Grey's Anatomy Recap

Shonda Rhimes on Sara Ramirez's Grey's Anatomy Departure: 'I Had a Different Plan' for Callie

Callie’s move to New York City on Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t necessarily supposed to be a permanent one.

At the close of last Thursday’s season finale, Arizona presented her ex-wife with a new custody arrangement and plane tickets so Callie could follow girlfriend Penny to the Big Apple. But star Sara Ramirez’s final scene as a series regular after 10 seasons of playing Dr. Callie Torres wasn’t originally crafted with the intention of being her swan song.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes told the audience at Vulture Festival in New York City on Sunday that she “found out [about Ramirez’ decision] maybe three days before” the actress tweeted the news of her departure from the ABC drama — at which point the doc’s ending was already in the can.

Callie’s exit “was interesting. It was different because it wasn’t a big, planned thing,” Rhimes explained. “I had a different plan going and when Sara came and said, ‘I really need to take this break,’ I was sort of lucky that we had shot the end of the season with her going to New York.”

After last week’s finale, Ramirez released the following statement: “I’m deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey’s Anatomy and ABC, but for now, I’m taking some welcome time off. [Series creator] Shonda [Rhimes has] been so incredible to work for, and we will definitely continue our conversations. I send my love to Ellen [Pompeo], the rest of the cast and crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!”

Rhimes, meanwhile, issued her own statement, saying, “Dr. Callie Torres came into our lives dancing it out in her underwear almost a decade ago, and I could not be happier or more proud of her journey. Sara Ramirez’s performance inspired me as well as millions of fans each week. We wish her the best on her well-deserved time off. I will miss Callie tremendously but am excited for what the future holds for Sara. She will always have a home at Shondaland.”

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  1. Gul says:

    Shonda is being pretty magnanimous with Sara because this doesnt seem to be about taking “time off”. If you felt that you did need a break, you dont necessarily wait till the last minute (after shooting the finale, that too) to say so. Just seems like the negotiations went south but good for them that they’re still being civil. Hopefully Sara can come back because I loved Callie, regardless of how much they ruined her character in the last few eps.

    • leo21 says:

      I think if there was more time, she would have had more of an exit along the lines of Christina, complete with a romantic ride off into the sunset. This works better for me because it feels open ended and, even though I don’t hate Blake, I never for a second bought into this relationship.

      • Pedro says:

        Or, get killed.

        • taran63 says:

          That’s what I was thinking, too.

          • Pedro says:

            Most major players leave get killed. Teddy and Christina escaped. Katherine Heigl refused to shoot the last five episodes she was supposed to and Shonda is on the record saying she seriously considered killing her off off-screen. Perhaps Ramirez just didn’t want Callie to die, and with the show having already killed off eight doctors, she did not want to take the chance.

    • Agmercurio says:

      your must remember that his contract ended this year, renovations will be in June. Where it says that an actor is a slave to his Chief? The actors have the right to be masters of their time if the contract is completed.
      Shonda has four months to continue tearing apart .in Grey’s Anatomy next season. Maybe Sara could not continue working with the absence of his former companions

    • Ashley Neal says:

      I read articles on the other actors who died. They wanted to do other things so it was the only way for Shonda to finish their story without getting an actor to take their place. Mark started a show a couple of weeks after he died. Lexi wanted to spend time with her husband and has two kids now. George didn’t want to be on the show with Burke. McDreamy had a family problem that took him away from the show, he tried to resolve it by showing he was traveling to another hospital for research but couldn’t so they killed him off.

  2. Aadil says:

    You mean you were was planning to kill her ?

    • NM says:

      What the hell? It’s very sad that Shonda has this stigma attached to her killing off characters. I for one am not happy about some past departures in the cast, but you can’t hold the blame towards Shonda when people want to move on.
      She can’t help that Sara walked away last minute (obviously over contract negotiations or because she needed a “break”).
      Certain characters that have past have really helped the story of Grey’s move forward otherwise it would become stale. I am saddened that I will never see Derek, Lexie, Mark or George ever again, but characters like Cristina, Burke, Addison, (possibly) Izzie and Teddy are possible in future. Hell, even Erica, Leah and Shane wouldn’t hurt in a future cameo. P

      • taran63 says:

        That stigma isn’t entirely unearned, though. She has killed off quite a few characters.

        • Pedro says:

          She has killed eight doctors that were either regulars or were recurring characters, so far. Perhaps Ramirez did not want that for Callie. Especially because Callie had a daughter and the reasons to kill off both Mark and Derek was that they would not just disappear of their kids’ lives.

          • Nancy Farkas says:

            Um Derek had THREE children. Yet that did not stop her from killing him off now did it? And please. Shonda does not let the actors determine what happens. If they did, Derek would still be alive. Derek. Couples live and work apart. No reason why Shonda could not have done that and kept them together. Do you honestly believe we will ever see Sophia again? I don’t.

          • Xena says:

            “She has killed eight doctors that were either regulars or were recurring characters, so far.”

            Yeah, on Grey’s Anatomy alone. She’s the grim reaper of TV showrunners.

        • 777 says:

          True, but she had to. Mark and McDreamy had kids, they wouldn’t have left unless they didn’t have a choice (death), and the actors wanted to leave. It was the only option for them. George and Lexie’s death really added to the storyline. All the rest weren’t important.

          • Andrew Hass says:

            Yeah i agree that killing off Derek and Mark was the only real option because they weren’t going to leave their kids permanently.

          • Jermey says:

            That’s a lazy (and stupid) excuse, I don’t get why people fall for that. They could have just easily transfer to a diffrent hospital in the area and still live their life off screen, or something like that.

        • Antwon303 says:

          People die in this world. It’s a fact. Healthy people die in car crashes plane crashes, get cancer and even get shot or stabbed. The show has been on 12 years and she killed 8 out of how many characters…30? She didn’t even kill the first person until season 5. We saw deaths in season 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11

          • Pedro says:

            In a group of 30 people, 8 don’t usually die before their forties. In a hospital, half of them don’t die before 40.

          • Jon Willis says:

            and 10. Heather Brooks was killed in the season 10 premiere.

      • matty says:

        Izzie is most likely never going to be seen again. I wouldn’t be surprised if someplace down the road we didn’t hear that Izzie died off-screen.

    • A.F says:

      You mostly do get killed on this show if you’re a male character. Case in Point:
      Women (Main Character billing) killed: Lexi,
      Men killed (Main character billing): Mark, Derek, George.
      Women not killed ( Main character billling): Christina, Callie, Izzie, Teddy, Erica Hahn, Addison, Leah Murphy
      Men not killed ( Main character billing): Burke, Shane
      That’s a 3:1 ratio on the killed characters and a 7:2 ratio on the survivors. If that doesn’t shows that mostly male main characters get killed.

  3. Rolfe says:

    It’s a good thing Sara waited. Shonda would have probably killed Callie in a freak accident.

  4. Normandy says:

    Sara Ramirez is a singer, right? So Shonda Rhimes was probably planning to have a crate of microphones fall out of a plane and crush Callie.

  5. Hurley says:

    I believe contract negotiations didn’t go very well. If not that, the nSara wasn’t very considerate leaving so abruptly.

    • Agmercurio says:

      Actors can leave a series if they want ………. are not slaves

      • In 2 years, no one will miss her... says:


        Actors have contracts to uphold. They have agents, managers, etc.. Sara *did not* decide to quit 3 days before Shonda found out. Negotiations are a very long, arduous process. Her current contract had expired. Everyone’s “people” are negotiating for them — that’s why their reps get paid.

        Quite honestly, Shonda’s *public* reaction is wonderful….Very kind and warm towards Sara. I’m sure that behind closed doors Shonda is angry and feels used. Sara’s character experienced some of the most compelling story lines to date. Out of respect to the woman who created Callie, Sara should not have taken control away from Shonda.

        Where is everyone else who felt that they needed to leave Grey’s?? Bloated egos, in an industry where the audience is VERY fickle, is career suicide. I wish her well, but the reality is — in a couple of years no one will even remember who she was. Too bad.

        • Pedro says:

          However, her contract was up. She is not a slave, like you said, so she can leave whenever she seems fit once no contract is holding her down.

          Actors get fired with no reason and no notice all the time. Shows get cancelled and actors lose their jobs. The road goes both ways. She did not owe them any notice.

        • lorna says:

          Umm, not everyone wants to have the same job their whole lives. It’s natural to want to change environments. A lot of the actors have families and want to live and watch their children grow. Greys has become so meh I would not shed a tear if it was cancelled.

          • Elizabeth says:

            The people who will be there until the bitter end when the show ends in 2067 will be Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers. I would include Chandra Wilson and James Pickett too but they’re older and will have died by then. Shonda says she’s surprised every time Ellen comes to her and says she wants to re-sign. I’m not at all surprised. She has her daughters and husband to support. By the same token, Justin has his wife and 10 children to support. This is a job to them both not an art or craft like projects are for other actors. They get paid well to punch the time clock, deliver lines, and tweet a few supportive comments about the show every Thursday to remind people to watch. Why wouldn’t Ellen stick around for another several decades? She knows she won’t ever be cast in anything ever again. She herself has admitted she has gotten no offers to do anything since Grey’s started unlike her other colleagues. Her IMDB profile shows she’s done nothing but Grey’s since 2005 when the show premiered. Justin has done next to nothing but Grey’s. These two know this is it for them. They will stay and milk it for all it’s worth and rightfully so. I know I would. It’s called job security.

          • Jon Willis says:

            Um Elizabeth Ellen & Chandra are the same age

        • Nancy Farkas says:

          Um wow that is just rude of you. Maybe they don’t care to be big movie stars? PD seems content being with his family as does KH. SO wants to direct more then act and who cares what IW is doing. CL and ED both have new shows. They are all doing just fine

        • Mary says:

          Sara is a pretty successful broadway star- I think she has won a tony or at least been nominated. So I doubt she’ll have this tragic life you described she may want to go back to theater, she has made enough money that she can do guest roles, indie movies and broadway and be more then financially fine.

          Just because you don’t see an actor all the time doesn’t mean they aren’t working or doing really well. They might just be doing something different in the industry.

        • agmercurio says:

          Why is it important that people remember you, apart from your family and real friends? Most humans are not part of the celebritys

        • agmercurio says:

          I hope not be right about that within two years no one will remember Sara Ramirez, because that would be admitting that the actors are slaves to their characters and the producers who hired them. Perhaps GA does not have much future (12×24 8,191 and down)

  6. Agmercurio says:

    Poor Shonda, Queen of ABC, so smart she is and she did not know that this was the last season of Sara. She who is so generous and thoughtful with her actors. She who believes that the actors are puppets she can handle. She thinks she can do without them at will in the series and if she hates them are killed to externalize her negative feelings toward them.

    She forgets that they can also decide to leave Grey’s Anatomy that has less and less audience and now without the character of Callie is going to be a catastrophe. Callie has been one of the central characters of the series, I dare say that in the last season, the number thirteen, she has been the most important and consistent character, and neither Meredith has managed to take the leading role

    Congratulations Sara has managed to surprise the queen of disasters, so you jump out of a degrading end for your character. Congratulations and have the success you deserve in your next projects.

    • Is all about 💰💴💰💵💰💵 says:

      Agmercurio —

      What’s your problem? You, obviously, don’t work in our industry. You have no concept of how contracts work. I’d say that you’re simply a ‘fan’ of Sara’s who thinks that her unprofessional behavior is fantastic. Well, she will be lucky to wrk in TV again. Trust me. That’s how it works….it’s no different than any other business. You don’t step on people and play power grabs and then expect producers to want to work with you. No executive producer worth anything is willing to hire an actress who bails on them. It’s changed Shonda’s storyline, that’s a stupid thing to do. Period.

      So tell us ~ at your job, if you decided that you didn’t want to flip burgers anymore and just walked out…. do you think any other burger joint would hire you?? Ohhhhh, I didn’t think so. Now, just stop with your fan craziness and go flip a burger.

      • Pedro says:

        If you were in the industry, you’d know no one would not hire a name actress, fresh of a ten year stint on a major series, for not renewing her contract and choosing the most comfortable moment to walk out. People still hire Charlie Sheen!

      • Nancy Farkas says:

        Who says that you can’t get a job if you quit your last job? People do it all the time and get new jobs. Heck people get FIRED and manage to find new jobs. You are rude.

      • jj says:

        Your comment doesn’t make sense at all. You claim to work in the “industry” but you come across as quite ignorant. She didn’t renew her contract. That’s not unprofessional behavior. It happens all the time. She didn’t just quit and stop coming in. She saw her contract through until the end. She was under no obligation to renew it.

        • They'll just cast another bi girl, is all good.... says:

          Contracts are renewed every season. That’s not anything new. Sara was a character on a show consistently in the top 10. Her agent and management team gave her horrible advice. I will say this — Shonda was brilliant in how she ended the show…..Shonda’s not a stupid woman, she, like any good executive producer, want the upper hand in negotiations. The ending gave her just that…..Sara was not going to get the cash she wanted so her ego told her to leave. Shonda will work it out. Sara? She’ll be unemployed.

          • Pedro says:

            Will she? money has she’ll either land a Broadway gig or a pilot. Perhaps after 10 years of working 12 hour days dealing with animal guts she wanted out. She has made enough millions that she never has to work again…

          • Sooo, Pedro, you think "Broadway's" not long hours and hard work? says:


            Executive producers don’t want to work with ANY actors who do what she’s done. Fact. It wouldn’t matter if she had was the best actor on the planet, she isn’t going to work. If she does, she won’t stay.

            In so far as the 12 hours a day….She did not PERSONALLY work 12 hours. Characters in an ensemble cast spend more time at craft services and in their dressing room than they do working. The show is 22 weeks a season. Not 22 weeks in a row, either. Think about it — do the math. She’s had mor time off than actually working! Can you say — spoiled, ungrateful, and egotistical? Unfortunately, it happens.

            Here’s a little note or you….I’ll guarantee you that she’ll be back in a couple of episodes for an itty bitty teeny part when she finds that the grass isn’t always greener. And, Shonda will love the payback. What’s McDreamy, McSteamy, etc., etc., doing these days? Hahahaaaa

      • Ramirez started on Broadway singing – her first love. Now she can return with all this TV cred and sing her heart out. Why be so nasty? I hope she cuts a record and sings as long as she wants.

      • agmercurio says:

        I do not have a problem. Of course, I do not work in the industry, certainly ugliest word; I thought it was the seventh art. Yes, you are right I am a follower’s Sara Ramirez. I think she is a professional actress, even if you Sir Anonymous thinks otherwise. By the way I believed that the “industry” exists thanks to the fans/followers/viewers of productions and ……actors
        There are contracts, deadlines and negotiations, and if there is no agreement, the actors have to go and find another job, so, your comments seem to me dangerous, it gives the impression that the only ones who can decide is “industry” and not the actors. To Bad..
        Your way of addressing the issue reminds me of Doña Shonda and some of their actresses. During their last summer tour, for promoting the new season of their series they make prejudicial comments on professional and personal life of Patrick Dempsey, another character removed.
        I must admit that since then, I stopped watching the show, but I remember perfectly interpretations of Sara Ramirez and Patrick Dempsey (occasionally I see the first 11 seasons) .They are the latest in a trickle of characters that have left Grey’s. I do not need to predict the future of the GA, as you predict the future of Sara Ramirez. Just look at the audiences (11×21 23.04.2015 9,456) (8,191 12×24 19.05.2016)
        Mr. Anonymous, my job is irrelevant, here we are reviewing a series of fiction and if you find so traumatizing that actors exercise their right not to renew the contracts, make perpetual contracts as … and about your mission in the “industry” You can leave whenever you want?
        Certainly I do not do burgers, but that work is as worthy as any other, except yours, because if everyone working in “industry” are like you and if an unfavorable criticism have this aggressive and insulting reaction on me, and from the protection offered by the anonymity I think I’m not interested in the series that produces / directs / script your “industry” but you do not sign your opinion ¡ How convenient!…………… not offend, who wants but who can I’m sorry I have to flip the burger

    • Wenwen says:

      She won a Tony for Spamalot. She voice a main character on Sofia the first. She has plenty of other job opportunities other than Grey. It’s too suspicious that the character just happened to be flying to NY. Maybe Shonda didn’t plan this, she has at least guessed the contract may go south.

      • Jami says:

        I agree Shonda spent season 12 making Callie so unlikable and selfish. Shonda must have expected that Sara was leaving the show, if contracts and salary did not go well, she made sure that Callie would follow Penny( yuck) to New York. Callie character was so awful this season, it was hard to watch her. I am team Arizona all the way. I wanted a reunion in season 12 instead we got a awesome performance by Jessica Capshaw /Arizona. I don’t want those two back together ever after watching season 12. Here is hoping Arizona finds a love interest. Kudo’s to Sara for her acting in season 12 you made me despise you, Shonda destroyed Callie. She must have known that Sara was not coming back or suspected Sara ego was getting to big for the show.

  7. Pamela says:

    You could have fooled me, her last scene felt like a sendoff. With any job especially one that you have been with for so long you should give proper notice though, unless something happened we don’t know about.

    • Tony says:

      I think that’s what Shonda is saying. It happened the way it was written. But because she decided to move on, it worked out.

    • Pedro says:

      Actors are often fired with no noticed. Shows get cancelled with no notice. I have no idea big corporations need to be cuddled when they are often ruthless.

  8. Jane says:

    Honestly, I completely lost interest in Callie with the Penny storyline. Glad to see them both gone.

  9. Nancy Farkas says:

    Amazed she was not killed off. That seems to be Shonda’s MO! She killed off Derek, Reed, Charles, Mark,Lexie. Why all the minority characters get to live but all the caucasian ones are killed off?

  10. Nancy Farkas says:

    There is no evidence whatsoever that KH REFUSED to film. That is a rumor. KH said she was TOLD not to come back to work until they decided what they were going to do. Why do you all attack KH for leaving the show but not SR, PD, SO,etc.? KH had the right to leave just like the rest did. She had a good reason. She has a ill child who needed her care.

  11. Mrsw08 says:

    And we never saw Callie again..

  12. tahimar says:

    I’m hoping Sara decides to come back maybe for the series finale and give Calzona fans closure. There are many in the first stages of grief and a bit breeze of hope can help us deal with it, at least for a while.

  13. Sara Ramirez is going to regret leaving the show for “time off” (don’t you wish you were rich enough to take an unknown length of “time off” without concern for the next paycheck?). I like the actress. I personally think she is freaking gorgeous but by Hollywood standards they throw her in the same weight category as Melissa McCarthy. The difference is McCarthy has a now proven box office record and tv success record. Sara just has Grey’s and only as a secondary character on a drama show. Hollywood rarely sees plus size woman being capable of handling anything but comedy.

    I strongly suspect she will get as much work as all the other Grey’s actors who left the show for money/ego reasons which is years of nothing followed by taking whatever comes their way. Hopefully she invested that Grey’s money well.

  14. Geneviève says:

    Seriously if Sara Ramirez really needed to take a break – what is perfectly understandable knowing that 1) she is a talented singer and could again agree to perform in a musical play 2) some private events could require her presence (desire to have children, close parents sick, stress etc….BUT in both cases, we don’t warn your boss boss in a so short period. It’s unprofessional, Well, in admitting, of course, that Shonda Rhimes told the truth and we know all that in this regard, she has some serious problems!

    As many of you, I think that the negociations failed (even recently, Sara’s agent and ABC aimed to be reassuring and asserted that she would be present in S13). And even if relationships between the actress and the producer seem to remain good, I am not sure that Ramirez quickly return, regardless protestations… .

    That being so, it seems that this setback didn’t played on the crappy finale (the departure of Callie & Sofia for NY with Arizona’s approval) as seeing as it was already filmed. I guess that only the possibility of a break with Penny and the fact that Sofia can request her other mother’s presence would have urged Callie to return to Seattle after a few months in Shonda time frame. Moreover, it remains possible.

    Anyway, I just hope now that Jessica Capshaw won’t be penalized by the absence of her screen partner even if since the divorce, we saw her character, Arizona, taking back her independence for the better, especially professionally. As our doctors never stays long single, I guess that AZ will get a serious love story (why not with Dr Lauren Boswell for example or someone like that). As for her daughter, Sofia, I guess that she should make some appearances occasionally just to remind us that our Arizona shares also the custody (why were they holding a trial to decide who would get Sofia’s custody if at the end, the 2 mothers share it?! I guess that document signed by AZ comes to cancel the judge’s decision, right?!).

    • Hotter than ever.... says:

      Jessica Capshaw WILL fall in love. There will be twists and turns, but Shonda made sure that in the last episode Arizona was ‘the’ mature, compassionate, kind, caring 1/2 of the relationship. She was built up to be ‘a great catch’. Hold on to your sofa — I’m thinking that there’s going to be some hot lesbian lovin’ next season. Yipppeeee

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I’m pretty sure that Jessica Capshaw, being married for 12 years and with four kids, fell in love some time ago.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Jessica Capshaw is Steven Spielberg’s niece. She won’t ever be written out unless she chooses to go. She also won’t ever be killed off the show. Shonda only guts the actors who don’t kiss her very large ass and who don’t have important connections in Hollywood.

        • Kathy says:

          She’s Spielberg’s stepdaughter.

        • You are outta bounds... says:

          Wow, Elizabeth. You sound bitter. Plus, your stats are incorrect…..Mr. Spielberg is her stepfather.

          BTW, there’s no need to slam Shonda. You know NOTHING about her. Geez, grow up.

      • Jami says:

        Man I just finally got to season 11 episode 6. I was so pissed off at Callie for breaking up with Arizona, after Callie kept trying to seduce her during their trial separation. I know Arizona screwed up massively by cheating on Callie, but Arizona truly loved Callie. Callie was selfish and as I looked back through the 11 seasons, that break up was brutal. I love Jessica Capshaw, and did tolerate Callie, because sometimes she was just funny. Callie said she had to love herself, that was a load of crap. I was absolutely stunned when Callie broke up with Arizona. I loved them as a couple. I have always loved Arizona/ Capshaw good actress. I was pissed off at Shonda Rhimes for splitting them up. I don’t think I can finish watching the rest of S11 or !2. I will watch S13 to see what happens to Arizona.

  15. Lisa Echerd says:

    Not giving Shonda Rhimes notice before shooting your final scenes? I think we have seen the last of Dr. Torres.

    • flower_petals says:

      It was 3 days before her tweet stating that she was done. Not before shooting the final scene. That was already done, weeks prior. Shondra luckily had shot an ending for it. Callie was probably just going to come back after realizing Penny wasn’t the one for her.

  16. Jeannette Oliver says:

    Will miss Arizona and Callie. I was hoping they would reconcile. But after 10 years, Sara Ramirez deserves a break. Callie will be missed.

  17. Connie Capmirez says:

    Maybe she just needs a break, because after 11 season 2-12 that’s a lot she wasn’t really in anything els other the the Disney queen and some songs maybe she wasn’t as happy as she looked and want a to gert out there and explore what’s new maybe to a movie or two or even have a baby, either way she’s happy and and in this case that’s all that matters❤ this is coming from a high top greys callie torres, Sara Ramirez fan!

  18. Maryanna says:

    Maybe there is a possible spin-off in the works for Sara in NYC, it happenwd before ( Private Practice),and the door is still open for her to return if it were to fail.Just a thought.

  19. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sure Rhimes wanted a better exit for Callie after the character has been on the show for 10 years.However maybe Sara Ramirez would be willing to do next season’s season premiere where Callie gets a better exit with her saying goodbye to the other characters.

  20. Sophie says:

    Well, I for one, will not miss Penny at all. I never liked her and am glad she is gone. Not only did I not like her character, I think she was a terrible actress. There was absolutely no reason for her to be on this show. Good riddance, I say.

  21. Jenn says:

    Callie’s story this season was definitely written with the potential that Sara wasn’t going to return, but not with the belief that Shonda was writing Callie’s happy ending or the end of her arc. If it were the latter, I think it would have been handled much, much differently.

    I don’t think Shonda just “lucked” into an ending from which Callie can return at almost anytime finally “unstuck” and having recognized that Penny isn’t the great love of her life but Arizona is.

    Such a return could happen as early as the midseason finale to accommodate a six month “time off” period for Sara, or it could happen the final few episodes before the very end of the series.

    But don’t tell me that Shonda just happened to write a storyline that sends Sara Ramirez to New York and involves the Preminger Grant. AKA Otto Preminger who was a theater director before coming to Hollywood.

    • Mariana says:

      Did Shond really found out only 3 days before us? Back in April, when Sara twitted that it is a wrap for Doctor Callie and people started speculating if she would be back for season 13 or not, one of the show’s producers, Anna Alexander twitted “We will miss Dr. Callie Torres There are no other words #sad”, she then erased the tweet. It seems like they already knew Sara would not be back.

  22. Mary S says:

    I had never seen or been interested in Grey’s…until I happened upon the plane wreck while channel-surfing. It drew me in and I wanted to know more, so i watched again the following week. It is now on my DVR as an auto-record. Since I came to the show so late, I did not know any of the backstories and formed my opinions based on what I was just learning. I really like Callie and hope that she is able to rejoin the cast at some time. Frankly I like her better than Arizona and if I had my druthers, I’druther that Callie stayed. Not fond of Penny at all.
    All that being said, I am totally engrossed by the cast and storylines and look forward to the new season.
    I’ve lost so many shows I loved, I am glad that Grey’s is returning.
    (And, on a different note, I am appalled at how the showrunners and writers handled the ending of Castle!! To begin with, they could have cut the budget by getting rid of themselves and leaving the cast intact, minus Haley, whom I did not like from the beginning! They treated the fans who adored the show for 7 seasons, as if we did not count, our love for the show was non-existent, and they were introducing an entirely new show with no history. They need to be thrown our of the world of television, PERMANENTLY, so they cannot do that to anyone else, ever again!)

    • Elizabeth says:

      You need not worry about losing Grey’s. It’s been said Shonda and Ellen made a pact last year when they dumped Dempsey that they would keep it on the air for at least another decade. I don’t think ABC would interfere with that plan even if ratings dropped because everyone knows Shonda is actually the one who runs the network. All of her shows will get renewals even if they are dying in the ratings. See the bomb outs this season with HTGAWM, and especially Scandal’s nosedive and The Catch as a ratings disaster from the beginning. They were all renewed to no one’s surprise. Then when Grey’s ends in 2067, Christina will come back, Meredith will realize she is a lesbian and that the great love of her life is Cristina, and the last shot will be Yang and Grey dying in each other’s arms when they are 110 all while Ellis Grey’s carcas looks on with pride.

  23. Dr. Mini Mony says:

    Will miss Callie. Pls find a good exciting female actress. Owen carrying series on his shoulders after Mcdreamy Mcsteamy exit. But he needs a strong new female counter. Present female cast not exciting.

  24. Fatima says:

    For those of you that seem to be so unhappy with Shondra stop watching her shows point blank!!!

  25. I sure hate to see her go,buy that’s life,maby she will return after a good rest

  26. Julie says:

    If anyone has spent much time in Seattle, in a hospital then you have to remark that there are many Indian and Asian doctors as well as Afrikan-Americans doctors. Shonda has focused much on the black drs. I say we get more divergent if she wants to portray a true picture of the Seattle medical community.

  27. Nova any says:

    Callie will be dearly missed. Whiny Sara well. :(

  28. Roni Sanders says:

    Callie is one of my most favorite people on the show. I will miss her greatly on the show and hope after a well deserved rest please come back:)

    Thank you for all your hard work Sara and God bless you always.

  29. karen tambornini says:

    Not Happy. Too many people leaving….. We love Callie….

  30. Linda says:

    Im bummed Callie & Arizona are my fav characters…I was hoping they would reunite this season.

  31. Michelle Thomas says:

    I believe we will see Sarah Ramirez soon enough. She’s not gone for you.. The show will still be as good as if she was still on set.

  32. Ashley says:

    How did this story from May end up in the “Today’s Hottest Stories” list?

  33. Debra says:

    I hope to see Sarah Ramirez return to Grey’s Anatomy as Callie she is a awsome actress in this show and more story line scenes to make her character epic so love seeing her in this show .

  34. Danna Twist says:

    Please bring Callie Torres
    back. The show would simply not be the same without her.
    Thank you for showing lesbians in such a positive and normal way. I wanted to see Cally Torres in a happy permanent relationship. Can you bring Callie and Penny back?
    I was very tired of the old movies of lesbians having to die because they were such sinners.
    Thank you for bringing us up-to-date and you’re series.

  35. Diane Dile says:

    I really like her playing Calle, she is one my favorites and Grey’s A onto be the same

  36. Muriah Harding says:

    I’m devistated! Almost all of the original cast i’s gone, greys anatomy is not the same! I don’t care for the new people very much. Good luck though sara!