Faking It Boss Promises Happy Ending for Amy (and Karma?) in Series Finale

Good news, Faking It fans: Tuesday’s too-soon series finale (MTV, 10:30/9:30) does not end on a cliffhanger.

“I feel like we did the best we could, knowing [our cancellation] was a possibility,” showrunner Carter Covington tells TVLine. News that the comedy wasn’t being renewed for a third season dropped last week, much to the dismay of its loyal fan base.

Speaking of those viewers, Covington says, “I didn’t want the fans to be left literally hanging off a cliff. I wanted there to be some sort of resolution. I felt that it was most important for Amy and Karma to be in a good place, and for Amy and Karma to be happy. If we’d ended in a place where Amy was still unhappy, it would have felt very unrewarding.”

That’s right, “Karmy” Nation; our girls will be happy together by the time Tuesday’s finale draws to a close. It’s an emotional half hour, packed with so many developments that it almost feels like this was always meant to be the big send-off. In truth, Covington admits that much of the season felt this way — and for good reason.

“We had so many story ideas that we put into the season in case we didn’t get more,” he says. “Sabrina’s journey, Noah’s journey … those definitely felt rushed. And our show is already fast-paced as it is! I wish we’d had more time to let those stories breathe and evolve, but that being said, I think we told them in as efficiently as possible to still be rewarding.”

If I may editorialize for a moment… If you’re a longtime fan of this show, you won’t be disappointed by the finale, especially once you take into account Covington’s original vision for Amy and Karma’s relationship. (We’ll post our follow-up interview after the episode airs, as well as a link to a piece Covington wrote about what Season 4 had in store for the whole Hester High gang.)

What are your hopes for Faking It‘s swan song? Do you hope Karma agrees to help Sabrina talk to Amy? Are you curious about what’s going on between Lauren and Liam? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I’m glad that the show will not be ending on a cliff-hanger and that the writers have written a resolution.

  2. datdudemurphy says:

    Seriously, how much would MTV had lost by greenlighting a few more episodes to give them the chance to actually wrap things up.

  3. MTV cut this show way too early. How did they expect it to survive with zero promotion? The blame can’t all be placed on Covington here, the network is at fault.

    Since the cancellation announcement, fans have been trending and tweeting ever since the cancellation announcement. They’ve trended multiple times and over 13,700 people have signed a petition on change.org to get them to reconsider.

  4. Us the fan are not giving up Even after the show officially ends tonight. We are fighting for the show to go on. We trended World Wide three times. We have over 13.7K signatures where people don’t want this show to be the end. And we will still keep on fighting for MTV or any other company to pick this up. A gem like this can’t be it’s last!

  5. Melissa says:

    This show should not end, this show has presentation and people should see this show. We want this show to continue or Netflix picking the show up.

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  7. Faking It Fan 5 says:

    It’s good to know the show won’t end on a cliffhanger, but disappointing that it’s not getting a proper farewell season to sort out some things. MTV did Faking It wrong this season. They aired the show at 10:30 p.m. Eastern (9:30 Central & Pacific), when many teens had already gone to bed, instead of putting it in one of the prime time spots (like 8, 8:30 or 9 p.m.). They didn’t run commercials to promote the show, and they stopped posting behind the scenes videos on their website after the third episode. They didn’t try to help Faking It succeed, then they canceled it because the ratings were too low. MTV dropped the ball, and I am furious with them.

  8. Dj says:

    I hate that the Karmy things feels unresolved.

  9. Vee Kay says:

    They took so long to air the second half of season 2. It wasn’t even the season premier, it was the SECOND HALF. With little promotion, might I add. By the time season 3 came out and they waited for the longest time to even let the actors and creators know when it was gonna premier, I knew it was doomed, because MTV basically doomed it themselves. It’s a great show, and it could’ve gone on for at least 2 more seasons. But nope. MTV did what MTV does best. What a shame. After the series finale, it’s safe to say I won’t be watching MTV anymore. Sabrina and Amy end up together and Felix and Karma end up together. This whole season was great, but it was such a huge disappointment because it was leading up to Karma realizing her feeling for Amy but at the end of the season they just decided to throw in Sabrina and Felix for Karma and Amy out of nowhere. So much potential to be demolished by MTV. You don’t promote and you delay shows, this is gonna happen. Regardless of how great a show is. Sucks, really. It deserves better. WE deserve better.

  10. This is the first show that I have been totally invested in, that just got canceled at what should have been its’ mid-season finale. What a disappointment! Were the episodes moving a little slow? Perhaps. Were the ratings in a slump? Yes. But did MTV promote the show? No. Did they have an unusually long hiatus between the first and second halves of season 2? Yes. They had a real gem on their hands but failed to see it. Hopefully, all of the tweeting and trending by fans in recent days will persuade them to reconsider and give the show another chance. Or perhaps Netflix can come to the show’s aid.

  11. Los cam says:

    This show shouldn’t be cancelled plain and simple.

    • serena says:

      yes they cant end it like this having Amy all happy and Karma an Felix wow they need to have more episodes showing each others relationships!!!!

  12. Serena says:

    I love faking it , please find another way to continue the series

  13. S says:

    Damn, I had no idea they were axing the show. I expected more with the whole Karmy thing though, it feels unresolved

  14. Donna says:

    I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER!!! I’m so upset mtv couldn’t let them renew another season!! I love this show!! I really hope some way somehow they can come back!

  15. Melissa says:

    MTV not ok. Im so dissapointed on this. I just can’t believe Faking it ended. So short the episodes almost feels like 1 season. Come on we deserve more than this. We want FAking it to be BACK

  16. Aina says:

    I cant be believe they cancelled it,i feel that there is more to this story about karmas feeling,lauren and liam,sabrina and amy,noah and shane,god there is so much more they can still do to this couples,i really like this show its so sad :(

  17. naya says:

    Hell no!!!
    Amy and Felix were meant for each other..karma doesn’t have the connection with Felix like amy.I’d actually like to see amy happy with a guy for crying out loud she’s bi,so why does it have to be girls.I like the idea of lliam and lauren but you got it all wrong with Felix and karma which just sprung up from nowhere.Pls if we get the series back FIX IT cause I’m sooo team #felamy