Castle Cancelled

Castle Cancelled After 8 Seasons

Holy, backlash: Castle will not be moving forward without its leading lady after all.

In the wake of the firestorm that has erupted following leading lady Stana Katic’s confirmed ouster, ABC has cancelled  the venerable procedural, TVLine has learned. The axing comes despite ABC Studios closing new one-year deals with star Nathan Fillion and several supporting players, including Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever.

Katic’s exit — which was reportedly a budgetary move on ABC’s part — was announced last month. Longtime co-star Tamala Jones was similarly let go. At the time, Katic said in a statement, “Rather then distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show. Thank you to the fans.”

Several days later, Fillion released a statement of his own in which he thanked Katic “for creating the character of Beckett,” before adding, “I wish her well, and have no doubt she will succeed in everything she pursues. She will be missed.”

Exec producer Alexi Hawley previously told TVLine that if Castle was renewed then next Monday’s finale would end in a “dynamic” way that allowed the show to move forward in a slightly altered incarnation — meaning, sans Katic and Jones. However, if Castle was cancelled, an alternate, closure-filled ending would be swapped in.

Thoughts? Are you saddened or surprised by this turn of events? Are you relieved producers had the foresight to shoot an alternate ending? Hit the comments!

UPDATE: Watch the series finale promo here:

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  1. Phillip says:


    • Belle says:

      ABC is phasing out all shows not associated with Shonda Rhimes over the next couple years…before you know it it’ll be ALL Shonda Shows All The Time haha!!!

    • Annie Sisk says:

      It’s REALLY hard to restrain myself from laughing right now. Karma is indeed a spiteful little bitch sometimes.
      Now what I wanna know is: Are we ever going to see the alternative ending to this finale? I’d guess it’d be included on DVDs but honestly who here is willing to pay for that instead of just waiting a day to read about it on Facebook?

      • chris says:

        what does karma have to do with it

        • Sean Johnson says:

          Chris, it’s possible that Annie was referring to the fact that ABC tried to cut costs by firing both Stana and Tamala and, as such, weren’t prepared for how beloved those two were to the series with the backlash of people saying “I won’t watch it without Stana” and “There’s no Castle without Beckett” and, rather than risking a low rated Season 9 just decided to cut their losses and cancel it altogether.

          The ironic thing is had they not fired Stana and Tamala, people would’ve been (somewhat) excited for a ninth season which would’ve kept the series going so, technically, the reason for the cancellation was ABC’s fault.

          • booboo says:

            nailed it

          • Boba says:

            That is correct!

          • Charlotte Lukezich says:

            So true

          • abcd says:

            LOL, you guys are taking credit for this. How funny.

          • T. Guardalabene says:

            The whole concept of Castle was the writer and his muse. And it evolved as it should. So, without Beckett, there is no Castle. I love this show. Reruns and DVDs will keep it alive. ABC blew it!

          • Russell says:

            I wish they had done that with Scrubs!

          • Showtired says:


          • Lisa says:

            Exactly!! ABC is ridiculous for canceling shows so often. People will stop watching soon, afraid to get attached.

          • Susan Smith says:


          • Stacey Renea says:

            Couldnt agree more – they could have played it out with the “Castle babies” and using the Privet eye aspect more too – but to just be completely gone?? :(

          • Lorrie Ann says:

            I will miss Castle, well any new ones that is. I watch a lot of reruns and enjoy every single one of them!! I don’t know AB got the idea that the show would make it with its leading lady. I would really like to see Stana in something else in the coming years. I really enjoy her acting.

          • Mickey says:

            I think you need to give some credit to Nathan Fillion for the cancellation. I read previously that he’d been lobbying since January for the show to continue without Katic. Apparently, the two didn’t get along. Unfortunately for him, fans didn’t seem to agree that just because the show was named “Castle” that Beckett was expendable.

          • irenepal says:

            When in actual fact kate and rick are married – which makes kate a CASTLE. Meaning the show is about the Castle family. Thats the whole reason a lot of the fans watched for the dynamic/cast as a whole – you take two important characters away then there is NO CASTLE.

          • Bonnie Lemenager says:

            You have a valid point. ABC was my go-to network years ago, but that was before more and more talent and resources have been redirected to Marvel and the box office gold the movies represent. Every company is in the business of making money and keeping their stockholders/investors happy. Not to sound cynical, but the current trend towards superheroes will right itself, and then the Mouse House will regret their decision. Stay tuned.

          • Bonnie says:

            Agreed. I think Stana and Tamala being let go for the old standby excuse of “budget reasons” is bogus. They’re both very talented actresses who, I hope, will land on their feet.

          • June Erickson says:

            totally correct !

          • bw says:

            And if they hadn’t tried to force Castle PI on us starting back in season 7.. it may have gone for 10 years. This was a long range conspiracy to remove Stana and have only 1 star… Sooo glad the fans saw thru the whole budgetary cuts ruse and forced ABC to correct their past mistake of not making it clear that Castle had 2 stars not 1.

          • Penny says:

            Totally Agree!

          • Michelle says:


          • Kathie says:

            The fact that they were surprised at the backlash, if they really had no idea how much fans loved the characters and wouldn’t watch without them confirms the stupidity we already knew since the first episode of this season.
            Hard to believe anyone could be so
            clueless. 😁😁😪😝

          • Pat Scott says:

            so right ABC sucks looks like a lot of people are done with the network good

        • Lizzie says:

          Them getting rid of Ms. Katic when she was the core and heart of the show. Karma is real.

      • Mike Q says:

        “Karma is indeed a spiteful little bitch sometimes.”

        As is a now unemployed leading man. I’m glad they didn’t further tarnish Castle’s legacy by trying to make it work without Beckett. I’m going to pretend this was done for artistic rather than financial reasons.

        • Bec says:

          Not really, he was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I highly doubt he will be unemployed.

        • Bonnie says:

          Agreed. There are times when a show just looses its lustre and focus. Because we live vicariously through our heroes on TV and movies, we feel disillusioned when the Powers That Be turn their backs on their own creations. It’s a sad reality that all good shows have to come to an end. I will miss the excellent acting and the writers who made this show one of my favorites. PS: I hope you find a gig that pays you and is worthwhile. Take care.

          • Marilyn stanley says:

            Many good shows go on too long. There is only so much that can be done. MASH, westerns, Seinfeld, Heat of the Night, Law & Order etc. i no longer watch TV as I used to. Discovered Castle on re-runs. But the story line stalled. After the marriage, I think. God luck to all, not just the two stars.

          • Lizzie says:

            I enjoyed living vicariously through Kate, she was awesome.

      • S. says:

        Laughing? Pretty pathetic. Hundreds of people are out of work now. Go ahead and do a dance on the stack of bills they need to pay if you’re sick like that. Karma? Please. They were in control of this situation the whole time except for the leak of the info about firings. The decision to do it, the decision to cancel, all was ABCs and I promise you they’re fine with it. (The showrunners are hardly the ones deciding this crap. They’re making the best of what they had to work with so leave’em alone.) They had to know the reaction of fans to no Stana and a final Castle season. It just happened sooner than they expected because of the Deadline info. They’re not stupid. Remember they’ve been not-negotiating with Stana for months now. A couple weeks of ‘cancel the show’ cries didn’t do jack. Those happened before with the alleged breakup. They’ve happened with other hit shows for doing something controversial. The backlash was predictable and not even remotely the reason. They crunched numbers, saw what shows they wanted to pick up and what others were getting axed, and made a scheduling call. I doubt they’re gonna give you the alt ending on the dvd. Why would you think they wanna show you what is probably killing off Beckett or having her go missing? If they did, I’d be amazed.

        • mackie says:

          I see the point you’re trying to make about people now being out of work, but give me a bleeping break. Why do I only see comments about all the people suddenly out of work because of a cancelled show when Castle is the show in question? I have friends in the industry, and they didn’t choose the business for the job security. (And the reason I left film school was because I knew I needed more job security than I would have in film.) Yes, being laid off because your show was cancelled is an unfortunate situation. But it’s something that every crew member knows will happen more often than not, and, quite frankly, job security for camera operators is not sufficient rationale to keep a dying show on life support.

        • Dean says:

          I don’t think you belong on this site. Unlike the rest of these know-it-all know-nothings, you seem to take a different more realistic, informed view. I almost had to double take, it’s that rare around here.

        • truckinmack says:

          On the other hand, the new people employed by the new show ABC will put in Castle’s place will be very thankful that they have work.

        • kath says:

          Castle was made by ABC’s production company and most of those people have steady jobs and will go on to work on the next show they made, possibly one of the many new ones ABC has bought for the next season.
          The only people who are going to lose their jobs are the creatives, the writers and actors and producers. Even the directors are booked by episode and will go on to other shows.
          The people I feel most sorry for are Jon Huertas and Seamus Deaver. Especially Huertas because it’s hard to get steady gigs when you’re an ethnic actor. I’d say the same about Tamala Jones but the show already dumped her.

          ABC probably thought that they could get rid of Beckett and Lanie and it wouldn’t affect whether people watch the show or not. Boy, were they WRONG.

        • jahoney1 says:

          I get what you are trying to say about people being out of work, but please give me a break with this nonsensical argument. Every time a show gets cancelled or does not get picked up people are out of work. Oh well that is this industry. From what research I have seen many times the crew is actually better off than the cast. The cast of actors and actresses typically work as free agents very similar to realtors. Fest or famine for many actors and actresses in this industry. The crew on the other hand from what I understand either work for the studio that is producing the show or a production company that is always producing different shows. They typically have steady employment at any given time. The one think I am not sure that you seem to understand is that there are three layers to these decisions. The show runners decided the direction and story line of this season. ABC production/studio under the direction of Paul Lee and now Channing Dungey decides who stays with a show and who gets fired, what shows get a new season and who gets cancelled. The one layer that everyone seems to forget is Disney/ABC under the direction of Ben Sherwood. I suspect that the decision to cancel the show actually came down from above Channing head. Castle was an economic and money loser at this point. Disney/ABC made the correct decision to cancel the show, which I suspect was a different decision than the one that ABC studio wanted.

          • Fritz says:

            Let’s also remember that they filmed two alternate show endings so everyone should have seen the writing on the wall. It would not surprise me at all if everyone as new jobs or roles in the next couple of weeks.

      • irenepal says:

        Love your comment. So true – the thing that really got to me was Fillons coldness about stana leaving – if he was any kind of man he should have stuck up for her. I for one am not upset its not returning even though I considered myself a big fan from the start but this season has been an absolute mess and as soon as I heard that stana wasnt returning i wasnt entertaining the idea of castle without stana – to me that would be like Bones without Bones – a complete joke. Karma is a bitch. You cant change the premise of a show and expect the fans that have been around since the beginning to be ok with that. The writers got what they deserved.

        • jeremy says:

          actually it would be like bones without booth but I get your point

        • Karen Jones says:

          Coldness? The guy directly thanked her, quite nicely I might add. Would you rock the boat if a colleague (even a dear one) of yours got fired & risk your job? I doubt it. Most would continue working..And it wasn’t just NF; the rest of the cast were prepared to go on with Stana too-that’s the entertainment business.

      • Suhhya says:

        What part of no cursing didnt you understand

      • Hugh says:

        Not to be Eeyore here, but they could still kill off Beckett instead of giving everyone a happy ending. I’m guessing they do kill off Lanie early in the show, regardless. I hope I’m wrong. I’m really hoping for a happy ending….

      • S says:

        Me. I’ve collected all the seasons because I love the show, Nathan Fillion, and Stana Katic. However, I will be treating it like I do all the seasons I collect: waiting until a great deal pops up on ebay. I don’t buy anything retail anymore unless it’s clothes.

      • jj says:

        I didn’t for 1s try to restrain from laughing.

      • Marz says:

        I think the alternative ending (hopefully happy) is what we’ll be seeing.

      • Lori says:

        They fast forward 7 years they have two children. They live.

    • Deb Saine says:

      love your response!!!!

    • chris says:

      Real smart, you probably want the muppets back

    • A fan of TV says:

      Best first comment!

    • ? says:

      Sanity prevails!

    • lkh says:

      btw, great picture Matt! hahaha is right!

    • David4 says:

      It is too funny. They destroyed their golden goose.

      But why bother firing people, then the week leading up to cancel / renew time end the show? Weird to me.

      • Ann says:

        Yes really weird I think abc sat on the fence with this wanted their cake and eat to but the backlash was to great in the end

    • Just one thing says:

      Okay, I do have to laugh at this first response finally. 😂
      I just thought back to Fillion’s crappy PR tweet about Katic, and how said he hoped Castle would go on for “many years” or some BS.
      Poor guy really thought he was Teflon. Arrogance does skew proper perspective.
      How embarrassing though…

      • Marz says:

        Mr Fillion’s tweet was a masterpiece of not saying anything at all. Especially complimenting her for the role as a detective, when what made the show was her role as the muse.

        • I'm done with this **** says:

          Not even as a detective, he complimented her for the role as a police officer, a rank below an NYPD detective!

      • Manuel Schuster says:

        That is true. His Tweet was really cool, odd and weird. I am glad NOT having Castle WITHOUT Beckett!

    • GladCastleIsCancelled says:

      The reason I’m happy that this show is cancelled is because every other article on TVline was all about Castle, and the Question/Scoop articles like AskAus would have at the least 2 Castle questions and the comment section would be flooded with annoying castle fans. So this is amazing news …with it ending maybe TVline may spread the love around to the hundreds of other shows out there that need attention. Good Riddance to be honest!

    • Kate says:

      This show jumped the shark a long time ago. The plot for Kate to find her mother’s killer took far too long. Now the Loksat business has dragged on and b*itch please… just how many times can Castle be kidnapped as a plot line ??? Last week’s episode was just sad, really sad… The credibility of the story lines has stretched so far to be totally unbelievable… a real Aladdin’s lamp and geniie, please… Beckett as a police captain is completely overlooking things that as a police captain she would be enforcing. The break in at an office to put in spyware… etc… Even if Stana and Tamala weren’t leaving, the show has gone on for too long and the script writers are tired. The jokes aren’t funny anymore, they are stale and lame. The “drama” is stretched out and the only actors who have chemistry are Esposito and Ryan… Time to say goodbye…

      • Pizzazzy says:

        I agree with your opinion and comments about the dragged out plots and timelines. Castle as a series died a couple of years ago when they had Castle kidnapped on the way to his wedding. Everything after that was hardly watchable. When I compare the episodes from the first few seasons with the last few seasons, well — there’s no comparison in story, dialog, and humor. The reasons they gave for firing Stana and Tamala are so bogus that ABC must think we are idiots. They just couldn’t bring the hostility between the actors out in the open. Frankly, this season was nearly so unwatchable that the last few episodes are still recorded and piling up on my DVR.

    • Christopher says:


    • Maxwell Bova says:

      My word. What a stupid, stupid move on their part.

      I personally am glad they listened to the viewers who said ENOUGH.

      Now Fillion will have more time for his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

    • davej13 says:

      Serves them right. You can’t have Castle without Beckett. The producers could have paid Stana Katic and more than made up the loss in syndication fees.

      Now what? Are they going to go beg Stana to come back and ask someone else. Like the CW to pick them up?

      • Cindy says:

        I hope that another station does pick it up! I believe it eould keep the fans happy, keep many employed and make the network a lot of money!

    • Lisa says:

      After Monday I will have watched all 173 episodes live, only show I can ever say that about.
      Will always remember Beckett’s scene in the first episode when Castle correctly “figured” her out while reading his fan mail while trying to find the killer. Still think that was SK’s finest moment on the show.
      “You smell like cherries” from “Vampire Weekend”.
      I will always remember Castle saying “I’m right here” with tears in his eyes during “Always”
      Castle carrying Beckett out of the plane hangar in “Knockout”. My favorite episode ever “Time of Our Lives” and their wedding. Every episode of season five, my favorite season, and them keeping their relationship a secret.
      So many great moments between from these characters who had so much chemistry together and played so well off of each other.
      Castle was never going to be “The Wire” or win Emmy’s but for me it was perfect and I will miss it on Monday nights. Thanks to everyone involved and especially ABC for leaving it alone and letting it run for 173 episodes.

    • Allison says:

      What a disappointment. They could have brought it back without Beckett. Flipped it around, made it about the PI cases and made Castle 2.0 they could have appealed to a younger generation by making his daughter his partner. This is unreal. ABC does it again. This is why I try to never invest fully in their shows. If I do they get the boot lol

  2. Columbus says:

    Karma is a bitch. No Beckett = No Interest

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m speechless. Seriously.
      What the HELL are they doing at ABC Studios and the network?

      • Natesux says:

        Why are you speechless? They have no idea what they are doing! But they got what they deserved……Karma

      • Cleaning house, I guess. But aren’t you glad they’re canceling it now rather than continuing witho

          • Debbi-C says:

            Yes. Without Kate, anyone who watched would have had to endure his silliness and his recycling of old actors looking for work. Just goes to show, had he tried to work with her and ask the script writers to come up with decent scripts, they may have been on for a few more years.

        • Just one thing says:

          I’m so glad the original story of Castle will remain intact, but I was never campaigning for cancellation.
          In the end, the best creative and business decision was made.
          We never have to see what Nathan Fillion Is Castle would’ve looked like. As others are saying, it was a mercy killing that is both shocking and karmic.

          • chris says:

            your another one that has no clue what good tv is about

          • Just one thing says:

            My another what?

          • I was campaigning for cancellation given our two options—cancellation or season 9 without Stana. I’m still sad it had to end this way.

            I would like to think that the rumors Nathan and Stana didn’t get along are garbage, but we will probably never know.

          • lkh says:

            :) ‘you’re’ behave. mourning can bring out the worse…

          • Susan Smith says:

            Well put JOT.I loved this show.I appreciate the hard work of the cast and crew.I wasn’t advocating for cancellation either.I was not going to watch Castle without Kate.I was done.I am also glad the story ends intact.Maybe it will be sooner than later that can watch the reruns again.ABC ultimately made two mistakes:firing SK& thinking a Castle without Kate was viable.Its very bittersweet news.I do feel bad for the cast&crew but like the person in a few comments above said that is the nature of the business…

      • Charlotte Lukezich says:

        I’m shocked, disturbed. I didn’t understand bringing in another actress. Then, this? My favorite show being canceled! As maddening to me as Leverage being over. Why? The writers are unable to do their jobs?! I don’t buy the actors or 1 actor being the reason. You brought in another! Why? That messed up the chemistry. $$$ bogus reason.

        • LILY says:

          There is something behind this story that we are not hearing. All kinds of mags and
          blogs wrote about the story, all writing the EXACT same thing. The only thing that
          differed was that some mentioned “couple counseling” and others did not. There was
          not a lot of (make that NO) investigative reporting here. I believe the question I
          would like answered is “why did Marlowe leave?” It was his baby and he left.

        • Mary S says:

          In the past, when producers, writers or showrunners brought in a new actress to an old show, it was to get laid. In most cases, as in Castle, it was ultimately the show and the fans who got screwed the worst, and the series was cancelled at the end of that season.

          Going all the way back to Buck Rogers and moving forward through Human Target and Harry’s Law, now to our beloved Castle, the new actress, with the new storyline, screwed the show and ended it…yes, the other shows were only one or two seasons in and Castle had 8 great years, but the principle remains the same. New PTB, new writers, new actors, DEAD SERIES.

        • Carol says:

          I think your right on the money! The new writers ruined this show!

          • mazel tov says:

            Too bad you did not spend more time learning grammar and less watching TV. It is “you are” or “you’re.” It is not “your.”

          • S. says:

            “New writers”? The ones guiding the direction of the show were veteran Castle writers that Marlowe thought were good enough to work with for years, and they can’t write for what ABC won’t give them money to do or pay actors to act. Hands were tied. Blaming the writers is like blaming the guys in the engine room on the Titanic. They just did the best with what they had info to figure out and tools they had to work with. ABC could’ve told them at the beginning of the year ‘we’re not re-signing Stana and since the show’s not really Castle without Beckett we’re gonna end it so spend the year doing that.’ That would’ve been the better thing to do if it was only about Castle, but it wasn’t. The problem is they were only gonna end the show if it wasn’t part of their larger network plan to keep it, and they had no idea if that was the case til the new pilots came in and they saw what other shows they planned on cancelling.

        • Sarah says:

          Wish they had let Castle end with a little more class

          FYI, I still miss Leverage, too! TG for Netflix reruns. Pining for a Leverage movie from Devlin, Rogers, et al.

          • Charlotte Lukezich says:

            Yessssss! I love Timothy Hutton in Leverage. I love the whole cast of Leverage. What was the deal on that one? Castle is gone now, but just like Leverage, not forgotten. Whoever sits in the ivory tower needs to be tossed off of it.

        • Pam miller says:

          Well I’m disappointed in ABC I watch most all shows on there. Did Kate leave on her own? I really didn’t understand . I hope it ends with happy ever after. I have watched since the first show.

      • Charlotte Lukezich says:

        I’d like to know as well. I’m shocked and angered. What ARE they doing! The only good show on ABC! Actually it is a great show. Get new writers.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          It WAS a great show. Season 8 brought too many changes and destroyed it. So glad it’s canned.

        • Linda says:

          So disappointed in the removal of Stana and Tamala; Castle was a great entertaining show. Agreed that the new writers did not do the show any favors. Sad to see it go; show was so much better than what is on now. Sure wish Andrew/Terri were still there writing. Hoping a new show will feature Stana and one for Nathan. Good luck to the supporting cast too.

    • Brandi says:

      I agree with you her. But DANG, I am shocked!!! At least they let them know so they can air the cancellation ending they shot.

    • jonathan27lew says:

      You’re being smug on the backs of a lot of families who relied on that show to put food on the table. Just sayin’.

      • That’s not a good reason to keep a show on the air. I am sure they will find other employment.

      • DCL33 says:

        Again. This again? Poor contractual workers who got unemployed after the season wrapped. They will all starve, since the show was on hiatus, well canceled now. They all sat on the asses and waited for someone to give them money and food. You do understand that once season wraps their contract expires and they are unemployed, right? And those poor actors and actresses and producers and all the highers ups, making millions in the past 8 years. How ever will they feed themselves and their families :(

      • Lindsay O'Connor says:

        @ They, like Stana will move on to something new. I don’t feel sorry for them at all!

        • LILY says:

          That is rather cynical statement, in my humble opinion. Actors are usually following
          their muse, and there are a whole lot of actors who have no guarantee of further
          employment along the way. I understand that expensive undertakings cannot go on
          just for the sake of the actors, but there is no need to ignore what they are going

          One of the common complaints, over the internet, has been that Fillion didn’t quit
          in protest to Stana’s firing. Well, think about it. 1) he had already signed a
          contract, 2) other people also need an employment, probably more than Stana does,
          and 3) his own acting career has been a struggle from time to time.

          • Pedro says:

            Plus, giving her less screen time and eventually firing her were goals he pursued relentlessly and achieved.

      • Duh Fudge says:

        Don’t worry, the season 9 wouldv’e been cancelled prematurely anyways. So either way people will need to find new jobs. It’s best now because new shows are in production and they can easily find new jobs.

      • Allie says:

        ABC essentially fired everyone associated with this show when the fired Stana. Put blame where blame exists.

      • Winter says:

        This is the lot they chose when they went into being tv crew. They’ll be fine they’ll just move on to a new show. At least they got 8 years out of it which is more than most crews.

      • Debbi-C says:

        They know that going in so they should always spend, accordingly, like the rest of us. When they were told only 13 episodes for S9, they should have known it wasn’t going to last.

      • jahoney1 says:

        With all due respect that argument is one of the most annoying out there. The crew is actually better off than most of the cast. The cast typically are free agents that go from one job to the next very similar to realtors. The crew on the other had is either paid by the studio when a show they helped produce is picked up or by the production company that they actually work for.

      • veronica says:

        i’ve lost a job before—i found a new one, and i’m sure i’m not half as talented as the crew of this amazing show. i’m sure they’ll miss each other, but i’m not worried that they’ll never work again. #lifehappens

      • Showtired says:

        I am sure you (and every single one of us) make decisions every day that affect someone’s job security. The grocery store you go to, the car brand and dealership you use, and every thing you choose to buy, frequent, patronize is a choice to support someone’s job and not another’s. That’s the name of the game in a free market economy and especially in Hollywood with the very nature of that business.

      • chritine says:

        Keep a show that was on life support to keep people employed That is a crazy reason. Ending it now is the best thing they can do. Like most of America you go on unemployment and find another show to work or get another. This show was so in decline and without Beckett what is Castle. I think ending it now is the best thing that can happen.

        • jonathan27lew says:

          Never said it shouldn’t end, I just said maybe we don’t be smug about it, that’s all. Peace.

    • chris says:

      You wouldn’t know a good show from bad

    • anon74 says:

      Really? The episode without Beckett was one of the best in years. Was looking forward to a season without her.

      • Virgo says:

        You must be blind or cross eyed. An episode without Beckett is boring – I watched this show since the beginning and it’s her character that made me interested in the show. Don’t get me wrong NF is good too but Beckett’s character is more powerful

        • Petra Weber says:

          Yes it is the must Return for the Show Castle and Beckett ar eine tream Team please let the Show Go on please Stay stana and Nathan Thats wars many People wants

  3. Grace says:


    • ABG says:

      I don’t even watch but the way they treated their leading lady is awful, even if the rumours of on-set tension with Nathan Fillion are true.

  4. Joanna says:

    I’m so happy I can hardly believe it!!!!

  5. Matt C. says:

    Ha! I don’t watch this show, but I feel slightly vindicated for Stana Kanic. ABC handled that whole situation completely wrong and it blew up in their face. Kinda surprised they didn’t just decide to announce a final season renewal after all the publicity they got out of it all.

  6. So they spent the last month signing everyone other than Stana and Tamala to new contracts is what exactly?

    • Murica! says:

      A big waste of time apparently.

    • KLS says:

      Live by the spreadsheet, die by the spreadsheet.

    • Pamela J says:

      I don’t understand it either, unless the backlash from stana leaving was the issue?

    • Elhar says:

      The contracts were negotiated by ABC Studios, the production company. The channel, ABC Network wanted to pay less for the show (no surprise with so low numbers), so they needed to calculate the costs and make the deals BEFORE the channel decides if they were on a tight budget limit – which they surely were. Otherwise they would have been in the position that they have a renewed show, only unable to produce it in the budget.

  7. thisismenow says:

    Yay. A vocal minority online won with their temper-tantrum, while us adults had to spend our days working. So good on them.

    • It clearly wasn’t a minority. And it wasn’t a temper tantrum. It was sadness and anger at the disrespect shown to the story and the fans.

      • Christina says:

        Thank you for articulating that so well. This was not a temper tantrum at all. I’m more sad than anything else. (Though really happy they’re not continuing with a Beckett-less season.)

        • It’s always sad when a favorite show ends, but I’m thankful it’s ending now as opposed to a pathetic season 9. This season has been bad, but next season without Beckett would be even worse.

          • Christina says:

            Couldn’t agree more!

          • Jackie says:

            Agree. I’m not a rabid fan, by any means, but even from a distance it seemed like a horrible idea to ditch the female co-lead, for whatever reason. 8 years is a good run. Leave the fans with some semblance of the show they supported all these years.

          • Charlotte Lukezich says:

            It would be suicide for sure without Stana/Beckett, disappointing to the fans as well. Where do you get these bogus ratings? Nobody asks me. Get new writers. They’ve been great, but maybe THEY need a break.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Hear, hear, Josiah!

          • anon74 says:

            What makes you say it would have been worse without Beckett? I was actually looking forward to a season without her. The one episode this season she wasn’t in at all was by far the best one in years.

        • Dee says:

          The chemistry between the two character leads just wasn’t there anymore…it was actually kinda painful to watch…cuz they were so good the first 5 seasons…you could just “tell” something wasn’t quite right anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        And the lead actress.

      • DuniaMartínez says:


      • B.W. says:


      • I'm done with this **** says:

        Ditto, it didn’t have to end this way but they’re the ones to blame for the fan backlash

      • Gern Blanston says:

        No, it was a temper tantrum. When the Katic news was announced the amount of unhinged, conspiracy theory, unverified random Twitter account quoting insanity increased about tenfold. It may have been driven by sadness or anger as you say, but the expression of that sadness and anger came out as everybody holding their breath until they were blue in the face. It was childish. Instead of having a discussion about what it meant that the woman was once again written off while the male lead was resigned or real questions of what happened to a once great show (not the rumor-mill, made up garbage, but verified fact) it was a bunch of schoolyard name calling where everybody had to pick a side. And I’m somebody that agreed with the sentiment that the show would have been better off cancelled than going without the entire cast. But, being on the same side of any issue as 95% of the commenters here was borderline embarrassing.

        • LR says:

          While I disagree with your calling it a tantrum I will say this did I agree with all of the ways people were expressing themselves? Nope but here’s the thing I myself put something out to try and make people understand a few things. As for the comment about ‘unverified’ accounts well those accounts are of people that had been associated with the the show or currently were. Also even some media accounts if you could read between the lines. Was there more at play than anyone knows about? Sure but here’s what it boils down to and what some of us were fighting for. 3 women fired in under a year one of them a co-lead. It sent a message to women overall stating that no matter what your status in a job you are expendable reguardless of the situation. Add in the fact that this whole year systematically destroyed the work of one that makes it worse on a whole new level.
          So you can call it a tantrum but at the end of the day it’s a fundamental question of right and wrong. And this grown adult woman stood up for what was right and did so even though it was unpopular opinion. Plus in this case there was never going to be a discussion because if anyone and I mean anyone thought it was about budget cuts well I don’t know what to tell them other than to do some research.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            The conversation about women’s rights and treatment in Hollywood would have been a great conversation to have, but those kind of comments and questions were few and far between. A vast majority of the comments were of the “Team Fillion” “Team Katic” variety where one person had to be in the right and one person had to be in the wrong. And your comments seem to fall into the “Team Katic” variety. It starts out as a statement about women’s rights and then immediately veers into championing Twitter rumors from random people as long as they back up your opinions and ignore the ones that don’t back up your opinions. Both kinds of tweets are out there if you want to look them up and believe them. “Reading between the lines” is exactly the problem. Instead of talking about what could be verified everything devolved into a bunch of armchair detectives swearing that they somehow had some inside information because the next door neighbor of sister of the person in charge of the ham sandwiches at craft services said that Fillion was having a bad day and didn’t laugh at a joke Katic made so that means that he was trying to actively get Katic fired and hated her guts. I would also tell you to do that same research. Everybody referenced the same article that stated that Fillion wanted her gone and trumpeted that article as proof that he was to blame for what was happening, but those same people ignored other parts of that same article that said that ABC didn’t even want her back for this season due to budget cuts, but had other backlash problems that they were dealing with over at Grey’s Anatomy and didn’t want to set-off a second set of irate fans at the same time. Everybody just cherry-picked whatever “evidence” they wanted to bolster their own “Team” and completely ignored anything that may have called their side into question. There was all kinds of rumors out there, but not a lot of actual news.

          • LR says:

            I hate to break it to you but you have me pegged entirely wrong I am not a extrem feminist, I’m not on one team over the other I went off the evidence I had. You must not have seen some of the comments from people that were out there because it was very telling. If you want to have some examples take a look at some of those accounts I’m not going to put names out there when it’s easily found and its people that have been associated with the show not some guy on the corner. These are people who were there at one point or another.
            As for me I can tell you I had started watching because of Fillion now as I have seen things he has said and how he has presented himself the past few years I’m not so much of a fan. If it was me and my name was being dragged thru the mud though I for dang sure would have stood up for myself. Silence speaks much louder than anything at least to me. There is stuff out there that adds up to some if not a lot of it being true. And this is something I pointed out to others observe the person when they talk and how they act reguardless of the environment. Actions speak a heck of a lot louder than words. So you can think what you want at the end of the day I can’t change that and that’s fine but don’t make an assumption about what and why I was supporting it. Also I never post things I can’t verify in one way or another.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I apologize if I have misread the intention behind your post, but I maintain that there has never been any reputable reporting of a feud between the two stars of the show. Once this story blew up I did some research to see what everyone was talking about and as far as I’ve seen there has never been anyone of note that has said anything about this story. None of the actors on the show. None of the writers that are there every week. It has never been reported here or at any other reputable source such as any of Ausiello’s former employers. The only stories on the “feud” are from National Enquirer type rags that will report anything and never have any named sources so there is no actual evidence. At this point by believing that anybody is somehow at fault is picking sides in a fight that may not even exist. Fillion has no reason to stick up for himself against a bunch of random people on Twitter that he doesn’t know against unverified stories from gossip rags. If one of the other actors or writers or other everyday coworkers had said something and put their name to it then one should expect some kind response from Fillion. Otherwise he has no need to defend himself against rumors being generated by people that he doesn’t know.

          • LR says:

            The only thing I can tell you is to go and look at some of the comments made. Today around the time of the announcement and some from when the other announcement happened. Like I said I won’t throw names out there just because it’s not my place but it’s there. I did leave out that I was also for it to preserve the show itself because let’s face it if it had continued I sure as heck would not have completed my dvd set. My series finale would have been 7.23.

        • LR says:

          Forgot to mention it also was a destruction of MilMars work as well.

        • Gern,
          I agree that fans, even in their anger, shouldn’t have resorted to name-calling.
          We will probably never know if there was really tension between Stana and Nathan, or if all those rumors were made up.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I think that you’re 100% correct. The truth will never come out as its the quickest way to burn bridges in Hollywood. If there was indeed tension and animosity on the set everybody will just keep their mouths shut.

          • Audrey says:

            Gern, there is such a thing as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you know. You don’t? Well, look it up. Nobody is gonna come out with their full names on things.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Audrey, I know what an NDA is, but why is it that nothing is ever reported at any reputable entertainment news source? Why is it that you never read anything here or at any of the places that Ausiello used to work? All of the people that work here have sources and they never have reported anything. Why is it always the places that have about a dozen ongoing libel lawsuits at any given time that they are defending themselves against that are reporting about these problems?

        • Cat says:

          I have never posted about this topic before but tend to agree with the majority here about Nathan’s behaviour after having watced a video linked on this website before the beginning of the season of him and I believe one of his Firefly friends promoting a new project they were working on. When they started talking about Castle they were both making fun of Beckett, joking about her being his assistant, etc. That to me showed how little respect Nathan seemed to have.

          • Virgo says:

            It is NF’s defense mechanism of an ego that was hurt by making fun of Beckett. NF was supposed to be the lead character of Castle being that he got the titular role but his character was overshadowed by Stana/Beckett – it turned out that Stana was very good at playing her role as Beckett and she is the one drawing the crowd and she is the one who stood out. That’s why this issue of NF diva tantrum of the show is titled Castle and not Beckett. All points considered the writers marry the 2 lead characters so she is technically a Castle too.

    • Annie says:

      It wasn’t even close to a minority. In fact it’s about the clearest case of a consensus in any fandom I’ve ever seen.

    • Tammy says:

      Oh, please. I work my a$$ off, like 60 hours+ a week, but I still took time to let ANC know what douches they were being!

    • LR says:

      You can also throw in thr disrespect to Stana and Tamala as well. And for the record that minority was a majority and it was no tantrum. Also I am a hard working adult myself that voiced my displeasure with ABC ever chance I got. In the end it comes down to right and wrong and ABC was flat out wrong along with some others involved.

    • NANCY BURNETT says:

      Thank you! You said EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking ever since this whole mess started A MONTH AGO. :(

  8. c-mo says:

    Such a sad to a once great show

    • c-mo says:

      sad ending

    • Katherine215 says:

      It really is. In my head, the show ended at season 7 – that finale was perfect for the series. ABC milked this one a season too long for me, and I’m so glad someone finally came to their senses. Not sure why they wasted time negotiating new contracts with the guys, though. They supposedly made this decision last week when they decided on the final scene, didn’t they?

      • c-mo says:

        I don’t really know when they made the decision but I have a feeling it was today because they wouldn’t have released the info that Jon Huertas re-signed yesterday. It is my understanding that they had until tomorrow to get the correct version out to the affiliates. I guess ABC wanted it all over today so they could begin on Monday with a clean slate…and depress all of us fans!

  9. Lala.. says:

    Oh well….

  10. Cindy says:

    No Stana, no Castle! Yes!

  11. Patrick Maloney says:

    Now, can we get Nathan Fillion on a Marvel TV Show starring as Wonder Man?

    • clintbrew says:

      agents of shield needs a new agent unless he the one who dies but comes back with powers also i take it u know that he playing wonderman in the new guardians of the galaxy movie

    • Edmond says:

      Nathon? Too old & too fat

      • Joe Mayer says:

        The Castle character in season 8 – as written by the showrunners/writers with input from NF(?) – reminds me of two popular film actors from the 1940s and 50s: Lou Costello, the buffoon; and the ever-increasing girth of Sidney Greenstreet.
        In the 2002 film, Serenity, NF as Captain Malcolm Reynolds speaking to the rouge crew of the space ship, Serenity, displays his open-shirted, youthful figure with a full set of 6-pack abs. Fourteen years makes a big difference.

      • sissyfritz says:

        So apparently being normal-sized and middle-aged makes you unworthy of being on television. And your comment is proof that no one can’t entirely blame the industry, as apparently we consumers are driving the wheel of this unrealistic, insulting car. If you’re not a fan of Fillion because of his acting or rumoured off-camera ego issues (emphasis on rumoured,) that’s a reasonable argument against his future casting. But for the love of human-kind, stop attacking the man’s weight and age.

        • Kathie says:

          Nathan just turned 45 in March, hardly middle-aged. Yes, he is somewhat heavier than he was in Firefly at age 31-32, but aren’t we all? Not fat!
          I’ve had a thing for him since the first Castle episode, even though he is 4 1/2 months older than one
          of my sons, lol. He is a wonderful
          actor and Stana is, too.
          I’m catching up on the TNT reruns that I missed this week. Right now it’s Target and Hunt. One of my
          favorite “bad ass” Beckett scenes is in Hunt, when she kicks the chair out from under
          the snotty girl, who was the girlfriend of one of Alexis’ kidnappers. Classic!
          Nathan’s facial expressions are so
          real when his “baby” is snatched.
          It just kills me that the writers screwed up the show and the showrunners eliminated Beckett and Lanie from the cast. STUPID STUPID STUPID!
          I didn’t watch the finale and after hearing more details from my neighbor (who didn’t know it was coming), I don’t think I’ll ever
          watch. I’ll just consider
          Hollander’s Woods, last years neutral finale as the real one.

          • Stephen Ketterer says:

            I bawled my eyes out as I saw Castle and Beckett laying on the floor bleeding out and telling each other FOREVER, as she crawled over to him and they clasped hands, after she drilled the perp with 4 well placed shots from her .40 automatic!!! ABC you can go piss up a rope if you think I’m going to watch anymore of your inane reality shows!!! PS, FOREVER was engraved on the inside the platinum bracelet that Castle had hidden inside a cake that he had Beckett dig for!!!:):)!!!

          • John says:

            amen sister amen

  12. Patricia Jacobs says:

    Fans’ voices were actually heard. ABC knew the backlash would continue!!

  13. michael says:

    Anytime a show begins around season 4 it has to tell me where its going. 90% of shows can do this. When a show begins around season 8 has to justify its storytelling. About 20-30% of shows can justify this. Castle started to run of gas around season 5.

    • Joe Black says:

      I think they ran out of gas a little later than season 5. My take is when they twisted the wedding off at the end of season 6.

  14. Christina says:

    I threw my hands up and cheered!! SO HAPPY. Never in a million years did I think they’d actually come through and just cancel this. SO HAPPY.

  15. JosiahBartlet4President says:


  16. iHeart says:

    probably for the best

  17. Goldenvibefan says:

    kinda saw this coming. Stana was a huge part of what made the show great.

  18. Lauren says:

    Wow – for once the fans were respected.

  19. Kevin K says:

    This makes me very sad :-(

  20. Smart move ABC…. however if this gone couldn’t you still make room for Agent Carter?

  21. Luli says:

    Im happy about this news because of the story maybe coming a to a happy ending, but I’m sad for the people that work on the show.

  22. KT says:

    It’s for the best. The show has just gotten so bad. As a longtime fan, it’s hard to see a show just get sloppier and sloppier. While you feel bad for the cast and crew needing to find new jobs, at least they can hopefully move on to something better. I think if it had a 9th season, it would have seen its ratings go completely down the drain.

  23. april-ann says:


  24. Annie says:

    WOW. I honestly did not expect this. I’m OK with it, but I’m very surprised. This and Nashville. I guess Merrin Dungey’s sister is cleaning house!

  25. pamill says:


  26. Mike says:

    In the words of Modern Family’s Gloria… JASE!!!

  27. Luli says:

    I’m happy about this news because there is no Castle without Beckett, but I’m sad because of the people that work on the show.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Some other new show will be picked up and need a crew that those folks can work on. Tv shows end; this is the nature of the business. Castle wasn’t going to last forever.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      ABC owns the studio producing castle so crew members are not in danger. They will be in the next series made by abc studio

  28. SJ says:

    Hahahaha! I’m SO glad ABC went through all the trouble of re-signing everyone and then still had no choice but to cancel the show.

    Let that be a lesson to all greedy network executives and big-egoed stars like Mr. Fillion. Don’t try to pull one on your fans, cause revenge is a b—h.

    • James R. says:

      Glad you know Nathan Fillion so well. I mean I guess it’s his fault all the other ABC shows got canceled too?

    • Christy says:

      Not sure I’d describe Fillion that way – he’s probably one of the most diplomatic people I’ve ever seen in Hollywood and is openly grateful for all of his work. He’s worked closely with one of the most vile people I’ve ever had the misfortune to interact with and never sad a bad word about them, so I’m pretty impressed with him.

      • Boo says:

        Oh please like you know him! The truth is we don’t know these actors, it’s freaking Hollywood they live a totally different lifestyle then all of us. So sick of people crying/sticking up for him. Can’t wait for the real story to come out cause it will

        • Tony says:

          Well, I at least agree that we don’t really ever know these actors behind closed doors. However, if you’re gonna criticize someone for talking favorably about them, then I can point out that whatever nefarious things you might believe about him (and your tone comes off as if you do) are equally unknown or unproven. As for the truth, we probably won’t ever know what it is unless one of the main players involved decides to spill. And who really wants to be the one to burn those kinds of bridges (at least not publicly)

          • LR says:

            It’s out there u just have to know where to look. Some responses to certain things from people says a lot.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        LOL Even under cover of an anonymous comment, you don’t name “one of the most vile people.” What nonsense.

      • Billy Bob Johnson says:

        His only response last month should have been No Beckett, No Castle.

    • LILY says:

      ” revenge is a b—h.”

      Revenge for what? I don’t know if Fillion has a big ego or not but he certainly is
      nicer than you are. I think that being unliked as an actor or as a friend or as a co-
      worker is not his problem.

      I have to believe that he is wondering right now – “what did I do to make everyone
      so angry?” I’d like to know too. Stana is the one that seemed to distance herself
      from the crowd. I loved her role, and I think she is a fine actress, but if you follow
      the cast and crew behind the scenes, they all seem to enjoy each other’s company
      off screen too, but Stana is just simply never in that group. Don’t know why. Never
      bothered to try to figure it out. But I don’t think it was a misconception on my part.

      • LR says:

        I have been try into come up with a response to this for a bit now. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly why people are upset. The day of the news coming out anyone reguardless of how they were expressing their opinion if it involved support of Stana they were blocked on Twitter the same goes for 2 other people. As for the other part about Stana I won’t touch that. I know I won’t change your mind there. But there is no mistake he knows why people are and were upset.

        • Rob Tyler says:

          My–now you are psychic? Quick past along some lotto numbers and make it snappy–SMFH

          • LR says:

            Rob I’m not stateing anything other than fact. I know people who were blocked. Him and the other 2 went after specific hashtags and it didn’t matter what you put out there it was blocked. That’s why I said I’m pretty sure he knows. So your comment is totally unnecessary.

      • Susan Smith says:

        LILY Actually there are all kinds of pics and you tube videos of Stana hanging out with cast &crew.She talks about Castle on her twitter quite a bit .Stana is a Private Person. So many of us respect that why can’t you?Why would you even question it?

    • Charlotte says:

      And so are you.

  29. Robin says:

    So glad! Can we now have a happy ending! Even though the recent news from the set has greatly dampened my enthusiasm (Yes, it matters to me that they are rumored to not have liked each other), it was ridiculous to think Castle would work without Stana! It would be like Moonlighting w/out Bruce or Cybil (yes, they didn’t like each other, either), Scarecrow & Mrs. King without Bruce (Boxleitner) or Kate…

    I am not usually happy about the cancellation of a fave show, but this one is the right decision. Castle & Beckett deserve a happy ending. More importantly, their fans deserve it.

    • Lazarus says:

      Thwarted writers/showrunners aren’t known for their gracious natures. I’m betting the alternate ending will upset fans as much, or worse than when fans heard about Stana being dropped from the cast.

      • Susan Smith says:

        Honestly the way these Show Runners have lied to and led on the fans after systematically tearing Kate’s character apart talking about how fun the season was I believe they would get great pleasure “punishing” the fans who kept Castle alive for 8 seasons. I know I am not alone in that belief.I hope I am wrong

  30. FY GG says:

    Sad but it is only fiar. Castle and Beckett deserve they happy ending together.

  31. kmw says:

    A good decision on ABC’S part. It wouldn’t have worked without her and at least I would assume Castle and Beckett will get a happy ending. Although I am a little surprised I thought their syndication money and relative steady ratings lately would have given them a last year. Wow ABC sure is cleaning house

  32. Mary says:

    Wow! That was really unexpected after the last few days! And – as much as I tought I’d never say this – what a fantastic news:-)
    Looks like next monday we’ll have the finale the showrunners wished to never air;-) Pity that s8 was such a mess that I’m not willing to buy the dvd:-(

    • Edmond says:

      Season 8 was so disappointing. Why would anybody want the dvd. Most Castle fans has voiced their opinion, the show has passed it’s due date. Sorry to the cast and crew but not to the showrunners.

  33. majma15 says:

    What a shame ! However, it wouldn’t have been Castle without Stana Katic!

  34. J says:

    LMFAO!!!..I just said to myself if ABC winds up cancelling Castle im gonna crack up. What happened? They got cold feet after the backlash?

  35. Rachel Braga says:

    Save caskett and Beckett Lanie

  36. Julia says:

    YEEES :D IM SO HAPPY! Felt sick about the possible reneval.

    • LILY says:

      “Felt sick about the possible reneval.”

      Really !! Does your life revolve around television shows that much !!!

  37. PJnGA says:

    Good! It shouldn’t have been renewed. After watching Monday, Alexis and Hayley confirmed for me how sucky it would be.

  38. SayNay says:

    Thank god. I’ve never been more excited for a show to get cancelled and I’ve watched Castle since the beginning. Now if Fox would just follow ABC’s example and drop kick Sleepy Hollow, all will be right in the tv world. This has been one of the most brutal tv seasons we’ve had in a while. Probably since the writers’ strike.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      Same here! Being excited about a favourite shoe being cancelled! That’s how crazy thins have been!

    • LILY says:

      ” I’ve never been more excited for a show to get cancelled”

      Maybe you should find more things to do with your life that watch television.

      • LR says:

        Some of us have plenty to do. This was the only network show I watched anymore and to see it go out with even a shred of dignity makes me happy.

        • Vo says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more. The love affair ABC has with Shondra Rhimes and their other scuzzy shows made it easy for me to say cancel Castle because that was the only ABC show I watched and it began it’s decline after NF pitched a fit in OCT 2013 and didn’t show up for work one day. He got more face time on the show after that and Beckett’s part declined. The show’s ratings have declined steadily as Beckett’s role has been systematically minimized and I think that had something to do with Mar/Mill leaving. Who ever thought that they would stay and continue to contribute to the demise of the actual concept of the show that they created?

          I never was a firefly fan and did not watch the show for him I watched it for Stana/Beckett and have suffered through the debacle it has become only because of her. She is a fine actress and any scene she was in was made better because of her insightful acting skills.

          In my opinion ABC is mostly run by misguided fools who think women don’t matter. Well, as Stana once said something like this “I, playing Beckett, make Mondays Matter” and she certainly did for me! Now that what was a wonderful show has been cancelled ther is again no reason for me to watch ABC unless Stana shows up on the network. ABC can KMA!!! (Kiss My Attitude!)

  39. Yep, Had to happen, Don’t know who thought dropping her was a good Idea

    • Jackie says:

      I think there are going to be a lot of regrets for ABC… It’s a shame to make that snap decision and then have to swollow your pride cancel the show…they better have a decent season this Fall or there will be hell to pay!

  40. ss says:

    I can now go back to watching Castle again. I wasn’t going to watch it if they were going to get rid of Beckett and go on. I do feel bad though for the supporting actors that they signed on for another year…..

    • Brandi says:

      Haha, I was thinking now I can finish it. I haven’t watched since episode 2 of this season because of the lame story line. It’s stacked up on my DVR for viewing. I was going to delete it because I didn’t want to watch them kill her off or make her leave. Now I just might finish it because it will be all done.

  41. David says:

    Not a surprise. The new showrunners ruined the show this season, and ratings nosedived. Shame on ABC for allowing the destruction in the first place.

  42. Lynds Standley says:

    Grateful. This is my fav show and without Beckett? If they killed her off? I could not bear to watch. This year was a mess. They should have ended at the awards show at the end of last year.

  43. Belle says:

    ABC is transitioning to an all Shondaland Network…all shows not associated with Shonda Rhymes will be phased out over the coming 2-3 years. LOL!!

  44. DuniaMartínez says:

    I just can express how happy I am! So glad for Marlow, Miller, Stana, the writers, the fans.. (exhausting campaign but worth it). By the way… the rage came out cause the way Katic was treated and so her character (Marlow’s creation)

  45. Deeg says:

    I love Castle, but honestly I probably wouldn’t have watched without Beckett. The whole show for me was the duo. Now instead make a spinoff with Ryan & Espo. They’d have to leave 15 but yes!

  46. tharcy says:

    Dear Lord! Could I BE any happier? It was disrespectful to fans to even consider moving on without Stana Katic. Although she is not the title character, its premise WAS based around her just as much as NF’s Castle. Let the show die in peace. I stopped watching when the news broke last month but now I’ll probably watch the series finale.

    Thank heavens ABC listened to us!
    No Beckett, no show!

  47. blankmixtape says:

    I don’t even watch this show and I’m glad it’s being cancelled after the terrible treatment of the actresses.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      That has been the whole point of fighting for it: lack of respect for Katic and the creators!

      • Manuel Schuster says:

        Very well said! I would have NOT watched CASTLE wirhout Beckett. It would have been nonsense and slap in the Face After 8 Season Building a Story of,Writer,and his Muse.

        • patria long says:

          castle i a good show,true it wont be the same with out beckett, but yourtaking good shows off and replacing them with brain dead reality shows. Why