Girl Meets World Spoilers

Girl Meets World: 'Angela' Weighs In on Shawn's Upcoming Engagement

As Shawn Hunter prepares to embark on his new life with Katy Hart, he’ll be doing so with his ex-girlfriend’s blessing. Sort of.

Friday’s episode of Girl Meets World (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c) features Shawn’s long-awaited — yet arguably rushed — proposal to Maya’s mother. And given that we already know there’s a wedding in the show’s near future, it’s safe to assume she’s going to say yes.

So what does Angela, the former love of Shawn’s life, have to say about his fiancée-to-be? Unfortunately, you can’t ask fictional characters for their thoughts — so let’s consult her portrayer, Trina McGee:

“I feel happy for the characters,” McGee tweeted over the weekend in response to a fan saying that Shawn “finally gets his happily ever after” by proposing to Katy.

But before you object with “Angela would never approve,” know this: She totally would. In fact, she already did! Now married and facing the pressures of starting a family of her own, Angela visited Shawn last season and essentially gave him her blessing to be with Katy.

“Is she the one, Shawn?” Angela asked. And when Shawn couldn’t answer her, she told him, “Let what we had make you ready for something. Life knows what it’s doing.”

So there you have it, folks: Angela’s happy, McGee’s happy, everybody’s happy. Feel free to drop your own happiness in the form of a comment below.

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  1. Morgan says:

    I don’t ship it.

    • meatwad says:

      wow talk about a rush job. i mean i get it is on tv time but honestly didn’t the last appearance of those two end with them talking about a first date and now they are engaged??? alrighty then

      • Shaun says:

        episode wise perhaps,but that was before summer break and the few HS months I think.

      • I’ve heard Rider Strong only wants to be in 2 eps per season. If that’s the case, they couldn’t do much but “rush it” to fit in with their overall story arcs which mostly focus on the teens. But it certainly would have been nice if there had been a little more reference to Shawn and Katy dating prior to this episode. The last Shawn/Katy reference was in 212 (Yearbook) where it was clear Katy had feelings for Shawn. But we barely got anything about Shawn’s feelings until 306 (Upstate). I love the pair, and I’m thrilled about the engagement, but I really wanted to SEE them getting to know each other first.

  2. Lola says:

    Eww! Team Shawn and Angela. But thanks show for the continued pandering towards the Maya character. It’s been real…disappointing.

  3. cole says:

    Not a fan of this storyline. It feels so forced and Shawn and Katy have zero chemistry.

  4. A. D. says:

    Very happy about this!

  5. Maxsmom says:

    #Team Angela

  6. Television says:

    Dang, stop spoiling this show. It hasn’t aired yet and thanks to this website, I know that Shaun is getting engaged and I know that they bring back the ex girlfriend, who is weird, who shouldn’t have anything to do with this new couple. Move on already.

    • Angela didsn’t come back in this episode she came back last season when Shawn started dating Katie. The episode has aired already in Canada and is available on Disney OnDemand Stateside for some cable providers among other places.

  7. We all loved Shawn and Angela but not every love story can end in a happy ending. I like Shawn and Katy together. They are both broken people that help each other fix whats wrong with them.

    • anon says:

      “They are both broken people that help each other fix whats wrong with them” – that’s exactly what Shawn and Angela were too except they were written much better and everything about them is better

  8. Julianne says:

    Prior comment didn’t show up? Take two…

    Please stop with the spoilers in the TITLES of the articles! If I click through, I expect spoilers, but not in the headlines!

    That said, can we all please move on from the Shawn-and-Angela thing? I watched BMW growing up too, and yet I see the point is that not everyone ends up with their high school sweethearts- but that those relationships can be and are very important to helping each other grow into the people they ultimately become. Which is also, incidentally, a lesson current GMW shippers might want to take note of.

    Me, I’ve been waiting for Shawn Hunter to be happy since the 90s. So- yeah, I’m good.

  9. Cori says:

    I was at the taping of the wedding episode so I want to blurt out all the spoilers. ;)

    I don’t love Shawn and Maya’s mom, but it’s beside the point anyway. We all know Cory is Shawn’s soulmate.

    • I’m afraid this relationship is doomed because Shawn seemed in this weeks episode to be more motivated by the idea of being Maya’s Dad than being Katie’s husband and if this isn’t gonna end in tears then he needs to be marrying Katie because he loves her and not just because he wants to catch up with Cory in having a family.

  10. A Gatley says:

    I’m happy☺

  11. Pamela says:

    This is just too neat and tidy having Shawn marry his best friend’s daughters best friends mom (try saying that twice) two sets of best friends all connected. Something you’d only see on the Disney channel.

  12. datdudemurphy says:

    Chill out people….
    The adults are not the focus of the show…so you kind of have to assume that they’ve been dating since that first date. It’s been over a year.
    That’s plenty of time.

    Angela is gone. She’s married. It’s over…..let it go.
    It’s great for you to be “Team Shawn and Angela”….but if Angela is married and starting a family….are you really so set on that “ship” that you’d wish a lifetime of loneliness and solitude on Shawn?
    Seems kinda selfish to me.

    Anyway, the focus is on the kids…. the adults are kinda secondary characters.

  13. Denise Hickey says:

    Yaaaay!!! It’s about time Shawn and Katy.

  14. Mikal Shaw says:

    I’m so excited for Shawn Hunter and Katy Hart I can’t wait to see who’s going to be in the wedding reception

  15. A says:

    GMW continues to disappoint. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. How are these the same people that created BMW. I don’t get it. What changed? The writing on this show sucks. For all its flaws BMW managed to be a really heartfelt show and GMW is definitely lacking. It’s pretentious and and preachy. This show gives off this, ‘Look at us, we’re dealing with important issues, and aren’t we so special’ vibe. I’ve seen all the spoilers for “Upstate”. The writers are still working over to destroy Shawn/Angela to prop the force Shawn/Katy pairing. If the writers don’t want Shawn and Angela together fine. But don’t crap on their history, don’t insult their fans, and don’t call them unrealistic while in the same beat slap Shawn with Katy so Maya can get the father she so desperately wants. They haven’t been seen on screen together since she asked him on date in “Hurricane” but they’re so in love supposedly. All this catering to Maya ugh. I guess that’s why I don’t care for her character. She’s way too overexposed and her so called “troubled life” is a joke.

  16. Asia says:

    Shawn and Katy are so forced.

  17. A says:

    I’ve seen all the spoilers for “Girl Meets Upstate”. The episode has already been posted in so many places. I’m so ready to forget this show ever existed. I really resent the way that they’re continuing to downplay Shawn and Angela. They had a unique, groundbreaking relationship in the 90s but the writers seem insistent on ruining that for Maya of all people. I love Shawn Hunter and Maya’s not him. She’s a subpar replacement. I have no problem with Shawn and Angela not ending up together. But I do take issue with the writers destroying their history to prop Katy. Michael Jacobs has gone on and on ad nauseum about how there’s only one Cory and Topanga (which duh Shawn and Angela were never Cory and Topanga they were Shawn and Angela) and how it would be unrealistic if they got back together. What a joke. Apparently, Maya getting the stepfather she desperately wants all in nice pretty bow after Riley decided that he should be her dad back in “Girl Meets Master Plan” is realistic, really? Shawn and Katy have barely interacted. The last time in they interacted was in “Hurricane” where they agreed to go a first date. I’m supposed to buy that they’re so in love when nothing’s been shown on screen? This is terrible writing.

    • I’m pretty sure the point is to assume it’s been about a year since their first date (cause that was last summer, now fast forward to this summer), and to assume they’ve been on many dates since then. Seeing as how the adults are secondary characters, that’s pretty safe to assume they haven’t been on just that ONE date, even if the last time they were both in the same episode was Hurricane.

  18. Judy says:


  19. MissMel says:

    Boy Meets World is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time and I think it’s really cool that we’ve had the opportunity to see what became of our favorite characters after 15 years. That being said, the producers made it clear from day one that this wasn’t going to be BMW 2.0. This was ALWAYS meant to be about the kids and THEIR relationship with the world around them. So yes, the relationship between Shawn and Katy is mainly viewed from the perspective of how it affects Maya because the adults were never meant to be the primary focus of the show.

    As far as being rushed, remember that the GMW timeline isn’t following real life. I’d venture to say at least a year has passed since Shawn asked Katy out for the first time. No, the relationship hasn’t played out onscreen because A) they’ve been focusing on the kids and B) Rider Strong isn’t a series regular. Based on some of the interviews he gave when the show was first being developed, it seemed like he wasn’t planning to appear at all. I for one am grateful that he agreed to do a few episode a year and that we finally get to see Shawn have a happy ending.

  20. Maecee says:

    Prefer for Shawn to marry Angela. That is all.

  21. allison says:

    The writers inserted the knife in “Girl Meets Hurricane” and now they are just twisting it and pouring in salt. I am so hurt and angry, but it is so stupid since this is a TV show, but still hurt and angry.

  22. Guest says:

    People need to stop being butt hurt by characters on a tv show.. Don’t like the way it’s turned don’t watch. Angela’s married.. If you recall SHE left Shawn to marry someone else. Get over it! Please all you fangirls ( and boys ) stop w/ the damn ships already .. Never been about it..never will be..Stop threatening the writers,actors and the EP ..just because of a stupid ship war..Get over it and move on.

    • Cecilia says:

      Are you sure she’s married? She didn’t leave to marry someone else. She left to spend time with her father. If you are going to comment, at least know the facts.

    • Lady says:

      Yeah but for those who didn’t watch Boy Meets World. Shawn broke up with Angela all the time. So maybe he cared for her more in a friendshipnkind of way. Because the absence of their mothers.
      Angela decided to move on when Shawn took the time to find himself. Remember he told Angela he wanted to see other people when they started college.

  23. Cecilia Hall says:

    Thanks for being lazy and inaccurate in your reporting instead of actually interviewing Trina. Very well done.

  24. Mandy says:

    That proposal was extremely rushed, where was their love story? I just did not buy it nor did I believe Shawn did not want what Cory and Topanga have. The only thing that’s real for Shawn is his connection to Maya, he seems himself in her which I loved because it reminded me of him and Turner but that is all.

  25. Aurora V Rodriguez says:

    Come on leave it on disney channel y would u wanna change it

  26. Aurora V Rodriguez says:

    Disney is made for kids and preteens girl meets world is in season 3 and they are in high school everyone wants them to stay on disney channel i do too but for it to get more interesting as they progress through high school things that teenagers will experience that has to be on a different channel keep season 1-3 on Disney channel and seson 4 & so on On a different channel maybe there just trying to come up with something good maybe they might put it to freeform they wont cancel it they will keep it going now that there becoming adults there probably moving it to freeform when they have kids of there own they will probably put the kids on Disney channel you know generation after generation what i do have to say is keep rowan blanchard sabrina carpenter peyton meyer farkle auggie ava ben savage danielle fischelle zay farkles parents and and smackle no new faces

  27. sheila greatorex says:

    Please renew Girl meets world. I watched Boy meets world with my son who will be 24 in February. We now spend time together and watch Girl meets world. It is truly a family tradition.