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Jane the Virgin Recap

Jane the Virgin Boss on [Spoiler]'s Fate, Anezka's Plan, Xo's Surprise and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s Jane the Virgin finale

Jane the Virgin capped its second season on Monday night with a wedding — but did anyone actually get hitched? Better question: Were all those theories about Michael dying correct?

Before we get to that, can we talk about the other Villanueva woman experiencing a major life change in the finale? Xo is preggers! (I once talked with executive producer Jennie Urman about how every season could be the story of a different pregnancy, and I love that it’s now coming true. Season 4: Alba?!)

As for the episode’s other big twists:

* Jane and Michael did, indeed, get married. (Michael saying his vows in Spanish was sweet enough to switch some Team Rafael-ers to the other side, I think.) Then the church choir and guests broke out in song, encouraging the couple “to go have sex” now. But before they could do it, Michael realized Susanna was the mole, and she shot him. Oh, and Susanna is actually Rose in disguise. “It’s time to go,” Rose told Luisa. Holy telenovela!

* Rafael — seeing how happy Jane was with Michael — decided to keep his feelings for his babymama to himself.

* A seizure-induced mini-stroke left Anezka unable to speak, except — twist! — it was actually Petra who was hospitalized. Not only had Anezka taken her sis’ place, she got it on with Rafael. #Petrafied

* Xo told Rogelio she wanted to be with him, and he returned her feelings, but he still wanted kids. So the two shared a bittersweet dance instead of getting back together.

Read on for scoop from EP Jennie Urman about Michael’s future, Jane’s sex life, those switcheroo shockers and more.

TVLINE | You know the first question I’m going to ask you: Is Michael alive?
Very early on in Season 3, you’ll have that answer.

TVLINE | Was there any discussion about at least letting them do the deed before this twist happened?
Definitely, there was. I never wanted Jane to lose her virginity in a season premiere or a season finale. I just feel like that puts too much pressure on that, and I just don’t think that’s what the show is about. She is going to lose her virginity. It’s not too far in the future, but it didn’t happen [in this finale].

TVLINE | There was speculation about whether the wedding would happen or not, especially since Rafael was harboring feelings for Jane. Was it always the plan to have Jane and Michael get married?
Yes, Jane made a choice in Episode 12 — she chose Michael. Although Rafael has had strong feelings for her and they’ve remained, and definitely fandoms have had strong feelings about Jane and Rafael, Jane has never wavered since she’s made that choice. That was really important to us as writers… If people start changing their minds too many times, you start to lose faith in the character and in their choices. Jane wasn’t going to make that choice until she was sure, and when she chose Michael, she was sure.

TVLINE | Rafael decided not to say anything to Jane about his feelings. Was that his way of moving on?
It’s one of my favorite moments that he’s had. I felt like it was really important to give Rafael a little bit of a character-building moment in there. He’s been so driven by what he wants and his vision of their perfect family and what it would look like if he had Jane. We felt like it would be great for him to have a real selfless moment when he saw Jane was happy. She gets married, and he knows he has to move on at that point.

TVLINE | What in the world did Anezka inject Petra with?
[Laughs] I don’t have the name of that. It starts with a “C.” It paralyzes you, and you have to keep injecting it to keep it current. Anezka will be moving Petra into her home to take care of her sister next season, so she can keep her petrified as long as possible.

TVLINE | What is Anezka and Madga’s endgame?
Magda’s been planning the takeover since last year. I think it was around Episode 20 when Petra made her mother turn herself in. Magda realized that Petra was not going to be by her side forever. So she’s been cultivating Anezka. Their endgame is, of course, money. Magda wants Anezka to get her a lawyer and get her out of jail and stand up for her mom. Ultimately, they’re opportunists. I would say money and the Marbella and freedom are their big goals.

TVLINE | How long has Rose been Susanna?
Since the beginning. She just manufactured her as a person.

TVLINE | What kind of role is she going to play next season?
At the beginning of this season, once Nadine got the chip back [in the season opener] and then it didn’t get returned to Sin Rosetro, Sin Rosetro knew she had to [go] undercover to get it. That’s why she was leading Michael to try to figure out where Nadine was and where she hid it. Once she got the chip back and, essentially, the money that was buried under the Fairwick, she had all of things that she needed to come back. The only thing that has been missing from her life is Luisa, who she believes she is meant to be with. I’m interested in the relationship between Luisa and Rose, and I would like to put them in couples therapy next year, see how they do. Can they get over the fact that Rose killed her father? Maybe, maybe not.

TVLINE | Is the plan really to have a pregnancy every season, like we talked about after the Season 1 finale?
Well, maybe a pregnancy but not necessarily a baby. Petra was trying to get herself pregnant. Xo, we know very well, does not want to have another baby. She doesn’t want to have another baby with Rogelio. She certainly doesn’t want to have a baby with Esteban. So that will be what we deal with when we come back.

TVLINE | How might Rogelio feel about Xo being pregnant with Esteban’s baby?
[Laughs] It would be akin to Rosemary’s Baby. He’s not going to be too thrilled. Of course, it’s not his decision to make one way or another.

TVLINE | Michael saying his vows in Spanish was so wonderful. How did that come about?
That was a last-minute [idea]. One of my writers, Carolina Rivera, came up to me after the table read for [Episode] 21, and she was bursting with excitement. She said, “Michael has to say his vows to Jane in Spanish,” and I thought, “Oh my gosh, that’s perfect!” It was her idea, and it was one of those ideas [where] there’s no debate. We just all knew it instantly. It made me emotional just to think about it.

Jane the Virgin fans, grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Katy says:

    Michael was shot doubt he dies ;) and I’m actually giddy that Rose is still alive.

    • Mareesa says:


      • Emelita says:

        i really like Michael and Jane together i love them both since from the start of this movie i really love there tandem… i cry when they broke and now they should got married yeeeyy… i always watch this

        • Annie says:

          I don’t usually leave comment but this finale was great! Jane and Michael are perfect for each other! I’m team Michael all the way. If he dies, I’m out :-/

          • Becky says:

            I’m sorry I don’t like Michael. I know Jane and Rafael should be together. Rafael is hot and Michael is… well… not.

    • GregJ. says:

      I was always team Rafael, but Michael saying his vows in Spanish just won me over. Mad respect to him.

      • Trish says:

        I have ALWAYS been Team Michael! Wasn’t that EPIC?! OMG, what mother wouldn’t want a beautiful man like Michael as their son-in-law! His vows in Spanish was the BEST ever! I love him more that I did yesterday!

      • PharaohMisa says:

        It didn’t win me over but I have to admit that was sweet of him. But Rafael deciding to let Jane be happy is why I’ve always loved him. He might be many things but he’s passionate but the things he cares for. I know they can’t happen at this point, but I still support their love.

        • Trish says:

          True, but it took his sister to tell him that, so I don’t think he’s that passionate (he should of thought of that himself). ONLY when it “affects” him, does he make amends. He’s okay but not worthy of Jane. Michael…what can I say?…He is PERFECT!

          • Postshow Commenter says:

            Totally off the subject, but I really didn’t like all the makeup Jane was wearing. She is pretty naturally, and didn’t need all that…but anyway, we’ll see how this all shakes out. Someone said that Michael is boring…well frankly, so is Jane! And please stop making Rafael into the Devil. Both he and Michael have made some major mistakes (lying, scheming, and making bad decisions), like all humans do. Something made Jane fall for Rafael in the first place WHEN she was with Michael…so, I have some doubts about the long term future of this union.

        • Mayi says:

          I am team RAFAEL i hope they get back together and raise their child together. Jane bring the good in him and makes him a better person and they are great together even thoe Michael is a good person and they are good together but i feel like rafael and jane are better for each other they complement each other more and they loved each other very much jane just cant see it right now because all she ever think about all the drama with rafael but i wish rafael was the one who got shot and boarder line of dying so jane can realize the love she have for him.

  2. niloofar says:


  3. NM says:


  4. anon says:

    Poor Petra :( Writers, can you let her be happy? And I guessed that Michael would probably die, but I didn’t think the wedding would happen before (I figured he wouldn’t show up and then they’d find his body somewhere). I’m kind of happy Rose is still alive!

  5. pecola says:

    I’ve been reading TVline since its inception and this is the first time I can recall giving a show an A.

    That was so good…

    The Spanish vows? The Bruno Mars cameo? The father-daughter dance?

    SO, SO GOOD…

  6. This episode was beyond perfect. Seriously, Jane – I am so glad I found this wonderful, amazing show. The Jane and Michael moments seriously sealed the deal for me, forever. They are one of the best couples of all time. Their love is so genuine and pure. His vows in Spanish? Amazing. Their first dance? Amazing! Walking down the aisle, him giving her the snow globe, the makeout in the beginning, all of it.

    And the amazing Rogelio and Jane dance! Perfect finale.

    And Michael can’t bead dead…if he is, nope. Like no way.

  7. Sally McLinn says:

    Jane was so funny tonight, and that cliff hanger – oh my! Can’t wait until the fall!

  8. T.M. says:

    If Michael truly dies. I’m out. But I’m pretty sure he’ll just be in a coma and live. :)

  9. Carrie says:

    We were all expecting it, but I hate being left with Michael’s life hanging in the balance. And Petra’s suffering a fate worse than death, right there.

  10. Rachel says:

    I like cop Michael. I just don’t like him with Jane….boring!

    • Kristenk says:

      Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t see their chemistry.

      • Kerk says:

        Right there with you, it was so boring when they were together…

        • Shelly says:

          Same here. They are super boring together.

          • Daphne says:

            Also, it makes no sense to have 2-3 seasons of a show to revert back to where they started: ie. Jane & Michael getting married. There needs to be some kind of evolution in these characters, there’s no point in the status quo and creating drama for nothing. That’s why Jane needs to end up with Rafael in my opinion: so that everything that will have happened during the series lead them to this endgame determined by fate in the very 1st episode. Anyway, #TeamRafael!

          • Susan says:

            I love Jane with Michael and don’t care for Rafael with Jane. I’d like to see Rafael with Anezka, who he thinks is Petra. That would be sure be interesting.

      • Bill says:

        Everything is entitled to their opinion, but I have never seen two television characters more perfect for each other than those two. “Boring” men like that are usually the ones who make great husbands and fathers and that women stay married to happily for about 50 or 60 years.Kind, thoughtful, understanding, great with kids, her family is crazy about him and he can’t wait to make love to his wife. Yeah, you’re right. What a loser!

        • Ella says:

          LOL, well said. Michael is a dreamboat – he sees, appreciates and loves everything about Jane, including the things that viewers find irrational and irritating. His vows in Spanish, his love for Mateo and his complete and total understanding of her wanting to put her thesis before the wedding (though even I, as a cynical romantic and feminist didn’t entirely understand that lol) sealed the deal for me tonight. Rafael, her teacher, NOBODY else even comes close to competition.

          • Erik says:

            ^ exactly my thoughts. Michael’s got everything a heterosexual woman could ever want.

        • redjane12 says:

          100% agree with you that Michael is likely to be the safest option for a husband, father etc. if this was real life… For a TV show, especially a telenovela… he is too boring an option vs. all the problems/challenges/adventures/complications that Rafael brings with him… which make for great TV drama…

        • Maritza Ruiz says:

          Yes!!! I completely agree.

        • Raych says:

          Right😂😂😂! #TeamMicheal since day one!

      • Lizzie says:

        The problem is that this is overall a soap opera. With twist and turns and relationship drama all around. Jane and Michael are just so boring and it makes the rest of the stories just fall flat. Yeah he makes a real life great boyfriend but if every season is going to be about fighting to see who is the better person it gets old fast. Especially if Rafael has moved on then there isn’t that outside force trying to break them up. Outside forces that actually mean something. One thing that bugs me is that Michael has no apparent flaws,he does everything he does for the love of Jane. She has thousands of flaws and yet he always comes out as the night in shining armor. Like I said it becomes boring fast.

    • redjane12 says:

      I tend to agree… Jane and Rafael (whether dating, as friends, as co-parents, as loves, married even) are an eternal source of arguments, complications, disagreements… in a word drama which makes for great TV in a telenovela… Nothing more boring on TV than a happy couple that agree on nearly everything as Michael and Jane do… great in real life, not compelling TV…

    • miles says:

      i stopped watching season 1 when i found out that jane will still end up with michael. dont wanna waste my time hoping for #teamRafael! but after reading these spoilers i might reconsider watching again if there is still hope for #teamRafael!!!

    • Trish says:

      That’s because Michael is a gentleman and you are probably used to seeing men like Raphael on television nowadays, you know, slutting around! Trust me, if you don’t already have one (and I bet you do), you would LOVE a beautiful, handsome, sweet and oh so considerate man like Michael! I wish there were more MEN like him on television nowadays! I tip my hat off to the writers! Jane and Michael FOREVER!!!

      • cherriyasz says:

        Ah. Then TV will suck so bad and shows will get cancelled left right and center. We watch tv to escape reality, not fall right back into it. And Rafael isn’t portrayed as slutting around. He has been in love with Jane and is still in love with her and has been generally shown to still be faithful to his feelings. This past Anezka indiscretion aside.

        • T.M. says:

          …except that episode that showed him escorting multiple women from the bar to his suite? He is a single man so he can do what he wants… but Anezka isn’t the only indiscretion.

  11. Carolyn burns says:

    What was the name of the Bruno Mars Song? Was it wrote for the show? I swear she acted like she didn’t know he would be there.

    • Mary Mitchell says:

      The song is The Rest of My Life….written by Bruno and versions have been out on YouTube but I see they are pulled now after this tonight. Never made it to an album. He looked and sounded great.

  12. Anne says:

    Really hoping Michael isn’t dead. I don’t think he is- it is a comedy at the end of the day. That said, I’m not sure I could watch a JTV without Michael and his relationship with the whole Villanueva family!

  13. Alyson says:

    I had come to terms with the fact that something was happening to Michael a few episodes ago, but I thought they’d at least get to have sex first!

    Bruno was a nice surprise!

    Why can’t Petra have nice things?

  14. Michelle says:

    I had a feeling they’d do this to Michael. So disappointing. The other twists were great. Heres hoping hes not really dead.

  15. Carolyn burns says:

    What was the song that Bruno Mars sang at their wedding. Was it wrote just for this show. I swear it seem that Jane didn’t even know that he was going to appear on the show

  16. Ian says:

    I’m beyond pissed for Petra. My God, her and Xiomara better have some good karma headed for them not long into the 3rd season, or I’m out. Give them some flipping happiness. Esteban is actually probably a good guy and would be good to Xio, so screw Rogelio, and her getting pregnant is icing on the cake as far as Im concerned. I can’t stand Rogelio. And Petra should get the chance to finally deal with all her hateful family and find someone who’ll truly love her for who she is.
    But I must say, what a pretty brilliant way to keep Jane a virgin now that she’s married. And it’s a lot more credible that Susanna happened to be a lesbian that fell for Luisa if she was Rose all along. Loved it. Loved Michael’s vows in Spanish too.

  17. Muffy says:

    There’s no way he would survive that. I don’t want hear about a bunch of miracle stories. You rarely survive that. I was never teammichael and I always thought about his death. Everyone did. But it’s most likely a fake out. It won’t matter. Michael will go from perfect boyfriend to Superman. He should be dead, but he will live. Major eye roll.

    • Muffy says:

      *to hear*

    • T.M. says:

      This is based on telenovellas. There is nothing more telenovella than significant other in a coma. We got the evil twin and shotting/potential coma in one season. I’m impressed. TBH

      • teammichael says:

        I think he will wake up from a coma and have amnesia… now that’s telenovella ;)

      • Muffy says:

        He was shot in the place where you cannot survive. I understand it’s a television show, but no can survive that. Even comedy features death. I’m sure he’s going to become superhuman.

        • Micky says:

          How about Michael has a Rosary or some other object in his pocket that deflects the bullet.

          • sporting4231 says:

            There is also the broken snow globe foreshadowing. They shouldn’t have shown it shattering if they might bring Michael back. It should have been falling and next season it could bounce on the rug.

  18. dsrbroadway says:

    I’m really disturbed by #Petrafied, I don’t know about anyone else. For that to happen to a mom, it’s a bit much. I guess they certainly raised the bar after Mateo’s theft in the first season finale. That said, a fabulous finale.

  19. Former Fan...on the fence now says:

    Boooo! I’m so bored with the Jane and Michael story. And props to Rafael. His character has really turned around and he still loses out to Michael? Jane’s not as smart as she’s made out to be. I’m pretty much out of interest for this show…which really stinks because I think the writers are so clever the way they connect all the stories and pull real emotion out of what could be cheesy and corny. And the characters and actors are AMAZING!! i just think they played it safe and lost in some of the storylines

    • Kaitlyn says:

      While I absolutely respect your preference for Rafael (and agree about his growth as a character) I feel like your framing of the triangle’s resolution as Raf “losing” Jane to Michael is very opposite to what the show is about, and has nothing to do with Jane being “smart.” This show is, at its heart, a rom-com/telenovela. And it’s about Jane making choices, not being an object to be won or lost. She is not Raf’s prize for becoming a better person. As written, she loves Michael. Not because it’s “smart” or anything else but because she loves him, period.

    • Trish says:

      Stay a “former fan”, as Michael and Jane will be together forever! They have the chemistry! Michael and Jane’s have a strong and passionate love. After all, Rogelio and Michael have this special “bromance”, right?

  20. Dude says:

    Michael isn’t dead.

  21. Regina says:

    So is it not an option at all that the baby is Rogelio’s? My heart can’t take it if the baby is Esteban’s. Rogelio would be so upset!

  22. kar says:

    It was amazing!! Michael can’t be dead though

  23. Mareesa says:

    Rose and Luisa…. Ahhhh!!! Yes!!!

  24. Anna says:

    Me @ this show: “and I hate that I love you sooooooo”
    Honestly I should be used to it, cause: telenovelas, but ughhhhhhhh. :(
    I’m mostly mad at Rose being back tho, I was so happy for Luisa and she deserves so much better :/

  25. Caro says:

    That finale was so predictable. Jane playing it safe with Michael. More twin shenanigans. Yawn. Michael and Jane were way more interesting to watch back in season one when Michael actually had a personality and flaws and wasn’t Jane’s perfect little puppet.

  26. emily says:

    i’m so relieved that everyone else thinks michael will live. i’m really nervous. its just like a tv show to get a couple married and then kill one of them right away. but reading the comments makes me feel better.

  27. Brooke says:

    Perfect finally except for Michael getting shot. I thought the wedding was beautiful though!

  28. Lizzy says:

    I’m thinking Michael is dead….Jane breaking the snow globe was like a sign of their love being broken, cuz he’s departed. Can’t wait for season 3!

  29. K says:

    That was probably one of the best TV weddings ever, and then they had to ruin it. I’m guessing that he will probably live and wake up with amnesia. At some point, he will suddenly remember everything and it will be very romantic and then they will finally have sex.

  30. Brittnee says:

    Loved loved loved loved the seasom finale!! Im not much of a michael fan. I think jane and raf together is wayy better than her and Michael. Luisa is sober and I think she will figure out a way to get away from rose. I really think that from the paragraph above that xo will miscarry and she realizes that she wants anothrr after all. But after that not sure if rogelio will want her or not. Not too sure if michael will stay alive or not either but it wouldnt be a love triangle without him… and if he dies I think he might tell raf to take care jane. Who knows. I cant wait for the next season!!

  31. Devlin says:

    I am so devastated that Michael got shot 😩😩 I love him and Jane together, Raf tries but he kind of just bugs me because he doesn’t get it, I don’t think it was ever supposed to be him. I just want Michael to be alive so him and Jane can live happily :( this episode had me in my feelings since the beginning! I was tearing up at everything! And poor Petra! She has had so much great character development, I really want her to be ok. I thought Raf would hear her say Leaping Lizards 😂 Too soon to put it together, of course.

  32. cz says:

    I don’t understand why everyone finds Michael & Jane as a couple to be boring. They have pure love, but I guess in our generation.. that’s boring. To me, it’s unlike most shows that never show pure love anymore. It’s not even a cheesy romance in my opinion. It’s a first love/bestfriend relationship that a lot of young women want/have had/do have. I really hope he doesn’t pass away.. he’s a great guy & he has amazing qualities. I’m at edge. I hate Petra’s twin & their mom.. crazy b*tches. I absolutely love this show. I never watched a soap opera or a telenovela, but I’ve been really into this show probably since it’s more comedy with a mix of that telenovela/soap vibe. I am glad Rafael wasn’t being such a spoiled brat about Jane in this episode. If she loves Michael, let it be. They’re an amazing television couple. Can’t wait for season 3!!!

  33. Anna says:

    NOOOOOOOO, MICHAEL :( I just really hope he’s not dead. Otherwise the finale was perfect!

  34. blueberry says:

    I couldn’t enjoy the finale really, because I was biting my nails, I was so worried something’s goning to happen to Michael… and it did. Please let him live, I know the triangle makes more drama, but Jane and Michael are so perfect together… please don’t ruin it.

  35. E Asti says:

    I’m too sad thinking that Michael might be dead to say overall that I enjoyed what was otherwise a terrific, fun episode. Could’ve given them one day to be happy.

  36. Christine says:

    Team Rafael here….I was happy for Jane but oh my Raf’s got some sad puppy dog eyes….

  37. Ana says:

    The way I understood season 1 of the show, I rally believed that Jane and Rafael were supposed to be together. So Jane choosing Michael never made any sense to me in the context of what the show actually was, on screen, at least to me. Jane goes from choosing Rafael and loving him to going back to Michael in such a brief period of time that my trust in her character or the reliability of her feelings hasn’t been existent. But I would never want Jane to get back together with Rafael because her true love, apparently Michael, isn’t around anymore.
    So while I’m Team Rafael and no Spanish vows can change that, I wouldn’t want Michael to die. If Jane ever went back to Rafael it should be because it’s her choice, not because she doesn’t have one anymore.
    But since the story I fell in love with in season 1 doesn’t exist anymore and it doesn’t look like it ever will again, I’ll be moving on as well and hope that the show will keep on bringing joy to others.

    • Soribel says:

      I love your comment, it is exactly how I feel. This is no longer the show that I fell in love with nor the story that made me want more. I absolutely love Jane and Rafael together, they have so much chemistry, it is even noticeable in their interactions as co parents or as just friends. I do not believe in her great love for Michael because she still melts when she’s around Rafael.
      Season 2 has been very blah… I hardly watch anymore, I fast forward Jane/Michael scenes, nothing he can say or do will make me change sides. I also do not want her back with Rafael because Michael is gone, he deserves a lot more than that. So, I will just move on to another show. It is still a great show, I’m just not interested anymore.

    • cherriyasz says:

      Amazing comment. Feel exactly the same, though am not giving up on the show yet. Want Jane and Raf back together but not as last resort. I want Micheal gone but don’t want a Jane and Rafael hookup anytime soon. Imo she needs to earn back his love even though he still loves her but it just sucks how she ignores all his mentions of it I was also glad that Rafael didnt get to express his love again asking her not to marry Micheal. That would have been steps back for him and all for nothing cause i was sure whatever the case Jane would have gone ahead with the wedding. So if Micheal dies i dont want to see Jane with Rafael till sometime in season 4.

    • Trish says:

      Yes, move on, thank you! Michael and Jane belong together!

    • Nicole says:

      I completely agree with this! It seemed like she made such a definitive choice in season 1 to be with Rafael. I understand that they had to break them up to keep things interesting, but her choice to get back with Michael never really made sense to me either. I agree that the story I fell in love with in season 1 definitely does not exist anymore. As much as I want Jane and Rafael together, I don’t want it because Michael is out of the picture. I almost want the roles to be reversed. I want Jane to be the one pursuing Rafael, not Rafael constantly pursing her.

      • Postshow Commenter says:

        That comment about Jane needing to pursue Rafael was SO on point! Sorry, but the legion of us think Jane and Michael are just boring as hell. I can’t image how season 1 will ever be topped. Their chemistry was palpable. Actually, it’s Jane that I don’t trust anymore. .

    • Marla says:

      I hear you. Loved the final episode after what I found to be a sort of mediocre season. As a die hard #TeamRafael viewer it was tough transition from falling in love with Jane and Rafael in season 1 to seeing it all go up in smoke early on in season 2. But I’ve grown to appreciate Jane and Michael’s love and the unconventional family they’ve formed with Rafael, Petra and babies (that Mother’s Day episode! lol). I almost bailed on the show midway through this season but this final episode reminded me why I originally loved this show so much.

  38. Erin B says:

    Like the kidnapping, I hope Petra’s state doesn’t take too long to resolve. It’s kind of disturbing for a light-hearted show. I don’t want it to drag out for too long.

  39. Alisha says:

    My heart sank when I saw Michael get shot! He really can’t die, him and Jane a perfect together, seriously!! This episode was amazing!!! I love this show!! I was so surprised and caught off guard!

  40. jenna says:

    I kind of wish rose remained dead, seeing susanna take off the mask was an eyeroll ‘oh no not this again’ moment for me

  41. Bill Lancaster says:

    I get that this is a telenovela and everything is intended to be over the top, but Michael getting plugged kind of sucked the air out for me of what had been one of the best episodes ever on JTV. And Susanna/Rose definitely was going for the kill shot – straight through the heart (ironic, yes?). She didn’t even bother to shoot him a second time. She figured the first one did the job. If Michael really has assumed room temp, I think JTV will lose quite a few fans over that decision, me being one of them. They spend a whole episode showing how much in love Michael and Jane are and how perfect those two are for each other and then have the guy murdered on their wedding night. Seriously? This show has had many sad moments and even more funny ones. But the death of Michael on the happiest day of his and Jane’s life would bring JTV so far down, it would really have a hard time getting back up again. Yes, I know killing off main characters like they were extras in a medieval battle scene is all the rage now, but I for one am getting a little tired of it. I hope that JTV has not chose to go down that same old road.

  42. Ella says:

    I’m so thrilled Jane and Michael got married. This episode proved once again to me that he is perfection and I am now and will always be Team Michael. This isn’t a threat I issue lightly – or one anyone will care about – but if they do kill him off for real, I’m done. The show is fantastic but I simply won’t be able to watch anymore. In other news, if Luisa doesn’t kick Rose to the curb, she will secure her position as the most useless, irritating character ever and if Petra doesn’t get out of that coma and kick Anezka’s ass, after everything she’s done for her, I’m going to be seriously peeved.

  43. Marci says:

    If they’ve killed off Michael, this show is dead to me.

  44. Cindy says:

    This was unexpected! Wow
    Anezka taking Petra’s place!? I think that she will get caught when she has one of her seazure or jane might catch on that phrase “do everything that is needed”… And Michael can’t be dead. He probably will hospitalized

  45. Daphne says:

    I think I have watched enough telenovelas in my childhood to attempt and guess what’s coming: Michael lives but is in a coma/amnesic. During his recovery, Jane’s feelings for Rafael resurface (thinking she can never be with Michael again). Rafael’s situation gets more complicated by the fact that Anezka is now pregnant with his child (which at least he got to conceive this time)! But since he’s still in love with Jane, he’ll try to make it work with her while saving Petra once he realizes the situation there. And just when they’re about to be reunited (giving life to #TeamRafael fans everywhere), Michael returns/remembers, etc. And we’re back to square one!

  46. Erik says:

    I really hope Michael survives. He’s a really good guy and his love for Jane is genuine and deep. Jane’s love for him as well. They deserve their happy-ending.

  47. Ashley says:

    doesn’t anyone remember in the first season when the narrator explicitly said it’s a shame michael dies……..? why is nobody remembering this? we’ve always known he was going to.

    • Kirstylans says:

      I agree with this comment! I think it was last season (maybe) when the narrator said “…he would love Jane until the day he died… and he did”. I’ve been waiting for his death for a while, although it does not make it any less sad! I love him as a character.

  48. LT says:

    That was a GREAT finale!!!!!

  49. Trish says:

    Just make sure Michael is okay…PLEASE!!! He and Jane belong together! OMG, when he said his vows in Spanish, I fell more in love with Michael! TEAM MICHAEL! Jane and Michael “melt” beautifully together!!!! LOVE Michael! I would LOVE to see Rafael with Petra again, so please writers, make it HAPPEN!

  50. Phillip says:

    I literally gasped and got out of my seat at the last 2 minutes. My heart was pounding and I had goosebumps. It was a fantastic finale. I really hope Michael isn’t dead!