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The Flash Season 2 Finale Recap: A Kiss Before Flying

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of The CW’s The Flash.

Picking up right where we left off, Barry hovers over his father’s dying, mauled body, crying, “Dad don’t leave me, not again.” Standing nearby, Zoom taunts his rival: “You feel the anger, don’t you, Flash? Now, the two of us are the same.” A fight/chase around town ensues, ending with Barry poised to off his opponent — only to realize that it’s yet another time remnant. Observing Barry’s bloodthirst, the real Zoom notes, “You’re almost ready,” before speeding away.

Henry is laid to rest next to his wife Nora. With a nod of support from Iris, Barry starts to but is unable to eulogize his father. Instead, Joe speaks to Henry’s losses, being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. “Henry Allen was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days,” Joe said. “And that love will keep him alive in all of our hearts.” Barry then finally finds words to say, promising his father to “take from [Zoom] what he took from you.”

Afterward, Barry shares Zoom’s recent warning, that he is “almost ready,” but all are at a loss on how to stop he who can rip open time breaches. Stepping outside, Barry asks Iris how he can ever find peace, having emerged from the Speed Force so sense of confidence and purpose, only to then lose his dad. Zoom crashes the quiet moment to challenge Barry to a race, to see who’s the fastest — or else lose more loved ones.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team debates the prospect of a race — a prospect made more complicated when Harry notes that Mercury Labs is developing a magnetar aka a power amplifier that can be easily weaponized. With the right power source — as in his and Barry’s combine energy — Zoom could rip infinite multiverse planets in half (as Cisco envisioned of Earth-Two), or worse. “I have to race him. And I have to win,” Barry decides.

Confronted by Joe about his animus for Zoom, Barry makes clear, “I want to do a hell of a lot more than kill him. I want him to suffer.” With that said, Joe apologizes… for the tranq dart Harry is about to shoot him with, before locking up Barry in the Pipeline. Worse, Barry realizes, everyone on the team — Iris and Cisco included — was behind this well-intentioned double-cross. The team’s plan: Caitlin will distract Zoom while Harry and Joe slap him with a boot, at which point Cisco will open the breach to shove him through. After that, they’ll “destroy the magnetar, save the universe.”

Caitlin sets the trap, apologizes for abandoning him.says she is ready to tap into her Killer Frost side and “accept who I really am.” Zoom goes for kill, but Caitlin is just a hologram, During his confusion, Cisco vibes open a breach while Joe — after his tranq gun jams on him, oops — manually plunges the darts into Zoom, before Harry zaps the baddie through the portal back to Earth-Two. Except, Zoom grabs for Joe and takes him with! Afterward, Cisco tries but fails to “vibe” Joe’s whereabouts, while we see that Zoom has Mr. West strung up in the same lair as The Man in the Iron Mask. Asked about the mystery man’s identity, zoom explains how he created a speed drug that enabled him to run to another Earth, where he discovered “him.”  Thereafter, he discovered that the V-9 had a nasty side effect. Zoom tried to steal Iron Mask;s speed, to no effect. At that point, he got distracted by Barry’s existence on Earth-One, and kept Iron Mask as a trophy: “I even borrowed his name: Jay Garrick.”

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally frees Barry, in trade for his help — to find and save Joe.  Confronted by a furious Barry, Caitlin urges him to “stop and take a breath,” that if he forges ahead in this state, “You will lose,” Harry warns. But Barry is determined to move ahead with our without their blessing.  So Cisco agrees to “vibe” Barry to Earth-Two, to accept Zoom’s race challenge — if Joe is returned unharmed.

Gathering for the race, Zoom confirms his endgame: to use the magnetar to send a shockwave from Earth-One to all the other Earths, destroying them. With Iris charging him to “kick his ass,” Barry readies to race Zoom, enough laps to power the magnetar — unless Barry can somehow stop him first. Or, if Barry bails, Joe dies. “Run, Barry, Run,” Zoom growls, and they’re off!  Sure ’nuff, the magnetar begins to get powered, emitting a beam into the sky. Barry though manages to jump back in time and create a time remnant of himself to save Joe, after which Zoom tackles him — and then cackles he’s too late to save the multiverse. Barry’s time remnant races on a loop to counteract the pulse, killing himself in the process, while Barry whales on Zoom. At the end, Barry is able to go for the kill, but instead lets the time wraiths do the dirty work for him, escorting Zoom off to who-knows-where.

The drama is not over yet, though.the-flash-iron-mask-reveal

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry and Cisco remove the Iron Mask, to reveal the real Jay Garrick — who is the spitting image (give or take some facial hair) of Henry Allen. (Read our Q&A with John Wesley Shipp here.) Barry freaks a bit, but is soothed some by Joe. Jay cleans up and suits up, then happily crushes the power-dampening mask he’d worn for too long. He dons the helmet that Zolomon once wore, if only as a symbol of hope, then plots his way back to Earth-Three, his home, by way of Earth-Two — to which Harry and Jesse are also heading. Harry says some sad goodbyes, even to Ramon Cisco, who creates a breach for the trio to travel through.

Afterward, Barry cannot help thinking about his father’s doppelgänger — how even after beating Zoom, “Why does it feel like I just lost?” Iris suggests that pursuing what they have as a couple might bring a good something to his life, but he says he needs to “fix” whats wrong with him first, to “find some peace.” “You waited for me for years,” Iris says. “I am going to dothe-flash-barry-iris-kiss the same thing for you. Whatever you need to do, do it. I’ll be here…. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I always will,” Barry says after a sweet kiss. After Iris heads back inside, he continues, “…and that’s why I’m so sorry. But I have to do this.” At which point he speeds back in time to save his mother on that fateful night and kill stop Reverse-Flash, as his Season 1 self looks on… before vanishing. Nora is a bit wigged out, but adult Barry assures her, “You’re safe….”

What did you think of the Season 2 finale?

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  1. NM says:

    What a horrible episode. Not looking forward to season three.

    • Tony says:

      Goodbye then. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Joe says:

      Agreed…we just basically wasted two seasons of flash which were erased and now get flash season 3 “pilot”…nothing on this show matters. Why watch…

      • Ivan Lucas says:

        Joe, it happened in the comics too, it was a reboot. So there is no reason to read any of DC stories from the last century too? ‘Cause everything was erased just like in this episode of The Flash.

        • peterwdawson says:

          Well considering the New 52 was like 90% garbage… Yeah, basically everything post Flashpoint has no reason to be read. Hell, you can take it all the way back to 2004, when Marvel did Avengers Disassembled and DC did Identity Crisis, kicking off a mostly terrible age. Sure, there’s stuff worth defending (I’m a sucker for Green Lantern Corps even now just to name a DC property since that’s more relevant to this discussion), but it’s when the neverending crossover/event series phase of the 90s turned a corner into becoming a mess where basically no one died with dignity.

          • priteshpardeshi says:

            Well, your considerations are not accurate. 90% garbage is your opinion, doesnt mean it’s true. The fact that you mentioned Marvel for no apparent reason, makes me wonder if your are trolling or just venting because you didnt like what you saw in the finale. But hey, to each his own right?

          • peterwdawson says:

            90% being garbage is opinion, yes, but consider the general critical decline of of DC comics since the reboot in particular is also prominent, especially factoring in some odd decisions made like spending large amounts of time setting up plots that go nowhere (sorry, N.O.W.H.E.R.E.), changing character backstories to either disregard what made the characters appealing in the first place or simply having people trade origin stories, and the general attempts to constantly target an older audience while alienating them at the same time. The industry’s not in the best of shape right now, and it hasn’t been for a while, the main thing keeping it afloat being that it’s source material for the other, more profitable mediums. I also mentioned Marvel to emphasize this isn’t just a DC problem, with 2004 being probably one of the big modern catalyst years for the decline we found ourselves in. Obviously this can be traced back further, probably as far back as all the nonsense that happened in the 90s, but it’s a trend. Hell to justify the Marvel reference, consider the film Civil War versus the comic: the comic is generally not very good, but the film took some basics of the premise and made it work. Now take Flashpoint: Barry ends up creating an entirely new DC universe where a lot of people suddenly don’t exist or are very different, while in the show… he’s saying F it and forgets why he didn’t save her last season.

      • Roll eyes says:

        Hmmm.. Watch the flashpoint paradox movie..Barry travel back through time to save his mother and everything went wrong then Barry will try to restore the timeline..

      • I don’t think the two seasons are erased. First, Barry still exists. In fact, we could have 2 Barrys. If Reverse Flash is stopped right away, we will see the butterfly effect. It could make things much worse and force Barry to have to let his mom die AGAIN.

        What happens if Barry’s mom lives and Reverse Flash is stopped right away?

        The good–Barry’s parents should both still be alive. Henry never goes to jail.
        Harrison Wells of Earth One is never killed.
        Eddie Thawne likely lives.
        Perhaps without living with Joe, Barry’s relationship with Iris is much different.

        The bad–
        Zoom keeps Jay Garrick hostage. He never discovers Earth 1, and never meets Barry.

        Barry never is raised by Joe. Does he even FIND Wally?

        How does Barry become the Flash? Does Wells still activate the particle accelerator?

        How much good will be undone because of Barry’s actions?

        We do know that Eobard Thawne had a rivalry with Barry before he killed his mom, which means he became the Flash anyway. When he traveled to the past, that original Barry stopped Season One Barry from saving his mom–something that Season 2 Barry just changed.

        Eobard changed history to make Barry become the Flash earlier in life. So it would seem that Barry becomes the Flash either way.

        What will new timeline Flash be like? Braver? More confident? We can assume that Barry is a good man either way.

        For the same timey wimey reasons that allowed everyone to remember Thawne, we can assume that Season 2 Barry survives.

        That means we could have two versions of Barry–the natural one to the new timeline, and the one we have followed for 2 seasons, existing on the same Earth.

        What if Earth 2 is what happens if Barry’s mom lived?

        Will the Speed Force send its demons after Season 2 Barry?

        My guess is Barry is going to return to a world that is overall worse than the one he left behind. He will meet his doppleganger, and that doppleganger (or his mother) will convince him to undo what he just did.

        Either way, Barry’s actions will have ramifications over the entire DC TV universe and we will have a very interesting premiere.

        • KCC says:

          “Barry’s actions will have ramifications over the entire DC TV universe” Not really. Barry can just go back in time and undo the cause of the ramifications and reset everything. It’s difficult to get invested in a story if you know there’s a “do-over” option. It would be interesting for a couple of episodes for Barry to go back in time over and over again, tweaking different things to get an outcome he can live with only to find out that’s not possible. But a problem with that is Barry does not appear to learn anything. The first time he went back in time it caused all kinds of headaches so now he’s doing it again. He goes into the speed force and finally comes to peace with his mother’s death. But not really. Barry’s supposed to be a scientist, but his thought processes are entirely emotional and at times irrational. He would benefit from some professional therapy. The one line platitudes from his family and friends are not helping.

        • Rem_Marshall says:

          That cliffhanger does raise a lot of questions. Many things will have supposedly change. Barry with two parents… So he never meets Joe, or Iris. Without a father in the law enforcement, he probably won’t become a forensic scientists… And Barry won’t be The Flash either or work with Star Labs. In theory, it should ripple in Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow too…
          Clearly, the season 3 premiere will have a lot to do to be relevant. There’s so many things to think about… That’s why I don’t think the reboot is definitive. There are so much stuff that have been built throughout the first two season that I can’t imagine that they would erase all of it. Of course, it would be much more interesting if they went all in with the flashpoint, but… not happening IMO.

          • Think about this–

            The Barry we have followed for 2 seasons exists because of time travel. The original Barry, let’s call him Barry Prime, grew up with 2 parents and became the Flash a little later in life. But he was still a hero, and there shouldn’t be some sort of screwed up world. That Barry should have just as good a life as the Barry we followed. He SHOULD still be a forensic scientist because that’s his nature.

        • Douglas says:

          Nicely written, Marc. Anything can happen. Smallville proved that.

        • jimtsutsui says:

          I agree. Like Back-to-the-Future II, Season 3 could be a real disastrous scenario. I can understand the upsets fans have. I have never gotten over the Star Trek reboot, as I loved the Original Series. The Flash, has been around so long, this small change seems nothing compared to the comic book Silver Age story-line. Barry kills Zoom, goes on trial, is found guilty, escapes, but is beat-up by Gorilla Grogg to where he needs plastic surgery and emerges looking like Timothy Dalton, travels into the distant future and finally connects with Iris West, fathers twins, then returns to present times to die in saving the multi-verse from the Anti-Monitor, emerging decades later from the Speed Force, to join Wally West as dual Flashes. (Comic Books are real sloppy!)

        • Lisa says:

          Yup; exactly! So interesting. A band of DC heroes misplaced and changed coming together to help Barry fix the timeline. Did no one see the ramifications in the force’s worm whole?

        • I believe in Barry Allen says:

          This makes me feel so much better and I really hope it all works out. So obsessed with this show but the change of the season 2 finale was devastating and will show in the new season if it all comes back to haunt Barry. I have faith in our hero and the writers that it will all make sense eventually, even though we have to suffer for a bit to get to the good parts. Its going to be confusing and frustrating but reading this comment gives me hope. Not to mention how good it has been this far, they wont let us down now. I used to think, and I know at the moment it kinda feels like, the characters always make the bad decisions, but in the end our hero always prevails.

      • michael says:

        I totally agree. If i had known all of it would be erased i never would have watched it. This also makes no sense since there were crossovers with Arrow. So what, saving his mom changed nothing and everything still happened?

    • tvjunkie says:

      Wrong thread, this isn’t the real housewives thread.

    • Coconuts says:

      Why did you waste time and energy writing that here?

    • Hirsty says:

      Why NM? This is Flashpoint which is one of comics greatest stories.

  2. SassyAF28 says:

    why did barry have to ruin everything omfg and the s1 finale was 10x better omfg

  3. Jimmy says:

    Interesting ending. So with Reverse-Flash dead in the past does that mean Harrison Wells was never killed so Thane could take over his life? And Eddie? Lots of ramifications. Should make Season 3 interesting.

    • ABG says:

      This time travel stuff doesn’t work as well as they think. The rules are so confusing. Like, Barry can run back to save his mom but Sara can’t save Laurel???

      • irfan says:

        Well sara got rip to talk some sense into her while barry is acting on his own grief

      • JM says:

        Rip explained to Sara that had she been there, it wouldn’t be just Laurel dead, but Laurel, Sara, and their father would have all been killed by Savage

      • Tutuche says:

        There’s a big difference. Originally, Barry’s mother wasn’t dead in the original timeline. Eobard had changed this timeline. Barry can change because he lived in an alterned timeline where he became Flash many years before his original self.
        He can repair his timeline because it’s only the first event who was changed.

      • Joel says:

        Flash could go back and watch the 95-96 Bulls play!

    • jason a says:

      TV Flashpoint

    • It means that Barry changed the timeline dramatically.
      The Barry behind the door was the one from the season 1 finale and he disappeared because Barry changed the timeline. So that means won’t come back to his time to stop Eobard Thawne from going to his time and it means that Eddie will be alive and probably marry Iris

      • Barry Allen says:

        That actually isn’t true. The vanishing of that Barry shows that everything that happened in season one and two has been erased. If Reverse-Flash is stopped then he doesn’t kill the real Harrison Wells and the particle accelerator would be built later on. Which also means that Barry will get his powers when he is older and the entire timeline is changed for good.

      • priteshpardeshi says:

        Season 1 finale Barry vanished because his mother didn’t die, which means Henry didn’t go to jail, younger Barry didn’t go and live with the Wests, Barry didn’t become the flash and basically created an alternate timeline

    • ? says:

      If the whole next season takes place in an alternate Flashpoint-altered universe, how is that going to square with crossovers with Arrow and LoT and Supergirl? Because I assume that’s the big arc next season . . . Barry trying to make it all work but learning at the very end that he simply has to go back, again, and stop himself from saving his mom. At which point we’ll see the encounter play out like it did in the original season 1 finale. We always knew he’d be coming back to this moment at some point in the show’s future, we just didn’t know that there was this intermediate step where he tried out what would happen if he saved his mom before deciding it couldn’t happen. As a side note, Flashpoint in the comics was terrible, so I hope they have some better ideas for what changes on the show!

      • Dj says:

        The whole season might not be about it. Maybe the first half if that much.

      • Lana says:

        The only Flashpoint elements that I didn’t like weren’t centered around Barry. They could replace Batman with the Arrow. Captain Cold could come back and maybe we could get to see Cyborg.

      • Buddy Chychota says:

        This is a brilliant idea. I can’t see them doing it much differently. They’ve repeated how time wants to happen. Changing one thing causes something else to happen instead. I can only imagine them taking this alternate timeline to mid season when he puts everything back in place. Who knows.

      • cmmorgan32 says:

        I don’t see it lasting the entire season. I would say it goes through the fall finale (at most). Depending on how it plays out, Flashpoint will arguably be the buildup to the crossover event during Nov. sweeps (now that Legends and Supergirl will be on CW in the fall).

      • kitsunesaru says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only the first episode or two (maybe the premier will be double length). I just can’t see it being the whole season or even half. It would mess up the crossovers they’ve banked on.

  4. Brad says:

    Flashpoint paradox hype

    • splusm says:

      I doubt The Flash will have access to Thomas Wayne & anything having to do with Batman mythology. Not to mention Aquaman. So that rules out Flashpoint Paradox.

      • tvj says:

        Why would that rule out flashpoint the writers are probably going to use the original Wells instead of Wayne lol that wasn’t that hard to think of

        • Anurag Shrivastava says:

          they could also use oliver’s dad as the green arrow , like the comics where thomas wayne is batman because his son died

      • Chris Leonardi says:

        It rules out a direct adaptation. It doesn’t rule out some version of it.

      • cmmorgan32 says:

        It doesn’t rule Flashpoint out at all. No live adaptation of a comic book is 100% faithful to the source material. There’s a reason why “artistic/creative liberties” exist. For example, Thea, Diggle, and Sara were all created for TV. If Flashpoint is the endgame (which certainly seems to be the case), then it’s going to happen. The story will be adapted to fit within the current landscape of the “Arrowverse” (so Green Arrow filling in for Batman). The only question is how long do they plan on exploring the storyline on the show.

        If you think about it, the Flashpoint storyline (possibly with “Crisis” elements) would be a solid setup for the big crossover during fall sweeps. The new season of Legends will be premiering in the Fall and Supergirl is now on the CW. That would certainly provide a large enough cast of characters to effectively tell the story (depending on what the endgame actually is on that front).

    • VukaComment says:

      in one of the first episodes they said that oliver queen was death… an the arrow vigilante exists so Robert, olivers father, is the batman of this flash point

  5. SassyAF28 says:

    oh gosh and that means that eobard and eddie are alive shoot

  6. jrex says:

    Barry messing with the timeline again is bound to cause problems next season! Yikes!

  7. Lysh says:

    It was an awesome episode with amazing CGI, I liked the WestAllen kiss and the twisty ending, but some of the acting was just cringe-y. Normally that type of thing doesn’t bother me. I feel like Harrison Wells will still be there in s3, whatever the outcome to Barry stopping his mother from dying will be, but I wonder about Jesse, too. I liked her character. Overall it was a great season!

    • mangroo says:

      If Barry stops Reverse Flash, you would be right about Harrison Wells returning. In fact… Thawne would never really go kill Wells and take over his life. Eddie Thawne would still be alive too…

  8. Go Flash Go says:

    Wow. Just wow. Acting all around A+. Grant is a treasure.

    What guts to reboot everything next season……at least for a while. Most successful shows would never try something SO bold, certainly not so soon. Best super hero show ever.

    Can’t wait to continue the journey next year!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️💥😱👍

  9. Kind of a weak finale when compared to the first season. You know that all of the changes that are going to happen from Barry stopping his Mom’s murder will likely be undone by the 2nd episode of Season 3 when he travels back in time again to stop himself from stopping his Mom from being killed.

    • Sigmund says:

      It’s the Flashpoint paradox. He will no longer have his speed but he will have his parents. He will need a way to get back his speed so the experiment will need to be recreated again to have him struck by lightening. Originally this involved Thomas Wayne but I am not confident this show can involve anything from the Batman franchise so it will probably have to be done by the original Wells. Should make things interesting. Looks like Tom Kavanaugh is back again which is cool because he is a central character that seems to bond everything together

      • Since they already had him lose his powers in season 2 and had to try and get them back, it would be really redundant to do that again, but then again, they did repeat the evil speedster thing in season 2, so who knows?

      • Coconuts says:

        I like the real Wells idea, people were saying Robert queen would help in place of Wayne. Although I can’t see Robert queen as an intellectual or jumping around shooting arrows. Yet again Thomas Wayne looked pretty old and depressinh as batman so anything is fair game.

  10. SassyAF28 says:

    i wonder who will be the big bad of s3

  11. nat says:

    Is WESTALLEN ever getting a kiss Iris will remember??? because seriously this is getting old…I’m so mad

  12. AAJ says:

    I for one am looking forward to next season’s”what if” storyline.

  13. Alex23 says:

    My only fear with this kind of finale is the ramifications. If he can go back in time then surely this effects the Arrow timeline too but in reality the writers won’t undo what they have already done so how do you explain that away.

    • ndixit says:

      I think season 3 will probably open with a Flashpoint two parter or something of that sort. Then the normal timeline will be restored with some minor changes like, maybe Caitlyn getting her powers, Eobard still being alive etc…

      • Gail says:

        My guess is it will be longer than that. It will bring in Rip Hunter to fix the time line, Arrow, and Supergirl will also be involved and it will be the basis for the fall crossover event.

        • This is exactly the consequence that demands the crossover, Rip and the Legends will swoop in and restore the messed up timeline, and Jay Garrick and Supergirl will help in restoring the Multiverse at a tragic cost.

        • herman1959 says:

          Wow, OK.

          • Donna says:

            It will be longer than one or two episodes. I just cannot deal with the whole super hero universe. I want to see the emotional fall out of everything. I do not want the writers to rush everything

        • Sarah says:

          Hourman is only supposed to be on the first 2 or 3 episodes of Legends, so if there’s some kind of mega-crossover that starts the season it stands to reason that could be the length (-ish) of the cleanup. Though I really hope it takes longer than 3 weeks, even if that does add up to 12 episodes across all the series, because there’s so much potential here!

  14. Lizzie says:

    I think this season has been a bit of a mess. And that ending…Barry is so selfish. He literally does whatever he wants and damn the consequences.

    • Aury says:

      Yes! Finally someone pointing that out. Barry is so freaking selfish. Last season a black hole almost destroys Central City, why? because he had to save his mom, and now he does this. I particularly hate how everyone is like: “Barry, you’re so selfless and brave and sacrifice so much”. No, he doesn’t, he willingly screws up, consequences be damn.

      • M says:

        Also remember how Barry destroyed police evidence for Snart denying that security guards family justice in season 1 yet continued to talk about how Reverse Flash needed to be brought to justice for killing his mom🤔 Barry has always been selfish. He’d rather have a killer walking free then come out as the Flash and give that mans family Justice.

    • Michelle says:

      Barry is in his grief. He’s not selfish at all. Losing parents is a horrible thing and frankly, calling Barry selfish is just stupid.

      • Isabella says:

        Yeah but he’s an adult. He can’t go back in time and change the past every time life gets hard. So he lost his dad. He should deal with that and move on instead of dragging everyone along with his temper tantrum like he’s five.

    • Skeptical says:

      You have to understand man. He lost his mom, was about to come to terms with it then his dad died. He lost both his parents because of this and he cant take it anymore. Plus him saving his mom means that we’re finally going to get it over with. Remember the future newspaper where Barry disappeared from the future? Orange skies? I bet after season 3 it is no more about establishing himself as The Flash. It is going to be him BEING THE FLASH

  15. piebokou says:

    Barry just never learns.

  16. I was half expecting some Justice Society members to show up but that ending was unexpected and I knew John Wesley Shipp was going to be in the Iron Mask but I was disappointed that he wasn’t playing Barry Allen.from the 90s flash series

  17. Judith Chery says:

    Why on Earth would Barry do something like that?! That probably means that he never lived with Joe, never fell in love with Iris, and never became the Flash!

    • Gabriel Aguiar says:

      Did you even watch season 1? Obviously he’s going to become the flash, even with his mom. Eobard Thawne just accelerated the process.

    • Coconuts says:

      I know what you mean but it’s complicated. Eobard thawne said that the flash was his hero and then went crazy and went back in time to kill his mom cause he hated future Barry or something like that. So he was flash with his mom. I guess Barry is “the chosen one” and time can’t change that? Only thing is I don’t know how Barry gets his powers this time, remember thawne created the accelerator just to get him his powers.

  18. mangroo says:

    Tell me something I don’t know. The Flash just erased Season 1, and changed the course of Season 3 and who knows what of Season 2. That finale was amazing.

  19. Sheldon W. says:

    Despite figuring out who the man in the iron mask was – and didn’t John Wesley Ship look great in his Flash costume? I always liked the Earth-2 costume better in the comics and this was a cool variation for Earth-3 (so I guess the Crime Syndicate doesn’t rule Earth-3 in the DCTVU). I thoroughly enjoyed the season finale. The cliffhanger was completely unexpected. I’m guessing next season is going to be bonkers!

  20. Tony says:

    Watch this will cause some type of Crisis on Infinite Earth senario. Which will cause all 4 shows to be in the same universe bring Supergirl over and then also letting them bring back anyone from the dead they want like Laurel.

  21. The Boss says:

    I’m not looking forward to season 3 because what barry did will cause the flash paradox and i hate that

    • datdudemurphy says:

      So much agreement.
      DC is just now trying to fix that mess. Hopefully the shows just use it to bring Supergirl into the universe.

    • Coconuts says:

      But the paradox had a good ending no? Barry runs back in time yet again to stop himself then everything goes back to normal? It would be interesting to be see what happens if Barry’s mom never died. At least we know he will fix it in the end

  22. Jadon says:

    In the begging you start to be like ok barry calm down. and in the near end your so hapyy the he defeted zoom and that Jay from earth 3 is the flash. ( I gotta say that in the end when we find out that barrys dad from earth 3 is the flash every fanboy about jumped out of their pants.)
    in the vary end when he saves his mother I was so happy nad sad at the same time.

  23. jeremiah says:

    okay damn Barry. Why! I get it u want your parents back but u messed up everything. I did love it though. finally he kills Zoom, gets one of the hottest chicks on the planet Iris and he messes it all up because he still has Mommy issues. I need Barry to grow up and next season and realize what it means to be a true super hero. Love this damn show so much

  24. SassyAF28 says:

    praying that barry doesn’t get a felicity 3.0 love interest in s3

  25. JR says:

    2 Years of relationships and storyline -GONE!! The time wraiths should have grabbed selfish Barry as well. He finally gets the girl of his dreams and it wasnt enough. Nothing will ever be enough for him. Terrible ending!!!

    • Gabriel Aguiar says:

      Trust me, the time wraiths will be after him. In case you didn’t notice, Zoom’s costume turned black and red as the time wraiths where taking him away, foreshadowing him becoming the Black Flash. I’m assuming he’s going to appear to punish barry for changing the timeline.

    • Lizzie says:

      This. I don’t sit through a whole season of TV just to have it wasted by Barry traveling back in time. He’s verging on villain territory with his carelessness for everyone else. It’s like he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I hope this is dealt with in the first episode on season 3.

    • Coconuts says:

      If this will be anything like the flashpoint paradox, then Barry will yet again go back in time to stop himself so have hope that instead of season 2 being erased, that it will be most of season 3.

  26. Gail says:

    Since the DC television universe shows are all related, Barry changing the past has to change Arrow. Rip Hunter is now supposed to be in charge of preserving the time line. I will guess this is the set up for the epic cross series event next season.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Why would it change arrow? Oliver Queen has a very loose connection to Barry Allen at most. He was trapped on Lian Yu while Barry was still a child. Arrow /Oliver Queen is actually the hardest to include in the Crossovers people want.

      • Gail says:

        For one thing Barry saved Oliver’s life when he first came to Starling City looking to free his father from prison. If his father didn’t go to prison, Barry wouldn’t go to Starling City, and Oliver would be dead.

  27. shutuprob says:

    Might be interesting to see if what happened when he saved Nora is that he created an alternate universe.

  28. Tony says:

    Episode wasn’t perfect (hardly any ever is for any show). But it was a great season finale. When the ending has you screaming “No, don’t do it” like a madman, you know a show is doing something right. Now, I think I may just read the Flashpoint storyline this summer just to get an idea on how this plays out (I know the gist of it). And as someone pointed out, what does this do to the other shows in the Arrowverse? Is this their way of merging earths somehow so Supergirl can permanently be in play (or in a less convoluted way?)

  29. Michelle says:

    If you interview the producers, demand to know if this is going to affect ALL the Berlanti shows next season. Because it should? Or are they just playing fast and loose with the time travel again? I’m kinda annoyed because you can only go to this time travel well so many times before my suspension of disbelief goes kaput.

  30. Sarah says:

    I…don’t know what I feel. I’m most worried about how it will affect the relationships. Mostly Barry’s relationship with Joe, and also his relationships with Cisco (and Caitlyn, and Wells). I hope they do this reset justice.

  31. Gail says:

    One of the things that made the comic book version of Flashpoint good was that while Barry was aware the world had changed he was unaware that he had caused the change. Since we know upfront that Barry changed the past, we don’t have that surprise element if the TV show goes in this direction. Now if the episode ended with a scene of Barry waking up with his mother and father calling him down to breakfast and Barry confused about how is this possible, instead of how it actually ended, I would say OK this is Flashpoint.

    • ktc1986 says:

      While i do agree with you about Barry being unaware being a great part of Flashpoint but we don’t know the consequences of his actions just yet. Just like in Flashpoint he could wake up, go to work and not remember what he has done.

  32. Anna says:

    Not particularly fond of this ending, I have to say. I think it’ll only works if it lasts for just 1-2 episodes and then everything’s restored. And i’m going to be very, VERY angry if WestAllen isn’t a couple next season. This is enough, it’s been too long now and they need to just be together at this point. She can make him happy again, use the relationship to bring back Happy, Season 1 Barry.

  33. Michael Buckner says:

    Did anyone notice that hunter looked just like the Blackest Night Flash when the wraiths took him

  34. Pastel says:

    The finale was great, except the end when Barry saved his mom, he practically gave up his powers. I me really, why. Sure he wanted to save his mom but it was selfish , it was one life vs. countless lives. I’m not even sure if he can go back to the present, he wont have his powers cause Dr. Wells would not have created the particle excelerator at the right time or even place. Every detail from the moment Barry first got his powers would have been messed up. Unless they do that whole experment “get my powers back ” thing a few episodes ago if he will even remember anything or have the same relationships the way was before he made that stupid choice. I’m not trying to dis the show it’s actually my favorite show but seriously ,they are going to have to do alot of explaining next season.

    • Gail says:

      We never saw the original timeline. The real Wells created the particle accelerator that caused Barry to become the Flash only it originally happened latter when Barry was older.
      Reverse Flash was trying to get home so he changed the timeline so Barry became the Flash earlier. It would be interesting to know what happened in the original timeline.

    • Kumar Aditya says:

      Barry didn’t give up his speed. He’s going to become the flash again as eobard did nothing but accelerate the process. Additionally, barry (as in the one that comforts nora) doesn’t vanish like the other flash, so there is still a barry who has powers. They’ll probably just do flashpoint for a big part of season 3.

  35. Aleksander Abdulov says:

    Interesting ending but I am kind of disappointed just like I was disappointed when Barry gave up his speed, but I’m sure the writers of Flash will make up for the MASSIVE screw up at the end. Barry will definitely have time wraiths going after him like they did after Zoom. Another interesting thing is that Zoom turned into Black Flash, although the newly red flash on his suit was in the wrong direction. Can’t wait for season 3.

  36. Kenzerano says:

    Good post But I don’t think barry killed reverse flash at the end he just knocked him out didn’t he?

    • mXnitrious says:

      True, he only knocked him out but that was enough stop the reverse flash from killing his mom and cancels season one timeline effectively making the youngering flash in the doorway disappear. Therfore, when season two flash neals down at his mom he should also disapear. Reverse flash wakes up from being knocked out and murders Barrys mom like he did originally and BOOM! No season 3!! A continous looping paradox that happens over and over again….time wants to happen! Lol

  37. Bwhit says:

    Trying to figure out how this will impact things is making my head hurt, so the only logical hope I came up with was…. Let an unintended ‘side effect’ of this be how they bring back Leonard Snart lol! I really liked the episode and Grant Gustin is fantastic in this role. Season 3 is going to be interesting to say the least.

  38. Mark Marks says:

    Not sure what i thought about the ending because now if it changes the things that happend in season 1 and 2 we are going to get a season of new starts in terms of friendships and storylines that have already happend BUT we know how it will unfold because at the end of season 1 future barry tells himself ‘not to save her’. i am just worried this is going to be a season long thing to get back to normal

  39. Victoria says:

    I just read through all the comments and got about 3/4 of the way down before anyone even MENTIONED who the man in the iron mask was. So much for our minds being blown….

  40. Scott Downie says:

    Zoom became Black Flash!!! that blew my mind to hell i was not expecting that at all

  41. datdudemurphy says:

    Only bright spot is it keeps him from hooking up with his sister for a bit longer.

    • 3x2(9YZ)4a says:

      SHE…IS…NOT…HIS…SISTER! No blood ties, you freaks!

      • datdudemurphy says:

        she and Barry both think of Joe as “dad”….Wally made a point of mentioning that again in this episode.

        they were raised under the same roof by the same guy….it doesn’t make them blood, but it still makes it weird.

  42. Mike Arture says:

    Flashpoint paradox season 3

  43. Joey Padron says:

    Glad Zoom is defeated. Not good what Barry did at the end. It will be interesting how things will change in season 3 when Barry gets back to his timeline.

  44. ktc1986 says:

    I wonder if people who didn’t like the finale actually understand what happened? Barry saving his mother is going to cause MASSIVE problems. Look up a comic story called “Flashpoint”. Whilst they won’t be able to do a direct adaptation of the story, it looks like we’re going to get a version of that next season and it will make the Earth 2 episodes this season look like child’s play. This could also be a way for the writers to clean up the CWverse as a whole *cough*bringbackblackcanary*cough* and place Supergirl into the same Earth as Arrow, Flash and Legends. TL;DR – Barry done a very dumb thing and will have to pay a price for it next season.

    • Gail says:

      I would be surprised if they put Supergirl in the same universe because they would also have to put Superman in the universe. To have four series mentioning Superman but never showing him would get to be a bad joke after awhile.

      • ktc1986 says:

        Yeah i can see what you mean, i hope that’s something they stop doing in season 2 of Supergirl. I laughed at the whole “Superman is unconscious and here he is lying on a table” in the finale but it’s a joke that does get old quite quickly.

  45. Gail says:

    Did Barry actual kill the Reverse Flash in the past as it says in the recap? He couldn’t kill Zoom after Zoom killed his father, why would he be able to kill Reverse Flash?

    I don’t think it will happen but it would be interesting if Arrow ended tomorrow with a hint that something has changed like they never heard of Barry Allen.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Possibly not; thought I saw his hand vibe. I will edit that sentence in the meantime, not able to cue up DVR at this instant.

  46. Aaron says:

    Why would they end the season with Barry undoing that he just did? He now saved his mom which is going to reshape his entire life as we know it. I wish it needed us on the lighting bolt in Wally or Jessie’s eye to tell us that they are speedsters because they got hit when wells recreated the explosion.

    • Gail says:

      Barry felt he couldn’t go on with his life knowing that both his parent were murdered. So he decided he had to change that and now we will see the consequences of this.
      In the John Wesley Shipp interview he didn’t mention Henry Allen will be back in the alternate timeline which leads me to believe Henry will still be dead or otherwise not present in the new timeline.

      • Donna says:

        Why would of Henry be dead? I think they all will be alive. The question is how will they all interact under different circumstances

  47. Margaret Beaufort says:

    It was pretty lazy to revisit last season’s finale. Hated it.

  48. Michael says:

    I’d just like to point this out, what if by killing his mom, Barry creates a new multiverse where supergirl and the rest are? I did some research and used some of my common knowledge here, there is a theory for multiverses. That theory states that everything you do is slightly or majorly different in different multiverses, or, quantum realms. There is just a higher probability of encountering a multiverse that is majorly different due to the fact that there are more possible large changes than little changes. What if the world that arrow and legends are on, becomes a world where Barry didn’t go back in time. Or instead, Barry doesn’t come back in his multiverse, but end up in a multiverse where he is alive and is not the flash, and he just has to hide and find supergirl? All my theories are possible, but I feel like the basis idea of Barry could mess with supergirl’s multiverse is what is interesting.

    • 3x2(9YZ)4a says:

      Here’s a little hint: DC will NEVER, EVER allow Barry Allen to kill his own mom. They had a hard enough time letting Superman kill Zod in Man of Steel, do you think any sane person in charge would allow a show’s hero to commit murder?! Plus him killing his own mother would not bring everything back to how it was…

  49. Sarah says:

    I just really hope it doesn’t mess with Arrow.

  50. DT says:

    Few thoughts…Grant Gustin in the opening scene deserves TV lines performer of the week just for that scene alone. Incredible acting he had me gutted. The man in the iron mask reveal was beyond underwhelming. More than half of the tvline thread commenters guessed it…nothing mind blowing about it. The ending…ugh. Such a selfish act and what a cluster it creates. Honestly, this finale was a big letdown and I’m less than enthused going into next season which is a shame because I have really loved the show for both seasons up until this point.