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Quantico Season 2 Spoilers

Quantico EP Talks Choosing a Bomber, [Spoiler]'s Fatal Sacrifice, Alex/Ryan Drama and the CIA in Season 2

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Quantico season finale. 

Quantico on Sunday wrapped its season-long mystery — who was really behind the Manhattan bombings? — tighter than a NAT’s henley left too long in the clothes dryer.

As revealed last week, Liam was the driving force behind the carnage originally blamed on Agent Alex Parrish… but he wasn’t the only one. So after we watched a quick rewind of Liam’s whereabouts while pulling the whole shebang together (set to a pretty great orchestral arrangement of Peter Gabriel’s “Digging in the Dirt”), we witnessed Alex & Co. realize that their former teacher was their current nemesis — and then hunt him down before he could set off a nuclear bomb at that year’s FBI academy graduation.

Why did Liam want to destroy the FBI? To cut off the head of a corrupt organization, to spill blood so all of the lying and rewriting of history could end. (We didn’t say it was a sane motive.) Alex and Ryan eventually take him out by shooting him multiple times — once between the eyes — in a Quantico dorm.

But the gang soon realizes that Liam’s bomb can’t be defused, and really terrible stuff is about to go down. So Simon grabs the device, jumps in a car and sacrifices himself by driving the nuke off a bridge so its destruction and fallout will be contained underwater.

At Simon’s funeral, Alex has deduced that now-vice president Claire Haas was in on Liam’s insanity… and when the politician doesn’t deny it, Caleb overhears everything. Later, after Alex has been let go from the FBI for being too recognizable (?), she is recruited by a mysterious man who offers her another gig: a position at the CIA. As the episode ends, Alex is poised to give the man her answer.

So what did Alex decide? And what will Season 2 of the ABC drama look like? We went straight to showrunner Joshua Safran for some answers.

TVLINE | I know you’ve said the terrorist always had to be Liam. But was there ever thought of him having an equal partner? Or was it always just him?
There is, not an equal partner, but there is a partner at the end of the season. So the discussion was the two of them. But no, it was always Liam. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Speaking of which, is the idea to have Claire Haas to be an integral part of next season?
The hope would be that Marcia would come back and be part of our world. It’s very clear that she pays a price, which is that her son knows about her now.I’d like to say that you’ll see her moving forward. We’re just getting into those conversations now. It’s on purpose that she’s out there and it’s this thing that Caleb knows and Alex knows and other people know, but nothing can really be done about it because there’s no actual proof — again, getting into the shades of gray that have been the whole raison d’etre of the show: It’s never black and white, you’re never good or evil, going all the way back to her father.

Quantico Recap Finale Season 1TVLINE | You held off on telling Josh Hopkins that Liam was the ultimate culprit until about three-quarters of the way through the season. How did the rest of the cast react when they found out?
[Laughs] They were really excited it wasn’t them… Josh and Jake [McLaughlin] and Graham [Rogers] are always f—king with each other, so once I told him, all he really cared about was how we could f—k with Graham before we announced it… Everyone was relieved. I will say that Tate [Ellington] knew he wasn’t the terrorist way back. I told him way back in the year, because I knew all the emotional stuff he was going to have to do, so I wanted him to know that he wasn’t the terrorist. Priyanka [Chopra] always knew it wasn’t her. I told Yasmine [Al Massri] and Johanna [Braddy] earlier than others because they had to do certain things that I wanted them to be aware of. I stepped it out. I think the last people to know were Jake, Graham, Josh and Aunjanue [Ellis].

TVLINE | Simon’s storyline this season felt as though it were always building to this final scene. Did you have his heroic death in mind right from the beginning?
Simon slipped the noose a lot throughout the year. Tate is one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with and one of my favorite people I’ve ever met in my entire life. So losing him from the show was really difficult for everybody. It still is. We still talk about it: We know it was the right thing, but it still feels terrible because you’re losing such a good part of your family. But it felt like there was no other way. In fact, we had many other people in that car, but we kept coming back to Simon because that was the only person that felt right. His was a tragic arc leading to redemption no matter what, whether it lasted one year or five years. That would always be where he would end up. Then we just couldn’t shake the fact that it had to be him in that car.

TVLINE | Who else did you think of putting in the driver’s seat of that car?
Pretty much, we cycled through everybody, everybody that wasn’t Alex or Ryan. It didn’t make sense. We had Raina in the car. But it didn’t make sense. The pitch initially was Simon in the car. It was just that none of us wanted to do it. [Laughs] Even up until the day the script was released to the actors, it was midnight, and I was like, “Am I sure I’m gonna do this?” But I knew it was right. It’s a very complicated thing when you know it’s the right story but you personally don’t want to do it.

QUANTICO - "Yes" - It's graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist, on the season finale of "Quantico," SUNDAY, MAY 15, (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Phillippe Bosse) HENRY CZERNY

TVLINE | As a Revenge fan, I was psyched to see Henry Czerny in the car at the end of the episode. Do you have him for next season, as well?
We don’t have anybody for next season yet, beyond our regulars… We’re just dealing with that now. But I would love to have him back because in my mind that is, yes, a character that returns for sure. We are setting up the story for Season 2, and that character is important in that.

TVLINE | Alex and Ryan had a lot of relationship drama this season. Do you see more stability for them as a couple next season?
I would say that, in Season 2, everything slows down. The twists are still there, but… Season 1 was this you’re-on-the-run, fugitive thing, which is how it began, which is meant to be heart-pounding and fast, something that happened very quickly. We took our energy from that. Season 2 is structured a little bit slower. I’m not going to say what it is, but the nature of the event is slower and unfolding as opposed to explosive. We’re just going to take our energy from that. So all relationships will percolate and be slower. If The Fugitive was our Season 1 blockbuster, Season 2 is a different movie entirely.

TVLINE | Will we see the same level of flashbacks next season?
The thing I like about this show, which I think is different than other shows that use two different time periods, is that we have two separate stories running on parallel tracks that touch upon each other, as opposed to a one and done that you’re constantly flashing back to. So Season 2 will keep the two storyline structure, because it is — I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can’t — the Season 2 event is not a huge plot like I’m on the run and I’m being framed, which meant she was constantly on the move and constantly coming into people’s stories. It was two full stories on two tracks at all times. This one is one full story, and then one slow thing. It’s a cleaner build, that’s the best I can say. It will be less confusing.

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Sad about Simon making the ultimate sacrifice and Liam after all this time, makes him the series’ big baddie. Hope next season is a “reboot”.

  2. Jess says:

    I can’t wait to see what next season has in store. Alex working for the CIA should be interesting and would definitely give her the tools to take down Claire Haas. I liked that her son was there to hear her lies. I really like this show. It’s different from the rest. I want Ryan and her to be together already though.

  3. madbengalsfan85 says:

    May have to watch this show just to spot all the little UK easter eggs

  4. madhatter360 says:

    At first I didn’t realize Simon had grabbed the bomb when he ran out and sped away in the car. I just thought he was like “I’m out of here” and I was actually laughing. Then I realized what was happening and I stopped laughing.

  5. Lauren says:

    In theory, considering I’ve never had the need to do such a thing, but couldn’t Simon have tried to jump out of the car door while it was accelerating? Wouldn’t the force he created have just kept it going into the water without him actually pressing the pedal? Or couldn’t he have like jammed the pedal somehow?

    I’m really just grasping at straws for ways that mean Simon didn’t have to die.

    • Bryan says:

      he could have but he really feels bad for how he handled the 1st bomb and how many people got killed because of him. I think the only way he thinks he can redeem himself is by dying.

      • Olivia says:

        IA, Simon has had this “death wish” vibe from the start, he was already a broken character as soon as we met him. As sad as I am to see Tate/Simon go (liking both), I have to say that it was indeed the right story to tell.
        Hopefully his mistakes, flaws and guilt will play a role into how the gang deals with the world, their morals.. It makes for an interesting storytelling going into S2 besides whatever the overall arc that is planned is (I’m guessing bringing Claire and another unknown big player down).
        The only thing his sacrifice scene missed IMO was the others telling him they love him besides Alex, especially Raina. But I also understand that from a human standpoint not everyone is capable to get words out in a state of shock.
        I hope we’ll get to see Simon via flashback sometimes. Kudos to the cast, I really enjoyed this episode.

      • Mandy says:

        I agree, he never got over the trauma from the two bombings. He just had a lot of guilt and this was his way of doing the right thing. As much as I am going to miss Simon it was the right move by the writers given his characterization and the way he connected with viewers. It really was a strong finale.

    • ? says:

      At the speed he had to build up to get through the guardrail like that and bury the car far enough underwater, if he ditched out the door right before it went over he still would have died. And maybe he was close enough to the bomb blast that he was going to die no matter what anyway. And lastly, do you really want to leave a nuclear explosion to chance? So even by Quantico logic, I don’t see him doing anything other than driving the car off the bridge with him still in it.

  6. Mandy says:

    It was heartbreaking to see Simon be killed off but had it been another character it wouldn’t have had the same impact. Going to miss him!

  7. Cobra says:

    After the last several episodes, which I felt overdid it with too many red-herrings, I was pleased with the finale.
    I did think the montage showing everything Liam did in his plot was a bit much, but beyond that, it was a very strong finale which resolved the sory line and gave a good setup for next season.

  8. Lola says:

    I loved Simon. Not happy at all. Really rethinking if I want to return for season 2.

  9. dan says:

    Has anybody figured out the time-line of this show, especially the future track? In the past we saw a flashback to July 2015 when Miranda asks Liam to work with her at Quantico. We’re told later by Liam that the NATS are finishing their 20-week program. So if they started in September 2015 then they should’ve been done in January 2016, but the mid-season finale last December was already New Year’s Eve. So when did they graduate and how long was it before the Grand Central bombing? And where was Natalie who was supposed to have a relationship
    with Ryan in the future before she was killed? As for the future, Alex called Claire the Vice President but she wouldn’t have that title until after inauguration in January 2017, but they were attending Simon’s funeral and he was killed sometime around Election Day in November 2016 (last week we were told it was the day before the election). Then we see the gang cleaning out Alex’s apartment two weeks later, then we see her jogging two months later with the CIA in tow. So is the future track now January or February 2017? Why do I care? So glad this season is over so I don’t have to think about all the glaring plot holes. I won’t be back next season.

    • mrmcgee says:

      Perhaps in July 2015 Miranda asks him to come to Quantico but that’s not the same month the class started?

      I also don’t quite get the Natalie part…when did she graduate?

    • Meshell says:

      She must of graduated with another class they ran classes simultaneously she was given leave to sort things out with her daughter when they killed her off in the fuure

    • Natalie says:

      The bombing happened in July 2016. So everything after the bombing is from that point.

      • dan says:

        Thanks, that helps. So if they graduated in January or February 2016 then the bombing was about five or six months later. Which still means that Alex was approached by the CIA (supposedly the CIA) in January or February 2017. Too much work for me, I’m out next season.

        • VegasGal72 says:

          Why cant you just enjoy the show and not think so hard about it?

          • Bigdede says:

            Not think so hard about it? You mean try to understand what’s going on? How in the world can you enjoy a show and not know or understand what’s happening

    • Missy says:

      Agreed. All the flashbacks and flash forwards just made the show a confusing hot mess. Why they think this is a good thing is beyond me. Saying they’re going to do it again in season 2 means I’m out.

  10. Cathy says:

    I thought this show would be so much better than it was. Too recognizable for the FBI, but not for the CIA? I also liked Simon, so the second season will be a tough sell for me.

  11. Max says:

    I’m not liking the two timelines for season 2. Season 1 was confusing enough. Perhaps if they were able to differentiate the different timelines better (color tone?); it always took me a minute or two to figure out ‘when’ they were at.

  12. parstl says:

    Excellent finale. Finally got some clarity in what was a confusing second half of the season. Like several other commenters, I found the time line back and forth a bit dizzying. Maybe the writers can tone that down a bit next season…would hate to see them make the mistake of some shows which keep flashbacks because of the routine (i.e., Arrow). Very good first season and a welcome addition to prime time instead of another lame reality or variety show. Oh…I appreciate the diversity of the cast and hope the Miranda character remains prominent in the story.

    • Olivia says:

      Yes, the diversity is very refreshing! Quantico is one of the rare I can watch thinking “yeah, that’s what my world looks like”. Shades of people and cultures. It feels nice.

  13. Brandy says:

    I binge watched this show over the last several weeks, and I felt like it was much easier to keep track of that way. I really loved it and am looking forward to season 2.

  14. DD says:

    After so many twists all season, I was disappointed the finale didn’t have any (the Claire thing has been pretty obvious, especially since last week).
    I’d love some answers to plot holes (or stuff I may have missed):
    1. Where were Fletcher and Iris in the future timeline?
    2. How did Nathalie graduate in time to become a seasoned agent in the future line (and when did she and Ryan develop their relationship)?
    3. Although I said it was clear Claire was somehow involved, I still don’t understand the pill switch- what was the point? (Also, what happened with Ryan’s wife??) It seemed like everything in the Voice’s plan involved Claire – it was too much. Why run the risk of Nathalie and Alex getting caught sneaking into the FBI to get the campaign schedules etc.? Did we ever find out what was stolen from the lab near the campaign rally?
    4. Also, at what point did Claire become jnvolved? I would certainly hope it was only after the second bomb, or else she was involved in the attempted murder of her son Caleb! I would assume she somehow figured it out after the second bomb, and then “blackmailed” Liam into boosting her campaign.
    5. I still don’t understand the whole Charlie plotline. Also, last we saw he was in the hospital, maybe a coma – when did he die??
    6. How was Liam tapped into the Quantico loudspeakers? He shouldn’t have known they were coming after him…
    7. And the biggest plothole from thr finale – considering there were only a few minutes left on the detonator, how did Liam plan on getting out of there on time??? He wanted to rebuild the FBI “in his image”, can’t do that if you are dead…

    • Carla Krae says:

      Those questions have actually been answered over the weeks in the postmortem interviews with Safran at

      • Cate says:

        If a show runner / writer / etc needs to give interviews to explain what happened on the show, they’re failng at their job in a big way.

        • SHONDA LAUREL says:

          Thank you so much for that!!!! I have been saying that for awhile. You shouldn’t have to read his interview to get character motivation and plotlines. Besides that sometimes what he says in a interview does not appear onscreen to me.

        • dan says:

          Agree! I’ve learned more about the show from reading his post-episode interviews than from the show itself. If your viewers have to wait for interviews to figure out what is going on (and why) then you aren’t writing a good show.

      • Confused still says:

        I’ve been reading the postmortems and I have the same questions. I always thought there was something weird going on with Natalie where Liam told Booth to get close to her? I mean I guess I understand why they dropped the Natalie storyline bc it became too much but I despise not getting resolution about som things lol. I know, I know, it’s just a tv show.

    • EWood says:

      You forgot the BIGGEST dumbest hole – it wasn’t just a bomb… NOOOOO it was a nuclear bomb – major radiation contamination would have occurred outside or in the ocean where it exploded. The only place no contamination would have occurred would have been deep below the ground; and then the blast below would have caused structural damage to a large surrounding area.

  15. Luli says:

    I think this was one of their strongest episodes seeing as the last couple of eps had me almost quitting the show.I loved the finale, but was sad to see Simon go; his last scene definitely killed me. I hope they get Henry Czerny for next season!! So happy to see him back on my tv.

  16. Sad to see Simon die, overall i enjoy the finale. With Alex in the CIA next season Claire better watch her back. Glad Season 2 will be at a slower pace. love the parallel storylines.

  17. Luli says:

    So is the show now called Langley…?

  18. Anna says:

    Stupidly disappointing finale! Enough with the Alex and Ryan merry-go-round. Besides, how can someone “too recognizable” for the FBI can be of any use to the CIA? Hello, intelligence? Or do they think that people don’t watch US news overseas? We all had our regular TV shows interrupted in 2001 to see the live coverage of the Twin towers, and by “we”, I mean, people who lived far, far, far away from the US! So if Alex Parrish were to be real, her face would have been seen around the world and she would have been easily recognizable around the world, especially with her “head and shoulders” hair. Some great CIA agent she’ll make! Give me a break!

    • Lili says:

      It’s probably because everyone knows that Alex works for the FBI, however if she starts working for the CIA chances are she would have to sign a confidentiality contract. So no one would know that she works for the CIA, people would always just associate her as being an ex member of the FBI. Quite clever, actually.

  19. kar says:

    Why is Simon sacrificed and Ryan wasn’t an option?

  20. DarkDefender says:

    I stopped watching half way through the season. My guess was always Liam. But now that the mystery is solved, I’m actually going to give season 2 a chance. Slower pace and not a different suspect each week would be nice. The moment Liam circled Alex’s orbit with Intel on her dad (given how the series started with the bombing), he seemed like the obvious suspect. I was a little surprised it actually ended up being him with all the flipping they did(which made me change the channel). I hope next season is more evenly paced.

  21. Fake Name says:

    So Alex is too recognisable to be a FBI agent, so the CIA recruits her? WTF. This sort of claptrap is why I wont be watching this trainwreck of television anymore.

  22. Did Simon really die, because if you remember he unlocked the drivers side door just before going over the bridge, why?

  23. Did Simon really die? If you remember he unlocked the drivers side door just before going off the bridge, why?

  24. Whatevah says:

    The best looking cast on tv who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.

    • dan says:

      I hope the hair team gets an Emmy nod. That would be the only Emmy love this show deserves.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Between the perfect hair and the caked on eye make up, sheesh, it’s so distracting. I stopped watching after the break because I just couldn’t stand the Alex propping but tuned in last night for the finale, nothing’s changed, lol.

  25. Kir Rich says:

    Name of the show is Quantico. Season 2 also takes place there? Hate all the flashbacks!!! Hate all the Flash forwards!!!

  26. Real sad to see Simon go, but I think the hints were there.
    Maybe ‘Quantico’ will become the ABC version of ‘Homeland’. That is it Alex takes the job at CIA.

  27. Rachel says:

    Shelby is seriously oh my gawd with the whole Caleb thing….arg! If I was Alex I’d be a little pissed at Ryan for not trusting her…at all! This season was a disappointment. It’s a shame that the best character on the show had to die.

  28. DeAnne B says:

    I love the flash backs but when they killed Natalie they never showed her again in the flash backs and I know she went to dealt with her daughter custody fight but they really needs to leave her in the flash backs because if you are gone that long your not graduating with the other and ther should have at least showed her there

  29. amy says:

    where was iris in the future? why didn’t they acknowledge natalie being missing from graduation, or fill in how she went from being back with her daughter to a full time agent dating/living with ryan? has ryan even told her mother natalie is dead? did they just skip a scene where charlie died? because he was in a coma when they last checked in on him. and where did caleb’s addiction go? is the cult now closed, or did claire turn a blind eye to that, too? is will still in a coma? did hannah actually get fired from the fbi, or just put on a sabbatical that meant she couldn’t help in the finale? is drew dead? what was the point of simon’s secret life in gaza? will we really have to put up with more lacklustre caleb & shelby romance in season 2? did liam really plan out two terrorist attacks all because he was fired?

    this show has such great potential, and i love priyanka but man, i was left with so many frustrating questions at the end of the finale. it was so messy.

  30. I liked this show, but I’m not so smitten that I’ll be back for S2. I thought it tied up nicely, so for me – it’s a ‘series finale’. I love the actor who played Simon – I hope to see him pop up on my TV again soon.

  31. Ella says:

    I really liked Liam and still don’t love Alex/Ryan. She needs a new love interest. Simon’s sacrifice was the most beautiful and heartbreaking part of the finale.

  32. lazer says:

    They should’ve thought about the name of the show when going into this. It looks like they won’t be in Quantico next season so why still call it that.

    • Shay says:

      Because the show is based on their time in Quantico, that’s where it has started. They have history, if you will.

  33. NightOwl says:

    I HATE that Simon was the one in the car. He has been one of my favorite characters from the beginning. I found myself always rooting for him NOT to be the terrorist. He was just that lovable. He will be terribly missed.

    Other than the loss of Simon, I loved the finale. Liam was the one I originally pegged as the terrorist. Although in the second half, I really questioned Shelby, I wasn’t able to let go of Liam either. I can’t wait for season 2 with the exception being that Simon won’t be there. I have to admit, I am glad that Will is back in the picture. I really love his character also.

  34. Ms dawn says:

    I feel that less episodes would serve this show. They lost me at episode 15 or 16 , it’s just too confusing.

  35. Annie Schultz says:

    I really enjoyed the show this season, and am glad to see that it is coming back for a second run. I am super bummed to read about Simon’s death. I loved (LOVED!) his character, and I hope, as one of the other individuals commented below, that there is some way that Simon could have cheated death once again (like John Snow in “Game of Thrones”). In addition, I wanted to say that I was so relieved to see that stereotypes were avoided, and that none of the Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian characters were terrorists. As a Michigander, I also appreciated that the twins were from Dearborn.

  36. katsssblog says:

    Oh how happy I was to see Henry. I loooveeed him in Revenge. Just when I thought to say goodbye to Quantico, because it was all over the place, I have to think again, and probably stay because of Henry. I just hope writers will have a better story next season, and that some of actors will start acting, since some of them were just sad to watch.

    • Sydney says:

      I feel the same way about Henry! What a great surprise at the end! Will be watching for that reason….

  37. JM says:

    They killed off my favorite character (Simon), had too many plotholes, and left questions unanswered…Won’t be back for season 2.

  38. danoregon says:

    I didn’t realize being a Quantico instructor was such a crummy job/yet esteemed enough to be a launching pad to be a deputy director.
    So sick of Liam’s platitudes and speeches – they won’t be missed. “Being an agent means..” Ugh.
    They really should make the core cast like the “Dirty Dozen” – a group that are so tainted by what went down the FBI only uses them for high-risk, low-reward jobs that no other agent wants to risk their careers over.

  39. EWood says:

    I’m sorry but the producers and writers not only jumped the shark but they jumped whales, land masses and rings on this show. Remember this show is not a “super hero” or “magical” type of show, it is suppose to be somewhat real, so to have a nuke bomb was so wrong in so many ways. A plain massive bomb would have been enough and believe. But to have a nuke that explodes in the waters off of NY city would mean MAJOR radioactive contamination. Thanks for nothing, this show is going out of my “Q.” The nuke bomb was the icing on the cake – what a joke.

  40. C.C. says:

    Hopes for season 2:
    1) WAY LESS time-jumping. This season alone saw 5 months of training, a couple of months leading up to the New York bombing, a few months after the bombing, and then 2.5 months when Alex is approached by CIA. Mix that altogether when you go back and forth between the past and present.
    2) LESS plot and more character relationships. There was so much going on that character dynamics or characters altogether (Natalie, Drew, Caleb’s dad) were sidelined. Natalie never reappeared in training even though we saw a lot of her in the present. Drew and Caleb’s dad barely resurfaced at all after their absences. Shelby and elder Haas’ relationship was completely glossed over. Liam’s whole scheme was explained through montage but his motives were explained in 4 sentences. WHAT
    3) Shorter season. Season 1 was basically two seasons in one. There was just too much happening. And the finale didn’t feel that impactful.
    4) More Marcia Cross
    5) More Iris Chang
    6) Fix Jake McLaughlin’s bulldog face.
    7) No more fake gay characters. One was pretending and the other died for a net value of zero gay characters.

  41. FBI Agent says:

    Simon could also have drop the bomb into the river instead of committing suicide! Anyways,now I`m looking forward to Quantico Season 2.And my instincts tells me that Quantico Season 2 will be more like a Hollywood CIA movie rather than tv series.

  42. Blue Eyed says:

    Priyanka Chopra`s Bollywood rival Kangana Ranaut should play the role of the villain in Quantico Season 2.That will make the show much interesting!

  43. Sydney says:

    I was so happy to see Henry Czerny ( Conrad Grayson of Revenge) ! Definitely be watching next season now! He is a terrific actor..

  44. Nancy N says:

    I have to say that this series was way too confusing. The parallel stories did not work for me. I enjoyed the training academy part the best. The whole bombing stuff was way out there and hard to follow. I will not watch season 2. I really don’t care for the actress playing Alex Parish either.

  45. Sharon Ah-Chong says:

    I’ve loved this show from the beginning, and when I say beginning it only just started on NZ screens a few weeks ago but I watched the first one, loved it and binge watched the rest of them finally watching the finale tonight. I love Alex and all the characters but will admit to being bummed she was let go from the FBI. I understand why but for me next season won’t be the same with her working for the CIA or whoever she chooses too, the whole draw for me isn’t just Alex but Alex and Shelby and Caleb, and the twins and Ryan and Miranda as in the FBI. The whole group dynamic is excellent…I like them all working together and with Alex not directly part of that team and if she takes up a position with the CIA her interactions with them would realistically be very limited and on a need to know basis…

    Love this show but not liking where I feel it may go.

  46. As finales go, it wasn’t much of a cliffhanger. You don’t bring in a guy like Conrad Grayson from Revenge for 2 minutes. She’s obviously going to go with the CIA. It would make zero sense from a plot standpoint to have her get out of the car, tell the guy no, and live with Ryan.

    While that’s not much of a cliffhanger, it IS a great idea.

  47. Anthony says:

    The characters are great; it would be so much clearer to just seem them in one storyline instead of the double storyline.

  48. Bob says:

    Mostly non-sensical the whole season. And the sound mixing……background music too loud over dialogue. Impossible to hear what was going on! Overall, a disappointing show that could have been much better television.

  49. matty says:

    I was literally sobbing during the scene in which Simon was in the car. He was my favorite character on the entire series.

  50. Sue says:

    Love the show.i cannot wait to see next yr😀