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Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki: Sam 'Would Like Answers' About His Mother

Supernatural is no stranger to daddy issues, but it’s Mama Winchester who’s bringing up all sorts of feelings for star Jared Padalecki.

Dean and Sam’s long-deceased mother, Mary (played by Samantha Smith), made a surprise return in last month’s finale, thanks to Amara. While God’s sister meant to give Dean what he’s always wanted, the younger Winchester also hasn’t seen the woman who gave him life in a very long time. Should the opportunity present itself for another family reunion, does Sam need closure with his mom?

“Not as much as Dean does, because Sam was so young [when she died],” Padalecki told TVLine Wednesday night at the Saturn Awards, where he and castmate Jensen Ackles were presenting an award to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. But Padalecki believes Sam “would like to get some answers” about his mother, about whom he only “knows a little bit,” courtesy of the show’s trip back in time to when a young Mary (portrayed by Amy Gumenick) was a hunter.

“I think a part of Sam is very curious,” Padalecki says. “He’s a thinker, he’s an intellect. Part of him wants to have some sort of closure with his father, with his mother.”

“Sam is one of these interesting people who feels the void, even if he didn’t ever know it,” he adds. “They say, ‘If you don’t know something, you don’t know what you’re going to miss.’ But I think Sam knows what he’s missing.”

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. What Padalecki wants, Padalecki will get. I have no doubt SPN will give Mary’s story to Sam, even tho Amara intended Mary’s return to Dean as a gift. This is the reason why so many Dean fans have left this train wreck of a show. His story arcs are always cut short or given to other characters.

    • Dakota60 says:

      Really? It kind of sounds like Jensen isn’t all that thrilled with his big cliffhanger. What are they supposed to do with her? Is she going to hang out in the bunker cooking and cleaning (although Dean did say they needed a maid). Is she going to go on hunts with them? I think Samantha looks fantastic at 47 but she isn’t 28. Make up and fuzzy lighting will only go so far. I think they just opened up a big uninteresting can of worms.

      • Jensen might not be thrilled with this current one because he knows that the show will screw it up or cut it short like they’ve done in the past. I’ve seen recent interviews with him and he doesn’t seem to be too thrilled with S12 period. I’m getting the impression he’s just going through the motions now. Before he would question why Dean never gets full stories. Now he’s parroting that tired old spiel that all the characters on the show need to have their stories told. I call BS on that one. Only Dean’s stories are cut short on a regular basis: Lucifer’s bounty on him (Swap Meat), Purgatory, Demon Dean, etc.

        As much as I love Samantha Smith I would rather that Jeffery Dean Morgan (John) showed up instead. Morgan is on The Walking Dead now and I’ve seen online articles that he wants to play Batman in the upcoming Flash Flashpoint tv story arc. That tells me that JDM has time in his schedule for other roles if he wants to. That also tells me that Jeremy Carver waited too long or didn’t bother to procure JDM for SPN before he left. Well, why should he bother? That could turn into a Dean storyline and we can’t have that. SPN is all about Sam.

        • Tina says:

          Dean does fine on SPN , the last few seasons are hardly what I would call all about Sam. People cannot keep using the earlier mytharc as a excuse to claim Dean does not have everything.or anything
          And it has been Sam,s stories butchered to provide sl,s for others recently.

          At the end of the day Mary is Sam,s mother too , she did make a deal that condemned him before he was born . I see no harm if just once and a while he is allowed to interact with his parents as they both have influenced his life as much both have Deans.

          However having said that Dean will more than likely get the interaction more so than Sam, .

          • Lena says:

            A lot of season 10 was about Sam trying to save his brother. The first half of last season had Sam’s visions and him confronting Lucifer. Sam was the only character who actually had a storyline ‘and’ he got most of the motw kills. Dean could have literally sat out the season until the finale.

            I agree Sam should get to talk to his mother. But I get the worry that some posters have about Dean then ending up with nothing again next season. This show has a really hard time evenly balancing out 2 lead character storylines. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for the writers to give both brothers decent storylines each season. Other shows manage with even bigger casts

          • Tina M. says:

            @Lena Sam’s visions were nothing more than a tool to set up Castiel’s story (him saying yes to Lucifer, a pointless storyline that its only use was to prove that Castiel doesn’t fit in any story anymore). As for S10 what we got was exactly what Dean girls have been crying about for years. Dean getting the mytharc (a mytharc that began in S9) and Sam getting the POV about Dean’s situation. A reverse of what’s been happening in previous seasons. Yet Dean fans (and I’m referring to the extreme ones) were still not happy. Well, you can’t have it all. The show is about TWO brothers. In S8 Dean’s arc was dropped and the show focused on Sam in the second half. In S9 it happened the exact opposite. S10 was more balanced and then in S11 Sam was way more sidelined than Dean. I don’t favour one brother over the other so I can see things a little more unbiased than a Sam girl or a Dean girl.

        • Jessica says:

          Whatever that’s not a true story they don’t make the show anything about just Sam that’s a lie people need to stop saying that it’s equally about both brothers not just one

          • Jessica says:

            Sorry Tina M that comment wasn’t meant for you your right it’s about both of them 8m referring to all the people who think the shows has been only about Sam

    • Kate says:

      Stop lying.The last 2 seasons were Dean centric.What the hell do you want more?Another season focusing on Dean’s endless manpain?There are other characters on the show not just Dean.The show called Supernatural and not Dean W Adventures.

      • Stacy says:

        stop being such a hypocrite. I thought season 10 was “Sam W and the using of book of damned” (Dean was just being there drinking! nothing more!!!)and half of season 11 was “Sam W the boy chosen by god(or lucifer)”. I don’t even want to talk about the previous seasons. what the hell do YOU want more? another season focusing on Sam’s false confidence? There are other characters on the show. Yes it’s called supernatural not Sam Winchester.

        • netflixpro says:

          “Yes it’s called supernatural not Sam Winchester.” Coming from someone who cares for nobody but Dean….

        • Jessica says:

          That’s not true what so ever it’s about both of them equally do half you people even watch the show. 8 swear you need something to complain about don’t you.

      • Jessica says:

        @Katie exactly it’s about everyone in the show San and Dean both get equal story lines. Except for the first and second season the rest of the seasons are about both Sam and Dean equally.

    • Maria says:

      OMG! 12 years and you still don’t get that the show is about TWO brothers, not just Dean… And ICYMI Mary is BOTH Sam&Dean’s mom and they should BOTH interact equally with her. As for short myth arcs, Dean’s MoC myth arc lasted 1&1/2 year and the darkness lasted the whole season with a full closure. If someone had his myth arc stolen that was Sam and his Lucifer story that was given to Cas only because they didn’t know what to do with his character…

      • Guest2 says:

        Sam or Dean didn’t get the/a Lucifer storyline because they couldn’t go hunting in filler episodes otherwise. You basically ruined it for yourself with wanting the motw episodes more than actual storys. That’s also why Dean couldn’t stay in purgatory longer or couldn’t stay a demon for more than 3 episodes btw. because some fans would riot if there’s an episode without brother scenes. Dean and Sam are very limited characters because of that and that’s not the fault of other characters. Even without Castiel or others you will never get a possesed Sam for half of a season.

        • Maria says:

          LOL! MOTW episodes had nothing to do with the Lucifer failure! That s/l had no other purpose than to give something to Misha so his character could stay around. Lucifer didn’t help in Amara’s case, Castiel’s possession was meaningless (to put it politely) and it was a complete waste of time ( I mean really? We get half an episode with Lucifer throwing a tantrum to God for locking him away, while Sam not only gets ignored but has to play Lucifer’s therapist as well?)
          I didn’t say I wanted Sam to say yes to get that story. It could be handled differently. Dean and Sam aren’t limited as characters because of the brother scenes. They are limited because of bad writing. MOTW episodes ended up being way more interesting than the mytharc ones this season, that’s why fans wanted them more. And of course fans will want as many brotherly scenes as possible in an show that it’s about… you know, TWO BROTHERS and that according to its own creator it started as a horror show but the focus had to switch quickly into the brothers’ relationship because that’s what people loved most.

          • Diana says:

            @Maria. I couldn’t agree more.

            @guest2 A little Sam POV regarding Luci or Cas saying yes to Luci has nothing to do with hunting MOTW.

            Can you imagine Dean playing house with Azazel and having no POV about it? No? I can’t either. Because it would never happen.

    • Bob says:

      So basically you’re a Dean fangirl with no basis in reality.

      That’s cute.

      Ratings remain good every season. Those “Dean fans” who left don’t matter, clearly.

  2. orchid says:

    Mary is Deans gift from Amara not Sams. If they make it out to be anything more than Dean talking to Mary and putting her at rest I will call foul. They screwed up Dean/Amara big time. So much could have been done with the bond they shared but no it was given to chuck of all people.It would be pure nonsense for Mary to be brought back into the show for any reason at all other than for a talk with Dean. Let him have something that is only his.Did I mention I hate that they didn’t do anything with the Amara/Dean bond.

    • Ashley says:

      Treating Mary, a human being, as nothing more than a “GIFT” for a male character is gross. If this is how Dean fans are treating her, they don’t deserve her!

      • Lunalove says:

        Great point!

      • Stacy says:

        You know you are distorting what she meant on purpose right? That’s quite nasty. yeah dean doesn’t deserve her. sam does. he just met her for a few minutes in his life and he dreams about her all the time lol. such a lovely mama’s boy. And yes it’s a sam storyline now. yay! Sam fans have EVERYTHING in the world yet they still think they are the most pitiful group of people. how adorable.

        • Lunalove says:

          And yet it’s not the Sam fans calling people names.

          • Stacy says:

            yeah you believe what you like. It’s fascinating how sam/jared fans truly believe that they are saints that trying so hard to make the world a better place (but essentially they are just being self-centred). oh remind you of someone?

      • orchid says:

        Getting nasty with me over a fictional character is gross. The storyline was Amara giving Dean what he wanted most. The writers decided to give him Mary.-not Sam. Dean needed Mary the most I guess.

        • Lunalove says:

          Stacy is the one getting nasty here.

          • orchid says:

            Actually Ashley started name calling-she called me gross. The blame lies solely on her.

          • Lunalove says:

            I can’t reply to you, Orchid but yes treating a woman like she’s nothing but a gift for a man IS gross.

          • Stacy says:

            Because Ashley (and now you also) is being nasty for distorting the meaning of what other people said. A gift can mean the best in the world but you two keep saying it only means “a thing”. If there’s anyone that is gross. It’s you two.

        • Maria says:

          Because he already had Sam, DUH!!! It’s always funny how extreme Dean girls are trying to prove that Sam is not the most important person in dean’s life! LOL! Of course Mary is important to him but it’s the same for Sam too! And prepare yourselves for the fact that Mary will show the same love to both her sons! (Shocker I know, for a mother to love her children equally!!!)

        • Leslie says:

          Orchid, you are gross. When Sam’s scenes with his mother show, try not to get too upset. Your hatred of a fictional character makes you look unbalanced.

        • “The writers decided to give him Mary.-not Sam. Dean needed Mary the most I guess.”

          Umm… Sam is alive and Amara was assuming she was giving Dean what he needed most based on looking at a picture in Dean’s room. Dean has previously been against any kind of deal to bring Mary back to life. (In case you’re wondering I’m not a ‘Wincest Shipper’). I suspect Dean may be wary of Mary at first because Amara is not a ‘Creator’.

    • Maria says:

      So just because Mary was a “gift” to Dean, she is not allowed to interact with Sam??? Are you so blinded by your hate for Sam that you forget he is Mary’s son too? Sam has the right to talk to Mary as much as Dean. What kind of person can think that a child deserves to interact more with their mother than their sibling???

    • Tina M. says:

      “Mary is Dean’s gift from Amara, not Sam’s!” said the little girl while stomping her foot on the ground… LMAO! Are you serious? Sam is not allowed to talk to his own mother? Both boys should talk to her and I bet that’s what it’s going to happen. So get ready for a big disappointment if you expect only Dean to interact with her.

    • Leslie says:

      Supernatural is about two brothers. It isn’t the Dean Winchester show. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

  3. ninamags says:

    All we can do is wait and watch what is going to happen. No need to get worked up over something we know nothing about yet.

    Jared did say that he had read the first 2 scripts and seemed excited.

  4. Lunalove says:

    Jesus Christ, there are a lot of salty people on this board. Of course Sam wants to talk with his mother, did you people forget that she pretty much cursed him (NOT Dean) before he was born? That he knows nothing about the woman that gave birth to him? That much like himself, she was forced to lead a life she didn’t want? But yea, let’s do a character assassination of Dean and have him selfishly keep his mother to himself.

    • orchid says:

      You make my point. If what you are saying comes to pass then the GIFT TO DEAN FR OM AMARA is not that at all but more a gift to Sam. No I am not in for that at all. That is why her return is ridiculous and needs to be a 1 episode thing and forgotten. Mary and Dean talk and done. Move on.

      • Lunalove says:

        And what exactly would you like her to say? “Hey son, I know you have a weird Oedipal/Madonna complex thing with me and think that you’re doing the right thing, but you’re living the life I EXPRESSLY STATED I didn’t want you to lead?” Just how much of a “gift” is it to Dean to see his mother again when he has become something she hates?

        • orchid says:

          Your bias is showing Luna-She hates hunting-not hunters. She didn’t hate on Dean at anytime in the past when he has seen her. She is not going to hate him now. He hasn’t become anything she hates Luna- She hates hunting-period. I don’t have a clue what they could talk about. That’s why bringing her back is ridiculous. Dean is heavens warrior/firewall so maybe it will have to do with heaven/hell yet again.

          • Lunalove says:

            She hates hunting and doesn’t like those who do it. She doesn’t trust people who hunt. You can see it in “In The Beginning”.

  5. Rob Horine says:

    There’s much to play with for both brothers. Sam was still a baby when Yellow Eyes murdered her. She knows very little about the boys, and for that matter John’s family legacy as Men of Letters (I’m sure that Samuel Campbell would have a opinion, not to mention selling his soul to Yellow Eyes to save Dean’s life (not to mention Dean’s deal and Sam’s trip to the cage). There needs to be clouser for all three. But there are still some good stories to tell.

    That reminds me. Didn’t Mary make a deal with Yellow Eyes? Shouldn’t she been in Hell? And if so, it took Cas’s Whole garrison to get Dean out. Could Chuck and Amera just yank a soul out of hell and basically give her a new body?

    • Mary S says:

      She was stuck in their house in Lawrence as a spirit and then sacrificed her spirit to save the boys from a poltergeist. Missouri said their energies cancelled each other out, so I just figured her spirit didn’t exist anymore. Probably why she’s still in the nightgown like she was in Home. When they showed Cas’s vessel in heaven, he was in a different outfit.

  6. christ morgan says:

    I am so psyched to see the reunion of Sam and Mary. Honestly, she has a lot to answer for when it comes to him.

  7. wendy says:

    I thought sam has his own cliffhanger? he wants this one too? It’s not a dean cliffhanger anyway. why people keep saying Dean has a big cliffhanger? I don’t see anything that is potentially related to Dean…..this is at most a mary cliffhanger and now it’s pretty clear they are giving this storyline to sam (come on it’s called sam mary reunion scene now). who’s dean? Dear SPN writers, if you don’t need this character, can you let jensen go?

    • orchid says:

      Don’t worry-these fans who are looking forward to the Sam/Mary reunion aren’t going to get it. Sam is in his WOL (sam shot) cliff hanger.NO way Mary is part of that. These Sam/Mary fans are headcanoning that’s all. Not going to happen. Hopefully Mary is gone after S12E1.

      • Stacy says:

        Yeah I agree with you. I can’t see how mary can stay in the show for over 2 episodes without being ruined completely. and speaking of sam shot. He got shot twice in 5 episodes. how can that not be awkward. Maybe they can try harder later like making sure he’s shot at least once in every episode. Guess only that can make those hungry sam stans happy.

        • orchid says:

          My hope is the writers have Sam and the WOL head to her headquarters-wherever that is. Dean helps Mary pass on to heaven – thus her “help me”-last time we actually saw her in the present she was a vengeful spirit or something and “killed herself” and the poltergeist in her house to purify it. Dean goes to the present -cas tells Dean what happened and Dean introduces the audience to new hunters while he is looking for Sam. Sam meanwhile defends himself and gets the WOL bunch to let him go.

          • Stacy says:

            I don’t have any expectation… I don’t know what to expect at all… I mean there’s just nothing that seems interesting enough to be the start of a storyline….after the season finally I was like oh okay? Sam goes into life death situation five days a week now I couldn’t care less. Knowing there will be more hurt!sam ahead makes me physically nauseous. It’s the worst cliffhanger I’ve ever seen! there’s absolutely nothing to hang on to! I’ve never felt this way! It’s feels almost unreal….
            and now they are giving all these turn off spoilers…. what are they even thinking…

      • Leslie says:

        When she helps Dean rescue Sam, and she has time with both of them, I’m going to think of how gross you are being, and laugh.

        • Andi says:

          Right, Leslie? Same. Pathetic people clogging the comments with Jared and Sam hate because Jared DARED to say he hopes Sam meets his mom. Ridiculous. If you don’t like the brothers and you’re this furious about how the show treats Dean, stop watching. But none of them will. They never do. 12 seasons of them whining about the same old stuff every season. Yawn.

      • Orchid, in case you missed it, Sam Smith said at Phoenix Con that Mary, Dean and Sam would be together in an October episode. So a Sam-Mary reunion could happen, unless some change occurs in the early scripts. But I agree I don’t want Mary to be around long. :)

    • to hell and back says:

      Isn’t Mary Sam’s mother too? Why shouldn’t Sam meet his mum?

      • Stacy says:

        He is meeting her. The whole article is about Sam and Mary reunion scene. What are you talking about? The problem here is [isn’t Mary Dean’s mother too? why it seems the storyline suddenly is only about sam]!!! Can sam fans just stop playing victims for once?! Because you’re not!

        • to hell and back says:

          More name calling. How nice.

        • Kris says:

          This article is NOT about Sam getting a storyline where he meets his mom. It’s a hypothetical about what Jared would like to see happen. Not what is actually happening on the show. Jesus, you Ackles stans are annoyingly dense and twist things to suit your Jared hate.

        • netflixpro says:

          There is no mention of ANY scene actually. Is your reading comprehension that poor?

    • Andi says:

      Once again, no one is forcing Jensen to stay. Quit acting like someone is holding a gun to his head. I constantly laugh at people like you in these comments. It must suck hard to stan for one brother and hate the other on a show where they are a team. Probably sucks even harder to know that in real life the actors are such good friends that they spend most of their free time hanging out. Keep on complaining. The Sam!stans and/or Dean!stans have been whining about their fave not getting all the story lines since season 1 and it hasn’t changed a thing.

  8. Never Mind the ... Well, You Know says:

    I see by the comments section that I’ll have to return to my “no comments section” rule with SPN. Really, people. You can’t have the show without both of the guys and spending so much time hurt that your fictional favorite isn’t getting the treatment you think he deserves must be frightfully dull by now. And I’m talking about both “camps”. I am and always have been bi-brother.

    This blurb in no way indicates that Dean’s going to get ripped off with this storyline. It’s simply someone asking Padalecki what it might mean for his character – as people usually asked to do for any number of things even if they don’t seem directly related. I guess the correct answer for him was, “I don’t know, nothing, because this is Dean’s storyline and our characters are never, ever, never except *always are* knee deep in each other’s stuff all the time…” Sheesh.

    • hannah87 says:

      Yeah. And my biggest question right now is where is Jensen? They never promote Dean . It really makes me antsy. I like them both so I want to hear more about Dean too.

      • Lunalove says:

        The “interview” was very short and the only publicity the guys have done since they stopped filming was going to the Saturn Awards. There’s a huge possibility that this was asked on that red carpet. Maybe the interviewer could only talk to Jared not Jensen and this is what they asked about. It’s not like they were going to ask about another characters arc in the upcoming season. There are lots of solo Jensen interviews from the red carpet as well, many talking about Mary and Dean.

    • orchid says:

      Oh come on its just a discussion – heated granted- passionate- yes but so what. No harm no fowl.

      • Lunalove says:

        No birds? Ok I guess

        • orchid says:

          I can’t reply to you either Lunalove up above so I will respond to you here. The show called Mary a “gift” I didn’t. Plus Mary isn’t a real person-she is a character-an it. And that it was a gift from Amara to Dean. In the conversation sense only. I am not calling her an it and for you and Ashley to think it is gross is disturbing to me.

          As for Mary hating hunters-she isn’t going to hate on her own son for gawds sake. And frankly the last time we saw her in the present it didn’t look like she held any kind of disgust to me toward either of them. She helped them..

          • Lunalove says:

            The show calling her a gift doesn’t make it any better. Why is it disturbing to you that I think it’s gross for a man (Dabb wrote the episode) to say that a gift for doing something good is a woman? Mary won’t hate her sons but what they became. She made it clear how disgusted she was by the lifestyle and was HEARTBROKEN when she found out Sam and Dean were her sons in Time after Time. Dean already has low self esteem and I don’t see how bringing Mary back will help with that. I see it just getting worse. That isn’t a “gift”.

          • yellow eyes says:

            Mary is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure this gift will be shared between her sons.

      • I’m with “Never Mind the…Well, You Know”. One little REASONABLE question with a REASONABLE answer and it turns into a food fight over favorite characters.

        And “it’s just a discussion” to you but embarrassing for others to see our fandom squabble in every comment section like we’re all this petty.

        It’s been 11 years people. “The writers love Jared more than Jensen.” “The writers love Jensen more than Jared.” Neither sentiment is true. The boys wouldn’t tolerate it if it was. Haven’t J2 demonstrated a united front to ya’ll by now?

        Please stop pitting one against the other.

        And TVLine (Vlada), thanks for the interview/question.

        • roxy2578 says:

          I agree, why are you going at it like little kids on a playground? I mean really Dean this, Sam that. “Can’t we all just get along?”

  9. Pat says:

    The comment board has gone crazy with Dean and Sam silliness. I hope that both guys will be able to talk to their Mother and get any answers that they need to have closer. Mary had two sons, so yes she should see both of them. I still enjoy this show and I still cannot believe, that we saw God already.

  10. Jane says:

    Why is everyone pitching a fit? I believe the writers put Mary in the midst for both Sam and Dean. Like why should she be Dean’s “gift” only? Last I checked she gave birth to Sam too.

    • Stacy says:

      exactly. she gave birth to Dean too.

      • Jane says:

        Nobody said she didn’t give birth to Dean. Hence when I said Mary was put into the midst for BOTH the brothers.

      • MiKayla says:

        Sounds like you’re just a die-hard Ackles fan and only watch because *drools* Dean is just soooo hawt! Both the brothers get equal time on screen and equal story-line time. I mean, c’mon, the Mark of Cain arc was two (arguably three) seasons long! What more do you want? Right, I forgot. You don’t care about the show’s real message and theme (the brothers fighting the good fight, sticking together against all odds and against all crap cards dealt to them) you just want more Dean!centric storylines, because again, Dean/Jensen is sooooo hawt!!! GROW UP Stacy. Your comments embarrass me and probably the rest of the fandom!

  11. Jane says:

    Why is everyone pitching a fit? I believe the writers put Mary in the midst for both Sam and Dean. Why should she be Dean’s “gift” only? Last I checked she gave birth to Sam too.

  12. Juno says:

    I’m sure Mary will at least some scenes with Sam. But if it turns out to be equal screentime with both brothers, then it’d only be fair that Dean get equal screentime with the MoL storyline. Because I’m definitely getting a Sam storyline vibe from that one. Carver came up with the MoL for “scholarly hunter” Sam in the first place and I bet Lady Toni ends up as Sam’s love interest.

  13. Jas says:

    So Jared is ruining your show – yikes there is some crazy Laverne . Love that fact that your fan ugliness doesn’t go anywhere but be stupid on the internet. Jensen and Jared are a team. They don’t play diva to one another. They signed on for another season together and will end the show on their terms. They don’t actually write the stories or the mytharc. There is some satisfaction in knowing that you’ll just continue to be a never ending ball of frustration and unhappiness – this show will never be want you want it to be – thank heavens.

  14. kaliber says:

    I like the show. I like both brothers. I prefer Dean because he’s better at comedy. I have no problems with what was said in the article.

  15. Dear everyone in these comments. OMG how does a large part of the fandom seem to forget Mary was a hunter, from a long line of hunters, her father Samuel Campbell was a hunter that Crowley stated was one of the best in the world and knew more than any of them. I am really fascinated by the people bashing Mary’s return that she’s just going to sit in the Bunker and do nothing. Uh, what show have you been watching? Please rewatch the flashback eps to when Mary was young, then please rewatch Season 6 where we get a hint of what the Campbell side of the family was, then get back to this conversation.

    The comments in here are flipping ridiculous. The ones that crack me up most is how one or the other brother is always getting shafted in a story arc, please. Season 10-11 was about Dean’s struggles, first with the Mark and then with the Amara situation. It was about him learning that sometimes he has to let go and let someone help him, that he and Sam are on truly equal footing and that sometimes. just sometimes, you have to stop reacting, stop fighting and think instead of attack. The end of S11 wasn’t resolved by tricks, by violence, it was resolved by Dean understanding Amara’s pain and talking her though it, not something Dean usually does. That’s Sam. Both brothers grew as people in the last two seasons, they flipped the script on who was in peril for a reason.

    Mary didn’t want her boys to be hunters. However, if you all would kindly remember, the deal she made was wiped from her memory by Michael until way too late. When she came back as a ghost/protector spirit in the ep where she was protecting the old house, she acknowledged Dean but went up to Sam because she knows that of all people she owes Sam a massive explanation. It was her actions that set her family up for this and while Dean and John’;s lives were ruined too, it was Sam who was set up as the sacrifice to Lucifer.

    What I hope happens is that we find out that the Campbell side has links to the MOL just like the Winchester side does and that we explore more of the Campbell history too. I hope we see her hunt, or guide her boys against whatever upcoming struggles they have. I think the history of the Campbell’s would be fascinating to see.

    • Lunalove says:

      Actually, if you could kindly remember, Michael didn’t erase her memory of the deal. He erased her memory of Sam and Dean coming back and Anna trying to kill her.

    • Annie says:

      I agree that seeing her hunting with them would be great! That and more/ different stuff about the men of letters are the most exciting things coming from these “cliffhangers” to me! We have British Men/Women of Letters in the picture! I’m a fan of both brothers! This comment section is full of crazy! But I do agree here that exciting things could be to come!

  16. Crista Aiello says:

    I think Jared should know more about his Mother…after all he was only s baby when yellow eyes killed her. I am sure the new season will be full of excitement as usual, Love the Boys, Cas and even Crowley! Lol. It’s going to be a great season and hope there are more after! Can’t live without my Supernatural ❤️

  17. I have written extensively about how Supernatural has ignored Sam’s storylines. After they completely ignored that Lucifer tortured Sam for centuries last season, I’m not holding my breath that Sam will get a coherent storyline in season 12. For Jared’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

  18. cheryl says:

    I do not understand the problem, I had rather had Bobby, or John come back, I do not think Mary will hang around, and I would like to see the boys out on the road again, doing what they do best. There has been so many good characters on this show, but I think the show needs to go full circle. Get back to hunting things that are really Supernatural, or the show has reached the end of the road, and will end soon.

  19. kelios (@kelios) says:

    Of course Sam wants to see and get to know Mary–she’s his MOTHER. Mary was a huge figure in Sam’s life, even if he doesn’t remember her. He was very emotional about seeing her when he and Dean traveled back in yime, and I can’t imagine now will be any different.

    I’m very much looking forward to BOTH brothers seeing and spending time with Mary in S12.

  20. Typical delusional hardcore Dean stans who still can’t understand that what makes a character interesting is the POV. And Dean’s POV has been central to the show since season 5. Sam on the other hand barely gets a single episode about his motivations per season.

    You can keep crying about your precious story arcs all you want even though you’re really the only ones who have no reason to complain. Hell I have a lot more sympathy for Castiel fans than for you lot.

    You think you’re not getting what you want ? Feel free to GTFO, nobody’s gonna miss you and you don’t deserve this show anyway.

  21. Lily says:

    Most of you commenting here are an embarrassment to the show, the character(s), and the actor(s) you’re supposed to be fans of. I’d love to see any of you actually say the crap you’re saying to the actors themselves who would shut you all down in an instant. The story will go in the direction the writers want it to, and so it should be. With so called fans carrying on like three year old children fighting over toys in a sandpit, I hope they don’t listen to the fans at all, and just tell the story the way they want it to go.

    You have a favourite? So what? The show is growing and evolving with each season. Sometimes both leads have storylines together, sometimes one takes a backseat while the other has a story arc, and sometimes the two leads take a backseat while the focus is on other characters. It’s part of being in an ensemble. Grow the hell up and start behaving like adults. Fans like you are why a lot of people think fandom is filled with a bunch of crazies, and make it hard for the rest of us who are fans of the show, and the whole cast, who by the way, have been entertaining us for eleven years while listening to you whine about it. If you don’t like the show for what it is, move along and go play in someone else’s sandbox.

  22. Andrew Hass says:

    It makes sense Sam would want to know more about his mother.However i’m wondering if Dean may not be so welcoming because his memories of their mother might be more clearer in a way.So there could be stuff coming out about their mother.Plus the question might also be does the mother know everything that has happened since she died?Also Dean may wonder if the gift to him of his mother’s return is actually a gift or if there’s strings attached to it.

  23. orchid says:

    You people are pathetic.. The thought of Mary being a gift to Dean being turned iinto a “woman being a gift to a man” never entered my mind. WTH is wrong with you people.? I was talking about Mary being RETURNED to Dean alive or whatever she is -is his gift. Those that thought of it any other way is pathetic. I never thought of it that way ever.. For the record I am a Jared and Jensen fan so your Jared vs Jensen or Sam vs Dean BS doesn’t apply to me even though you guys so wanted it to. I was talking strictly the story I wanted to see -not a Sam vs Dean thing. Gawd some of you guys need to chill. You aught to be imbarassed how you blew that up.

    • Diana says:

      You do realize that when you start a comment calling other posters pathetic… well, anything you say after that pretty much falls on deaf ears.

    • Lunalove says:

      Not as embarrassed as not being able to spell “embarrassed”.

    • Tina M. says:

      @orchid LMAO! If you’re a Jared and Jensen fan I’m the queen of England! You were one of the first people here who turned this into a Sam vs Dean thing by saying that basically Sam has no right to talk to his mother because Amara returned her to Dean! I can’t find anything more pathetic than that!

      • orchid says:

        Just because one says that they prefer a story to go one way instead of another that YOU prefer doesn’t mean its a Sam vs Dean. You are a little touchy -maybe to a crazy fault making everything into a Sam vs Dean thing. Which a lot of fans seem to do from what I am coming across. If you cared to read a post I posted later it stated EXACTLY what I wanted to see. 1 episode of Dean talking to Mary about something. And Sam getting the WOL on his side. But yea I know-you only want it your way. GAwd for bid for another view or opinion. Your pathetic.

        • Tina M. says:

          “Mary is Deans gift from Amara not Sams. If they make it out to be anything more than Dean talking to Mary and putting her at rest I will call foul. They screwed up Dean/Amara big time. So much could have been done with the bond they shared but no it was given to chuck of all people.It would be pure nonsense for Mary to be brought back into the show for any reason at all other than for a talk with Dean. Let him have something that is only his.Did I mention I hate that they didn’t do anything with the Amara/Dean bond.”
          I am quoting your whole post. Your problem is not wanting Sam to meet Mary at all because you want Dean to have something that belongs to “him” only. Seriously a Dean AND Sam fan would never think that Mary THE MOTHER OF BOTH BOYS should only interact with one of them. You are a hypocrite and an idiot because apparently you don’t even read your own posts to see the kind of crap you’re posting…

          • orchid says:

            Actually your the idiot-Sams character is built on the fact that he has never met his mother. I feel (my opinion whether you like it or not ) is it will change the history of who Sam is if he gets to talk to his mother. Plus IMO if he talks with his mother then the “gift” to Dean is not so special anymore from Amara since it was her gift to him. She didn’t say “because you gave me what I wanted most I will give something to you and Sam. Its not a knock against Sam (you might want to get out of your sam stan arse and read what I post) Its the way it was written so I would have to cry foul. But did you read what I want to actually happen? Not to say it will-probably won’t but its my wish. My opinion. It doesn’t favor any brother. So you are a pathetic idiot to accuse me of Sam vs Dean crap. Not me darling-you are just a stan who if someone doesn’t agree with you -you attack.

          • Lunalove says:

            @orchid bullsh*t you’re not favoring a brother. You full on state that you want Dean and ONLY Dean to interact with his mother. That IS favoring a brother because you’re denying something that Sam has just as much right to as Dean. And you and Stacy are the ones who started the whole Sam vs. Dean argument. You’ll notice that NOT A SINGLE Sam fan says they don’t want Dean to interact with Mary or that he doesn’t deserve to have time with her. Your complete lack of self awareness (and your lack of basic grammar and spelling comprehension) tells me that you’re either very young or are living in a world of your own delusions. The vast majority of people on this thread are very much so against you, yet you’re still going. Learn to accept defeat and move on. BTW Sam Smith tweeted that she will be on the show longer than one episode and will be interacting with both brothers. Try not to drown in your EDG tears.

  24. orchid says:

    Actually Luna-I don’t give a damn how long Mary is on the show. I am voicing my opinion on what I want to see. Unlike you and the immature pathetic people who have attacked me -I will just enjoy SPN with what they give. me- Always have. Frankly I don’t like that they brought Mary back-but if other people like it -I am mature enough not to attack anybody. Unlike you and your fellow stans. Oh and honey-don’t try to be a fortune teller-You suck at it. I now understand how some of the putrid side of the fandom-you and others who have attacked me-work now. You don’t agree with a damn opinion so lets trash the poster. Yea you guys are real big aren’t ya?

    • Lunalove says:

      “Hopefully Mary is gone after S12E1.” Your words. Now, please go re-read your responses. They were rude and dismissive of anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You come off as an over entitled Dean Stan who is throwing a fit because they aren’t getting their way.

      PS I’m not a fortune teller, the actress that plays Mary says she has scenes with both brothers.

      • orchid says:

        Luna-I was referring to you and your “fortune telling” what you think I am. You see how things can be misconstrued by words? What you think and how you interpret what I said above is so off the mark. A hope doesn’t mean I am going to go off the handle like you have done here. If it does or doesn’t happen I don’t give a crap. I am not a demented fan like you are. I was stating an opinion. period. You couldn’t handle it. and over blew it. As for Sam Smith-fine if she does have scenes with both boys. I wish she didn’t -I think it minimizes the “gift” that Amara gave Dean. Its not just for him then. Whatever. Not the first time the writers wrote something I thought was stupid, useless, or just plain fan feeding. Which bringing her back is just that. Fanfeeding. Never was a fan of the writers fanfeeding. Unlike you I don’t go ballistic over it. I voice my disappointment and move on. I am moving on from this now Luna-you want to win-you win-good on ya. Now I know where all the new posters go-they leave because of posters like you-you chase them away. Yea for the Luna bully and those that attacked me. I hope you guys are proud of yourselves. I’m out.

        • Tina M. says:

          “Don’t worry-these fans who are looking forward to the Sam/Mary reunion aren’t going to get it. Sam is in his WOL (sam shot) cliff hanger.NO way Mary is part of that. These Sam/Mary fans are headcanoning that’s all. Not going to happen. Hopefully Mary is gone after S12E1.”
          Again quoting your own words. Without comments, except a big thank you for giving me a good laugh with your replies! Have a nice day kid!

        • Lunalove says:

          Bye Felicia!

  25. Rose B says:

    Is mark Pellegrino ever coming back n what about the young guns hunters I feel they should be part of the show like a jo n ellen ash etc forget garth lol


  26. Mary Love says:

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks Dean is getting the shaft. The writers always try to make it all about Sam. I think Dean should have the leading props. Sam is smart and good looking, but Dean is rough, tough, and fine. He is absolutely gorgeous. He can do just about anything, but Sam is just about always in trouble and Dean has to save him. Stop trying to make the show all about Sam. When it should be evenly yolked. They’re brothers, not adversaries. These new writers have sorta put a nod on Supernatural. The first eight seasons had me calling in to work because I didn’t want to miss any episode. Here lately, I haven’t watched a complete season since Season 10. It’s getting boring. Writers do something before I lose all interest. This show used to be part of my routine. I even spent all of that money buying Seasons 1-10. I am not to keen on 11 and 12 isn’t cutting it too much either. You see, I don’t even know how Mary got back, so that let’s you know I haven’t been watching. Get the old writers back, I say or make it more interesting. The early days were awesome. Today, I would rather watch Blue Blood reruns. Get with the program and even it out because it is not just about Sam. Dean needs top billing because he basically is the show, to me.

  27. blahblahblah says:

    this show is getting really boring. the show is heading for the ditch on a muddy day. the mary character is so annoying. mary is lying and stealing and living a double life, she end up getting sam and dean killed. I am surprised that cas cant tell mary is lying. mary character is getting annoying, I don’t know why the show brought her back. the show is on recycled stories. the show should have stopped at season 5. I wouldn’t be surprised if mary ends up getting sam and dean killed. like dean said, “what’s dead should stay dead!” and that means mary shouldn’t have return. nothing good will come from mary. the show is really getting bad. the show was top notch, now the show writers are really ruining the show. Mary’s character has to go quickly. mary is the weak link of sam and dean. and cas just getting really stupid. Crowley is annoying and very weak. king ya right. and the rowan character used to be cool but she’s getting weak with her emotions. I don’t know how the show stayed on for 12 years. when the show went down hill from season 6-12.