Pretty Little Liars Recap: Friends With Benefits — Plus: 'A' Big Return

Pretty Little Liars Spencer Caleb

If last week’s Pretty Little Liars marked the official birth of “Spaleb,” then Tuesday’s episode could be considered its consummation.

I never expected Hanna to ask Spencer point-blank about her feelings for Caleb, but I was even more surprised at how quickly she gave the potential new couple her blessing. Something tells me she’ll end up kicking herself — and by “something,” I mean the promo for next week’s episode — but for now, can we just enjoy the delightful hotness that is Spencer and Caleb’s relationship whatever?

The build-up to that first kiss was… I mean, that hand-holding was just… Am I even writing complete sentences anymore? I still maintain that Hanna and Caleb’s relationship was one of the best this show has given us, but if it has to be over — or even if it’s just on hold for now — I see nothing wrong with celebrating “Spaleb.” They’re two like-minded, great-looking individuals who rode some pretty rough waves together. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, to be honest.

Elsewhere in Rosewood…

EZRA(GE) | Pretty Little Liars once again spun the Wheel of Potential Murderers™ on Tuesday’s episode, this time coming to a complete stop on Ezra. (Sorry, make that #AngryEzra.) I already assumed something was wrong with Aria’s ex when Ashley wouldn’t serve him alcohol at the Radley, but his security footage-related freakout against the girls is what sealed the deal in my mind. Did he kill Charlotte? I don’t think so. But is the show going to build him up to be the primary red herring until her true killer is revealed? That’s where I’m putting my money.

CONFESSION, PT. 2 | We learned a very important lesson this week, courtesy of the Hastings sisters: Being involved in politics and being good at politics are two very different things. After a botched meeting with a reporter — from the Hollis paper, mind you, not even an actual reporter — Melissa totally freaked out, certain that her taped confession about the night Alison went missing (like that’s still a thing) has fallen into the wrong hands. Honestly, though, can these girls just stop being on camera so much?

THE PRODIGAL HERMIE | I’m glad to hear Lucas is doing so well for himself — three houses and a Jaguar?! — but I have to wonder what his true purpose was in coming back to Rosewood for this week’s episode. Will the police eventually find out he helped craft Hanna’s lie? Is he being set up as a potential new “A”? This feels like Season 1 all over again, and I’m loving it.

Odds and Ends:

* Is Aria writing Ezra’s book for him? What a little liar! (Oh, right, the title.)

* Does anyone else think Emily is lying about donating her eggs?

* Also, I’m not sad that Sara messed up her hands. She doesn’t deserve hands.

OK, your turn: Did you enjoy Spencer and Caleb’s first kiss whatever? Are you pretty sure Ezra (or Sara or anyone else) killed Charlotte? Drop a comment with your latest thoughts below.

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