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Jane the Virgin Boss on Baby Twist, Petra's Plans and Jane's 'Definitive' Romantic Choice in Season 2

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday night’s season finale of Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin‘s heart may have been full with love after the birth of her son on Monday night’s finale, but it’s going to be filled with worry in Season 2.

But fret not, baby Mateo’skidnapping at the hands of Sin Rosetro will be resolved quickly, executive producer Jennie Urman assures TVLine.

“I will say she’s going to get the baby back fairly early on,” she reveals. “We’re a comedy, and you can’t laugh once there’s a baby missing.”

Also in store next season: a possible new pregnancy, now that Petra has Rafael’s sperm sample; a decision in the Team Michael vs. Team Rafael debate; and plenty of challenges to Xo and Rogelio’s surprise marriage.

TVLINE | So, why a boy? What did you think a baby boy would bring to the mix for the family?
I thought it would throw them off their game a little. I felt like they really had it down pat with girls, and they were all prepared for girls. It’s a family of women — what kind of man do they want to raise? What do they know? What do they not know? I felt like it would really challenge them and delight them… That moment of, “It’s a boy?! What?,” it’s very fitting for our show.

TVLINE | Why would Sin Rosetro want a baby? An infant and criminal activity do not seem to mix well.
It’s not out of this maternal instinct that she’s had brewing. She needs something very specific that we will reveal right when we come back, and the baby is the best bargaining chip to get it.

TVLINE | Will Michael’s investigation into Sin Rosetro be key in finding Mateo?
Yes, Michael’s going to be very key to finding Mateo. Absolutely.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Does that draw Jane and Michael together more?
It’s going to draw all three of them together, because once there’s a missing baby, it’s not about who do you love and who gives you butterflies. It’s about getting the baby back. You’re going to see Michael, Rafael and Jane all work together, and once [they] get the baby back, it’s going to leave them all in a different place.

TVLINE | Once the dust settles, is Jane forced to choose between Michael and Rafael?
There’s going to be a real, definitive choice in the second season.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

TVLINE | Will Rogelio and Xo’s marriage stick?
That’s going to be a big question, and they’re going to feel about it, at different moments, in different ways. We’re going to bring people from Rogelio’s past that are going to stress that marriage. For Xo, there’s going to be a little bit of, “That was the way [I] got married?” She’s done a lot of things in her life, except get married. There’s going to be a little bit of a letdown, and she can’t get married for the first time again.

TVLINE | Is there more to the second sperm sample twist than just “This is Rafael’s second sperm sample?”
You’ll have to wait and see.

TVLINE | Some suspicions came to mind when I was watching the episode, the first being that they mixed up his sample with somebody else’s and that Jane’s baby is not really his.
Mateo is definitely Rafael’s.

TVLINE | OK, good. The other one, raised by someone in the comments section of my recap, was that the sample Petra has is not actually Rafael’s.
It is Rafael’s. [Laughs]

TVLINE | We’re clearing some stuff up here! So what does this mean for Petra? Is what she’s doing going to be played in a comedic light or a more sinister one, since she’s doing something pretty terrible behind Rafael’s back?
I like that she keeps trying to steal his sperm. And you’ve seen, it’s definitely a good sample. [Laughs] Underneath it all with Petra, they had a life that they were planning… When he turns it on with her [in the finale], she is suddenly vulnerable and sweet. All she wants is his love and affection. She’s taking it right then at the end because she found out she’s been played and she’s not really sure what she’s going to do with it, except get it and see what comes from there.

TVLINE | Every season could be the journey of a different pregnancy if she gets pregnant.
It definitely could. And that is definitely something we talked about.