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The Flash Recap: What's Wrong With Being Overconfident?

Just when it looked like the good folks of The Flash were getting a momentary reprieve from Earth-Two drama — easy laughter! a home-cooked meal! at least six sets of googly eyes! — holy hell rained down like pretty birds flying into the side of a skyscraper in the final moments of this week’s episode.

That last scene felt like a tragedy wrapped inside a nightmare, and while my inner optimist wants to believe there’s some sort of timey-wimey, Beats by Wells solution to it all, the realist within can only see one conclusion: Henry Allen is dead.

Damn you, Zoom! Why do you want to make sweet Barry your Earth One mirror image: A guy super-powered solely by bitterness and selfishness, a guy who’d let a skyscraper full of innocent people collapse if it meant he could get an edge on the competition?

I want to believe* Barry won’t succumb to his darker angels, but there’s got to be some sort of PTSD/psychological fallout from watching your dad die a pointless death so soon after his release from wrongful imprisonment, no? (*Yes, that’s a reference to The X-Files.)

With that in mind, let’s pithily recap the action from Season 2, Episode 22, “Invincible”:

A SIREN BLARES | As if the Metapocalypse that’s come to Central City isn’t bad enough, Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren (Earth-Two’s Laurel Lance) arrives and uses her vibrating war cry to wreak havoc on behalf of Zoom. She makes the silly mistake of pausing her ass-kicking of Barry to give a speech, and who zooms in (via car) and knocks her to her butt (via fishtailing bumper) but Wally. Dude’s got something of a hero complex — even when The Flash tells him the metahuman battle isn’t his to fight.

SPEAKING OF HERO COMPLEXES… | Back from his Speed Force Experience (that seems like the kind of phrase that should be initial-capped, no?) Barry’s walking on sunshine, and he doesn’t just feel good, he feels downright invincible. Henry, Joe, Cisco and Iris all try to slow his roll, but he’s convinced he can bring down Zoom and thousands of metahumans — all evidence to the contrary be damned. Luckily, Cisco realizes all the Earth-Two metahumans are vibrating on a higher frequency, and devises a plan to send out a “dimensional shock therapy” amplified by Barry generating a refracting field around Central City. (I know that explanation sucks, but all I have is a Bachelor’s in Communications, people!)

As Cisco and Caitlin don Reverb and Killer Frost disguises to (briefly) distract Black Siren, the rest of the plan TKOs the Earth-Two baddies — giving Barry time to round them up (Black Siren included) and imprison them in the Pipeline. (No due process, no trial, no problem?)

Later, though, as Iris makes a meal for all the good guys — and is pleased when Barry says he’s open to giving their relationship another try — Zoom zooms in, snatches up Henry and brings him back to his childhood home. This time, he reasons, it’s Barry who needs to watch a(nother) parent die — and it’ll make Barry realize he’s no different than Zoom, Jay sneers. Henry plays the role of the selfless dad beautifully — “Whatever happens, you have made me the happiest father” he smiles through his tears — but it doesn’t stop Zoom from putting his vibrating fist through his chest. And just like that, Barry is forever changed.

MEANWHILE, BACK ON EARTH-TWO | Cisco spends the episode grappling with visions of birds crashing into skyscrapers. At the Dinner Party That Ends Badly, he has his final vision: Earth-Two being literally torn in two. Here’s hoping dude’s soothsaying powers aren’t 100-percent accurate!

IN OTHER NEWS | Henry and Dr. McGee eyed each other like two hyenas looking at an impala carcass — and I can’t imagine the show’s writers would introduce that November lovin’ if the former character was dead-dead-dead, right? Wally and Jesse exhibit some chemistry, too, although Joe’s son is acting so foolishly heroic, I wonder if he’s long for the world. Caitlin keeps seeing visions of Zoom — though he’s not actually there — but by the end of the hour, it seems like there’s a light at the end of her kidnapping trauma. Oh, and did I mention that just before the sound-wave hoo-hah incapacitates Black Siren, Cisco throws some kind of crazy force field that knocks her on her butt — much to his and Caitlin’s shock. (Dude might be more powerful than we think!)

What did you think of this week’s Flash? Did Henry’s death break your heart — or is it possible he’s not dead yet? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Riana says:

    No to Wally and Jessie. Bring Malese back.

    • M says:

      I know I know I know that Barry and Iris are “destined” to be together, but I kind of hoped Barry and Jessie would become a thing. I’m not super into Wally and Jessie either, but if that’s their reasoning for keeping Jessie on the show, I’m okay with it. I like her.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        I kinda agree….Barry and Jesse would have been a much better pairing.
        The actress playing Iris is crazy hot….but I don’t feel any chemistry between her and Barry. Forcing it is not going to help.

        • lordofluck says:

          I would much rather see Barry with Jessie or Caitlin I think they both would be better then Iris.

          • Jane says:

            i feel you. Iris’ character, for me, just doesn’t bring much to the table. I mean, she just exists because she’s the love affair. But other than that, the team can fully function without her.

        • jeremiah says:

          I have never seen an inkling of chemistry with Jesse and Barry and this is the first place where I have heard such a thing. Can I get a big Ole yuck!!!!!!!!!!!.

          Jesse and wally is fine by me. I really like wally this episode.

          And he’ll yes to cisco and his powers.

          • tvjunkie says:

            They have about as much romantic chemistry as Barry and Iris, which is none, so yeah pretty much. Barry and an underage girl or Barry and his de facto sister? Yuck to both.

      • Asia says:

        Jesse is 17. Not here for it.

        • Rook says:

          Jesse said she graduated college with like 5 or something major. Now there could be some Earth2 thing where you finish school at an earlier age. But I would say that she is in her early 20’s
          Plus I ship Jesse and Cicso. Harry would die over that.

          • Asia says:

            Violett Beane did an interview back in February and she said Jesse was 17.

          • Morgan says:

            Hey, there is a guy who graduated college with 4 degrees by age 18. And Harrison did say that she has a genius IQ.

      • Johnny sharma says:

        Hey hey… stop talking all the irrelevant things now !
        *spoilers incoming from COMICS*

        1)Jesse & Wally are gonna bcum Flash’s too…
        2)Wally doesn’t go with Jesse. He marries Linda Park (Yes, u heard it right !)
        3)Barry-Iris West’s grandchild comes from future to save his future world. So, it’s safe they’re married.

        So…… unless u’ve written them, u can’t change it !!!!!
        Happy finale :)

        • A says:

          …..But its a tv show, they don’t have to follow all the comic books

          • Raeia says:

            I loved this episode. While Henry’s death was predictable, it was still shocking. I hate Zoom, so Teddy Sears is doing an excellent job. Cisco’s powers are getting stronger. I love Wally and Jesse and can’t wait to see if they get powers, and how they will be further incorporated into the team. The relationships between Harry and Harry and Cisco are evolving. Caitlin is finding some independence. And Barry and Iris are slowly-but-surely transitioning forward into a romantic relationship, which should help Barry, hopefully, find some happiness and light in the dark times ahead.

        • datdudemurphy says:

          and Green Arrow marries Black Canary….
          and Felicity Smoak is Ronnie Raymond’s stepmother….
          and Wally West is Iris’s nephew….
          so yeah, the shows stick to the comics pretty well…..just stop.

          • JR says:

            Also Wally West has bright orange hair.
            And he really seems too old to be “Kid Flash” and we already have a Flash….Where does that leave him?

          • kpflat says:

            Here’s the deal….Wally marries Jessie…..they have a child….Iris’ nephew….Wally Jr……KID FLASH…..he gets powers from Jessie and this Wally never gets powers….will that work?

          • Raeia says:

            All your statement does is demonstrate that the show runners for Arrow have decided to take a non-canon approach to their version of Oliver Queen’s story versus the direction that The Flash show runners are taking with Barry Allen’s.

          • datdudemurphy says:

            Actually, I demonstrated that canon doesn’t really mean much in the DCTV universe

      • incognito says:

        I’m with you on the Barry-Iris thing… it just feels forced. And the sad thing is when the characters main contribution to the show is ‘love interest’, if there’s a lack of chemistry between them and the lead we blame them. It happened to Laurel on Arrow, and, for me at least, it’s happening again.

        I don’t want to dismiss the work of Candice Patton on the show, and I wont, but I will say we (the royal “WE” which really mean I) need Iris to be more than just Barry’s maybe-someday-boo. Otherwise she’s just an intrepid reporter who hasn’t figured out that everyone has a camera phone yet so there’s no discernible reason to keep getting into trouble so Barry has to save you and waste time he could be spending solving murders and/or saving someone with the potential to save others …. pay it forward, [insert word that reflects appropriate emphasis… hard to do without swearing]

        P.S. I’m liking Barry and Caitlin… chemistry wise

        • jeremiah says:

          Not surprised. Please all the olicits people leave the house. Barry and iris are hot. Especially Iris!!!!!!!!Barry is a lucky guy. Caitlin please. Really who wants her.

          Fangirls bye bye.

          Now onto the action. Wally is going to get his speed next season. That is my predicton.
          Zoom needs to die. Permanently go. Too evil to live.

        • Jane says:

          I completely agree with you. In fact, Laurel had a better chance than Iris. Laurel knows how to fight. She is a lawyer which gives her access to some important files and information. On the other hand, Iris is just a reporter who doesn’t compare to Laurel when it comes to self-defense. What i’m saying is that both Laurel and Iris’ actresses lacked chemistry with the leading men. However, in the Flash, iris’ character does not interest me at all. I don’t read the comics so i don’t have any biases on who should be with who just because it’s written that way. This is a tv show. duh.

          • Donna says:

            Laurel who could not even stand a chance on her own show. I thought she got killed off because she had no Chemistry with her male lead. That is what ruined Arrow. who have not read a lick of the comics. Thanks goodness the flash writers will keep,this show shipper free. I see a great couple with Barry and Iris. I love she keeps him grounded. But I watch for the story and all. I can see Wally as a speedster but I do,feel 2 is enough. Do we really need a third speedster.

          • kpflat says:

            Best thing that ever happened on Arrow was the Laurel dying, terrible actress, terrible character. Now if only Thea could follow.

        • Mo says:

          Okay, but Iris doesn’t keep getting into trouble and needing to be saved by Barry, so where are you getting this from? Iris contributed to the team just last week and lured Girder back to STAR Labs so they could take care of him. She also acts as a voice of reason for Barry – who ignored everyone until Iris talked to him, at which point he actually tried to listen. I swear, y’all will come up with any reason to dismiss Iris.

          • incognito says:

            lol, fair enough. This season she has be slightly less in need of rescuing (thanks Wally for taking on some of the Damsel in Distress duties). But despite all that, (and I dont think we mention this nearly enough) Iris is essentially Barry’s sister. That’s gotta make the most ardent Barry-Iris shippers pause for a sec. They share a father (not a biological one, but still…). And I know that’s the comic book lore… but so what. They share a father.

        • Asia says:

          Iris has never been written as a damsel in distress. She is fully capable of handling her own as shown in last week’s episode. Heck, she even punched Tony—defending Barry in the first season. Anyway, I always see the exact same reasons ad nauseam for why Barry and Iris shouldn’t be together. One is they don’t have any chemistry which is silly because chemistry is subjective. Two is that they’re related which is a lie because they’re not. Barry and Iris are not siblings. They’re two best friends who because of tragic circumstances ended up growing up in the same house together. But they have never seen each other as brother and sister. Barry was in love with Iris before he moved into her house and that continued. They’re not legally related. They’re not blood related. I don’t know why this is still even an issue. In certain state first cousins can get married. I have no idea why someone would want to marry their cousin in this day in age but you can. I’ve even heard of step siblings marrying each other. But people want complain about Westallen when they don’t even share a drop a blood or dna hmm.

        • Raeia says:

          All the postulating about Barry and Iris not having chemistry is irrelevant. Candice Patton was hired to be the female lead of The Flash, Iris West, because of the chemistry between her and the male lead, Grant Gustin. The show runners diligently searched for someone to capture and portray the chemistry, they felt, for one of their favorite comic book couples on live action tv. They, apparently, saw Barry and Iris’ chemistry or they wouldn’t have moved forward with the pairing. And, it’s paying off. West-Allen is becoming one of the most popular ships on tv. Growing up in the same household, doesn’t make Barry and Iris siblings, literally or figuratively. Nora and Henry Allen, are Barry Allen’s parents. Francine and Joe West, are Iris and Wally West’s parents. Barry and Iris were not raised as brother and sister. Joe refers to Barry as his son, but he’s never referred to Iris as Barry’s sister, or Barry as Iris’ brother. He refers to Barry as Iris’ best friend and vice versa. Wally, whilst not being raised with Iris in the same household is Iris’ brother. They have a shared bloodline. To my knowledge, Francine was never married to Henry and Nora was never married to Joe. Therefore, they’re not step siblings either. Moreover, Iris West is the matriarch of the Flash family. She bares Barry Allen’s children, Dawn and Don Allen, the Tornado Twins. She is the grandmother of the beloved Bart Allen. She tells The Flash story to the world as a reporter, and when he’s believed to be dead in The Life Story of The Flash. While the tv show is its own interpretation of the Flash story, and has made some changes to the Flash’s back story, it’s unrealistic to think that the show runners would drastically deviate from canon. Especially since The Flash is the highest rated show (comic book or otherwise) on the CW, and the shows with the highest ratings typically center around West-Allen. The reason the show does so well, in my opinion, is because they have a strong cast and good balance in their stories. The West-Allen storylines don’t overshadow the rest of the show.

      • Mo says:

        Jesse is literally underage. You can’t hate Iris SO much that you’d rather date a girl who would still be in high school on Earth-1.

  2. M says:

    I loved it when Henry and Dr. McGee were briefly together, mainly because of the whole thing of them being the main couple in the old version of the Flash. Didn’t see that death coming, and am sad about it, BUT makes me feel stronger about Henry being in the Iron Mask, though not sure how it would be possible with his death being witnessed by Barry. Then again, we have been told it’s someone we’d never expect, so I mean, seeming impossible makes something unexpected.

    • clintbrew says:

      i liked it i barely remeber the 90s flash i found it funny when mcgee knew who the flash was and it looks like wally knows now cus barry left the dinner party fast like lightning

    • ? says:

      If there’s any doubt about John Wesley Shipp being in the mask as the real Jay Garrick, this should erase it. Also, I gotta say, if Flash can do all the CGI they did tonight on its budget and it didn’t look cheesy, then I don’t believe Supergirl will have any problems. Okay, so maybe she fights more at night now, or doesn’t fly during the day as much. Big deal.

    • Karen MT says:

      Henry and Dr McGee together again had me giggling several times, especially when they started hitting it off. Which made me even sadder at the end!

    • William Phelps says:

      I’m thinking the same thing I think when E1 Henry was released from prison Zoom took the minute he got out and replaced him with E2 Henry. Remember Zoom convinced another Earth Jay to go along with his plan maybe convinced E2 Henry to go along with it and killed him since he didn’t need him anymore. The real Henry is the MITIM.

  3. jermyroberts says:

    LOVED Katie and was so glad to see her back. Also glad she survived the episode, so there’s hope of her breaking out and sticking around! :)

    • NM says:


    • Jane says:

      I am a fan of bad-ass Laurel.. Katie Cassidy, for me, is more effective if she plays a bad girls role. Like when she played a demon in Supernatural. I don’t know. Her aura perhaps. I’m an Olicity shipper but I still felt bad for Laurel. The writers are doing a poor job with the romance going on. People keep blaming Felicity/ Laurel when it’s the writers’ fault.

    • Ro says:

      I absolutely see Laurel2 becoming a recurring character on both Flash and Arrow next year and probably, eventually, returning to Arrow full time under a redemption arch or something, It’s too obvious.

  4. Lily says:

    All I want more than ANYTHING else, is for Barry not to be super mopey and emo again all next season. I want next season to be happy, light and fun, like Season 1, and I want Barry to be his goofy, adorable Season 1 self again. Them killing his dad does not seem like the way to do that, but I don’t care. Course correct this, writers. Figure out a way to bring Barry’s happy attitude back permanently next season or we’ve got a big problem. Leave the dour, dark, self-pitying stuff to Arrow and bring this show back to what people liked about in the first place. Seeing him happy in this episode for a while was SO much better than how he’s been all season.

  5. Drew says:

    IN OTHER NEWS: Wally and Dr.McGee both know Barry is The Flash.
    I can’t wait to see how Wally reacts. Will he resent not knowing sooner? Be mad? Be happy? Want to be part of the team?

    • kaliber says:

      I have a feeling that Wally will fully understand and will want to be part of the team.

      I think all of his animosity/jealousy for Barry melted away as the realization dawned on him.

    • coco says:

      If he’s mad at Barry after his Dad just got murdered he’s an asshole.

  6. Resa says:

    Also, when Zoom takes Henry then Barry runs after him, Wally realizes that The Flash is Barry.

  7. Rachel says:

    Rip Henry :-(

    Katie Cassidy was light years better on this show than she ever was on Arrow. Was probably bc of the character she played but still that’s a damn shame…

    I thought it weird that Wells was the only person not at the dinner party.

  8. A.D. says:

    So pissed they killed Henry!

  9. clintbrew says:

    to save earth 2 i reckpn they are gonna converge earths but some how supergirl;s earth get converged as well and supergirl will show up at the very end to talk to barry

    • ? says:

      No, it’s too soon! If Earths are going to merge they should do Crisis and do it right!

      • Johnny sharma says:

        what’s Crisis ?

        • Duncan says:

          Crisis of infinite earths was an event back in the 1980s. Back in the 60s or 70s DC launched their multiverse through team up stories with other earths. Crisis basically took the multiverse and put it onto one shared earth with a singular history. They’ve had multiple events since but this was the defining one.

        • Jake says:

          “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” a DC Comics series in the mid-’80s that un-did the multiverse concept that had evolved over the previous 50 years. It killed off a number of superheroes including the Barry Allen version of the Flash. Supergirl as well.

    • Allen Black says:

      Supergirl got renewed, but moved to the CW next season (CBS owns CW). That being said, you may not be far off base.

  10. Linda says:

    Henry’s death made me think of Mitch Leery’s death (Dawson’s Creek) all over again.

  11. GraceM says:

    Now I know why the writers wrote that Henry was sticking around full time after being absent for most of the year. Poor Barry, he can’t seem to catch a break.

    At least he got to hear father tell him how much he loves him and proud he is. I can’t wait for Zoom to be destroyed once and for all.

    • DasBlues says:

      I don’t think they are gonna kill off Zoom just yet. Zoom will still be the main antagonist in S3.

      • nerual84 says:

        Teddy sears signed onto a new show tho for this fall. I guess he could do two. Who knows. I hate him for what he’s trying to do to Barry.

  12. Julian says:

    I knew Henry was going to die the moment he told Barry he’ll move back to Central City.

    • Me too Julian. Especially since they haven’t announced he’ll be a series regular next year.

    • kaliber says:

      Yeah, I wish TV writers would get better about telegraphing things like that.

      • Julian says:

        This. They’ve been so obvious with a couple of things this year. Like Jay been Zoom and now this. My guess is that is the real Jay Garrick behind the iron mask but let’s see maybe they can surprise us.

  13. Joe says:

    How can henry be the man in mask if earth 1 Henry is dead and earth 2 henry is alive and well vacationing in Atlantis with nora??? Not to mention that the producers said it will be a huge surprise which henry hardly would be at this point…

    • Michelle says:

      I think it’s Snart.

      • Joe says:

        That would make a bit more sense, given the events of lot and wm contract…and it would be COOL too…

        • Michelle says:

          I am hoping so lol. I do think it was a waste to have JWS back for a minute but if the MitIM is supposed to be shocking, I can’t see it being Henry from another earth. That wouldn’t really be ” shocking”

      • Azerty says:

        I like the idea of it being Snart but then we would have another big mystery for the whole summer: Why Snart, a “minor” character on Flash, would have had such high importance as Zoom’s prisoner? If that was the real Jay, or Oliver or Reverse Flash or Ronnie, we would know the purpose but Snart? They would need to cook up so good stories around it.

      • Sarah says:

        Wasn’t there a joke earlier in the season about Earth 2 Snart being Mayor of Central City? I don’t remember for sure, but I think Masky was already in his cage by then.

    • Celeste says:

      I have this weird feeling that the man in the mask is Earth 1 Ronnie. I could be completely wrong but I just feel like it could be him.

    • bdog4u2 says:

      Henry would of passed out with wells since he had no head phones

      • Damn says:

        I sense something a little fishy about Jesse’s headphones not working. Maybe Henry was from Earth 2. We have already met everyones Earth 2 doppelgangers. He had time and access to remove what blocked the frequency in the headphones and used them as in-earbuds or something before they switched on the frequency machine.

  14. Jake says:

    John Wesley Shipp to Amanda Pays: “I don’t believe we’ve met..”

    I saw what you did there. Nice.

  15. TheSecretKid says:

    How was Barry able to change to his uniform in the end when the only time he’s got is saving his father? Wouldn’t that waste seconds of his time rendering him to fail to rescue his father?

    • Jeremiah says:

      So true but remember Barry is so fast he needs the suit. His average clothes would disintegrate. It did no matter because of course zoom had to give his speech befor killing henry

      • JR says:

        I’m not sure about that. He would have had to run all the way to Star in his civilian clothes to get the suit. He doesn’t just show up naked every time he’s running without it…although I’m sure many people wouldn’t object to that. I agree that detour seems a little time consuming when you are fighting someone as fast or faster than you, but Zoom was willing to wait since he needed Flash to watch him kill Henry.

  16. unseen says:

    on last scene of the episode, notice jay twitching or feeling something.. maybe a hint something will happen? and this event would not be happening?

  17. J says:

    What an episode!!! So many things! But my top favourites were seeing Black Siren and Zoom, Teddy and Katie owned the episode, Incredible performance by them, the speech that both zoom and black siren gave Barry, and also the entire cast just incredible performance all round! that last scene broke my heart, John’s last words at the end :(
    But again hands down one of all my time favourite flash episodes.

  18. Lilly77 says:

    I think the man in the iron mask is Snart. Especially now he’s going to be recurring here and there in all the Berlanti shows. I want it to be Snart – going to miss him on LOT.

  19. I am calling it now. The Man in the Iron Mask is Barry Allen but played by John Wesley Ship from the Flash 90s series

  20. Victoria says:

    I’m thinking more and more that Henry’s in the mask.

  21. sladewilson says:

    Many of the comments about lack of chemistry between Barry and Iris cracks me up. Barry and Iris have insane chemistry. Especially when it’s just the two of them in a room. And she’s already let Barry know she’s committed to “them” so it’s now up to him. As for Wally and Jesse – no. Cisco and Jessie? Oh yeah….

    • Mo says:

      People love to find fault with Iris and Iris alone, and they don’t want her anywhere near Barry even though she’s always supported him and always helps him see reason. Hmm, I wonder why… Like you said, they DO have chemistry. And these are the same people who let incredibly poor acting from certain other cast members slide right by them, so I don’t know why they have to hone in on Candice every time. (Just kidding, I know exactly why.)

      • “People love to find fault with Iris and Iris alone, and they don’t want her anywhere near Barry even though she’s always supported him and always helps him see reason. Hmm, I wonder why… Like you said, they DO have chemistry. And these are the same people who let incredibly poor acting from certain other cast members slide right by them, so I don’t know why they have to hone in on Candice every time. (Just kidding, I know exactly why.)”
        Don’t you know Iris and Barry just look “wrong” together? That there’s just something about Iris they don’t “like”? That Barry has more chemistry with a child, an overzealous stalker cop who was setting traps to force The Flash to reveal himself, the unknown blonde barista down the corner? Any woman not played by Candice Patton really?
        Whatever. Iris is Barry’s wife on Earth 2. She is Mrs. West Allen in the future and she and Barry are taking their relationship to the next level in canon.
        And all those who have a problem with it will have to deal.

        • Alexis says:

          Agree with you guys. All these “Barry and Iris don’t have chemistry”, “look wrong together” or are “sibling” crowd are suspicious and are not transparent with their Barry with anyone but the black girl. We see right through them. Anyways like you said the producers aren’t backing away from it and I’m proud of them for that. The haters will just have to deal

  22. partisan says:

    History question. The Man In The Mask looks like he’s wearing what I remember as the costume of the original Flash, the comic book version. The original original from back in the forties. Am I remembering correctly? If I’m right that makes the idea that Mask Guy is the original flash and that he’ll be played by JWS almost a lock. It would also add an interesting dynamic to have him become Barry’s mentor in season 3. He’s kinda my dad but not really kinda thing. Henry Allans death felt a little…cheap to me. A bit tacked on so having him as mask guy keeps the actor around without him having to play two characters. Just a thought.

  23. mike says:

    I’m all but certain its Henry in the Mask. Or the real Jay in a Henry suit. wonder if we are going to eventual get Jessie Quick or Kid Flash out of those two. Barry waking her up with the speed force had to mean something.

    Got a kick out of Henry and Tina “I don’t believe we’ve met” schtick. Kinda nice seeing them together again.

  24. Diego says:

    I don’t see any chemistry between Iris and Barry, they seem like brother and sister. I hope they’d let it go, Iris can still be vital to the show even not as barry’s soulmate.

    • partisan says:

      Sorry to say, I agree. The chemistry between these two has never really been there and the brother/sister aspect makes it feel a bit icky. There was so much better chemistry between Barry and Patti and Iris’s character always felt much stronger as a member of the team without her being the potential girlfriend to be mooned over. I know that the Barry/Iris relationship is “canon” and they’ve obviously been pushing in that direction on the show but not everything needs to be the same as the books. I think it would be better to either bring back Patti or better yet focus on Barry and being the Flash and just drop any romantic subplots for a while. It’s CW so that probably isn’t going to happen but IMO it would make a good show even better.

      • Fashion Maven says:

        I couldn’t disagree more with this. I think Iris and Barry have amazing chemistry and there is NOTHING sibling-esque about it. Perhaps if you’re looking for a reason to hate on them, the “sibling” excuse is the last final grasping of straws to try to discredit them (since the show is obviously going there), but it falls flat because it’s so transparent.

        CP was literally cast because of her intense chemistry with GG. I don’t know how anyone could watch the E2 episodes or the ep where Iris confessed her feelings and come away with “they have no chemistry”. I know chemistry is subjective, but wow.

        If you ask me, it’s not their chemistry that’s forced, it’s the sad attempts to erase/marginalize/discredit them that are forced.

        • “If you ask me, it’s not their chemistry that’s forced, it’s the sad attempts to erase/marginalize/discredit them that are forced.”
          Well said, Fashion Maven.

        • Mo says:

          I thought CP got the part ’cause she was gutsy enough to tickle GG during one of her audition takes & they thought that’s the Iris they want. E2 eps were E1Iris pep talk and an E2 pairing that was even more unbelievable than E1’s. Iris’ feelings were about giving in to other people, timeline & earths than because she felt attraction towards Barry. So, yes forced chemistry is what we’ve got so far.

    • Alexis says:

      I strongly disagree. They look nothing like siblings and act nothing like siblings. And no the show will not let that romance go to appease small minded people like you. She is vital to the show with and without Barry except she’s also Barry’s soulmate in addition to that so haters are going to have to deal

  25. robandco says:

    Great episode.
    Katie Cassidy was amazing in that role. She plays villain much better IMO. Glad they didn’t kill her, because who knows, she could be in LoT at some point.
    Do you think Barry will try to go back in time to save Henry? That is 100% what I’ll do. Imagine next episode, Barry tries to rewind what happened and saves Henry, but then Zoom kills someone else from the party, and he goes back again and so on until he accepts that he can’t save Henry.

  26. jenna says:

    great episode! I had to laugh when wally *only* realized barry was the flash at the dinner scene. You could really tell the difference in writers between last week’s episode and this week’s episode. Last week iris/barry felt so forced and the lines between them were really cheesy, was not surprised to see that a new writer was writing that episode

  27. Preacher Book says:

    “(No due process, no trial, no problem?)” – I see haven’t been reading comic books. Think of it more as a containment process; Earth-2 metas are infecting Earth-1. Didn’t we start this process with GWB?

  28. David says:

    Couple points…

    When do they start filming again? Cuz I wonder since they left black siren alive and on earth 1 if she might rehabilitate into black canary and show back up on arrow. So I am wondering if Katie is still part of arrow cast next season.

    2, they screwed up at the end. Team flash closed all the breaches. Cisco opened 1 back up… I figured that’s how they were getting back and forth. Zoom should now have been able to create his own portal and return to earth 2.

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Episode was good and sad. Cool Cisco and Caitlin pretend to be their evil earth 2 version. Katie did great as Black Siren. Sad Henry died at the end.

  30. G says:

    Barry is actually the one who realizes the frequency is higher for Earth 2 individuals.

  31. bdog4u2 says:

    Maybe he will go back in time to save his dad

    • Azerty says:

      If he goes back in time, wouldn’t have he seen himself, the “mirror image” like he did on the crossover if Arrow?

  32. Lola says:

    A few comments:
    (1) The actors who played Dr McGee and Henry were on the 90s Flash TV show. No doubt that was a nod to that. I even wonder if their previous characters were romantically linked.
    (2) Cisco didn’t figure out metahumans vibrate at a different frequency. That was established some episodes ago and Cisco and Wells just developed technology using that
    (3) Iris and Barry never tried their relationship, so there was nothing to give “another” try. They decided to give the relationship a try

    Can we talk about Wally finding out? It was hilarious he was the only person at the table not to know (although to be honest, he should have known: Iris saying Barry was gone last episode (and he is now not), Zoom saying someone close to the Flash cares for Wally, Wally knowing almost everyone at the table works with the police with metahumans (how did Barry become friends with these folks), the weird sounds at Star Labs and being knocked out by some energy… he should have known). There is something more brewing with his character (obviously with his whole hero arc), I guess he’s going to become a more manmade speedster.

    I felt like all episode they were baiting us, setting up several people to be the tragedy: Joe talking about being a grandfather, them being back Dr. McGee (although the emotional factor wouldn’t have been as high), Barry and Iris deciding to give it a go (although they couldn’t kill her yet- it would destroy him). Henry was the obvious choice, but I still expected them to keep him (it would make Iris and Barry dating a little less weird).

    I’m a little annoyed with their introduction of yet another Earth One and Two connection: the mirror image. Is that some universal principle? Was this established somewhere and I just missed it? I feel that is a little convenient. I know it’s important (it’s going to be used somewhere else, perhaps to identify / help the man in the mask? to save Earth Two?), but I appreciated a looser link between the worlds, making the qualities shared between the doppelgangers an intrinsic thing (Laurel Lances and their voice, Ronnie being Firestorm- something intrinsic to his DNA being conducive to the Firestorm biology, etc.)

  33. Misti says:

    I kind of hate Teddy Sears right now. (But I also still adore him… so I’m conflicted! :) )

    I’m mostly in the “The Real Jay, Who Looks Like Henry And Is E2 Flash Is The Man In The Mask” camp, but all the Iris moving on and ready to try something with Barry stuff makes me feel like it’s going to be Eddie. (Because, conflict!)

    E2’s Barry Allen has to somehow be connected to the Flash of that world, though, because his phone had all the members of the Justice League on speed dial. :)

    As for the coupling: I think Wally and Jesse are cute, Barry and Iris make great siblings, and Cisco and Caitlin are adorable together, but I want them to just be best friends with no other nonsense. :p

  34. Mo says:

    This episode was a disappointment, seeing as Barry didn’t even try to save his dad or stop Zoom. But at least Barry and Iris are finally moving forward!

  35. ryan says:

    How can we forget about Wally finding out Barry is actually the Flash?

  36. Liz says:

    Well, Cassidy definitely plays villain so much better than she ever played hero and I imagine this was fun to play too. But her role felt very one note. I don’t need to see her again.

  37. aura says:

    Well I saw that coming from a mile off
    Henry: after being absent for most of the season, son you know what I’m here to stay, this is me in CC for good
    Me: He’s dead
    I was totally feeling upset for Barry but truth be told because that death was retty much marked out it didn’t really have any impact like say Eddie’s.
    Zoom’s entire motives seem to change like the weather, so again I’m not quite sure where I stand with this SL. I think i will reserve my final judgement till after the finale.
    Loved that Wally was finally in the thick of thigs it’s been a long time coming I really enjoyed his interractions with the flash, and him finding out Barry is the flash will only add to that dynamic me thinks.
    Cailt walks into sl suffering from PTSD, they help save the city and poof like magic its all gone again if there is more to this story then I will buy it if not this was a massive let down writers.
    I actually enjoyed Black Siren which i didn’t think i would since i don’t watch Arrow and know nothing of the character, though Caitlin mentioning how much they loved laurel made absolutely no sense to me.
    Cisco was his usual fun self beats by Wells anyone (brilliant line)
    And finally loved loved loved all the WestAllen feels they layed on me this episode after coming off the high of last week I thought it might be back to the same dancing around each other, but nope the writers went and surprised me by having Barry officially ask her to be his girl, swoooooon, I’m happy with the steady pace they are going with them not to slow not to fast just right imo.
    Overall a decent episode which is setting up a lot for the finale (I hope). Keeping my fingers crossed that Iris will feature as more than she did this episode especially on the job and that this isnt the signal for the return of emo Barry. Looking forward to the finale. Though I have a feeling it will be more of Barry getting lost somewhere as the cliff hanger.. le sigh

  38. Lily says:

    Believe it or not, Berlanti, not everyone wants to see shipper moments 24/7, especially VERY forced ones like Barry and Iris. Some people (cough me) would’ve preferred you developed on the Henry/Barry relationship instead of making Henry canon fodder, Barry’s ‘motivation’ in the finale. It was the relationship on this show I enjoyed the most (other than Barry/Joe) and this death just didn’t feel right.

    • Fashion Maven says:

      Well in this episode, there was only one shipper moment. Plus, I love Westallen, so I was happy to see those moments. Even if they weren’t discussing their new relationship, they’d still be best friends… so… you mad?

  39. 3x2(9YZ)4a says:

    I believe the final scene in last night episode affirms my theory that the man in the iron mask will be JWS portraying the real Jay Garrick; that way he will still be on the show and pay tribute to him as a speedster. And what happened to the woman that was now living in the Allen’s old home? Is the house always empty now?!

  40. DD says:

    Wally found out Barry is the Flash… Cisco’s new power seems similar to Reverb’s, who also told him he had much more power to discover… Harry wasn’t it that final scene was he? The rest of the Earth 2 metas were awake by then (i.e. Black Siren) so he should have been too… Not all the metas are in the pipeline, Joe told the Captain that most of then are in Iron Heights… and finally, can we all now agree that the Man in the Iron Mask is Earth 2 Henry Allen (or at least John Wesley Shipp?!?!?!? That way Barry will still have some form of biological dad, the cuteness with Dr. Mcgee can continue etc. Also, the whole Garrick being Henry mother’s maiden name…

  41. Diana says:

    Man, I love Barry and Iris together. Favorite couple on TV right now. The show has got something really special in them. You can feel the history and love between them whether the scene is romantic or not. It was great to see Iris “writing” the opening monologue and I hope to see next season expand on her journalism. I think she’s the only character, other than Barry and I think Eobard once, that has gotten to do the opening monologue (and this is the third time for her I think).

    Poor Henry! We just got him back. He should have been there all season. He didn’t have to be in every episode if the actor wasn’t available, but he should have stayed in Central City.

    I’m enjoying the “hero” development of Wally and Jesse (and Harry saving his daughter!). That Caitlin-Cisco scene was pretty moving.

    I do hope that somehow we’ll end the season with some hope…..

  42. G says:

    Barry and Jesse?I Anybody White is right………..right…..And you cant see the chemistry between Iris than you probably never had a orgasim either

  43. Gerald says:

    Loved the Henry and Dr McGee scenes. They were a cute team in the 80s Flash TV show.

    It bothered me that Barry tried to reason with Jay and not just try and flash over and stop him…..

    But a good episode.

  44. Ray says:

    People keep saying Laurel and Oliver had no chemistry but when did they ever really try? I could be remembering wrong but besides a hookup before Tommy died they never had a chance to see. This show is to much Felicity. Of the woman Oliver has been with Felicity made the least sense. He had way more chemistry with Shado, Huntress, Sara, and even Nyssa. Btw, are they still married? I think Oliver and Laurel had great chemistry in season 1 but it was never explored again. The writers were to busy making her an annoying alcoholic and her dead sister the Black Canary.

  45. PSB says:

    I can’t believe Barry thought he could talk zoom out of murdering his dad,i mean seriously?this a guy who
    give people hope so that he can take it away from them,Barry could have just try to save henry from zoom’s grasp instead of just watching zoom run his arm through Henry’s chest,RIP henry

  46. Sarah says:

    I also agree that Iron Mask will be played by JWS, but I’ll honestly be a little disappointed if it’s Earth 2 Henry at this point as it seems a little too obvious for the “mind-blowing” tease… I’m hoping for something like an Earth 3+ character or Barry Allen from the future.

    Here’s what I didn’t understand from this episode: the show has already established the Multiverse so there have to be infinite Earths, not just 1 and 2 (Duo-verse?). So the whole “I know you’re not Reverb because all doppelgangers are mirror images” doesn’t make sense. The only way they could ALL be mirror images would be if there were only 2 Earths.


  47. Mo says:

    The comments about Barry/Iris on this thread are surprising. But after yesterday’s ep, maybe not so surprising. Iris’ reaction to Barry’s suggestion was underwhelming at best. And this after she supposedly made a “grand gesture” to Barry in Rupture (which wasn’t grand as whatever). Iris’ actions towards Barry have been consistent since the beginning, BFF yes, LI meh. The short convo between Jesse & Wally showed more mutual attraction than everything we’ve seen from Iris this whole season. Maybe they should stop forcing things and just let them be friends doing friend things like they did early last season before they hit the sack, which is highly unbelievable at this point anyway.

    Other than that, Katie Cassidy got her due finally, Zoom is still scary hot, Wally thinking he needed to prove he deserved to be saved had me verklempting, Barry wasn’t as stupid as I feared, Joe getting in on the Wells/Cisco comedy skit, awesome McGee being cool as a cucumber about Flash’s secret – hope Wally doesn’t disappoint & by that I mean I hope he doesn’t pull an Iris and poor dooomed Henry went out the way he lived, putting his only child first and always. Great ep all around.

  48. Bzazueta says:

    Man in the iron mask is either Wally and Jesse’s kid from the future or Barry and iris’s son from future.

  49. Alexis says:

    Barry and Iris have insane chemistry and I’m glad they are now officially official. Can’t wait to see how they navigate their relationship following Henry’s death

  50. Carni says:

    I love seeing Laurel being written as she should have been, so sad & cold the way Zoom murdered Henry even though I was expecting it but common that’s mess up. I love the Iris and Barry’s connection, it shows that she means everything to him and so glad that they have decided to start doing (dating). Wally knowing at last, now everything is falling into places but all I can say regarding Caitlin is untrustworthy, there’s something more behind her just being let go by Zoom. We know Zoom has a plan and I wouldn’t be surprised if Caitlin sides with him after all she is broken. I’m so excited for the final & think that the man in the iron mask is JWS.