Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Fatal Traction

In a truly unprecedented twist, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars actually provided an answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the season. (Trust me, I’m just as surprised — and satisfied — as you are.)

The mystery, of course, was “Who were the Liars burying in the season premiere?” And the answer, as revealed in the episode’s final moments, was Elliott. The latex lover was mowed down by Hanna as she and the girls combed the woods for Alison, who had just escaped from her husband/doctor/tormenter’s clutches. (Kudos to the creative team for that truly haunting final shot of Elliott’s face bleeding through Hanna’s windshield.)

Now that we’ve gotten that literal mess out of the way, let’s talk about this week’s relationship drama: In all honesty, I was hoping for at least one Dynasty-style throwdown — either Spencer suffering a sharp left hook, made even more deadly by Yvonne’s blinding engagement ring, or Hanna being pushed into a fountain after Caleb confessed to kissing her. But I got neither. Instead, everybody was “respectful” of each other’s “feelings,” and they all talked it out like pretty little adults.

Caleb did his best to convince Spencer that, even though a part of him will always love Hanna, she’s not the one he wants to be with, but it wasn’t enough. “Spaleb” is on life support at this point, if it even has a pulse. (And I learned everything I know about medicine from watching Elliott and Wren, so you know I’m legit.)

I also have to admit that Emily’s bartending job at the Radley is proving to be more entertaining than I expected. Her whole awkward dance with Sabrina — first being rejected, then ultimately landing a date after spilling her guts — felt like a cross between Coyote Ugly and The L Word, and I was here for it. That said, I have to assume Paige’s impending return will throw a wrench in Emily and Sabrina’s budding romance.

Other things we should probably discuss…

* As of this episode, you can officially add “creepy little Amish girls” to the list of things that make me uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, though, I totally appreciate that Hanna and Aria were able to track down a 12-year-old version of Deep Throat in Amish country.

* Was anyone else surprised by how quickly Spencer and Emily figured out that Elliott disguised himself as Wilden to make Alison feel crazy? Like, that mystery unraveled faster than a Real Housewife with a bottle of Prosecco.

* So the big Season 7 wedding is going to be… Toby and Yvonne’s?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Lol your recaps are truly the best.

    • Sheena says:

      This comment actually made me laugh out loud: “And I learned everything I know about medicine from watching Elliott and Wren, so you know I’m legit”

  2. Jessica says:

    That doesn’t mean it’s Toby getting married Marlene said herself that the proposal happens in the summer finale and we will actually see it and the wedding will happen when the show wither cones back on for winter or ends

  3. Monique says:

    What’s truly unprecedented is that the liars actually commit a murder (well, vehicular manslaughter I guess), after being framed for I’m not sure how many deaths now.

    • Rook says:

      Emily killed Nate and then Aria killed Shana. I don’t think Spencer has killed anyone but now that Hanna has I guess it’s only a matter of time.

    • Jake says:

      This show is so far fetched..I cannot believe that I still watch it. I say to my friends all the time it should be called Pretty Little Spoiled Idiots.

  4. Lea Oliver says:

    I want spencer and Toby back together. I don’t like his “fiancé” no offence to her or anything. And yeah I enjoyed seeing elliot come to am end, he was a real piece of work to say the least. But by now they should know it’s not a good idea to hide what they did there is always someone who sees it all. Can’t wait for next week

  5. lauri5567 says:

    I guess I’m supposed to feel sorry for Spencer that Toby got engaged. But really she breaks up with someone 4 years ago, then comes back to town after avoiding it for said four years, and he’s not waiting for her? Yeah, that’s how life, if not Rosewood, works.
    We know who the body is? Yes! Also, it’s only been a few days since they broke into Ezra’s apartment? I thought it would be londger since he and Aria have written an entire novel in that time.
    Wasn’t there something between Wilden and an Amish girl in the books? I don’t remember what it was though.

  6. "A" says:

    When Aria and Hanna were leaving the Amish farm was that a Campbell family logo above the barn like at the apple farm ?

    I think the old Amish farmer might be Mary and Jessica’s father, Alison, Jason, and Charles aka Charlotte’s grandfather, and Eliza’s great grandfather. What do you think ?

    Since Alison dug herself out of a grave before I’m guessing Elliott ISN’T really dead DEAD … and … he’ll be back for Ali by the mid-season finale.

    The meds Elliott had hidden away were Butabarbital, Dihydromorphalin, Benzodiazephine, Phenatora, and Antihisamine ( Nightime formula ) for Allergy Relief.

    Latex Recipe

    1 cup cold water

    1/4 cup Tapioca flour

    1 packet plain gelatin mix

    1 teaspoon solid coconut oil

    By the way Bedlam = Ed Lamb …. Eddie Lamb

    ( episode 5×7 = “The Silence of E. Lamb” )

    I wonder if he have worked at Radley when Mary was there and was the one who showed her ‘kindness’ … possibly being Charles aka Charlotte/CeCe’s father … or … could he be the child of Mary and Eddie Lamb Sr. ?

    Maybe Maya will turn up alive and be the love child of Mary & Eddie.

    • Rachel says:

      I was wondering if Elliott really isn’t dead b/c remember a promo a while back where Alison is writing on a chalk board at school and the girls (or one of the girls or some, I don’t recall) come in and say, he’s coming for you. Wonder if that’s Elliott.

    • Angie says:

      Dayum! Such analysis. I’ve been waiting from Maya’s return since forever and what the hell happened to Sara? Or better yet where is Mona.

  7. "A" says:

    I just figured out why Ali is writing Mrs. Rollins in the flash-forward … and … it’s because she has to appear as the grieving widow ( keeping his last name ) so they don’t get found out.
    I’m guessing Elliott will return from the grave in 7×06 ( there is a confirmation he’s in this episode), come for Ali again, and he’ll be killed once more.

    ( he could just be in a flashback )

  8. Brock says:

    I’m shocked there were no texts from any version of “A”.

    I’m shocked Elliot was killed so quickly.

    I’m shocked there was no Mary.

    I’m not shocked we had another week without Ashley and Mona. *sigh*

    I’m not shocked we’re waiting and waiting for Jenna.

  9. John McElroy says:

    Ok BUT what the heck does “he’s coming for you” mean in reference to last finale and the flash forward????! Ali was VERY happily writing Mrs. Rollins on the board and the girls came running to warn her. Is this just a dropped plot point now or do we think it will be addressed????

  10. Shiftzy says:

    Anyone else wonder why they can’t just go to the police and simply say what happened?! Why do they always have to cover it up?? Our friend was in Welby being mistreated by her husband who tonight took her out of Welby without proper paperwork etc and she was scared so she sent her location and we were following to make sure she was ok. Ali got out and was running and we hit Elliot when he was running after her. It’s a crazy story but maybe just go with the truth this time

  11. wgsecretary says:

    I’m confused. At the end of last season when they did the flash forward,the girls ran into Allison’s classroom saying he was coming and they had come back for Allison and they had to go. Did I miss something or has that not happened yet in this season. So, that’s still a flash forward, right? But, she was writing her name as Mrs. Rollins on the board.If that scene happens in the future from now, would she still be using his name? I take it Elliot isn’t the “he” they were referring to as I think we’d probably all assumed…unless I’ve missed something.

    Also, someone needs to teach Aria that in a pinch, a video of all of those bottles would have been faster!

    I too wonder why they don’t just call the cops. This was a genuine accident and they have evidence that Elliot was being shady since he just randomly took his wife from the hospital and left. I’m sure he had that bag of condemning evidence and with a quick enough blood panel, they could see what was in her system. But…then I guess if they called the cops, the excitement would be over pretty soon.

  12. lina says:

    Allison is creeeeeeepy her body language and positioning in front of the car after the girls run over elliot is interesting to me. Shes gotta still be playing with everyone. I hope she is.

  13. Guest says:

    Ok this spaleb think has to stop its totally creepy ….really caleb has become so irritating i don’t like him anymore. ..dont want him with hanna as well. Hanna spencer can do far better. ….toby’ s engagement is temporary. ..hope so
    But the way they r showing toby spencer in their relationships they totally look moved on …but their still is a chance for them i guess but gona take a long if these two r endgame…
    …well elliot death was quit unexpected but comeon afcorse he was not A we all know but sure he was a stuped part of the game whatever is happening. ..

  14. "A" says:

    Calling It: Elliott wasn’t the one who kidnapped Hanna from the Lost Woods Resort.

    It was actually old amish farmer guy ( the cattle prod was a his farm ) and he is actually Mary & Jessica’s father Amos/Absalom/Aaron/Aquilla/Abram ( A.D. ) Drake.

    • lauri5567 says:

      I think the Amish guy isn’t old enough to be Mary and Jessica’s father. It’s one of the ideas the writers toss something out but never tie up.
      I do think the mask, the fight with Elliot, and lalst weeks operation were Alison’s delusions rather than actual events or rather Elliot drug her and did did something like Charlotte did to Jason and Mona.

  15. Nay says:

    ezrra is out of town and no -A texts :)

  16. No way are they burying elliot, in multiple interviews, the liars have said that they were burying someone who was dead as a result of a mistake made by one of the the liars. I think that we can all agree that hitting elliot in a car was not a result of any one mistake by the liars. They hit him by accident, the same thing happens every day due to people not looking both ways before they cross the street. And why isn’t Alison there? She was right across the street when Elliot was hit. Also, in the clip where they are burying him, Hannah was not there with them, and yet she was in the car when they hit Elliot – where did Hannah go? And why not just call the police? It was clear that it wasn’t their fault, Elliot ran straight out onto the road – making him responsible. This is also something that Alison could testify, as she was the one he was chasing when he ran out onto the road. Another thing is that when they are burying whoever they are burying, Emily says “I don’t know if I can live with this.” Why? She had no emotional connection to Elliot. And then Spencer says “Well you’ll have to, it was a well thought out plan, when you put it like this it’s called first degree murder.” How is accidentally hitting someone in your car a “well thought out plan”, and first degree murder is ending someone’s life with intentional purpose. Accidentally hitting someone in your car is called involuntary manslaughter. And the biggest giveaway of all is that the liars are wearing different clothes in the burying scene than in the car crash scene – how could you overlook something so painstakingly obvious. Whoever wrote this article clearly didn’t pay attention and wrote it based on a wild guess without having any evidence to back it up. Do your research next time.