Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Preview: Caterina Scorsone Talks Amelia's Wedding Day Betrayal

The promos for Thursday’s Season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8/7c) keep telling us that we are “cordially invited to the wedding event of the season.” And though we’ll be there with bells on, we can’t be quite so sure about the bride — those same promos suggest that Amelia’s feet may be getting too cold to walk down the aisle. Will the only “I do” she says be “I do not want to get married after all”? To find out, TVLine rang up Caterina Scorsone, the Private Practice veteran who plays Owen’s fiancée.

TVLINE | Let’s start at the beginning. What is going through Amelia’s head leading up to the big day?
Initially, she’s really excited. The fact is, she does love Owen deeply. And she’s never been in a relationship like this before. In the past, she’s gone out with kinda dangerous bad boys, or people who couldn’t quite understand her, so she knows that Owen’s actually a good person who is good for her — and she’s good for him, too. They bring out really wonderful, authentic things in each other [which also brings them] to a place of vulnerability that requires a lot of bravery.

TVLINE | That all sounds pretty good. Great, in fact. Where’s the catch?
The morning of the wedding, everything kind of explodes. A whole, unfortunate series of events takes place that sends Amelia into a tailspin.

TVLINE | Having to do with Owen or… ?
Having to do more with her family of origin and a perceived lack of support from her family and friends about the wedding. That spins her out. She was gung ho to go for it, but the morning of the wedding, she’s not getting the celebration and the party that she thought she’d get by becoming this adult who’s getting married. So she’s disappointed and feeling very betrayed.

TVLINE | I have to imagine that Meredith plays heavily into that. I mean, she was pretty nasty to Amelia last week.
It’s a very confusing situation. Amelia’s used to being perceived as the family screw-up. She was always trying to prove herself to Derek and her family, and prove that she was this awesome surgeon and a capable adult. Even moving in with Meredith, some of that had to do with proving that she could be a helpful adult. Meredith has kind of characterized her as this adolescent, selfish child in the past. So I think she was finally like, “Okay, I’m doing it all! I’m helping with the kids, and I’m doing my job well, and I’m part of this community!” And Meredith encouraged her to go after Owen and stop wasting her time, so I think Amelia very bravely decided to do that. She kind of believed that she stepped into a responsible adulthood that should be admirable. And that’s the exact moment when Meredith withdraws her approval. It confuses and devastates Amelia. There’s no way she can win approval from Meredith! I think that becomes a big piece of what’s going on with her.

TVLINE | It’s probably made even rougher by all the losses that Amelia has suffered over the years.
Right. She lost her dad, she doesn’t have a tight relationship with her mom, she lost Derek… All the really important people in her life, she’s lost tragically. She lost Ryan, she lost her best friend Michelle. She’s just had tragedy after tragedy with all of these people who were important to her identity. And a lot of that weight landed on Meredith. So Amelia really looks to her to give her permission to be who she is and be a legitimate member of society and the family, and she thought that she had done everything that she needed to do to get that approval.

TVLINE | Now, in the middle of this emotional crisis, with the clock ticking down to “Here Comes the Bride,” is Amelia even aware that her groom’s best man is in labor?
Thankfully, Amelia is blissfully oblivious to April’s situation. [Laughs] I think maybe that would have been the final death knell!

What do you think, Grey’s fans? Are Amelia and Owen really going to tie the knot? Do you hope they will? Hit the comments.

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  1. Maria says:

    Did they forgot that she was engaged to some guy on Private Practice?

    • NM says:

      That’s the problem with writers that pen epsiodes on this show. They take no time to get to know a characters history or past storyline.
      Amelia has been engaged twice and there’s never a past recollection of this characterstuff history since Private Practice. It’s as if the writers just pulled her character out of a hat and revamped her into someone she’s not since coming onto Greys.

      • Darcy says:

        She does mention leaving James early on when she first enters Grey’s

      • Nikki Hill says:

        That’s why she’s on GA now. She was engaged to that doctor (who was totally cute and supportive) and ran away to Seattle because she didn’t want to marry him. Amelia is still immature (Hence her decision to marry Owen. It’s literately like she just woke up and said, “Oh, I think I’ll get married today.”). Yes, she’s a grown up, but mentally, she’s still a child. Once she realizes that she can’t appease everyone she’ll be much better off.

        • ALYSSA says:

          and she killed handy many last week. that was just upsetting for me bcz she was so full of herself. even though Meredith upset her, that’s no excuse to kill a patient. I loved handy many!! her idea to operate and make his tremors go away then she was lax when he got meningitis and she is responsible for his death. I love Meredith with the hot Australian. that’s working for me!! love patryk Dempsey. yes the wedding is way to rushed and probably will not happen!

    • Victoria says:

      I thought it was also interesting when she was talking about the people she lost she never mentioned her child…..

      • A fan of TV says:

        Implied, though, right? I mean anyone who watched Private Practice knew how that shaped her. A neurosurgeon gave birth to a baby without a brain! She thought nothing could possibly be more unfair. I do think she and Owen will eventually become parents together, which would be a wonderful arc for both of their characters knowing the baby heartbreak they’ve endured.

        • NJMark says:

          Like a lot of Grey’s viewers, I never watched Private Practice, so to me, none of those things happened … in the Grey’s timeline. But as I continuity geek, I share your sentiment that if it happened to the character on TV, then it happened, and shouldn’t be ignored.

        • Sarah Schmidt says:

          omOMG it just hit me. maybe she is pregnant and that why she is hiding in the bathroom at the sneak peak! but it brought up some flash backs. I mean I dought anyone from PP or her family is going to be there.

      • Jwblumen says:

        Now we all know it was the Zika virus, and a bad series of coincidences. The sooner she gets back to the plan of marrying Owen and getting on with their lives, the better.

      • Nikki Hill says:

        I said the same thing.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Right but then she stopped that before the wedding, not ready and all that. Now she’s at the wedding but still afraid to grow up…but I have a strong feeling someone, ideally Meredith, will calm her nerves and she’ll go through with it. Ideally.

  2. Maria says:

    And my is April Owen’s “best-man”?

      • Kayla says:

        Probably due to the fact that she went over seas and served with him, I’d imagine they grew close sharing in their losses, her son and Christina.

    • Erin B says:

      I can’t stand April, but I do kind of love that she is Owen’s best man. I agree about her past engagement to James. She broke that off when she moved to Seattle.

      • Z says:

        James was too good for her, and she just had lost her baby when she met him, so she used the relationship for healing, but depp down Amelia loves the drama and is easily bored. Owen also loves crazy chicks and he’s a drama queen so they will always have something going on together. They will probably kill each other.

        • Nikki Hill says:

          I think both of them are too broken (Owen’s PTSD and Amelia’s constant falling off the wagon) to be together. She hasn’t even been sober for a year and one of the steps is not to even date within a year of you getting sober. She’s breaking the step! I just don’t like the two of them together, and it’s not because I miss Cristina, I just think the two of them are not healthy for one another.

        • Ben says:

          +1. They are a waay too much dysfunctional… and both seem to be the wrong choice for each other. IMO the writting is forcing that ship in order to make a statement.

  3. N says:

    Don’t really care

  4. Jessica says:

    Don’t care about Amelia and Owen and I hope the whole hour is going to be on this wedding- that I am pretty sure is not going to happen.

  5. Demi says:

    “And she’s never been in a relationship like this before” Sure Jan. So they forgot James and how perfect he was for her, understand her flaws and how much better that relationship is compare to this disaster waiting to happen.

    • Martina says:

      Totally agree! Still think it was a shame they broke them up. And now all the interviews with how James wasn’t the right one for her and bla bla. Owen isn’t the right ice for her either.

      • Jan Hare says:

        Call me crazy but can somebody remind me who James was? I know I sound like an idiot but I watched every moment of Private Practice and Greys and I don’t remember him. The only person I remember Amelia being really in love with was the guy who was planning on going to rehab with her who did one last hit of whatever they were on and died in her bed.

  6. Whatevah says:

    I know a lot of fans don’t like Amelia. I like her and I HATE the way Meredith talks to her and treats her. And there really doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. I guess MAYBE Derek told Meredith some things offscreen about Amelia? As far as I can tell Amelia and Meredith should be really close. This is just lame writing.

    • Annie says:

      THANK you. Me too. And I don’t see anything contradictory here with the Private Practice stuff. She *has* never been in this kind of adult, even-footing, good-for-each-other kind of relationship – James, while certainly never as bad as the drug-addict, wasn’t right for her. (Clearly.) And I like April, too – she’s come a LONG way from her early hyper-annoying days – so if we can get a happy ending for her and Jackson’s baby that’d be swell, Shonda.

    • Jess says:

      Totally agree! I LOVE Meredith, but she makes me so mad sometimes.. There’s no need to treat Amelia the way she does most of the time. Owen has moved on, and Amelia is the person he loves now, so Meredith needs to move on too. It’s not like shes still hears from Christina or anything like that.. Although, it would be so cool if she came back and appeared at the wedding!! LOL

    • Rae says:

      #DigitalHighFive! ✋
      I don’t get the hate either… and the weird argument that they don’t have chemistry??? What??? They’re HOT together. These two broken (fictionalized) characters need some happiness and some babies! Let the hilarity ensue when they get preggers! Honestly, all this talk about Christina being Owen’s soul mate, they wanted and needed different things and they DIVORCED. She moved to Switzerland. They’re the right kinda crazy they both need.

  7. Sara says:

    Amelia is a mess. Owen is a mess. Together they are a disaster, plus they actors have no chemistry, they more put them together cause both of them were single.

  8. Pamela says:

    I never understood why private practice and greys made such a big deal about Ryan’s death affecting her. He was a loser who got her on drugs that she knew for a short while yet his death was so upsetting for her.

    • Bazinga says:

      This times a million. She always acted like he was the love of her life even though she never even knew him when she was sober. Not to mention like less than a month.

  9. Luli says:

    I’m done with the Meredith and Amelia drama. Meredith needs to stop being a bitch to her, she was horrible in the last ep, and they need to learn to live with each other and have a kind of good relationship.

  10. Azerty says:

    I wish they get married and both leave Seatle.

  11. Rachel says:

    I still think the best character chemistry Amelia had was with James on Private Practice! I’m really disappointed that seemingly no effort was made to bring Matt Long into this, even on a guest star or recurring basis.

    • kn1231 says:

      I hate this relationship, mostly because it has been too rushed and I don’t really like Owen. I know a lot of people think James was the one for Amelia, but honestly I kind of shipped Amelia and Sheldon. Yeah, he was older and a little strange but that is the one person who had Amelia’s back for a significant portion of time. I think Shonda dropped the ball on that.

  12. Nikki says:

    Meredith is hateful. I hope Amelia tells her to go screw herself instead of taking more insults from her. Wouldn’t put it past Meredith to be a bitch on Amelia’s wedding day.

  13. Kourt says:

    Amelia is one of my favorite characters on the show other than Meredith. Amelia has really changed throughout the season. It takes hard work remaining sober she has done that. Amelia works in a hospital that is full of pills. She could steal them or write herself prescriptions. I like that Amelia has finally got her life in order and will hopefully be tying the knot with Owen. Amelia and Owen are perfect together because neither one of them are perfect.

  14. Cyn says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Amelia go off on Meredith because she pulled the plug on Derek’s life support?

    • Kourt says:

      Yea she did.

      • Cyn says:

        Thanks. I just wasn’t getting some people’s comments about Meredith’s bad attitude towards Amelia. I think it’s justified, but I guess at some point you have to let it go.

        • Shaela says:

          Yeah but Meredith has ALWAYS been a bitch to Amelia. Way before Derek died. And with no apparent reason. Meredith is literally my LEAST favorite character on the show. Both she and Christina have been downright CRUEL to people, and they seemed to think it was cute somehow to just be a bitch to everyone.

        • Jan Hare says:

          Hasn’t it supposedly been three years since Derek died? I thought I heard it mentioned in a show not too long ago. It’s hard to tell by the kids’ ages since we rarely see them anymore – I keep forgetting about the third one. If it HAS been three years, then yes, Amelia and Meredith should get over the resentment of each other and just be sisters. Otherwise, Meredith has no relatives except her kids and Amelia only has her family back east, who don’t approve of her and who actually gave Derek a lot of hassles. I DO remember when Tyne Daley was on as his mother when Mark was still alive and she seemed great but geeze – if Amelia’s getting married, it’d be nice if SOMEBODY from her family would show up.

    • Tamara says:

      Which I’ll never forgive the character of Meredith for. Meredith should have called Amelia or ANY of his family about Derek, and not have to hear it second hand of someone else. That was the most inconsiderate move on her part and I was so happy when Amelia went off on her. Callie and Meredith use to be my favourites in past seasons but Shondaland are destroying them. Huge A3 fan though (Arizona, Amelia and April)

      • Nikki Hill says:

        I disagree. Meredith was Derek’s wife. She’s his next of kin. Any medical decision being made is up to her, not his mother, his other sisters, or Amelia. Must we not forget, Meredith was in neuro before she went to general surgery. Derek taught her. She’s a doctor too and knew exactly that is was lost cause. And for Amelia to come at her like that and try and take that away from her is “classic Amelia,” selfish, thoughtless, and inconsiderate. Go back to the past episodes this season. Amelia’s argument with Meredith over Derek and Penny was all about “me” and “I.”

        I say “classic Amelia” because her character was the same way on Private Practice. I have not seen any character growth with her and was very disappointed when she came on board to Grey’s.

        • Holly says:

          Regardless of her right to make the decision she should have told his other family and at least heard what they had to say or let them say goodbye before making her final decision. If you don’t get closure with someone when you could have…. You likely never will. And she did know that was the only option and Amelia would have known that too but at least she could have said goodbye.

          • Jan Hare says:

            I agree with that. I get that Meredith was in shock – I mean, she really WAS in SHOCK and I was wondering at the time why she didn’t at least call his mother OR Amelia – was it because they were still out of celll phone range? Remember that’s what started all the mess to begin with. But geeze, she forgave the girl (Callie’s new gf; can’t remember her name) a lot sooner. I always thought it was strange that she didn’t let SOMEBODY know but I guess that she and Derek so “belonged” to each other that she just never considered that anybody else was important. I guess I can understand that but it wasn’t fair to his family.

      • ALYSSA says:

        I completely agree. Even if they were going to pull the plug, she should have waited for his family to come to say goodbye!!

  15. A fan of TV says:

    They will. Why does Meredith have to hate her so much? Because she sees Derek every time she looks at her is the only answer I can accept at this point, cuz she’s otherwise such a mean girl all the time.

  16. Kris says:

    They’re so wrong for each other! And why do they get a wedding already? Didn’t Shonda want to take them slow to respect Cristina/Owen fans? I really thought if we were gonna get a wedding this season it would be Alex and Jo’s. They’ve been together long enough and actually have one of the healthiest relationships on the show. But I guess the writers couldn’t give them a wedding after again ignoring them all season (seriously whats up with that? If the writers will only use Alex as the BFF for every lady on this show from now on I might as well stop watching as he’s been my favorite character for years and I want to see him settle down and start a family after all this time) and now they came up with some secret why Jo can’t marry him. Which could actually be a good thing and give them a storyline if they did this right. I have to be honest and say that for Amelia I always liked Sheldon best but I guess she never saw him as more than a friend. And as unhealthy as they were Cristina and Owen still have my heart. I felt like Owen/Amelia only happened because they didn’t want to pair him with Maggie since she was already replacing Cristina in Cardio. And because there was no other guy for Amelia.

    • Eran says:

      Sandrah Oh has been gone two years, Cristina, three, in the Grey’s timeline. People get remarried after three years. It’s perfectly reasonable.

    • Miss Rozie says:

      Don’t rule out the surprise wedding of the year ~ Alex and Jo, even though I do not, at all, like this pairing, any more than I like the Owen and Amelia pairing. Just because Jo said no last week, doesn’t mean they can quickly get over what is ailing her. I could be wrong, but I am thinking that something is going to happen to prevent Owen and Amelia from marrying and I’m okay with that.

      • Jan Hare says:

        The way last week’s show ended, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a wedding between Alex and Jo anytime soon. I think she’s about to tell him she’s already married or something equally shattering. And I’m not so sure he’s THAT in love with her – poor Alex – he needs to find someone he loved as much as Izzie and I don’t think it’s Jo.

    • I am so glad I am not the only one hanging on to Crowen!!! Cristina was the only one for him despite all their problems. I like Amelia but not with Owen. I do not see anything special except them just being thrown together.

    • Mary S says:

      Alex is one of my favorites, too. I’m secretly hoping that he and Meredith discover each other and fall in love.

  17. This will most likely be like all the other episodes where she runs out the last minute leaves poor Owen at the alter. Why don’t they actually do something different and let the two people get married and be happy. It’s old news for all the couples to break up, die or leave.

  18. Allison says:

    I think the wedding will happen only because I don’t want it to happen. The writers over at Shondaland have been doing that a lot lately. I like Amelia and I like Owen. I just don’t like them together. In my opinion the only reason they got together in the first place was because Cristina was gone and they needed to put Owen with somebody and I guess there was nobody else they could think of other than Amelia. To be honest I don’t think either one of them would have boohoo to do if it wasn’t for their romance so off they went. I remember there were so many people crying foul when those two got together and as Shonda very often likes to do, she shoves unwanted/hated romances down people’s throats and says screw you, it is my show and I will do what I want. It seems to work because the more people that object and loudly, the more adamant she becomes with making the relationship stick and for some reason, either the viewers increase or interest increases in the show because everybody and their next door neighbor wants to know what all of the hullabaloo is about . Having said all of that, I still say ugh and oh sweet mother of pearl, please captain jack sparrow no to this butt awful idea of Owen and Amelia getting married. I hate it to infinity squared, but I will keep watching because Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite shows and besides April is going into labor! She is wildly neurotic on her best day so I cannot wait to see what melt down she has going into labor at a wedding! Now that is the ridiculousness of Grey’s Anatomy that I know and love!

  19. Sunshine says:

    I really like James and Amelia together on Private Practice and wish Shonda would have given them a chance when she brought Amelia to Grey’s. He had her back, he supported/encouraged her with her misgivings. Of course, it’s TV so nothing gets to stay perfect or even good!
    I don’t really like Owen and Amelia together, the relationship doesn’t seem real to me.
    Enough of the feud between Amelia and Mer, seems like they would have to hide the hatchet or bury it before either of them would be able to move on, agree to disagree something besides this every week, staying angry in real life affects all areas of life. Be done with it, who wants to see this week and week out?

  20. Diana says:

    It seems so predictable for Owen and Ameila to get married. It’s not exciting. They really have no chemistry together. The best finale would be them not getting married and Alex and Jo actually do get married.

  21. linda pittorino says:

    I Love this show, have watched it from the get go, I really would love to see Izzy & Christina return! :)

    • Jan Hare says:

      That’s not very likely. Christina – maybe for a guest spot. Izzy? NEVER. Shonda hated her, all her movies have been flops and right now she’s doing a cat litter commercial. She must be hell on wheels to get along with.

  22. Joyce Moore says:

    They really do make an excellent screwed up pair. Perfect for each other. ALSO, perfect for so many angles at story line, Wish Jackson and April work themselves bacK together… but OH

  23. Nikki Hill says:

    I hope they don’t get married. I don’t like the two of them together. I think Amelia being around is just too much for Meredith and that’s why she reacted like that. Yes she pushed Amelia to go after Owen, but I think deep down inside, Meredith thought it wouldn’t work out. Shoot, so did I! They kept ending it and acting like they didn’t want to talk to one another. Owen gave her her space, Amelia started using again. Owen has that Riggs thing now. When Amelia tried to help, he shut her out and down. I bet she hasn’t even told Owen about her baby. She’s knows about his relationship w/Cristina, but he knows nothing about her past relationships or her baby.

    As much as they want to help each other, they cannot. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Bazinga says:

      Not an Amelia Owen fan but I do think she told him about her baby on the episode where April was getting induced knowing her baby was going to die. Amelia told everyone to just light a candle and she told Owen in the chapel.

  24. B Smith says:

    I wish her sisters would show up. I think Derek said he had 4. Since the beginning of Grey’s I think we have seen 3 sisters and mom.

  25. Joe says:

    That is so great that Meredith is still alive. I thought she died in a plane crash. I hope they bring George Clooney back, he was so good with that Noah Wyle.

  26. Andrew Hass says:

    I do think Amelia and Owen will get to the altar but i think something/someone will stop them from getting married.Maybe Owen stops the wedding because he realizes Ameila’s not ready.However maybe another couple gets married instead.

  27. Rosemarie Bulat says:

    No I hope they don’t get married.
    Let’s bring Christina back into the picture.

  28. Carol says:

    I can’t stand Amelia or Owen, they need to get married and leave Seattle( for ever).
    I’d like to see Christina come back, she was a little spitfire that kept the show exciting.

  29. June Bug says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Amelia (or Owen after his first season) on PP or GA, so this finale is probably not going to be my favorite. But, I am sad about how Meredith is treating her. They both have a lot of their own issues, but it’s an unfortunate situation. Anyway, I’m more interested in the other things that will happen: Meredith’s hookup fallout, April going into labor, Alex reacting to the failed marriage proposal, just about everything else I suppose :)

  30. Gina says:

    I think they will get married. They balance each other out. If you will remember, when Amelia came to Seattle, she talked on the phone with James while Mere was on the phone with Derick and Mere said she was probably using them as an excuse for staying in Seattle. As far as Meredith being hateful to Amelia, Derick told Mere how irresponsible she was and even.he himself didn’t trust her in a lot of situations. I love all of the characters on Grey’s and think Mrs. Shonda does a great job. The Cristina Owen train has sailed…she has Zurich now and Owen wants a family and Amelia can give him that. As a fan from day one, of both Grey’s and Private Practice, I look forward to seeing what happens and I know in true Shonda fashion, fans will be on the edge of their seats! I also root for Alex and Jo to tie the knot!! Things are always changing on Grey’s… never know what waits around the corner.

  31. JACKIE LOCOCO says:

    yes, i really hope owen & amelia tie the knot!!!! they’re great together!!!

  32. Maxsmom says:

    I don’t like Amelia at all and I love Owen, this is one of those relationships that I just can’t stand and every time they would break up I would celebrate and then oops, back together. So I resign myself to the fact that in the end, they will marry and stay together as long as the show lasts. I have no relationships I am rooting for on this show, but I have individuals I like so I’ll probably stick around.

  33. Mary S says:

    Amelia is a bad choice for Owen. She is far too needy and unstable. My fantasy is that Cristina will show up and Owen will follow his heart. Cristina was the love of his life.

  34. deborah adcox says:

    I hope they tie the knot but there is so much stuff that could get in there way. Meredith !!

  35. Ginny says:

    Yes I hope so. She needs stabilization and responsibility

  36. Ann allison says:

    No, Amelia has allways been a train wreck, and will continue to be. She is to flighty and Owen deserves better

  37. Candace Rudderham says:

    Amelia does mention about losing Ryan before Derek died because Meredith intervened about Owen trying to protect both of them because she knows they are troubled and are really no good for each other. Also in my opinion Meredith had a right to freak out on Amelia because Owen basically told her he was selling the trailer because of her because he bought a house because Amelia was after him to get a bigger place all she could think of was Derek

  38. I have been a GA fan since Day 1, but this show is just getting too Shonda-ish. Every week, one of the mains is cracking up or going berserk. Scandal has become so nutty it is like watching the Sci-Fi channel. SMH

  39. Skiwoman says:

    I hope Owen and Amelia marry,as well as Ben safely delivering April and Jackson’s baby.I want this season to end on a happy and positive note

  40. JJ says:

    I like her. I think she is really trying to be part of a family. She is confident as a surgeon but not as a woman. I hope she & Owen marry & are happy.

  41. Renata says:

    Maybe she just doesn’t wanna get married while she’s orange. Seriously, why is half her face and neck orange?!

  42. Jan Hare says:

    I really don’t WANT them together; I liked Amelia on Private Practice after she sobered up but now she primarily seems bitchy all the time. She couldn’t be LESS like Christina (I miss her so much) but I guess I hope they go ahead and get married and NOT end the season like they did with April and Avery and we had to go all summer waiting to see what happened. And I would hate to see Owen get hurt, although I’m pretty sure she’ll manage to hurt him in the future.

  43. roni says:

    Hope not.
    I still hope for Cristina to come back to Grey’s and to Owen’s arms.
    Can’t stand amelia

  44. Sayre says:

    Oh no, she better go thru with it, f-ckl mer!!!

  45. Amanda says:

    I love greys anatomy it’s my favorite show and I hope Jackson and april gets back together