lead character. Third issue: adding a child. From Irving, to Abraham, to Joe, the better choice is a bromance. Of course everything hinges on the writing and the actors, but the thought of yet another skeptic is to say, “Been there, done that.” How about an enthusiast who expects more of this “time-traveler” than he can deliver?

  14. Kandis Barrow says:

    Megan Good would be perfect for the role. I hope she’s considered.

    • Susannah says:

      She’d be great because she was able to straddle being a skeptic and a believer on Minority Report. Megan was the best part about that convoluted show.

  15. Simone says:

    I was really hoping that Jenny would take Abbie’s place. Keep it in the family.

  16. KLS says:

    It would be nice to go against type and cast an actress that might appear native to the area. NY State had/has many indigenous tribes. A character with ancestral folk lore, grown skeptical/cautious by modern times.

  17. Iris says:

    Note to Sleepy Hollow PR: Please do not associate her Greatness Scully with a walking trope of a character supposed to replace her Greatness Abbie Mills.

    • YES agree so much. I hope FOX and TPTB over at Sleepy see your comment because both ladies are irreplaceable. I often compared Ichabod and Abbie to my modern day Mulder and Scully. Sleepy was unique in its own way, but now they want to make it a generic X-Files.

      • Iris says:

        Indeed it’s the fans who, I think, spontaneously compared Ichabod and Abbie to Mulder and Scully. We weren’t told to, and that makes all the difference.

    • JM says:

      WELL said. Thank you.

  18. lmao Fox isn’t going to pay the chick from Castle or Gillian Anderson the huge amount of money they require to join a failing show. Plus, I like both of those ladies just fine, but the new Witness cannot be white. It would be disgraceful. Especially if she’s supposed to have Abbie’s soul. I suspect Fox will go with ‘racially ambiguous’ at best.

    • Mimi says:

      Nothing says this character is the new witness, tho.

      • So you think they’ll just add a random new LEAD who happens to be his new partner and not make her the second witness? Yikes. That’s extremely messy if that’s what they decide to do, though I shouldn’t be surprised at additional attempts to paint the second witness as “less than” Ichabod.

        • Clif T says:

          Once one witness was dead what rule said there has to be another witness pop up. It might be far more interesting if the writers were given the task of crafting a story where Ichabod, as the last witness, must find a way to deal with this ongoing battle between good and evil on his own with occasional aide from modern day folks who follow his cause. For that matter they don’t need a full time female or male co-lead in this story at this point.

          • ladyj says:

            That’s not interesting to me. Every show pretty much is about a special white guy and the secondaries who cater to him, or snark at him. That Ichabod and Abbie were equals was made Sleepy Hollow for me. They’ve messed that up at every turn since season one, so I’m done.

  19. T.S. Thomas says:

    How about Onira Tares who has portrayed Grace Dixon so well?

  20. kmw says:

    That new character as described isn’t going to help Sleepy Hollow. Not every show needs its co leads to be opposites of each other. Does FOX think showing a Scully- esque character on Sleepy make up for no X-Files for fans next season? I think not. Good luck with this one

    • mary says:

      X Files 2017

      • kmw says:

        Anybody thinking The X-Files is coming back next winter should think again. If Gillian Anderson is correct and FOX hasn’t contacted her then what makes anyone think you will get X-FILES back sooner. At best they will come back for 2017 2018 television season which would mean winter. unless FOX stops lowballing Anderson on her pay that’s the earliest you will see X-Files

  21. John Shoemaker says:

    Megalyn Ek. Most recently from Damien. Supernatural feel and experience with The 4400 too.

  22. K. Padilla says:

    For your consideration: Gugu Mbatha Raw, Shu Qui, Allison Brie, would be great in the new role.

  23. Grey says:

    Betty White

  24. So what were abandoning the whole idea of the witnesses now we’re not finding Abby’s reincarnated soul and we’re not promoting any of the two females already on the show to costar coleader or bringing in an outside person this has disaster written all over it

  25. Lisa Wooded says:

    The new Sleepy Hollow woman should be Anna Torv. Loved her on Fringe.

  26. Renee says:

    I would also suggest Anna Torv- she would make a good fit. I’m all for Jenny taking over too.

  27. "A" says:

    Gina Torres or Jasika Nicole … and … I’d have her be Jenny & Abbie’s aunt Anna Mills, that they grew up as ‘sisters’ ( if played by Nicole ) because of their closeness in age.

  28. Isaburd says:

    KRISTIN KREUK!!!!!!!

  29. Kathy Whalen says:

    Anna Torv would be perfect!!!

  30. Sheena says:

    Laurie Holden, she was great as Andrea in the walking dead 🙂

  31. SJ gal says:

    new lead character with a kid- ok I’m done, way to spoil a great show! It won’t be the same EVER!!

  32. Nikko says:

    Put me down for episode 3 in the “How long before the kid is placed into jeopardy but ultimately saved by Crane, which mitigates his partner’s skepticism” betting pool.

    This doesn’t sound like the SH I enjoyed in Seasons 1 and 3, and while I’ll give it a chance I don’t really expect to like it or to invest 13 hours of my life in it.

  33. Debbie says:

    I would love to finally see a plus-sized actress in a leading action role. I think that is the next diversity we need to see on TV

  34. Sounds perfect for Angélica Celaya

    • Hannibal says:

      That I would really like to see… thought Constantine was far better then SH too. There’s a good amount of talented and diverse actresses out there… just have to make sure writing is better and rises to level of actress chosen. People such as Sarah Shahi, Paz Vega, Freida Pinto, Rhona Mitra, Gal Gadot etc. Chemistry, talent, availability and salary will thin things out. I think it would be great if she has some ancient cultural background that could factor into the story down the road if show continues.

      While I’m not too keen on all the changes made… Was D.C. will probably have strong ties to the Free Masons and the Occult along with supposed Mason’s design/layout of the city having some supernatural meaning or effect to the story. So there’s a decent chance it could pan out better and more logically (for what the shows about) then some of us had considered. I doubt they’ll be chasing ET and things of that nature about and stay in Occult genre.

  35. BJ says:

    I agree with some of the ladies Megan Good would be an excellent choice. She is a very good actress.

  36. KayCeeCee says:

    Samira Wiley from OITNB

  37. Glenda says:

    If FOX decides to add a new female character, they should consider Jeirmarie Osorio (Fast&Furious, Celia Cruz Azucar). I did like the suggested bromance formula. Also, if a “kid” is added, maybe it should be a high school or college student with an interest in history or folklore.

  38. Kory says:

    I’d rather have Beharie back really. End of

    • Ati says:

      Yes I so want her back

    • ComeOn says:

      But she is the one wanted out of the show. She doesn’t want to be there. They tried to make her stay and the result was last season, with everyone unhappy.

      • JM says:

        Yeah, about that, that’s what they said about Orlando Jones, only to find out (from Trollando himself) that he was FIRED. Kinda like Neil Jackson, Headless/Abraham himself, said he was fired by EMAIL. And the fact that Tom said at the last con that THEY HAD HEARD THINGS BUT THEY DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL 1 OR 2 EPISODES BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON she was out. And he said that NICOLE didn’t know until late in the season, either. If she was the one initiating the separation, why would she not have known until then? And then the less than gracious departure she was given (where Dana Walden at May Upfronts didn’t even want to say her name, and didn’t even have the courtesy to PRETEND and THANK her for three years of service building their brand). I’m very suspicious. Add to that a recent tweet from Nick Gonzalez, Luke Morales in the show, who called Sleepy Hollow a “hustle” when asked about how his character was treated. None of the actors have been particularly positive about their experience with SH, so that makes me think this was Fox’s attempt to mitigate the PR disaster of firing a well-liked co-lead black female actress, whether to make it the Crane show, save money on her salary, or appeal to the more typical Fox demographic.

  39. sam says:

    I suggest the great Toilet Seat. She’ll be perfect to flush this turd.

  40. Ati says:

    Imagine if they used Nicole but with this totally different story behind her and it’s like Crane has to readjust himself because it literally is Abbie again! I can’t imagine Crane without Abbie, and assumed Jenny would take the lead. The addition of a kid mixes things up, but I don’t like it at all.

  41. Perhaps maybe cast an Asian or a Native American? Mix it up. so many white girls.

  42. Lynn says:

    Why does the co-lead have to be at odds with him? why can’t they have a co-lead who understands that paranormal things could happen and has an open mind? Apart from a having maybe a liaison at the FBI or Police there is no need to have another lead. I think the Trio can work just fine

  43. carol says:

    I like this show but I can not get over how they could cancel a gripping drama like Game of silence and keep a silly show like Sleepy Hollow I would watch both but it says a lot about where people have there mind set go figure

  44. Rendezvous says:

    I would say the best choice would ne to cancel…I wont be watching ofcousre because i stopped after season 2 but Lyndie deserves to be a series regular hope she doesnt get demoted but if she does maybe its for the best this show is a sinking ship.

  45. Sam Gilligan says:

    I love Sleepy Hollow even with a few of the bumps in the road regarding the storyline. I think it’s a big mistake to replace Abbie with another strong female lead and a child. Lyndie Greene more than handles that role and it’s unnecessary to add another individual for that aspect. Another female lead will be the same old same old and silly. How about a male lead instead! I think Hawley coming back or some other storyline with a new male lead would be much more interesting. Hawley and Crane were fun to watch, don’t like each other but kind of like each other and had good chemistry onscreen.

  46. Pari says:

    According to Abby she’s a relative, so she should be/needs to be a black woman. At the end of the day she won’t be Abby and it will be difficult for me to enjoy the show as much as I once did but I shall give it a chance still.

  47. Ralph says:

    I left when Abbie did. The chemistry between her and Crane was the show.

  48. Not watching, rest in peace.

  49. Margen says:

    Ruth Negga

  50. Rae says:

    I read all the comments. It doesn’t matter who is hired to replace Nicole Beharie. The chemistry between Crane and Abby is what had me watching the show. I don’t believe the show can capture that chemistry with another actress ( maybe Keisha Knight Pulliam). What the producers should have done was make the Abbie and Crane characters fall in love and have sex, then killed off Abbie. This would have added dimension to Crane. Additionally, viewers would tune in to find out a) how Crane deals with lost love (Crane did not seem to love or remember the love of his wife) and he had not had sex in centuries; and b) given the show time to introduce and build a relationship for both the new characters and with the audience. Don’t add a child, if there must be a younger person make them a 16 yrs old with special abilities that are only triggered because they are the witness. The teenager should be related to Abbie and Jenny. Jenny does not know this until the show is almost over; however, Jenny has a unique relationship with the teenager. The adult will not be a skeptic; however, they do not trust Crane and the others. The adult character has taken an oath to protect the Witness at all cost. This will add new depth to the storyline and change the viewer demo(if done correct).