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Chicago P.D. Boss on Voight's Rage, 'Baby Steps' for 'Linstead' and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Chicago P.D. finale

Hell hath no fury like a father grieved.

After his son was shot and died in Chicago P.D.‘s Season 3 finale Wednesday, Voight went on a rampage, shooting Justin’s killer — and will continue to have “no fuse” next season, executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVLine below. (The detective’s actions also cost him a promotion and possibly his current position as Intelligence’s head, a gig which may go to Antonio if Voight ends up on the wrong side of the law.)

Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman came to the mutual agreement that she should stay and be a cop rather than leave for San Diego with him. (He, however, did depart the Windy City — and the show — putting an end to their brief relationship.) On the bright side, Lindsay and Halstead’s relationship is still going swimmingly, with the couple headed for cohabitation in Season 4, Olmstead reveals.

Read on for scoop about Burgess’ “celibate” future, Voight’s “brutal” behavior and Linstead’s sunny outlook.

TVLINE | Does the death of his son push Voight over the edge back into his old self next season?
Yes, we’re going to see a different side of him, because he goes from short fuse to no fuse. It’s not going to go back to what we call the other side of street, where he’s taking payouts from drug dealers, even though in his mind, it was a la Robin Hood, using that money to help free up other kids. It’s not like he’s in self-destruct mode. [His mindset is], “My right and wrongs are that much more cut-and-dry for me, and my desire to right wrongs is that much more clear to me.” Is the net of doing that somewhat more direct, possibly brutal? That’s what he has to keep an eye on [and] what people in his unit have to keep an eye on. So it’s a different side of Voight, because ain’t no way he can lose a son and not have that affect him.

Chicago PD RecapTVLINE | What does the future hold for Burgess after Roman’s departure?
He makes the appeal to Burgess to come with him. She thinks about it, but she is a cop first, especially after what she went through, [being] shot at [and] dragged through the mud and raked through the coals, so to speak, [during] the trial. A lot of people would’ve quit [or] become disillusioned, bitter cops, and she’s not like that. She wants to remember what the good parts of the job were and wants to try to recommit herself to that. So he packs it up and leaves. He’s gone, and she’s looking for a new partner next season.

TVLINE | Is it safe to say that Roman’s feelings for Burgess were stronger than hers were for him?
Yes, because she was still reeling from the break-up with Ruzek. It was nice to distract herself, but she wasn’t thinking straight. She couldn’t make an objective assessment of that relationship because she was still dealing with the Ruzek break-up, whereas Roman was completely clearheaded and completely convinced that this was the way to go.

TVLINE | Does Roman leaving open the door for a potential Burgess and Ruzek reunion?
It does, if you want to go there. [In] the beginning of next season, she’s going through a little bit of a celibate period… [Both of her relationships with Ruzek and Roman] blew up in her face. She’s like, “I’m committing myself to [being a] cop,” and there’s a little bit of a run of, hopefully, comedy where she’s trying to get to a certain date of celibacy. Whether or not she gets there, we’ll find out.

Chicago PD RecapTVLINE | What’s coming up for Lindsay and Halstead in Season 4?
We want to have them move in together and just play the baby steps of what it’s like to live with someone [for] two very independent people who have always done their own thing. We want to start turning some cards over when it comes to that, play the wish fulfillment of it all, because the audience likes them. We like them. We want to see them together more. [During] some heavier aspects of the show, specifically what Voight did and what’s going to happen with Voight, we’re going to play a little bit of the sun breaking through the clouds here, and that’s going to be those two kicking the tires and moving in together.

Chicago P.D. fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!


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  1. Mackey says:

    I hope they wait a while before getting Burgess back with Ruzek. Both of them are immature and not ready for any kind of commitment. Now I wonder who will be her partner. Her and Roman were great on patrol.

    Hopefully Voight doesn’t stay on the dark side too long. I didn’t like the Voight that first came on Fire back in season one. I don’t mind him having an edge but Antonio and Jay won’t like crossing that line. This could also cause conflict between Halstead and Lindsay because she didn’t like him questioning Voight’s way back in the beginning.

  2. fiberlicious says:

    Watching Erin look into Voight’s eyes and seeing no “there” there was heartbreaking.

  3. Sammy says:

    Sad for loosing a kid but justin was annoying so not too sad. Excited to see voigt without a fuse… burgess must stay single and bloody move up in the ranks instead of being a patrol officer her whole career.

  4. I’m really glad Roman is gone. I always thought he was such an underwhelming character. Maybe Burgess new partner will be another woman and they’ll kick major ass together!

  5. Shay says:

    I’m one of the few who don’t like linstead. Fan service on fire. Canton wait the actors breakup in real life like that they will break up in the show. Too much fous on them. Jason is the best actor on the show hands down. Dont like the Voight we saw on Fire season 1 so I hope he will not on the dark side too long.
    Glad Roman leave. I want more Ruzek and Burgess single is a good thing.

  6. Shaun says:

    Cmon,kill one of the team!

  7. suzanne payan says:

    I loved tonight’s episode it was heartbreaking. But also voightdid not want any of his team involved at the end. That is why he sent them to that house, so he could do what he had to do. Even Alvin.

  8. Luis Grant says:

    How in the hell do they ever prosecute the criminals if the officers are always breaking the law, and a lot of police brutality> Voight is the worst.

    • I love him,he’s why i watch the show!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I guess the Dirty Harry fans are seeing a different show? I like the show, but I do wash dishes and other stuff, during some scenes. The husband stays riveted, but even he wondered, “But he did go over the line, and what’s the other team going to do, now?” I’m hoping they haven’t written themselves into a mess.

      • Rusty James says:

        Obviously, he went over the line. Since the actor playing Voight is apparently leaving the show, this reversion to Voight’s earlier persona made sense to me as a way to move the character out. I remember being shocked when Voight was “rehabbed” as a good guy when this series debuted. My biggest gripe is that I can’t imagine a real law enforcement unit allowing so much intimacy between its members. Yes, this is TV fiction, but it stretches credibility for me too far when inter-relationships are so dominant. This isn’t the only show to do it, I know, and I dislike it on others as well. Enough already.

        • Maya says:

          Who said he was leaving? I can’t really see that happening as he’s the lead, or at least one of them. I think early 4th season will see him suspended or otherwise removed from his unit, but it’ll work itself out within the first few episodes. Also, we didn’t *see* him kill the guy. They are definitely keeping options open in that aspect. Voight is not a murderer yet!

        • Nancy says:

          He’s not leaving the show. I think they won’t address his actions as much as they should in S4. I totally agree that I do other things while watching this show.

  9. Laura says:

    I’m unimpressed. While the episode is heart-wrenching in watching Voight spiral, there was no risk involved in this death. They killed a character who has been on maybe 4 times since the show’s inception and who will only have an impact on 2 other characters. Will it reverberate, yes, but only for Voight. Not to mention it felt rushed. Nadia’s death was handled much better, IMHO.

    • Rusty James says:

      I’m with you, Laura.

    • Chad L. says:

      Completely agree. They killed off a character who is not really on the show. Nadia was a sweetheart and it was really emotional. Even Jin was a shocker. Justin, I don’t really remember him from any episodes he was on. Then they bring him back just to kill someone?

  10. Sue says:

    Tommy!!!!!!!!! Omg

  11. liame says:

    Who are we suppose to be rooting for on this show? Ugh! This show is very depressing. Burgess should have left with Roman, I can’t stand her character.

  12. I love this show because of Voight, no fuse Voight even more,next season should be interesting.

  13. Lily says:

    I hope that next season they show there are consequences for Voight after he has definitely crossed the line many times. Otherwise, it is a disservice to the many policemen and women who act in a professional, LEGAL manner. I know he is a fictional character and it’s for “entertainment” but IMHO it’s wrong to make him out to be some type of hero when he is acting outside of the law. Hopefully, next season they will follow through with some type of punishment.

    • Jeri says:

      I agree. Never understood how someone with such lack of control could be a cop. Scary for everyone in Chicago. Not a question of dislike, just can’t ever trust him to do the right thing.

    • Some type of punishment? He shot an unarmed man. It’s no wonder the worlds in trouble.

      • Lily says:

        You’re right. He should be prosecuted, Olinsky too because they both have been down this road before (Season 1). The only difference is while Voight “slept like a baby” Olinsky struggled with a guilty conscience. Regardless, their actions are illegal and over the line. I cannot believe the number of fans on the official web sites praising Voight as a hero. And if you express a different opinion, they are quick to condemn you. I HATE the actions of criminals, thugs too but proper procedures and Miranda rights exist for a reason.
        I hope the suits behind this show realize that promoting illegal, vigilante justice and torture as something admirable is just plain wrong. And I hope they have the cojones to address this next season. Voight’s character is beyond rehabilitation, regardless of whether he shot the suspect or not. He has used torture and even instructed the other detectives to lie. Dawson is the one most conflicted with his actions; use him as the catalyst in the investigation and show how Voight’s actions impact everyone around him. It will be a much better program than going back to some kind of comfort food show where you spend the season making Voight a “good guy” again and back to the soap opera silly couples and arguing “who should be with who” crap.

  14. Jay says:

    Chicago pd very sad however do not want to Hank go off the deep end any more than he did. Do not want to see him in jail or worse. Let him mourn his son but still be a great cop, lead his team and be a grandfather. Want to see a soft side also.

  15. David says:

    Voight I want you back your whole intelligence is not worth without you come back voight don’t leave us you’re the man!!!!!!!

  16. Let’s just say if Voight gets away with what he did fuse or no fuse, I won’t be watching. We have enough hotdogs and dirty cops for real in Chicago.
    He should be off the force not demoted or not promoted. Give me a break. What kind of message are you sending?

  17. Darruel Armstrong says:

    It’s gonna to be very interesting to see how Volyt get outta what he did. Only him and the girl knows. Going to miss Roman he really acted like a Chicago Patrolman. Like to see a young black female officer come into the story. Maybe one of the sisters from Sleepy Hollow.

  18. Jimmy says:

    “Does Roman leaving open the door for a potential Burgess and Ruzek reunion?
    It does, if you want to go there. ”

    We don’t. We really really don’t.

    Ruzek was a flake and Burgess was annoying as heck that she let him get away with it for so long. She clearly had a school girl crush on him and saw him with rose-colored glasses…hence kissing an engaged man, and then hooking up with him 2 episodes after his engagement ends. Girl, next time a man proposes to you in a locker room, say no.

    I really liked Roman. Ruzek was a boy and Roman was a man. You could see the signs of Roman and Burgess for the past two seasons. I think the writers did a smart move kicking Ruzek out of the picture, Burgess did need some time to work her feelings out after Ruzek. I had respect for Roman that he never made a move and gave her space. She made the first move, she was finally starting to move on. I wish Geraghty had stuck around so it could have developed more. Kudos to him though, I wonder if playing the same character year after year gets monotonous when you come from movie background where there’s a lot more diversity and variety. Still, Roman was the only one who seemed like a real cop and I hope they’re able to bribe him back.

    As for Burgess, let her go back to being a cop. She finally started showing a lot of growth this season, her infatuation with Ruzek and intelligence was holding her back last season. Leave the romancing to Jay and Erin, and of course Platt and Mouch!

  19. Zena Scully says:

    I was kinda hoping Roades would intervene and say “I can operate on his brain” and Justin would have to be taken care of for a while by Voight until he learnt how to talk, walk etc etc again. Make Justin appreciate Voight.

    I feel sorry for Voight! Lost his wife and now his lost his son.

  20. Elizabeth Cox says:

    Why did Voight call Lindsey Erin?

  21. Gil says:

    I could care less about Justing dying, we saw him maybe twice in the past three years. I was more shocked that Roman left. I loved his character, an excellent cop that seemed to actually know the streets. He was more like the more seasoned cops, Olinsky, Voight, and Platt. He and Burgess were great partners, I actually liked Burgess more after she started working with Roman.

  22. Tricia OSullivan says:

    I think that to have a great season finale, Voight was the guy to do something shocking to keep us on edge til the Fall season starts. Not convinced that he really killed the guy that killed his son,but we will definitely be watching in the Fall to see what happened. Voight takes Lyndsay down with him in a way because she Knows” what happened and can she keep that to herself, Also, I’m betting that Burgess has a great story line in the Fall. Can’t wait to see the Fall opener.

  23. Rhonda Miller says:

    Am also looking forward to the new series with Carl Weathers. Chicago Justice
    I met him and he is so nice and we chatted. I asked him if there was going to be a spin off. He seemed so happy to hear my feedback. I love all the Chicago series. I seem like quite the geek right now don’t I. As for Voight I feel invested in this character and of course being who he is when he son was mutdered I knew he would lose it. The intelligence unit is his family. Along with all their family members whether they are kids or wives. He loves hard. Jason Beghe is superb in his role. I love him and can’t get enough. The season cannot come soon enough.

  24. Sid says:

    I have watched this show far too much. I can’t stand the glorification of torture, police brutality, and the pseudo-subliminal brainwashing. Acting is not bad but writing is terrible in parts. I only started watching this because of Sophia Bush, but this show is dragging her down. Boycott starts here.