Fox Boss on Nicole Beharie's Sleepy Hollow Departure: 'It Was a Decision That Needed to Be Made'

Fox’s top entertainment executive is suggesting that the network was left with little choice but to part ways with Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie, whose character, Abbie, was killed off in the show’s Season 3 finale.

“There were a variety of factors that led to the end of the season,” CEO Dana Walden told reporters during a Monday-morning conference call to tout Fox’s fall schedule. “It was not a decision that we wanted to make initially. We ended up being put in a situation where that was a decision that needed to be made.”

Regarding the controversial decision to move on with a fourth season sans Beharie, Walden said, “What we know is that Tom Mison is a big star. And the Ichabod Crane character has been so central to the series and the storytelling and he feels like an original, big Fox character.

“We don’t feel like it has to be the end of the life of the show,” she added. “And while there was backlash [to the Season 4 renewal], there was also a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from fans about the show coming back and about Tom having the ability to be the center of the series and discovering new dynamics and new relationships. It’s a very original premise and we felt like it had greater life in it and that there was no reason to end it.”

Walden also denied that Season 4 would serve as the show’s swan song. “We’re not announcing that it’s the final season,” she maintained. “We’re not sure if it’s the final season.”

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  1. jacksos1 says:

    Hi – the first time you mention Tom Mison you say “Tim Mison.” Thanks for the update. Despite enjoying Tom Mison, still not interested in Sleepy Hollow without Abbie.

  2. justsomeguy says:

    The problem as always is how do you get people to come back, or gain new fans? SH Season 2 happened, and killed all the momentum, and drove away so many viewers. Then Season 3 happened and only drove away even more. Would have been better off cutting their losses and creating a new show starring Tom Mison that has a chance to be a success. SH is doomed, at least on Fox, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Michelle says:


    • Cheyenne says:

      I bet a dollar to a donut hole the show gets cancelled mid-season.

    • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

      Tom Mason was not the star, and NOT why the fan base was was Beharie

      • Art............... says:

        She wasn’t the star, what makes her the star. I’m guessing she really didn’t want to be there.

        • She definitely was the star, both her and Tom. The reason half the fans are jumping ship is because she is leaving, so tell me how she isn’t the star? And yes, she didnt want to be there, I’m guessing she didn’t like the direction of the show along with most of the fans. But I don’t know for sure.

        • They not only got rid of the Abby character, they got rid of three other black actors! (the father, sister and detective)

          • Doc Nick says:

            The didn’t get rid of Abby’s sister (Jenny Mills), but they also rid of Sheriff Corbin, Jenny’s BF Zach Appelman, and Icabod’s son John Noble. All of which are white as long as you’re keeping score.

      • LadyDay says:

        Agreed. I watched because she was such a strong character and good actress. I use to think the show was garbage because a headless horseman really lol but she made the show work. They both Nicole and Tom made it work together. Bad move Fox.

      • Amen, Nicole and Tim made me want to see what happened on the next episodes. They made the show very interesting,and what I learned how Abby and Crane’s characters showed what a good team are supposed to do to catch the bad guys. I was thinking who they would try and replace her with. Please continue to think about bringing Abby back it’s not the same with out her.

  3. Well from this article there goes my theory that in season four we would meet Abby’s identical cousin has the new witness the same somebody at Fox does not like the actress

    • Obviously, They didn’t even have the balls to mention Nicole Beharie/Abbie other than the first paragraph.

      • Jake says:

        No, the FOX executives are being diplomatic, tactful and actually are protecting Nicole Beharie from what must be pretty strong resentment from the rest of the cast and crew. Here’s what they can’t say: “Nicole wanted off the show and was going to make it miserable for everyone if we held her to her contract. Rather than bring everything to a screeching halt for the entire cast and crew, we agreed to write her out of the series. Now we want to see if we can keep it going without her. Tom is a big draw and it may or may not work, but we won’t know if we don’t try.”

        • PatriciaLee says:

          They should have just said that. Everyone understands about opportunities and desires to move onto something better, and there would have been no hard feelings. The fans could have adjusted to that with no blip, especially if it is what she wanted.

        • Flo says:

          But is not her fault for the lack of creativity from the writing team and showrunner. Would you want to stay on a show where it was panned so harshly bu fans and critica and kept you from doing other things you liked? If she was miserable she had every right to leave. Something tells me she’s not the only actor, too. Tom Mison, the so called big star, doesn’t even promote the show aside from 1 or 2 cons.

          • Cali says:

            You can’t have 1/2 of a duo promoting the show. That is why Tom wasn’t duo promos for the show because Nicole wasn’t doing them even though her contract called for her to promote the show. If you remember correctly the reason given for them not being at Comic Con in 2014 was because the increase in episodes ordered means that they have less free time and more time is needed in front of the cameras. However that wasn’t necessarily true because Nicole by the time of the mid-season S2 break had already reduced her screen time.

            I would hazard a guess that come S4 you will see Tom out there promoting SH. I would be utterly surprised if he doesn’t considering that this show is now all on his shoulders. Ten to one he will be at Comic Con, Paley Fest and on a plethora of morning talk shows and ET once the time comes for them begin promotion of the show.

        • Aaron Jones says:

          That’s NOT what it was. Whenever a series lead gets the boot right before a season ends, 99.999% of the time it’s a contract dispute. They didn’t want to pay her what she was trying to renegotiate for.

          • real insider says:

            A relatively unknown actress in the middle of a 5-year contract? They had her over a barrel, contractually–could have forced her to return to work. You are 99.999% WRONG.

          • preta4 says:

            Aaron Jones, I’ve NO idea and neither do you (or anyone else what’s really going on), but eventually the REAL TRUTH WILL come out.
            Any time John Noble (the comments coming from him about the show, really saddened me but in light of what happened to Orlando and Nicole, NOW I’m not one bit surprised), Orlando Jones (and a few others), and now Nicole is let go should tell you something rotten IS going on in Denmark, and I highly suspect it ISN’T that cheese they keep referring to.
            I think these folks are seriously fooling themselves, and pray that Mison has another better gig lined up in the wings.

        • AM68 says:

          That makes her sound pretty awful – when in reality all she did was decide not to RENEW her contract. As nuch as I loved the show I honestly don’t blame her. It had gotten so far from what it was originally. Also – keep in mind that the show was originally a limited series. It was meant to only have one season and then Fox renewed it. Beharie is a film and theater actress – doing a TV show is a full time job. It could simply be that she wanted out of a long term situation to pursue her career – which was doing pretty well before Sleepy Hollow btw.

          • Lucifer says:

            She was signed for 5 seasons so she wasn’t in a position to decide to renew her contract. She clearly made a big stink about wanting to leave which is why they wrote her off in such a final way, similar to Ricky Whittle and Patrick Dempsey wanting out of their former shows.

          • Murta says:

            It was never a limited series and Beharie was under a multi-year contract.

          • bgurrl says:

            They didn’t even promote her overseas. Told her she may not have a following at a convention she was to attend. She went there and there were hordes of fans.

        • meret says:

          What about Nicole’s resentment for the way she was devalued in season 2.

          • Viv says:

            I’m black and I love the actress but she was “devalued” in season 2 because she asked to be let off the show and that was the compromise. Why would a hit show in the 2nd season, downgrade the co-star? Obviously something forced their hand- they don’t choose to lose $. THat’s all those guys (studio execs) care about. The rumor (which makes sense if you think about events) is that she wanted out. They brought on the wife and shifted (which was ok for a time but got weird and pissed off fans.) They were trying to appease her, also lots of nightime filming was getting on both of their nerves. Then Tom was like ok why should I work as hard and you’ll notice we saw less of him too for a time. Just a mess.

          • Vlv, First off, what does you being black have to do with anything, it’s irrelevant and you have nothing to with the show so no one cares. Secondly, both Tom and Nicole were unhappy with the way the show was going and she wanted to leave because of that. She was devalued in Season 2 and there is nothing saying that she wanted to leave prior to Season 2. If anything it seemed like she was excited for Season 2. Also, Orlando also didn’t like the direction of the show and showed some disdain for the people behind it (because the show went so off track) so I’m sure there is more going on that the fans don’t know about.

          • freenyc says:

            No. Black Viv. Nicole did NOT ask to be let off a hit show in its second season….when she didn’t have other work lined up.

        • delorb says:

          Or she meant, ‘we tried keeping her on, while treating her badly and that didn’t work. When she asked to be treated with respect, we regretfully had to ask her to leave. Did I mention that Tommo Miplug is the star?’

        • PeacePosh says:

          You can’t spread lies about Nicole like that. It isn’t right. It’s so much easier to say that the actress was fickle and and difficult, rather than to acknowledge the real truth: They fumbled badly in Season 2, as critic reviews attest, and they disrespected the actress at every turn, which was obvious for any astute person to see. Nicole was working in a hostile environment, yet her professionalism has never been called into question with any credibility. You’ve also left out that Tom Mison was said to have wanted to reduce his workload on the show, and despite all the “tremendous enthusiasm from fans about the show coming back,” they’ve cut the episode order from 18 to 13, and are keeping it on Friday nights, where it has been mediocre or poor.

          The show runners from Seasons 2 & 3 were a clown car that squandered every opportunity to build on the success of Season 1. None of that was Ms. Beharie’s fault, and to put it all on her shoulders is nonsense.

          • Ronnie says:

            Both her and Tom were not happy with the Sleepy Hollow schedule with all the night filming. There was way too much of it and it was a grind on everyone involved including the crew. The writing in the second season didn’t help matters which is part of the reason why Beharie was not happy and Mison wanted his workload reduced. You’ll see a lot less of night exterior scenes with Mison in the new season, just wait and see.

          • Tammy says:


          • freenyc says:

            I second all that.

        • preta4 says:

          Jake, “protecting Nicole from pretty strong resentment from cast and crew”?
          PLEASE tell me you’re kidding???
          She’s “still close” to Orlando Bloom, Lyndie Greenwood, and a few others from the cast and crew, so whom are you referencing??

        • Viv says:

          Wow are you an insider. Yeah why leave a show that’s doing well, I mena she’s getting paid???

        • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

          Bulls hit answer..blame it on her, when you all just resented her fan base, which distracted from your precious Tom Mison…send him back to London and cancel the show.

        • freenyc says:

          Where did you get that story? Beharie wanted off the show? If Fox could “let her go” now, they could have IF she wanted to go. Since she isn’t working now- I doubt she had projects that she wanted to pursue that the show kept her from.
          You just made up that Nicole was causing problems.

    • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

      I agree..SOMEBIDY…like Tom Mason was jealous, so they kept him because of international ties with the Brits.

  4. Tasha Silva says:

    Whether they want to announce it or not, consider S4 the definite end of the series. People were only tuning in last season because of Abbie, definitely not Ichabod and Jenny or the monsters of the week. She was the big draw. And if you think those 0.7’s were low last season, wait till you see what they’re gonna be this season. Letting her go was a huge mistake. And it’s interesting that Castle was cancelled after their white female lead left, but Sleepy Hollow has the audacity to think that their Black female lead isn’t central to their show or its ratings.

    They gon’ learn today.

    • Kelly says:

      I disagree. I loved both of them on the show and I am sad to see her go but I absolutely will continue to watch because of Tom Mison.

      • Gabby says:

        I agree! Most of my favorite scenes are scenes where Tom Mison/Ichabod is passionately ranting about his grievance of the day. His character is my favorite, but I did really like the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod. I was really disappointed that she was killed off for good, especially since they had just managed to bring her back not that long ago.

      • Pamela says:

        I wish Nathan fillion got the same respect from fans that Tom mison is getting.

        • TREX says:

          I think the difference is that there are rumors that Nathan and Stana weren’t getting along and so Stana was the one let go, but there are not those same rumors with Timmy (all those misspelled names crack me up), and Nicole.

      • Jeaenne says:


    • Alicia says:

      I tune in for Ichabod not Abbie so don’t make assumptions for all the fans. I’m not happy about her leaving but she’s not my only reason for watching.

    • Anaida says:

      i disagree…. i watched the series because of Tom Mison’s brilliant Icabod Crane. I liked the chemistry between him and Abbie but my favorite is Icabod Crane. (and i do like Jenny character too.)

    • sam says:

      Abbie was definitely the big draw for me. Certainly not flop Crane.

      • Art............... says:

        Crane is the draw, it’s his show, from the way he annunciates, and speaks; the accent. She was good with him, but anyone can fit into a similar role opposite him.

    • RJ says:

      Tom was always the pull not Nicole. Looking forward to season 4.

      • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

        Abbie was always the pull, not Crane…cancel the show or the fans will.

      • LadyDay says:

        I disagree. Tom was good but it was really the chemistry between the actors. The writing is what sucked in my opinion. Stopped watching the show since Abby left.

    • Tina says:

      0.6. LOL. The lowest was 0.6.

      I’m sure FOX is hopi g Tom Mison’s draw if middle aged thirsty white women will draw more in, but the shows just plain sucks.

      • Tinabobena says:

        😭😭😭 Tina in for the slay. That’s literally the only people who watch this travesty of a show. If you go on any of their social media pages it’s just old thirsty white women. I take immense pleasure in witnessing this show burn to the ground. They deserve it after what they did to Nicole.

    • Speak for yourself. I love Tom Mison and if I had to pick between he and Nicole he would be the winner hands down. I will tune in next year, and while I hate that an ill-conceived season 2 may long term prove the downfall of the show will enjoy it while I can.

      • preta4 says:

        Lisa Launius, MANY of us tuned in for BOTH, but for those of you who “ONLY WANTED TOM”, your wish has NOW been granted but I suspect in Mr. Mison’s case he’s seen down the road and “this” won’t last as long as you’d hoped. Very poor choices made ALL the way around.

    • Danpaine says:

      Yeah, Tasha. You forgot three very important words in your statement, which are “In my opinion.”

      I love that they renewed it for season 4. The chemistry between Mison and Beharie was good, but the show is about Ichabod’s journey. In My Opinion.

      I’ll be tuning in.

    • LOL says:

      FOX is a business. They would not have renewed the show if they did not have the market research behind their statements about Ichabod and Tom, showing that he alone is a big draw. You and your little echo chamber of Tumblr and Twitter social justice warriors is not the entire fandom of the show. It’s not even a significant majority. You may scream the loudest, but you are not the be-all and end-all, and you never were–as you are learning right now. Bitter pill for you, no doubt, but swallow it you must.

      • delorb says:

        All those people clamoring for more Timmy Misplay certainly didn’t show up if those dismal season 3 ratings are anything to go by. If he were as big a draw as you suggest, those numbers would have been higher. As for me, I tuned in to see a great show, with TWO talented actors and all I got was a rock.

    • scyren says:

      I watched the series because of the connection of the two actors no matter how hard the producers tried to kill their chem and how bad the writing was at times. With that gone, I don’t think the writing is strong enough to make me want to watch. And besides that, all the ship baiting they did just to smack fans in the face was really disrespectful and insulted me. That alone will make it so I don’t watch. The crazy thing is that I just wanted the season 1 dynamic back with all the chem and great writing. I didn’t need them to be a couple perse, but for some reason, the writers couldn’t manage that (didn’t help that most of the writers left after S1). I just don’t get why they went so far out of the way to not only not let the actors appear together anymore (after S1), but to separate them on the show. They had gold. Nicole was miserable, but it’s not because she was some diva. She basically got pushed out of the co-lead in S2 and treated badly (they didn’t even ask her to do the commentary). So I get why she wanted out. Basically, the producer and writers screwed up the show. I love Tom Mison, but SH left such a bad taste in my mouth after S4 that I just have no interest in watching it. They refuse to go with what worked.

      • Heather Lee says:

        I’ve read that about the seasons before, but never noticed anything different. Guess I need to watch seasons 1 &2, again

        • scyren says:

          It’s hugely difference. It was all about the two witnesses in season 1. They played off of each other so way. They hugged and showed great affection and developed a unique bond. When they bought Katrina back, the focus of the show completely changed. The actors didn’t even promote the show off screen (comic cons etc. and interviews) like they did S1. On the show, they basically focused on Crane, Katrina, and son and the dynamic of the witness changed and was more awkward etc. S3, they had Ichabod basically abandon her for almost a year and not even call. She was totally hardened. It wasn’t until the middle of the season that I even remotely felt like they were connected. There was a huge wall. So, yes, the dynamic definitely changed.

      • delores says:

        You mean season 2. I too lost interest when the writers introduced Cranes wife and Abby’s sister making them central characters. The season was a mess and Crane and Abby rarely appeared in the same scenes. I briefly tuned in last season and Abby seemed totally different. Season 1 was so great I guess the writers and stars couldn’t figure out how to keep the magic.

        • real insider says:

          This was done to accommodate Nicole’s need/desire for reduced workload in Season 2.

          • Mimi says:

            Except she was always on screen but background, she never had any reduced time, just her character ‘s importance in the narrative and after season 1 being a sleeper hit, why would she want to appear less on screen

          • delorb says:

            No it wasn’t. She was in a ton of the episodes, but she had very little to do in them. That’s why her detractors cried foul when people pointed out how badly she’d been treated. They all screamed, “see, she’s IN this episode, so what do you mean she’s been diminished?” So she was there, but being the mammy and breadwinner for two ancient lumps isn’t really something the co-lead should be doing.

      • delores says:

        You mean season 2. I too lost interest when the writers introduced Cranes wife and Abby’s sister, making them central characters. The season was a mess and Crane and Abby rarely appeared in the same scenes. I briefly tuned in last season and Abby seemed totally different. Season 1 was so great I guess the writers and stars couldn’t figure out how to keep the magic.

      • Elderkind says:

        Totally agree with Scyren and will also be leaving the show for this reason. It’s such a shame because season one was so unexpectedly fresh and engaging. The dynamic between Tom and Nicole along with ensemble cast kept me coming back week after week. The last two seasons have decimated the entire cast and with only two of the originals left, I will be moving on but am sad to see such potential wasted.

    • Sorry, but I didn’t watch the show because of Abbie, I watched the show because of Ichabod. Sleepy Hollow, (the original) was about Ichabod Crane, not Abbie Mills. Sorry to see her leave, but it’s time they focused more on Ichabod than anyone else.

      • delorb says:

        You do realize that when the story was written the very idea of an Abbie would have been farfetched, right? So I don’t know why some of you ding her for not being part of the story, when she could NEVER be part of the story.

        And for some reason some of you who bring up the short story can get past Ichabod NEVER marrying Katrina (who did not love him) and who didn’t fall asleep only to awaken in the 21st century, but somehow your minds can’t make it past a modern, dare I say it, black woman.

        • Rhaegar Targaryen says:

          And there is the truth; the nail has been hit on its head. All this beating around the bush is pathetic and not fooling anyone. Just come out and say it.

        • not Bridget says:

          Indeed. Washington Irving’s tale of Sleepy Hollow is a pretty thin source for a series. Besides, his Ichabod Crane was a ridiculous fellow–ugly, cowardly, ignorant & only interested in the beautiful Katrina because of her father’s money. Of course, Irving was sarcastic & satirical–not every reader appreciates wit.

          The show was a success because it took a bit of The Original Ichabod, added a touch of Rip Van Winkle,on a base of twisted Revolutionary history & liberal dashes of the Occult. Add two costars with notable chemistry & the ability to handle witty dialog–and do action scenes. Jennie & Frank grew as supporting characters. Katrina, alas, was never well written. But the first season was a surprising success.

          A new showrunner made a shambles of season 2. Why put Abbie, Frank & Jennie in the background & emphasize the Crane Family Drama? And Hawley? More well written supporting characters would have been great, but not at the expense of the ones we’d already enjoyed from season 1. The season ended with a reset & many of us had hopes for season 3.

          It was not not to be. Writing remained spotty & Betsy Ross was a dreadfully written & acted character. I don’t blame Ms Beharie for wanting out. Her death was badly written–an insult to the character. I’d been hanging on, occasionally catching the show & hoping for flashes of that season 1 excellence. Nope. I’m out.

          Tom Mison is a lovely fellow–I hope he finds a new show that’s worth his talent.

      • Rosemary Simmons says:

        Well the creators of the show. Said in a interview..that the show was about both. Abbie and crane.and their job as witnesses…

    • Kelly says:

      I think if they can turn it around in season 4…they have a shot. We don’t know what story the writers pitched to the network to keep it around.
      You unfortunately do not know why every single person was tuning in last season…so you can’t say it was because of Abbie. Going off of comment boards doesn’t cover every viewer.
      I don’t think they let her go…she wanted out.

    • Roze says:

      Speak for yourself. I watch solely for Ichabod.

      • preta4 says:

        Roze and others who ONLY WANTED TOM,
        Why are you getting upset by anything that’s written? Your wish has been granted but knowing how Fox constantly screws things up, sadly I suspect it WON’T be for too long.
        Might I ask if it’s EVER occurred to ANY of you “Tom ONLY’S”, how MUCH MORE PRESSURE has now been put on this man’s shoulders to really “Bring It’, now that the ratings are just about in the basement? I DON’T envy any actor/actress in this position going forward, and from what I’ve seen lately these days very SELDOM is this pulled off. Tragic and ill thought out mess, that seriously could have been avoided.
        Well, you’ll be getting that wish but don’t be surprised if the time frame, is an extremely short one. Praying for all involved.

    • Chris says:

      Yet another person bringing up race where it has nothing to do with the point being made…When are people “gon” learn, not everything is race related…
      Enjoy the show.

      • Cristen says:

        You know, someone mentioning race isn’t wrong or distasteful. However, you putting a negative spotlight on it is what makes it an nonissue an issue. FYI, your indignation that someone mentioned race and your condescending use of “gon” really perpuates the SWM stereotype “Chris”. This is the exact attitude people despise from the showrunners. You’re not quieting anyone, you’re only giving them the fuel to be bolder.

      • not Bridget says:

        Many have noted that the non-white characters began being shortchange in season 2. I’m white & it was obvious to me. However, even if the white characters got more lines–they weren’t very good ones.

        Katia Winter was never the strongest actor–but her character was incoherently written even in the otherwise excellent season 1. Quaker, nurse, patriot, spy, witch, mother–who was she? Even a seasoned pro like John Noble was defeated by the idiotic plot & character arcs of the regrettable season 2.

        I can’t enjoy stupid entertainment. Sleepy Hollow started off as a smart, entertaining surprise. The last two years have been a dreary slog. Fox’s schedule is pretty bare, so they gave the series another shot. I won’t be watching.

      • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

        On this planet EVERYTHING is RACE RELATED….

    • Andy says:

      Here come the black BS….what a shocker.

      • Cristen says:

        Here comes the white BS… what a shocker. Here comes the “racism only exists because we talk about it” BS logic… definitely not a shocker when it comes from a white person ;)

    • Sammi Lee says:

      Wow, assume much? I watched for Tom Mison and then the rest of the cast–do you always speak for others? Knock it off–and try speaking just for yourself. SMDH

    • mary says:

      I’m sorry, but you know everyone? It’s fine if you liked her. But do not presume to know what everyone else thinks. As for making it about race, Tom Mison is the only white character left on the show. I highly doubt race played a factor.

    • weirdibabi says:

      Riiiigghhhhttt!! Thats the same thing I said when I read that castle was being cancelled. AWARE and AWAKE people know what the real issue was, and anybody refuting it can kick rocks in their privelaged, idealized world.

    • Naomi H says:

      I only watched it for Abbie, I didnt care as much about Icabod. There are so little main black female leads in the supernatural/fantasy genre on tv, and since I love the genre so much I was happy to see a little representation. And for sure there are many other black fangirls who only watched the show for this reason. But now, I don’t see why I should watch anymore. And I know many others feel the same. The ratings will definitely go down because the people who watched for Abbie are obviously not going to tune in anymore.

    • I dont think so, if anything a lot of people were tuning in because of Abbie AND Ichabod. I mean come on, they had great chemistry, but the writers ruined it by bringing that bore of a wife in and giving her too much screen time. Notice, when Abbie and Krane’s screen time went down, so did the ratings. Now that Nicole is gone, I will no longer be watching the show, and if it was the other way around and Tom left, my decision would have been the same along with a lot of other fans. That’s why most of the fans jumped ship for good at the season finale. We’ll see how long it lasts without Abbie, the ratings will probably be mediocre at best and Fox will drop it.

  5. This guy sounds like he’s trying to convince himself of what he’s saying. Tom Mison is a big star? On what planet? Sorry, won’t be watching Sleepy Hollow next season. No Abbie, no me!

    • Tasha Silva says:

      I too would like to know the planet on which Tom Mison is a big star. If you find out let me know. ;)

    • my take on that quote is the guy is speaking to Mison’s talent, not how famous he is

      • Rebecca A says:

        Even if that was the case, it still doesn’t make him a “big star”. Besides half of what made Ichabod tolerable was the counterbalance Abbie provided. They’ve tried pairing Tom with others and the chemistry ALWAYS falls flat.

        • lechatnoir says:

          They tried to pair with cutrina between season 1 and 2. Didn’t work cus they had as much chemistry as a mouse and a cat. The pull here was beharie. They are portraying her as a difficult woman. I can’t help but think that there is a healthy amount of misogynoir in the mix. This is the only show mison has done stateside. In the uk he was just a soap actor.he ain’t big. He is ok but

        • Kelly says:

          Then don’t watch Rebecca…simple as that.

    • Roze says:

      Oh no, say it isn’t so !

  6. Roger Buchana says:

    Looking forward to next season.

  7. Dan says:

    It’s looking more and more like Nicole may have been the “hypothetical” person that Eric Heiserrer was talking about in his rant last week. Still not interested in watching the show without her but given the circumstances I can see why it was necessary to write her character off.

    • Stephanie says:

      What rant?

      • Alichat says:

        Go to his twitter page….HIGHzurrer…..look for the posts on May 9th. They are numbered and start with ‘HYPOTHETICAL’. There are 22 posts overall. Also he starts by saying this isn’t about one specific show as he knows 4 shows where this has happened recently.

        • GeoDiva says:

          That was really interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

        • Patrick says:

          I wonder if this refers to Castle and Stana as well. Maybe she was only willing to come back at greatly reduced time, and ABC just decided to write her out (not that it matters now).

          • Alichat says:

            That’s possible as well. Blacklist also killed off their female lead. And there are a few other shows left to wrap their seasons. He did say four shows. But we’ll never truly know unless the actresses themselves state it, and that’s unlikely to happen.

          • BM says:

            Word is, ABC never approached Katic for negotiations, so they couldn’t have known what she wanted or not.

        • mary says:

          In response to Blacklist killing off the main character…she went on maternity leave. She’s set for next season.

    • Mo says:

      Sleepy Hollow treated Beharie like crap. This is well documented. Seriously, do some research to the disrespectful things done to Beharie.

    • Lysh says:

      Interesting rant. Looks like he doesn’t write television, so I wonder what shows he was talking about.

    • Tina says:

      Or course she is. All the SH writers favorited that. The guy doesn’t work for the show either, so his dude bro friends disclosed personal information about Nicole to him. I wish she’d sue the network and those writers.

      Nicole was unhappy and if she has personal issues those were hers. The issue to viewers here is the story lines sucked. The show had no creativity aside from costumes.

      • Patrick says:

        But this is the point of the rant. Look S2 sucked out loud. So maybe Beharie wanted out after that. But she was a co lead, and the Network pointed to her contract and said F-Off. So, she tried to get out of her contract. And the best way to do that is to be a problem on set. But there is only so far anyone can get with that. So, get a doctor’s note demanding less time acting (for a condition that cannot legally be disclosed). Also, surprisingly, that condition will not be a problem on any future movie projects. Which is a nice way of saying its a fake condition that a doctor signed off on for money. The actor just lied to get out of working so much, for the express purpose of being so much of a problem that they either get a huge raise, or more likely, to leave the show.
        You complain about Beharie getting poor stories or writing. Well, what can writers do if the actor is going to be working less time on the episodes she’s in, while also getting periodic episodes where he or she is barely in the episode? You can’t just say “write better” to writers. They know how much time it will take to shoot a story line. Maybe they did write better stories that had to be scrapped or altered to adjust to better. We blame writers or showrunners for a lot of stuff. Maybe they are doing the best they can given constraints imposed upon them by actors.

        • lechatnoir says:

          Long rant. But did you spend a day on set. Because you “know” so much. From a viewer’s perspective the show had sucked since season two.yup the writers did a terrible job. No amount of deux ex machina could fix what was already a mess. Fact

        • scyren says:

          The guy also insinuated that other lead found out and wanted cut time too. So was Tom being a brat for the sake of being a brat?

          I do blame the showrunners and writers for screwing up a wonderful show. I blame them for ignoring the chemistry they had and purposely trying to squelch which led to the downfall of the show. They didn’t promote the show. They stopped the leads from doing comic cons and such after season 1. Heck, they didn’t even ask Nicole to do commentary. So, I get where she would be miffed. However, if she did behave like a brat, I wouldn’t support that at all either because she had committed to the role. That still doesn’t change my mind about watching next season because of the shipbaiting and middle finger they basically gave fans. They didn’t even have to go there re: a relationship, but don’t tease it. Don’t say Ichabod is in love, show it one minute and then do a complete 180 within an episode. That is baiting and pisses people off. Just say they will not be a couple and be done with it. They created this mess with their wishy washy writing. I loved S1 and they weren’t a couple. They were vulnerable and had depth and bonded and it was glorious. Then they put Abbie in a corner for the Crane family drama and it ruined the dynamic of the show and it just went downhill from there.

        • delorb says:

          Except, her time on the show wasn’t reduced. She was there just as much as Timmo the star. Its just that she didn’t have much to do other than support the new lead Katia. They basically asked her to stand around while others did the heavy lifting. Her name was at the top of the call sheet, in episodes that weren’t about her character. I’d want out after that too.

          Ever since she was killed off, there have been ‘people’ doing a number on her. Wonder why they’re trying to cover their butts if they’re in the right? Probably because they aren’t.

  8. sunshine says:

    I think I agree with him that Tom Mison can carry a show and I’m willing to give it a shot next season. They already set us up with that mysterious group who’ve been chasing ghosts and I assume Tom will be the key to that. If they can give us a decent plot and toss in some of the humor that Tom does so well I think it’ll be ok. To me it’s a huge mistake to be all mysterious about how they were “put in a position” without just spelling it out. It makes some viewers get in a huff because they imagine bad motives and the show gets bad vibes where maybe it was justifiable and perfectly mutual. The truth can’t be worse than some of the accusations so shame on them for not trusting the fans.

    • HIPAA says:

      They can’t because of privacy laws and nondisclosure agreements. The only person who can legally say what happened is Nicole herself, and she never will. She’s getting too much mileage out of her fans’ misplaced outrage.

      • scyren says:

        My outrage is because of the shipbaiting the showrunners did and the very bad writing after S2. Yes, I don’t like that Nicole was killed off and think it actually could have been handled differently (that whole spiel about her being a sidekick rather than a co-lead is what set me off). I’m just done with the writing. They created this mess with the baiting. If Nicole was being a brat, then I wouldn’t support that. My outrage is not misplaced and have plenty of reasons aside from them killing off a character to not want to watch.

      • Lou says:

        There are no laws that prevent them from saying what happened. Speech is protected in America and no studio is gonna sign a non disclosure. Are you kidding?
        If they’re not saying what happened, it’s because they’re not sure it will make them look good, or because they prefer the current trend of blaming her.
        And they can do so with impunity. She’s certainly never going to speak up against FOX corporation now is she?
        Not if she wants to keep working.

        • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

          On this planet EVERYTHING is RACE RELATED….I agree, if she tells the truth Fox will “blacklist”…she is a great actor/actress, much better than Mison will ever be. She held up Mison, so without her character he will flounder and fail, then return to UK, London or where ever the hell he is from

      • PeacePosh says:

        I’m sorry, “misplaced outrage?” You haven’t been paying attention to what critics have been saying about this show since Season 2. There is a long list of mistakes that the producing and writing team has been making, and you couldn’t tell by Nicole’s behavior. She was professional through it all.

        What you’re also missing is that the show has been a revolving door of show runners, producers and writers for most of its run. The premise has been all over the place for half of the show’s life cycle so far. Two of the key writers from S3 are leaving, and don’t forget that they also killed off the popular Joe Corbin. Sleepy Hollow is in a state of chaos, so how is any of that Nicole’s fault? A result of “her fans’ misplaced outrage?”

        What’s really happening is that FOX doesn’t know what it’s doing, and everyone knows it. Nicole was lucky to escape when she did, and for her to virtually land right into a feature movie role says that she was indeed, the bigger star of the two. She’ll come out of this more respected for being intelligent and brave enough not to go down with this Clotilde.

      • not Bridget says:

        The lame writing beginning in season 2 is the main reason many former fans have given up on the show.

        This gossip campaign won’t convince anybody.

      • preta4 says:

        HIPAA, “She’s getting too much mileage out of her fans misplaced rage”???
        So “you KNOW her PERSONALLY” in order to say something like this do “you”??

  9. Sabda says:

    Am I alone in thinking Beharie’s overacting (and apparently, her diva attitude behind the scenes) is what made the show increasingly bad the past two years? Please let’s go back to how fun it was in season 1. I’m excited for the new version of the show. Can’t wait to see what the writers come up with.

    • David4 says:

      No the horrible writing and the darn idiot wife is what made it so bad in season 2.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes. The producers didn’t even invite her to her own DVD commentary, didn’t even bother following her on social media until last season and heck, she stuck around that mess that was season 2 even though she was horribly sidelined. A person could only take so much before wanting to rightfully move on.

      • Mo says:

        So agree with you. The sexist way Sleepy Hollow’s producers treated Beharie is revolting.

        I’m done with the show.

        • Pete says:

          how do you know how the producers treated her?

          • Cali says:

            Mo and Michelle have no way of know how Nicole was treated Pete. However they have to take their “anger” and toss it towards someone so FOX and SH are in line. They could have (and probably did) treat Nicole well, or as well as all the others on the show were treated. However that negates the fact that they are unwilling to acknowledge or see. Nicole wanted off the show at the end of the 1st season. That is a fact. That is why there were virtually no public appearances by her or Tom during that time. You can’t put either of them out there promoting the show when the viewers see them as being together. That would have set the whistles going. However in hindsight maybe they should have let Tom go out and do Comic Con, Paley Fest, etc. Maybe that will change with the upcoming season (I hope so). If it does it will speak volumes as to what was really transpiring behind the scenes.

            The NBC (Nicole uat Club) can’t get past the truth. She and only she are responsibly for her not being on the show. She wanted off, she got off. Pure and simple. Actually it probably should have happened at the end of S1 like she wanted but you can’t blame FOX, They had a hit they wanted to succeed. Unfortunately, someone didn’t see it that way and her fans are now apologists for her. She will never come out and say why she left because she can’t tell the truth (she was the one wanting to leave since S1) so she gets more mileage out of her fans fauxrage then anything she can say.

      • That's the best you got? says:

        Every person with a Twitter account has had followers randomly dropped. Every single one. Besides, that account is no doubt run by some pimply intern in New York, NOT the producers of the show. That you use THAT as evidence of mistreatment is unbelievably weak.

        • delorb says:

          LOL That isn’t the ONLY piece of evidence. Critics and fans alike have written pages on how her character was marginalized season 2. (well beginning mid-season 1). Timmo has done things without Nicole, but whenever its been scheduled that way, her fans have wondered if she’d be there, which usually led to the con promoters asking her to join Timmo. But since you don’t have the foggiest idea of what happened, then perhaps you should do a bit of research. There are tons of material that gives a breakdown. Most from critics that don’t have an axe to grind.

        • Nicole Finally Stoodup 4 Herself says:

          Information is out there is you want to look it and not from some random fan But from Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie themselves…

          1) For people (USA viewers) saying they only watched the show for Tom Mison because they knew of him before Sleepy Hollow saying “he was the draw” that’s 99.9% impossible unless you frequented small playhouses in the UK or watched low budget UK sitcoms in which Tom Mison wasn’t the lead you didn’t know of him….and Before anyone suggest otherwise Tom Mison himself in an earlier interview smirked when asked about his Acting resume and said something to the effect of “I’ve never done any acting in the US and in Britain I did some Shakespeare/Shakespearean plays” (not verbatim but close). He was shocked he got the part. So STAR….um I think not.

          2) Anyone in Business knows that catchy products/themes sell and in the Film world we have been repeatedly told that to pitch a new show to a Network having a Big Name attached to the project along with catchy storyline is more likely to get your project green-lit.
          Now let’s see: If Tom Mison was a virtually UNKNOWN actor from the UK his name wouldn’t be the selling factor as a show lead……But Nicole Beharie –who some people want to dismiss— came with American Violet (critically acclaimed ) movie under her belt, and a Steve McQueen’s movie “Shame”. She also brought with her a ready made fan base (mostly black fan base) from smaller movies like “The Last Fall” or “Woman Thou Art Loosed” (written by mega church Pastor TD Jakes with massive following national and international), or from TV with movie like Sins of the mother alongside Jill Scott and those people who follow the indie music & film circuit Nicole Beharie was well known.

          So which name as LEAD sold Sleepy Hollow? Nicole Beharie!! Oh and a “little” guy called Orlando Jones as supporting cast (who was the most active with fans on Social media) also with a large fan base black & white. We saw what they did to him.

          Evidence of unprofessional treatment towards Nicole you ask?
          ***Not being invited to do DVD commentary when everyone else on cast was (Katia)
          not only is that a horrible message from SH Execs to Nicole but it’s unprofessional and downright childish.

          ***** Hearing that Nicole had been told that her doing an international Con- Panel alone wouldn’t work without her (White) male co-lead…. She was moved to tears when she walked into a packed house of fans who came to see her. They knew it was her alone and they still came out in droves to see Nicole. Sleepy Hollow/Fox execs were wrong.

          I wonder who was telling her this??? Yet she stayed in a place that didn’t value her.

          By then she probably realized what these execs were doing….It wasn’t that they needed Tom standing next Nicole for her to shine. NO, it was the other way around they her standing next to Tom for him to shine….. When FOXtv Dana Walden says “Now the show can *Centered* on Tom Mison (Crane)” she proves that the very thing fans called out in season 2 the sidelining of Abbie was 100% deliberate.

          If you hired me to be the lead on a project, got me to sign a 5year contract and then turned around and made me the supporting cast….They would have had to fire me a long time ago.

          Finally that last Line the wrote for Abbie, having a woman –a Black woman say to a resurrected man from Colonial times ” My only purpose was to carry you forward” that was a slap in the face from the writers room to Nicole Beharie. So saying “She wanted to leave” is like watching Mike push Bobby down the stairs and when someone ask what happened you scream “Hell fell down the stairs” leaving out the fact that he was pushed.

          Fox is determined to make Tom Mison as star and they used Nicole and her fan base to do it…..To them he is what a hero is supposed to look like in America…..even though Abbie saved Crane repeatedly, kept him out of jail, the nut house, from being deported, housed him, taught him & sacrificed herself 4 time as Crane screamed “Abbie Noooo” like a hero. Sadly that will always marking as the gaining stardom on Nicole Beharie’s back….
          YEAH it’s long READ IT or Don’t read it but it’s the truth….take it up with Dana Walden
          if you don’t believe they wanted to make an unknown Tom Mison a “STAR”
          her words “now the story can be CENTERED on him”

          The interviews are out there Go find them before you blame Nicole and call upset fans crazy or liars….sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity are not admirable qualities.

          • Nicole Finally Stoodup 4 Herself says:

            Correction: Sadly that will always be his(Tom’s) marking as the guy who gained stardom on Nicole Beharie’s back…Not his fault but that’s what Fox & Sleepy Hollow Tarnished him with. I hope he has enough fans to sustain his career.

          • Sammi Lee says:

            Sorry, I stopped trying to read your essay after the third word. Must be nice to have all the time on your hands like you appear to. I have three kids and a job–all I get from you is massive assumptions and whining–want some cheese to go along with that MASSIVE whine? “It’s the truth”–sorry sweetie, if you have to keep proclaiming that–it’s damn obvious, truth is sadly missing. Get a freaking life–SMFH

          • Cali says:

            So you’re one of the ones from the little echo chamber of Tumblr and Twitter social justice warriors. Riddle me this oh wise one…FOX knew they had an immediate hit on their hands when they renewed SH in S1 by the 3rd episode. agreed? Why then when they put BOTH Mison and Behaire TOGETHER only to keep them apart/away knowing that would piss off a portion of the fan base so badly by said behavior? It makes NO SENSE. None. I didn’t know EITHER Mison OR Behaire BEFORE Sleepy Hollow.

            As for the 5yr contract, that is standard and given to every actor/actress of a new series. It locks that actor/actress in, in the event like Sleepy Hollow where by the 3rd episode you are being renewed for a 2nd season and it stops the inevitable rush by the agents of said actors/actresses from seeking a big increase in salary.

            What is the line “to them he is what a hero is supposed to look like in America” supposed to mean? I didn’t realize that hero’s only came in one gender or size or color. I see hero’s everyday where I work. I am an ER/trauma nurse. I see fire fighters, police officers, doctors, fellow nurses, EMT’s, paramedics, social workers, and every day citizens of every race, religion, sex, etc. Some are white, some are black, some are Hispanic, some are Asian, some are male, some are female, some are old, some are young, some have disabilities, some are perfectly healthy. Some are Catholic, some are Protestant, some are Baptist, some are Muslim, some are agnostic, What they all are, are people who care enough about their fellow human beings that they step in, sometimes in extraordinary circumstances to make a difference, to save a life, to help when no one else will help, regardless of what they look like. If you really believe that America only thinks that a hero comes in one size, sex and color then I feel great sorrow for you because you are the one that sees nothing. Go sell your ignorance and stupidty somewhere else.

          • delorb says:

            Jeez. you can’t ding someone just because they have more time to post than you do. Our lives are all different.

            As for what was posted, she’s pretty accurate. Timmy’s resume is scant. I’m sure they hired him because he is a good actor (not star). IMO, Fox loved the premise, but didn’t put too much faith in the show (as usual). But that all changed the minute the show got huge numbers out of the gate. THAT is why it was renewed so quickly. Not because of any fan base.

            It was a good show that many people loved. But as it usually happens with Fox, they try to fix what isn’t broken. Most of season 1 was in the can by the time they started airing the show. But by episode 8 there was a marked turn. They shifted their narrative from the witnesses witnessing TOGETHER, to Ichabod trying to get his wife out of purgatory. That to me signals the meddling of Fox.

            Prior to that, we were on the road to finding out about Abbie’s past along with Jennifer’s. All that got filed away so that they could tell Ichabod and Katrina’s story. I also recall that even though they only had 13 episodes season 1, it took them almost the entire season to film them. Making me think that there were a lot of rewrites (to accommodate the changes Fox ordered?) and a lot of extra filming (to insert Katia?). If I were Nicole, I’d be upset with re-filming a lot of scenes too.

            And if anyone needs proof that the writers were bad, think about this…ever since the show started fans asked to see Ichabod on a plane. On all forums and across many platforms. Katrina, Abbie and Timmy fans alike. But when he got on a plane, did we see it? Nope. One of the first rules of film-making is to show it, not tell it.

            Last season many of the episodes consisted of a creature arriving in Sleepy and Ichabod flashing back to the time when BEDsy met and defeated the very same evil. Then they would spend the rest of the episode wondering what she did. Awful writing, At this point I feel bad for little Timmy Mishap. No amount of smoke is going to cover for bad writing.

          • DH says:

            Thank you. I believe your analysis is what actually happened and what could have been a great show promoting an excellent actress has been destroyed because of executive malfeasance. Call it bigotry or plain stupidity it is just another example of how things work and the old addage of cutting off the nose to spite your face. I will miss Abbie and the one actress who brought that character to life.

    • Mo says:

      Yes, you are alone.

    • Winkle43 says:

      Did you work with her for the past three years or just regurgitate anything you read on the Internet? ‘Overacting’ when her performance saved the middling writing and made the show tolerable. Right!

    • Ivan says:

      She was not a ‘diva.’ I worked on set in S3 and can debunk this myth.

    • Flo says:

      Nice try. Overacting as in actually acting? And giving it her all which was too good for this show? Yeah. Sure.

    • Snurfles says:

      I so disagree with your assessment of Beharie’s acting. She was wonderful. Her character was strong and smart. She is beautiful and she and Tom had chemistry. My husband and I agree that there is no show without Abby so we won’t be watching next season, which I’m sure will be the final season.

    • not Bridget says:

      No, you’re not alone. Others have called Ms Beharie “uppity.” Former fans are not convinced.

      Incompetent showrunners & poor writing are what destroyed the show.

  10. Morisot says:

    We like Sleepy Hollow and are looking forward to seeing it next season.

  11. Anaida says:

    I will definitely be watching Sleepy Hollow season 4 and i am happy that it got renewed. Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane is my favorite character and i will be looking forward to see what new adventures he (and his new partner) will be in. I only hope the writers put some serious effort to make the plot interesting (because the Katrina drama really got into our nerves and many people were happy when she was out of the way.) or else this will be the final season.

  12. Ninamags says:

    It will be fun to keep seeing Ichabod still trying to fit into this century. I’ll keep watching for sure.

  13. I don’t blame Nicole for wanting to leave after the way she was treated on this show and I love Tom, but how is he a big star? Season four is going to be the end.

  14. mango cherry says:

    Nicole Beharie put Tom Mison on the map — viewers were drawn to him because Nicole made him look good. Tom’s chemistry with Nicole made him the so-called “Big Star”. Lots of wishful thinking from FOX. Good luck with Sleepy Hollow when Season 4 opens with a .5 rating

    • That’s utter nonsense.
      The SHOW put Mison on the Map. Behare was along for the ride.

      • mango cherry says:

        You lost me at “Behare”. Congrats Fox on your intelligent demographic group. They sure are smart.

      • Tina says:

        Pretty sure Nicole Beharie’s acting lifted Tom Mison up, as he himself has said in interviews. That’s a fact. She made the show. Without her there’s only a bad Sci fi show with terrible writing left.

        • OhPleez says:

          Not a fact. And he’s nothing if not generous to his costars. But she had NOTHING to do with his masterful creation of that character. Nothing,

        • not Bridget says:

          Nicole Beharie was cast first. When Tom Mison flew over for his 5 hour screen test, three of those hours were spent working with Nicole. They were really excellent together.

          Too bad about the idiot showrunner in season 2…..

          • Cali says:

            That “idiot show runner” from S2 was the same “idiot show runner” from S1….smgdh

          • not Bridget says:

            “replying” to myself to add information.

            Roberto Orci, Alex Kurzman & Philip Iscove created Sleepy Hollow; Mark Goffman was also part of the team. In Season 2, Goffman was the one in charge. He left at the end of that season, but it was too late.

    • Anaida says:

      I think you are exaggerating. If Tom Mison was not a brilliant actor and did not deliver his Icabod Crane the way he does… who would give a damn for him? and if the script was not that awesome in season one to keep people hooked who would care about Nicole Beharie or any other cast member??? Don’t try to glorify Nicole Beharie into some “magic , super fairy God mother that she sprinkled her magic dust onto poor Tom Mison and made him a household name”. I understand that you might feel upset that they had to kill her off but don’t disrespect the other cast members talent. Personally i had no idea or never heard of Nicole Beharie before sleepy hollow.

      • mango cherry says:

        Will see how magical Tom stands on his own when the ratings come in. I guarantee you it’s not going to be pretty. BTW you represent that Fox demographic really well. Too bad it won’t help with ratings.

        • Anaida says:

          The show went downhill not because of Tom Mison’s or Nichole Beharie’s bad acting or lack of talent…. it went downhill because the writers decided to ruin it by shoving Katrina up to our throats and try to make her happen. So blame the writers for their poor decision(s). And what you say could work both ways….i would like to see how well Nicole Beharie (Abbie) would do if it was Icabod Crane that was dead and she had to carry on alone…… think of that too.

          • mango cherry says:

            Actually Nicole carried the show pretty well in the Mama episode (s2) and one from s3. The episodes without Nicole were lacking when it was just Tom. She makes all her cast mates shine and her chemistry with Tom is what put the show on the map. Fox is spinning everything. You can’t go from Nicole & Tom lovefest/chemistry off the charts to Tom is a Big Star.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            The husband did keep saying, “What is this Katrina.” “Is she gone?” Tom and Nichole were dazzling, together. Someone dropped some ball, some where.

          • LOL says:

            Wow, mango cherry, you really need to get a grip.

            Yes, they CAN go to that, because they HAD to, because Nicole wanted them to write her off the show. They most certainly did the market research and determined that YES, Ichabod Crane and Tom Mison is a big enough draw to justify renewing the show. So they did, and that’s where those comments about him came from. The network is a business, not an overemotional conspiracy theorist like you are. This is not rocket science. If they renewed with just him, it’s because their research tells them it can work. That is all.

    • sam says:

      Right. She put him on my map and off my map he goes without her. I wish this show the worst.

    • lechatnoir says:

      Yup she put him on the map. He was just a minor soap star in the UK. Nobody had heard of him until he was cast a ikabod. He owes her. Makes me wonder why they would cast a minor nobody from the uk. #ahem…. privilege

      • Nonsense says:

        Because he was the only actor they could find who could convincingly play the incredibly difficult role of Ichabod Crane, that’s why. They tested 100s of people. They said so. It was *that* difficult for them to find someone who could pull that role off. They were down to the wire, and then along came Tom Mison’s audition and saved their pilot.

        • lechatnoir says:

          You know doggone well they ain’t cast no 100 actors, . You really think those barely recognizable overseas actors from the UK aren’t just randomly picked because they’ll make the show palatable for the UK audience ?. Nobody knew who he was even there, even in the theater scene. There are more then enough US american actors who could have played his role convincingly .

      • sunshine says:

        Most of the casts of most of the TV shows are unknowns, there are so many hundreds of them working on roles every night and only a few really catch on. Just think about it: How many actors did you recognize as stars when you sat and watched TV last night? Tom is one of the many British actors working with and without their original accents on TV shows currently on and none of them were known to us when they started. As a matter of fact, most fade into oblivion if the shows end. Same goes for Abbie, she was adorable on this particular show but unknown before. She may or may not be the next Katherine Heigle.

    • OhPleez says:

      Newsflash. The general public hadn’t heard of either of them before Sleepy Hollow. And in 2013 every bit of TV press named HIM as the breakout star of the new season. Not her. Him.

      • jazzyt2u says:

        You should watch her in the movie American Violet plus she was the wife of Jackie Robinson in the movie 42.

      • delorb says:

        EVERY? You’re wrong there. The press write ups that I saw and I saw a good many of them, touted BOTH of them. Sadly, the show didn’t work when one of them was sidelined back half of season 1 and almost all of season 2. People wondering how things will work without Nicole, shouldn’t wonder, because we’ve seen it already.

    • Sara says:

      I think Nicole was as much off the map as Tom was.

      • jazzyt2u says:

        You should watch her in the movie American Violet plus she was the wife of Jackie Robinson in the movie 42.

    • mary says:

      You know there were more than enough people who had no idea who she was either? Not many people know actors until they get their big “shot”. They BOTH got it from doing this show. Not one over the other.

  15. Ashley says:

    I love Tom Mison, but seriously? It would take a miracle to pull “Sleepy Hollow” out of its downward ratings spiral, let alone regrow its audience. Personally I’d rather see this show cancelled and Tom Mison take his considerable charms and talents to a new project.

  16. Pete says:

    just my opinion but from her performance Nicole seemed completely uninterested in being there this past season, I think she wanted out, I don’t think she was let go. all pure speculation but from network’s way they worded their answer that’s impression I get. I don’t blame FOX for it going downhill after season one, that’s on the writers. It could have a resurgence. Will give it a shot, Ichabod and Jenny are good characters.

  17. Sharon says:

    Never did say why she left. Anytime you bring a show back in mid season it usually means that’ll be it for them. That’s what happened to POI on CBS.

    • mary says:

      More than enough shows do that for a variety of reasons. But networks are feeling the strain. Showing newbies at the beginning of the season means they have a better chance at viewers catching them.
      POI just started-this is past mid season. They were never actually put on the schedule.

  18. Djinna says:

    I love how people are quick to put the blame on the actress for leaving. They were VERY happy to have her going into the show and realized how valuable a “get” she was. Then, the decision was made to sideline her and make her no more than a glorified sidekick in Season 2; she was even “erroneously” not asked initially to provide commentary on the S2 DVD! It seems she wanted to leave at that time but agreed to stay on into Season 3 through mid-season. She then was asked to remain for the rest of the season (I’m sure so ratings would not plummet). All this to say that it appears she DID want out after Season 2, but who can blame her? Being a second thought on a show in which are the co-lead? And it’s unfortunate that a) although Fox and people associated with the show ostensibly are loathe to discuss what happened “behind the scenes” and don’t want any speculation, there has been this shadow campaign by others to smear Nicole; and b) when women stand up for themselves and don’t just “go along to get along,” they are accused of being divas… or worse. Nothing bothers some people more than a woman who knows her worth and is not afraid to speak up for her rights. Lastly, if she is so horrible to work with, I find it interesting that she had work lined up even before the season finale played overseas. I have heard of people blackballed for less, so sorry, they can put as much spin on it as they want, but the proof is in the pudding, and if I were her, after being pushed aside for an entire season, I would be unhappy as well.

    • Steve says:

      Truth is that whatever happened is due to BOTH parties…BOTH are at fault for allowing it. Maybe Nicole was minimized and raised a stibk. Happens all the time. But they don’t release and actor, black,white or whatever unless it’s beyond redemption. The corrected their season 2 mistake and gave her a huge role this year. She was the driving force for much of the plot. I love abbie and ichabods chemistry but I got bored this year. To the point I still haven’t watched the last 7 episodes. That’s never happened before when I DVD this show. Tom’s portrayal of ichabod is why the show took off. Abbie was a generic FBI agent character who grew into an integral part of the story.. but anyone could have played the role…Tom as Ichabod however made the show click. New blood may help it may not. But Nicole leaving will not decimate the ratings folks. If they drop it will be because of the show just running it’s course.

      • scyren says:

        The show took off because of the chemistry of the two leads…period end of sentence. They both were vulnerable characters who relied on each other to get through all the bad things that happened to them and around them. It was their bond that sold the show. I don’t agree that Tom made the show click. They both made it click and I loved both of them equally. I think you underestimate how many fans watched for her. I think it will affect it. You never know if they’ll get new fans to replace that, but there are a lot of people who are just done.

        • Steve says:

          Please…I watched Smallville…they had “fan revolts ” all the time. And if that show wanted to it would still be on the air.. Tom is the reason the show works.. yes their chemistry was incredible. BUT…if Crane doesn’t work then you have NO SHOW!! that character is the draw. He’s why people were going to turn I initially. The actor they chose HAD to NAIL it. And he did. That in no way diminishes what Nichole brought to the show, but you could have very easily cast a different actress who had similar chemistry and the show would have still been a hit. Take away Tom from the show and it’s imminently harder to have the same outcome. I even remember reading that they had a real hard time casting the role and he was like a last minute find.

          • Mimi says:

            Sorry they tried paring him with other actresses with Katia,Zoe(character), Lyndie, and Jessica and while they are good actresses they did not have the same crazy chemistry that Nicole had with Tom , that is what you and Fox apparently don’t get, lightening in a bottle, you don’t create it, it just is

      • RJ says:

        Steve said: “Abbie was a generic FBI agent character who grew into an integral part of the story.. but anyone could have played the role.”

        If anybody could have played the role then they would have hired one of the many white actresses that tried out for the part. The part was written for a white actress, Nicole came in and read for FOX and blew them (executives) out of the water. The creators/producers/suits decided to hire her and change a few things related to her character’s background and backstory. Then they went looking for Crane. Tom’s agent sent in his audition tape and they (FOX) invited him across the pond for a chemistry read with Nicole … and, as they say — the rest is history.

        Sometimes you just have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. How would you feel if the show re-wrote the show (script) for you and then maligned your character in Season 2? How would you feel to be a lead on the show but in the Sleepy Hollow intro it has Tom Mison’s (an actor from England) name come before your own? Last time I checked B comes before M. Would you feel valued? or Would you wonder what the heck was going on? I don’t know, maybe Nicole needs a better agent.

        The one thing that I do know for sure is that FOX or the showrunners are to blame for the mess made of this show. They don’t need Nicole Beharie which means they don’t need me to tune in to watch their show. I’ll just watch Grimm or Dateline instead.

        Good Luck SH/S4 — you’re going to need it!

        • Steve says:

          An actors place in the credits is usually in their contract. And if she’s getting prissy about where her name falls in the credits then the he’ll over yourself woman…seriously..get pissy about equal pay…but credit placement? IF that is true then it shows me she was the problem. Like I said…in truth it’s both their faults and it is what it is. We will see just how much the show was watched for ichabod next year…but if the writing improves and they find someone with great chemistry then I don’t doubt it can keep going..the ratings bar for renewals is much lower than it used to be.

      • Djinna says:

        I think a lot of fans have jumped ship because of this situation; the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, and we’ll probably never know it. But many people, including critics, will likely say the death knell of this show was inconsistent writing, plot holes, and seemingly a new direction every week. The quality of Season 1 just ISN’T there, and even if you leave the actors out of it, they have a big problem (Orci is back asking fans a lot of questions, but I don’t know if even he can right the ship at this point).

  19. Lysh says:

    Was this the blind item with the diva female lead? I’ve seen some things on Tumblr that suggests it, but I don’t know. I love Tom Mison and I guess Ichabod had become iconic, but now that he knows enough about the modern world and he won’t have that Abbey Mills chemistry around, it’s going to be a totally different show and I’m not sure I’m here for that.

    • Nichole says:

      This has been my thought since we found out she was off the show. This whole thing reminds me of when Shannen Doherty was fired but they publicly said she quit.

    • Ivan says:

      She was not a diva. I worked with the cast/crew this season and can debunk this myth. If you believe what people write on Tumblr, it must be very easy to pull the wool over your eyes.

  20. sam says:

    I’ve never read so much dumb from a network executive. I guess that explains their decision to renew this trainwreck.

    • not Bridget says:

      I’m sure we have a whole new bunch of network executives. But Firefly fans know how much you can depend on Fox…

  21. Jackie Puterbaugh says:

    While it is always difficult to lose a favorite character, keeping a program on a major net with strong female leads that happen to be minorities is important. Young people watch and are heavily influenced by what they see.

  22. Cheryl says:

    I loved season 1 and season 2 was average. I started out loving season 3 until the “god” showed up. Ugh! I thought Pandora was awesome until she brought him to life, then it became so boring. I also hated the catacombs with Abbie trapped and going crazy. I am not a big fan of Jenny’s character either, and there was way too much Nikki Reed and flashbacks. I deleted this series from my list, but maybe they can turn it around. I do love Tom Mison as Ichabod.

  23. GraceM says:

    Season 3 was the last season for many including me. I stopped watching before the killed off Joe Corbin.

  24. angrypieguy says:

    Step 2: A Sleepy Hollow/Lucifer crossover. Call it “The Tom Couple” where Ellis and Mison just British the hell out of everything.

    Step 3: Profit

  25. Towanda Oliver says:

    Fox is full of bs. But this is the best thing for Nicole, because she can and has moved on to bigger and better. Tom Mison is not a big star, nobody knoes who he is until this show and most still don’t know. This show is gonna flop without the star Nicole. Can’t wait to laugh at Fox and their wrong decision.

  26. mich5095 says:

    The show is over….it’s just a matter of time.

    • Daniel says:

      haha WTF is this? The show is NOT over… It has a season 4. Use English man…

      • Brenda Lee Lunceford says:

        Bulls hit answer..blame it on her, when you all just resented her fan base, which distracted from your precious Tom Mison…send him back to London and cancel the show. The show IS over…..

  27. Debbie says:

    I am not sure how the show will be without Nicole, but Tom is the heart of the show. The character he plays is so much fun and I will definitely keep watching the show because of him. I’m not ready for the show to be over, I love the historic aspect of the show and really do look forward to it and Ichabod!

    • rinaex says:

      I’m sorry that Nicole’s gone, but I’m definitely going to give S4 a shot as I also think Tom Mison has done a great job with the character of Ichabod Crane despite some VERY sketchy writing.

    • Grant says:

      You haven’t watched Sleepy Hollow since the beginning, have you? Tom Mison by himself is not – and never was -the HEART of the show. Nicole Beharie’s Abbie was as important to the success as Ichabod has been.

  28. LittleMo says:

    Nicole demanded to leave – and almost immediately. She made it known not even half way through SEASON 2 that she wanted out of her contract. That is no more than somebody who, when they don’t get their way, takes their ball and goes home. I didn’t care for the way Katrina was written, either, but why is everyone so down on Season 2? Season 1 went into Abby’s life story, the back story of Papa Mills, Jenny, their mother, Grace Dixon, Abby’s teen troubles and the sheriff saving her from having a record. Do people think the show shouldn’t have been fair and given equal time to Crane’s family and how he and the horseman ended up in 21st century Sleepy Hollow? It sure sounds like Nicole just didn’t want to share the spotlight. As for the DVD commentary debacle, we don’t know that Fox did that on purpose. Given the fact that NB was so insistent on leaving, this may be one of the things that the network just couldn’t make her happy about. If that was it then I don’t blame Fox or the show for not including Nicole in the commentary. What network would give a performer that kind of perk when said performer has been consistently and long-term throwing negotiations meant to keep them happy and on a show back in their face? I liked the character of Abby, too, but people should consider that maybe – JUST MAYBE – what Nicole wanted was unreasonable.

    • not Bridget says:

      Ah, another anonymous industry outsider. (Does Fox pay you guys?)

      The show was good in season 1. It started going downhill in season 2 & never recovered. Too bad, so sad. Ms Beharie has a great career ahead of her. So does Tom Mison–on another show.

  29. Nicole Wanted off the show. Fox execs san spin this all they want . Now they’re stuck.


    As a massive fan of SH, I waited for fresh new storyline again with the dynamic duo, and what do we get, half of it killed off. I watched the show because I loved those two together. Clearly season 2 showed when they were apart the show began to fail. Now Abbie is gone, well so am I. I am so disappointed in this show. AS much as I love Tom, and I really do. There chemistry was electric. May I just add, for me, Abby was one of the most well written female roles we have on TV, or excuse me, had on TV today. To see this character killed off in such a strange manner, and not even given the respect due to such a dynamic character is shameful. I would expect a tremendous ending for Crane if it were reversed. Thanks for one of the best first seasons I have ever seen on tv BUT, for now I must bid this show adieu.

    • Annie says:

      I’d have to agree with all of this! Nicole and her character deserved more! I might watch the beginning of the new season to see what direction they take it but it would have to be great to keep my attention without Crane and Abbie!

  31. Abbie Fan says:

    I won’t be watching without Nicole. I hope she goes on to bigger and better. She was the lead female but the show runners constantly added white love interests to undermine Nicole. What was the point of Betsy Ross? It’s like the show was afraid to have a black female lead. It’s Person of Interest all over again. The show was only good when Nicole was allowed to be a true co-lead during season 1. The antics of Crane get old quickly.

    • not Bridget says:

      As a recenter convert to Person of Interest, I must speak up. Carter’s death was controversial–but it was riveting television. She died as a result of her brave fight against corrupt police. And the scene was painful & dramatic. Then vengeance rained down upon the evildoers. And Carter has not been forgotten.

      POI had & has other strengths. So I’m following the last season now & wishing there could be more. Sleepy Hollow has no strengths to fall back on–it’s been limping along since the end of season 1. I’ll read reviews for next season but doubt I’ll watch.

    • mary says:

      Tom Mison is the only white character left on the show-the rest are all black. As for POI, Taraji Henson knew she was leaving after 2 years. That is what she signed for. That is all she wanted.
      As for “true” lead….It’s called Sleepy Hollow! W/out Crane it would not make sense.

  32. Sammy says:

    It will be the final season. I am sure that the ratings will be deplorable. I am a debby downer or troll but Sleepy Hollow is a dyinh husk of what it once was.

    I get the show having to kill of characters to keep the stakes high but to loose someone from the initial premise so early in the game is ridonkulous. ER and Greys only managed it after quite a few seasons establishing other ppl who we care for. Its dumb. Its a shame this show had such an amazing story if they did it right. *sigh*

  33. Tracee says:

    You know, this is so infuriating. FOX is the bait and switch network. Create a diverse S1 cast to grab ratings when you KNOW that supernatural shows aren’t frequented by PoC main characters. Then, sideline the black actors in S2 to prop up white actors and mold the show into a soap opera so badly that ratings fall out of the bottom and ALL RACES notices the mess that has been made. Critics eviscerated this show in S3. There has been NO positive press from people who loved watching Abbie and Crane together. Dana Walden is an idiot – Nicole Beharie had a fanbase before SH, few knew who Tom Mison even was. I love Tom and wish him the very best but I will not be supporting this anymore. He can’t carry the show alone.

  34. M. Morales says:

    Bury the show already! Gee wiz! But im not worried. fans are smart and will not “eat” whatever you try to “feed” them. This show is much like a terminally ill person, they can buy a little time but the end is on its way.

  35. Kim says:

    I have watch the show from the beginning. The chemistry on air between the two of them was great. I can not imagine a crane without an abbey or an abbey without a crane. Bad decision!

  36. jack says:

    never should have gotten rid of Abbie!!! hopefully she’ll come back from wherever it is she’s at there.

  37. Trinity says:

    What they are not saying is Tom’s ego couldn’t handle Nicole’s popularity and gave the producers an ultimatum;Nicole exited gracefully because her contract requires they pay her anyway.We will see her again.

    • Morisot says:

      You know this how? You worked on the show in Hollywood or North Carolina?

      Maybe we will see her in kitty-litter commercial in a few years (like another “popular” star who left a show in a kerfuffle like this!)

    • WOW says:

      Wow. NO ONE is going to believe this. Absolutely no one. You cannot find a person who has worked with Tom Mison who hasn’t raved about how great and kind and generous he is. And this includes Nicole Beharie. Climb back into your hole, troll.

      • not Bridget says:

        Indeed. Should we welcome the rare Anti-Tom Troll as a change from all the Anti-Nicole Trolls?

        Nope, trolls are boring. Both actors worked beautifully together. But incompetent show runners and poor writing can wreck an excellent show.

    • Djinna says:

      I watch(ed!) for the chemistry between the two leads; they both always seemed to be the best of friends, never had a bad word to say about the other, and as much as I will defend Nicole (who WAS sidelined in Season 2, which would make any actor unhappy), I’ll do the same for Tom. I’ve never heard a bad word against him in media OR from fans who have actually met him, who describe him as warm, funny, gracious, and the biggest STAN for Nicole ever. Maybe he’s a better actor than we know and is horrible behind the scenes, but no one I’ve ever met who has met him as ever seen an inkling of it.

  38. Tracey says:

    Well this show just “jumped the shark”

  39. I didn’t watch the finale, and I have no interest in watching it without her. For me, the two of them as partners made the show.

  40. william says:

    This is like the show Castle. The 2 lead actors that are so insync with one another and you get that sexual tension between the two. Having one without the other caused a huge backlash with that show. I wonder if this show will survive without Beckett…I mean Abbie.

  41. The Kaibosh says:

    I have to giggle at some of the absurd comments and how incredulous and outraged people are feeling. The show is just a product. Plain and simple. Do people really think the CEO of Fox listens to these comments or actually cares what anyone here thinks? Do those commenting here and on twitter etc really think that the Fox executives are wringing their hands with worry about how to spin this or are really that concerned about some vocal people coming back or not? No. They’re not. The show is a product. Period. They have enough data to support renewing it for another season and if it stops being profitable they’ll pull it for something else that is. That’s all there is to it. Nobody on this comment board is going to win any I told you so points. Let it go and watch it or don’t. Fox will make it’s money either way.

    • YES says:

      Well stated.

    • mango cherry says:

      Right. When folks complained about S2 storyline fiasco and the showrunner did NOT have contract renewed, cast members were let go by end of S2 and Dana & co were talking “reboot” of Sleepy Hollow for S3– that just came out out of air?? So Fox woke up one morning and decided out of the blue to make these changes?? Right.

      • LOL says:

        Who do you think let those people go? Wake up. You are living in a fantasy world. What was done to the show in S2 was done by “Dana & Co.” It didn’t work, so they went to plan C in S3. TV executives are not interesting in making art. They are interested in making money.

    • danielle enbody says:

      Yes, the CEO, and staff does listen to viewer comments. There is no way they would stay in business if people did not watch their shows. This show will definitely fail. The creators, writers,and other powers have ruined this show!!!!

    • Lou says:

      The idea of shows as interchangeable product, and fans as irrelevant is precisely why TV ratings are at an all time low,
      Execs need to realise that every time they disappoint a devoted fan of a show, that’s one less person (or in this case), millions fewer people tuning in to the next pilot.
      After a while the numbers, and the damage to the channel’s reputation start to add up.

    • Yay says:

      Wow! The queen has spoken. There was nothing to suggest that they should renew this show. Ratings averaged 0.7 weekly. Fans asked constantly if the shoe would be renewed. Fox would respond they just aren’t ready yet. Meanwhile they make the dumbest decision ever and kill off their lead character which would make next years rating even lower? But now they renew? Hmmm looks like s bunch of white execs not wanting to look stupid. This will be their most expensive trek to syndication.

  42. Heather Lee says:

    I liked both Nichole & Tom….their characters worked well together. All I can say is I see this show going down the same road as one of my favorite tv shows during the late ’80’s went. One of the two main characters was killed off ultimately ending the show. I may watch a couple of episodes, just to see how it is….

  43. Lou Anna says:

    I love this show! Which is why I knew it wouldn’t last. It seems I can fall in love with a series which has it’s ups and downs and then BAM! gone….Perhaps this would have been better if they did not continue to fight things like gods but kept with the actual witness theme and pursued the Four Horsemen rather than on a tangential path of “other” less common mythical creatures like The Hidden One? What connection did he have to Four Horsemen? None???

    • not Bridget says:

      The show suffered from not having a consistent plan. The producers who started it left & the show runner for season 2 had his own ideas. He failed but the folks in charge of season 3 didn’t do much better.

      Serious show runners design plot & character arcs that last several seasons. They have vision & do not drive away good cast members.

  44. Flo says:

    The statement from Dana Walden is a 180 from what was said last year: that they loved Tom and Nicole as a team. The only thing keeping this show afloat is FOX wanting to sell it in syndication and make its money back.

    The show might as well be dead. Its “big star” is MIA, and didn’t promote the show at all this year aside from 1 small con. That speaks volumes. Where is your big star??? The star that wanted time off too.??

    Fans have left and considering it’s not coming back until 2017, let’s see how much of that less than 3 million viewers even remember or care for the show, then.

  45. BirdieWolf says:

    Lol the Fox Bosses are so full of it. And I found it hilarious that of all the times they have cancelled brilliant shows without a second thought, they renew this pile of garbage just to prove that the black woman wasn’t important to the show. It honestly makes no ‘business’ (you know they excuse they like to hide behind when they do racist/sexist things like this) sense. It started out as a ratings hit, then with each season has gotten progressively worse. They literally took everything ‘most’ fans(since some of yall when be like, you don’t speak for all the fans. Fine, but we do speak for a lot of them) enjoyed about the show : they serialized storytelling and Ichabod’s and Abbie’s relationship. Those were the two best things about the show, and yet they continued to push Abbie’s character to the side in favor of other (white) women. I didn’t waste my time watching season 3 after I saw these same fools say fans wanted the show to be more episodic. Who told them that? I don’t know why they worked so hard to kill the show.
    Also I know a lot of people are debating who was first or second chair, it really doesn’t matter, because they made beautiful music together, you take one of them away and that is gone. And do you really expect the next woman they bring up will actually work? They way I see it, they’ve already tried this twice and failed both times.
    Also if Tom Mison is as big of a star they say he is, then kill the show and put him in one of their new pilots. It is not like people just found out he was doing the show, and fans still left in droves despite seeing him on screen. Not really sure what staying power Fox thinks he has considering fans still left when both leads were on the show.

    • real insider says:

      1. People are debating who was 1st or 2nd chair? Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane is #1 on the call sheet. Always has been. You can stop debating.
      2. They cannot just put Tom in another show. His contract is for Sleepy Hollow. If they want to keep him on the FOX roster, they have to keep him in Sleepy Hollow, or hope they could convince him to sign to do a new pilot that might or might not work (way too many “ifs” there). As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sleepy Hollow is their bird in the hand. If they want to keep Tom Mison, and clearly they do, they keep Sleepy Hollow.

      • Jared Padalecki is the first on the call sheet for Supernatural. No one would say he’s the only lead. Beharie was the CO-LEAD, she was meant to shine with Tom Mison, oh and guess what they did SHINE. They were the show, them fighting the evil together. The show for some reason never seemed to get that past season 1… I tried to stick with it but her being fire(or pushed to the side and wanting to leave) just has left a sour taste in my mouth. They created the mess the show is and they seem to just not want to admit it.

        I do wish Tom Mison the best but I think he deserves better himself.

      • Lou says:

        Mison wasn’t first on the call sheet.
        Beharie had a stronger CV coming off ’42’ and was cast first.
        Mison was cast for his chemistry with HER, not the other way around.

        • GeorgiaGirl says:

          Seen call sheets, have you? I have. Tom Mison is first. Always has been. I’m betting you don’t even know what that means, though.
          Mison was cast because he was the only actor they found who could play ichabod crane as they envisioned him. The producers said more than once that they’d looked at hundreds of auditions. That he had chemistry with Beharie was great. For Beharie. Because if they didn’t click in that pilot and one of them had to go before it went to series? You never would have seen Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills. That role would have been the much easier one to recast. That’s how Hollywood works.

  46. Cat says:

    Looking forward to next season. Focus has been too much on Abbie, Abbie’s Sister, Abbie’s Mother, Abbie’s Father, Abbie’s ex-partner…want more of Ichabod and his interactions with other people.

    • not Bridget says:

      So, do you prefer Katrina or Betsy Ross? Neither character was particularly well-written or well acted–but they were both white.

      (I’m white too. But I enjoy all good performers. Hey, I miss Frank!)

      • Viv says:

        I thought Katrina was good character- but it felt wrong to give her so much screen time with Ich. like ok a good triangle but it began to make Abby seem like a “third wheel.”
        BUT that Betsey Ross- OMG- the worst acting I”ve see in prime time in memory. Like way way too strong, flat tonality- and too contemporary even if she was a revolutionary in her time.

  47. Cynde Frizzell says:

    Will miss Abbie, Nicole Beharie is a wonderful actress, but I’m SO glad Sleepy Hollow was renewed. It is one of my favorite shows. Haven’t missed an episode in three years.

  48. Allison says:

    Love SH! Hated to see Nicole AKA Abbie die off but, never say never in TVLand. Can’t wait for season four with heartthrob Tom Mison!

  49. Bottomline: We only feel male leads are what matter. What BS… Only continues my anger over how Beharie was treated, it’s no wonder she wanted out… the focus on Mison only didn’t just start now.

    Sleepy Hollow was an amazing one season show.

  50. ABC was smart enough to cancel Castle once it was known that Stana would not be back. Fox is making a mistake here. This will be a quick cancellation.

    • EA says:

      Castle has been flogging a dead horse for the last three seasons – cancellation was a mercy. I still think they could have retooled a new show with just Nathan Fillion – let’s face it, he was the draw and probably the best thing in the show. Stana Katic hasn’t been in anything noteworthy before or after Castle.

    • mary says:

      ABC fired Stanic, bit of a difference.