Post Mortems

Girl Meets World Boss Explains Why He Did That to Shawn and Angela

Friday’s Girl Meets World taught fans this valuable, albeit heartbreaking, lesson: Not all high-school sweethearts turn out like Cory and Topanga.

When news first broke that Trina McGee was making her long-awaited GMW debut this season as Angela, Shawn’s former flame, fans freaked out — and rightfully so. Of all the loose ends not yet tied up by the Disney Channel follow-up, the state of Shawn and Angela’s relationship was by far the loosest.

But fans should have been careful what they wished for (another lesson!), because Shawngela’s reunion was far from the romantic rendezvous they might have envisioned. Ms. Moore’s tragically brief return came on the heels of Cory’s lesson about the “devastation” caused by Hurricane Katrina — already a terrible omen, especially in a sitcom — and began with the news that Angela’s father is dead.

She then informed him that she’s been married for four years, that he’s the man who prepared her for marriage and that she’s insecure about having children with her new husband. “I need somebody who understands me to tell me if that could be true,” she told Shawn about whether or not she’s mother material. Naturally, he told her exactly what she needed to hear — that she’ll be an amazing mom — and sent her on her way.

Still, it made my soul happy to hear Angela tell him, “I really missed you,” even if it didn’t lead to anything romantic. “Let what we had make you ready for something,” she concluded. “Life knows what it’s doing.” Then, she kissed him (on the cheek) goodbye.

TVLine asked GMW creator Michael Jacobs to weigh in on #ShawngelaGate, specifically what led him to their current status, which he responded with the following statement:

Shawn’s relationship with Angela Moore had clearly ended in the original show, but … Shawn is the only person Angela trusts to help her make an important decision. In answering for Angela, Shawn also discovers something about himself, Riley and Maya. We all want these characters happy. Angela is. Shawn isn’t. The way it was and has always been.

And can we talk about the special appearance by Shawn’s dad Chet? It might have only been a vision, inspired by Angela telling him that she still sees her own father, but our emotions during his cameo were totally real. Maybe… too real.

Boy Meets World fans, are you saddened to see what’s become of Shawn and Angela? Or do you applaud Girl Meets World for taking an accurate, realistic approach in telling the former couple’s story? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Janet says:

    I loved this episode it’s very true and I hope Shawn stay with maya mother

    • Michael says:

      Great episode seeing both Angela and Chet. Sure most people would like Shawn and Angela to be together but sometimes that’s life, you grow up and move on and that’s what they both did. Really hope Shawn becomes a father to Maya. She really looks up to him as a father figure.

    • Sharie says:

      I don’t. They barely have conversations. Just because maya wants it is unrealistic as well.

      • katydid1903 says:

        I think Shawn and Katie could be a couple, and not just because Maya is hoping with all her might that it happens. With the short weird conversations that Katie and Shawn have had they seem to be coming from the same place and have the same insecurities about relationships. I wouldn’t want them to be a super couple like Angela and Shawn were immediately, but I think they have the potential to grow into something special.

        • TNearer says:

          First of all the show was not convincing, Base on how Shawn and Angela felt about each other while in high school they should had the opportunity to explore their relationship and friendship instead of coming on the show as a person who caused Shawn problems throughout his life. I personally disagree with what you did with the relationships. As for Maya he still could have bonded with her and respected her mom, while she had the opportunity to find her love interest, instead of been match with her mom, that was your story, by letting Maya know, relationships just don’t happen, just because you want them to. I honestly think you dropped the ball this time.

      • nhogan47 says:

        Wow. They couldn’t possibly talk to each other or spend time together off-screen.

      • Deoneon says:

        What’s realistic is for two people to fall in love when they are like 2, and live a whole life together? People move on in the real world, hello? And Katy and Shawn do barely talk, but realistically, Maya sees the most in Shawn and sees how well she treats her mom. I don’t at all see why Maya’s wish was unrealistic. And anyways , kids have crazy hopes like that in real life.

      • Deoneon says:

        What’s realistic is for two people to fall in love when they are like 2, and live a whole life together? People move on in the real world, hello? And Katy and Shawn do barely talk, but realistically, Maya sees the most in Shawn and sees how well she treats her mom. I don’t at all see why Maya’s wish was unrealistic. And anyways , kids have crazy hopes like that in real life.

    • Emie says:

      Yes! They seem really good for each other☺️ the fact that they both love her daughter will definitely add to their quick bond!

    • Boy meets world Fan says:

      It should been a show about the four of them. Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Angela. Called Man meets world. Should been about these to young married couples facing marriage challenges. With kids.

  2. Jared says:

    I was disappointed with how it seemed as if Angela wasn’t a big part of the show. When Eric and Shawn returned they were welcomed with open arms while Angela was described as some sort of ” Hurricane” or “Storm”. I also thought it was weird how Angela just came out of the blue to talk with Shawn about having children. Also why didn’t she have real scenes with Riley,Maya, and Topanga (her best friend) like Shawn,Eric,and Mr.Feeny . Really disappointed

    • Audrey says:

      I have a hard time believing that at the very least, Topanga and Angela did not remain in touch. Angela was after all Topanga’s maid of honor. Yet they did not have any scenes together. With social media these days, certainly someone knew Angela was married or what she was up to. Friends grow apart, yes, but it just does not feel right.

      • Ann says:

        Life happens and even best friends don’t remain best friends forever, even if they had been close. I’m sure Topanga’s life and Angela’s life took them in separate direction. It’s a depiction of what happens in real life.

      • K.H. says:

        Also, this could be a product of editing. The focus of the episode was about Riley, Shawn, and Katy with Angela playing an important supporting role. It would have been out of place for Topanga and Angela relationship to take any screen time.

    • placecm says:

      I agree, very random/forced/stunted. Even with basic updates from topanga to cory on oh hey did you know angela (fill in the blank). Then she shows up to talk with shawn and they have their scene and move on. I mean how did angela even know where to find shawn since he has supposedly been traveling non-stop for this magazine he works for?! Cory had it right, awkward!

      • Dj says:

        With Cory running in there first to try to warn Shawn about Angela she had to contact Topanga or Cory to try to get in touch with Shawn.

      • Ron says:

        I think it was very subtle the way they revealed how Angela found Shawn. At the end when Riley hugged Cory she kind of knew that Cory called Angela to help Shawn move on seeing as that was something she would do.

    • CreativeArtist91 says:

      I agree!!!

    • Keelishaye Downer says:

      Angela was described as a “hurricane” because she came when things were going well because Maya really began to hope at that time. And that connection she had with Cory when she was behind Maya and Katy, that was a real scene because she is letting Cory and Riley know that Katy is the one and when she walked away after that it sealed it because she made it clear she wasn’t there to say she was just bothered by having children because her mom.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed. I definitely took the whole Katrina/Angela comparsion as a low derogatory blow..But even worst the trying to force Shawn and Katy together and the creepy relationship between he and Maya is just disturbing.

    • Cindal Bowman says:

      I think because it’s a white show and she is black and unimportant. I mean think about. She and Topanga was best friends. And they had no real time together.

  3. Tammy says:

    It was great to see th characters have closure! Also sweetly nostalgic to see Shawn’s dad

  4. Veronica says:

    I totally figured something like this was going to happen with Shawn and Angela as soon as Maya put that picture of her and her mom with Shawn in the time capsule. I loved Shawn and Angela and yes it handled in a way that was true to their bond and relationship but they are really pushing

  5. Allison says:

    No, absolutely not. I was so not happy with what happened to Shawn and Angela. As much as I like Maya, when I watched the episode I kept thinking darn this girl. If it wasn’t for her neediness and daddy issues, Angela and Shawn could have been together. I do feel like Shawn got trapped because of this needy little girl. And of course, he can’t be close to the girl and not get close to the mother without someone suspecting something tawdry so that is that. I understand it, but I don’t like it. To be truthful, I wished Maya’s bio-dad would have come back into her life and then if Angela had not been married then perhaps she and Shawn could have tried again, but sadly that was not the case. I am all caught up in my emotions right now because I just finished the episode and I am eight kinds of pissed and even thought for a moment that I would not continue watching. Then I remembered that Jack will be putting in appearance and if Jack comes that means more Eric and I adore Eric and he and Jack were hilarious with their shenanigans so that put the kibosh on my retreat from viewing the show. I also want to know who married Minkus and is the mother to Farkle…so yeah…I ain’t going nowhere. I am salty for sure, but I’ll get over it. More good things are to come.

    • Veronica says:

      My thoughts exactly Shawn and Maya mom are going to happen because Maya wants them to happen and we are suppose to want that to happen for her as well because we want her to have a happy family. So they had to make it beyond a doubt that the Angela chapter is closed which sucks and dispoints me Plus your completely right about him still being close to Maya and being a good influence without having to have something with her mom

      • Yellowjeans says:

        I know this comment is way over due but I am hurt for Shawn. Since day one his character lost and lost and lost. It wasn’t until he found Angela that he started to believe that he deserved more in his life. Even with Angela around he messed up a few times but he got up faster and stronger. When Angela left at the end of boy meets world I was shattered. Once again Shawn lost and this time it was major. As we see now it’s pretty much affected everything in his love life. However Shawn and Angela have more chemistry than any characters I’ve seen at side by side. They make what Cory and Topanga have seem basic. The connection Shawn and Angela have would have made their ending more realistic if they ended up together. Yes, we move on and explore other relationships but what Shawn and Angela share causes them to think about one another everyday; it’s that strong. I would have liked to see Angela return with dealing with the loss of her father and trying to make sense of where her and Shawn stand in the midst of all of this. People return to one another, and though its 14 years later doesn’t mean they couldn’t try.

  6. A. D. says:

    Amazing Episode!

  7. Veronica says:

    I totally knew that something like this was going to happen with Shawn and Angela when Maya put the picture of her and her mom with Shawn in the time capsule thing. I loved Angela and Shawn and while they stayed true to their bond and relationship and I know not all HS couples end up together I am how ever disappointed that It seems that they are pushing too hard to make us root for Shawn and Maya’s mom I mean I obviously love and care about Shawn and care about maya but not really about her mom. He can be the positive male role model in her life with having to date her mom

  8. Nicola says:

    It was completely unrealistic that in order to remain Maya’s mentor/father figure, Shawn is pretty much coerced into dating her mother by two 13 year olds. This is not the Parent Trap.

    • This isn’t real life either. It’s a show, it’s a continuation of a story, let the writers tell it. For those of us that grew up with Boy Meets World, this was a very satisfying episode.

      • blackgirlgeek says:

        Going to have to disagree with you there. I grew up watching Boy Meets World and was very disappointed in this episode. It was lazy and not really true to their bond. Even the way she told him about her father’s death was seemed off.
        Take away the fact that a number of old school fans wanted them back together, Angela being seen as the ‘big bad’ and not contacting anyone of them for 15 years? That was ridiculous.

        • ZhaneEndrick says:

          And yet wanting Shawn and Angela together isn’t a requirement to be an ‘old school fan’. Personally, I never really liked her anyway so I’m totally fine with her having her own life.

          • blackgirlgeek says:

            I never said you had to be a Shawn and Angela shipper to be an “old school fan.” The point wasn’t that their lack of being together was ridiculous. It was how they handled Angela’s return period.

        • V says:

          It was absolute bull. Instead of being the character, they turned Angela into the problem of the week for Riley and Maya. The disrespect is real.

          • So freaking well said.

          • cJ says:

            Completely agree. There was absolutely no closure for me as an old school fan. It seemed liked Angela was a problem that producers needed to get rid of so that he could move on with Maya’s mother. And whether you hated or loved Angela, her and Shawn’s story arc deserved more than that. Everything up until this point was handled very well and it was exciting to see guest spots. Very disappointed is putting it mildly.

          • Pixxi says:


        • Cindal Bowman says:


      • Carter says:

        I agree with you Michael. Not every stays close through the years. I really liked it because it gave closure to the Shawn Angela story to me and showed us that it’s ok that not every relationship works out no matter how badly we want it to. Is Shawn and Maya’s mom going to work out? Who knows but at least he’s ready to move on and attempt some happiness again.

  9. Kristina says:

    I thought it was perfect.

  10. Tomasina says:

    I think I wanted Shawn and Angeala to be together more than anybody. But, when she stated she was married I felt a sense of closure. She has grown up. Even though Shawn has grown up also he is still letting those childhood issues stop him from finding a real relationship. Cory sent Angela there to tell Shawn its time and OK to move on. We all have to grow up. Excellent Episode.

    • Dj says:

      If it happened like this it would have been so much better. It would have been an epic plan by Cory to give both Shawn and Maya hope that they can get that happy ending.

  11. Asia says:

    Yeah this doesn’t work for me. I can be okay with Shawn and Angela not ending up together but the way the writers have been forcing the Shawn/Katy pairing has been so beyond obnoxious in my opinion. The sole reason for the Shawn/Katy relationship is so Maya can get the father she wants. The writing for this story line is not selling much beyond that. And from other interviews I’ve read where Michael Jacob talked about Shawn/Angela. He asked if it would be grossly irresponsible to have them end up together and if they did would that diminish Corey and Topanga’s relationship. And he also said that if had two sets of friends who met and married in high school instead of one it would diminish it for him. I’m sorry but that sounds like nonsense to me. I disappointed that they brought Angela back for this.

  12. Chrissy says:

    The episode was awful. Shawn and Angela were so important to Boy Meets World and it’s disappointing that the writers couldn’t be bothered to continue their story. They ended it, not because it made sense to, or because their story was done, but because they needed to clear the way for a contrived relationship between Katy and Shawn. He can be a father figure to Maya without having a relationship with her mother. Shawn’s journey as a character was important as well and for that to get diluted down into basically nothing in order to give Maya her perfect cookie cutter family is such a disservice.

    The writers speak of Shawn being happy but being with Angela is what would have made him happy. He’s clearly settling for Katy and that’s tragic.

  13. @tvneuroepi says:

    All I’m going to say is, they nailed Chet’s return. I had a good chuckle when he referred to Maya’s mother as a screwball (brought back good memories of Chet in BWM).

  14. I thought this was an amazing episode. Shawn finally gets some closure with the whole Angela situation to set himself up with some real happiness with Maya and Katy. I love that it was Chet that finally gave Shawn the kick in the butt that he needed to make a move. Maya’s “Yaaaaaaay!” at the end of the episode was hilarious.

  15. HH says:

    Ridiculous episode. Shawn and Angela’s relationship was way more interesting than Cory and Topanga. The producers of the show got it wrong … again. Shawn and Angela should be together. Now we have a contrived relationship with else that will probably kick Shawn in butt again. I’m done with Boy / Girl Meets World forever.

  16. Jason says:

    Man, you guys are some haters, lol. It has been 15 years with no contact between them. It makes total sense that Angela has moved on. Angela and Shawn had a high school romance. Most of those don’t work out, and Shawn even alluded to the fact that he was trying to make his relationship out to be like Cory and Topanga’s, because he was jealous of what they had. Also, everyone talks about how Shawn is “stuck” with Katy. Katy seems to be a genuinely nice person, and not to mention BEAUTIFUL, and Shawn would be lucky to have her IMO. What I did not like about this episode however, was how brief Angela’s return was. Minimal interaction with Cory, and NO interaction with Topanga!!!!! What!!!! That makes no sense. Really hope this was not the last we’ve seen of Angela, but I fear it may be. And yes, the Chet cameo was pitch perfect.

  17. Sara says:

    During the original Boy Meets World run, I far more enjoyed the friendship between Angela and Topanga than I cared for the Shawn/Angela romance. I liked them initially, but over time they just didn’t seem to gel so much. I like that there was closure for them here, but I would have really loved to see Angela and Topanga have some interaction. Also, I don’t really see how their reunion was deemed “tragic.” All the build up to this made it seem like Angela had died or something. I liked that this was so true to life.

    • Jason says:

      Especially odd given the fact that Topanga was in almost every other scene tonight. Makes you wonder if Danielle Fishel and Trina McGee had some offscreen beef or something.

      • wolfkin says:

        nah son those are some classy ladies. Topanga typically only talks to children in a show where he’s a lawyer. Cory at least talks to teen. Topanga/Angela didn’t happen because of bad writing.

        • Dan says:

          Agreed! Topanga desperately needs some more adult interaction…hopefully this isn’t the one and only time we see Angela on GMW…It would be nice if she was on every now and again as a friend for Topanga to talk to/hang out with.

  18. fauna says:

    this show never fails to impress me. this episode was golden and proved that disney has yet to lose its touch and connect to the real world and teach children beautiful lessons about learning to love. absolutely love this show.

  19. Dj says:

    I was ok with why it went down that way just the how was poorly done. Her seeking out Shawn after 15 years for advice felt forced.

  20. Riana says:

    I wonder if people freaked out like this when 90210 broke Dylan and Kelly up.

  21. Kevan says:

    Like the whole Maya and Josh thing, they’re pushing Shawn and Katy(?) together in an awkward fashion. Yeah she’s a kook and kinda charming, but Shawn is all like “Ummm…ok…” and it’s just weird. Also, it’s not remotely realistic for Angela to come into town and ask her ex-boyfriend to tell her if she’s ready to be a mom. I like Maya’s enthusiasm over Shawn and I liked Chet’s appearance, but the rest of it fell flat for me. It was forced. At least they’re trying, though.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    It was good to closure with Shawn & Angela. Sad she & Topanga didn’t have no scenes together. Glad he asked Maya’s mom on a date. Good to see his dad again. It was good to see Maya happy.

  23. Tony says:

    Haven’t watched the episode yet. But with even how close Angela and Topanga were, I always felt Angela was the one of the group who would sort of drift off and do her own thing. The sad part is is that it happens to us all. There is always that one friend who, for whatever reason, just doesn’t remain in our lives. No matter how important they were at the time or for that moment

  24. Tb says:

    The episode was soooooo good. Every episode with Shawn is a whole other level.

  25. madhatter360 says:

    My only real issue was that Angela said she was married for four years. I think that if it was exactly the same but she was engaged it would have felt more believable that she would turn to her ex-boyfriend with a serious question. I also feel that it’s more believable that an engaged woman and her fiance would be discussing whether or not to have kids. I find it hard to accept that she’s been married for four years and the topic of kids has only just now come up.

  26. Emily says:

    I hate how there was no Topanga/Angela scenes. They made it seem like her whole point on Girl Meets World was Shawn’s formal love interest.

  27. Boymeetsworldfan says:

    This was the right thing to do. I wasn’t a fan of Angela. I really wasn’t a fan of Rachel. I like where the series is headed though I wish it was more about Cory and Shawn with a little Eric sprinkled in.

  28. Samantha B. says:

    I applaud it. It was nice to get some kind of closure, and it’s also nice showing the younger ones that not all fairy tale love stories have a happy ending. Life gets difficult sometimes; people and things will hurt you. It was a great way to teach them how important hope is. Well done, GMW. :)

  29. Mandy says:

    Real question…If Lucas was born in 2000, would he clearly remember visiting New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

  30. Markida says:

    What everyone fails to realize is that as much as we all loved Boy Meets World this show is not about our old favorite characters. If Shawn and Angela were to end up together where would that leave Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas the new center of the show. We would be recreating Boy Meets World the Adult years and not Girl Meets World. Personally I’m glad they married off Angela, I was sick of the Angela ghost that was lingering around. However, I do agree with many posters in that they could have written it better. Her showing up was so random, but statistically speaking very few people marry their high school sweethearts. This was definitely a more realistic solution.

  31. People seem to forget this is a half hour show which means 22 min of run time. The episode was not about Maya trying to get a father but helping Shawn move on with his life. He was crushed when Angela left him and the episode was helping him to move on with his life and add some happiness to it. Even if he doesn’t end up with Katy he is opening his heart and moving forward with life.

  32. ~H~ says:

    GMW sucks for what they did to Shawngela. It is okay for two college sweethearts to grow apart just don’t make Shawn the victim. He wasn’t. Angela didn’t leave him willing.

    And, it was freaking weird how everyone had to force feed us this Shawn and Katy things.

    Anyways, there was nothing “true to character” about any of that.

  33. Christy says:

    The Shawn and Maya relationship is creepy. I was weirded out when he appeared speechless after she came out of the dressing room wearing that black dress.

  34. Ray says:

    This sux so badly. I knew they was going to make her a married woman. They put Shawn with Katy b/c Maya is like a little Shawn. Really? She left to be with her dad. The way he died was so stupid. They could have done better. What a waste.

  35. PlaysWithSquirrelsChantalDubois says:

    I have grown up watching Boy Meets World and though the episode was good but I felt that Trina deserved more screen time to explain the whole story why she never came back little more background to her story would’ve been great..but then again it won’t be disney, right?

    also I know many suggest that Riley and Maya tried to force Shawn fall in love with or have relationship with Katy likes it parent trap or something but like in every other hallmark movie when you start becoming a parenting figure for some kid you are bound to end with the kids parents..

  36. CreativeArtist91 says:

    Honestly, I hate what they did to Shawn and Angela. Their relationship meant something. I never expected them to be Cory or Topanga. I also feel like Girl Meets World is too predictable and I feel like they’re rushing Maya’s mom and him. Shawn and Angela loved each other. It’s as if she came out of no where like somebody from last week and not somebody from their childhood. Cory wasn’t even Cory towards her and they didn’t even have scenes with her and Topanga. Everything about this was wrong. Everybody else was welcomed with open arms except her. Smh…I won’t be watching Girl Meets World again!

    • Lisa says:

      Same here..I continued to watch even after my kids stopped (They said it was “Corny”) hoping it would get better..It didn’t. Even tho people keep saying its not supposed to be realistic.. You can tell; the writers have Never been to NYC public school in the Village… No minorities.


    • Anmette says:

      I agree. GMW is out

  37. Jolene S says:

    Amazing episode. Shawn and Katy are perfect for eachother.

  38. lkajsdlfkjaslkfaslkfaslkfaslkjfasfasfas says:

    Thankfully they didn’t have him fall back in love with that Michael Jackson Tranny looking sheboon. Usually Disney shoves disgusting race mixing down everyone’s throats. Im sure they will find some other way to cram their diversity down our throats soon enough though.

    • Try me says:

      Considering the fact that he now looks like a stale ginger bread man, I think its perfect that he’s been forced to pair with the bland, white trash looking woman as well! :) Angela would be much better off with someone better looking.

      • Tomasina says:

        Race is all you two can think about. Think of the storyline and their friendship, the things these two characters had in common (Moms Leaving), that’s what made them compatible. God Bless you both

  39. Sharie says:

    What is unrealistic is force feeding Shawn and Katy together just because the annoying as heck Maya wants it. Exactly what do the air head and Shawn have in common? I hate they destroyed Shawn Angela for that idiocy.

  40. TAQUANDA says:


    Shawn + Katy = Shaty and that is exactly what it is, Sh*tty Shatty!

  41. Ashton says:

    I waited years for this BULLCRAP! Im so disappointed. They need to bring Angela back on to the show somehow. They barley even gave her screen time. My excitement for this show is out the window. Let me know when Angela is back thats when Ill start watching again.

  42. Page says:

    Awh. Shawn and Angela’s reunion was the main thing I was looking forward to and this did nothing for me. Whatever happened to giving the people what they want, producers?? I think a lot of people wanted them back together, realistic or not..

  43. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Shawn needed something new. He was only scared to move on. Angela gave him the courage to find different is new and exciting. No body can be Cory and Topanga. But doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

  44. Emily says:

    Okay so I want Maya to stay with Shawn and the mother to stay with mayas mom because Maya does not have a father figure in her life so then Shawn is trying to be a father figure to her and also Shawn is trying to give her fatherly advise.. And what made me cry is when Shawn told her to dress differently and she was crying to Shawn and what made me laugh was when Shawn said how do I make her stop crying and he said I will buy you some new clothes and she stopped crying and I am surprised the maya was cryiñg I never saw her cry………….

  45. Evan says:

    This episode needed to be a two-parter. They barely scratched the surface with Shawn and Angela. I have no problems overall with how it played out but like others have said, you needed to see Angela interact with more of the other characters, especially Topanga. I agree with the person who said Cory probably specifically called her to give Shawn a kick in the butt with Angela. And its a good question to wonder if the story she told him was even true. But I don’t immediately buy how quickly it seemed they had no desire to discuss the past and what has gone on in each other’s lives. You need to spend time catching up and discussing things for proper closure. As much as its not the adult’s show, the moment of those two characters back in each other’s presence needed a good amount of time to get some dialouge out between the two.

    And no, I don’t think they’re forcing anything when it comes to getting him and Angela together. It’s taken Shawn this long to find his Topanga. And guess what, she happens to have a daughter. And he’ll get to enjoy the concept of fatherhood right from the start. And its something he clearly has always wanted. He’s realized he’s got the oppurtunity and he’s slowly been building toward it, as is Angela, as she’s beginning to realize that Shawn is not like everyone else.

    The next crucial step is going to be when Maya’s real father enters the picture and what he has to say for himself.

  46. annoooyyyeeedddd says:

    I am DEVASTATED! Shawn deserves better and tbh i never liked katys acting. It was unrealistic that they suddenly plunge into the having kids things without having some subtle things like how angea fit in with the new Matthews cast and crew;

  47. Abby says:

    I really wish they had established an attraction between Shawn and Katy before they had Maya campaign for him to be her step dad.

  48. knd24 says:

    That reunion seem random and awkward. A little too brief as well.

  49. Bryan says:

    I thought that everything was done well. I think people move on and I thought that was representative of that. Topanga may have known info but not told Shawn because of how he may have taken it. I wish Michael Jacobs did HIMYM now though. He handled a relationship that people wanted to see and gave it closure. Also the Chet scene was pretty great, and I can’t wait for more cameos. I thought all of the cameos so far have been great.