Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Cristina Sparks 'Friction' Leading Up to Owen and Amelia's Wedding

After all that Grey’s Anatomy has put Owen and Amelia through, you would think that nothing and no one could keep them from tying the knot in Thursday’s Season 12 finale (8/7c, ABC). Well, except maybe for his ex-wife, Cristina.

Though Yang’s been in Zurich for two years, her person, Meredith, continues to watch over Hunt. “She still feels like she’s Owen’s guardian,” says Kevin McKidd, who plays the groom, “and she takes that role very seriously. She still has that allegiance to Cristina, so she has some issues with [the marriage].

“And she also has her own issues with Amelia,” he adds, “so there’s some friction between them.”

And by “some,” the actor means enough that it isn’t necessarily a foregone conclusion that the couple will say “I do.” Meredith and Amelia’s conflict “puts a spoke in the wheel hugely during the wedding,” McKidd reveals. “The fun and the drama and the intensity of the finale is, will Amelia show up at all? Is Owen going to be left at the altar?

“Obviously, he’s pretty bummed” that that’s even a question, he continues. “Amelia scares the bejesus out of everybody.”

What do you think? Will Owen and Amelia end up tying the knot? Do you want them to, or are you holding out for a Cristina comeback? Hit the comments!

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  1. Whatevah says:

    Amelia tell Meredith to mind her own business and stfu. I’m sick of the way Meredith talks to Amelia. When did she become holier than thou? The way she acts makes Meredith so unlikable to me. And Christina dumped Hunt NUMEROUS times.

    • Marcus says:

      Christina didn’t dump Owen he devorced her because the board told him to…he was the coward taking the easy way out he didn’t even try to fight for her and he cheated on her because she didn’t want a baby he accomplished he goal the army

    • Maybe Meredith thinks the behavior of Amelia Derek forced him to go to DC because she did not return his job. It was a rematch of younger sister who had always envied his brother.

  2. Guest says:

    I want Cristina back more than I want anyone else back! I couldn’t warm up to Owen/Amelia at all, wish Amelia had stayed in L.A., can’t stand annoying Maggie, and the worst is that the writers ruined Alex when they made him Meredith’s replacememt person – err gal pal. Basically the show’s gone downhill since Cristina left and see, she will always be Meredith’s best friend. I’m so tired of Alex having to do all the work of listening to her whining all season and not even getting any storylines outside of his person duties anymore. Cristina’s loss damaged the show the most IMO.

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. At the core, the show is about female friendships and it’s not the same without the main female friendship. It could survive without McDreamy, if Mer and Cristina were still have heart-to-hearts and dancing it out when things got bad.

      • Tony says:

        The show was about five interns who were (to varying degrees) friends and not all female. Meredith and Cristina’s relationship was/is an important aspect of their characters. But its hardly the core of the show. Especially when the show had gone on this long and has had as much turnover as it has

  3. Nikki says:

    Meredith has become a sour, nasty woman who can’t stand anyone else trying to be happy.

    • Whatevah says:

      I agree!!! I think in their writing to make her seem hardened, due to the tragedy of losing Derek, they’ve made her nasty! She’s my least favorite on the show right now and it shouldn’t be that way when she’s considered the “star”

      • Mary says:

        I don’t know if I would say nasty but definitely hardened, which under the circumstances that does happen. Many who lose someone close puts up walls and barriers to protect themselves from being hurt. Some overcome it others do not.

      • Carole says:

        They should have had Christina at derricks funeral! If mer and her were so close, why wasn’t she there for her??
        Just my thoughts cuz I loved their relationship !
        I agree , merideth is mean now! Maggie is annoying!

        • ab says:

          She was. If you go back and watch that episode, the funeral is just a quick frame and then gone. Although not the original actress, they do have a stand in beside Meredith that has the long black curly hair to give the indication that Cristina flew in for the funeral.

    • c-mo says:

      She’s always been that way. If she wasn’t happy, ain’t no one happy!

  4. Guest says:

    They make no sense at all. Sorry. How am i supposed to buy Owens “love” for Amelia when it was made clear 6 seasons long Yang is the love of his life? Even in Yangs last season they made him say she is the One. To me its just sloppy writing. They just threw them together bc he was available. Out of the he “fell” for her. I recall the beautiful slow built up of Crowen. It all made sense. And they were sold as endgame. Until Shonda got all political with her abortion crap. Amy is highly unstable. And this has written train wreck all over it. The fact alone that Yang is still mentioned in almost every episode since she left sd be a sign that she will always hover over whatever Amy has with Hunt. He will never love her the same way. Like Pompeo said: Cristina is def the great love of O life and you may have other partners but only one great love. Whatever O will tell A to calm her tomorrow. As a grown up woman i say: dear writers what you sell you can sell only to high school girls. Not grown up ppl. Feel sorry for McKidd. Not only they ruined Hunt by making him non credible… his leading lady has not the class and talent of Oh. And its pretty sad for such a gifted actor like him. Scorsone is lovely. But nothing compared to Oh. She is a beast of a talent. Btw they WILL get married tomorrow. And Mer is a b****. No A fan. But when C was with O she constantly tried to break them up. And if O has some balls he will tell her to back off.

    • Whatevah says:

      To be honest I never liked Owen & Cristina. I hated that they got rid of Burke. I always felt that Owen and Cristina were thrown together. I never saw much chemistry between the two and when she said she didn’t want kids and he said he did, that should have been a deal breaker.

      • guest says:

        Sorry but the majority thinks omelia make no sense. I really read MANY comments. 85 % dont like them. Crowen werent thrown together. Yang was single an entire season and they respected what she had with burke. Who she was with 3 seasons. With Owen she was SIX seasons. And she said she loved him more than burke. In fact she said it several times. BEFORE she married him. Hunt was created for C. Amy already existed she wasnt created for hunt. They disrespected 6 years of Crowen and made him kiss her out of the blue after only 12 episodes. They didnt even get a proper love scene like that mindblowing one from crowen. So no. They will never come even close to crowen. My crowen heart must swallow that ridiculous speed wedding. I hope owen gets at least his baby. And shonda will screw with them too anyway

        • Gospino says:

          And of course the tiny percentage of viewers who comment on the sites you visit must reflect the majority opinion lol. That’s newbie thinking so I’ll cut you a break.

          • guest says:

            On FB. On twitter. On articles.on comments. their story is lazy written. And you dnt have to agree with me

        • Random Username says:

          The ratings for the show are still strong without Derek and Cristina, and there have been a lot of recent articles about the young fans that are constantly discovering Grey’s on Netflix. Your comment about high school students shows that you’re not considering the younger fan base that loves Amelia and a lot of the other new characters/couples. People use comment boards mainly to complain. Of course you see negative comments. There are A LOT of negative comments about other characters/couples, including Owen and Cristina’s relationship. I see the problems in his relationships, but I still appreciate BOTH of these amazing but flawed women and how his very flawed character grows from being with them. I think Facebook probably reflects the older audience, but I see a lot of love for Owen and Amelia on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc, which is really impressive considering that he had a six season relationship with one of the most popular characters in the history of the show.

          • Guest says:

            Of course the younger ones like Amy. They identify with her childish behaviour. I stand by it that A is not good fir him. Only bc both are flawed doesnt mean they are a good fit. Sooner or later she will lose it again. To me she is the worst character in the greys universe. I cant stand her. And i can honestly say i already disliked her bf she was on greys.

        • NM says:

          You do realise Joshua Jackson was scheduled to be in the back half of season four as a love interest for Cristina Yang prior to the writers strike? Don’t think there was much respect for her relationship with Burke.

    • Tony says:

      Because no television character has ever had more than one “true love”.

      And when was Meredith constantly trying to break them up? My wife and I are in the midst of a rewatch and I clearly must have missed Meredith trying to break up Owen and Cristina.

      • guest says:

        She tried to talk her out of the wedding. Called him a pig when he had the ONS and wanted to get her a lawyer. In 8×23 she said it again and C said he is her person. Tried to interfere ALL THE TIME. even into the abortion issue which wasnone of her business.

      • guest says:

        EP said in a recent interview Cris was his one true love. And derek was merediths. You can have other partners yes. But only one true love. These are my beliefs in real life too. You dnt have to agree but neither make fun of them. Bc i really belueve in that.

    • A fan of TV says:

      When he said that Cristina was the love of his life, he had not really met/fallen for Amelia as his heart was still unavailable. Some people even in the deepest love can find that there can be more than one great love with a little distance, new experiences, and added perspective, though. That’s my take, but I also quite like Amelia as a character and as part of the show’s ensemble/dynamic.

      • Guest says:

        Sorry but i dont see any chemistry between him and A.there is no passion. Nada. She will always be a consolation prize. Plus C is out there. And this will always be a threat. SR loves Yangs character and ket a door open for her and hunt. I deeply hope she reunites them eventually

  5. May I recall everyone that this blind item ( is still up in the air ?

    Most of the TV shows are coming to an end this week, so it’s about time, isn’t it ?

    That would be really fun to have Cristina showing up at the last second of the episode ! (just before they say “Yes” at the altar). That could be why the writers are in a hurry to get things done between Owen and Amelia. Maybe they wanted precisely to end the season with Yang barging into the ceremony !

  6. Sara says:

    With the various time jumps over the past year, Amelia and Owen’s relationship has been so rushed that I just don’t see much of a connection between them. I have no cause to root for them.

  7. EM says:

    Cristina walked away from Owen and he needs to move on. Amelia may be a better fit for him but I’m not a fan of them together.

  8. Jill says:

    Buzzfeed posted a story on why it’s time for Addison to come back to Grey’s. And after the 2nd half of this season, I couldn’t agree more. If we can’t have Christina, I think Addison would be great.

    • Mary says:

      Nope, there is no reason for Addison to be there. Derek is gone and so is Mark. Those were her connection to the story. If Mer needs to find another “person” it needs to be either one that is on canvas now, which I don’t see or someone totally new that they can develop as a close girlfriend relationship.

  9. Vincent says:

    Poor Owen Derek sister she left Owen at the wedding dr yang please come back to Owen now

  10. Mary says:

    I don’t believe Owen and Cristina was every married might want to change that. I don’t care if they get married or not, but please no leaving at the alter, that what just be a repeat of story.
    I think they have rushed this story line a little so it is hard to get invested and say if they really do love each other.

  11. Luli says:

    I would love a cristina comeback, but not to have the same crowen thing… I just want cristina back, and her friendship with Meredith.

    I think the most interesting thing happening in the finale is Japril baby!!!!!!

  12. Audrey says:

    I love Amelia’s character and I think Owen is perfect for her. But I really need an article about Jo and Alex! Don’t forget about them please!!

  13. Cats says:

    Honestly, Grey’s Anatomy just needs to end. Shonda has kept the show on long enough and it’s pretty obvious she’s doing it to keep her Shondaland empire and squeeze as much money from this show as possible. Crowen wasn’t the most stable couple but Cristina and Owen loved each other deeply and those six seasons they have had together was just thrown away into complete crap.

  14. Liz says:

    I think christina should bust through the doors as they ask if there are any objections! I’d love to see her again and see her play in season 13!!

  15. ghingskieful says:

    No! Beside there’s No chemistry between Owen and her Amelia. Cristina and Owen full of Chemistry.

  16. Vanessa says:

    I definitely want a Cristina come back. They have always had their issues but they love each other. Owen and Cristina all the way.

  17. Courtney says:

    If is like Meredith hates and resents everyone around her who is happy. Just because Owen and Amelia are happy doesn’t mean Meredith needs to sulk around and complain about how miserable her life is

  18. MarianaPhoenix says:

    Meredith is the most annoying and most pathetic character in the serial. They were all in one or another way damaged at the beggining, but she still appears crazy after 12 seasons. She is a kind of character who doesn’t know what they want so watching it is complete nuisance. I only tollerated her because Derek and Cristina were there, but ever since departure of the second, she became even more difficult. Amelia is a superficially implanted character who barely agrees with the story let alone with Owen. Owen loves Cristina. They divorced because he could not accept that Cristina did not want a child. They should have another chance to fight for what they feel; accept eachother’s flaws aswell as virtues. I wish Cristina would come back. She is much more interesting character to watch and what she and Owen had was epic. They were soulmates. Burke was nice, but he always wanted to change Cristina rather than accept her for her beliefs and what she was. Owen mostly overcame that weakness (if only this baby issue did not appear to destroy them). Come back Cris!!

  19. Lauren says:

    Another Grey’s wedding is going to have drama with either the bride or groom? Another wedding thrown into chaos? How shocking.

  20. Pamela Alexander says:

    I’d like to see Owen end up happily with either Christina or Amelia. Poor guy has been thru a lot. Let him end up happily with someone!

  21. Carly says:

    Yess Owen and Cristina..
    Please Let her come back.

  22. Joie says:

    Cristina is the core of what Grey’s is about. She exemplifies the modern day woman and a great inspiration, a go-getter who knows what she wants. Her relationship with Owen is the most unique in the show and Owen getting hitched this soon just does not make sense. The show’s gone downhill since Cristina left. I want her back!

  23. Haifa M. says:

    I definitely root for Christina to come back ! I honestly don’t like Emelia that much ,, i feel sorry for her and what she’s going through but still not a fanof her

  24. Katherine says:

    I never did like Christina. Shes was never happy no matter what. Please keep her away. Get rid of Kali. Glad Arizonia won the lawsuit.

  25. Sally says:

    Wish Sandra Oh/ Christina would come back. That would be awesome!!!

  26. EM says:

    Meredith is like season two Mer. Totally doesn’t want to be around people because she doesn’t want to infect the happy people because she is so miserable. But this time she doesn’t realize it. Someone needs to tell her and I suspect it will be Alex.

  27. fairmont1955 says:

    Two years? That must be a typo, as it’s been two seasons. Last season has a full year+ fast forward alone after Derek died while Mer went on the lamb.

  28. Judiwb says:

    Meredith needs to leave Amelia alone. I am so tired of her acting like she is some saint and has no faults or flaws. Everyone has babied her since she lost Derek and she wants to ruin everything for everyone else. There is no reason for Meredith to treat Amelia like she does.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Can Amelia just die already? Or have some horrific accident and realize Seattle isn’t the place for her, please?! She;s been nothing but an annoying, whiny little brat since she arrived and her and Owen just do not work. There is no chemistry there and he can do SOOOOO much better!!!

  30. Marie says:

    Owen belongs with Christina Amelia is annoying and I would love to see her gone. They do not make a good couple she is way too arrogant.

  31. kath says:

    I’m tired of Meredith thinking she can control every else’s life. Will she ever grow up? I doubt it.

  32. Jeaneth pagan says:

    I hope they do, they deserve their happy feelings.

    Plzzzzz plzzzz no, not a sister….

  33. Larc says:

    Good solution for Owen and Amelia to avoid Meredith’s meddling: leave Seattle permanently and never look back.


    In my opinion: Christina should show up at the church looking beautiful and out of breath. Everyone looks toward the back of the church to see who walked in..POOF- IT’S OUR GIRL CHRISTINA YANG! Owen looks from Christina (with shock) to Amelia (with confusion), and to Meredith (questionably). Of course, Meredith has an innocent, satisfied, smirk on her face and a bad girl sparkle in her eye. Owen starts stuttering his vows as the wedding proceeds. Everyone in the church is whispering. Amelia, thinking this is a sign from dead Derrick that she is making yet another mistake, flips out again and slowly walks out leaving Owen stuck in stupid at the alter. Meredith finally admits she did tell her person (Christina) about the upcoming wedding because she owed it to Christina to warn her that “this time, she was going lose Owen, forever”. The wedding comes to a halt “again” – PLEASE BRING CHRISTINA BACK NOW….BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  35. Figgy says:

    Owen + Cristina = 4EVA!