Chicago P.D.: Brian Geraghty Not Returning for Season 4

Chicago PD Brian Geraghty Leaving

Chicago P.D.‘s Roman is officially off duty.

Brian Geraghty, who began walking the beat in the NBC drama’s second season, will not return as a series regular for Season 4, TVLine has learned.

After being shot and seriously wounded on the job two episodes ago, Roman was given a choice between being transferred to less active duty or leaving the police force with three-quarters pay. The officer recently chose to start anew in sunny San Diego — but not before asking his partner/new squeeze Burgess to join him. However, during Wednesday’s season finale, they came to the mutual agreement that she should stay in Chicago to be a cop, and Roman left the Windy City on his own.

“When we wanted to do this Roman character, [executive producer] Dick [Wolf] in particular really wanted Brian Geraghty” for the role, executive producer Matt Olmstead explains. “[Geraghty] had a lot of choices, and we courted him and pitched him what the show could be, and we were crossing our fingers that we’d get him. He is the most level-headed, decent human being you’re going to encounter, and he’s upfront. He was like, ‘I don’t know if I can commit to a seven-year contract. This sounds great, but I’ve got to take it year by year,’ which Dick doesn’t do very often. But the deal was made.”

When Olmstead checked in with Geraghty after the midseason point this year, the actor — who served as an executive producer on the 2015 film The Stanford Prison Experiment — expressed his desire to pursue other projects. “He’s also a producer and wants to get stuff off the ground that he’s been working on and wanted to give us a heads-up and include us in the conversation,” Olmstead says. “It was the most civil, level-headed, mutual fan-fest agreement and departure that I’ve ever been a part of, because he was just very decent about it.

“I hope that we honored his request,” the EP adds. “He gave us what we needed — two years of doing a really good job on a character that elevated the show. We shook hands at the beginning, we shook hands at the end, and he’s off to do great things, I’m sure of it.”

Chicago P.D. fans, will you miss Roman? Plus, grade the season ender via the poll below.

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