NCIS Weatherly Final Episode

NCIS Season 13 Finale Recap: 'An Obviously Very Fond Farewell' — Grade Michael Weatherly's Final Episode

In Michael Weatherly‘s final NCIS episode, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo followed his heart, and then his head, setting the stage for the original cast member’s exit.

No sooner had the news broken about the bombing of the Davids’ farmhouse in Israel, Tony was making tracks for the airport when Abby and McGee intercepted him at his home, to relay the very bad news from Vance: Ziva indeed was killed in the attack. (Sorry, 84 percent of TVLine poll respondents.) “Life rarely ends the way we imagine,” Ducky observes as the rest of the team mourns their former colleague back at the office.

Tony returns to HQ in an angry spiral, lambasting Gibbs for the seeming lack of “all hands on deck” to confirm facts and exact vengeance. “She’s more than an agent to you,” Boss affirms, before ordering his agent to get home and cool his jets. Later, McGee reminds Gibbs of something he once said, about agents united in a cause always getting a job done — and when it comes to doing right by critically injured Fornell and now dearly departed Ziva, “We’ll get it done.”

DiNozzo returns to work the next day, and it’s a good thing he did, because a pint-sized bombshell awaited him, introduced by Mossad director Orli Elbaz: Tali, the daughter Ziva gave birth to years ago, with Tony the “only biological possibility” as dad. (Bravo to the 29 percent who almost got that whopper right!) And soon enough, during a casual chat with Palmer over strained peas or some such, Tony is prompted to give some thought to his new title, of Dad, being an “agent in the line of fire” and all. When DiNozzo shrugs off the notion of any life detour, Palmer unwittingly paints a not-so-rosy picture of 10 years into the future, where Tony has Gibbs’ job and is “happy.” Hmmm.

Later, a question on DiNozzo’s mind is unexpectedly answered, when Sr. comes across a framed photo of Ziva with Tony — whom Tali points to and IDs as “Imah” and “Abba,” exploding literally every ovary in the continental United States (and some abroad). So the little one had been told about her pappy!

When the team — Tony included — finally tracks down Kort, the turncoat claims, “I had no idea she’d be in the farmhouse. It was nothing personal” — to which Tony countered, “She was my family.” Kort then goes for his gun, inviting a hail of bullets from every nearby agent’s gun. As we at home clapped.

Toward episode’s end, Tony visits Gibbs’ basement to relay a decision he’s made. “Seems to me you’ve known a while,” Gibbs responds. “Only now you’ve got a daughter to think of.” Indeed, Tony shares that upon hearing they’d found Kort, “All I wanted was to take care of Tali…. I’m everything to that little girl now, and I’ve never been anybody’s everything before.

“That’s it,” he adds. “I’m done now.” To which Gibbs replies, “You gotta do whatcha gotta do,” before delivering a rare, big hug. DiNozzo says his next stop is Israel, to get some answers, and then a visit to the Paris that “Ziva loves.” But first, one final tour through the office, where he dubs his neighbor “Very Special Agent Timothy McGee” and shares kinds words for Bishop as well, while Abby makes clear that Tony knows just how much Ziva loved him.

Previewing how the finale might leave fans feeling, Weatherly recently offered, “I’m sure that out of the tens of millions who watch the show around the world, certainly there will be some different points of view. But if people share my feelings about it, I think [the reaction] is going to be overwhelmingly positive.” NCIS boss Gary Glasberg meanwhile advised having tissues handy, saying, “People should absolutely be planning on some really serious, heart-wrenching moments…. I’m very proud of the emotional resonance of what this is.”

So what say you, NCIS fans? Emotional resonance or what?

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  1. night61 says:

    great me and my mother are still crying

  2. Tony says:

    Not like this… Not like this.

  3. datdudemurphy says:

    For all intents and purposes, that could have been the series finale

    • Jericho says:

      Exactly how I felt.

      Was a damn better finale episode than Castle had. That’s one thing for sure.

      • Sue H. says:

        Fully agree! More thought out, better writing, and respecting the viewers investment in the series. Castle was an afterthought.

        • John NYC says:

          Well to Castle’s defense they did get a whole four days notice the show was over.

          Michael gave NCIS close to a year’s heads up.

          • Mr. Smith says:

            Actually, the executive producers filmed THREE endings to Castle. They knew of the possibility of cancellation, yet they “only” filmed an “afterthought” scene. Guess its better than the alternative of having Castle without Beckett….

            NCIS, as a body of talent, is still a class act among television shows. It might not be a critical darling, but it is solid entertainment. And isn’t that what its all about?

          • MIKE HAMMER says:

            Sillly show for a long, long time— since the departure of Bellasario— and wonder why NCIS brain trust insisted on goof-ball Tony for years when we did see a real acting moment out of Weatherly: upset/angry slams desk when actually venting at Gibbs/Harmon about everybody being on deck. Real power. Wonder what they could have done with a strong counter balance to Harmon, who now continues to phone it in (literally on the cell all the time walking in and out of scene.)

            Shame they never let Weatherly rip until the fade out. (Guess no desk jobs, admin leave at NCIS) But must hand it to Harmon/Glassberg/CBS for having LONG memories and screwing around with DePablo. Kill her off camera AND use old footage rather than bring her back for a final scene ala Clooney. Tough bunch!

    • Outis says:

      Let’s face it, this functionally is the series finale. Yes, it’s been renewed and yes it will continue on but it won’t be the same and like The Good Wife when Josh Charles left, it probably won’t ever capture it’s creative or certainly it’s ratings zenith again. I wouldn’t be shocked if it falls under a 2.0 share next year and under 15 million viewers. Still good, but it will continue to lag year after year with the new editions. Both fine actors but neither bring much star power to equation. Harman has a huge following so it’ll hand around for awhile, but it’s long in the tooth and will most likely be gone in 3 years or less. Just a guess.

      Good episode, although I would have enjoyed more Gibbs and Tony and less Tony and Ziva. Gibbs and Tony, IMO, was always the relationship in the show. It was very paternal and Gibbs was sort of like, meh, good luck. He’s certainly not sentimental character but there seemed too much going on with Fornell also in the hospital. Should have tied that up last episode and concentrated on the hunt for justice and the farewells. And wow, Cote gets the indignity of being killed off screen. Ouch to the Tiva fans. Didn’t bother me, but those in the biz know there’s nothing more disrespectful for a long time cast member. Charlie Sheen treatment.

      Good luck, Special Agent DiNozzo. NCIS will undoubtedly miss you, fictionally and in reality.

      • JC Petit says:

        The entire storyline is a discredit to Cote’s character. That’s why she refused to return for the “big goodbye”. Her character was always treated as a plaything for Tony, nothing more. It’s insulting.

        • You have got to be kidding me.
          If any character has been discredited by this ‘story’, it’s Tony.
          13 years on the show and his whole departure is made all about a character who treated him like crap, disrespected him at every opportunity, and now TPTB decided to throw a bone to the shippers and rewrite history?

          The whole ‘daughter he never knew he had’ is lifted straight from Magnum PI. (Although at least there, Magnum knew Lily existed, even if he couldn’t initially acknowledge her)

          Very very disappointing that TPTB had to go there.
          (As for Cote ‘refusing to return’, given how she screwed them up last time, I’d be surprised if they’d bothered asking her.

          • datdudemurphy says:


          • paula says:

            I kept think “where have I seen this before?” and you got it – Magnum and Lily! It did feel like it was a bone thrown to the TIVA shippers. But it also ties to Tony’s bucket list – remember that?

          • Karly says:


            My reaction 25 min in was OMG what is this bad fanfiction cr*p?! Instead of showcasing Special Agent DiNozzo, the man Tony and the actor it was yet again about Ziva.

          • CC says:

            YES. All of this. Michael Weatherly and Tony DiNozzo deserved so much better.

          • Donna Ryan says:

            This! All about Ziva and then they isolate him for most of the episode from the rest of the cast, breaking the ensemble vibe of the show which is it’s most standout trait. Tony was always at his best when bouncing off the other characters.

          • Jbj says:

            The Magnum PI connection you made was cool, since Tony was always a big Magnum fan. I always felt like Ziva antagonized him playfully as part of their sexual tension, with the exception of that one stortyline, where her lashing out actually reflected deeper conflicts.

            The little girl who played Tali was so cute with a lot of personality. Such that, I can imagine her growing up and putting Tony through the same kind of ringer Ziva always did. I also liked how Michael played Tony’s insecurity not in the question of paternity, but whether she actually wanted him to be her child’s father; like, whether she kept it secret from him because she always mocked his immaturity. Only to realize that she did it because she knew how much he loved his job.

          • Chloe says:

            Well said, Kendra!

        • Elaine markman says:

          Agree! Cote/Ziva deserved better

        • Sara says:

          I actually think they killed her off because of the way she left. I know of at least two cast members who were very angry about how she exited the series. I think the show’s writers/creators carried a grudge and made sure there was no way for her to come back.

          • Akaky says:

            I don’t know; if you’ve got good enough writers, you can make any scenario plausible. If they need to bring Ziva back, they will figure out a way to do it.

          • mary says:

            Seriously people not everything is a conspiracy. Characters die all the time on tv shows. Her death resulted in Tony finally figuring out his future. If she had lived, Tony would never have quit. It also showed just how mature Tony had become since we first saw him.

          • Pat D. says:

            @Akaky—I’d put TGW writers above NCIS’s current staff, and even they couldnt figure out a way to get Archie and Julianna in the same scene together ONCE after whatever tiff they had—-thus the laughable split-screen Kalinda goodbye. :)

            But its pretty obvious that MW was one of the people who still pals around with Cote (instagram/twitter last night), so at the very least they could’ve done a scene with just those two, which is really all that mattered. I’m guessing her tiff with the writers/head honchos was what did her in, not any cast member.

            In any case, they didnt have to kill her off in such a irrelevant way—off screen and pointless, which is what made me so angry. Sasha ditched the show and she went out in spectacular, on-screen fashion.

        • Pinkk says:

          Plaything for Tony? Not quite. She was played off as the one who kicked the most butt on the team. Able to do so much more than many of the others on the team.

        • Mandy says:

          What that is stupid

          • ethe leaving of tony from NCIS though touching was not right for me in completely, we needed a happy ending were two lost souls found peace. we a child that both wanted to bring up right as they sad up bringings

      • Louie says:

        It is still the most watched show on television. It has been renewed for two more years. Yes, there may be a drop in rating at first because of the cry babies that can’t handle Tiva walking off the show, but the show will continue. The show has dealt with changes before and has survived. If it only lasts 3 more years then it will still be one of the longest running series in television history.

        • Hege says:

          You are forgetting Law &Order. That ran for 20 seasons. And Law&Order special Victims unit will start season 17 in the fall.

      • Susan says:

        Way better than the Good Wife send off which made me wish I had never started watching the show and has deterred me from watching the Kings new show. With Cote refusing to participate in the finale, this was a pretty good second ending. Also, why not kill Ziva off, Cote wasn’t coming back

        • Pat D. says:

          I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed the non-standard TGW finale—especially that epic slap.

          Besides, they are apparently setting up TGW universe for a web/CBS All Access series without Alicia, so it makes even more sense that it was so open-ended.

      • John NYC says:

        Only for those who’ve read their instruction manuals and know how to change the channel. And want to.

        I don’t want to.

    • Belle says:

      Let’s be real, that kind of was the series finale. It’s basically over now that DiNozzo is gone. I give the show one, maybe 2 more seasons before it ends.

      • Leia says:

        That’s why CBS gave it a once only two yr renewal perhaps?

        • Outis says:

          It’ll get its two years but it won’t be the same and most likely won’t be nearly as good. It’s hard to replace core characters and chemistry. You can do once, maybe twice but hard to keep cycling folks in and out. Experience and history says it’ll probably 30% or more by 2017 fall. Still an amazing run so it’s no real criticism.

    • akperczel says:

      ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I thought as much.

    • jramitashdonovan says:

      i also agree

    • Pete says:

      It WAS the series finale. NCIS will never be the same, losing Ziva and Tony!

  4. MsBaseball says:

    Still crying. Both hated and loved it. Michael Weatherly will be missed!

    • aylacoll says:

      I agree! Part of me hated it and part of me loved it.

    • Litz says:

      I actually think those episodes are the most successful. Where you end up screaming at the TV, and the world, “WHY? Why damn you!? How could you do this to me, to us?” and in the next breath go “It had to happen that way though. That was perfect.”

      And I believe that’s where so many TV shows fail. They see the devastation, and they -only- see the devastation. Not how it connects to the bigger narrative, how it truly fits the characters, how it more often than not leaves some joy and hope behind. So they craft episodes that just leave you crushed and bitter.

      • AriaRose says:

        I completely agree. It’s those episodes that make great television, and it’s those stories that stay with us and mean something. I’m oh so sad, but I think the episode was very well done, particularly Michael’s acting.

  5. JA903 says:

    Yep. Went exactly as I thought. Unoriginal…

    • David4 says:

      Well it is NCIS.

    • Barb says:

      It was not what I expected, except for Ziva being killed, somehow I knew she was dead. But you must have had inside information if you thought that was so unoriginal.

      • she had to be dead cause no way CBS would bring Cote back, so….if she can;t guest star, she has to die off camera. unoriginal way to handle the situation. that’s what TV always does with a star who dies or is not wanedt, stuff happens off camera. and I’m all she has,,,,, wow totally cliche…. oh right, it’s NCIS, which has never been known for ground breaking writing

        • MostExcellent says:

          LOL. This is code for “I didn’t get my Zeva Tony happy ending so now I’m gonna stomp my feet and pretend that I’ve spent the last 13 seasons watching a series I’ve never liked”

        • JA903 says:

          J, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I made the comment.

    • Dolly says:

      Absolutely HATED it. Everything was so pat, so cliched. It wasn’t even plausible that they’d slept together. Epic fail.

  6. piebokou says:

    Called it :D hahaha

  7. Annie says:

    I kept waiting and waiting for it not to be true. I’m sorry, but Ziva deserved better than being killed off screen, and Tony deserved better than losing her like that too. Tali was precious, but I just think the characters deserved more, as did the fans.

    • Pat D. says:

      Yeah, that was very poorly done. I guess Glasburg took the vindictive route concerning Cote/Ziva. Left a really bad taste in my mouth.

      Of course Cote is to blame as well for not coming back, but there was no need to have Ziva die off screen in some silly attack.

      • kath says:

        I actually think it was very clever. It pleases both the Tiva shippers (confirmation that yes, Tony and Ziva did love each other) and those who hate the idea of Tony ending up with Ziva.

        I have a very strong Tiva shipper in my house. She’s decided that the explosion knocked Ziva out and when she came to a day later, Tali was already in the US with Tony so she decided to disappear to keep Tali and Tony safe. And so, when Tony arrives in Israel with Tali “looking for answers”, Ziva comes out of hiding and joins them and all three go to Paris. Works out very well for my shipper.

        • Pat D. says:

          Really, your shipper narrative makes more sense that what will likely end up being canon—Ziva really being dead. :)

        • MG says:

          That’s my hope too. Especially when Tony said to Gibbs, “we’ll go to Paris after that, Ziva loves (present tense!!) Paris. It wouldn’t have been the first time Ziva disappeared to keep those she loved deeply safe. I was just terrified that they would kill Tony in the final moments. The finale broke my heart all the same. But because the writing was so real, the relationships between all these characters had been so beautifully defined and excellently played. kath–tell the shipper in your house, I’m right there with her.

        • DJ says:

          I’m surprised that almost everyone is accepting the “Ziva is dead” story at face value. I think it was obvious that the writers were trying to plant doubt and showing that Tony believed/hoped she was still alive and was going to look for her. Whether the show ever returns to this storyline (like, in the series finale) is irrelevant. We can all believe what we want to. That’s kinda brilliant.
          Good luck to Michael Weatherly. I’ll miss Tony, but I believe it was time for the actor and the character to move on with his life.

        • justafan says:

          According to Glasberg, ziva really is dead.

          • kath says:

            I’ll wait for the next show-runner after Glasberg then. He (or she) may have a different idea.

          • Marz says:

            He actually pretty much the opposite. He said the “Ziva loves Paris” line was very calculated. He also said that Tony going to Israel for answers-also calculated. Every word was planned to show Tony had hope.

            BTW, who keeps a picture (framed) in a baby bag? And why wasn’t all of that destroyed. Where’s the smoke damage. Come on, Ziva is alive. The picture told Tony where to look.

          • bjvicky says:

            My reply to your comments Are you have a point Paris was were the love of Ziva and Tony came to surface but love for the them started way before that xxxx

        • jan Neighbors says:

          I agree, Tony and Ziva belong together. Don’t know she is dead forever just made a good way to introduce Tony to his daughter. Decent writing but don’t feel right to kill off Ziva.

      • Don says:

        I agree totally Pat..Why would Ziva be staying at her fathers’ house anyway? Mossad is doomed if they take care of ex-agents by planting them in retirement in their ex directors houses..especially their kin..puullleasee…..If Tel Aviv TV knows who lived there……lol geez

        • Don says:

          Oh, and BTW, they said the house was taken out with a mortar..umm no way. Shoulder fired missile ya, mortar no..after five tries maybe. Mortars are not precision weapons. Missiles are .If you watch ANY war footage they crank the degrees on the mortar launcher manually on the side, fire one off , have a spotter say good enough and fire one after another. They are for anti-personnel use , to injure and kill over a certain area. not for a specific spot. I should proof read there episodes I seem to know more then they do..

          • MIKE HAMMER says:

            Tell that to our dead Ambassador and his three gallant security officers in Benghazi that mortar fire isn’t fatal.

        • Pat D. says:

          There were so many plot holes such as only part of the house burning down that Ziva was in—ummm, why would her bedroom be so far away from her very young daughter’s?

          Granted, NCIS hasnt had a “tightly written” serial arc in ages, so that may just be oversight, but I’m really starting to think that it was meant to be open-ended rather than exactly as it was shown (Ziva absolutely dead). They could’ve had her taken out like Kate, an absolute no-doubter, but they chose a more imprecise method of attack such as the mortar burning down part of the house, and leaving no remains for Ducky to talk to, lol.

          I’d also put more stock in a fully grown adult surviving the fire than a toddler, unless she made it to her daughter and used herself (Ziva) to shield her.

          Then again, I’m probably thinking wayyyy too deep into the writing for this show which hasnt been anywheres near that deep in years, lol.

    • Coop says:

      I was actually hoping that it was revealed she wasn’t actually Tony’s daughter, but he trusted him more than anyone to raise her in the event that she died.

    • Dee says:

      I was disappointed

    • Amy King says:

      I couldn’t have said it better! Sorely disappointed

    • Travis says:

      I hold out hope that someday down the road for the series finale Tony finds out that Ziva may be alive being held captive somewhere and he enlists the help of Gibbs, McGee and the rest of the gang to find her and rescue her and we tune out having one last happy scene with the whole gang.

      • Arthur Cote says:

        Give it up. Tony was always an overbearing jerk, and the weenies who wanted Tony/Ziva together can cry their eyes out. The stories are getting to stink more and more, lately; flashbacks, and disjointed stories. I won’t have to save Tuesday evenings anymore.

    • Anon33guest says:

      Tony deserved better than not being told about his child for the first 2-3 years of her life. Ziva doing that was the absolute worst thing she could have done.

      • Jenny says:


        Shows what a selfish horrible mother Ziva was!!

        I never was a Tiva fan; Ziva grew on me over the years except the last 2 seasons when she reverted back. her story should have ended sooner w/o this crap. In a way they did disgrace her character, but on the other hand this behaviour – not telling Tony he has a child – is typical Ziva.

      • Britt says:

        And I hate the “you don’t get the love of your life, but here’s a kid”.

        I don’t want a stupid kid to raise by myself.

        (And I’m not even a shipper.)

    • Grace says:

      I agree. We’ve waited 3 WHOLE YEARS and they go and kill our Ziver off. I totally called her having a kid AND naming it Tali after her little sister, but I never expected my favorite ninja to DIE!!!!! UGH I’m so pissed off at Ziva dying, sad about her dying and Tony leaving, and happy about Tali. I have mixed emotions…

    • I agree whole heartedly.

  8. Jenks says:

    I don’t know how anyone who has watched Tony’s journey could not be happy with this ending. Listen up, show runners: THIS is how you say goodbye to a beloved character,

    • JBC says:

      Totally agree. This was a beautifully done finale and au revoir to the much beloved “Tony DiNozzo”. Integrated the Ziva memories perfectly and that Tali was absolutely Adorable. WELL DONE NCIS writers. Cried and Cried but loved this farewell.

      • Katie says:

        I agree as well. I cried for poor Tony, my jaw dropped about the existence of Tali ( she is beautiful and so sweet!), felt McGee’s anger when talking to Gibbs, was thrilled when Tali pointed to the picture of Ziva and Tony, identifying Tony as “Abba” and shouted and applauded with satisfaction at Kort being shot into Swiss cheese by every freaking gun on hand. I also had to laugh about Fornell’s reaction about his painted toenails-LMAO still! My emotions ran the gambit. It was better than I thought it would be. Well done, everybody at NCIS! Good luck to Michael Weatherly!

        • Trapper says:

          I must say i agree with everything excdpt one bit you say, i would have preferred the idea of tony just putting one round between korts eyes non chalantly as kort went for his gun, more tonyish for me

    • Anon33guest says:

      Easy. Tony deserved better than being kept out of his child’s life by Ziva for “reasons.” I will give Glasburg this it is perfectly in character for Ziva to treat Tony like dirt until the bitter end. Unfortunately it is also in canon for Tony to be okay with it.

    • Patsy C Grace says:

      U are so right. Excellent send off for Tony. EXCELLENT

  9. Mels says:

    The baby/toddler is named Tali. Not Talia.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s what I thought, but the good ol’ Internet had conflicting information. It has been fixed.

  10. One of the best season finales I have ever watched.
    My heart broke with the loss of Ziva and was filled with joy at the reveal of Talia.
    It was a beautiful send off to an amazing duo of characters.

  11. Pat D. says:

    I realize that Cote flat out refused to come back, but to kill Ziva off like that was just terribly done. Weatherly, at least, went out with probably his best scenes in 5+ years.

    Overall though, that was a terrible way to have DiNozzo depart the series. They might as well had him take a bullet like Kate, it wouldnt have made much of a difference.

    • Maria says:

      Oh I don’t know…I think there’s a huge difference. Tony taking a bullet would have had him die for something. This ending has him living for something…or, even better, someone.

      • Robin says:

        I agree!

      • Pat D. says:

        Well, I meant in terms of the ending being such a downer being the silly way a liked character was disposed of. Obviously, DiNozzo taking a bullet would have a different effect than Ziva dying, but I was just trying to say that either solution ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth if you liked her character at all.

      • tannerose5 says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I enjoyed the episode, and Tony is available to come back time to time. I liked the episode. It was good to see Robert Wagner again.
        Tali is so very cute.

    • Jimmy says:

      Did she “flat out refuse,” because I got the impression she wasn’t asked.

    • LJ says:

      ANOTHER FEMALE DEATH!!!! Seriously? They not only KILL Ziva but Character assassinate her as well!?!?! (never even telling Tony he had a daughter that is BS and NOT something Ziva would have ever done.) Without MW this misogynist run show is dead to me!

      • Arthur Cote says:

        Tony was the misogynist on the show.

      • MB says:

        I agree with you, there has been too many deaths in this show, women especially. They did not need Cote’s appearance to give a good ending to the Ziva character, and a good ending would have been quite a change in this show! No, I did not really like this episode, even if M. Watherly was really good.

        • says:

          You forgot the males : Mike Franks, Dornegan, the agent on the other side of the room who was eviscerated. The females : Kate, Jennie, Diane. Pretty even, I would say (unless I forgot one)

          • Drew says:

            Paula Cassidy

          • paula says:

            They killed Kate, Jenny, Lee and Paula early on then got grief for only killing female NCIS agents. Up to then the only male NCIS agent I remember them killing was Pacci. So they killed Franks, Dornegat, Sec Nav, Admiral McGee and now Morrow – all either NCIS, ex-NCIS or Navy related. Also when Ziva left they specifically didn’t kill her then because of having killed so many female NCIS agents. The other deaths – Mrs. Mallard, Eli, Jackson, Diane, Jackie – were family members of NCIS characters but Mrs. Mallard and Jackson were older characters dying of natural causes.

      • Belle says:

        You do have a point, Ziva is the second female main character to die. Although Gibbs did point this out an earlier episode when Bishop realized that he was going easy on her. It was because he was afraid of losing another woman on his watch.

        • SoFla says:

          Third female character to die, Kate, Jenny and now Ziva, all were important parts of the show. I stopped watching after Ziva left and don’t miss it at all. I feel bad for those upset they killed Ziva off camera but did you honestly expect otherwise? I am surprised it took them this long to do it to her character.

      • Belle says:

        I don’t have a problem with Ziva being killed off-screen. What I do have a problem with is that she was killed in a freaking FIRE IN HER SLEEP. Such an un-Ziva to go. I realize it would’ve been hard to do without the actress, but you can get creative and get it done. Ziva could have been the one to kill Kort- like maybe she had caught Kort lighting the fire and kicked his ass before succumbing to the flames surrounding her or something. At the very least they could have found some evidence to suggest that had died trying to protect her daughter. Now that would speak to the character- giving her life without second thought to save the people she loves.

      • says:

        Males killed off : Mike Franks, Dornegan, the agent in the next row who was eviscerated .Females killed off : Kate, Jenny, Diane.
        Did i forget anyone?

      • Trapper says:

        Ohh boohoo the little cry baby feminist didn’t like something, go cry in your safespace

      • mary says:

        I think it’s exactly what she would have done. As was said she was extremely independent. As for female deaths, they have brought this up on the show to Gibbs. Agents & those close to him.

  12. Coop says:

    I never was a big fan of “Tiva”, but that was an acceptable exit, especially compared to some of the other finales we’ve seen lately. Would have greatly preferred the idea of “Tiva” never becoming a real thing though. Heck, I always preferred Tony with Jeanne if they needed to make a choice. Preferred his banter with Kate too. :)

    • Pat D. says:

      Never had a chance for Tate since Sasha wanted to leave after 2 seasons, really.

      • paula says:

        The rumor was that the show was going in the directions of making Tony and Kate a couple and Sasha didn’t want that so asked to be killed off the show.

        • mary says:

          No, she said she couldn’t take the long hours(remember, the 3 of them were pretty much in every scene).

          • Pat D. says:

            I heard this as well—she was mentally exhausted. She’s now a regular on a half-season show (R&I) with occasional appearances on other programs (Shameless)

        • kath says:

          I thought she left because the working hours under Bellisario were extremem and she wanted to start a family.

  13. it was bittersweet but given the circumstances it was the best they could do & they did it very well

    can’t wait for the “tiva” backlash though *passes around popcorn*

    • Jenks says:

      Yep, it has started.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yummy, thanks. Have some nachos. :-)

    • Andrea says:

      I’d think the Tiva fans would be happy. They got their canon and their Tiva love child. We anti-Tivas got a dead Ziva, meaning Tiva is no more. Neither side was going to get their way 100%.

      • Melody says:

        The Tiva fans suffer from an overblown sense of entitlement. Im satisfied. I’m happy Ziva is dead. I also will always believe that Tali was conceived from a one time fling. Tiva was no love story for the ages.

        • John NYC says:

          Ziva apparently agreed with your take on that “for the ages” doubt since she never bothered to tell Tony he had a daughter. Actions speaking louder than words.

          I’d suggest he get a paternity test: trusting the word of Mossad never turns out well….

          • Melody says:

            My dream for the final episode of NCIS is Tony coming back to help the team and when asked about Tali, he reveals she was not even his after all but he adopted her. And Gibbs tells him he knew and respects him for it

        • Andrea says:

          @Melody, I agree that it was likely a one-time fling. Tony said something about loving her, and then Tim asked if they were together all that time. Tony said something about having a fond farewell. I think they took a roll in the hay and she ended up pregnant before he left Israel. It makes it easier that all of this took place off screen and Ziva’s dead. I just hope canon keeps her dead.

  14. darkangel200 says:

    The best part of the hour was the promo for Bull. What a soap opera. Lazy writing, and canon fails. And still Michael Weatherly proved again that he far surpasses the material. Great acting job with truly bad material.

    • AlmostAimee says:

      I agree, the writing was lazy. NCIS used to have strong plotlines and characterization, with cases that kept you guessing and great relational moments between characters. Off screen deaths and surprise daughters are below standard. Michael Weatherly did an amazing job but I am very disappointed. Based on past seasons and past actions I think several characters, including Gibbs were written without continuity and behaved in these last two episodes in a manner they would not have.

  15. Aleah says:

    I’m STILL crying….I DID NOT WANT ZIVA DEAD! I’d rather be crying had he found her and his daughter both alive. I still miss Ziva…sorry, but the little blond just doesn’t replace Ziva.

  16. John says:

    Wasn’t this a nod to the Magnum PI finale…leaving a dangerous job to take care of the surprise daughter from the dead love of his life?

    • Kim says:

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. This worked for me here, I didn’t like how Magnum ended.

    • Another Poster says:

      Good one, except Thomas Magnum stopped being a pi to go back on active duty in the Navy. He did not take a safer job as a civilian to raise his daughter. Being on active duty in the Navy, maybe serving on a ship, is not exactly thei ideal way for a single father to raise a young daughter.
      I for one, liked the way Michael Weatherly left the show. A few weeks ago Zap 2 It TV By the numbers predicted that Anthony DiNozzo would die on his last episode.
      Having him leave the show alive with a daughter is not a bad way to exit NCIS.
      As far as Ziva is concerned, with Tony gone, the need for her character to still exist went down a lot, so they killed her off along with some other older characters.
      Fornell survived the attempt to kill him, so it was not an entirely tragic episode.

      • canadian ninja says:

        Magnum took an executive position in the navy which would be WAY more stable and safer than working out of Robin’s(Higgin’s!) guest house. Dude was targetted a LOT as a PI. I think his job with the Navy was in intelligence and obviously not as an asset since he had the suprise daughter to take care of.

        Loved that show and yes this was such a nod to that with DiNozzo :D

        • Another Poster says:

          There are other civilian jobs to work at, besides being a private eye. Serving on active duty in the military can be dangerous especially when a person is a single parent.
          Magnum could have found another line of civilian work, that would make parenting a lot easier than taking a job in military intelligence, which still has a dangerous side to it.
          He had other options to choose in civilian life, besides being a private investigator. He was a very skilled person.

        • Leia says:

          Exactly my thoughts.

        • paula says:

          Yes, it was a safer and more stable job than being a PI but Magnum would still have to spend a lot of time away from his daughter at sea. So going back in the Navy meant Magnum’s mother and step father would have been raising Lily when Magnum was afloat while Higgins would have been doing that if he had stayed at Robin’s Nest. Old argument from after the Magnum finale when my retired Naval officer father filled me in on how much time an officer of Magnum’s rank and experience would have spent at sea.
          My first thought after Tony quit was how they were going to live but since Ziva never seemed to lack funds I’m going with Tali now inherits all the David property and assets. Also if they go to Europe Tony could get a job with Interpol or NATO and Senior goes with them to fill the Mr. French roll (I was a big Family Affair fan back in the day).

  17. Paige says:

    Great acting by all; especially MW. I’m struggling with the fact we don’t hear anything about Ziva for three years and now she’s beloved and missed? I also can’t imagine Ziva keeping a child from Tony. Seems out of character for her.

    • Eurydice says:

      Oh, I totally believe it – she kept all sorts of things a secret. She couldn’t even be straight out open about her feelings for Tony. But I agree that it’s hard to believe everyone’s been pining for Ziva all these years. Still *handwave* It gave MW lots of acting opportunity and it was a treat to see him being serious.

    • John NYC says:

      Not to me: she was a very angry person after all.

      She’d demanded Gibbs choose her over Tony (lost that bet), put a gun to his chest. Plus boatloads of other betrayel.

      So one more betrayal is consistent.

      • Paige says:

        You have a very good point. Just flabbergasted her character is rarely, if ever mentioned for three years and now this? Very cliche.

  18. Ange says:

    Did not like it at all. Thought it was a forced storyline. Would have liked it better if he went off to lead his own team. On a side note, does anyone else wonder why they litter the bad guy with bullets? Even if Kort got a shot off he could not have hit all of them before at least Gibbs, an ex sniper, sealed the deal with a head shot.

    • Maria says:

      Here’s my take on that…Tony would have gladly killed the SOB…but then it may bother him later. This way, there were so many bullets in Kort that who’s to say which one actually killed him? Nothing for Tony to feel guilty about later.

      • Annie says:

        ^ Exactly! Plus they made it obvious most of them wanted him dead. No one person had to take a bullet from him or take the blame/ guilt for killing him.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I agree with you about looking forward to Tony having his own team. In that I was disappointed, however, with Farnell getting shot almost to death, it had the team-family fit. Maybe, we will see him training probies, in the future at Annapolis.

    • kaliber says:


    • mary says:

      To make sure he was dead. And stayed dead.

  19. Marsha wolfe says:

    My heart is broken…Ziva needed to be there. ..I have been crying through the show. Tony please come back and bring Ziva.

  20. Elizabeth Walters says:

    NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE he should have gone and found Ziva and their daughter alive……this just makes me sad :(

  21. Terry says:

    Is there an option below “Fail”?

  22. Kat says:

    My problem is that there’s no real reason she had to actually be dead, instead of them just thinking that for most of the episode. It’s pretty clear they killed her for real purely because the relationship with Cote is strained at best now. So instead we get to fridge a woman of color off screen for manpain that was entirely unnecessary because no one will ever convince me he wouldn’t have left for Tali even if Ziva had really been alive. It was an unnecessary FU to the character and her fans.

    • Cmdr. Shepard says:

      I just need to ask: is Ziva a ‘woman of color’ because the actress who plays her is Chilean or because the character is Jewish?

  23. nuttalli says:

    The acting was fantastic all around, Michael especially. However, this was a crap finale and crap way to send of Tony DiNozzo. To kill Ziva (off screen no less) in order to move Tony’s character in a direction he’d been dragging his own feet on is messy. Not only to throw in a plot device daughter to make the break from his job make more sense, and then have it be a total surprise, thus have us & some characters questioning the integrity of Ziva’s character. I’m a long time fan of NCIS, and I’ve never really truly been disappointed in a finale like I am this one.

    • Jessie says:


    • Pat D. says:

      Agreed. Even the shocking Kate ending made sense—Ari knew by killing one of Gibbs’ agents that he could inflict far more pain on Gibbs. This ending just seemed like the writers/producers were sticking it to Cote. Whether or not that was deserved based on her departure is irrelevant—you are also taking out your vengance on your viewers.

      Plus the fact that it takes away from MW’s last episode—its supposed to be about HIM, not disgusted fans complaining about a silly offing of one of the more popular ex-characters.

    • mary says:

      I didn’t question her integrity. She was independent. Not to mention she wouldn’t have wanted Tony to leave his “home” because of the child. Tony’s always struggled with the idea of “family”. Although thru the years, he never thought he would have a relationship with his father. It showed how mature Tony has become. As for leaving his job, it made sense. He was never the life-longer that Gibbs was. Even in the episode it was mentioned how “Gibbs” is, & there was a look on Tony’s face that said he didn’t want to be like Gibbs. How many times has Gibbs even said that to Tony?

  24. S says:

    Too much to hope Ziva really did survive ( it was a TV fire, and the girl was Mossad/NCIS!). That little girl was the cutest thing ever!!!

  25. Mmtp777 says:

    Haven’t watched the episode yet but the description sounds like bad fan fiction!

  26. Lynn says:

    Why was it necessary to kill Ziva off?

    • Steve says:

      Because she presumably wouldn’t come back to film the scene or Glasberg was still pissed about how she left. Tony needed a reason to leave and if Cote wasn’t available or refuse to come back to film killing her off was the play. I’m not thrilled with it, but I understand why it was done.

    • Coop says:

      Probably afraid the rest of us who didn’t care as much about the whole “Tiva” thing would spend the hour rolling our eyes. It’s a balancing act and they couldn’t go the full blown Tiva fan fiction route.

    • Andrea says:

      It was necessary because I think that was Glasberg’s way of splitting the baby with the fandom. The pro-Tiva fans got the canon they’ve wanted for years plus Tony having a daughter with Ziva. The anti-Tivas have to live with canon, but it’s retroactive canon that we didn’t have to watch, and it’s finite because Ziva is dead (and will hopefully remain as such.) Something for all to enjoy.

  27. ninamags says:

    How is it that a woman who wouldn’t trust her friggin car with DiNozzo now conveniently gives him a human being to look after??.

    Way to cave to the rabid shippers, show runners. She should not have been ANY part of his goodbye storyline.

    I was going to wait to see the episode but now I see there is no need.

  28. mazel tov says:

    So farewell to DiNozzo after 13 seasons turns out to be a Ziva-centric episode. Lazy writing on the part of the show creators. Unimaginative. Weatherly deserved better. But at least we don’t have to put up with DiNozzo Sr. any longer.

  29. Robin says:

    Loved it!!! It was about him and not Tiva. If you want to complain, watch Castles finale. That was horrible. Côte de Pablo deserved to be killed off based on how she ruined the storyline for this show by waiting to the last minute and didn’t sign. It felt like she wanted to play chicken and she lost. Weatherly wanted to leave and he gave all involved enough notice so they could do a deserving storyline. Ziva character being killed off – the only character I’m happy that died.

    • Melody says:

      I agree. Killing her was a message and I am glad. I can live with the kid thing but I think its ridiculous they gave in to the Tiva fandom considering how stalkerish some of them were. Kudos to Weatherly for having the class to leave the show the right way

    • David4 says:

      I’m honestly surprised they dint kill her off when she left.

    • JBC says:

      LOL i thought the same thing.. This is how you write out a beloved character. CASTLE was a TRAVESTY!. Michael had so much range of acting just in this one episode The story was realistic and well written. They intertwined the memories of Ziva well and that precious little girl was so darn cute. Too bad the NCIS fandom is still so split. This show knows how to add characters and storylines better than most. Michael will be missed but he went out with a lot of integrity. Hope his new show does well.

      One more thing I thought of was just like in any job when you give the employer proper notice you leave the job with your head held high and your employer prepares to replace you, when you call in one day and say you quit there is no integrity and it can follow you especially if you want good references for other jobs. Just my 2 Cents.

    • Katie says:

      Yeah, I watched Castle last night too (hadn’t watched it in ages) to see how they ended it-boring and not very impressive is my take on that one. This send-off to MW-much better IMO!

  30. nova1 says:

    Glad I stopped watching. If this is the way they treat the fans, I’m done.

  31. John NYC says:

    She never was going to tell him he had a daughter? Witch to the end.

    Well he’s off to the future.

    • kath says:

      Deanna Troi told him Ziva didn’t want to interrupt his life but as Tali grew older she realized she had to tell him. She was just figuring out how to when she was killed.

  32. cienna says:

    A perfect compromise. Although I find the kid thing ridiculous and cliche I can live with it.
    Killing Ziva off was a message…You do not leave a show the way Cote left. At least MW left on good terms and the odds are he’ll guest star on the final episode when NCIS eventually ends

    • suzi says:

      Kate was killed off, Jenny was killed off, Dorneget, Pacci and Diane…all killed off. Were those actors given a message as well?

  33. Michele says:

    I was hoping the final scene would be Tony getting a text saying, “See you in Paris.” Didn’t like Zina dying.

  34. Jackie says:

    Wasn’t happy about Ziva dying off screen, but voted awesome anyway. Tali was adorable, of course. And I love the Twitter pic of him and Cote. Well done, Very Special Agent Dinozzo. You will be missed!

  35. rs says:

    The only way it could have been possibly better is to have Ziva there. It was AWESME!!!

  36. JoAnn Leigh says:

    Who is the little girl that played Tali? She was adorable!

    • Diane Koos says:

      I would love to know who the little girl is too! I could not find her name anywhere.

    • karen says:

      She could be Weatherly’s daughter. There is a picture of the Weatherly Family on Pinterest. Tali is slightly older so the Pinterest photo was shot probably a year ago. She looks like bother Weatherly and his wife. Tali looks like Michael; I don’t see Ziva in her. But those of us who have children know that their features can change from time to time.

    • Kaya says:

      They are twins, actually. They played John Stamos’s granddaughter in “Grandfathered” all season. Adorable with him there too!

  37. Hattie says:

    Hated it. So predictable. Happily deleted NCIS as a series recording. I will not be watching the show anymore.

    • Kim Mc says:

      The writers, producers and directors are all men. They are telling us that women can not survive on NCIS, regardless of how strong,intelligent, and empowering they may be. Women all over the world need to stop watching NCIS!

    • Elaine says:

      I only watched NCIS for Michael. I don’t care for the new characters, and the female grabbing the suspect’s package, even if you didn’t see it, was a bit much. I won’t feel the need to go out of my way to continue to watch the series.

  38. Rose says:

    This could and should have been the show’s finale. Now with Tony gone, 2 of the 3 main characters are gone…I don’t think the show can hold it together. I personally do not care for the new British guy and I never have liked the blonde “Ziva” wanna be…Sometimes it’s better to quit while you are ahead…just my humble opinion. It was a great show…but Ziva and Tony will sorely be missed.

    • Coop says:

      Main cast members have come and gone since the beginning of the show. At the end of the day, the show is from Gibbs’ point of view. I don’t get why people call Bishop the “blonde Ziva”. It’s not as if she was an original cast member herself and she wasn’t the “Israeli Kate”. They’re all completely different characters.

      • Robin says:

        I agree. When Trapper John left MASH, They replaced him with a character completely opposite of Trapper. Same with Burns and Winchester. Bishop is not Blonde Ziva. Complete opposite character of Ziva and more believable. Ziva was almost too perfect of an agent. Bishop is a human with flaws. She is a member of their team; not someone sitting on a -pedestal who can do no wrong.

    • cienna says:

      Um the show is called NCIS. You seemed to have forgotten that

  39. Csr says:

    A throwback to the finale of Magnum PI, but incredibly well done

  40. Evan Shaw says:

    Côte refused to act in finale or required an exhoribinant price which they refused to pay her. Obviously they then had to kill her off and create a reason for Tony to be leaving and to make the fans feel something good happens by two loved actors leaving for what appears to many of us as dumb reasons.

    David Mc Cullum said it best that good TV is about family i.e. We grow to care about these characters in intense and real ways if written and acted well. And the actors should understand this and also see each other as family as well.

    I think Côte never got that. She should not have left as she did. And Michael had the perfect part of a lifetime he is a light hearted comic in a role perfect for him. He will never find such a fit with such great writers and a family of actors who care. IMHO these two will have big regrets

    Ziva was painted as not independent but callous and irresponsible. Legally emotionally morally their daughter not her daughter had every right to have two parents. Her actions were reprehensible. This was the best they could do when Côte refused to come back.

    But imho it ruins the love between them. If she loved him so much how could she damage him by denying him and their daughter his presence ? TV is about family so this one is about love gone bad.

    • LJ says:

      After the way she was so shabbily treated but the misogynistic runners of the show I don’t blame her in the least for NOT coming back – that being said they still had ways to make a story work without killing YET ANOTHER loved female character the show runners just don’t care enough about the fans to have bothered. What should be OBVIOUS is that these two fine actors have chosen to move on from this show which perpetually demeans women – good for both of them. With this last nail in the coffin that was once a great show I will happily NOT tune back in ever again.

  41. I have just finished watching Anthony DiNozzo’s departure from NCIS in his last episode. I felt my emotions churning and bubbling even in myself as as a man of 56, who have been a faithful viewer and a great fan of NCIS. The finish line for DiNozzo’s character was indeed a great surprise, even more so to see the change of his ways from a Playboy to a responsible father. This was a job well done, and I’ll miss him.
    Regards, Steve Horvath, Chicago, IL

  42. Well, the daughter really threw me. But it was sad it had to come along with Ziva’s death.
    Still, it gives Tony a life and future with purpose. Not like the one that was stated by the two guys who were using his stolen ID; a plain jane, same-old, same-old life.
    The only open question I have is what is Senior going to do? He just can’t drop by Junior’s place if Junior is gallivanting overseas.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I have a feeling we might see Anthony Sr. a lot next season because he might have updates about how Tony is doing and he gets involved in cases somehow.

  43. Andrea says:

    Matt, I’m using Firefox and the polls haven’t shown up for me in awhile. It’s the article, followed by the photo gallery, followed by ads, and then the comment section. Is there another way to get to the poll?

  44. Sil says:

    I’ll miss Tony desperately. One of the most lovable, watchable, interesting characters ever on TV. Thank you, Michael Weatherly.

  45. CityIslandGino says:

    This was a stellar performance by Michael Weatherly. Finally closure of Ziva’s character though I wish it didn’t have to end this way for her. These two had such fantastic chemistry together and now he still has her – in Tali. Bravo!

  46. Bad enough that DiNozzo will no longer be there, but you had to “kill off” Zeva? I won’t bother to watch NCIS in the future. That breaks my heart. Goodbye.

  47. BH says:

    Simply put, bittersweet. If I was Bishop, I’d be worried. The only woman in Gibbs’ life immune to death is Abby.

  48. Brenda Miller says:

    I’m going to miss him on the show. It ain’t going to be the same without Tony on there. I’m going to miss the character Tony a lot. Good luck in what every you do next.

  49. Jacinta says:

    there is still a possibility that Ziva, Tony and Tali could all make guest appearances sometime in the future. Scenario could be something like, While in Israel, Tony finds out Ziva did not actually die in the explosion and that it instead was a housekeeper/nanny or other relative that no one new about. Mossod kept her survival a secret to keep her safe and send the child to be with Tony for the same reasons.

  50. Christina Squier says:

    I am still crying:( Soooo sad they killed Ziva, but happy they have a baby. Best of luck to Michael on his new show:)