Grey's Anatomy's Kelly McCreary: Meredith and Nathan's Hookup Destined to Crush Maggie

Somebody, write Grey’s Anatomy‘s Maggie a prescription for a pint of Häagen-Dazs and a Netflix tearjerker, stat. When she learns that her half sister slept with her new crush, “I think she’s going to be crushed,” Kelly McCreary tells TVLine. “Genuinely crushed.”

Not only had Maggie really begun to like Nathan, she loved the idea of being in love. “She expresses that a lot in the finale,” previews the actress, “so [when she finds out] ultimately that it may not be a chance for her to be in love, I think she’s going to be heartbroken.”

To add insult to injury, it wasn’t just anyone that McKiwi bedded — well, back-seated, technically — it was Meredith, the sibling with whom Maggie worked so damn hard to bond. “So [that closeness] has to be destroyed,” says McCreary with a laugh. “If you’re in a good place, that’s not sustainable.

“I think that the next phase of Maggie and Meredith’s relationship,” she adds, “is going to [involve them] having to draw some boundaries around their relationship.”

And maybe battle lines as well. After all, Maggie could choose to fight for Nathan. “I guess the question is, does she value her relationship with Meredith more than she values her desire to find love,” McCreary muses, “and does she believe that Riggs is the right match for her?”

At least for the moment, Maggie’s ignorance is bliss. In Thursday’s Season 12 finale (8/7c, ABC), Amelia’s maid of honor “is dealing with trying to get her and Owen’s wedding going,” McCreary reveals. “So she’s dealing with managing Amelia and Meredith as usual.

“It’s a really great culmination of how we’ve seen Maggie invest so much in this sisterhood,” she continues. “She’s just always trying to keep everybody happy!” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

What would make you happy? Would you prefer to see Nathan with Maggie or Meredith? Or are you hoping Maggie and Andrew will reunite? Hit the comments.

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  1. Azerty says:

    During the post Derek’s death episode and Mer’s “disappearance”, it really seemed Maggie and Alex had a connexion, I wish they would explore that. Now if Jo rejects Alex’s proposal again I want a Jo -> Alex -> Maggie -> Nathan -> Meredith situation. Would be really funny to watch! And then bring back Owen’s sister from the dead to complicate things! With Owen (and by extension his new wife Amelia) who love to give an opinion about that stuff this is not their business that’s a story I would like !

    • d says:

      Gag! Please keep Alex out of this! He and Maggie don’t have any connecton at all. Their only connection was worrying about Meredith because she’s her sister and he is her best friend. Maggie and Alex have nothing in common and no chemistry. She’s the kind of person who annoys the hell ouf o him and out of me too. She’s so damn neurotic and is constantly freaking out over every little thing. i don’t know why people keep coming back to this because it’s clear that Alex and Maggie are just supposed to be friends so they can function as Meredith’s support group together, but they’d make a horrible couple. Maggie doesn’t understand the hardships Alex had to face in life, she would nag him about all his bad qualities and try to change him too much when Alex is fine the way he is. He and Jo have a lot of potential and just because Jo is saying no to his proposal doesnt mean that he will go and hook up with someone else. As long as two people still love each other like crazy they’re always gonna be in each other’s lives somehow.

      • Azerty says:

        Don’t get me wrong I like Jo and Alex together and I am good with them staying together! But they have barely shared scenes together for the past two seasons. Except for the proposal storyline that came back every 10 episodes nothing happens with them and I’d like the show to get spicy again like it was at its beginning. Beside Maggie / Alex chemistry can be build up. And worse case the lack of chemistry never stopped the writer before (for example Georges and Izzie as couple never had chemistry but I agree it ruined both characters). I just think that right now they need to do a story that will bring the group back together. because they all have their own independant storyline. I remember a scene in the elevator in which there was Derek, Addison, Meredith, the nurse Derek was dating and Mark arrive and say something like “you wish you had taken the stairs” so funny, I would want funny moments like that that’s all.

        • Jess says:

          No thank you, I’m actually not a fan of this “everyone should sleep with everyone” thing and I don’t think an Alex/Maggie pairing would bring anyone anything. It would just ruin the group dyanmic they established with Alex/Meredith/Maggie/Callie (which admittedly is just as forced as the Alex/Maggie frienddship and which I don’t like much either). I agree that Alex and Jo have been ignored a lot and basically barely had any scenes together but that’s he reason they need a storyline together more than ever and not some random hook ups with random characters. Jo has some secret she’s keeping from Alex and it looks like we will find out next week. I’d rather see them work through that as a couple which would again show us their dynamic as a couple more. Throwing in some random love triangles would do nothing but hurt them as a couple and I personally am glad that Alex has grown up and isn’t sleeping wround anymore. He’s as committed as he can be because he’s in love. And I think after 12 seasons his fans deserve to see him settle down and start a family, not sleep with yet another Meredith sister, because what’s that gonna do for his character development? Nothing.

    • Jackie says:

      Oh sure let’s make everyone hoom up with everyone. Alex already dated Lexie and now he is supposed to hook up with Maggie too? When I personally don’t even get why they’re friends because Alex Karev doesn’t have patience for characters lke Maggie Pierce who talk nonstop and rant and freak out over every tiny thing? I also see no connection there, the writers just wanted to force a friendship between them because Meredith’s sister and person need to get along. If Cristina were still here she would’ve become friends with Maggie and not Alex. Also I’m sorry but Maggie is probably the most immature character on the show, that’s why she fit with the intern. Both Riggs and Alex are characters with a lot on their shoulders and that’s why the writers went with Meredith and Jo for them and not naive Maggie who doesn’t understand a thing about them. *rolleyes* Also Alex and Jo aren’t over by a long time because it’s clear she said no to hum to protect him from something she’s hiding from him, not because she doesn’t love him enough.

      • Azerty says:

        Ok ok relax, I am not a writer, I am not part of Grey’s team, what I suggest is just my opinion that’s all :) Clearly you don’t like Maggie, that’s ok I didn’t like her either when she arrived trying to be the new Cristina. But I don’t understand why you say Alex shouldn’t be friends with Maggie, he become friend with Kepner who when she arrived was basically as naive as Maggie. Alex from season 1 probably would have never talked to season 6 April or Maggie but he has grown and is a different character now. And Maggie can be annoying, Jo can be great, it still doesn’t save Alex lack of storyline except taking of Mer and I am tired of that, something new and fresh, whatever that might be is strongly needed from my point of view that’s all.

        • Jess says:

          I agree that Alex needs more storylines instead of just being Meredith’s BFF but hooking up with Maggie doesn’t bring him that. What he needs is a storyline with Jo, one where they try to find her mother or where they bring in Alex’s mother and sister to Seattle for his wedding with Jo and give her the feeling of having a family. Or talk about having kids with Jo. Maybe she’s infertile and they will discuss fostering or adopting children? I would love that. Alex and Jo both know first hand how many children need a loving family because they were two of those children. Maybe this would make Jo reach out to Alex’s family and we would see him reconnect with his mom and sister since he basically forgot about them. I just think Maggie is not the one for him and it would be a rather disappointing storyline for his character to get involved with her now. He’s been reduced so much to being everyone’s friend that we didn’t see much of Alex Karev, the boyfriend lately. I also agree that it’s weird he can be such good friends with Maggie. He never liked George, then gave April such a hard time for being annoying and having a high pitched voice and being such a neat freak. I think Maggie is more annoying than April ever was and we never saw him give her such a hard time. I agree that characters grow up but I still find it unrealistic that Alex gets along with Maggie so well when April’s confidence suffered a lot because of his cruel remarks about her. Until recently I wouldn’t have even called April and Alex friends because they never interact.

  2. Sara says:

    Can Meredith have some peace and happiness? Jesus. Is that too much to ask for? So since she’s starting living again.. now drama with Maggie over it? Meh

    Didn’t Maggie just dumped the intern a few episodes ago?

  3. Semaj Debose says:

    Love Maggie and and deluca chemistry they need to reunite

  4. Lea says:

    I’m here for Meredith and Nathan. Their last scene was so hot and I watched it many times lol. Great chemistry, they challenge each other, both are dark and had a loss which makes them really interesting together.
    That’s what Mer needs more sister drama. Roll eyes.

    • Mely says:

      I’m sorry, but no chemistry, the scene is very awkward, the situation was very forced,the plot seems to teenager with maggie and this guy is supposed to meredith is in another stage of life,is not a teenage , sex with any man and fights with his sister.

      • Lea says:

        So Meredith can’t have sex? Ookay lol.
        Chemistry is subjective. I loved their scene. The fight before the kiss. It was good.
        If Maggie will be hurt and pissed cause Mer is sleeping with her crush no one knew about she will look as the Child.
        Can Meredith get laid and have some fun in peace? Especially after everything!!

    • Syd says:

      Same… I this relationship would be good for Mer and Riggs

  5. Johanna says:

    I’m getting the feeling that there’s gonna be a jolex wedding or something. Shonda has an obsession with plot twists.

  6. ELuna says:

    No offense, but who cares? Maggie and Riggs only flirted, they were never an item. Meredith had no idea Maggie had a crush on Riggs. So it wasn’t intentional on her part to hurt Maggie. Maggie has no claim on him, so she has no real reason to be mad at Meridith.

    • Lea says:

      Sing it. Lol Kelly is speaking like Riggs is the love of her life. This is why Maggie and him can’t work. She’s too naive and childish for him. They would be boring and not much story to tell vs Mer/Riggs together.

    • so says:

      This! It’s like a plot from people who are in junior high, ” I am mad that you stole my secret crush, that I didn’t even tell you about” Its pointless drama…I guess it will all depend on what happens in the finale, but from the way the actress talks about the situation, I think it is all speculation on her part. There is only one episode left in the season, and I doubt that Shonda has told the cast about any of the plot points for next year. So if nothing happens in the finale, I doubt that anything in this article while come to pass. I think that more than anything its meant to create drama for Owen-Mer-Amelia.

      • Lea says:

        Hopefully it’s just Kelly’s thoughts. Cause reading it is cringe worthy. Like a 12 year old getting mad and hurt cause someone “stole” their crush. Imagine it seeing play out. Lol

      • From what Ellen and Martin said about it they sound like they are speculating, too. I don’t think a lot can go down about this in one episode and whatever anyone thinks it’s not hard fact like people seem to be taking it. Though, Martin said Maggie misinterprets their whatever, so I hope they don’t go down this ridiculous love triangle drama route. I’m not naive enough to think Meredith needs to be happy at all times, but can’t get the girl get laid without it being some big dramatic thing? And enough with the sister drama.

        • Lea says:

          By their interviews I took it as sleeping together without anything serious… but they don’t know where they are going to take this. Guess that’s why they did it at the end of season to lead to season 13.
          This triangle would be soo annoying and ridiculous plus I’m so over the sisters drama. Stop it already, writers. And yes Meredith deserves to enjoy herself without creating drama.

          • Pamela says:

            In that article they also mentioned they are seeing how fans react to the pairing. I haven’t seen one man come on the show that can replace Derek, I truly wish Patrick Dempsey never wanted to leave. There are too many characters killed off on greys, could have put him in witness protection or something this way he could come back before the show ends.

  7. lol what is this non sense? I feel like I’m back to high school. I personally don’t care much about Maggie’s love life its not something I impatiently wait every week to see lol plus she broke up with Deluca like 2 minutes ago I doubt her crush is THAT big but Maggie is soo naive (too naive) so who knows. Meredith had no way to know about her crush on Riggs because Maggie never talked about it so she have no reason to be angry at Meredith. I think for Riggs it was more of a friendly banter.

    • the only thing that really interest me about Maggie is the sisterly interaction with the sisters. I bet Maggie never lost anything in her life meanwhile Meredith basically lost everything so for god sake let her have the man lol

    • Greysgirl says:

      I really don’t care about how Maggie might be over a little crush. She was with Deluca a few episodes ago.. so I doubt Riggs is the one. Over all I could careless about her character. I enjoy her just when she’s in scenes with Meredith and the kids.
      Looking forward for more Mer/Nathan together. They have mad chemistry. Plus they can be good together. Starting with hate and just sex and turn into something more in time.

  8. Mary says:

    Lol this is the most ridiculous interview, probably because it’s about the most ridiculous character imo. She and Riggs have what, had maybe 3 conversations? Ok maybe that’s enough for Maggie to grow hearts in her eyes and write in her diary but the fact that she’s going to start a conflict with Meredith because she somehow should have known that Maggie and Riggs are MFEO soul mates now, is literally the most hilarous thing ever. People complain about Jo which I find unfair about 90% of the time, but what gets me is how people don’t want to rip their ears off every time Maggie goes on one of her famously unbearable monologues about sex and her genitals. SMH

    • Kate says:

      Thank you!!!! Like how is Jo more annoying than Maggie? Jo doesn’t complain or rant even 1/10th as much as Maggie does. And Maggie is actually a character the writers seem to be invested in and try to make a interesting storyline out of her boring happy life story that is all about sunshine and butterflies. Instead of exploring the interesting and terrible things that happened to Jo. Just because Maggie is in the cool kids club and is being liked by Meredith and so many others (because apparently she feels like an outsider but could get the prize for character who got the most friends in such a short amount of time?) doesn’t make her a great character. The amount of hate both April and Jo have received over the years is so unjustified since both were never as annoying as Maggie is.

      • Sara says:

        I also agree. Her character is annoying. She will be even more annoying and childlike if they truly go with this storyline of her getting mad over Meredith sleeping “with her crush”

      • Jess says:

        Leave Jo and April ALONE!!!

      • Mary says:

        So so true. It actually baffles me how people can’t see how FORCED her character’s integration is, they literally have to have every man and his dog say how wonderful she is, even Resorting to completely neutering Alex when he gave her that speech on her ‘good’ qualities *GAG*

        I also can’t understand why they put so much effort and focus on her, when like you said, Jo is the one with ENDLESS room for potential storylines and development. And her situation is SO important and means a lot to a lot of people. She
        And Alex have both been through the system, but in Jo’s case in particular, she’s been through total hell. Why wouldn’t Shonda invest in such crucial issues that so many go through ?! In favour of a character that in my opinion is about as interesting as watching paint dry? Absolutely blows my mind

  9. so says:

    Also isn’t maggese character supposed to be kind of “cold” when it comes to relationships? Like how she hates sleeping next to guys, and commitment and blah, blah blah…? And now she is a moony teenager?

  10. Marissa says:

    The last thing Meredith would do is steal another woman’s guy . She has had that with Derek and Addison and didn’t know he was married . Here we go again mer getting it on with Riggs not knowing her sister has a crush on him. Let Meredith have a little happiness . More sister drama for Meredith . Meredith doesn’t need this crap . Let Maggie go back to her boy crush Deluca .

  11. Larc says:

    If the doctors at Grey Sloan would do less screwing around and pay more attention to their medical responsibilities, maybe they wouldn’t lose so many patients. The fatality rate in that place must be off the charts.

  12. Lorna says:

    For the love of God, please get rid of Maggie.

  13. Doraine Stufflebeam says:

    I wish Owen and Meredith would get together

    • DB says:

      I can’t stand Owen and he doesn’t seem like he is any fun at all — so stressed and intense. Meredith needs a guy she can have fun with.

    • Asneth says:

      Holy crap!! Owen 😐 No.What about you talk of Will and meredith dating.That guy was good looking and from the look of things he would make the best Man for Meredith.We barely see Nathan smile.Will was an all round person.I hope he calls Meredith soon.

  14. Tiffany says:

    They only showed Maggie having possible interest in Riggs in that last episode…she can always go back to deluca..I don’t think this has to ruin her and Meredith’s progress as sisters

  15. Cheli says:

    I think Maggie and Alex have some good chemistry too. Alex is ready for a grown up relationship and Jo just isn’t there yet. Perhaps Maggie is.

    • jordan says:

      Last season, i actually thought they were going to explore a relationship between Maggie and Alex which would have been good but then Deluca came into the picture and then Riggs came along and it seemed they were going in that direction. And then out of nowhere we get the Meredith hookup. I don’t know where the writers are going with this. But I’d much prefer to see Alex with Maggie than with Jo.

  16. Jessica says:

    I didn’t even know Maggie had a crush on Riggs. When did that happen?

  17. Aeol says:

    Sorry Maggie, Meredith gets this one. I don’t know anymore, maybe Alex and Mer are end game, but until that maybe happens, I’m jumping on the Griggs ship.

  18. jordan says:

    Yikes…a lot of Maggie haters here. Not sure why. She’s actually one of my favorites and has shown tons of character development. She’s handled a number of hospital personnel crises wtih far more maturity than some of her colleagues I also think she has tons of chemistry with Riggs, so it would have been a great paring. I really see no chemistry between Meredith and Riggs. It just seems forced to me ,but this is Grey’s anatomy where every slightly older, successful attractive male has to fall for Meredith.

  19. Trish says:

    Selfishly I just want Alex and Jo to get married so Mer is forced to be the best man and then throws Alex a blowout of a bachelor party.

  20. matty says:

    I’m more concerned about how Owen will react to this. Given that Meredith is one of his closest friends and that Riggs is his mortal enemy.

  21. Syd says:

    Meredith and Nathan all the way Maggie can have Andrew Deluca

  22. Syd says:

    Or Maggie can have Alex since Jo might not want him

  23. Lola says:

    It was pretty much confirmed Maggie developed a crush on Riggs with the last episode and a for a few episodes this season we all knew Meredith would hook up with Riggs. These things happen in real life with sisters or best friends. Some folks wanted Alex and Mer to get together. That would be impossible. They love each other but like brother/sister. Alex loves Jo but Jo is hiding a secret and I think Jo is married already. She probably got married when very young, left the guy – didn’t get divorced and now finds herself in love with Alex and can’t marry him. Yeah, sounds crazy but hey, with Grey’s you never know. Maggie has grown on me, and I like her but I think Maggie needs to start liking herself and needs to learn to have more confidence about her personal journey. Mer and Owen – No. Mer never liked Owen for the way he treated Cristina (and we could write a book about that) and the reason Mer befriended him, looked after him is because she promised Cristina she would. Someone commented that Alex needed more story lines and I couldn’t agree more. Maybe next season we will watch his life come together.

  24. No Maggie and Nathan, I never really saw that turning into anything, let it stay where it is. I don’t know about Meredith and Nathan either although I kinda like her finally having someone and them knowing the same kind of pain. But would that last? And think about her and Owen…it’s just really a lot honestly. And for goodness sake, this sisterhood doesn’t have to continue!

  25. Kamilah Hawthorne says:

    I want Maggie and Andrew to reconnect, and I like Meredith with Nathan. I think Nathan is good for her because he challenges her and see through her nonsense.

    I saw some friction between Nathan and Meredith the first time they ever met, so….go Team Mer And Nathan!!!!!

  26. Kamilah Hawthorne says:

    For all of you haters, Maggie IS a relevant and crucial character, whether you like her or not!

    She is Dr. Richard’s biological daughter, and I personally would rather see THAT relationship explored and built on more, than him chasing after and running around with Arizona on date nights and worrying about her sex life (so unrealistic). To me, the writers have diminished Dr. Richard’s character from what he was and used to represent at the hospital.

  27. Kayte CookWatts says:

    Crush Maggie? Because they shared bacon and a conversation?

  28. agmercurio says:

    No wonder Shonda Rhimes attack with this “ ligoteo announced”; we all knew that at some point Meredith and Riggs, McKiwi, would end up maintaining a sexual relationship. Shonda and her team waited until the end of the season to not end up losing the few fans remaining for Grey’s Anatomy.

    Ellen statements, scripted by Shonda Rhimes, have been surprising; last summer she tried to harm the career and family life of her formerly friend, with calumnies about his behavior on the set and the insignificance of the role of Derek which was on screen less than 2 minutes and he did not deserve to be relevant. After, Ellen said that “it worked very well without a penis”. The phrase is shocking, and now Ellen has changed, she says that Derek is the love of Meredith’s life and always will be. It is a surprising change.

    That Meredith is pulled McKiwi, well she throw it away, although it occurs to me that she has a problem because I guess McKiwi has a penis. That she is so embittered that takes away the apparent groom to her sister, well she take it away; Maybe she does it because Maggie had loving parents and her biological father Richard Webber is who /what she always wanted to have (episode 8×13 What If); that her life is incomplete, because the children he had with Derek does not appear, no wonder Shonda Rhimes wants to remove all traces of Derek in the series.

    I do not think Shonda be able to surprise with the last chapter of Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife had an impressive finish and the first episodes Game of Thrones, are superb, highlighting Resuscitation John Snow. The fans of these two series are not upset, but Grey’s Anatomy fans are annoyed. It seems that SR is thinking of eliminating the character of Callie, shabby, she is the best, most authentic and has the greatest heart, but really I do not care, now I do not see the series, but I have seen each of the chapters of the previous 11 seasons. And the rest of the characters do not interest me at all

  29. Thiviya says:

    I really freaking thought that Maggie and Nathan would hook up! I was like WTF when I watched episode 23! And Shonda, please get Callie and Arizona back together. They have the most wonderful chemistry. It is the way it should be. Caliie-Arizona, April-Jackson, Jo-Karev! This is how it should be. Please for God sake, I want Callie-Arizona and Jackson-April to be back together.

  30. Darlene says:

    Of course,I would love to see Nathan with Maggie.It seems so out of place that all of a sudden that Meredith hooks up with Nathan.Maggie…steal him away from Meredith.

    • Jessica says:

      And all of a sudden Maggie has a biggg crush since she was with the intern a few episodes ago LOL. Martin Henderson’s character was brought for Meredith. It was a matter of time till they happen. She didn’t steal anyone. If Maggie will pout and be hurt about it that’s on her and prove how childish she is.

      • Jessica says:

        Plus if Maggie still wants him after he’s been sleeping with her sister.. that would be really disgusting.

  31. Darlene says:

    On second thought…Maggie and Andrew would be great also

  32. Starr says:

    Rachel Nichols for sure!

  33. Starr says:

    Stephanie just can’t catch a break! Poor Stephanie. First Avery and now Kyle. I want see Stephanie involved with someone for more than 5 episodes dang it! LBVS

  34. Kellyhoule says:

    I would like Maggie to be with him. I hope things go well for MCREARY HE AND amelia are great. I think Mer she end up with Alex. Greys is my favorite show and I hope to someday have a box set of all the seasons.

    • asneth says:

      Oh No!Meredith and Alex are just Best friends.Nothing more.Will amd Meredith would make the best couple.I think Will even cared so much about mer.Nathan barely put a smile on his face.They sgould be sex buddies for sometime but Will will be back soon😍.

  35. Bernadette says:

    Nathan and Meredith grey

  36. Ella says:

    I honestly cannot stand this character.

  37. Kai says:

    What is this? Hilarious – highschool speculation from Kelly? *please let this be a speculation* cause it sounds so dumb. Heartbroken over a crush and might fight Mer for him? Lawll
    Maybe Kelly is hoping to get involved in the drama and talk of this lmao since this hook up and what’s next is everywhere on the internet and I bet the Mer/Nathan will be a huge part together next season. Which I really can’t wait to see it play out. Team Merthan! ;)

  38. Kay says:

    Ever since Derek’s death, I have always said that Meredith and Alex are going to end up together and with Jo’s recent rejection toward Alex (again) it wont surprise me when Meredith and Alex end up together..

  39. sarai cruz says:

    I think Alex Kingston should be Owens sister she could be very convincing in that role

  40. kath says:

    Given how quickly Nathan jumped at having sex with Meredith who didn’t even seem to like him, all I’d say to Maggie is “you really dodged a bullet with that guy, girl.”

  41. Mari says:

    Can Dereck come back from the dead please😞

  42. Maury Pino says:

    I love Maggie and de Luca and of course this triangle with Nathan. Meredith needs to be out of focus she always get the best guy. She needs to be alone a little while. I think it should be develop other characters instead of Meredith. She always get everything with little effort, so I really hope the other characters have their own history and their space. It should be maggie fighting for nathan and when owen sister returns, it would be more drama to nathan and maggie. For meredith it was only sex and could be confusion with her sister maggie and she would finally understand and set boundaries about their sisterhood