The Originals Spoilers

The Originals' Danielle Campbell: Will Davina Live to See Season 4?

Last week’s Originals barely gave viewers time to process Cami’s death before turning around and draining the life out of Davina — but at least the latter death isn’t going to stick, right? … Right?!

“It’s hard to say for sure,” Danielle Campbell admits to TVLine ahead of Friday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c). “A lot of it depends on story arcs and availability down the line, but I think it’s going to be up in the air. [The producers and writers are] still going to be figuring out the next storylines once they return for the next season, so it hinges on what’ll happen a few months from now. But never say never!”

Read on for more of Campbell’s thoughts on Davina’s untimely demise, her potential resurrection and why she thought Cami’s death was “beautiful.”

TVLINE | Before we go too deep into Davina, let’s talk about Cami. Your thoughts on her death?
I think the writers did what they always do so well: They made her death really beautiful. In her last dying moments, they made you love her that much more. There was such a good contrast with her laying on her death bed but also being in the dream sequence with Klaus. That was so beautiful, and Leah [Pipes] did such a great job. She really killed it.

TVLINE | And what was the mood like on set while you were filming your goodbyes?
The mood for both episodes was kind of sad and happy. You’re saying goodbye, but you don’t know if you’re really saying a complete goodbye. It’s always really hard to tell on this show.

TVLINE | Did they tell you ahead of time about Davina’s death, or were you surprised?
I found out a bit ahead of time. It takes them a while to figure out story arcs since there are so many of us, but it was a possibility for my character sometime after winter hiatus. At the end of the day, it was so much fun. You really get to see what she goes through, and I had fun playing that.

TVLINE | Who’s going to have the strongest reaction to her death?
Kol, for sure, though it’s also going to be hard on Marcel. They were part of each other’s family for so long, and even though Marcel is also considered to be part of Klaus’ family, he chose to be part of Davina’s family. I think it’s going to be really hard for him.

TVLINE | In the race to save her, will we see some unusual alliances formed?
Absolutely. What’s going to be exciting as we finish the season is that they’re setting us up for a lot of shocking turns in Season 4. A lot of the characters are going to be at odds with each other in these last episodes, so it’s going to be a very interesting fourth season.

TVLINE | Things are obviously not great between Kol and Davina, but do you ever envision a future where they can make it work?
At the current moment, she’s dead and he’s alive, so they’d have a very hard time together. But there’s a possibility, for sure, because this show is all about random things happening.

Originals fans, are you preparing to say goodbye to Davina forever? Drop a comment with your hopes for the final episodes of Season 3 below.

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  1. Stacey says:

    So sad about Davina but I think she’s gone for good unfortunately. DC is making movies right now and seems to be phasing into larger market productions. If this is her last season, I wish her the best of luck on her future projects, she’ll be missed!

    • Elena says:

      Yes looks like it. I liked Kolvina and at the same time it didn’t feel quite right for Kol – wildest Mikaelson. Just like sweet kind “moral compas” couldn’t survive near Klaus. So far the only ladies who have potential to survive near original brothers seem to be Caroline and Hayley and only because they don’t give in 100% and they have something in their life that’s more important than Klaus/Elijah – so they’ll never make mistake of putting a Mikaelson boy before herself or her kid(s). Healthy self-preservation is an absolute must-have quality a woman needs to have to survive near Klaus/Elijah/Kol. Otherwise she becomes another bitter-sweet memory while Mikaelsons live on and find new special ladies

  2. Bryan says:

    I feel like TO is downsizing because of the ratings.

    • Stacey says:

      I feel the same, cutting the non-Mikaelsons. I feel really bad for Marcel since Davina is/was a sister/daughter to him.

      • Edward Lee says:

        I don’t! Good riddance, Davina Claire!

      • Ari says:

        I think it’s good they are downsizing. The cast always felt too large and focused on things other than The Originals. The show has improved as they’ve focused more on the Mikaelsons and less on the werewolves/witches. A

    • tayslick says:

      True,… but Davina was one of my best on T.O. who served a purpose. NH finally caught the hint from the fans cause Jackson, Cami gone and Kol is back. They will be replaced.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        I think that from a story arc perspective, Freya can (and has) serve the role of on-call witch, so her “purpose” has been diminshed outside of always fixating on one brother or another in some manner.

        From her comments though, it seems like this may stick.

  3. Goldenvibefan says:

    Aww damn. She was my favorite character on the show, sucks if her death sticks. Will miss her a lot! :(

  4. mike says:

    so what was the point turning Cami into a vampire just to kill her off

    • Gilded Lady says:

      To show that the darkness doesn’t conquer all. Cami remained a fundamentally good person, even after she turned vampire.

      Or so Narducci said. I didn’t think it was quite as clear in episode, though it makea perfect sense when he explained it.

    • Nick Calnan says:

      To allow her to understand how a vampire thinks when she spent 3 seasons being a therapist for klaus’ vampire impulses. Made her evolution of a character complete.

  5. Heba says:

    episodes were piling on my dvr but the news of Davina dying is the reason i so enthusiastically binged all of them. she’s my least favorite character, nay, she’s my most loathed character! it would be really disappointing to have her brought back…

    • Candace says:

      I feel the same way! And since they have Freya now, they don’t need another witch hanging around. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I also don’t like Bonnie that much either. I find her to be annoying. Must be something about the witches on those shows.

      • Janice says:

        I mean Davina was whatever but don’t come at bonnie. I never cared much for any character in these series besides bonnie. Elena is annoying, Damon pisses me off with his stupid delusional decisions, and Matt needs to be killed off. Bonnie is the only one with some sense besides Caroline.

    • Edward Lee says:

      I agree! I am So glad Davina got what was coming to her and by a Mykaelson too!

    • ChrisGa says:

      Same same same. I maybe could’ve lived with the character if played by a stronger actress but, sorry to DC fans, she’s really weak imo. Hope Davina never sees the light of day again.

    • emily says:

      i’m pretty sure this article was written for her fans, so what are you wasting your time doing here?

  6. Chand McCoy says:

    Please not Davina!!!!

  7. Lisa Fetter says:

    I HOPE Davina comes back in Season 4, I ABSOLUATELY LOVEEEEEE, this show… well as Supernatural. I will cry when either series ends. The writer’s, director’s and cast do an AMAZING job!!!! Keep up the AWESOME work, on both of my most FAVORITE shows!!!😜❤……P.s….Cami’s death scene was beautifulllll!!!

  8. Karen Melrose says:

    I think Devina brought a lot to the story lines for the Originals more so than Cami mi. I hope she returns for the new season. As for Kol he is evil right now but they need some more Originals now that Finn is dead and mother and father and Rebekka in a coffin. After all that’s the name of the show..”The Originals “

  9. Sam says:

    I really was disappointed to loose Davina and Cami…… I really would of liked to see them survive at least for a little while.. Wanted to see Col and Nic get a little farther into they’re love lifes.. Even just into the beginning of season 4. I like were they are going but after Cami They could have at least saved Davina until a later episode. I hope they end this season with some how bringing her back.. Or Cami… Davina I hated then loved and then hated and loved again lol. But thats why I love the show. Please bring her back for some more episodes. I really miss Rebecca too. Quit killing all the strong women characters lol. Rebecca has been asleep for long enough and she is still cursed that needs to come out.

    Off subject but I’d love to see the season finally joined in with the vampire dairies finally….

    • Lisa says:

      I agree 100% but I love Davina she was my favorite character and very strong character at that please bring her back

    • Jenna says:

      Yes! I agree with all that! It really is a emotional roller coaster between loving, hating, and agreeing or disagreeing with all of these characters. But at the end of the day I don’t want any of them to be permanently gone. Originals or Vampire diaries .

      Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to meet these actors and see them live on set? Come on CW Make it happen! For the fans ;)

  10. Tommy walls says:

    If they kill her off im going to stop watching the show omg i miss her already

  11. Jaquavioushollie says:

    No Way !!!!bring her back.We need her

  12. Rhea Jandoc says:

    No she has to come of the very important characters in the show.kol has to go to the other world and take the black stone and punush the ekders for being has to prevail

  13. Lula says:

    I have tried to like The Originals but just can’t get into it. I wish they would send the Mikaelsons back to The Vampire Diaries.

  14. Britney says:

    Ninono Davina must come back and why can’t she just become vampire now lycien is dead try again hoping she will come back at least season4if it takes long

  15. Susan Moore says:

    I really liked Camille and I still don’t understand why they killed her the first time just to bring her back to kill a second time..I wanted to see Klaus and Camille get involved a little more, and also Kol and Davina. What happened a little romance then ya start killing the women off. What’s with that.

  16. Ernesto says:

    I like Davina. She will be back. They never really showed her death.

    • Tani J says:

      Right. They said what would happen, but they never showed it. Davina is adorable and I hope they bring her back. I liked Cami too – perhaps there is hope there. perhaps the original witch, Michaelson Mom (forgot her name) can be brought into it to help.

  17. KT says:

    Really sad to see Davina go, because Danielle is such a good actress, beautiful, and when she cries she looks like a little girl and a porcelain doll all in one. So sad, she sells it so well. Everything she endured for Kol really won me over as well. The writers chose a few storylines for the character that I didn’t like, but DC made her one of my favorites on the show. Hope she returns some time, but on the other hand she would do so well in films and it’s probably in the actress best interest to move on. I’m really glad Cami is gone, now that character seemed wrong for the show, out of place from day one, and didn’t resonate for me at all – never except her very final scene when she died was acted well that I felt for her. And JM was a big part of that, though. That was a well-acted scene for him as well. But otherwise I did not like the actress or the character at all, so I’m glad she’s gone.

    • Jenna says:

      OMG- KT I totally agree! With all that. Cami was really off -but fell for her just before she died. And Davina- so pretty! Of coarse they always manage to find the most beautiful-faced actor/actresses on these shows. I don’t know how many people relize that both Rebekah and Hayley originated from a Austrian based teen show called ‘H2O Just add Water’ where their pretty faces were mermaids :)
      As for Klaus and Damon, I believe their faces were hand-carved by Greek God’s LOL

  18. tafara says:

    not at all, divina must be ressurected ……..tht ws ma favourite character

  19. Nico says:

    I thought I would be more upset that Davina is dead, have liked her character for a long time, but upon thinking about it, I love Freya, and she seems to be a better more continuous presence, so looking forward to her further integration into the family.

  20. Mandy says:

    Honestly, I hated Davina and wanted her off of the show, but I am not going to lie that the way that she went out in this episode really hit me hard and I really do not like the way she went out…. I do want her to come back, but I am not sure how…. Also, not permanently just maybe as a way to help destroy the ancestors?? IDK

    • Kami says:

      I never liked Davina. I don’t really like anyone who goes against the Michaelsons, especially Klaus, but I feel like the way she died was just so EVIL, kind of. Like Cami died all dignified and she barely even did anything, but even though Davina got on my nerves, she was, at times, useful and she died with no remorse. Freya didn’t even TRY to protect her. I don’t know if she could have, but she didn’t even attempt to. It was kind of savage, to be honest, but it finally shows me that Freya is actually a Michaelson. No one matters but their family. I am upset about Marcel. I hope that he doesn’t become like Lucien (OMG. So happy he’s dead) because I really like him. I consider him a Michaelson and don’t want him to be next seasons villain who will inevitably have to die. Especially over Davina, whom I can’t stand so
      I hope he gets control over himself.
      I feel bad for him, really, he was wronged, but the show is called
      The Originals so that’s who I root for and anyone who is against them is just collateral damage in my mind, including Marcel. I truly hope they don’t take it there, but it seems like they might.

      • Von says:

        I am so with you! Honestly, Davina nor Marcel are strong actors. But I really hope that Davina is NOT resurrected some kind of way because she will always and forever be art odds with the ‘Klauselsons’. I don’t like the fact that it was conveniently left out that draining Davina wasn’t on Klaus’ to do list. Welp, IMO, there’s enough enough coming for them instead of having the enemies so close in the fam.

  21. melanie says:

    Usualy I would love for a side character to die to spice things up but I loved Davina and her dynamic with Marcel. On the other hand I hated Cami and am glad she is gone. The new storyline where Marcel is the enemy…I think that in the end they will be friends. They had so many ups and downs with this character but in the end they always seem to redeem him in some way.

  22. I adored Camill, I was wasn’t ready for her death. She made Klaus into an amazing person, or maybe Vampire would be a better word. I’ve never watched a TV show that was ever so amazing or where every character fit so perfectly with each other. I commend the writers, they are all so talented and the actors are truly amazing. Thank you for this show, I can honestly say it’s the only show I watch on TV. Everyone here at home knows Friday night at 9:00 p.m. is Mom’s tv time, and there is NEVER a debate about what else is on. Please keep the show on, don’t break my heart and cancel it, there are way to many twists and turns to take the show and it is the greatest series on TV.

  23. Williass67 says:

    Dang…two female leads in 2 episodes…just gone… I think that is a little to much.
    I think Camy’s death was enough…why also kill off Davina…that sucks…

  24. Gwen says:

    I started out not caring for Davina but I’ll admit she grew on me. I see some negative comments from people towards her and I used to be there! The relationship this teenage witch had formed with these Original vampires is quite compelling. I feel it’s an underrated part of the storyline.

  25. Amy says:

    I really hope they don’t kill off davina! Her and Cami were awesome and to kill both that fast!? Hope she comes back.

  26. Latifa says:

    So sad to see her go, but on this show it’s possible that she may come back.

  27. rebecca says:

    No, kill Halle

  28. chantall says:

    Oh gosh I never saw marcel cry so much his tears broke my heart even though I never liked her. I freakin hate elijah and hayley they make no sense. I’m glad the old kol is back iv’e missed that crazy, murdery kol

  29. Mai says:

    I liked Davina. Sure, she did annoyingly stupid things a lot, but she’s a teenager, and they do annoyingly stupid regularly. I liked her despite some of her decisions and actions, because she does things for a reason, and always has a lot of heart.

    I enjoyed Davina’s little sister/big brother relationship with Marcel, and her friendship with Josh, which should’ve had some more screen time each season, not just season 1. I also really liked her growing romantic with Kol. I thought they were a cute couple. I enjoyed how the show developed their relationship so organically, and not just forced or thrown upon the audience out of nowhere.

    I don’t agree with the justification that some fans have, that Davina “deserved” her fate, especially by a Mikaelson. Davina’s just a kid (teenager), who didn’t have enough time to grow up normally or learn from her mistakes, versus any of the Mikaelson’s, who are each much older, and have had plenty of time to live, and many more mistakes, some of which were a lot worse, carried way more casualties, than what Davina has ever done.

    If indeed the actress and/or the show doesn’t want to continue the Davina storyline regularly, then I hope they give the character a happier resolution than being condemned to some sort of hell, and betrayed by people she thought were helping to save her. I don’t mind even a storyline where she comes back to live offscreen shortly after, as an amnesia, de-witched, powerless human, able to finally go back to living a normal life like she had wanted to back in season one. Obviously somewhere else, and under certain protections.

  30. MP says:

    Two original (no pun intended) female cast members killed off. I know the show is about the Mikaelson’s and there are only two female siblings, with one MIA, but this is just another example of female characters having their purposes revolve around men. While Cami has always been written around Klaus, helping shape his growth and arc, Davina originally had an independent story, absent of a male love interest, but in the end her death served to propel Kol and Marcel’s storyline. I still love this show, it is still must see for me, I just hope they can do better for their remaining female characters.

  31. latayah says:

    Please please please don’t kill her! She is my favorite! I love how she fought for Cole and broke the sired link between Marcel and Klaus. I will be real disappointed

  32. latayah says:

    Please please please don’t kill her! She is my favorite! I love how she fought for Cole and broke the sired link between Marcel and Klaus. I will be real disappointed. She came a long way, plus Kol is always treated like the black sheep. Omg she is the hottest on the show as well, its a real travesty

  33. Andrew says:

    Nooooo! I don’t ever want to say goodbye to Davina and if she is really dead…. Well then goodbye!

  34. Ryan says:

    I don’t think Davina should have been killed off the show. She was a good asset to the Michelson’s as well as Marcel. A great character in the story line gone that shouldn’t be gone. She will be missed!!!!

  35. Cc says:

    So I’m confused did the prophecy the part about by friend by foe and by family ever actually take place? I need to rewatch a few episodes because if it actually didn’t take place yet I think foe was Lucian killing fin and the by friend will be marcel and family will be kohl! By killing Lucien they fulfilled another part of the prophecy it was always marcel that was their downfall! By killing her they gave him the hatred to kill them!

  36. Chris says:

    I’d like to see Davine rise as a Lich, all powerfull, lots of sfx, goes on rampage, then a find-thy-self mission.. Only at the end of season 4, tying everything together, to announce, everything she did in Season 4 is for the war in Season 5.

  37. dalton c. moretti says:


  38. Loretta Neily says:

    Bring back Davina her character I felt was just getting stronger.

  39. Rick says:

    I love the show. I am quite fascinated by the acting of Joseph Morgan ( Klaus), Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley), Daniel Gilles ( Elijah), and Charles Michael Davis (Marcel). These wonderful actors make the series a joy to watch. I enjoy the show tremendously and would like to thank them for their bringing their talents to The Originals.

  40. I am soooooooooo glad Davina is gone, Ohhh how I hated her character, I mean it made no sense to portray Davina a stronger witch thanks Freya, I mean duh!!!!, Davina is nothing compared to Freya, so all I have to say is yay!!! Freya, screw Davina. Ohhh, and am still happy she’s gone and I hope for good because originals and vampire diaries, people never stay dead for good but I hope Davina does.

  41. Wyntyr says:

    I hope that there’s another way to bring her back to life
    I hope marcel kills Elijah not klause he had told them to find another way
    I hope kol will find his happy ever after life with Davian
    One more thing I hope you guys will least me be apart of the wonderful show

  42. Tanya says:

    I don’t want Davina to be dead, especially the KIND of dead they spoke about. I’d like to see the ancestors eradicated for good. Davina is adorable – I want her back. I also want Cami back.

  43. Scooby D. Might says:

    Vampire Cami …#Gone2Soon
    Resurrect Davina Claire, she was the Beyonce of witchcraft.

  44. victor diaz says:

    I love this show so much and hope they do not end it, but we all know eventually it will happen. I hate the fact that we did not get to see Klaus more into a relationship with Cami, that would have been amazing! Davina and Kol were/are great together I wish they would have given them some happiness together at least before she died. One thing I never really liked and understood is the fact that the show started off with Marcel being such a strong dominant figure and now he is just there taking orders, I wish they gave him more power in the show. He is such a great character in my opinion. I feel like since the beginning of the series he is like a whole different person. My favorites are Klaus, Marcel, Cami, Aurora, Davina and the amazing Rebekah! I don’t know how many people feel this way but this show literally gives me life. Whenever I watch it I feel like it take me away from reality and I feel like I am in the show, like I am in this happy place and all my worries go away and I feel so relieved, I love it! The music in this show is so on point. I hope that for the season finally we get something so crazy that will make up for all these deaths we have been plagued with.

  45. Isabelle says:

    I think that the writers would be making the biggest mistake if they right off Klaus, Elijah, Haley, Marcel and even Rebecca. I personnaly wasnt liken the storyline with Devina and Kol, so for her not beeing on the show doesnt bother me as i dont beleive she is what makes the show. My opinion, thats all.

  46. Isabelle says:

    I also agree about the mikaelson family. Kill anymore of them and it is no longer the originals. Please dont do this to this show like you did to vampire diaries. My husband and i loved vampire daries but then you wrote off elaine and started doing some off the wall things. Anyway, needless to say it is no longer our favourite but the originals took its place. So please no crazy things please…….

    • Tanya says:

      They didn’t write off Elaina. She qui5t after her 6 season contract ran out. Fin is already dead. I think Davina is alive- and so does Kol.

  47. Tanya says:

    I don’t want Davina to be gone for good. she is adorable!

  48. Belinda Waters-Bey says:

    Definitely don’t want Davina’s character to permanently die because she is one of the people who actually keeps the scale balanced on the show. Also, I don’t think it should be curtains for Camille either because other than Hope, there’s nothing to keep Klaus at bay. He’ll be completely out of control now.

  49. Dorothy Russo says:

    Well I’m not happy that Camille and Davina were killed. Especially Camille. She and Klaus did not get to have a life together once they came to terms with how they felt for each other so I feel like fans were cheated out of seeing them share their lives with each other.

  50. Sharon Jenks says:

    You are killing off the best characters.